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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:31 and welcome again to "Issues and Answers."
00:34 We are so glad that you are taking this time
00:36 out of your daily schedule
00:37 to sit down and listen to Christian issues
00:41 and find out biblical answers.
00:43 Today we are going to be talking about something
00:45 we all need to pay attention to
00:47 and that is spiritual consistency.
00:50 Being consistent in the way that we walk
00:54 and conduct ourselves
00:55 and you know, Peter had something to say
00:57 about this in 1 Peter 1:13.
01:01 He says, "Brace up your minds, be sober,
01:04 set your hope unchangeably
01:07 on the grace that is coming to you
01:09 when Jesus Christ is revealed.
01:12 Live as children of obedience to God,
01:16 do not conform yourselves to the evil desires
01:18 that governed you in your former ignorance
01:21 when you did not know the requirements of the Gospel.
01:24 But as the one who called you is holy,
01:28 you yourselves also be holy in all your conduct,
01:32 in all your manner of living, for it is written."
01:36 And now he is quoting God.
01:39 "You shall be holy for I am holy."
01:42 You know, sometimes that scares us
01:43 this idea of holiness
01:45 but I want you to know that when God commands us
01:48 to be holy He is not saying,
01:50 all right, figure it out on yourself on you own.
01:53 He is saying I'll do this for you,
01:55 if you just surrender control of your life to Me.
01:58 Because everything that God calls us to be,
02:01 He causes us to be,
02:02 He empowers us to do these things
02:05 as we learn how to walk in His spirit.
02:09 And returning to us today
02:11 we are excited to have a very special guest,
02:13 a friend of 3ABN and personal friend back.
02:16 Her name is Derry James
02:18 and Derry has a doctorate of ministry.
02:20 She is a Christian counselor and she is also a chaplain
02:25 for the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
02:28 in Grass Valley, California.
02:31 I don't know why I want to say Grass something else
02:33 but, Grass Valley.
02:36 Thank you for coming back, Derry.
02:38 Well, it's always wonderful to be here
02:40 and everything is so glorious.
02:42 The weather is just beautiful today, isn't it?
02:44 It is a beautiful and we are pleased to see that.
02:47 Now we are talking--
02:50 you have been here to 3ABN on a number of occasions.
02:53 Something that I have noticed about your ministry
02:56 is you always like to bring back when you are talking
03:00 whatever the topic is
03:02 about how to reflect Jesus in our daily life.
03:06 And today, your topic
03:07 that you have chosen is "Spiritual Consistency."
03:10 So let's just tell our audience what we are talking about.
03:14 Okay, Shelley, with the all the different people
03:18 that I interact with
03:20 its just really easy to pick on the fact that--
03:24 we have a lot of people
03:25 they think they have to be people pleasers.
03:28 And matter of fact there is a promise for that
03:31 I will share in just a minute.
03:32 But, it's a little disconcerting people
03:37 that people feel like they have to be one way one place
03:40 and another way another place
03:42 I kind of call it the chameleon effect
03:45 that whoever they are with, that's who they are.
03:48 If they were with this particular person
03:50 they like these things or they will go do these things
03:53 or they will eat these things or act this way,
03:56 or use a particular language.
03:58 And with other people they are little more dignified
04:01 or they are little more spiritual.
04:04 And so who are they really?
04:07 You know, I wonder if they know who they really are
04:11 because they change colors with whoever they are with.
04:15 To me as I as I hear their stories,
04:19 as I hear their heartaches,
04:21 I can't help but think of their promise in Galatians 1:10
04:24 when I give that promise back to God.
04:27 I say, Father, help me not to be a people pleaser
04:31 but a servant of the living God. Exactly.
04:33 And if we are busy
04:36 trying to get people to give us an endorsement
04:40 on how we are with them all the time
04:42 then we are living for people, we are not living for Jesus.
04:45 And that's, I think when you agree
04:47 that the reason most people do this
04:49 because they really don't know
04:50 who they are in Christ Jesus. Absolutely.
04:52 They don't have that sense of identity
04:55 of being His child as,
04:57 you know, daughter or son of God
05:00 and so what they do often is they compromise.
