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00:30 Hello I am Shelley Quinn
00:31 and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:34 Today we are gonna be talking about
00:36 the role of motherhood
00:37 and the role of being the wife and what it's all about.
00:42 You know, the Bible talks in Proverbs 31,
00:44 Solomon was writing this and he says in verse 10
00:48 he is talking about the virtuous woman
00:50 and his says that, "The heart of her husband
00:53 trusts in her confidently."
00:56 And he goes on in verse 27,
00:58 to say, "She looks well to how things go in her household
01:01 and the bread of idleness she will not eat.
01:04 Her children rise up and call her blessed
01:06 and her husband praises her."
01:09 When we think about motherhood today
01:11 can't it be confusing sometimes
01:13 because there are so many roles that mothers are playing.
01:17 But you know what?
01:18 Even in Solomon's day the virtuous woman
01:21 was multitasking quite a bit.
01:23 Here to talk with us today about this topic
01:27 returning is Julie Norton and Ken Norton.
01:29 We are so thankful that you are back again.
01:31 Julie, this is going to be your turn to talk.
01:35 Now you all are from Orlando, Florida
01:37 with LIFE that's an acronym tell us what that stands for.
01:41 It stands for the Lay Institute for Evangelism
01:44 and we are lay training school.
01:48 We exist to train lay people in any area of ministry
01:53 that they would like to be trained in.
01:54 That's wonderful.
01:55 Now how many children do you and Ken have?
01:58 We have two children a ten year old boy
02:00 and a seven year old daughter.
02:02 Oh, that's wonderful.
02:03 You did it right, to you had the--
02:05 oh, I was wondering older brother.
02:06 So you had the boy first, right.
02:08 So now were you a Pastor Ken
02:10 when you married Julie?
02:12 Well, when we were married we were still in college so--
02:15 We were studying. I was studying to be a pastor.
02:18 So you knew that you were gonna be a pastor,
02:20 become a pastor as well. Yes.
02:22 And did you know you are going to go off
02:23 to the missionary fields and live such a dangerous
02:26 and exciting life as you did?
02:28 Well, that's what we had wanting to do.
02:30 We had committed that that's we want to go
02:33 where ever God let us to go. That's wonderful.
02:36 When we were talking about our topic today
02:38 we are going to take a biblical look
02:40 at the role of motherhood.
02:42 Now I know this is something
02:43 that you take very seriously in your personal life,
02:47 the personal application of this but you also teach on this.
02:50 So why don't you share with us
02:52 what the Bible has to say.
02:54 Well, we talked about in the past like past-- Programs
03:02 Program, thank you, of the husband
03:05 and the father role he has a spiritual leader.
03:08 Well, now I'm looking more specifically
03:11 of what the wife and the mother has.
03:14 It really is I like to talk about it
03:16 as she is the glue that holds all the pieces together
03:21 and particularly in molding the children's characters.
03:26 Many times the, the husband has to go out
03:30 and work a lot and then the mother comes home,
03:34 if the husband has a job late
03:36 she is the one who feed them
03:37 and even if she works full time.
03:39 It seems like she has more influence
03:42 and is present in the child's life.
03:45 So really she has the great responsibility
03:48 of raising the child
03:50 and to make the character to grow like Christ.
03:55 You know, I always tell people
03:57 when I am doing especially the Women's Retreat I will say.
04:00 How many of you are full time ministry?
04:02 And there will be this little smattering of hands that go up.
04:05 And I will say, well, now how many of you are mothers?
04:07 So then all these hands are going up.
04:09 And I say wait a minute,
04:10 let me ask you this question again.
04:12 How many of you are in full time ministry?
04:15 All those mothers hands should be going up
04:17 because to me we unfortunately we are unable to have children.
04:23 I wanted six
04:24 but to me motherhood is the one of the highest callings
04:28 to ministry that there is. Yes.
04:30 And that's what you are taking about.
04:31 Yes, and I want to talk about that in a little while.
04:35 In that we are so multitasked
04:37 but yet we feel guilty that we are not doing more.
04:41 But I want to start by just reading through this,
04:44 this large portion here of a virtuous wife
04:47 in Proverbs 31:10 through 31.
04:50 I just think it's really important
04:51 because it really lays a picture of all the things
04:55 that a woman does and what she is responsible for.
04:59 "Who can find a virtuous wife?
05:02 For her worth is far above rubies.
05:05 The heart of her husband safely trusts her,
05:09 so he will have no lack of gain.
05:11 She does him good and not evil All the days of her life."
