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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and you know
00:32 this is a day that I'm filled with joy because
00:35 we have such a special guest with us.
00:37 I want to take just a moment,
00:38 read you a scripture, then I'll introduce him.
00:40 Today we are going to talk about Rich Rejoicing.
00:44 And when you see who is with us,
00:46 you will understand why he is qualified to talk about this.
00:50 I wanted to share a scripture with you though,
00:53 that comes from Zephaniah 3:17 and when we think of rejoicing,
00:57 you know the Bible says rejoice in the Lord always.
01:01 Let the joy of the Lord be your strength
01:05 but here in Zephaniah 3:17
01:08 it talks about the Lord's rejoicing.
01:11 Here's what the Bible says,
01:13 "The Lord your God in your midst,
01:16 the mighty one who will save, he will rejoice over you
01:20 with gladness, he will quiet you with his love,
01:24 he will rejoice over you with singing."
01:27 Do you ever stop to think about God like that?
01:30 God your Father, is up there in heaven,
01:33 and when you accept His Son as your Savior,
01:36 when you turn to Him and look to Him to be your strength,
01:40 God is rejoicing over you with singing,
01:43 that's an exciting thing.
01:45 Well without further adieu, let please allow me to introduce
01:49 our special guest to you today and we have returning
01:53 Pastor Philip Dunham from Salem, Oregon
01:57 and he was a conference president
01:59 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for 40 years.
02:02 18 years in retirement but let me tell you
02:05 he didn't slow down in retirement because
02:07 the Bible really doesn't talk about retirement.
02:09 So he had 14 interim pastorates in that time.
02:13 He also does camp meetings,
02:14 retreats, going to revival series.
02:17 And he also has written two books,
02:20 one called True Salvation, the other Blinded by the Light.
02:24 Help me to welcome Pastor Philip Dunham,
02:27 Pastor Phil, so glad to have you back here again.
02:30 Shelley, it's such a privilege to be here.
02:32 We look at you people on television
02:35 and it's so nice to be able to meet you in person.
02:38 Oh, well, its lovely to meet you my brother
02:41 and I wish that Evelyn could have joined you today,
02:44 but since she is not able to be here we'll just,
02:47 why don't you just look right
02:48 into that camera and say hi to her.
02:51 Hi Evelyn, sweet heart, I love you.
02:55 Well, said, how many years?
02:57 We have been in-- in June 6th we will have been married 60 years.
03:02 Isn't that amazing glory to God?
03:04 So I tell her that she will receive her reward for that.
03:09 She has got her special stars in her career? Yes.
03:12 What we are going to be talking today about a beautiful secret
03:17 that should be in every Christian life
03:20 and it's sad that it's a secret
03:22 but some people don't seem to know why do you feel
03:25 it is so important for us to understand that
03:29 a Christian's heart should be filled with joy and rejoicing.
03:33 The greatest problem in the Christian life
03:36 is in trying, not trusting. Yes.
03:42 And the greatest secret of the Christian life
03:45 is in trusting, not trying.
03:49 Shelley, one time in Southeastern California,
03:54 I was driving into Glendale for a meeting
03:57 and I came off the freeway and you drove up to a place
04:02 where there was a church right across the street
04:05 where you turn and they had a signboard out in front.
04:09 And it was a beautiful saying,
04:15 "When I try I fail,
04:19 when I trust He succeeds."
04:24 That has impacted my life and I have shared that
04:28 so many times with people.
04:30 When I try I fail, when I trust he succeeds.
04:37 And you know, the way I explain it,
04:40 this is a little illustration if you will that the Lord gave me.
04:46 If we try to do something in our human strength we have--
04:50 it would be like the strength of a little tiny sugar ant.
04:54 You know the kind that are always around at the picnics
04:56 and all and compared to God if you would see a huge elephant,
05:02 millions of times larger than this little ant.
05:05 We can either be trying in our limited human strength
05:09 or trusting in His power, knowing that His strength
05:12 made perfect in our weakness
05:13 and when we finally get yoked with Christ.
05:18 What I see is this elephant and the yoke
05:21 and this little ant carrying us around and He leads us
05:26 in this path of righteousness.
05:28 He leads us in this perfect way where we find joy
05:32 in His presence for ever more.
05:34 And I ask Christians sometime,
05:38 how is your walk with the Lord?