05:03 And again I think, you know, always I have noticing lately
05:07 the Lord showed me something many years ago
05:09 and I used to teach on it
05:10 and I haven't thought about it lately
05:12 but that there is either we are rooted
05:15 and grounded in the love of God
05:17 and that's our tap root
05:18 from which all the rest of these roots go
05:20 or we are rooted and grounded in insecurity
05:24 and out of this insecurity
05:26 actually prides even a form of insecurity.
05:29 So, its people who are insecure
05:31 that they feel that they have to be
05:34 they want people to like them,
05:35 they don't want anyone to dislike them
05:37 so, they just as you said become people pleasers.
05:42 I would like to talk in a few minutes
05:45 a little more about who we are in Christ.
05:47 But, I would like to,
05:48 to look at a little different prospective as well
05:50 about this consistency issue
05:52 because its not only a matter of the chameleon effect,
05:57 its a matter of people that are one thing at home
06:01 and they are another thing
06:02 once they just walk outside the door.
06:04 And this is really distressing
06:06 and this causes a lot of marital conflict.
06:09 This is the kind of thing that causes our children
06:12 to walk out the door and never want to come back.
06:15 It's thing that cause children not to want to go to church.
06:18 Exactly, exactly.
06:21 So we have people that when they are out in the world
06:23 they are wonderful. Everybody loves them.
06:27 They would do anything for anybody
06:30 and they are pleasant and they are patience
06:34 and they come home and then what happens,
06:38 they are abusive to their spouse
06:41 verbally not even being physically.
06:44 But they are whole different person.
06:46 They can't be bothered with the children,
06:48 they are critical and condemning
06:50 of everything that happens in the house
06:52 or they come home and they are queen
06:54 or the king and expect to be weighted on there.
06:57 They certainly don't lift a figure there
06:59 they are busy helping everyone else
07:01 and getting kudos for it.
07:04 You know, those are the kinds of things
07:05 that are so distressing to me
07:07 that give our children particularly this mixed message.
07:10 And these are kind of a things
07:11 that happen far too often and that's it.
07:14 Yes, yes and sometimes from our spiritual leaders
07:17 that are suppose to be consistent and good examples.
07:20 But sometimes I say this,
07:23 and I don't mean any offence to anyone
07:25 but I believe that some people choose ministry
07:29 as a carrier path rather than as a calling from the Lord,
07:33 and there are--just because someone is standing in a pulpit
07:35 doesn't mean that they have a converted heart.
07:38 That's right.
07:39 You know our homes, our homes should be our sanctuary. Amen.
07:43 And it's true that when we go out into the world
07:46 we want to our best foot right forward.
07:48 You know, but we--
07:50 we are to cherish the people on our home.
07:53 And to me, we are to be even better there.
07:57 Not that we can't let our hair down,
07:58 I don't mean that
08:00 but we need to be who we are wherever we are.
08:03 That kind of goes back to
08:05 I think I have talked to you about it before,
08:07 I don't know whether I have done it here on the show.
08:09 But how we get in this right sometimes
08:11 and we put on these mask when we go out the door
08:15 and we try to be someone who are not.
08:17 Until the older we get the more form fitting that is
08:19 so, are we becoming like the mask
08:21 or is the mask becoming like us.
08:24 That's a good point.
08:25 So, my point is,
08:28 you know, we just need to know who we are in Jesus.
08:31 We need to be able to not only embrace
08:34 who we are in Jesus
08:35 but embrace who He made us to be.
08:38 I like to say Lord, fulfill your destiny for me,
08:43 in me and through me.
08:45 Don't I don't want to worry about being someone else
08:48 or doing what some else is chosen to do
08:51 but with all the gifts and talent you have given me,
08:53 I'm not help me to be
08:55 way you want me to be for you. Amen.
08:58 And when you surrender that,
09:00 when you ask Jesus to do that for you,
09:03 when you want to fulfill His purpose for you,
09:07 it really gives you a sense of peace.
09:09 You are not striving to become someone else.
09:13 You are not measuring yourself against someone else.
09:16 You are not frustrated with life
09:18 and having to be one person in one place
09:20 and one person in another place.
09:22 It isn't-- it isn't an issue.
09:25 It's just Jesus who am I in you
09:28 and what--what do you want me to be for You.
09:30 And Derry, you probably touched on--
09:33 I mean, that word peace is almost a touch down.
