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00:29 Hello, I am Shelly Quinn
00:31 and welcome again to "Issues and Answers."
00:34 We are so glad that you could join us today
00:36 and we just want to welcome those of you
00:38 who are tuning in from China and Japan
00:41 and New Zealand and Australia and Europe.
00:44 It's so exciting and especially for those
00:47 that are tuning in from Saudi Arabia.
00:49 We are so glad that you are joining us.
00:51 You know we are going to talk today
00:53 about how to get on the right road?
00:57 How to get off that path that's leading to destruction
01:01 emotionally and to get back on a healthy path?
01:07 And it makes me think of the Scripture
01:09 and I kind of wear this Scripture out.
01:11 I love it.
01:13 It's Acts 26:18 and Paul is sharing the story
01:17 of what Jesus said to him on the road to Damascus.
01:21 And here's what Jesus said, he said to Paul,
01:23 "I am sending you to open blind eyes,
01:28 to turn them from darkness to light,
01:30 from the power of Satan to the power of God
01:33 that they may receive an inheritance
01:39 among those who are sanctified by faith in Me."
01:42 Isn't that wonderful?
01:44 That's what God wants to do, is open our blind eyes,
01:47 help us to recognize what's really going on
01:49 and turn us around, bring us out of darkness into light.
01:52 Well, we have returning today, Nancy and Ron Rockey.
01:57 And I am surprised, Rockey is a German name.
02:01 Yes, it is. Huh, okay.
02:03 And you guys are both doctors.
02:07 You have your doctoral degree in Psychology.
02:10 You are the founders of the Life Renewal Institute.
02:15 Right. I am going to get that.
02:17 And I am so glad that you've joined us again today
02:19 because we are going to be
02:21 talking about a very needed topic,
02:24 how to change the way we react to our past,
02:29 how to instead of react, respond.
02:32 Is that right? That's right.
02:35 I like to look at it from a different point of view
02:37 rather than react
02:38 to the circumstances of life, we act.
02:41 In another words we have got the ability
02:42 to make a choice. Amen.
02:44 Without the information we are stuck on self defeat
02:48 because we are on that road that seems right unto a man,
02:51 but when you have the right information we can act
02:53 and make a decision to go out in a different direction.
02:56 So, Ron, you were saying something
02:57 before the program began that I really liked
02:59 and you said that when we are wounded
03:02 we come to the wrong conclusions and then what happens. Yeah.
03:05 When we are wounded we come to some wrong conclusions.
03:07 Distorted. Distorted conclusions.
03:09 and when signs are shown that--
03:12 in fact, you can even see it by Paul's writings as well
03:15 that when we are wounded in childhood
03:17 we are emotionally stunted.
03:19 We are dwarfed at the age of the damage.
03:22 So we become infants or we are fully grown adults,
03:27 but we act in interrelationships like child, like being childish.
03:33 Board meetings, church board meetings,
03:35 husband and wife, they bicker over little things.
03:39 All this nitpicking nonsense. I want it my way.
03:41 And what we haven't understood
03:45 is that when we were growing up we are supposed to--
03:48 the natural process is going from self-centeredness,
03:51 a child must be self-centered when as an infant.
03:54 That's survival.
03:55 That's survival to get his needs met.
03:58 When we are wounded
03:59 and there's a long list of things
04:02 that would cause the wound.
04:03 It could be a difficult birth,
04:05 it could be abuses, it could be anything.
04:08 Well, when we were wounded
04:09 we are emotionally dwarfed at that age.
04:12 And rather than being other-centered,
04:14 when we start hitting puberty
04:16 we wind up finding that we are losing control
04:19 when we are other-centered and thinking about others.
04:22 So we turn back to what is norm for us
04:25 and we become and stay in a self-centered, selfish mode
04:29 and we continue that for a life time.
04:31 And the purpose of the gospel
04:33 is to move us from selfish modality to other modality.
04:37 So I have heard and read scientific studies
04:41 that have said that when someone starts taking drugs,
04:45 say if they start drug-use at the age of 13 or 16 or 18
04:49 then at that point that they become addicted to drugs
04:53 that is where they stop emotionally.
04:56 That's the stop of their emotional growth,
04:58 but you are actually saying before that it's even more,
05:02 it's where-- it doesn't just have to--
05:05 What is the reason for wanting to take the drugs?
05:07 It's the wound.
05:09 That's just the loss of control. Okay.
05:10 It's the wound that sets us up.
05:12 So this, I have got control over.
05:14 Do you think everybody does that?
05:16 I mean, that's on drugs.
05:17 Do you think that's just a control--
05:19 No, people do it with religion as well. Okay.
05:22 They become addicted to religion.
05:25 See, if I pray enough, if I read the Bible enough.
05:27 I am stepping on the toes now.
05:30 But when we are doing it in order to get,
05:33 we'll never get. Okay.
05:35 It has got to come from Him living within. Absolutely.
05:39 And that is not a matter of getting
05:42 or trying to be, it is because, I am.
05:44 You know what, that reminds me some dear soul called 3ABN
05:49 and I have been talking on a program
05:51 about praying for an hour or two hours a day.
05:53 And they called and they said, "What are you trying to do?