05:40 And they say, well, kind off you know,
05:44 they grit their teeth and well I'm really trying.
05:48 You know what? I'm not sure that their walk is that great.
05:52 You know why? Because we never try hard enough.
05:57 We never try long enough.
06:01 You can just know that things aren't that great
06:04 and you can tell by your conversation with the person,
06:07 you can see it in their face
06:09 whether they are trying or trusting.
06:13 And you know, I know this
06:14 about you Pastor Phil, we are not saying
06:17 and you are not saying that we are not to make
06:19 an effort, I mean-- Oh, no.
06:21 Because the Bible is full of instruction
06:23 about make every effort.
06:25 But what we are saying today
06:27 is not to do this in your own strength.
06:30 You got to put on Christ Jesus and let Him be working
06:36 in you to will and to act according to His good pleasure.
06:39 Yes, and this is what I am saying.
06:41 When we lived in Hawaii, we had ten banana plants in our yard.
06:48 It was so much fun to watch them grow and to pick them.
06:52 And one time on one branch we had over 200 bananas. Mercy.
06:56 How do you eat 200 bananas and--
07:00 but I never heard of banana plant
07:03 in the night or day straining to grow to produce bananas.
07:11 They just produce bananas because they were banana plants.
07:17 So a trusting Christian, trusting in the
07:20 Lord Jesus Christ believing with Him, walking with Him.
07:25 Filled with the spirit.
07:26 Filled with the spirit, just bears fruit.
07:31 And the fruit of the spirit is love,
07:33 joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness
07:35 and gentleness, humility and soft control so on.
07:38 Amen, all of those and when He is living in me,
07:43 He bears the fruit and He is the one
07:46 that does the fruit bearing.
07:49 You know, you have a saying that kind of intrigued me,
07:51 because you've said you like to talk about
07:53 dressing for success and I think it comes
07:56 from where, Matthew 22. Matthew 22.
07:58 Why don't we turn there, why don't you join us,
08:01 audience and turn to Matthew 22 and let's talk about this.
08:05 My poor Bible is in so many sections now,
08:09 that it's getting difficult for me to find things.
08:13 You may need a new Bible so.
08:15 I have several and I just can't--
08:17 I can't make this rich. Okay.
08:20 Jesus was talking here in a parable.
08:24 He said in Matthew 22:2, "The kingdom of heaven is like a
08:29 certain king who arranged a marriage for his son."
08:33 And then the parable goes on to tell about all the people
08:37 who were invited and then in verse 11 it says,
08:42 "But when the king came in to see the guests,
08:46 he saw man there who did not have on a wedding garment."
08:52 This is an interesting custom of that time
08:55 and in the parable the king supplies the dress
09:00 that would make the people acceptable
09:03 in the sight of the king. At this big weeding banquet.
09:07 At this big weeding banquet, but one man didn't receive
09:13 the garment that God gave to him.
09:16 He was offered the garment--
09:18 the king offered him the garment, he refused it.
09:20 Yes. Okay.
09:21 And then in verse 12, So he said to him,
09:24 "The king said to him, 'Friend, how did you come
09:28 in here without a wedding garment?'
09:31 and He was speechless, Then the king said
09:34 to the servants, 'Bind him hand and foot,
09:37 take him away, and cast him into
09:39 the outer darkness there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,
09:43 For many are called, but few are chosen.'"
09:47 He came in his own garments.
09:52 So when Jesus told this parable about this man.
09:57 How do we make that spiritual application?
09:59 There may be some today that are watching
10:01 who have never heard this parable
10:04 and they will say so what?
10:06 A man showed up without putting on the garment
10:09 the king offered and he got kicked out.
10:12 What is Jesus referring to here?
10:15 He is referring to the fact that in order to be
10:19 at the weeding feast in the kingdom of heaven,
10:22 we must receive the garment that He provide
10:26 which is the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
10:30 The perfection of Jesus Christ, the sinlessness of Jesus Christ,
10:37 He perfectly pleased the Father.
10:40 This is the robe, this is the gift that God
10:45 wants to cloth us with, so that we will be dressed for success.
10:51 And He is inviting all if you look in this parable,
10:54 people from all different backgrounds
10:56 and they are same-- the spiritual application
10:59 is God invites all men to be saved. Amen.
11:02 And he is offering them this weeding garment. Yes.
