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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:31 and welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:33 Today is a hot topic and you're going to want to stay tuned
00:37 whether you are a parent or grandparent,
00:40 maybe an unmarried young single.
00:43 We are going to be talking today about sexual purity.
00:47 And if you are a teenager please stay tuned
00:49 because you are gonna hear something different
00:51 than you probably ever heard in your life before.
00:54 You know Paul wrote to the Corinthians
00:56 and we are all familiar with the scripture.
00:57 1 Corinthians 6:18, his advice was
01:01 "Shun immorality and all sexual looseness."
01:04 He's saying flee from the impurity
01:06 whether it's in word, thought, action or deed.
01:09 And he said, "Any other sin which a man commits
01:12 is one outside the body, but he who commits
01:15 sexual immorality sins against his own body."
01:20 Why does the Lord tell us to be sexually pure?
01:25 Well, we need to be able to explain this to our youth
01:28 in such a way that they will understand
01:32 that there are-- there's science behind it.
01:34 There is many good reasons.
01:36 And here joining us again today is Dr. Douglas Weiss.
01:40 Doug, you are getting ready to go talk
01:42 and with the whole group of teens about this, aren't you?
01:46 Yes, ma'am. We love doing that.
01:47 Yeah. And when you are physiologist.
01:50 Yes. You have Heart to Heart--
01:53 Counseling centers in Colorado Springs.
01:55 Counseling centers in Colorado Springs,
01:56 written 20 books.
01:57 Why you like to talk to kids about sexual purity?
02:01 Well, one of the things we specialize is the back end
02:03 where people have sexual addictions.
02:05 And so what we want to do is to stop that
02:07 from happening to began with.
02:08 Amen, and we see that the devil is coming
02:11 at our children from every direction.
02:13 Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.
02:14 Every form of media, magazines, television, the internet,
02:18 now its even on their phones,
02:20 its in the homes, without blocking it
02:22 the children get really into serious trouble.
02:24 But the enemy is after something very specific
02:27 and that's in Revelation 2-20. Okay?
02:29 This women Jezebel is teaching people in the church
02:32 so they can be immortal and be Christians.
02:35 And God says, I give her time to repent,
02:37 she won't repent, I am gonna strike her children dead.
02:41 I am going to deal with those who do this.
02:42 But in verse 26 He gets into a whole crux of this.
02:45 He says, to him or her who overcomes
02:49 this doctrine of sexual morality and Christianity,
02:52 he trying to mix the two.
02:53 If you overcome that doctrine I will,
02:56 and God always keeps His word.
02:58 I will give you authority over the nations.
03:01 All right, now-- And so, no.
03:03 Let me stop, what we were talking about is,
03:04 your sexual purity and your spiritual authority
03:08 are inter connected
03:11 and the enemy has always knows this.
03:13 If you can get a country or a group of people immoral
03:17 then God has a discipline because he's just.
03:21 Do you see what I am saying? Yes.
03:22 And so he's after our children's spiritual authority.
03:26 That's what this game is really about,
03:28 to give then shame and secrecy
03:30 and so they don't pick up their spiritual swords
03:31 and charge their generation with the gospel.
03:35 And this is something that you know,
03:39 during our day at the I love Lucy and--
03:41 Right, right, right.
03:43 We kind of understood that as a Christian,
03:47 I mean, it was not kind of it
03:49 used to be preached all the time about sexual purity.
03:52 And this was something that we accepted
03:54 but weren't bombarded on every front.
03:59 Young people today have a much greater problem
04:03 because it is being presented as, this is the norm.
04:08 You are not natural if you don't.
04:10 Well, purity is actually about
04:11 50% of kidsare staying sexually pure
04:14 but we want more, especially more in the Christian faith.
04:17 We are--we've all known teen girls
04:20 who raise in Christian homes,
04:21 who had issues and young man as well.
04:23 And the scripture you use was interesting
04:25 because that's the scripture
04:26 and we are gonna take to teach teenagers about this
04:28 because the way that we are wired physically, okay,
04:32 is that when we do participate in that behavior
04:35 we get the highest level of endorphins and enkephalins
04:37 the brain chemicals hits the excitement center of your brain
04:40 and you literally glue to whatever is in your vision.
04:43 So that's that the pornography industry is so powerful
04:46 because young men will glue to that
04:47 and create an appetite for that.
