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00:01 If you were to take atheism, monotheism,
00:03 polytheism, pantheism, Universalism, spiritualism
00:08 and eastern religions and a few more ingredients
00:11 and if you were to blend them all together
00:13 in the blender what would you get?
00:15 You would get the New Age Movement.
00:17 Please join us today on Issues and Answers
00:20 as we face the New Age Deception.
00:48 Hi, I am Shelley Quinn and we're so glad
00:50 that you're joining us today no matter
00:52 where you're tuning in from around the world.
00:53 We're going to be looking at a very popular
00:58 but difficult subject today and I wanted
01:01 to begin with a scripture that would kind of set
01:03 as up for this in the appropriate way.
01:06 Today, we're gonna be looking at the
01:08 New Age Deception but in the Bible,
01:10 in Isaiah 43 in verse 10, this is what
01:13 the Lord says, You are my witnesses, says the Lord,
01:18 and my servant whom I have chosen,
01:20 that you may know and believe me and understand
01:24 that I am he. Before Me there was no God formed,
01:28 Nor shall there be after Me. God is the only God
01:32 and yet today in our society, in societies
01:36 in the cultures around the world,
01:38 there are people who are trying to make men as Gods
01:43 and today we have with us a very special guest
01:46 it's my privilege to introduce her to you
01:49 and she is not a stranger to 3ABN,
01:51 Dr. Yvonne Lewis, Yvonne we are so glad
01:55 that you've come from Dallas to join us today.
01:57 Thank you Shelley, it's my pleasure to be here.
02:00 Yvonne, you have such a fascinating life story
02:03 and although we don't have time to go
02:05 into it in a deep way. I would like for you
02:08 to share with our viewers just a little bit
02:11 about who Yvonne Lewis is, what your doctor,
02:14 your degree is in and how did you become
02:19 interested in this topic of the New Age?
02:23 Well, okay I am board certified in
02:27 Traditional Chinese medicine I am
02:30 an Naturopathic doctor and I also have a
02:33 music ministry and I was a singer for about 20 years
02:39 in the jingle business and while I was
02:43 in the music business, I started pursuing health
02:47 and it was just it became a passion of mine
02:50 I started, I had been singing at a camp meeting
02:53 and someone came and gave me a book
02:55 and a tape and I thought okay that's really nice
02:59 and I put it somewhere you know how people
03:00 give you things and I took it out
03:02 and I listened to the tape and I read the booklet
03:05 and it was about health and sugar.
03:07 And how sugar can destroy the body
03:10 and that kind of thing I thought
03:11 this is really interesting and that began
03:13 my quest for health information
03:17 and alternative health and so,
03:19 I started with iridology and started studying
03:25 iridology and I always had had this panic and,
03:28 can you explain what iridoloy
03:29 be used for those, that's a good plan
03:31 iridology is actually the study of the iris
03:34 or the eye and the theory behind it is that
03:36 the eye is a micro system much like they feed
03:39 the ears, it's a small map of the entire body,
03:42 okay, so you can kind of get a picture
03:43 what's going on in the whole body
03:45 by looking into the iris of the eye.
03:48 Now, we're not still saying that, we're saying
03:50 that's what the belief was and,
03:51 that's what the belief was and that's what I,
03:53 I started studying that and then I started,
03:57 I went into massage therapy and so I began
04:01 this path of learning about alternative medicine
04:06 and that kind of thing. And I do want you
04:08 emphasize you were a Christian at this point?
04:10 Yes. Were you an Adventist Christian? Yes.
04:13 You were already an Adventist Christian
04:14 and as you were studying these things
04:17 there were any red flags that came up immediately?
04:20 No, not really, no, no with iridology,
04:23 no. Massage therapy, a couple of red flags
04:28 but I just, I had this way of kind of sweeping
04:31 something's under the ragging thinking,
04:33 well, I'll hold on to what is consistent
04:37 with my world view and then kind of discarded
04:40 all the rest and then while I was doing massage
04:43 therapy, I had met someone that said
04:46 you need to check out my school,
04:47 it was the Dallas College of Oriental Medicine.
04:49 So, I thought let me, let me see what that's about.
04:52 So, I went over there and I prayed about it first
04:55 then I asked God if it was his will for me to do it,
04:58 then to make a way for me to do it.
05:00 And somehow, in retrospect I kind of understand
05:06 now why I was allowed to do it because now I can
05:09 really look at it with a different eye
05:11 but from the inside but I went to the school
05:16 and the gentleman that was doing the open house
05:20 for the school was talking about acupuncture
05:23 and I asked him, I remember asking him
05:25 is it associated with any particular religion
05:29 and he said well there are some Taoist
05:32 kinds of associations but you don't have to be
05:37 a Taoist and it's not, you're not
05:39 learning religious principles. So, I thought,
05:42 okay, well it may be its okay.
