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00:30 Hello, friends and welcome
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00:34 So glad that you chosen to join us
00:36 for another very important issue.
00:38 Many of you today are looking forward
00:40 to the coming of the Lord
00:41 but not aware exactly how to get ready
00:43 for the coming of the Lord.
00:44 Well, we have a wonderful guest today
00:45 Carol Zarska that's going to walk us
00:47 through a wonderful encounter she has had with the Lord
00:51 that has changed her life in a wonderful way.
00:53 And The Ministry of Reconciliation
00:55 is very much a part of this program.
00:57 So, stay tuned, sit down
00:59 for this "Issues and Answers" program.
01:01 My name is John Lomacang
01:02 and I'm so glad to be able to be a part of this program.
01:06 And I know that we are going to learn
01:08 something about the Lord
01:09 that will strengthen our walk with Him.
01:11 Let's meet our guest at this time.
01:13 Good to have you here, Carol.
01:15 Glad to be here, John.
01:17 Yeah, well, as we had a chance to visit
01:19 before our program,
01:20 it's fascinating to see how the Lord leads us
01:23 from where He finds us to where we are today.
01:26 And I'm particularly excited about the program today.
01:29 We're talking about communicating with God
01:32 and just for our viewers and our listeners
01:36 who may have not met you before,
01:37 just give us a brief background about yourself.
01:40 Well, I have been a devoted follower of Jesus
01:46 ever since I was a child.
01:47 But as I grew into adulthood,
01:50 God began to move me toward ministry
01:54 and eventually I ended up
01:57 becoming a public speaker in 1984
02:01 for American Cassette Ministries
02:03 and we now have the name American Christian Ministries
02:09 because we are in CDs now.
02:11 But these topics that I'll be talking about today
02:19 have been going around the world
02:21 through American Cassette Ministries
02:23 but now I have some very exciting things
02:28 I think to share about the Sanctuary
02:30 and relationships with God that help us
02:33 to understand how to be more prepared in our families
02:36 and in our churches and in the world
02:39 as we associate with people
02:41 so we can be ready for Jesus' coming.
02:43 You know, what's amazing about,
02:44 we talk about getting ready for the coming of the Lord
02:47 but we cannot hesitate to look back
02:49 on the very beginning of this entrance of sin
02:52 and why all we generalize it as man fell into sin.
02:57 We don't often say man broke his communication with God
03:00 and so I'm excited about the way you put that together
03:03 as relationship with communication.
03:05 You just build on that for us.
03:07 Well, when I first began the ministry back in 1984,
03:15 I was doing a series called The Sanctuary Prayer.
03:21 God had led me in my study to see
03:24 that the Sanctuary is experiential.
03:27 Before that I kind of thought the Sanctuary
03:30 was more like colors and furniture
03:34 and various things that were interesting
03:37 and that pointing forward to Jesus
03:39 and that was fascinating and rewarding to study.
03:43 But as I began to explore more about Jesus mentioning
03:48 or saying that the - that His Sanctuary
03:52 or the temple is a place of prayer for all people,
03:56 and so I began to dialogue with the Lord and say,
03:59 "How is it a place of prayer for all people.
04:01 How is that place of prayer for me and for us
04:04 of our generation since we don't even have
04:07 a Sanctuary here on this earth any more?"
04:10 And so as I studied I began to see
04:14 God leading me in the symbols of the Sanctuary,
04:16 majorly, the seven symbols in the Sanctuary
04:20 as being a model for prayer.
04:22 So for three and a half years
04:23 that's all I dealt with was the Sanctuary prayer
04:27 as it had to do with the relationship with God,
04:29 restored relationship with Him.
04:31 And so the Sanctuary is a wonderful word
04:33 picture of the Lord's work in our behalf
04:36 from the outer court to the inner court
04:38 to the Holy Place, to the most Holy Place.
04:40 And as you just pointed out all the articles of furniture
04:42 have a symbolic meaning that carries over into a--
04:46 if I could use a phrase, antitypical meaning
04:49 although they are not being used today
04:50 by the earthly high priest, Jesus is still our high priest.
04:54 Yes.
04:55 And it's interesting you point out prayer
04:57 because right before the most Holy Place
04:59 is the altar of incense,
05:01 symbolizing the prayers of the saints continuing
05:04 to rise before the Lord.