11:08 But some people are refusing to put in on. Yes.
11:11 And the garment is to make them appear acceptable
11:14 to the king and it's something that the king provides.
11:18 Back in Genesis, Shelley, when Adam and Eve sinned,
11:25 then they realize that they were naked
11:29 and their attempt to make themselves appear acceptable
11:37 was to make a garment of fig leaves
11:41 and I have often wondered, you know,
11:45 what would a man of 14 foot tall possibly man,
11:49 appear like in fig leaves. That's quite a picture.
11:53 I think the Bible calls it a little apron,
11:54 so they kind of had a bikini of the fig leaves, didn't they?
11:57 Anyway of something they provided
11:59 for themselves, but in Genesis 3:21
12:06 we have something beautiful.
12:11 Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God
12:17 made tunics of skin, and clothed them.
12:22 Tunic is a long quote.
12:24 The fig leaf syndrome wasn't going to cut it.
12:29 That was their idea.
12:31 God's idea was something that He made for them
12:34 and it took the life evidently of some animal for Him
12:38 to have the skin to cloth them, but the clothing was God's idea.
12:44 And that is really important to me. Amen.
12:48 And there is a text in Zechariah because I want us to get
12:52 a feel that God is always going around covering this up.
12:58 And in Zechariah 3, there is a passage
13:03 from verses 1 to 5.
13:06 "Then he showed me Joshua the high priest
13:09 standing before the angel of the Lord,
13:12 and Satan standing at his right hand to oppose him.
13:16 And the Lord said to Satan, "The Lord rebuke you, Satan!
13:21 The Lord, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you!
13:25 Is this not a brand pluck from the fire.
13:29 Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments
13:34 and was standing before the angel."
13:36 And this is Joshua the high priest?
13:38 He was and even the high priest was clothed in filthy garments.
13:43 Every thing we do is tinged with self.
13:47 Then he answered in verse 4 and spoke to those
13:50 who stood before him saying take away the filthy garments
13:55 from him And to him He said,
13:57 "See, I have removed your iniquity from you,
14:02 and I will clothe you with rich robes."
14:06 And I said, "Let them put a clean turban on his head."
14:11 So they put a clean turban on his head,
14:14 and they put the clothes on him.
14:17 And the Angel of the Lord stood by."
14:20 A beautiful picture again, Shelley,
14:23 God clothing Joshua the high priest,
14:27 a figure of his clothing every sinner who comes to him
14:33 in his own garments, our own treads,
14:37 our own filthy rags of righteousness
14:40 and God wants to cloth us like He did to the prodigal son.
14:47 The son came to him in his pigpen garments dirty,
14:54 ragged and the very first thing that the father did
14:59 was to take his royal robe took it off and covered up the son.
15:06 Why? Because he didn't want the others to see him
15:12 appearing as he really was, in his pigpen garments.
15:17 He wanted him to appear just right
15:19 and he gave him his own royal robe.
15:23 And all through scripture God is going around covering this up
15:29 with a precious royal robe
15:32 of the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
15:35 Amen, you know, a lot is said about that
15:37 in the Old Testament as well as the New.
15:40 So dressing for success then as Paul put it,
15:43 he said to put off that form away,
15:46 put off that old self and put on Christ Jesus
15:51 in 1 Corinthians 1:30 he said that because of God
15:55 we're in Christ who has become,
15:58 Jesus has become our wisdom from God,
16:00 our righteousness, our sanctification
16:03 and our redemption. All of that.
16:05 So then that setting us up to say,
16:09 is this a true statement, true or false?
16:12 The only righteousness that there is,
16:15 is righteousness by faith?
16:17 Amen, it is so true.
16:20 See only because we don't have anything righteous to offer Him.
16:24 We can't make ourselves righteous
16:28 and so we have to trust in His
16:32 and that's a beautiful gift that He gives us.
16:35 So then the joy of rejoicing is when you accept this
16:41 through your salvation, this assurance of salvation
16:45 and when you recognize that you know
16:48 Paul had so much to say in Romans 7,
16:51 when he would say, you know,
16:53 ah what I want to do I don't do and what I should--
16:56 you know what I do not want to do, then I do.
17:00 But he says in Romans 8:1 though,
17:03 when he's saying he ends up saying,
17:06 "Who will deliver me from this."
