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00:30 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn
00:31 and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:33 We hope that you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.
00:36 And we thank you, for this opportunity
00:38 to come in to your home whether you are in Japan or China,
00:43 Australia, New Zealand,
00:45 wherever you are around the world
00:47 we are so thankful that we could be come in.
00:49 And today we've got a really interesting issue.
00:53 We are going to be talking about "Unfinished Business."
00:57 And the business I am referring to is the Father's business.
00:59 The last great command that Jesus gave His people
01:03 before leaving earth is found in Matthew 28:18
01:09 and He approach the people and here's what He said,
01:12 "All authority has been given unto Me under heaven and earth.
01:16 Therefore I am telling you go and make disciples
01:21 of all nations, baptizing them
01:23 in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
01:26 teaching them to observe every thing
01:30 that I have commanded you, and lo,
01:32 I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
01:36 What is the unfinished business?
01:38 Are we making disciples of all nations
01:43 in the authority of Jesus Christ that He has granted us?
01:46 Please help me welcome to discuss this,
01:50 returning to us once again, its Ken and Julie Norton.
01:54 And we are so thankful that you've come back.
01:56 Thank you. Thank you.
01:57 Now, Julie, you all are with LIFE,
01:59 that's and acronym, L-I-F-E.
02:02 What does that stands for?
02:03 Lay Institute for Evangelism and basically
02:07 we are a training school for normal people
02:11 that work in a business world or where ever they are.
02:13 You know, many people feel a passion to want to reach out
02:16 into their community and they feel like
02:19 maybe they don't know how.
02:21 So our lay training school that sometimes we put training online
02:26 and they can access these training online.
02:30 That's wonderful. Now you also have
02:32 onsite training programs at your camp?
02:34 We do. We have some onsite campus base programs.
02:37 And tell me a little bit about that.
02:39 Well, we have a summer program
02:40 that is targeted for young people.
02:42 Maybe kids that are in high school
02:44 and they want to learn how to do,
02:46 teach people how to-- we teach them
02:49 how to give Bible studies to people,
02:51 how to do the evangelistic small groups.
02:53 And then we also have a program called Operation Mission LIFE
02:56 and that starts in the fall.
02:58 And that's for church members that want to take
03:00 a year out to do mission work,
03:04 not only here in the States but also overseas.
03:06 How wonderful is that.
03:07 That I know is a four month program
03:08 you told me before. It is.
03:10 And you actually even train them in the language.
03:12 Yes, we do. That makes then very effective when they go.
03:15 You are part of the Seventh-day Adventist church,
03:19 you're ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church
03:21 and it is correct that you are operated
03:23 by the Adventist Layman Services and Industries. Is it right?
03:26 That's correct. That's good.
03:28 All right, last time that you were here we talked about
03:31 "The American Church in Crises."
03:34 But what we want to do this time is talk about
03:37 what's going on around the world with the Christian church.
03:40 And I am just going to let--
03:42 throw the ball to you and let you run with it.
03:45 Well, I am glad that you opened up with
03:47 Matthew 28:18-20 because that really is, you know,
03:51 when you look at the New Testament church
03:53 and you look how it exploded, its exciting that
03:57 they were based upon that one passage.
03:59 That was--went through their mind all the time.
04:01 That's what I take as I read the New Testament.
04:04 They were passionate about people,
04:06 learning about Jesus Christ and teaching them all the things
04:09 that He had taught them.
04:11 Couple of things that we often gloss over
04:15 when we read this and something I want to pull out here.
04:18 And you began with His statement by saying,
04:21 "All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth."
04:25 You know, as we-- we've been missionaries.
04:27 We were in Thailand for two years
04:28 and also on the Island of Palau for two years.
04:31 And when you get into difficult, difficult situations
04:35 and you wonder why you are there
04:36 and even situation that are life threatening
04:40 this comes back because He says,
04:42 all authority has been given to me.
04:44 We are not there on my own.
04:45 I am not there on my own strength.
04:47 We are not there thinking that
04:50 what we are gonna do is gonna save these people.
04:52 We say, Jesus, You've said
04:53 You got all authority and You told us to go.
04:56 So that's what we are resting upon.