04:49 James calls that lust then sin then death.
04:51 You know, put us down that path.
04:53 But young people don't know that if they do that,
04:55 they are actually setting up neuropath way of enforcement
04:57 and that's what it's taking about.
04:58 We are sending this through our body.
05:00 That Greek word body actually means body, okay.
05:04 You are actually gluing yourself to something
05:07 that you shouldn't be gluing to, okay.
05:09 So this is-- And that really, really hurts.
05:10 This is biological scientific that it's not just something
05:14 that you can look at then dismiss.
05:18 You get into it and your mind is glued to it.
05:21 So you are gonna bring all of this baggage,
05:23 this sin even if you repented of the sin
05:26 you've got something now going on
05:29 and it comes into the marriage.
05:30 And it can take you into
05:31 all kinds of stuff as an adult, okay.
05:33 And you know, they did a Redbook to the study
05:35 and I think they found results kind of
05:37 not what they were looking for
05:39 but they did a study of women, 500,000 women,
05:43 that's bigger than the town we are in, okay.
05:44 Yeah. 500,000 women answered the survey
05:47 and they found that women who had started earlier,
05:50 had more partners had the lowest
05:53 physical satisfaction in their marriage.
05:58 That didn't surprise me though.
05:59 So young people, you want to stay pure,
06:01 you want to have really good boundaries around this.
06:04 This is really, really critical
06:06 because if you don't then you'll get in trouble.
06:07 See, the enemy wants to hurt, God wants to heal
06:09 and He wants us to have purity
06:11 because see with purity comes spiritual authority.
06:13 We can go through this with scripture, okay.
06:15 The strongest man in the world
06:17 was taken down by a immorality, that's Samson.
06:20 The wisest man under Jesus was Solomon.
06:22 He was taken down at the end of his life
06:23 through all the women he got involved with
06:26 and adultery in there.
06:30 And then so the-- we know it can impact you.
06:34 Then we can look at people who didn't involve, okay.
06:37 We don't see Moses falling.
06:40 We don't see Joshua falling.
06:43 We don't see Joseph
06:44 who was really tempted to fall by his master's wife.
06:48 Didn't fall and God made him
06:50 the second most powerful man in the world
06:52 but his purity had he given it up
06:55 he will lost his position. Amen.
06:57 Do you see what I am saying?
06:58 So purity and position,
06:59 purity and authority are connected.
07:01 So young people, I always say
07:02 if God has a call in your life and really want to see
07:05 that nation had changed and gospel promoted
07:07 and you want to see Jesus Christ show up in your life
07:10 your purity is really critical.
07:12 Not that God will be merciful
07:13 if you make mistakes or stuff like that.
07:15 And the blood is more powerful than any of our sins, okay,
07:18 we know that.
07:19 But there is a correlation between purity and position.
07:21 Aren't we glad that Mary stayed a virgin? Amen.
07:24 Aren't we glad that Jesus stayed sexually pure?
07:27 Amen. Yes. Okay.
07:29 And we can look throughout church history
07:30 and see God uses people
07:32 who really have this thing together.
07:33 And we've all seen the stories and the newscast
07:35 and newspapers about men of God who have fallen.
07:39 Do you see what I am saying?
07:40 And they have lost what God have for them in their life.
07:44 Now of say a parent is watching right now
07:47 or perhaps a grandparent which I am sure many of you are
07:50 and we've got this young person in their life
07:54 that's beginning to dress a little,
07:58 you know, as they are growing a little
07:59 but, dressing a little more scads,
08:01 they are beginning to listen to some music
08:03 that you don't think is appropriate
08:04 and you see them beginning to run with the faster crowd.
08:07 Let's set up, how do you give children boundaries
08:11 or not just children but the youth boundaries?
08:13 Right, well, you need to invite them into a process.
08:16 And the way I like to invite the teens
08:18 into a process is this way, you are becoming an adult,
08:22 you are growing up so because of that
08:25 now we need to talk about this, okay.
08:27 And we've got materials that they can go on our website
08:29 and find if they want some more information but.
08:31 So then we say, okay, here's some, here's--
08:33 let's talk about how long until someone gives you a kiss,
08:37 holds you hands, hugs you, hugs you front wise?
08:41 How long until xyz behaviors?
08:44 Okay. Let's walk through that.