05:44 So, I started taking the classes and learning
05:48 about acupuncture and all the different
05:51 eastern medical modalities that are under
05:56 that umbrella of traditional Chinese
05:57 medicine and I studied it and praise the Lord
06:01 I did well in studying it, but I learned some things
06:05 that again that were inconsistent
06:08 with my world view but yet I just kind of swept them
06:11 under the rug thinking that well,
06:13 I don't have to embrace this in order
06:16 to practice it. Okay Yvonne, let me stop you
06:19 just a second, you have said a couple of times
06:21 inconsistent with your world view.
06:23 Through what lens do you see the world?
06:29 Through a Biblical, from a Biblical prospective,
06:33 realizing that there are certain
06:39 especially in the end times spiritualism
06:43 is going to be a part of what's going on
06:46 and they were some spiritualistic teachings
06:52 that were given but it was just,
06:55 it was just a little bit in the beginning.
06:57 And I thought well I don't have to embrace
06:59 that in order to practice acupuncture.
07:01 Okay, so you just tried to divorce
07:03 the spiritualistic principles from the
07:06 practice itself Yvonne, yes, okay.
07:07 I don't have to pay attention to this
07:09 but I can go forward with these different modalities
07:12 and exactly, perhaps help people, exactly, okay.
07:16 And that was my, that was my burden to help people,
07:18 I know you well enough to know that here,
07:20 yes, thank you. And I would, I would pray
07:23 before all of my, I know that people in school
07:26 thought I was just over the top because
07:28 I would pray before my sessions and everything,
07:31 thinking that I was bringing God
07:34 into whole thing because I knew that
07:37 I am not the healer that God is a divine physician.
07:40 Yes, so I would see tremendous things happen
07:43 as a result of my therapy, my treatments.
07:47 So, that's how I kind of got into the whole
07:52 acupuncture and traditional Chinese
07:55 medical realm. Just by this path,
07:58 this health path that started with just learning
08:02 about nutrition and then learning about Iridology
08:05 and then going into naturopathic medicine
08:08 and then oriental medicine.
08:10 In fact at one point you were doing extremely well
08:15 as a practitioner of acupuncture this was about
08:17 95 percent of your income, yes,
08:21 and I gonna save this story for a little later
08:25 in the program that you have actually got to open
08:28 your eyes, yes, and you completely divorced
08:31 yourself from the practice, yes,
08:33 and then now you have I mean you've lost
08:37 95 percent of your income because of this,
08:40 but which says that speaks something to,
08:43 that speaks to me about your loyalty and your,
08:48 to God and your integrity as a Christian
08:50 when you did finally have that awakening
08:54 that you would actually depart from that.
08:57 Now of course the Lord, but let's get into
08:59 our topic on hand we'll blend your story
09:01 then as we go along, sure. What is the
09:06 New Age Movement? How would you define
09:08 because this is something that
09:10 I think a lot of people don't realize
09:13 how broad the definition is? Yes. Yes,
09:15 and therefore they are at risk of being deceived
09:20 if you will? Yes, okay, absolutely
09:22 the New Age Movement is really an umbrella
09:24 it's kind of a catch all for a western social
09:28 decentralized kind of spiritual movement
09:32 that has its route, pantheism, the isms that
09:38 you have named. Pantheism, panentheism,
09:42 neopaganism, astrology, all of these things
09:47 are under one umbrella. There's no central figure,
09:51 there is no one set of believes necessarily.
09:56 It's really catch all, there are a lot of
09:58 different spiritual paths if you will.
10:01 That are, kind of all under this umbrella.
10:04 So, it's a very wide broad kind of movement
10:08 that affects everybody in western culture
10:11 really has been affected by the movement.
10:14 Oh! It's pervasive. Yes, yes, it's pervasive.
10:17 So, what are some of the, I mean
10:21 kind of give us a definition if you can
10:23 or who is practicing this? Again it has touched,
10:30 it's really touched all of us,
10:32 if you really look at it through books, magazines,
10:35 movies, through yoga and through acupuncture
10:42 and holistic healing and all,
10:46 contact with the dead, contact with the dead
10:49 absolutely, absolutely, they are all meditation,
10:53 I mean it's, it's, it's penetrating business
10:57 you know the whole idea of the human potential
11:00 movement and creativity. It's so broad
11:05 and it's so wide and we don't really realize
11:09 how it's creeping into our lives but it is.