04:57 Amen. And--
04:59 So we really appreciate when He preempts to go saying,
05:02 "All authority has given to me in heaven
05:07 and on earth, go therefore."
05:11 It's just, it's charge, we go, yeah, you know.
05:13 Because you know you are going out
05:15 in the authority of Jesus Christ
05:17 and not trying to do this in your own strength. That's right.
05:20 Well, what is going on in the world, you know,
05:24 of course as Adventist the Adventist church
05:27 has a very strong mission program
05:30 and very mission driven but we're talking now just not about
05:34 Adventism but we are talking about Christianity as a whole.
05:38 Adventist Christians are only a portion of the body of Christ,
05:42 there are other Christian churches.
05:44 What's going on around the world
05:47 as far as this great work of filling this great commission?
05:51 Well, we titled it today "Unfinished Business"
05:54 which lets us know that there are
05:56 still large works to be done.
05:57 And so there are some statistics that we found
06:00 in our research that we though we would share,
06:02 that are very interesting.
06:05 Thirty three percent of the world,
06:07 one third of the world claims Christianity.
06:10 That would be catholic, Episcopalian, Adventist,
06:13 you know, they some how claim the name of Christ.
06:16 That means 66% of the world are not Christian.
06:20 Now I am interested to know about that 60%--66%
06:25 because if we are supposed to go and make a disciples
06:27 that's the group we need to be targeting.
06:29 It's very interesting that, oh, I actually need to give you
06:33 the total number, it's about 4.5 billion is that 66%.
06:37 4.5 billion people who don't know Jesus Christ.
06:40 Who have not chosen to follow Him or be His disciple.
06:43 That's correct. Of that group,
06:46 4.5 billion of them are what we call--
06:51 no, no, no, 4.5 billion is the total group,
06:53 2.5 billion are evangelized, right.
06:57 That means they are in a place that they can hear the gospel.
07:00 So 2.5 of the 4.5 billion are in a situation
07:04 where they can hear it by radio,
07:06 they may have had somebody present them
07:07 with the gospel presentation, we call them the evangelized.
07:11 Two billion are un-evangelized.
07:14 They have no indigenous church of their own.
07:18 They are what we call, unreached people group.
07:21 That have majority of them
07:23 have never even heard the name of Christ.
07:25 And that's astonishing. That is astonishing.
07:28 First of all it's pleased me to know that at least
07:30 one third do claim to be--they go by the name of Christian,
07:36 at least they know the story of the gospel but to think that,
07:41 it's interesting that over half of that 4.5 billion
07:45 have heard it and have not responded.
07:48 So even there, although we've got those
07:50 two billion people that have been unreached,
07:52 the 2.5, something's happened that they haven't seen model,
07:56 something is going on that to hear this great gospel
08:00 and just reject it, that's kind of amazing to me.
08:03 I don't know if it's necessarily rejecting it.
08:06 When we were-- I think some rejected
08:09 but then this story came to my mind.
08:11 When we were working in Thailand,
08:14 we taught in the English language school
08:16 and then in the evenings we provided a free Bible class
08:19 in English for those that wanted to listen to more English.
08:23 And so we would make it a Bible study thing.
08:27 Several students would come,
08:30 one lady after we sang, what is the song?
08:36 It was Jesus loves me.
08:37 Like Jesus loves me, just one of those basic
08:39 Christian songs, she raised her hand
08:42 and she said, "Who is Jesus?"
08:47 And its that idea that even though we have churches there,
08:51 there are many different denominations of church,
08:54 of Christian churches even in that town,
08:58 she lived in that town she didn't know Jesus.
09:01 So even in their whole worldview and everything that
09:06 they live in and they do is not Christian based.
09:10 So if they are not personally connected with someone
09:14 that's Christianity they still have not heard Jesus.
09:18 So it's that point of, even that 2.5 billion
09:22 that say can be reached many of them aren't reached
09:26 if someone is not there to tell them.
09:27 Okay, I misunderstood when you said,
09:29 I thought you said 2.5 billion had been evangelized
09:31 but you are saying that they could be.
09:33 It's not necessarily that they have been reached.
09:35 They are in an area where they are able to hear the gospel.
09:38 Doesn't mean they have heard. That's correct.
09:40 Maybe a Christian radio station broadcast
09:43 in that area it doesn't mean they have--
09:44 Or 3ABN. That's right.