08:45 In other words, there's actually a form
08:46 we have that we give to kids
08:48 and they fill this out
08:49 because it makes them think through it
08:50 because so many singles,
08:52 the churches abandoned a lot of singles in general.
08:55 We don't ask, you don't tell. Okay.
08:57 We don't invite them as a family.
08:58 The church is the only family who doesn't say,
09:00 you know what, come in here.
09:01 These are the family guidelines when it comes to dating.
09:03 Few churches have that. That's good point.
09:05 You know what I am saying?
09:06 They are saying you know what, if you are a single,
09:07 here is the boundaries
09:09 and you are accountable to this person,
09:10 this person and here's the way we do it.
09:11 No, just come on in
09:13 and you guys just do whatever you want to.
09:14 We hope you all being good and you know,
09:15 let us know when you get married.
09:16 And that's global abandonment of our single people.
09:20 That's true. You see what I am saying?
09:21 Yes. Okay.
09:22 As family you wouldn't do that with your children.
09:23 No family does that but the church family does.
09:26 And the singles feel it and they have some feelings about that.
09:29 They don't feel protective
09:30 and safe in the church that they could.
09:32 Now, so then it becomes it comes on them
09:34 to set up the boundaries on how long
09:37 and all this kind of stuff.
09:38 And I encourage young people
09:40 to get accountable to another couple.
09:44 Spiritual couple that they respect and--
09:47 And now you are talking people who are what college age?
09:50 Sixteen to college, yeah.
09:51 Well, actually 16 to 60
09:53 because we got the whole singles again group. All right.
09:56 Because they don't want to be told what to do either.
09:57 You can't tell me I can't hold her hand, okay.
09:59 Listen, what you want to do
10:01 because you can have "accidents"
10:02 at 50 just like you did when you were 15.
10:04 That's good. Okay.
10:05 And when the single group is really good
10:07 at planning accidents.
10:09 Do you know what I am saying? Right.
10:10 I was over there at 10 o'clock and don't know how it happened.
10:12 What were you doing over there at 10 o'clock? Okay.
10:14 Do you know what I am saying?
10:16 They have to have those boundaries
10:17 no matter what your age is.
10:18 So you have these listed boundaries
10:19 then you make yourself accountable to another couple.
10:21 Every other week you go over to that couple
10:23 and go over your boundaries to make sure they are intact.
10:26 And after there's been a sin you ask forgiveness,
10:28 you own it, you pray through that.
10:29 And that will keep the younger people
10:31 more solid during that dating, quoting,
10:35 finding someone process whether they are 15
10:38 or whether they are 50.
10:39 And I can tell you do a singles again
10:41 you know, talks that's group is harder to talk to
10:44 because they think they know something.
10:46 They are just as human and now they say well,
10:47 and they were even more so with the hurt
10:49 and pain and desperation in this age.
10:51 So now, what are some of the boundaries?
10:52 You have a daughter and as she's coming into her teen years,
10:58 what are some of the boundaries
11:00 that you might try to lay down for her?
11:03 Sure. Well, this is again.
11:04 This is as we invite her into the process
11:06 because she's a part of the process now.
11:08 My daughter is precious in a lot of ways,
11:10 this is one of them, okay.
11:12 She goes to a Christian school
11:13 which if you can afford it, I recommend it. Amen.
11:15 Because the most mistakes are going to happen
11:18 between about you know, 14 to 24.
11:21 So better the pure group is the better chances
11:24 are you gonna have better outcomes, okay.
11:26 And I am okay with people working little extra
11:29 to get their kids into a Christian environment. Amen.
11:31 You know, I am not with--hey, let's throw these great lambs
11:35 into the wolves and see how they do.
11:37 That's not fair. Okay.
11:39 So anyway that's just my personal preference.
11:41 But, so she goes to Christian school.
11:43 One of her teacher said
11:45 that she made a deal with her daughter
11:47 that if she wait till the end of high school
11:50 that she would give her x-amount of money.
11:53 Wait till the end of high to--
11:55 Before she kissed.
11:56 Before she kissed. Before she kissed a boy.
11:57 Okay.
11:58 And my daughter is little smart.
11:59 She think I make more money than the health teacher, okay.
12:03 So she comes home, she goes, dad,
12:04 she goes, you know, she tells me a story about this
12:06 and she goes, what do you think about this?