11:12 We know it's more than creeping in some ways,
11:15 I mean it's creeping into the church.
11:16 Yes, as far as for many corporate
11:20 and in corporate environments
11:22 its almost being force fed because many corporations
11:25 are hiring these guru type people
11:28 they don't call them gurus but they come in
11:30 for self improvement classes
11:31 and they're teaching a lot of this you know
11:35 we think of yoga I mean some people see yoga
11:38 as being something that is totally benign
11:40 and yet there is a very definite route
11:43 that's bitter and dangerous when we would
11:47 route to that, absolutely, then there is,
11:49 there is this whole practice of mediation
11:52 and this self what's the word? Self defecation,
11:56 self defecation, self realization is the word
11:59 they usually, they don't go so far to say
12:02 self defecation which that is the principle,
12:05 but it's the self realization and corporate
12:10 administrators are seeing this as a way to may be
12:13 enhance the productivity of
12:15 their people and they're breaking the men.
12:18 That's exactly right, you see with metaphysics
12:21 you have to change the wording.
12:24 If you change the wording it becomes more palatable
12:28 to people, so you change the wording
12:30 for co-operations and you make it self actualization
12:34 You know creativity, production enhancing
12:38 and productivity enhancing and that becomes
12:41 attractive to business people,
12:44 if you're in schools you might call it centering
12:47 or getting children to be more centered
12:50 or to calm down and bringing in mediation
12:53 practices into schools or you know with television
12:58 that's, they're just doing straight up psychic things
13:02 and mediums and there is a show called medium.
13:06 And we're looking at a total invasion
13:09 of our society by these kinds of ideas
13:12 and even don't you think Wicca the witchcraft tend
13:16 to falls in under this absolutely,
13:18 as well, absolutely, that's again
13:19 a great popularity, absolutely
13:20 and that's it's, we are not as afraid
13:25 of the supernatural as we once were,
13:28 we've been desensitized to it and in fact
13:31 some people crave experiences
13:33 with the supernatural and you cannot,
13:36 you cannot deny experience and that's where
13:41 the Christian really has to take
13:43 Biblical principles and the Bible says
13:47 try the spirits you know because experience is what
13:52 meta-physicians will really focus on,
13:56 you experience something that is transforming,
13:59 it is a way to alter your consciousness
14:05 and that is the whole aim of mediation to alter
14:08 your consciousness. And I'm gonna come back
14:10 to mediation in just a second
14:11 but I want to share this, in some ways our fear
14:15 of the other side of the spiritual realm
14:21 in some ways has been something that has held
14:25 Christians back or held the western population,
14:31 I'll say that we're glad, but the western population
14:35 back in some ways because they almost didn't want
14:40 to believe in the devil or in demons like you know
14:43 you go to Africa and when people become Christians
14:46 there and understand about the Holy Spirit
14:48 they are so willing to accept his working
14:53 in your life. God working in you through
14:55 the Holy Spirit, 'cause they've dabbled,
14:57 they more than dabbled, they have lived
14:59 their lives by these other spirit beings, yes,
15:03 evil beings so they understand the good,
15:06 the difference between the evil and the goodness
15:08 of God, but now in the United States,
15:11 we were afraid of the spirit realm
15:14 so we just kind of denied it existed
15:17 and Satan did something that was so surreptitious
15:21 and so he's a wily person, he brought it in under
15:26 the guise of something positive,
15:29 so now all of a sudden the fear is gone
15:32 but we're looking at it as a positive
15:34 and it's drawing us away from God
15:36 where as the people in Africa
15:38 look at these practices and say, yes,
15:40 you know this is, these are things
15:42 that will lead you into dark places
15:44 and into trouble. Yes, so let's pick up on mediation
15:48 because the Bible clearly says God says
15:51 frequently meditate upon these things,
15:54 meditate upon my word, there's a big difference
15:57 between what God is saying for meditation
16:00 and the type of meditation that is done in the
16:04 New Age Movement, talk to us about that.
16:07 Absolutely and that is such a great point,
16:09 we always, there is always the counterfeit,
16:12 yes, there is the real which is God's way
16:15 and then there's the counterfeit
16:16 which is the enemy's way. God says to meditate
16:20 as you just said, mediate on my word,
16:23 fill your mind with scripture,
16:27 fill your mind with my word. Eastern mediation
16:31 says empty the mind, rid yourself of thought,
16:36 subdue thought so that your mind
16:39 is open and free. Now, what does that do,
16:42 the emptying of the mind allows
16:45 another spiritual force to fill it.