17:09 When he is talking in Romans 7 that's a last verse of Romans 7
17:12 but then he says there-- thank God He will
17:15 because there is now, therefore no condemnation
17:19 for those who are in Christ Jesus. Yes.
17:21 That's where the rejoicing comes.
17:23 That's where the rejoicing comes.
17:25 Do you know when we apply the text that we talked about
17:30 in the previous time, that if we confess our sins,
17:34 he is faithful and just to-- Cleanse us of our sin.
17:38 Still forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us
17:40 from all unrighteousness if you are cleansed from
17:45 all unrighteousness, how clean are you?
17:48 Ha-ha, that's good.
17:49 You know, there is something that I say,
17:52 and it's hard for me to say, I'm as clean as Christ.
17:57 Who that is?
17:58 If I am cleansed from all unrighteousness,
18:02 I'm as clean as Christ.
18:06 You know, someone out here is gonna
18:07 probably take issue with that, but here is what I would say,
18:11 what you are saying lines up with the testimony of the Bible
18:16 and that actually is-- it may sound like if--
18:20 if someone says, I'm as clean as Christ,
18:22 that may sound like they are exalting themselves.
18:24 But actually that's a statement of humility because as you said,
18:28 it's very difficult to say that but you are saying
18:34 Lord I agree with what You say about me.
18:37 So that shows you exalt God's word
18:40 in His opinion over your own.
18:42 And I never go around and say,
18:44 I'm as clean as Jesus, I don't do that.
18:50 But it's a fact when I accept His life,
18:54 His sinlessness, His righteousness,
18:58 His holiness and then at that point,
19:02 God looks at me as He does to His Son.
19:06 Isn't that amazing? It is so beautiful.
19:08 Now, when we are talking about the joy of rejoicing.
19:14 And I think that you say it rich rejoicing.
19:18 This rich rejoicing begins when you have
19:23 this spiritual burden of guilt that is cut off from you
19:29 as you come to the foot of the cross
19:31 and lay down this burden of guilt.
19:34 When you recognize that you can take Jesus' yoke upon you
19:38 and in doing so, you are going to be yoked with Him.
19:43 And He says, My burden is light
19:46 so He is basically carrying most of the burden.
19:48 So, it's when God cut you free, Psalm 129:4,
19:52 God cut you free from the cord that is binding you,
19:56 that old burden of guilt that's when
19:59 the rejoicing begins, isn't it?
20:02 So many people have read Pilgrim's Progress
20:06 and I love it even it says, I saw in my dream Christian
20:12 walking briskly up a highway
20:14 fenced on both sides with a high wall.
20:18 He began to run, through he could not run fast
20:22 because of the load on his back.
20:26 On top of the hill, he came to a cross.
20:30 And just as he got to the cross, his burden became loose,
20:36 dropped from his shoulders, and went tumbling down the hill.
20:43 It fell into an open grave, and I saw it no more."
20:48 Glory to God. There is something that
20:49 we need to remember.
20:51 He had already accepted Christ,
20:53 he had already started on the way to the kingdom,
20:56 but he had load on his back.
20:59 What was the load? Guilt and condemnation.
21:03 Guilt and condemnation and may be the load
21:05 of trying to do it himself, trying to make himself
21:11 all that he should be, but when he came up
21:14 to the cross, the load fell off his back.
21:19 Martin Luther said, "When I look at myself,
21:25 I don't see how I can be saved,
21:27 when I look at Jesus I don't see how I can be lost."
21:31 Isn't that beautiful?
21:32 And so the focus is upon Jesus
21:35 and that's where the load tumbles off the back.
21:39 It reminds me when Paul was quoting Jesus
21:42 in 2 Corinthians 12:9 and Jesus had told Paul,
21:46 "My grace is sufficient for you,
21:48 for my power is made perfect in your weakness."
21:52 When we get to-- you know, and Paul,
21:54 his rejoicing was he says, I will therefore
21:56 gladly confess my weaknesses before the Lord
21:59 because when I'm am weak, then I am strong
22:03 and you know we all confess our weakness
22:06 and some of us feel like it's a negative confession,
22:09 but if we just go before the Lord,
22:11 it's actually something that He wants us to do,
22:14 to learn to lean on Him.
22:16 Shelley, in our conversation about these beautiful things
22:21 that make our hearts rejoice.
22:23 I want to just be careful as you have been careful.