09:47 They don't have a TV,
09:48 they don't have a radio but there is the ability to.
09:52 But there's two billion that don't.
09:54 That's the group that we are most worry about.
09:57 Two billion that are like this girl who have said,
10:00 who is Jesus, they never heard His name.
10:03 And that's--I think the most disturbing part of the stats
10:09 is that when you look at what the Christian church
10:11 at large is doing, only 2% to 3%
10:15 of all missionaries go to reach that two billion people,
10:20 97% of all missionaries and funding
10:24 goes to the already evangelized group or even
10:29 to the one third that is claiming the name of Christian.
10:32 And you can understand, I mean,
10:35 I am assuming that these two billion are in places
10:38 where it is difficult to evangelize.
10:42 So it's--when you're talking about the 2.5 being
10:47 where they could potentially say, they are sinking.
10:49 Okay, we've got ground work here we just
10:52 magnify or grow the work in that area and they are
10:55 not going out into the more treacherous waters if you will.
10:59 I think we can even bring up like Myanmar
11:02 or they used to call Burma,
11:04 it's a closed country at this time.
11:08 But even though we were not able to go in,
11:12 in traditional ways and we are praying that
11:14 the Lord will somehow open things up.
11:16 We think about in recent past the big tsunami
11:20 that happened in Burma and maybe approximately
11:23 they are gauging 200,000 people dying
11:27 and they've never heard about Jesus.
11:30 So this is--and they typical, the call it the 10/40 Window.
11:35 Right. And I don't know if you want to explain what the--
11:37 Well, 95% of that two billion live in that 10/40 Window.
11:41 And please explain the 10/40 Window.
11:43 The 10/40 Window it has to do with
11:44 the longitude and latitude line.
11:46 So when you look in a map and you look at 10 degrees
11:48 and you look at 40 degrees, it's a box that runs across
11:51 the top of North Africa and then right through
11:54 the heart of Asia, through India,
11:56 through China, through all of that area.
11:59 And that's the region that not only has the most
12:02 concentration of people but has the most that have
12:05 never heard of the name of Christ.
12:07 So there's the starling statistics that they say
12:11 66,000 people in this area of unreached die every day
12:17 without knowing of our Christ.
12:18 Without knowing of Christ. Oh, my God, that's sad.
12:20 So when you look at all of these statistics
12:24 and it's not something that you know,
12:26 I praise the Lord or ministries like 3ABN
12:29 and this opportunity to, you know, that God has given us,
12:34 He uses this as a tool of evangelism in His hands.
12:38 And we can reach every inhabitant continent
12:43 but that doesn't mean that
12:44 everybody is gonna be able to hear it.
12:46 So how do we, when we have population growth
12:53 that is accelerating, this isn't the problem
12:56 that's going to go away overnight if we keep doing
12:59 business the way we've been doing business.
13:02 So what you are saying I assume today that
13:04 we are going to get to is that there has to be
13:08 a change in what the church is doing. That's correct.
13:13 I love to think of 3ABN and some of the other
13:16 radio broadcasting or so forth as the Air Force.
13:19 You know they are beaming it from on high
13:22 and people are able to pick it up but any military campaign
13:26 will tell you that unless you got ground troops you know,
13:29 you are not really-- you can do some damage
13:32 but you need together, they work together as a nice package.
13:35 So we look at practical-- this is something that
13:40 we dreamed up as we've been overseas and working.
13:42 And you see masses of people that don't know Christ
13:45 and you think all right, let's just stop
13:47 and ask ourselves a question, how practically,
13:50 how practically can you--can missionaries reach these people?
13:55 What are just some of the down to earth,
13:56 most practical things that can happen?
13:59 And we feel like the first solution is for God's people
14:03 to feel released to think and dream of the strategies,
14:07 not to depend upon, its kind of the first things
14:09 if you want to talk about solutions,
14:11 not to depend upon--Oh, oh its another mission offering,
14:14 well, here, here's my $10
14:16 and God bless the missionaries as they go out to do that.
14:18 But even in that, I am going to interject
14:20 because I think you know as Americans we feel like
14:23 we are helping a lot, and we are but I think
14:28 in finances because finance isn't everything,
14:31 it doesn't solve everything.