05:15 So she takes good care of him, then she goes on,
05:19 "She seeks wool and flax,
05:20 and willingly works with her hands.
05:23 She is like the merchant ships, she brings her food from afar.
05:28 She also rises while it is yet night,
05:30 and provides food for her household," starts building.
05:33 You think, wow, you know, if it keeps going.
05:36 "And a portion for her maidservants.
05:39 She considers a field and buys it,
05:42 from her profits she plants a vineyard.
05:45 She girds herself with strength,
05:46 and strengthens her arms.
05:48 She perceives that her merchandise is good,
05:54 and her lamp does not go out by night.
05:56 She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
06:00 and her hand holds the spindle".
06:03 So she works very hard in so many things.
06:06 I kind of jump in for a second. Okay keep going.
06:08 No, it's very interesting
06:10 because as a man reading this
06:12 you instantly think wait a second
06:14 the man is supposed to be the business person
06:16 of the household.
06:17 But you know this is interesting
06:19 because as you are going through this
06:21 she is the one that does what--
06:22 she goes out to the field. And considers it.
06:26 And considers it and does all the speculating
06:29 and makes sure it's a good field
06:30 and so forth and then she is the one to buys that.
06:32 When usually the role is reversed
06:34 the man is expected to be the one
06:35 to make the big decisions,
06:37 but I like that I think it's interesting.
06:39 And I use this scripture here
06:41 when its talking about these various things to
06:44 when woman say, is it okay for a women
06:45 to work outside the home?
06:47 Some women have to work outside the home. That's right.
06:49 And yes it's okay,
06:50 but I do know in my grandparent's life
06:53 especially in their earlier life
06:55 my grandmother was much more shrude about business
06:58 and she was much better dealmaker
07:01 than my grandfather was.
07:03 And it was because of her ways
07:07 that they actually flourished financially
07:10 and did well so. Praise the Lord.
07:12 And you know that's the way our marriage is too
07:14 because I am terrible--
07:15 if I am going to sell something
07:17 I mean we can plan all the time about
07:18 leaving the seminary in Michigan
07:20 and I think about I basically gave away the couch,
07:23 you know I sold this really nice propane heater for ten bugs.
07:26 I told him to leave our garage sale
07:28 because he was giving the things away.
07:29 She kicks me out.
07:31 She said get out of here, you're just giving away.
07:33 So that's good, goes along with that.
07:35 And many times the woman they,
07:37 they perceive things are very discerning
07:40 and then they can help their husband along.
07:43 I know that if the character goes with both but anyway.
07:47 Let's continue.
07:49 In verse 19 alright its verse 20
07:52 "She extends her hand to the poor,
07:55 yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy."
07:58 So not only as she taking care of her husband
08:01 and her--provide food for households,
08:04 she buys things, she can--
08:06 you know making sure everything goes well.
08:08 She not only does that
08:10 she extends her hand to the needy.
08:11 So she has a ministry.
08:12 No wonder it says a virtuous woman who can find her.
08:16 Yes, incredible
08:18 "She is not afraid of snow for her household,
08:21 for all her household is clothed with scarlet."
08:24 So she makes sure that everyone clothed properly.
08:29 "She makes tapestry for herself,
08:31 her clothing is fine linen and purple.
08:33 Her husband is known in the gates,
08:35 when he sits among the elders of the land."
08:38 So she makes him look good. Amen.
08:42 "She makes linen garments and sells them,
08:44 and supplies sashes for the merchants.
08:48 Strength and honor are her clothing,
08:50 she shall rejoice in time to come.
08:52 She opens her mouth with wisdom"
08:54 so she is wise on top of everything
08:56 "and on her tongue is the law of kindness.
09:00 She watches over the ways of her household,
09:02 and does not eat the bread of idleness."
09:05 Of course not look at all she does.
09:07 "Her children rise up and call her blessed,
09:10 and her husband also, and he praises her.
09:13 'My daughters have done well, but you excel them all.'
09:17 Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,
09:19 but a woman who fears the Lord,
09:21 she shall be praised.
09:23 Give her of the fruit of her hands,
09:25 and let her own works praise her in the gates."
09:29 You know in this verse 26 in the amplified version it says
09:32 "She opens her mouth in skillful and godly Wisdom."
09:36 Capital W.
09:37 So it's really this is showing that
09:40 she is also when she opens her mouth in wisdom
09:43 that she is really a woman who is knowledge of the Bible
09:48 and that she is using biblical principles.