09:36 It's something that so many people
09:39 and I'm sure there is many of you at home
09:41 who are watching are may be listening in your car
09:44 that to actually attain peace
09:49 to be filled with peace
09:50 is something that they never known
09:53 and that they would give any amount of money
09:56 that they have been able to accumulate to achieve.
10:00 Peace is something that
10:01 it's difficult to live a happy life without it.
10:04 But, when we have peace
10:07 we can be an inspiration almost anywhere we are.
10:09 Absolutely.
10:10 When we have peace,
10:11 when we are more opt to treat each other
10:13 with honor and respect its--its gold.
10:18 It's Gold.
10:21 I would like to, I would like to tell you a couple of stories,
10:23 you know, I am about stories Shelley,
10:25 while I'm with you.
10:26 But how we are and the consistency
10:31 in our Christianity is a witness and it's a silent witness
10:37 or it can be a very, very picturesque witness.
10:40 For example, we had a pastor in our community
10:44 who everyone respected in the pulpit
10:49 but he had a really difficult personal life
10:52 and wasn't very good to his family.
10:54 But that not only was with the family
10:56 its build over the community,
10:57 when he would walk into the bank
10:59 and there would be a-- an error in his account
11:02 and he would verbally trash the tellers.
11:06 Now what kind of a witness is that for our Lord?
11:11 Or think of the person
11:13 that has the sign on the back of their car,
11:15 that says, live for Jesus
11:18 and then their honking their horn
11:20 and they are telling off the other drivers
11:22 and this a true story of a man that was doing this
11:26 and cursing out a lady and the officer called him over,
11:31 handcuffed him and pulled him in to jail.
11:34 Because he thought he has stolen the car that he had
11:37 because it said living for Jesus.
11:40 His actions were so-- so conflicting with the message
11:44 that he was giving.
11:45 Hope that was a wake-up call for him.
11:47 I hope it was a wake-up call for him as well.
11:50 So I think that we just sometimes forget
11:54 that we are observed and how we are living life.
12:00 I recently was speaking in New Jersey,
12:03 and I want to say hello to all of my brothers
12:06 and sisters in New Jersey.
12:08 And it was such a blessing to me
12:10 and I'm not tooting my own horn
12:13 but this was in area in which
12:14 they very few people receive 3ABN
12:18 but they were looking for woman speaker
12:20 and they had someone new--
12:22 someone who worked here at 3ABN not any ministration.
12:26 And they said, do you know any good women speakers?
12:29 And when they-- he shared my name.
12:32 And he said--they said well, what does she like?
12:35 And he said well let me put it this way.
12:37 She walks the talk,
12:39 she walks out what she preaches. Oh, praise Lord.
12:42 And when she-- I didn't know this story
12:44 till she introduced me
12:45 and I thought oh, Lord Jesus, thank you, so much
12:49 because there is not a higher compliment than that.
12:52 That's true and we never know,
12:55 who knows what about is.
12:56 In fact that just makes me to think of another story.
12:59 I had--recently had a friend that came over
13:01 and she walks her dog on my property.
13:04 And she was walking her dog
13:06 it scared a deer out from under the deck
13:09 and broke through the ladders work
13:11 and she came to the down she said, I'm sorry
13:13 but we have frighten this.
13:14 I think this deer has a broken neck.
13:17 And I went outside to check,
13:19 the deer was down in the back hill
13:21 and I have this thing I do Shelley,
13:25 that when a little animal is hurt,
13:27 I seem Jesus loves me,
13:28 because I believe that they know the name of Jesus.
13:30 And usually if a little bird is hurt they calm right down.
13:33 Well, the deer was too frightened to calm down.
13:35 But, the little deer had fallen over
13:38 and she had just-- she had tumbled,
13:42 her legs were up in the air
13:44 and she was there, she was broken neck,
13:47 she couldn't lift her head when I came to meet her.
13:49 It was a broken neck.
13:51 And just all of this air
13:53 she was hissing at me and scared.
13:55 Couldn't me to protect herself and so I finally went away.
13:59 Well, it looked to me like
14:01 we were gonna have shoot the deer
14:02 so she didn't suffer.
14:04 So I called the sheriffs department
14:06 and waited and waited and waited for them to come out.