14:33 But there are interesting stastics in that,
14:36 they said Americans spent more money last year
14:40 on dog food than they did on mission.
14:44 So I think you know, we can do more
14:46 even in the financial side of things to support.
14:50 And we certainly don't want to be little anyone
14:54 who is supporting because there are people,
14:56 we all have different gifts,
14:57 not everyone is called into the mission field.
15:00 And it is so important that we are called to be missionaries,
15:05 maybe not so far away but it is important.
15:08 Some people have great administrative skills
15:10 and God has given them gifts and they are good at laying down
15:14 their money to make-- their life to make money
15:18 to be able to support others who can't go.
15:20 So we are not trying to be little there.
15:22 Not at all, but its not in all in all.
15:24 That was my point. Okay.
15:25 But it's not that we can't say that,
15:27 that's the only way in that, I don't have to sacrifice
15:30 my time or effort in some little way to do that.
15:33 And some people want to give or they want to go
15:36 as full time missionaries, some can't.
15:38 Some have responsibilities here in America,
15:40 they got jobs, they got families they can't do that.
15:43 And so for those we tell, open your wallet and give it
15:46 to those that are wanting to go
15:47 and be able to support those.
15:49 It's a good partnership.
15:51 And now I have to say that anyone who's ever gone
15:54 on a mission trip, I know a number of people who have,
15:57 you know, businessmen with huge businesses
15:59 and they have taken their family on a mission trip
16:02 and they all come back changed and then they come back
16:04 wanting to go on another and another and another.
16:06 And I always tell people if you have teenagers
16:10 and you're having trouble with them send them
16:11 on a mission trip because it's life changing. It really is.
16:15 I am sitting here today because I did that.
16:17 I took a year as a student missionary.
16:19 And I wouldn't be a pastor, I would not be doing this
16:22 if that experience of running from village to village
16:26 in Thailand with people begging us,
16:28 please tell us about this creator God.
16:30 We've never heard of Him, we don't know anything about Him.
16:34 Please stay in our village.
16:35 And to hear that over and over and over again
16:38 it just changed me.
16:39 But I bet you were just always a really good kid,
16:42 never got into any trouble.
16:43 Too bad, no. No. I am wrong?
16:45 No, this was a time that God said,
16:49 get out of, the all the stuff
16:50 you are doing that's not appropriate
16:53 and I am gonna put you in a place where I am gonna
16:55 change you and help you to see the world as I see it.
16:57 And I was-- I am so thankful of that
16:59 even though that was a very difficult experience.
17:01 Sometimes in seeing that someone else's need is greater than
17:04 your own it gets you out of looking at yourself.
17:08 Absolutely. Absolutely.
17:10 Now I had-- a one person who told me
17:12 that their child was so disconnected from
17:15 family and church and connected on the internet.
17:17 I mean, you know, on the mobile phone,
17:19 always text messaging and just kind of had this
17:22 little cocoon life on wire. Yes. Yes.
17:26 I mean, wire but not wireless, whatever, they were totally
17:31 unapproachable until they sent him on a mission trip.
17:34 He came back and all of a sudden he realized
17:36 all of these things were, you know,
17:39 the materialistic things were of very little importance.
17:42 Wow. That is really good.
17:44 We encourage, you know,
17:47 through LIFE we encourage people to dream the dreams.
17:50 You know, let God dream His dreams through you.
17:54 That's the big one is that-- and the point that
17:57 I was getting to is don't just think that
17:59 the church organization is gonna take care of it all.
18:02 We are the church, we are Ecclesia,
18:05 in New Testament it means the called out ones.
18:07 That's the word we use in the New Testament for church.
18:09 That's us, it's not a building it's us.
18:12 And He's calling us.
18:13 He's saying, go therefore in your little way,
18:16 whether you are supporting finically,
18:18 whether you can go yourself, just make it happen
18:21 because He's very serious about making disciple.
18:23 And, you know, Ken, what I've noticed
18:25 when I go out and teach and preach is that
18:27 everyone realizes that there's so many of the things
18:32 that Jesus said would happen before His return are happening.
18:35 You know, the increased earthquakes,
18:37 the increased famines, the trouble,
18:40 the wars but Matthew 24:14 cuts the bottom line
18:45 and there's many people who are anxious for His return
18:48 because they are tired of this world
18:52 and the degradation of the world
18:54 and the downturn of the world.