05:05 Yes. Yes.
05:06 Which is so much about our communication.
05:08 But in your discovery of that,
05:11 we discover that in the Garden of Eden,
05:13 communication was broken between God and Adam and Eve.
05:18 Now how is the Lord seeking
05:19 to restore communication in the Sanctuary?
05:22 Well, when Eve listened to another voice,
05:27 she listened to the tempter.
05:30 Before that God would come everyday evidently
05:35 from all that we can tell in the cool of the day
05:37 and walk in the garden
05:39 and His children ran quickly to Him
05:42 and I'm sure they had wonderful communication
05:45 about things that had happened during the day
05:47 and things they wanted to talk over with God and--
05:51 and so that communication was open and free,
05:54 they could talk to Him face to face about anything
05:57 and it was joyful.
05:59 But because they listened to the voice of the tempter
06:03 who was the enemy of God, the enemy of Jesus' especially
06:08 and who was trying to take the whole universe down
06:11 and use Adam and Eve for that
06:13 and he was only allowed to be in one tree,
06:15 that tree of course was called
06:17 the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
06:20 And so when Eve and eventually Adam
06:24 listened to that tempter, what happened was that
06:28 they now heard not just good from God
06:31 but they also heard the voice of the enemy
06:34 so they were, it was like a Babylon or confusion
06:38 because the tempter could speak to them
06:40 and God still would speak to them
06:42 but they began to find it much more difficult to know
06:46 which voice they were hearing and sin continued to escalate
06:51 because of the problems of hearing more than one voice
06:54 and many following just the voice of evil
06:57 and until of course God had to destroy the world
07:01 with the flood and start all over again so that--
07:05 that communication with the evil one
07:07 became so paramount
07:09 that it's been destructive ever since that time.
07:12 And God wants to put that back together
07:14 so we don't listen to the voice of the enemy anymore.
07:16 You know, when I used to talk about
07:17 that I never thought about it that way.
07:18 That's very interesting and as a pastor you know,
07:21 we always look at different ways of looking
07:22 at the Sanctuary.
07:24 But truly when the Lord came to Adam and Eve
07:27 in the garden and Adam said,
07:29 "I heard your voice as you were walking in the garden
07:32 in the cool of the day and I hid myself.
07:35 Once again, you see clearly there that he had heard
07:37 the voice of God
07:38 so he recognized the voice of God,
07:41 but what had caused them to in the predicament
07:43 that they were in was Eve had listened to the voice of Satan
07:48 and Adam went into that with his eyes wide open
07:51 even though Eve was deceived.
07:52 So-- so the Lord,
07:54 the plan was he came after us to re-establish communication.
07:57 Right.
07:58 And he has been doing that ever since.
08:00 He's been pursuing us as a lover
08:03 because we are a wayward child.
08:05 We have gone far from Him and if He didn't pursue us,
08:09 we would listen only to the voice of the tempter.
08:12 But because God never gives up and He's always seeking ways
08:16 to restore us back to communication.
08:19 We can be so grateful that God pursues
08:23 until He wins us back.
08:25 That's the whole story of redemption
08:27 from the beginning until right now
08:29 and of course looking forward to the final redemption
08:31 being in heaven and being safe again.
08:34 But if we want to look just at the Sanctuary
08:38 and how that restores us back,
08:42 I want to go back to the story of the children of Israel.
08:48 When they came out of Egypt,
08:50 God said He wanted to take them as His own
08:53 and take them to a place
08:55 where they didn't have to be slaves anymore
08:57 and they didn't have to be in a situation
09:00 where it made them very difficult for them
09:03 to be obedient to Him and to His Laws.
09:06 And so He took them out of Egypt
09:10 and they went across the desert four ways
09:13 and then they camped at Mount Sinai.
09:16 And it's very interesting that God invited
09:20 the whole Israelite nation
09:23 to be a nation of priests and kings
09:27 which means that he wanted all of them
09:30 to be able to talk with him personally.
09:33 He wanted to restore that because Abraham,
09:35 Isaac and Jacob did know God.
09:38 They did talk with Him.
09:39 They did know His voice
09:40 and Abraham was said the he was a "Friend of God."
09:43 God wanted to have someone to share with
09:46 and Abraham was that man.
09:48 That's what a man of faith
09:49 and man of communication with God.
