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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:31 and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:34 Today our issue is going to be women's fears.
00:37 But men don't tune out
00:38 because you've all got women in your life
00:41 and there're certain fears that are common among many women
00:45 and you may want to know how to give a word to the weary,
00:48 to give them some really sound scriptural advice.
00:52 Let me share a scripture with you
00:53 that applies to all of us and it comes from Isaiah 43.
00:57 I'm going to begin with verse 1
00:59 and one of my favorite passages of scriptures.
01:02 And this is the Lord speaking.
01:03 He says "Fear not, for I have redeemed you,
01:07 I have called you by your name, you are mine.
01:12 When you pass through the waters,
01:13 I will be with you, and through the rivers,
01:15 they will not overwhelm you,
01:17 when you walk through the fire
01:19 you will not be burned or scorched
01:20 nor with the flame kindle up on you,
01:23 for I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel."
01:27 God doesn't want us to live in fear.
01:29 He wants us to know that we're precious in His sight.
01:32 He did not give us the spirit of fear
01:34 but a spirit of love and power and self discipline.
01:38 And here today to talk to us
01:39 about women's issues is Derry James.
01:43 And Derry is a, has a doctorate in divinity
01:47 and you also specialize in Christian counseling.
01:50 You're the chaplain for the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
01:54 in Grass Valley, California.
01:56 You got this time, Shelley. I got it.
01:58 I always say grass something else.
02:00 I knew you do. I never--
02:02 but anyway, Derry, welcome back.
02:04 We're so glad that you could come back with us again.
02:06 Thank you, it's good to be here.
02:08 It's always good to come home to some of the friends
02:11 that I don't get to see all the time
02:12 and enjoy everybody's company.
02:14 I'm glad that you could call it home.
02:16 That's good that you feel at home here
02:18 because we feel like you're part of the 3ABN family.
02:21 You know, I want to encourage our viewers--
02:23 we're going to be talking about--
02:25 since we can't go into an in depth presentation
02:29 on fear, woman's fears
02:31 we're going to kind of group them
02:32 into several different areas or categories.
02:37 And I want to encourage you to get a pen and paper
02:41 because Derry is going to give you some scriptures promises
02:44 that have to do with each one of these categories of fear.
02:48 So Derry, with no further ado let me turn this over to you.
02:51 Okay.
02:52 Well, let me tell you a precipitated
02:55 this whole presentation as we talked about
02:58 and decided that this was something
02:59 we want to talk about.
03:01 And that's the women of all ages that come to me
03:05 that particularly are fearful of being alone at night.
03:10 I'm amazed at how many women
03:13 are frightened with that.
03:15 And that was catalyst that started this whole thing
03:18 going as began listening for other fears
03:22 that women have in common.
03:23 So I have grouped them together.
03:25 Let me just give you the group to start
03:26 with then we'll go back
03:27 and we'll talk about them a little more, okay.
03:29 So in our first group
03:30 we're going to talk about physical safety.
03:32 And under that that's the possibility
03:35 for women of abuse or rape,
03:37 the fear of being alone at night
03:38 or even having vehicle problems
03:40 particularly in night and getting stranded.
03:43 And we could add a lot of other things to it.
03:44 So we're just, we're highlighting, okay. Okay.
03:47 And then the second group
03:48 we're going to talk about security,
03:50 financial job security or provisions
03:52 like housing, food, utilities, healthcare
03:56 and also being taken advantage off.
03:58 Like if a woman needs a car repair or house repairs
04:01 and that kind of things.
04:03 So being taken advantage of.
04:05 And our third group being isolated,
04:07 that's having a desire for friends
04:10 but being alone, stand single
04:12 and wanting a companion and then not being fooled
04:16 or coerced into a new relationship.
04:19 Lot of women are really--
04:21 that is something people talk about a lot.
04:22 So you have the fear of being alone
04:24 and not having a companion
04:26 but then you have the fear of getting the wrong companion,
04:29 and being fooled.
04:31 Okay and not being loved your lovable
04:34 and then if there is single parent
04:36 attempting to be both mom and dad to their children.
04:39 And then the fourth group
04:41 is developing addictive behaviors or health issues
04:45 and doing that just to numb the pain of life
04:49 or fighting illness or life threatening diseases
04:51 and then they're giving up.
04:52 I can't just do this anymore.