16:48 You know that sounds almost to some people who
16:51 some of you may be and saying oh yes
16:54 you're gonna demonize everything,
16:56 but I remember when Pastor Rick Howard
16:58 was on 3ABN and I interviewed him
17:01 and he used to be very strongly
17:05 involved in Hinduism. The religion of Hinduism
17:09 and he said that when you empty
17:13 the mind you're doing the mantras,
17:15 you're doing the you know chanting, chanting
17:19 and things he said it actually scientifically
17:22 has been proven this puts the mind
17:25 in the alpha states that marijuana
17:29 does chemical induces this alpha stage.
17:31 And he said that is the only stage in which
17:36 people can channel spirit beings,
17:40 interesting from the other side,
17:42 yeah from God's side that's the, yes, yes.
17:45 But it is opening your mind to be taken over
17:49 by other spiritual forces other than God
17:52 because when we know that it's absolutely
17:55 against God's word to this type, absolutely,
17:57 and we're told to you know relax, to breathe,
18:03 this is an eastern mediation its through
18:06 breathing and mantras that you are,
18:10 you become you end that Alpha state
18:12 and you become susceptible to demonic influences
18:17 and then ultimately demonic position, yes,
18:20 and it is just it is, mediation is the activity
18:26 through which this is done, through which one
18:29 is connected to the higher self
18:32 and the higher self is the whole idea of the,
18:37 it's the defecation of man, you become God,
18:41 you become your own God. You know, it's scary,
18:44 it is very scary, but I am gonna share something
18:46 I have never shared in public before,
18:48 when I was just first in college
18:51 I worked part-time for a car dealership.
18:54 An automobile dealership in their accounting
18:57 department and the office manager there invited me,
19:02 she said hey the car dealership,
19:04 the auto dealership is going to pay for us
19:07 to go to a mind control class,
19:09 I won't give the name of it
19:11 but it's quite well known and she said
19:15 and I said a mind control I don't think
19:17 that sounds too interested oh yeah
19:18 look at the brochure, it'll teach you
19:20 how to disciple yourself to get up
19:22 at a certain hour, do all of these different things
19:25 you know without an alarm clock
19:26 that you could get up. And it sounded so positive,
19:29 even so good that way you can sleep better
19:32 and so I went for several classes
19:36 and it was this emptying thought that
19:39 it was also getting in touch with the inner me
19:42 like you visualization that,
19:45 that's new technique, and then I saw
19:49 some manifestations that were extremely frightening
19:54 and I realized I was, you know, a young teenager
19:58 and I had studied much in the Old Testament
20:00 I considered myself a New Testament Christian
20:03 and I started looking to the Old Testament
20:05 and I realized this is against God's word,
20:08 but it was very at first it seemed so benign,
20:13 yes, it seemed helpful, yes, until then suddenly
20:17 you got into a little bit deeper level.
20:19 So, the idea of visualization,
20:22 you're seeing some of this techniques
20:26 actually began to infiltrate the church
20:31 aren't we? Yes, we are through again mediation
20:35 you know we are, we're in contemplative prayer
20:38 mediation and we're seeing and visualization.
20:45 Satan is so shrewd and you know use the term wily
20:50 or he is so wily and shrewd. He makes things
20:55 seem innocuous and harmless and once
20:59 he reels you in you realize there is
21:02 something else going on here.
21:03 This, the visualization and the whole idea
21:10 of the mediation is a way for Satan to come in
21:14 and to impact the church too through individuals
21:19 and transform our consciousness about
21:22 what he's doing, we think it's harmless and its not,
21:26 we think that practices like yoga are harmless
21:29 it's just stretching its not the word
21:31 yoga means union. We are, you know anyone
21:36 that is seriously involved in yoga
21:38 will tell you it is a spiritual activity
21:41 as well, its not just a physical activity,
21:44 the breathing and the stretching apart of Hindu,
21:48 the Hindu religion. So, when we practice that
21:52 and I know that some of the viewers are gonna,
21:54 you're gonna get a lot of emails
21:55 about the show probably, but when we practice
21:59 these things we are actually practicing
22:03 aspects of Hinduism and it is we really have to look
22:09 at as Christians what we're doing
22:11 and not be deceived, these are the last days
22:15 that we are living in, amen. Deuteronomy 18:
22:19 we're told these practices that God told
22:23 the children of Israel to abandon,
22:26 to not deal with, to not associate with people
22:29 who are doing these things and we have to look
22:32 at spirit guides, familiar spirits
22:36 that are discussed in Deuteronomy 18
22:39 that spirit guides and there are people
22:42 who are unashamedly saying well you know,
22:46 you can get in touch with your inner self,
22:49 your spirit guide your inner wisdom,
22:54 all of these are euphemisms
22:55 for demonic invasion. Absolutely, that's exactly
23:00 what I experienced as been trying to get in touch
23:02 with this, 'cause I didn't realize I was inviting
23:04 one into, yes, yes and it was not the Holy Spirit,
23:07 exactly. So, we are seeing that because
23:12 it has been painted with such a board stroke
23:15 is as you know some times, especially the youth
23:19 they'll say you demonize everything
23:22 but when we look at things like oh
23:27 the Harry Potter films, which are popularizing
23:31 the wiccan movement, yes, or the vampire, yes,
23:34 you know these trouble was twilight things,
23:36 which all of this seems so make believe its like,
23:44 yes, just for fun, one of the fantasy, yes,
23:46 this is fun. But what we don't realize is that
23:49 we are actually programming our minds
23:52 to follow the path of Satan.