09:52 But we know what happened to the Israelite nation,
09:55 I mean they were in-- in that land of slavery
10:00 for so long for hundreds of years,
10:02 420 I think,
10:04 that they lost the impetus of their background
10:10 of being friends with God.
10:12 And so when in-- in-
10:17 when in Exodus God said to them,
10:20 "I want to show you how you can be my friend again
10:23 and hear my voice and not die,
10:26 and you'll be for me a kingdom of priest."
10:30 So they were told to how to prepare
10:33 for that meeting with God.
10:35 They were told to cleanse themselves
10:38 and their tents and-- and to basically prepare
10:43 the way the priest in the Sanctuary did.
10:46 So they did that.
10:48 But then when God came down on Mount Sinai,
10:52 and there was thunder and lightning
10:54 and the voice of God rang throughout that whole desert.
10:58 They were trembling.
11:00 Even Moses, the friend of God was trembling.
11:02 It was so powerful and they could see Him,
11:05 they could hear Him and they-- when it was all over they said,
11:09 they came to Moses and they said,
11:11 "Do not have God speak to us anymore.
11:15 They were so terrified.
11:16 And Moses said, "But--
11:18 but God wants just for you to be a friend
11:22 and He just did that so that you would understand
11:25 how He wants to cleanse you of sin
11:26 and keep you from sinning
11:27 because His voice keeps you from sinning."
11:30 And they said, "That's fine,
11:33 maybe you want to do that but not us.
11:36 Speak to us yourself
11:37 but don't have God speak to us anymore."
11:40 That was very sad when they turned down
11:43 that opportunity to know God face to face.
11:47 And I often say that the - when we don't know someone,
11:50 it leads to greater fear.
11:52 That's why we are told in John 17:3,
11:54 "And this is life eternal that you know
11:58 the true God, and the Jesus, whom He sent."
12:00 So they thought the voice of God
12:02 was a stern voice rather than the loving voice
12:07 and it led them, I think you back to the Garden of Eden
12:10 and you'll see that Adam and Eve hid themselves.
12:13 Yes.
12:14 The one they should've been afraid of,
12:15 they didn't hide themselves from.
12:16 But the one that loved them endlessly,
12:19 was the one that--
12:20 And I could imagine to some degree
12:21 that they had somewhat of the depression
12:24 which usually comes as a result of us
12:27 not hearing and being in tune with the real voice of God.
12:30 Exactly, absolutely and in saying
12:34 that it reminds me that before I get into my own story
12:39 about recovery from depression,
12:43 I want to point out that God did say then,
12:47 if they won't be--
12:48 if they won't talk to me face to face personally,
12:53 then let them make me a Sanctuary
12:54 that I can dwell among them and then He chose certain--
12:58 the certain tribe, of course Levi
13:00 and the Levites to be those priests
13:02 that would go before Him and be willing to cleanse themselves
13:05 before going in and to offer their sacrifices and so forth.
13:09 So they were ready to go in before the Lord.
13:12 But God in His most awesome way in that Sanctuary,
13:19 instead of them like they had heard
13:23 the voice of God on Sinai, He veiled that.
13:27 He veiled it with his-
13:28 with the veils around the Sanctuary,
13:30 the curtains and so forth
13:31 so they didn't have to see His glory.
13:34 They weren't-- because He did recognize
13:36 that because of their sin they were choosing not to,
13:39 and so that glory had to be
13:41 veiled with Him in the most Holy Place.
13:44 But the priests as they went in
13:46 went through a series of rituals
13:51 which brought them all the way in to the Sanctuary eventually.
13:55 And so that--
13:57 that seven step Sanctuary ritual,
14:02 if we unlock that we will see the pathway back
14:07 to being intimate with God again.
14:09 I like the way you said that there's a seven step process.
14:13 You're also a family counselor, am I correct?
14:15 That's true. Yes.
14:16 And I've been involved in marriage counseling
14:18 for number of years also
14:19 and we could see that one of the keys
14:22 to a broken relationship
14:24 is an interrupted communication.
14:26 Oh, yes.
14:27 It must be the foundation of all broken relationships.
14:31 You could see it impacts almost every thing in a relationship.
14:34 Not just the intimacy
14:36 as we talked about here with God
14:37 and intimacy is much broader than
14:40 what we determine in society as the physical relationship.