12:08 And I say, well, I tell you what Vanessa,
12:09 I'll give you five times of that amount
12:11 if you wait till high-school.
12:13 I'll give you five times of that amount
12:15 if you wait till college
12:16 and I'll give you five times of that amount
12:18 if you wait till day you are married. Oh, that's good.
12:21 Now see, here' what happened.
12:24 We moved the boundary of what's valuable
12:27 to our family down to the first kiss.
12:32 That's excellent.
12:33 Do you see what I am saying? Yeah.
12:34 So now she has a huge-- she could buy a car
12:38 with how much money if all three of those put together,
12:40 she can buy a car for that money. Okay.
12:43 So she now has a value
12:46 on what that first kiss is from our family.
12:48 So help me real quickly because there's somebody
12:50 that's watching right now.
12:52 Let's say, boy, I wish I can do that,
12:53 I don't have enough money to make that.
12:56 How can I put that same kind of--
12:58 Wel,l there other ways of doing that.
12:59 I saw a--read an article. My daughter gave me an article.
13:01 She loves purity. She thinks it's a great thing.
13:03 Gave me and article where the couple gave the girl
13:06 a bracelet with about six different stones.
13:07 One was for the first time kiss, first time this,
13:10 first time that all the way to marriage.
13:12 And the story went like this that the girls had to give,
13:16 take the stone out of the bracelet
13:18 and give it to the boy that she had the first
13:22 whatever with which would ruin the bracelet.
13:25 So she started thinking I don't want to ruin my bracelet
13:27 for this little kiss thing, you know.
13:29 So I am going to wait, you know. So there are ways.
13:32 There's other creative ways of thinking through this, okay.
13:34 It's doesn't be just money
13:35 but that is very powerful to teens. Yes.
13:38 Let's face it, they like to have little extra resources.
13:40 And so whatever you come up with
13:42 but they need to buy into the process.
13:45 You know, if you just you coming down on them
13:47 that probably doesn't work.
13:48 You can say here's our values, what do you think,
13:51 where do you want to go with this?
13:52 You can't control your kid's purity, you can't.
13:55 You wish you can.
13:57 All parents fear it but you can't control it.
14:00 So but you can work together on it.
14:02 Say listen, how do you want to do this?
14:04 And you know my children have been exposed to some information
14:06 that other children haven't yet but you can teach them.
14:10 Listen, this is what the enemy wants to do,
14:12 this is what God wants to do with you
14:14 and this purity peace right here
14:16 is gonna be factor in all of your life.
14:19 So how do you want to do that?
14:21 You know, Malachi, I believe that's Malachi Chapter 2.
14:25 You see my Bible that's falling apart.
14:26 This is a scripture that I share with you sometimes
14:30 is that one of the reason that God wants us to be pure
14:35 is that He's looking for Godly offspring.
14:39 Absolutely. You know, He says here.
14:41 Some people, when I've counsel with youth
14:44 who actually somehow some--
14:47 they weren't in church or their parents didn't talk about
14:50 and they didn't realize that it was important to God.
14:52 But He says in Malachi 2:15,
14:54 He says, talking to the husband and wife,
14:56 "Did God not he make one?
14:58 And why did he make you one and preserve your spirit alive
15:02 so that--" It says, "Why did he make you one
15:06 because He sought a godly offspring from your union.
15:10 Therefore take heed to your spirit." Totally.
15:13 And one thing that you said is that this study that they did,
15:18 this Redbook showed that women who had multiple partners
15:23 before marrying came in with unhealthy attitudes
15:28 about sexuality and about intimacy
15:32 and so they were dissatisfied in their marriage.
15:35 You've said that what scientifically
15:38 and biologically speaking, it's been proven
15:40 that anything that you--
15:42 if a young man is using pornography.
15:47 He's going to damage himself. He is damage his brain.
15:50 So there are setting everything that they do before marriage--
15:53 God isn't just sitting there and telling you,
15:56 I am putting these boundaries around you.
15:58 These are just rules and regulations and it's not--
16:01 we always give these talks bout like STD,
16:04 the sexually transmitted disease
16:06 and we put these little fear factors here on them
16:09 and kids think they are absolutely--
16:13 That's not going to happen to them
16:14 because that's developmentally
16:15 and unless you don't think these going to happen to you. Yeah.
16:17 That's why they drive fast and do all that kind of stuff.