04:54 So those are the categories
04:56 we're going to take in my main purpose today Shelley,
04:59 is may be this show to share a few stories
05:03 where I've been in similar situations
05:05 and how God has kept His word,
05:07 filled His promise and how God has blessed me
05:11 but also particularly to give our viewers some Bible promises
05:17 that when they're going through any of these things
05:20 they can turn to personalized scripture
05:23 present to God and claim for fulfillment. Amen.
05:26 So in our first group which is physical safety
05:30 and that's the possibility of abuse or rape or fear
05:33 of being alone at night and vehicle problems and so on
05:36 these are the texts that I would like to share. Okay
05:39 Psalms 34:7, I hope you got your pencil and paper
05:43 and you'll write these down.
05:44 And some of these texts will be on the screen
05:46 for you but no tall of them.
05:48 So listen carefully, please.
05:50 Psalms 34:7, "The angel of the Lord encampeth
05:54 round about them that fear him, and delivereth them."
05:57 Now that takes care of us pretty much wherever we are.
06:00 Deuteronomy 31:6, 8 says,
06:06 "I will never leave you or forsake you."
06:11 And I think the graphical will probably be up for that one
06:14 because that is a powerful promise.
06:16 Psalms 4:8, and ladies,
06:19 if you're fearful of being alone at night they're two--
06:22 these next two are especially for you.
06:24 And I can remember the time that Shelley,
06:28 I was afraid to go at sleep at night.
06:30 And this is when I had children at home
06:32 and when I was married and my husband was gone.
06:35 Terrible of fear you've even opening the backdoor
06:38 and going out and to the night
06:40 to take care of anything on the deck.
06:42 And as I came before God and said,
06:45 you know, fear is not of you.
06:47 I don't need this.
06:49 You know and came against it in the name of Jesus.
06:51 And the Lord removed that fear from me
06:54 and then clung to these promises.
06:57 I'm by myself now.
06:58 When I hear a noise outside
06:59 and this is the promise that I cling to.
07:01 And it is Psalms 4:8.
07:03 "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone,
07:08 O Lord, make me dwell in safety."
07:11 And likewise in Job 11:18, 19 it says,
07:15 "You will be secure, because there is hope,
07:18 you will look about you and take your rest in safety.
07:22 You will lie down, and no one will make you afraid."
07:26 You know, sometimes I just post Jesus at the door.
07:28 I say, You're at the door
07:29 and no one can enter except through You.
07:31 And this is Your home I need to sleep.
07:33 You promised to encampeth your angels around about me
07:36 and I'm going to sleep now, Lord.
07:37 Amen. You know, that's something
07:40 that I don't think I have ever been a very fearful person
07:44 that may have something to do I don't know.
07:46 And the fact that I'm 6 feet tall.
07:49 That could possibly have something
07:51 may be the smaller you are
07:52 but then I've just lived alone a great deal of my life
07:58 and was very adventurous and going out.
08:00 So it is lovely though to know
08:04 that you had the presence of the Lord with you.
08:06 My sister to just recently was taking a bus trip
08:10 and got to a bus station
08:12 and when she got there it was gonna be a five hour layover
08:15 and the bus station was gonna close
08:16 and just post them outside.
08:18 And there were two men from prison
08:21 that had just been released.
08:22 And she is all fearful and she called me and I said,
08:25 you know, I was claiming some of these promises
08:27 over her and others.
08:29 And said, I know God is going to take care of you.
08:31 And then she called me back few hours later
08:34 and said the Lord sent a soldier
08:37 who was a Christian and she said
08:39 they had a marvelous time
08:40 just talking about the Lord all the time.
08:42 So God she said, and it was that as soon as
08:45 you hung up praying assuring me
08:48 how God was gonna make provision that here He came.
08:51 And I do believe that God puts in our life's to help us
08:55 not be so fearful sometimes.
08:57 Well, there are sometimes that we have life experiences
09:00 that put us into the spirit of fear.
09:04 I have had my home not where I'm right now
09:07 but I've had a couple of times
09:08 people have tried to break into my home.
09:10 Yeah, I've had that.
09:11 So, you know, that just kind of threatens
09:12 your security a little bit
09:14 but those were also the times
09:16 that I wasn't claiming the promises for peaces
09:20 I went to sleep either.
09:22 So there is, there is a peace, there is security
09:26 and trusting our evening with the Lord
09:30 and starting it that way before something happens
09:32 just asking God to take charge of it.