14:42 Intimacy is so much more grandeur than that
14:46 because God's love is in it.
14:47 God pay unconditional love.
14:49 But you alluded a moment ago to as you--
14:52 as you responded to the call of God
14:55 and you got involved in ministry with the Lord
14:58 and at some point you had a bout
15:00 with depression yourself.
15:01 Tell us about that?
15:03 Actually, that was only 10 years ago,
15:07 which puts several, quite a few years
15:11 if you look back to 84 until 10 years ago,
15:16 that was a long time when I was teaching
15:20 the Sanctuary and the steps in the Sanctuary
15:23 begin with "Come into His courts with Praise."
15:25 That's right.
15:26 "Come into His Presence with Praise."
15:29 "And Praise and Thanksgiving." Yes.
15:31 Especially Psalms 100 tells us
15:34 that and of course all throughout scripture.
15:36 And so I thought that all over the United States
15:41 and different parts of the world
15:42 about coming into His courts with praise.
15:44 How important that is because,
15:47 if we come in, in any other frame of mind,
15:51 if we come in with a sad fear down countenance
15:58 and thinking, "Oh, I'm such a wretch."
16:00 Or we come in with depression and so forth.
16:04 We try to come into the courts of God.
16:08 He is still there but our brain is on our selves
16:12 or on our problems.
16:13 And so we really can't communicate with God
16:16 because our own brains are shut off.
16:19 He never leaves us or forsakes us.
16:21 That's right.
16:22 But when we have an attitude of downcast and fear,
16:28 resentment, bitterness,
16:29 all these things that still rings
16:30 into our minds and our hearts.
16:32 We're on the way to emotional problems big time.
16:37 And that eventually did happen to me.
16:40 I never dreamed that it would
16:42 but before this what actually happened,
16:46 I was beginning to have a little bit of depression
16:53 because of a lot of stress in my life at the time.
16:57 In my work, in my-- trying to help people,
17:01 I began to get so involved with that,
17:07 that I wasn't communicating with God
17:09 on everything as well as I had been.
17:11 Overextending yourself.
17:13 Overextending myself.
17:15 That is true.
17:16 And so as I saw myself slipping,
17:21 I attended some meetings
17:24 of a friend of mine Carol Shumake
17:25 and I was sitting in the audience
17:28 and she asked us to get down and pray and beseech to
17:34 for whatever we had on our hearts
17:36 and I said to the Lord,
17:38 "Lord, I don't seem to be able to serve You the same way.
17:42 I'm not a Spirit-filled as I was.
17:43 I'm concerned about it."
17:46 And I said, is there anything left for me to do for You.
17:49 And while I was kneeling there in that meeting,
17:52 I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit
17:54 speak to my mind and he said,
17:57 "I am sending you into the very heart of the enemy's camp
18:02 to learn how to bring people back.
18:05 Well, I thought that was exciting to me
18:07 because I always wanted to work for the Lord and I thought,
18:10 "Oh, wow, I'm going to do something for the Lord
18:12 that will help people come out of their enemy's camp."
18:15 But at the same time not knowing how--
18:17 how amazing a challenge that is.
18:19 I would say that.
18:20 Right.
18:21 And I did not know
18:23 that the heart of the enemy's camp is depression.
18:26 Clinical depression even,
18:28 because I went into the deepest levels of depression.
18:32 But back to the pathway down
18:37 after I was under a lot of stress for quite a long time
18:42 because of my work, then I got physically ill.
18:47 I got pneumonia and other pain,
18:52 chronic pain and a number of things
18:54 and it began to break me down.
18:56 So I was mentally and emotionally being bombarded
19:00 and then physically.
19:02 And while I was physically down,
19:06 then the clinical depression began to set in.
19:10 And to fast forward a little bit.
19:14 As the months went by
19:16 and I went deeper and deeper into this depression.
19:19 I got to the place
19:20 where I could no longer decide anything.
19:24 I couldn't decide to eat or take a bath.
19:29 My ability to make decisions was completely gone.
19:35 All I could do was just sit in a chair.
19:36 I would sit in the chair for days.
19:38 I would sleep in the chair all of sudden
19:39 because I couldn't decide
19:40 whether I should get up and do something or not.