14:09 And after several hours I called and said you know,
14:12 I know you are busy but could you just give me a idea
14:15 of when you will be out.
14:17 And they said oh, they already been out.
14:19 And I said really, I have my door open,
14:20 I have been watching, I haven't seen anybody.
14:22 Oh, yeah, they came out
14:23 and went over to the deer and the deer ran away.
14:26 And I said, you know, I didn't even tell where the deer was.
14:29 I think you may have gone to the wrong place.
14:31 You know, the deer is down, clear down in my back hill
14:34 and he said no I think they were there.
14:37 And I said, you know, I will go check
14:38 and I will call you back.
14:40 Well, sure enough the deer was gone
14:41 and this was like three hours later
14:43 and that deer had been there and we knew it could not move.
14:46 So I called the sheriff back and I said okay, I don't know
14:49 what happened but the deer is gone.
14:52 And he said Derry, did you pray?
14:55 And I thought, whom I talking to?
14:57 You know, whom I talking to?
15:00 So, you know, our reputation does proceed us. Amen, amen.
15:04 And we really need to be careful
15:06 how we live life especially if we love Jesus
15:09 and we're Christians and we are carrying that name.
15:12 Then it becomes more critical
15:14 who we are and the way we are consistent
15:17 and how we live life.
15:18 So who are we in Christ?
15:20 That's a question, who are we in Christ?
15:22 Every thing He says we are.
15:24 We can walk in the authority
15:26 of the heirs of the king. Exactly.
15:28 And scripture says in Galatians,
15:29 "If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed,
15:33 and heirs according to the promise."
15:36 And in Galatians 4:7 it says, "So you are no longer a slave,
15:39 but a son, and since you are a son,
15:42 God has made you also an heir."
15:44 If we are heirs, if Jesus has been given
15:48 all authority in heaven and earth
15:49 and He has also passed that authority to us,
15:52 then we can walk with empowerment.
15:55 And that's, you know, that's rather how I started is that
15:59 sometimes we are frightened by
16:01 what we feel our commands in the Bible
16:04 and they are not suggestions.
16:05 When God said " Be Holy, for I am Holy."
16:07 I think first of all sometimes we forget how holy God is
16:11 and but when He says that
16:13 its not anything to make our knees knock its to say,
16:17 that God is telling us
16:19 I'll make you holy if you'll come to me.
16:22 Now when we are talking about spiritual consistency
16:27 can we add to this list, that those--
16:31 let's look at how sometimes our spiritual life degrades
16:35 because that relationship between us
16:37 and the Lord needs to be consistently growing.
16:41 But there is many things that affect us
16:43 when we quit taking time to read the Bible,
16:46 quit making time for prayer.
16:49 It's so easy to fall into a rhythm
16:55 that's out of step with God
16:58 and that's when we really start acting strange around.
17:01 People were one way one minute and one way the next
17:04 depending on with him whom we are associating.
17:07 So if a learning-- I mean how can we overcome
17:11 some of these inconsistencies
17:14 that you are talking about
17:15 as we learn who we are in Christ?
17:17 What would you recommend that people do who recognize
17:21 that I am being inconsistent?
17:24 Shelley, you have answered your own question.
17:26 I mean, you've already said it.
17:28 It's when we start spending time with the Lord.
17:30 I mean, what are our priorities?
17:33 We end up with busy schedules
17:35 and so we start chipping away at something.
17:38 So instead of prioritizing and making sure
17:41 that God remains in the top position.
17:45 You know, we can spend five minutes with Him
17:47 or we can spend 30 minutes with Him or even an hour
17:49 or but whatever we spend with Christ,
17:53 whatever time we spend with Christ,
17:56 is gonna be reflected in how we live life.
17:58 Amen, that's true.
17:59 And I find that when my schedule is the most full,
18:04 I need to spend the most time with the Lord.
18:07 And I need to surrender my agenda to Him
18:10 and ask Him, what really needs to be taken care of in a day
18:12 or where does He need me to be.
18:14 But, if we start cutting God out,
18:17 everything you have said is true.
18:18 You know, it's reflected in our character.
18:23 And boy, everybody falls into this
18:26 I don't care you may be a pastor
18:28 who is watching us and know that there are times
18:32 that life make so many demands on our time,
18:36 that we feel that
18:38 oh, instead of spending an hour today in prayer
18:40 I will get up and spend five minutes today in prayer.