09:35 And you know I just make a one point here.
09:37 We're not glossing over.
09:38 Some people live in fear
09:40 because there are in very fearful situations
09:42 if they're being physically abused.
09:45 And sometimes it takes more than
09:47 just claiming the promises of God.
09:50 If you're an abusive situation
09:53 you should seek help and seek help and seek a way of escape.
09:57 Because that's not something
09:58 that we just claim promises
10:00 and I mean God gives us common sense
10:03 and He gives us away out of these situations as well.
10:05 Exactly and thank you I was just about to bring
10:08 that out but you and I think on the same track.
10:10 I know we--
10:11 So if one doesn't cover the other will.
10:13 So that's perfect way,
10:14 absolutely don't want anyone jeopardize their life.
10:16 All right. And there are situations
10:18 where people should have left a long time ago
10:20 because their life is being threatened, absolutely.
10:24 Okay shall we go onto the second group?
10:25 Sure. All right.
10:27 So the second group is about security
10:29 and that's financial security, job security, provisions,
10:33 house food, utilities, healthcare or being taken
10:35 advantage of when you get any car or house repair done.
10:39 Particularly for a woman its like,
10:41 sometimes you feel like you're just easy target.
10:44 You don't know the right questions to ask.
10:46 And you obviously walk in and they got you pegged.
10:51 She doesn't know a lot about this
10:52 so where can we get away with.
10:54 So there are some, there are some good promises for that.
10:58 But I would like to just a share a little bit.
11:01 Let's do with financial and job security.
11:04 When I first went through my divorce
11:08 which you know saddens me that I have to even say
11:10 because that isn't God's perfect plan for us.
11:14 But when I did God already knew what was going on
11:18 and God had provided me the opportunity
11:21 to get through school and set me in a position,
11:25 you know where I would have a job to take care of myself.
11:28 And I don't know that would have not have happened
11:31 if I had not been already tuned in to spending time with God
11:38 and listening for His direction.
11:41 Because you were married and had number of boys.
11:44 Yeah, absolutely.
11:45 And the Lord just really impressed
11:48 you to go back to school
11:49 and of all things you were too excited
11:52 when the Lord first told you that you--
11:54 He wanted you to be a chaplain.
11:56 Well, the chaplain part was fine though
11:58 but to going back to school is the thing I bought at
12:00 and to start with wherever I go.
12:02 Why am I going back to school now?
12:03 You know I why do I need to do this?
12:07 But it's as we spend time with God,
12:11 as we're willing to listen to His voice
12:14 and whether what He says to us
12:16 makes sense or not if we don't argue but we obey.
12:20 Sometimes it's a huge, hugely by faith.
12:23 Sometimes the things that we think God asks us to do
12:26 go completely against where we are in our trust issues
12:33 of Him or with other people
12:35 it goes against what we think our life
12:38 is going to be in the future where everything--
12:41 the direction that looks like its going.
12:43 Yes. It's so diametrically opposed
12:47 to what everything around us seems to be suggesting
12:51 and God is saying go do this.
12:54 You're thinking for what?
12:56 Like how does this fit into anything.
12:58 Telling Abraham to "Get out of her,
13:01 get out of the country and get into--
13:03 you know you're go into a land that you know not aware."
13:05 But it's amazing.
13:07 But as we obey obviously God has the bigger picture.
13:11 Obviously, God knew that my whole life
13:13 was about to just crash and fall apart.
13:16 And if I had not by faith
13:19 lacking understanding moved forward and obeyed Him
13:23 I never would have been ready to take care of myself.
13:27 You know, I just have to insert a quick comment here.
13:30 We have a young lady who works here.
13:32 She's a dear friend of ours and she came from same area
13:36 that we were living in Texas.
13:38 And she went through a nasty divorce,
13:40 lost everything that she'd come into this marriage with.
13:44 I mean everything.
13:46 And she--when she came to work we took her to ASI with us
13:51 and she was introduced to 3ABN, moved here.
13:54 And when she came to 3ABN had nothing, I mean nothing.
13:58 She had lost everything
14:00 and she'd worked very hard for all of her life
14:04 and giving up the career and all
14:05 to go into this marriage.
14:07 So everything she would work for was gone.
14:09 Her home, her car, her vehicles and everything.
14:13 And her companion. And her companion.