18:56 But they want to see Jesus return.
18:58 But He made it very perfectly clear,
19:00 it's not until He says, this gospel will be preached
19:04 in all the nations then the end will come.
19:07 So we are still, we praise the Lord
19:11 for the modern technology that we have to reach people
19:15 but we still need to get more foot soldiers
19:18 on the ground as you said.
19:20 So how some of the practicals ways
19:22 that we can get people involved in doing this?
19:27 Well, go ahead and say. I am exploding.
19:29 We've been talking a lot about going overseas
19:33 but I think the point when you said lot of people
19:36 are unable to go overseas and taking it down
19:39 to the very practical, I am here in whatever city
19:44 that I am asking the Lord, what can I do
19:48 I have neighbors all around me.
19:50 I work with people that don't know
19:53 about Jesus, hearding people.
19:55 Everywhere I go, I go to the grocery store
19:58 and I see people that are herding.
20:00 Lord, how can I reach the people
20:02 around me, reach their needs?
20:04 So I think it even comes down just to the--
20:07 to your everyday life of having
20:10 your everyday life being a mission for.
20:15 I am a missionary what will I live
20:17 and it impacting your community.
20:19 And you know, I have to just say one thing here.
20:23 I believe very strongly that if you pray for divine appointment
20:27 God is going to give you-- now give you one.
20:29 Some of us are-- I am a little bit intimated
20:32 about just violating someone else's personal space.
20:36 But when I pray for divine appointment,
20:38 the Lord always opens up the way.
20:41 And there are times that He just puts the holy bonus on me,
20:44 I will be in line somewhere
20:46 and He will say, Pray for that person.
20:48 And you go up to him and you think, okay,
20:50 Lord, I trust this as you're speaking.
20:52 You go up to him and say, you know,
20:53 I really feel impress the Lord, is there anything that
20:56 I might pray for you about?
20:58 And people will but also as you pray for diving appointments
21:01 I've had people come up to me and just say,
21:04 you know, if you got that missionary minds,
21:06 I've had people come up to me and say
21:09 there's something different about you,
21:11 you tell me about it or I believe you are a Christian,
21:13 can you tell me answer to such and such.
21:15 God opens the way, doesn't' He? Praise the Lord. He does.
21:18 And I think even, you know,
21:19 we think about being a missionary it's always
21:22 right away I've got to tell them about Jesus.
21:24 But I think its starts out with
21:26 a relationship, a friendship first.
21:29 I'll never forget when we were living
21:32 in Palau, it's in Micronesia.
21:34 I was--I always go to the same stores
21:37 and there's this, usually the same checkout lady.
21:40 It was only two stores.
21:42 So I was building relationship with her
21:43 and one day I asked her, what are you plans?
21:49 You know, what-- why do you work here?
21:51 Where do you--you know that kind of thing.
21:53 And she started to open up a little bit and as we had
21:56 our conversation she told me about her dreams
21:58 and what she wanted to do and I encouraged her.
22:02 And I didn't think about that little conversation we had.
22:05 But at the end she said, thank you,
22:07 so much for asking about me.
22:10 I could tell, you know, she goes there every day
22:13 and interacts with people but no one making that next step
22:17 to be really interested in who that person is.
22:20 So it's taking that, observing and taking that next step.
22:24 Oh, and how we all need to be more interested
22:28 in the other person and you know,
22:30 our lives are so frantic that the pace of life
22:34 has accelerated it seems to me so much that sometimes,
22:39 you know, I always try to be mindful
22:41 when I jumping out of the car, not to just put on
22:44 a Christian face but to really have that--
22:50 be approachable and to be interested
22:52 in other people because it's so easy.
22:54 Sometimes that you got two minutes to run
22:56 into a store and out and it's easy to rush in and rush out
23:01 and ignore somebody whose heart's breaking.
23:04 Jesus wants us to get the job done.
23:06 That's so we come back to after we talked about all this.
23:09 I mean He is passionate about us going whether
23:13 it's your neighborhood, whether it's overseas.
23:16 God has a different call for every one of us.
23:18 Not everybody suppose to get up,
23:19 run overseas but the point is, go make disciples.