19:43 So there was somewhat of a short circuiting
19:45 there at that.
19:47 Not only depression but like a block.
19:49 Totally, totally blocked
19:51 and all I could think about was darkness and depression
19:56 and then I began to hear the voices of the evil one
20:01 and you know, sometimes when people are--
20:04 have mental illness,
20:05 one of the questions they ask them is "Do you hear voices?"
20:10 And I was like, "What is that?"
20:13 I could never imagine,
20:14 "What do you mean, do you hear voices?"
20:16 I heard voices and those voices told me, "You are lost."
20:21 You are - "See what you have done,
20:24 you are not going to be saved, you are already lost.
20:27 Your probation has closed."
20:29 All and all of these and also voices
20:33 that were telling me they were going to destroy my family,
20:35 burn my house down
20:36 and this was the voice of the evil one
20:38 I really went into the very heart of the enemy's camp.
20:42 When I heard his voice
20:43 and I didn't hear God's voice anymore.
20:45 You know, somebody maybe asking the question,
20:47 well, thinking of the question, so I'll ask it.
20:50 How do you become so actively involved in the Lord' work?
20:55 I'm kind of coming up with the answer.
20:57 I'm almost thinking that
20:58 it is at the point of overextending yourself.
21:01 And then you just get
21:02 to the point of clinical depression
21:05 where it's almost like the communication is shut off.
21:08 And you can't find the Lord.
21:10 How do you-- I mean,
21:11 at what point did you find that transition?
21:13 Was it an instant thing or did you feel it gradually?
21:15 No, it was gradual.
21:16 It was so gradual that I didn't know
21:18 what was happening to me and I--
21:21 when I got to the place
21:22 where I couldn't make any decisions anymore.
21:24 I couldn't decide to eat.
21:26 My family would try to make me eat
21:28 and I would just sit there with the food in front of me
21:31 and I couldn't figure out whether I should eat it or not.
21:33 And finally if they fought,
21:34 if they would get tired of sitting there
21:36 trying to make me eat and go away
21:38 which I kept hoping that they would.
21:40 I would get up and leave the food on the table
21:42 because I couldn't decide whether I should or not.
21:45 And so I know what it feels like
21:47 to not be able to even use your mind anymore.
21:50 But while I hadn't realized was that one pathway
21:54 toward that was quit complaining.
21:58 I began to become a complainer before I ever got that sick.
22:02 So the seeds were being sowed.
22:04 The seeds were being sown of complaining.
22:07 You know, I didn't like the fact
22:09 that I was under stress.
22:11 I didn't like the things that caused me distress.
22:13 I didn't like the people who caused me distress.
22:16 And I would say negative things and my friends would say,
22:20 "Carol, you've never talked like this before.
22:23 Why are you talking like this?"
22:24 And I'd said, "Well,"
22:26 and then I would tell why I'm complaining.
22:28 And my friends were just shocked.
22:30 They didn't know what to do.
22:31 But I didn't see the downward current.
22:35 But I didn't see it
22:37 until finally I got down to 82 pounds.
22:40 My family was terrified that I was going to die
22:45 and they put me in a mental institution.
22:48 While I was in the mental institution,
22:50 I was only there for two and a half weeks.
22:52 It seemed like forever.
22:54 But while I was in there,
22:55 I began to take stock of myself and say,
22:58 "What am I doing here?"
23:00 And looked around and all the mentally ill people
23:03 and all the people that were just,
23:05 you know, really crazy.
23:06 I'm sorry to say that.
23:08 But, and I thought "I don't belong here."
23:11 And so I would tell people, "I don't belong here."
23:14 And there would like "Sure, you don't belong here."
23:18 But that's interesting though.
23:19 When you get into that kind of, I mean downward spiral,
23:21 then all of a sudden you're trapped.
23:22 You are like in jail now.
23:23 Right.
23:24 In that spiritual prison.
23:26 Tell me, 'cause our program is winding down
23:29 and I want our viewers to get this point, our listeners.
23:31 How did you get out of that? I mean what?
23:34 Well, that's what I'm going to tell you.
23:36 While I was in there,
23:38 because of the pressure of thinking,
23:41 I'm never going to get out.
23:43 I'm 60 years old.
23:45 60 year old women with clinical depression
23:47 as bad as mine don't get well.