14:16 And she came here and I have never seen anybody
14:20 walk by faith more and just be content
14:23 with what she had, just happy to have a safe environment.
14:28 And she was never complaining and I thought,
14:32 you know, I think I could have felt a little bit
14:34 sorry for myself if I just lost everything and had nothing.
14:40 And I watched in just within about 18 months
14:45 how her walking by faith
14:47 and just saying God's my provider.
14:49 He is my Jehovah-Jireh.
14:51 I watched how the Lord met her where her faith was.
14:55 And she claimed His promises, didn't murmur,
14:58 didn't complaint and God has restored
15:01 just like in the story of Job
15:04 when Job quit complain and start praying for his friends.
15:08 God restore to him a double portion
15:11 and He has restored to her a double portion.
15:13 And it's amazing.
15:15 Well, you know there's power in praise. Amen.
15:18 We're told there's power in praise. Absolutely.
15:20 And when we surrender to God
15:22 and praise Him in all things
15:26 somehow opens the windows of heaven
15:28 as well as because as peace and empowerment.
15:31 Exactly. We're back those words again.
15:34 Well, let's go back to some more examples here
15:37 and if so that we get this in.
15:40 Sometimes we're worried about whether or not
15:41 we're gonna have food on the table or have enough food.
15:45 And I just-- I don't know
15:47 that I have shared this here at 3ABN.
15:49 I know that I read the devotional on it for our book.
15:52 But just want to share with our viewers the time
15:55 that I was having a group of young people come over
15:58 to the house for lunch.
16:00 And we were going to be studying
16:01 how to claim Bible promises and sharing answers to prayer
16:05 because they have the first week
16:07 and they were supposed to be applying it.
16:09 Now why my faith was strong in some areas
16:11 but not in others at that time, I don't' know.
16:15 Nevertheless, I didn't think any young people
16:17 are gonna show up.
16:18 So I only made a small portion of food
16:20 but also my finances where very limited.
16:23 And when I got home there is this string of cars
16:26 behind me for two blocks and I'm thinking oh, no.
16:30 I just have this medium sized crock pot
16:32 full of little wheat balls for this group.
16:35 Lord, I don't enough.
16:37 And so because the only promise at that time
16:39 I could think of was, Lord, you multiplied
16:42 the fish and lobes and you can multiply this to me.
16:46 And I remember the first couple of young people
16:48 that went through line they had to think,
16:51 this lady had us all over.
16:52 She has got more food in the kitchen
16:53 and I didn't and they loaded their plates.
16:56 And I just went oh, no.
16:59 And I just said Father,
17:01 I'm just trusting You to multiply this food
17:03 and I'm not gonna go in the kitchen,
17:06 I'm not even gonna look.
17:09 So I went into the kitchen and pretty soon I hear is,
17:11 "Derry, aren't you gonna come join us?"
17:13 And I come in, and the crock pot is half full.
17:16 Now, and I'm not saying half empty,
17:18 I'm saying it as half full
17:19 because the Lord kept that crock pot full.
17:23 And all of these young people
17:24 there must have been 25 or 30 went back
17:27 and had seconds and when we were all finished eating
17:31 they were like two little bowls at the bottom of that crock pot.
17:34 Just smiling I'm saying there was enough for everybody.
17:37 You know, I have heard,
17:38 I have heard stories on 3ABN of missionaries
17:41 who have experienced this and young people
17:44 who went out to feed the homeless
17:47 and realized that three times as many people
17:50 have shown up as they've expected.
17:52 And we don't-- a lot of times
17:54 we don't expect those kinds of miracles to take.
17:57 But God is still on the miracle working business, isn't it?
17:59 He is a miracle working God, absolutely.
18:02 And I think the other thing
18:04 we need to remember just like with Joseph.
18:08 God means things for good. Yes.
18:10 God means things for good and we need to trust
18:12 that even at our deepest need,
18:14 at our deepest pain level
18:16 and at our deepest anxiety level
18:18 of whatever is going on in our life
18:20 that God does mean it for good.
18:22 And God is faithful
18:23 and He has not only our best interest
18:26 but our eternal welfare.
18:28 Exactly. And mind.
18:30 So I need to share these promises
18:32 with our viewers, Shelley.
18:33 Okay. And they are powerful promises.
18:35 So again hope you have your pencil and paper
18:38 and if you would write down 2 Kings 17:39.