18:43 And then you get through the day
18:45 and you are thinking, ah, nothing went right.
18:47 I find like you that the more time
18:50 you spend with the Lord the better the day goes
18:53 and when you are tackling a very important project
18:56 that's a really important.
18:59 In Matthew 28:18 Shelley, it says,
19:02 "Jesus came to them and said,
19:04 'All authority in heaven and on earth
19:05 has been given to me,'" meaning to Jesus.
19:08 "Therefore go and make disciples."
19:11 So now He is telling His followers
19:14 that without authority they go
19:16 and they "Make disciples of all nations,
19:18 baptizing them in the name of the Father,
19:20 the Son and the Holy Spirit,
19:22 teaching them to obey everything I have commanded.
19:24 And then he says, "Surely I am with you, until the end."
19:27 Jesus was given all authority over heaven and earth.
19:30 He passes that authority to us.
19:32 We can walk in authority as heirs of the kingdom,
19:35 we can be empowered and if Jesus has all authority.
19:39 How much authority then the Satan have?
19:42 He is got none. He has no authority.
19:44 Only what we'll give him in our life.
19:45 Exactly, that's what I was gonna say.
19:47 Exactly correct.
19:49 He has what we give him
19:51 so why do we want to give him any.
19:52 We can accept the authority of Jesus.
19:54 We can walk in that empowerment
19:56 and all you have to do to for that is just to obey
20:00 and live out that faith.
20:01 Live out that understanding in our life through Jesus.
20:05 But you know, it's that true or would you agree
20:08 because I know you do some of what I do as well
20:11 and that is claiming the promises of God,
20:13 confessing Him over your life, praying impact to the Lord.
20:16 To me, any time that-- wait a minute,
20:20 I have written a couple of books on this
20:22 but still there are times
20:24 when I may get up in the morning and pray,
20:27 and I may spend time, a little time in devotional
20:29 and I pray through out the day.
20:31 But if I don't set aside time
20:34 to really confess the word of God over my life
20:36 and pray it back to the Lord
20:38 I notice it's just like somebody
20:42 the wattage went down if you will.
20:43 I mean, it's like somebody is powering down the plant here.
20:47 And its-- its being--I call it
20:49 being plugged into your power source.
20:52 So when Hebrews 1:3 says, that,
20:57 God Jesus it's talking about
20:59 is the perfect expression of the Father's being
21:03 and that he apposed all things.
21:06 He sustains everything by his mighty word of power.
21:10 That's a sustaining power for me, as doing that.
21:12 And anytime I take a break from that practice,
21:16 from that discipline
21:17 I noticed my own spiritual power going down.
21:21 Well, scripture itself you know in 2 Peter says that,
21:25 "Through these He has given us His very great
21:27 and precious promises,
21:29 so that through them you may participate in the divine nature
21:35 and escape the corruption in the world."
21:38 And we are told that it's through God's promises.
21:40 It is personalizing scripture.
21:42 It's claiming God's word. Absolutely.
21:44 And going back to what you said earlier,
21:46 every command is a promise,
21:48 because if God commands us to do it
21:51 just as you said, He promises to enable us and help us.
21:54 He never asked as to do anything
21:55 that He is not willing to help us to do. Exactly.
21:58 So commands are gifts from God.
22:03 They are absolutely gifts from God as well.
22:05 And as we experience this intimacy with Jesus,
22:10 as we--as we-- as we experience this time
22:16 of giving ourselves fully to Him
22:20 transformation happens in our lives.
22:22 We being to reflect this, we partaken His divine nature
22:26 and we are reflecting His love, life and power.
22:29 And then we can have the consistency. Right.
22:32 That's where the consistency comes exactly.
22:35 In 1 Peter 1:13-16 which you read earlier,
22:39 you read at the beginning of our program,
22:41 we are called to be holy. We are called holy.
22:45 But if we are called to be holy He going to help it happen,
22:48 if we are willing and if we want to make a time investment
22:51 just like in any relationship.
22:53 And this holiness is something
22:56 that God does on the inside of us.