23:49 I mean, I was a nurse
23:50 and I was into psychology too in counseling
23:54 and I knew that I was in a desperate situation.
23:57 And so I began to think, "What, why am I here, what happened?"
24:02 And then I remembered, I forgot about the Sanctuary.
24:06 "Come into his courts with praise."
24:08 I didn't say any praise anymore.
24:11 I didn't say thanks to God for anything.
24:13 I didn't say anything positive.
24:15 And anytime a person would come up to me and say,
24:18 "How are you doing?"
24:19 I would say, "Oh, it's terrible.
24:20 I don't have enough food" and you know,
24:22 and I'm starting on this really sick stuff.
24:24 And people were just like,
24:26 they didn't want to talk to me anymore
24:27 because I was constantly complaining
24:30 and griping and all of a sudden,
24:33 I thought, "I'm not in the Sanctuary.''
24:37 And so I began and I said,
24:40 "All right, the only way back to mental health,"
24:43 and the doctors didn't think I would ever get well.
24:47 Nobody really did because they never had seen
24:50 anybody in their family, in our family
24:53 or whatever that was-- that sick.
24:55 And I said, if there's anyway back,
24:59 it's through the Sanctuary.
25:00 And so I began to try to force myself
25:03 to say positive things and praise.
25:06 As I pushed beyond this critical spirit
25:09 and made a covenant with myself and God
25:13 that I would come back into the Sanctuary
25:16 little by little I was able to actually praise.
25:20 At first I couldn't.
25:21 I would - and you know,
25:22 when people say, "How are you doing?"
25:23 And I would, I would think, I'd try to think,
25:26 "What am I supposed to say?"
25:27 I'm not doing well.
25:29 But I'm not supposed to say that.
25:30 So I would just say, "God is good."
25:32 Okay.
25:33 Good shot. Wonderful.
25:35 And as I began to praise, I began to get well.
25:39 It took months of that, several months.
25:43 Actually it was a gradual process.
25:45 But the praise of God healed my mind.
25:49 And it put me back into communication with Him
25:53 to where I'm now fully able to have my life back,
25:57 my family back, my career back, my God back, my ministry back.
26:02 And I believe, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt,
26:06 it's because of the healing power of the praise.
26:09 That's right.
26:10 And that is the first step in the Sanctuary,
26:12 come into His courts with praise and thanksgiving.
26:16 That's wonderful and as our program is winding up,
26:19 I know that our listeners and viewers are saying,
26:22 "I need to praise the Lord more,
26:23 not just to say 'God is good."
26:25 And as you think about that, friends,
26:27 you can see in Carol's life the difference between
26:29 depression and deliverance
26:32 is "entering into His gates with thanksgiving
26:35 and into His courts with praise."
26:37 As a pastor, sometimes I've seen many people,
26:39 they come to church
26:40 and you could see on their faces and then I said,
26:41 "One day I'm gonna put a video camera on the pulpit
26:43 and then just videotape while I'm doing the sermon,
26:46 because so many people have their minds somewhere else
26:48 and at the end of the sermon some people say,
26:51 "Oh, that was a wonderful message."
26:52 Others, it's as though
26:54 it's just always a steel granite wall
26:56 just bounces off and doesn't-- and doesn't absorb.
26:59 And so would you say
27:00 that the way to wholeness is praising the Lord?
27:02 Absolutely, it is-- they have--
27:07 the scientists have discovered
27:09 that the body reacts positively to praise.
27:12 It's not just the mind alone
27:14 but the whole body reacts positively to praise.
27:17 I could talk for another hour on that
27:20 but suffice it to say
27:22 that God has created our whole minds
27:23 and our whole bodies to respond to this atmosphere of praise,
27:27 which is the atmosphere of heaven,
27:29 because that's what they are doing all the time in heaven.
27:31 Wow, well, thank you
27:32 for sharing that with us, Carol.
27:33 Program is short but very, very sweet.
27:35 Thank you for sharing with us
27:36 the answer to coming out of depression
27:38 and into deliverance.
27:40 Well, friends, as you know here at Issues and Answers,
27:41 that's one answer to whatever issue you may have.
27:44 If you are in darkness, there is deliverance
27:46 and begin by "entering into the Lord's presence
27:49 with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise."
27:51 Until we see you again, May the Lord bless you.


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