22:29 Righteous living is the result of righteousness by faith.
22:35 Amen, I'm so glad you brought that.
22:37 Righteous living is the fruit of righteousness.
22:43 Righteous living is what a person does
22:46 when he receives the gift of salvation. Amen.
22:49 Sanctification follows justification and if it doesn't,
22:55 there hasn't been any justification.
22:58 You know, I'm so glad you brought that up,
23:00 because we always want to keep this balanced
23:01 and we are telling one part of the glorious truth
23:04 and this is the second half of that glorious truth
23:06 is as John wrote in 1 John 3:7.
23:09 It says, "Do not be deceived,
23:13 he who practices righteousness is righteous."
23:18 So it's when we've got Christ in us,
23:21 our hope of glory when the Holy Spirit is working in us,
23:24 that power--all power is at work within us.
23:28 He is the one who enables us to walk this path of life. Amen.
23:35 So we must remember I believe,
23:38 the believer does not live righteously
23:42 in order to become righteous, He becomes righteous by faith
23:48 in the righteousness of Christ and then the power of God
23:53 through the Holy Spirit makes the righteous living happen.
23:58 Absolutely, absolutely.
24:00 So important for us to understand.
24:04 Well, we have just a few moments left.
24:06 Why don't you share some of the precious promises
24:09 of the present assurance of salvation
24:12 and the reason the cause for our rejoicing.
24:17 Let me share a real inspired writer,
24:24 "Each one of you may know for yourself
24:27 that you have a living Savior,
24:29 that he is your helper and your God.
24:33 You need not stand where you say,
24:36 'I don't know whether I am saved.'
24:39 Do you believe in Christ as your personal Savior?
24:43 If you do, then rejoice."
24:48 And another statement, "If you are right
24:51 with God today, you are ready
24:55 if Christ should come today." Amen.
24:59 This is so important because life is very uncertain.
25:04 Four years ago I walked three miles a day,
25:08 five days a week, done it for many years,
25:11 and I was walking across a main street in Salem.
25:15 I was in the walk lines, Shelley,
25:18 I want you to know that, it said for me to walk,
25:22 you didn't know that I was doing it just right.
25:26 And about half way across the street,
25:30 I saw a car coming and I said well,
25:33 they see me I'm right here in so they will--
25:37 they will stop but she didn't see me. Oh, mercy.
25:42 And the next thing I knew I was up on the hood,
25:46 had hit my head on the windshield.
25:48 The lady braked very hard,
25:50 and dumped me off on my back on the wet pavement.
25:55 I was taken to the emergency room in the hospital.
25:58 All kinds of tests, everything was fine.
26:03 I went home, throw away my torn jeans,
26:07 took a shower, dressed and went downtown
26:10 and did errands for couple of hours.
26:13 But that could have been so easily
26:16 the last experience of my life.
26:19 That's incredible that you live through that
26:21 without any injury and it could have been the end.
26:25 But we never know, the time that we have.
26:30 You know, let me ask you this question
26:33 because we are almost out of time. All right.
26:35 And that's so sad, but the inspired writer
26:37 you are speaking off is Ellen White,
26:39 those are both comments from her.
26:41 Didn't she also say something,
26:43 I'm paraphrasing but you can correct me.
26:45 But didn't she also say that if you do not have
26:49 assurance of salvation then you need to be born again?
26:52 Yes, she did and that is-- you know,
26:55 that's pretty, pretty stark statement.
26:59 And it's a beautiful statement,
27:00 I don't know that we can find the reference but,
27:03 I would be happy to supply that to you later.
27:06 You know, I can't believe Pastor Phil,
27:08 how quickly the time passes when you are here,
27:11 but that's because you are a man of rejoicing
27:13 and you make my heart rejoice to just,
27:15 because you share the Lord so well. Praise God.
27:18 Thank you so much for being here.
27:19 It is a privilege, Shelley. Amen.
27:22 You know for those of you at home,
27:24 I hope that you know, Romans 15:13
27:28 God talks about the God of all peace
27:31 who will fill you to over flowing with hope,
27:35 eager expectation by the power of His Holy Spirit.
27:39 I pray that you will turn to the word of God
27:42 and find your reasons for rejoicing today.
27:45 There are so many promises that God wants you to know
27:49 that you can rejoice in the Lord always. Again I'd say Rejoice.


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