09:50 And I think that's what--
09:51 that text comes out and in verse 30
09:56 "But a woman who fears the Lord." Absolutely.
09:58 She has that relationship with God
10:01 and I really think in the basic element of this
10:04 and every thing that a woman
10:06 whether she has children or not
10:09 has such a responsibility.
10:11 But the only way to carry that
10:12 and be able to be kind and all the--
10:14 the attributes a woman suppose to have is that
10:17 deep relationship that she developed with Jesus.
10:19 And you know, you just hit on it
10:20 because I am sitting her and thinking
10:21 there's probably some poor mother
10:23 sitting at home and thinking,
10:25 Oy vey, you know. Yes.
10:27 I have got so many responsibilities
10:30 and yet this is kind of the standard
10:32 by which I should be trying to live
10:34 and some people feel they fall
10:36 so short of God's standard and we all do.
10:40 I mean, there is times that,
10:42 you know, there life is getting to the point
10:47 that we go such a frantic phase
10:50 and I told my husband the other day
10:52 I just finished meeting
10:54 a major deadline on a major project.
10:58 And he was like okay, you can relax.
11:00 And I said, I have got three more deadlines
11:03 just backed up.
11:04 There's never a moment
11:05 where you feel like you can just go.
11:07 Aha and I know if I am feeling like this,
11:10 what does a single mother feel like.
11:12 You know what is that someone
11:13 who has several small children like yourself even.
11:16 There must be times that it becomes
11:19 overwhelming to so many women,
11:22 unless and until they can develop
11:25 that personal relationship with God
11:28 and He helps them set the priorities.
11:30 Because we got-- you know,
11:31 even though we are reading all of this,
11:33 this is a woman who obviously
11:35 is doing it all in the strength of the Lord
11:38 and we can't, she is not superwoman,
11:41 she is not out here doing it herself
11:43 because that wouldn't be Godly wisdom.
11:45 Now, and we-- I think its very difficult
11:49 for woman as whole to not compare themselves
11:52 with the woman next door or their friend at church,
11:55 there-- who always trying to compare
11:57 and that's just one of our faults I think.
12:00 And then to take time to stop and to ask the Lord,
12:04 you know, you have given me talent
12:05 and strengths help me to be happy with myself
12:08 and to shine how You want me to shine.
12:10 Not as my best friend or my neighbor.
12:13 Who is the domestic diva that can do anything?
12:16 Oh, yes, it seems like so many women
12:17 they can brag about so many things they have done
12:20 and it makes you feel not very good.
12:22 But to say, you know, Lord
12:23 I am confident in what You have made of me.
12:25 Help me to shine and do what--
12:27 what You have asked me to do. Amen.
12:31 And on top of this
12:35 I want to specifically talk about
12:36 mothers with their children.
12:38 I just had-- it brought to mind
12:40 because I was just talking with another mom
12:43 that working full time
12:45 and teach children about the same age as my children
12:47 and she says, you know, I feel guilty that,
12:50 that I am not doing ministry
12:52 because you know I am so busy at work and raising my kids
12:56 and I have got these people around me
12:58 that don't know about Jesus
13:00 and I stop her and said you know, just hold on a minute.
13:04 You think about the two children that you have in your house,
13:08 that's the ministry that the Lord is given you
13:11 right at this time.
13:13 They are your, they are your little,
13:16 you're missionary to those. Little disciples.
13:18 Very little disciples and if you loose them
13:22 because you are so busy doing other things
13:24 and you are letting them raise themselves
13:27 and you loose them
13:28 well it what really you have to gain.
13:30 Exactly. So--
13:31 And they grow up so quickly don't they?
13:33 Oh, they do.
13:35 You know, my son is just 10 years old
13:38 but I look at the past 10 years
13:39 and I think wow, you know where has the time gone
13:42 and I think another 10 years he is gone.
13:45 That's it and so to raise them with this strong character.
13:51 And I think biblical wise
13:55 some of the major strong characters of the Bible
13:58 had mothers that were strong with the Lord.
14:02 One, I think about Hannah. Samuel.
14:07 The mother of Samuel,
14:08 she only had him for seven years
14:10 those formidable years
14:12 but the character that she laid on him.
14:15 And then--as the story is in record of his history
14:20 is that Hannah desperately wanted a child
14:24 and couldn't conceive
14:25 and she cried her eyes out to the Lord in the temple
14:28 wanting a child and God granted that.
14:30 Because she actually told Him,
14:32 if You will give me a child
14:34 I will dedicate him to Your service.