18:43 That is, "Worship the Lord your God,
18:44 it is He who will deliver you from the hand of your enemies."
18:48 That might be good one
18:49 if you think you're gonna be taking advantage of you repairs.
18:52 And actually I have got to tell a story
18:54 about this real quick, Shelley.
18:56 My roof was leaking and I got bills to redo
18:59 my roof $18,000-20,000.
19:03 I thought this is unbelievable, I can't do this.
19:07 And I didn't. You know, I just prayed and I said Lord,
19:10 this is Your house I have dedicated to You.
19:14 You're the one that told me to buy this place.
19:16 You're my husband
19:17 this is really your responsibility
19:19 I'm just the steward and I just I'm claiming
19:21 your word to take care of this.
19:24 And God had me do memorial service
19:27 where I wasn't going to say, yes.
19:30 And a gentleman came up
19:31 and introduced to himself and said hi, I'm so and so.
19:33 I'm roofer and I have done it 20 years
19:35 and I just love it.
19:36 And I was like, why did I say that.
19:39 Anyway long stories short Shelley,
19:42 my roof is just now being finished
19:44 for just a little over $2000.
19:46 Oh, glory to God.
19:47 And I have an old truck
19:49 that he would like very much
19:50 to take an exchange for part of that payment.
19:52 Glory to God.
19:53 So if you have any question is to whether or not
19:55 God can't take care of your repairs or can or will.
19:59 You just need to get on your knees
20:01 and spent a few minutes with Him
20:02 and claim Him as your husband.
20:04 So another promise, Lamentations 3:20-26
20:10 "God's mercy is new every morning.
20:13 It is good to wait and hope for the Lord."
20:16 And Deuteronomy 28:12
20:19 "The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure,
20:22 the heaven to give rain unto the land in his season,
20:26 and to bless all the work of thine hand
20:29 and thou shalt lend unto many nations,
20:32 and thou shalt not borrow."
20:34 Now He wants us to be the head not the tail.
20:35 That's right.
20:37 Jeremiah 33:3 says, "Call unto me,
20:40 and I will answer thee,
20:41 and show the great and mighty things,
20:44 which thou knowest not."
20:47 Zechariah 2:8 says "He that touches,
20:49 you touches the apple of his eye."
20:52 So Jesus isn't gonna let anybody touch you.
20:56 Joshua 23:3 "And ye have seen all that the Lord
21:00 your God hath done because of you,
21:03 for the Lord your God that is he that hath fought for you."
21:07 Amen. And the powerful promise
21:10 that I held on to with the lot these stories
21:13 that have shared with you here today
21:15 and other times which is the promise
21:17 that brought me into this relationship
21:20 with intimacy with Jesus is the one in Matthew 6.
21:23 Starting with verse 24 through 34
21:26 that talks about how Jesus will care for the birds,
21:30 will care for the lilies of the field
21:32 and certainly He will care for us.
21:34 And if we seek for His the kingdom of God
21:36 and His righteousness all of these things
21:39 will be added on to us.
21:40 That's right. Powerful comments.
21:42 And that something the Lord that proves
21:43 over and over in my life. Absolutely.
21:47 And then we have the promise in Malachi 3:10
21:49 that's the tithe paying promise
21:51 that if we bring the tithes
21:53 under the storehouse that God will open up
21:55 the windows of heaven and pour the blessing
21:57 so big we won't have them to receive it.
21:59 And let me just tell you He does all the time
22:03 over and over if we trust in Him and fill that condition.
22:09 Okay, Shelley.
22:10 So we're on to group 3 about being isolated.
22:14 Okay and this is when we have a desire
22:16 for friendship or companions
22:19 and we're worried about staying single or not
22:23 and that we want to be fooled by having wrong relationships
22:27 or having someone convinces us
22:29 that we need to be in their life
22:31 and we don't and not being loved.
22:35 The feeling of being loved or not even feeling lovable
22:38 because of past experience not being cherished before
22:42 and not understanding that we're loved
22:47 or feeling loved that set's us up
22:49 for just a series of failures in our life.
22:53 So it's going back again to not being
22:56 so concerned about being loved by a human being
23:00 but understanding our value
23:02 and how much we are loved by Lord
23:05 and then again if we're single parent
23:08 attempting to be both mom and dad to our children.
23:11 Which is near impossible.
23:13 You can't do it. You can't do it.
23:14 Just can't do it, no matter how hard do we try.