16:19 So that's not the best deterrent
16:21 but if they understand that the type of thing activity
16:25 that they are becoming involved in before marriage
16:28 could ruin their marriage, could ruin for generations.
16:32 Several things.
16:33 The way things are going on that's--
16:34 And the thing is here is that, Shelly, that the--
16:37 the brain doesn't fully develop till 21. Boy.
16:41 So that's why the enemy tries to get them
16:42 when they are 14, 15 and 16
16:44 because it actually goes into the developing brain.
16:48 This isn't a fully mature brain, okay.
16:51 So now these inroads
16:52 are actually in the developmental process
16:56 and they get hooked in there.
16:57 So this is very important for teens to understand.
17:01 Parents, it's very important for you
17:02 to get more information on this
17:03 to shepherd your children to this process.
17:06 We have a DVD called "Shepherding Your Sons"
17:09 because men need to walk through men
17:10 through that whole period from 14 to 24
17:13 or until they get married.
17:15 And shepherd them, not just a little--
17:17 we had our talk, that one minute talk.
17:20 This is the most powerful thing God has given
17:22 to your son and to your daughter, okay.
17:25 It needs more than a one minute talk, okay.
17:28 And it needs to be shepherded over that period of time
17:31 and have honest dialogue.
17:32 Of course you got to get rid
17:33 of your own shame and stuff like that.
17:35 And one other thing you know, when I do talk to kids
17:37 because a lot kids have made mistakes
17:41 and you can have faith in your mistakes
17:43 or you can have faith in Christ and His blood.
17:46 And I tell kids all time, listen,
17:47 the blood is more powerful than all of your sins,
17:49 all of your family's sins, city sins, state sins,
17:52 nation sins, all nations of the world sins,
17:54 all nation of the world of all time, past, present and future
17:57 that's how powerful the blood is.
17:59 Your little sin didn't put a scar in the blood.
18:02 Right. It's still good.
18:03 The blood is still good. You are forgiven.
18:06 He can still cleanse you.
18:07 I was a mess as an out of lesson.
18:09 I didn't come towards Lord till I was about 19 really as Lord.
18:12 I made lots of mistakes and He has covered those.
18:15 And I had to work through some pain
18:17 and it caused an addiction for me.
18:19 It cost several things with that to clean up
18:21 and it took years to clean that mess up.
18:24 So what I am hoping is, is that teens are listening
18:28 so I don't want to go down that road.
18:29 And it's actually what's happening.
18:30 I think I am looking at our '60s, '70s generation
18:33 and when gosh, you guys can't stay married,
18:35 you can't handle your money, you can't figure out life,
18:37 you can't you know, you can't do life.
18:39 What's the problem?
18:40 So we don't want to go down that road.
18:42 So we're not gonna you know, get ourselves into
18:44 just do what you want, love the one you are with.
18:46 That's nonsense.
18:47 We are waiting for the right person.
18:49 We are waiting to be married.
18:51 And there is this whole absence moment
18:53 that's really been healthy, which is great.
18:55 I'm really proud of those people who are doing that. Amen.
18:58 And we had-- we know there are several couples
18:59 who work here at 3ABN who never kissed till the day--
19:04 until the moment they said, I do.
19:06 That was their first kiss. Right.
19:07 And they are the happiest and cutest couples.
19:10 I mean, it's precious.
19:11 Now one thing that we don't want to discourage anyone as you said
19:16 the Bible tells us in 1 John 1:9 that if we have sinned
19:20 and if we confess our sin that He is faithful
19:23 and just to forgive us of our sins
19:24 and cleanses us of all unrighteousness.
19:27 So you can be restored but I am thinking
19:31 and is there a practical way you've mentioned before
19:35 that there's great filters for--
19:38 You defiantly want to block the internet.
19:40 You want to block the internet on your home computer, okay.
19:44 And there's plenty of those out there.
19:47 And also, Shelly, what we need to do is
19:48 deactivate the internet access on our kid's phones.
19:52 One of the most infiltrating ways
19:54 kids are getting into pornography
19:55 is through the telephone, going on the internet.
19:58 Kids are swapping phones,
20:00 they are taking pictures doing inappropriate things.
20:02 This can't happen if you don't have
20:04 internet access on your child's phone. So--
20:06 Never had stopped so you say that by giving them these phones
20:09 that kids could actually be in schools and watching--
20:12 You are giving them a porn store
20:13 if you don't block the internet access on there.