14:36 So once he was at that winning age of seven years
14:42 she brought him to the temple
14:43 and she dedicated him to the service of the Lord.
14:46 So he grew up and became a mighty priest of God as well.
14:50 Yes and I think also about Jochebed.
14:53 A lot of people say who is Jochebed?
14:55 Well, that was Moses 's mother
14:59 and--and she also had him for only a short time
15:04 and the character the things that she taught him
15:07 before he went to Pharaoh's palace
15:10 gave him that strong foundation
15:12 that even when he was surrounded by heathenism.
15:14 Now explain because there's going to some
15:17 who, either you can or I can but why--
15:19 why did she have him for that period of time
15:22 if she put him in the river as a baby in the reed basket,
15:27 how is that she ended up having him
15:29 till he was seven years old.
15:30 Pharaoh's daughter found him in a basket
15:34 and then Mosses Sister Miriam
15:39 came up to the Pharaoh's daughter
15:41 and said don't you need to nurse mate
15:43 to help raise this child?
15:45 And she said yes, I do.
15:47 And so Moses is actually given back to his mother
15:51 Jochebed for a few years, to raise
15:54 until he was old enough to go live into the palace.
15:56 And she must have planted
15:58 a lot of good things in him at that point of time.
16:00 I think the Lord protected him
16:02 in those formidable years
16:04 to lay that strong foundation that
16:06 when he was away, like I said in Pharaoh's palace
16:09 with all heathenism
16:11 and different religions going on about him,
16:14 he-- he knew his God
16:16 and what he was-- what he was about
16:18 and what he was born for. So--
16:22 I am thinking conspiracy theory here.
16:24 Okay. We'll jump a direction here.
16:26 You know, we talked about the husbands and the fathers,
16:30 Satan has a special-- we have our weaknesses
16:32 so he attacks us in certain ways
16:34 especially as being the house band
16:36 and keeping the whole family together.
16:38 But as I am sitting here listening
16:40 as we read through Proverbs 31,
16:41 I am wondering how
16:43 what is Satan's special attack on mothers.
16:47 You know, and I think as you--
16:48 as we talk and I have been listening about
16:51 the mother is being the one
16:52 that shape the character of the children
16:54 and being so important in those-- in those years
16:56 because their father in most cases is out working.
17:00 I mean, unless it's a Mr. Mom and the mom has a degree
17:02 and she is gone to work and the dad stays home.
17:04 For the most cases the father is the one that's out working.
17:07 So the mother is the one that has the children
17:09 all the way up through school age
17:10 I mean in the modern time.
17:12 That those years are the years where everything is shaped
17:16 and so I am sitting and thinking
17:17 how, what is Satan's--
17:19 what would Satan's special attack be on mothers today.
17:23 To try to get her attention off those children
17:26 when they are in this those formative years. I think so.
17:29 I knows this is Issues and Answers
17:30 but I don't have a, I don't have any answers for that part.
17:33 But I am just thinking that there has to be some,
17:36 there has to be some way to,
17:38 to either make her see
17:40 her position is not that important
17:42 that she would rather let the TV raise the kid,
17:44 then her raise them.
17:45 You know in those, in those situations. Well I think--
17:47 That's what Satan tries to do. That's right.
17:50 We are so busy that by the time
17:52 we come home from work if we are working,
17:55 that we have to cook supper,
17:56 we have to you know, take care of the needs,
17:58 wash cloths, wash dishes.
18:00 Yeah, that its easier to a Xbox or the Wii
18:06 or whatever entertain the children then
18:10 and have them quite so you can take care of the,
18:13 the needs of the home by the time
18:15 you are done with the needs of the home,
18:17 its time to put the child to bed
18:18 and you really haven't interacted with your child.
18:20 You know, I think, I meet a lot of parents
18:23 and I think this sort of woman that have this problem
18:26 I think this would have been my problem as well
18:28 is that they feel this necessarily
18:32 to have keep everything just right
18:35 and have this wonderful presentable home.
18:38 And I think some times that's a trap
18:41 because one mother I met we went to visit her
18:45 and she was in the middle of floor playing with her kids
18:48 and she says I know the house is a mess
18:50 but this only time I really have to spend with my kids.
18:53 And I think that sometimes
18:54 we can get so caught up in this idea
18:57 of having to do it all
18:59 that we can forget to really interact
19:04 with the ones that are closest to us,
19:06 with those little ones.