23:17 So let's down some scripture references
23:19 for that for you to help you
23:21 with some of those situations.
23:23 In Hosea 2:19, 20 God says,
23:27 "I will betroth thee unto me for ever,
23:30 in righteousness, judgment, lovingkindness,
23:33 and mercy and you shalt know the Lord."
23:35 And I'm not quoting the whole text for you
23:37 and giving you kind of a summary statement of it.
23:40 And then Isaiah 44:3 is,
23:42 "I will pour my spirit upon your seed
23:45 and my blessing upon your offspring."
23:48 We love our children but God loves them more.
23:51 Absolutely. And God desires that they spend eternity with Him.
23:55 So He will take care of our children.
23:58 You know, isn't it easy for us to talk like
24:01 we can say that to other people that,
24:03 you know, God loves you more than
24:04 anyone else here on this earth.
24:06 And yet sometimes we have a hard time believing
24:09 that about ourselves that how much God loves us.
24:13 And I don't think that we can really enjoy
24:15 that intimacy of relationship with God that He wants to have
24:19 until we really begin to get a vision of the love
24:23 that He has for us.
24:24 John wrote in 1 John that we love Him
24:28 because He first loved us and I think
24:30 that it's as we understand God's love
24:34 we begin to respond to God's love.
24:37 And then if we understand our worth and value to Him
24:42 don't you think that we have a tendency
24:45 not to be as hoodwinked in relationships with other people?
24:49 Absolutely but on the flipside of that
24:52 I don't think that we can truly embrace an intimate relationship
24:56 with someone else in either give or receiving love
25:01 very effectively until we have realize our value in Christ
25:05 and how much Christ loves us.
25:07 I think when we understand
25:09 that I think it makes all the difference
25:11 in our relationships completely.
25:15 Because, if you have that sense of value,
25:18 if you know how much Jesus loves you,
25:20 you're not easily offended
25:23 and you don't easily defend yourself.
25:26 You don't need to.
25:27 You don't need to because you already know
25:30 that you're the apple of His eye and that He loves you.
25:32 It's good. It's good.
25:34 Okay, Romans 8:26, 27,
25:38 "The Spirit helps us in our weakness,
25:41 searches our heart and intercedes for us
25:44 in accordance to God's will."
25:46 So when we don't even know what to ask for Shelley,
25:49 we can count on this promise
25:51 with the Holy Spirit interceding for us.
25:54 And a powerful promise
25:57 that I found is Deuteronomy 30:5-9
26:01 "Circumcising our hearts and the hearts of our children."
26:05 And Genesis 2:18 "It is not good for man to be alone."
26:08 That was out of God's mouth.
26:10 "I will make a help mat for him."
26:12 And Isaiah 54:4-10, that "God will be your husband."
26:20 Amen. Well, we're running out of time.
26:22 I see that we're running out of time.
26:24 So let's leave with Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.
26:27 Two are better than one for the section.
26:29 I'm going to quickly talked about
26:31 developing addictive behaviors and worried about disease.
26:34 And Isaiah 14:3 says "The Lord will give us rest
26:38 from our sorrow from fear and heart bondage."
26:41 And Isaiah 40:31 it says "Wait upon the Lord
26:44 and He will renew your strength walk and not faint."
26:48 And in Proverbs 4:20, 21 it says
26:51 "God's word is life to those that find them
26:54 and health to the whole body."
26:55 And you know one of my favorite scripture
26:57 promises for bad addictions
27:00 and that fear is Psalm 129:4 that "Lord is righteous,
27:05 He will cut you free from the cord of the wicked."
27:08 Derry, thank you so much for being with us today.
27:11 You have shared a lot of Bible promises
27:14 that are life giving and empowering.
27:17 It was good to be with you. Thank you.
27:20 And we have to remember that God's plan
27:21 is for good for us for the future.
27:23 Absolutely. You know, for those of you at home
27:27 she is quoting Jeremiah 29:11
27:29 that God has a plan for your life.
27:31 It's a plan to prosper you, not to harm you.
27:34 But to give you hope in the future.
27:35 And I think that His plan
27:37 is better than the one that we're living.
27:39 So we always need to continue to look
27:41 to the Lord and seek His plan for our life.
27:45 Now, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:48 the love of the Father
27:49 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:52 be with you today and everyday for the rest of your lives.
27:56 Thank you.


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