23:54 You've heard of ancient paths Theophostics, yes,
23:58 where you have this okay, this has even had
24:02 its infiltration into the Christian Church,
24:06 I think the, whether you want to say contemplative
24:09 or contemplative prayer, this is something
24:12 that has infiltrated the Christian Church
24:14 and it's being actually such that there's people
24:20 who are actually looked upon as Christian leaders,
24:24 yes, authors of big books, yes,
24:28 and very popular authors who are propagating
24:31 this whole idea of contemplative prayer
24:34 where you have the, the mantras and the visions
24:37 and the you know the mediation type thing,
24:40 so we're just running out of time so fast but,
24:44 what do you think as Christians
24:48 that we can do to guard ourselves, because, yes,
24:52 when it comes under the guise that something seems
24:56 very simple and it seems like it could do no harm
25:00 and yet we're opening our self to demonic influence.
25:04 How can we as Christians take heed not to become
25:10 involved in something like this.
25:11 Well, the first thing we have to do is to pray
25:15 and ask God to renew our minds we have to
25:21 have our minds renewed, we cannot be conformed
25:24 to this world as we know but transformed
25:27 by the renewing of our minds, so we pray
25:29 and ask God for enlightenment,
25:31 not the enlightenment of the new age movement,
25:35 but he's an illumination on, yes, on what it says,
25:40 because the word says try the spirits to the law
25:42 and to the testimony if they speak not according
25:45 to these words, there is no light in them.
25:47 So, we have to try the spirits
25:50 and we have to read the word of God,
25:52 that's how we renew our minds, many times,
25:53 that's how we renew our minds, okay,
25:55 and if we don't, if we are not doing that
25:59 we can be subject to the great deception
26:02 that is going on right now. So, we have to pray
26:05 and read and you know I have to interject
26:07 because you can't just stop praying,
26:09 that's right. He right, that's right,
26:11 just as you felt led to our God didn't stop you
26:14 or the doors were open for you to study this
26:16 and God's made something good of it,
26:19 but sometimes if we pray I think sometimes
26:23 the devil is trying to setting its up
26:25 almost to say here I will help you answer
26:28 that prayer, yeah, yeah, exactly, but we pray,
26:32 but we go the word of God, yes, and I always pray
26:35 for leading in his word study out
26:38 whatever the topic is, because God will speak
26:41 to us through his word, yes. And I don't trust
26:44 you know sometimes the Lord's taught me to press
26:47 into his presences and listen for his still
26:49 small voice, yet he sends me back to the word.
26:52 That's right, he will tell me something
26:54 and say look it up, that's right,
26:56 we don't trust just what we're feeling
26:58 or think we're hearing, we can't, you cannot trust
27:01 experiences because the enemy,
27:05 if the enemy transforms himself
27:08 into an angel of light, so we know that
27:11 he is darkness and we cannot trust what we see,
27:15 we have to read the word and we have to ask God
27:18 for his spirit which is going to convict,
27:21 which is going to you know help bring back
27:25 to our memories, the things that we studied,
27:27 He the Holy Spirit is our guide, Amen.
27:30 And that's what we have to hold on to.
27:32 Dr. Yvonne Lewis, our times has flown by,
27:35 it has been fun, it's been such a pleasure.
27:37 Well, please come back because I feel like
27:39 we have just barely touched God.
27:41 I would love to, okay thank you.
27:43 Well, thank you so much for being here
27:45 and I wanted to close with a scripture,
27:48 if I got time to look it look it up, Acts 4:12,
27:50 I'll just tell you what it says,
27:52 oh yes, Act 4:12 says there is no other name
27:54 under heaven by which men can be saved
27:58 and that is by Christ Jesus.
28:00 Please look to the Lord and keep your eyes
28:03 focused on Him, trusting in Him
28:05 and be vary of going outside of
28:09 His will. May God bless you.


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