19:07 But again if a mother is working,
19:10 yeah, of course if you are a single mother
19:12 I don't know how-- that's--
19:13 You have to. The Lord blesses.
19:15 Yes, and we have to have a special grace.
19:17 But this is a good time for you to jump in,
19:19 clear the conspiracy thing.
19:20 To jump in and talk about
19:22 if a mother is working and married
19:24 the husband needs to learn to share
19:26 in these household duties
19:28 so that each parent can have time
19:30 to spend with the children.
19:31 Yeah, I agree and that's something
19:33 in our own marriage and as we have kids
19:35 you know you wish that
19:36 you could take in college a parenting 101.
19:40 You know, there really is-- its nothing.
19:42 I mean there is nothing there
19:44 that you have to go through a course
19:46 in order for the state says
19:47 for you to be able to have a child
19:48 you have to go through such a--
19:49 it almost be good if that happen
19:51 because then you would learned
19:52 but I think that as you have the child that--
19:56 you work it out.
19:57 I mean, because the wife will say look,
19:59 you know, can you help me in this. Give me a break.
20:01 That's right, in this area or whatever
20:02 so, I think its something that happens.
20:04 We always have a choke that when--
20:07 a mother watches a child they are not babysitting
20:10 they are watching the children.
20:11 But when they turn to husband they'll say
20:13 can you baby sit the kids for a couple of hours.
20:16 It's like that he is an external care taker
20:19 that it's not part of his role to take care of the kids.
20:23 And so even-- even in the way
20:25 we interact with each other realize
20:27 oh yeah, you know, you are not babysitting your child,
20:30 they are just as much as your children as they are mine.
20:34 He is not babysitting, he is spending time with is children.
20:37 So in taking turns, you know, one others those things.
20:41 And for me I have to admit my--
20:44 I am working full time, my children are in school
20:48 and I have a weakness
20:50 of wanting my house to be perfect
20:52 so that when people come over
20:53 they see that I have it all put together.
20:55 And then I think its very good though to recognize
20:59 and admit the weaknesses that you have
21:02 and then to say you know its okay, Lord help me.
21:06 I am not gonna look at the dishes.
21:08 This day with my child,
21:09 tomorrow my child is going to be a day older
21:12 and I won't have this day today.
21:13 Let me spend some time with them
21:15 helping them to do their homework
21:16 or playing a game with them.
21:18 And you know, sometimes
21:19 it's just a matter of organization
21:21 and things, you know, one thing that I do of
21:24 because I just confess help me Lord,
21:27 but He is trying that there is something growing up
21:32 in a very dysfunctional environment.
21:34 I always felt like I had to be perfect to be loved
21:36 and part of that still spills over occasionally
21:39 and this perfectionism
21:40 and have to be careful about that,
21:42 you know, even in the home.
21:43 But one thing that I do is every night
21:45 before I go to bed, you are tying up
21:48 you know make sure that
21:50 it's I like to make up neat the next day
21:53 and if people in the home
21:55 I am talking especially children as they grow
21:57 where they can be taught to tidy up behind themselves
22:00 and there isn't a huge mess
22:01 for mom and dad to pickup. Yeah.
22:02 And we found too that-- that time before the dishes
22:06 can wait till after the kids go to bed. That's the point.
22:08 You know those things we spend the time
22:11 when we get home from work,
22:12 interacting with them and being with them
22:14 and doing something.
22:15 So after they go to the bed then we are like
22:17 okay, we like to relax too but we have taken the time
22:20 and now let's clean up or do whatever we need to do.
22:24 I think as we are talking about
22:26 molding the children's character,
22:27 spending time with them since they--
22:30 we are molding their characters
22:31 they are learning from our example.
22:34 More than more than by your words.
22:35 Yes, our actions and so if,
22:38 if we want them to be missionaries
22:40 we too need to show them
22:43 what it is like to be missionary.
22:45 And you would so you think
22:46 you know when it talks about
22:48 she extends her hand to the poor.
22:50 You think, well how can I do that
22:51 when I work full time or
22:54 and I am trying to raise my kids,
22:55 or I am home schooling my children
22:57 and then I am still trying to take care
22:58 of the needs around me.
23:01 For me I am just sharing
23:02 from my practical personal experience is that
23:07 the little things that I-- that I do for me
23:10 or my passion is friendship evangelism.
23:12 Some people might think oh, you know,
23:14 taking walk around the neighborhood
23:15 isn't really witnessing to anybody.