20:16 Okay. Mercy.
20:17 And this is very, very common of what's going on.
20:20 So we are in a different culture
20:21 and parents aren't as informed as our kids are.
20:24 You know what I am saying? Yes.
20:25 And so it's time to educate ourselves
20:27 and you know, parents, I just would say to you know,
20:29 look at what you've already told
20:31 you know, your son or your daughter
20:34 and see if that's adequate for the generation they are in,
20:37 not the generation you are in.
20:39 Just saying no, isn't going to do anymore.
20:41 They need to know the body facts,
20:43 they need to know the science
20:45 behind what you are telling them to do.
20:46 And then they tend to make better choices
20:48 because their generation that likes to be informed.
20:52 So give them the information they need to be
20:54 as good of godly young people they can be.
20:57 It's so important that parents look at this
20:58 as their responsibility as a parent
21:02 to make sure this area is taken care of.
21:04 Too long we've been silent in the church
21:06 and too long we've been silent as parents
21:08 and in this now in a critical state.
21:10 You know, I believe very strongly
21:12 that modesty of dress is something
21:14 very important that we teach our youth.
21:17 But it's again, this is science. Okay.
21:19 I draw the brain along these
21:21 and it show, okay, now if a guy who is looking at pornography
21:22 he's already got this neural image towards that.
21:25 So the closer you dress to that
21:28 you will attract the sickest guys in the church
21:31 and in the school and in your neighborhood to you
21:35 because those brains will be attracted.
21:37 So what I tell Lisa listen, if you want to be someone
21:40 who is more safe and picking healthier guys
21:43 dress in such a way that your shape
21:46 of your top or your bottom isn't so obvious. Yes.
21:51 Do you know what I am saying?
21:52 And if you are, you know, jumping around.
21:53 That's, you dressed appropriate
21:55 so that you are not drawing that negative attention to you.
22:00 Let someone else get the sick guys.
22:02 That's good. Do you know what I am saying?
22:03 And I want to tell this story before we end today
22:06 is you know, when I was in high school I wasn't saved.
22:08 And I was really, sadly making bad choices
22:12 in this area of my life, okay.
22:14 And there was a girl I dated, her name was Alisa Cromer.
22:19 Now of all the people I was inappropriate with,
22:21 I don't remember their names.
22:24 I don't remember who they were,
22:26 what we did all but I can tell you about Alisa.
22:28 Because you never had any--
22:30 I never was inappropriate with her.
22:31 She wouldn't let me, she was actually Christian and I wasn't.
22:33 I think she's actually part where I got saved.
22:35 I think she prayed me in, you know. Praise God.
22:37 But she was pure, she would try to had me
22:40 listen to Christian music and you know,
22:41 and she just wouldn't go anywhere there. Right.
22:45 And she actually just broke up with me
22:46 because like you know, Doug, this is not--
22:48 that's not means where I am going and, you know.
22:49 But see, I remember her because she had purity.
22:55 She was special. Yeah.
22:57 And so I tell girls all the time, listen,
22:59 if you want to really be remembered
23:00 be the one who doesn't. Amen.
23:04 You now, because that person you know,
23:05 you could still be friends 25 years down the road. Right.
23:09 You see, other people, you can't hang with them all
23:10 because your spouse will think, no, these guys were there,
23:13 you can't so that, you know.
23:15 And so be the one who's remembered
23:17 not only by people you date but be one that God looks down
23:21 and goes, wow, that person I can trust. Amen.
23:27 Because you see, this is an exciting thing
23:29 and we will hop just a little bit
23:30 but a lot of Christians get excited when they can trust God.
23:35 Okay, now for me that's a no greater.
23:37 He's trustworthy.
23:38 He's faithful, He has died for us,
23:40 He rose from dead, He is gloriously responsible.
23:42 Do you know what I am saying?
23:43 So to trusting someone who is gloriously responsible
23:44 isn't exactly a big leap.
23:47 It is for some but I see your point.
23:49 It is for some, it is for some. Yeah.
23:50 Well, what's exciting for me or what I see
23:52 when the Christian walk becomes exciting
23:54 is when God decides to trust you.
23:56 And you proven that you are walking in a manner
23:59 worthy of your calling and He can trust you.