22:58 It's not necessarily-- you know, sometimes
23:01 we get the idea that,
23:02 if we put our hair back in a tight bun
23:04 and wear long skirts,
23:05 and always sure this where people they laugh
23:07 because I wear long skirts because I love long skirts
23:10 and its very much more modest
23:12 if you are on the platform or sitting on a set.
23:15 But its not us-- you know when we say
23:19 be holy its not us just trying to walk a straight laced walk
23:23 and, and changing things about us.
23:25 It's us as Psalm 24 says, opening up our heart
23:30 and letting the king of glory come in
23:32 and let Him do this work as the potteries,
23:37 as He says, you are the clay
23:39 I am the potter, He is gonna mold us and make us.
23:42 Well, and also in Malachi 3:3
23:45 when it says, "He shall sit as a refiner
23:48 and purifier of silver.
23:50 He will purify the sons of Levi,
23:52 and purge them as gold and silver."
23:54 So you probably heard the story of the woman
23:57 that we heard that and those key words he shall sit
24:00 and curious about why a silversmith sits
24:04 as they are doing this process, working,
24:07 she went to observe one.
24:09 And as she sat there watching a silversmith
24:12 and ask him that question.
24:14 He said I may sit with my eyes sturdily fixed on the furnace
24:18 since the silver is sure to be injured if it remains too long.
24:23 And then she says, well, how do you know
24:24 when that process is completed?
24:26 And he said, when I see my image reflected in it
24:30 I know the process is completed.
24:33 Well, that take us right back to scripture,
24:36 when Jesus image is reflected through us. Amen.
24:41 And what--you know to me that story is saying
24:44 is that there are times that's God allows.
24:48 I like what James says in James Chapter 1
24:51 when he is talking to us about these trials
24:54 and that we should be--
24:56 we should be joyful and in these trails.
24:58 And that's because God's sees a potential in you
25:01 and He is trusting you with that trail.
25:04 And what He is doing is He leads you in that trail
25:07 not so long that you could be damaged
25:10 but just so long as silversmith is holding this over the flame
25:14 till he can see his reflection in you.
25:17 It's how he begins to train us up
25:21 and burn off some of the draws,
25:23 if you will of our character. Is it not?
25:26 So in that pain and perplexity of life experience
25:31 sometimes that just could really pull us down
25:34 where we might question God.
25:37 We can be sure that his saying
25:40 someday you may not understand now,
25:42 but someday you will understand. Amen, amen.
25:47 Derry, thank you so much,
25:48 for coming again and sharing all these things
25:50 and you know our bottom line today,
25:53 is that we are talking about spiritual consistency.
25:57 And I know that this is something that you worked
26:01 its not when we talk about God doing everything for us
26:04 and equipping us
26:05 we still as you are reading from 2 Peter 1,3 and 4
26:09 if you go--God giving us all of His promises
26:13 and through these we partake at the divine nature. Exactly.
26:17 The Bible says, right there in that scripture passage
26:20 he says, He is giving us everything
26:21 we need for life and godliness.
26:23 But then he goes on in verse 5
26:25 and he says for this very reason using all diligence
26:30 make every effort to add by you--
26:35 it's a cooperative work. Absolutely.
26:37 We are working together with the Lord
26:39 and I know that God has called you on a path
26:42 and you have been working together
26:44 with all diligence to see
26:46 that God's purpose is fulfilled in your life
26:49 to reflect the character of Jesus. Amen.
26:52 Amen, thank you so much for coming.
26:55 So delight to be with you.
26:56 Always, you know, I sometimes listen
26:59 to my little soft spoken friend over here
27:01 and she is so gentle
27:03 and sometimes I can just be so boisterous and efflorescent
27:08 but its always a delight to know that
27:12 when I look at Derry or she looks at me,
27:14 we identify with each other in so many ways
27:18 and I do this with all my brothers and sisters in Christ
27:21 because we are-- we see
27:25 something of Jesus in one another that we like
27:29 and it attracts us to each other.
27:33 But, when we got to remember that
27:35 when we go out to the world whether its to the bank teller
27:37 or in the traffic
27:39 we need our actions need to reflect Jesus
27:42 that we might hold Jesus high
27:44 and He could draw our men on to himself.
27:48 I pray, Matthew 6:33 "Seek first the kingdom of God,
27:52 then he will add all of these things on to you."
27:55 Thanks for joining us.


Revised 2014-12-17