23:18 But as we take our evening walk
23:20 around the neighborhood people are out
23:23 and, you know, you say hello at first
23:25 or whatever you are building the relationships with them
23:28 and in seeing the need of
23:31 as you are building the relationships then your,
23:34 your sometimes those doorways are open
23:37 where you know you take some bread over to a neighbor.
23:40 So why you-- well, I bake bread.
23:42 Why you making two loaves?
23:44 I am going to take it to our neighbor two doors down.
23:46 Let's take it to the neighbor two doors down.
23:48 So they see that that even in the daily tasks
23:52 that I am not just doing for myself
23:54 that I am giving to others.
23:57 The one lady that asked me about
23:59 well, I fell guilty about
24:02 not reaching out to my neighbors.
24:03 I see other moms with children
24:05 and I, I am not doing anything.
24:08 So well, you know what
24:09 because she felt that if she did ministry
24:12 it was going to be separate from her kids.
24:14 And I said no.
24:15 Think about having
24:16 to incorporate them into your ministry.
24:20 So you if you don't work you can do a like
24:24 once a month tea at your house.
24:27 We call it a tea where,
24:28 you know, mothers it will get together,
24:29 where the children have the play day
24:31 and the mothers can get together for an hour.
24:35 There are so many things that, that you can do.
24:38 Or in the evening time
24:39 if you are working once a month
24:41 having a few of your neighbors over acquaintance over
24:45 that have children your same age
24:48 these are also other ways you can,
24:50 you can reach out and still include your, you know, family.
24:53 You know and there is always special occasions that
24:57 when people are buying presents for their own family
25:00 that you can have your children
25:01 pick out something to take to a drive for the poor
25:07 and needy or you can have them take things,
25:10 you know, show them that you are taking
25:12 food to the food bank
25:13 or may be going through and saying you got,
25:16 you know, your toys are we got to make room for new toys
25:19 so let's share these with others.
25:22 There are so many things that you can do
25:23 to show your little children that you are reaching out
25:26 to help the poor and needy. That's right.
25:27 And I--I especially remember when the kids were in school
25:31 and I mean many times I come home
25:34 and then I will be climbing in the car
25:35 with some strangers to go to a park sermon.
25:37 Because she had been out walking around the neighborhood,
25:40 down some other mother pushing,
25:42 you know, the stroller and she says like,
25:44 you know, we are going to the park with them.
25:45 You know them. Oh, I who are they?
25:47 You know-- but this was a burden
25:49 she had to be able to make friends with other mothers
25:52 and others in the neighborhood
25:54 and that's something through the--
25:57 through the purpose of
25:59 I sensed not only being able to shape the character
26:03 but showing the kids look let's,
26:06 let's make fellowship with other people
26:08 for the purpose of connecting them to Jesus Christ.
26:11 Then talking about their needs and so forth and so.
26:13 And your children will emulate
26:16 what you do in rather than what you said.
26:20 That's, that's just the bottom line
26:22 because that is the very scripture principles,
26:24 2 Corinthians 3:18 really shows us
26:27 that we become what behold
26:30 and as children are watching you
26:32 have parents interact with one another,
26:34 how you interact as far as
26:36 sharing the good news of the gospel,
26:38 just the friendship evangelism,
26:40 offering to pray for somebody they see all of these things
26:43 and that's what registered in their mind.
26:45 Yes, and ultimately that you want them to take that
26:48 to adulthood that they are not intimidated,
26:51 they are not scared to go talk with people
26:53 that may not look the same with--
26:55 as them or even at the same they are afraid of people
26:58 that are not of the same faith as themselves.
27:01 That they have grown up knowing that
27:02 its just normal people are people
27:04 and you have common threads that you can--
27:08 whether they look like you are not
27:11 you can start up a conversation with them
27:13 because they have been raised to know that
27:15 its okay, you know we are friends with everybody.
27:18 Now what do you all do for family worship?
27:21 We found a book we really like
27:24 and I don't remember the name of it.
27:25 Well, in the morning we will do one thing.
27:27 We have a daily devotional book
27:29 that's designed for their age group.
27:31 Then its-- it's a short period
27:33 and then in the evening
27:36 we will read a-- Story book.
27:38 A missionary story book,
27:40 so we make it fun and practical for the children.
27:43 You know, I just looked at the clock
27:44 and we are all out of time.
27:45 Thank you, Julie, thank you, Ken,
27:47 for joining us today. Thank you. Thank you.
27:49 This was very helpful
27:51 and I hope that you have enjoyed this
27:52 and may the Lord bless you abundantly.
27:55 Bye-bye.


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