24:01 He says, you know what, I can trust this boy,
24:03 I can trust this young lady and I can give them this.
24:06 You see, what I am saying?
24:08 I can give then this and trust them.
24:10 And so we want our purity in place
24:12 where God can look at us and He can go, well done. Amen.
24:15 Well done good and faithful servant
24:17 and I am gonna give you this blessing. Amen.
24:20 You know you had spoken about one thing that I--
24:23 when we said that we'd like to do this program,
24:25 I haven't thought about the singles agains.
24:27 We only have a couple of minutes.
24:28 For someone who has been perhaps widowed, maybe divorced
24:35 and they have known physical intimacy with their spouse
24:40 and now they are single again there must be
24:44 probably even more special challenges for them.
24:47 There is more challenges and that's why they need
24:49 a little bit more boundaries, little more safety
24:51 and a little bit more from the church
24:52 to provide that safety.
24:55 And to give those young women and young man or you know,
24:57 sometimes they are young at 40 and 50 and 60, okay.
25:00 And say, you know what,
25:01 we are going to walk with you
25:02 through this together, not alone. Right.
25:06 Because alone they are going to make those bad choices
25:08 and stay up late and do things and kind of isolates
25:11 just like they did when they were teenagers.
25:13 That single again group is very parallel
25:15 to that 15 to 22 group.
25:18 They want to isolate, get alone
25:20 and have accidents and do things.
25:21 And you got to kind of be careful with that.
25:23 And they get really offended when you are honest with them
25:26 about what they are doing
25:27 but we need to be involved.
25:29 You know, this you are saying,
25:32 I am going to reduce it to three simple words
25:34 or four, plan to be pure.
25:36 And so you mention on several occasions
25:39 now this isolation, if you are planning to be pure
25:42 you can't go off with the opposite sex
25:46 and be alone in a secluded place--
25:50 And expect good things to happen.
25:51 And expect good things to happen.
25:52 Okay. Yeah.
25:53 You got to use this thing that God gave you, okay.
25:56 And see, I tell men--
25:58 now this is a man talk here but I tell men,
26:01 listen, men are called to protect women, okay.
26:04 and if you are dating a women the first responsibility
26:07 you have is to protect her from you.
26:10 You are dangerous, you are lethal,
26:11 you've got all this energy of hormones.
26:13 You are a lion in a cage, okay.
26:16 you have got to make sure you protect her from you.
26:20 If you protect her from you,
26:22 she will know that you'll protect her from others.
26:24 Oh, that's wonderful. That's excellent advice.
26:25 Do you know what I am saying?
26:27 And the guys get, they go,
26:28 oh, I never thought about protecting her from me.
26:30 You are right, I am a bare man,
26:32 I need to protect her from me.
26:34 So then you have curfews, you have boundaries,
26:37 you won't go certain places alone
26:39 or be alone in each other's apartment
26:41 or dorm room or stuff like that
26:42 because like you know, honey, I got to protect you from me.
26:45 You are really too attractive.
26:46 If I get you alone, I may think improperly.
26:48 So let me keep you in a public contact
26:50 so that we can both be safe.
26:51 That's beautiful. That's wonderful.
26:53 Well, I really, sincerely appreciate you coming back
26:57 and talking to us about this. Sure.
26:58 Because I think this is such an important topic.
27:01 And I never really-- I knew the devil was trying,
27:04 you know, the-- he's trying to destroy our youth
27:08 but I never stopped to think he's--
27:11 what the ultimate purpose
27:12 is to rob them of their spiritual authority
27:14 Yeah, because if he can do that in this generation
27:16 America will become a lot more secularized like Europe
27:20 and that's the end goal
27:21 of all this sexual onslaught in America.
27:24 And it's not-- I mean, I know we've got
27:25 viewers from around the world watching
27:27 and it's happening pretty much everywhere.
27:30 Dr. Douglas Wise, thank you so much for joining us today.
27:32 It's good to be here, Shelly, thank you.
27:34 I hope that you've learned something today
27:36 that you can share with the youth in your life
27:39 or the single again but this is something
27:41 that we know this is God's will is for our purity.
27:46 And it doesn't matter whether you are a married couple
27:48 and remaining in your thought process of spirit
27:51 or if you are single.
27:52 Just practice God's plan. Plan to be pure.


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