23:25 I want to wrap up with something that I feel
23:29 is very significant from the Old Testament to us today.
23:33 When the Israelites were asked to go conquer Canaan
23:36 in Joshua 1:3, Jesus, which we believe
23:43 the Son of God was the one that came and talk to Joshua
23:46 and commission him Himself, you know, before.
23:50 And it says in verse 3, "Every place that
23:52 the sole of your foot shall tread upon,
23:55 I have given you as I said to Moses."
23:58 Amen. All right.
23:59 He gave him unrestricted,
24:00 you go into Canaan, you get this job done.
24:03 You conquer the land.
24:04 And we also know that from this that every place
24:07 that the sole of your foot, that means if you don't go
24:10 all the way it's not given to you.
24:12 It's only as your advancing, okay.
24:14 That's good. Now it's perfect because
24:16 then you find in Judges Chapter 1,
24:18 I have a heading in Judges 1:27.
24:22 And my heading above it says,
24:23 "Incomplete conquest of the land." Amen.
24:26 And then it goes on to tell how Manasseh
24:29 did not drive out the inhabitance.
24:30 In verse 29, Ephraim didn't drive out
24:33 nor did Zebulun, verse 30.
24:34 verse 31, Asher didn't drive them out.
24:36 Verse 32, Naphtali, it goes down telling
24:38 the tribes didn't do what God had asked then to do.
24:42 Now I want to read you something.
24:44 This is from Testimonies from a Christian writer, Ellen White.
24:47 She said, "When the Israelites entered Canaan,
24:51 they did not fulfill God's purpose
24:52 by taking possession of the whole land.
24:55 After making a partial conquest,
24:58 they settled down to enjoy the fruit of their victories.
25:02 In their unbelief and love of ease,
25:04 they congregated in the portions already conquered
25:08 instead of pushing forward to occupy new territory.
25:12 Thus they began to depart from God.
25:14 By their failure to carry out His purpose,
25:17 they made it impossible for Him
25:19 to fulfill to them His promise of blessing."
25:21 But then she says this
25:23 "Is not the church of today doing the same thing?
25:27 With the whole world before them in need of the gospel,
25:30 professed Christians congregate where they
25:32 themselves can enjoy gospel privileges.
25:34 They do not feel the necessity of occupying new territory,
25:37 carrying the message of salvation to the regions beyond.
25:41 They refuse to fulfill Christ's commission,
25:43 Go into all the world."
25:45 That is so true and such a sad state of affairs
25:48 but often you'll go into a church where you find
25:52 it has had so little growth and they are just
25:55 quite content to stay like they are.
25:59 And if a church isn't growing it's dying.
26:02 You know, it's just nothing more really than a country club,
26:05 an association, a group of fellowship.
26:08 So it's such an important thing to do and I thank you,
26:12 that you've come to make us aware of this
26:15 and to kind of stir the waters up a little bit
26:18 and make each one of us need to pray to become involved.
26:23 Now were you in missionary work before
26:27 you met your husband Ken, Julie, or?
26:29 No, I-- So you met and went into mission.
26:32 But I married her because she told me when we met,
26:34 she want to be a missionary.
26:35 So I said, oh, that's it. All right.
26:37 That's not the only reason you married her.
26:39 Oh no. No. But it was great.
26:42 Thank you so much for being here today, Julie and Ken.
26:46 Thanks. And you will come back.
26:48 Yes. All right.
26:49 You know for those of you at home what we were talking about
26:53 today is the condition of the world
26:56 and the unfinished business, God's unfinished business.
27:01 And He chooses to do it through us.
27:03 So the Lord is calling each and every one of us.
27:06 And if only, it doesn't matter
27:07 if you live in the Unites States where only 17% are actually
27:11 attending church or if you live in England
27:15 or probably even fewer it doesn't matter
27:18 where you live around the world.
27:20 God wants you to share the good news, to be a light.
27:25 Don't hide your light under a bush.
27:28 If you have personal relationship with Jesus
27:31 and you know Him, go out and share Him today.
27:36 Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus,
27:39 the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and the love of God
27:43 be with you today and always.
27:45 And may you go out in all authority
27:49 and tell someone what Jesus has done for you.


Revised 2014-12-17