05:56 Look so self righteous
05:58 and make us all feel guilty out here?"
05:59 And I thought, hah.
06:01 You know I was trying to be very careful
06:03 and say, "I know, I felt God called me to this
06:07 and it's not that everybody needs to do that,
06:10 but it sure wouldn't hurt,
06:12 but I am not doing it to earn anything
06:15 or out of a feeling that I have to.
06:17 Why I do that it's because I have just enjoyed learning
06:21 how to press into His presence and receive from Him." So--
06:25 You know when two people love each other--
06:28 They want to spend time.
06:29 They wanted to be together. They want to communicate.
06:32 Ron and I like nothing more
06:35 than the privilege of nothing in front of us,
06:38 but empty time to be together,
06:41 to talk, to share, to laugh, to cry,
06:44 to pray, to sing together.
06:46 And how many years have you been together?
06:48 42 years we love the idea sitting on our porches
06:51 holding each other's hand and saying nothing.
06:53 Oh, that's wonderful.
06:55 That's contentment-- That's been real contentment.
06:57 Yes, it is. It's just, it's awesome.
07:00 But it wasn't always that way. Oh, no.
07:02 It was the 12 years of on the road to hell, if you will
07:06 and then something happened and you woke up.
07:10 Let's talk about that process.
07:13 Knowledge came our way.
07:15 You know, Hosea 4:6 says,
07:17 "My people die for lack of knowledge."
07:19 It's what we don't know about ourselves personally.
07:24 What we spend for some of us a lifetime denying.
07:30 That does ascend.
07:32 When we finally tell ourselves the truth,
07:34 when we say, I have a need, I have a problem.
07:39 I don't feel like I am worth much.
07:42 We go back to see how we got there.
07:46 We change the view that we have of ourselves
07:49 instead of what worth and value we got
07:54 from mom or dad or the person who wounded us,
07:58 the old man across the street who sexually abused us
08:02 or whatever, whatever, instead of that view
08:05 we hear God saying, "You are mine.
08:09 I call you by a pet name I have for you.
08:12 You are my cherished possession, my priceless pearl."
08:16 We begin to see our innate,
08:19 inborn worth and value, not self esteem.
08:25 That's thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought. Okay.
08:29 But our worth and it comes from only one place,
08:35 from God. Amen.
08:37 So when we begin to change that conclusion
08:40 that we are worthless to we have
08:42 infinite worth and value in God's sight. Wow.
08:47 Then we start acquiring more knowledge.
08:51 And our fear-- remember,
08:54 we talked about how slippery fear is.
08:57 It creates so many negative feelings.
08:59 Our fear turns to hope and to love.
09:03 And all of a sudden
09:04 we are not driven on the road to self-defeat.
09:07 For the first time in our lives we have a choice.
09:11 We see that there's two roads.
09:13 The Bible says it, "There's a way that seems right,
09:17 but the end thereof is the way of death,
09:20 but My way is the way of life."
09:23 Mmm, I don't have to take the old road.
09:27 I can try the new road.
09:29 So all of a sudden we start developing techniques, again.
09:34 But this time they are positive techniques.
09:38 We spend time with God.
09:41 Our techniques are changed. Very positive technique.Yes.
09:44 Instead of making ourselves feel better by taking drugs
09:50 or drinking we feel better by relishing in the warmth
09:55 and the love and the affection that God, the father has for us.
10:00 And instead of paying a price for those terrible techniques
10:03 all of a sudden we are reaping benefits now
10:06 because of our new techniques.
10:08 Let me tell you one of the benefits that I received.
10:12 With my background being rejected
10:14 and not really connected with females in my early childhood,
10:18 do I know anything about love?
10:20 Now that's, very little.
10:22 No, zero. Zero, okay.
10:24 The only love I knew
10:25 is what I could get from other people for myself.
10:27 Okay. That's the only love I knew.
10:29 So how do I love this woman?
10:31 So you are seeking love, you don't know how to give love
10:34 because you don't understand what the love is.
10:35 Anything I give is only in order to get. Okay.
10:38 Self-centered. Self-centered.
10:41 That's what wounds do to us.
10:42 They make us need to survive so we become centered on self.
10:49 Okay. So how do I love this woman?
10:52 You can't. Can't.
10:54 Thank you. To this day, I can't.
10:58 So what happens is this, I used to ask her what do--
11:01 you keep saying, "Do you love me?"
11:04 What do you need from me to know,
11:06 so you'll know that I love you?
11:09 She says, "Pick up your underwear."
11:12 Oh, is that it? All right.
11:13 So I picked up my underwear.
11:15 But that didn't mean you loved her.
11:16 That's exactly what she said, two days later.
11:19 I have been keep picking up my underwear,
11:20 do you know I loved her. For two whole days.
11:22 Do you get it now? Do you get it now?
11:23 No, that was then. It's different today.
11:25 That's the whole point.
11:27 Our idea, the concept is love changes consistently.
11:32 So this idea that doing the right thing,
11:34 bringing a rose, saying I love you,
11:36 all these things, yes, they are important
11:39 but if it's not coming from within it means nothing.
11:42 If its coming from emptiness in order to get back.
11:46 Now watch what happens. So how do I get there?
11:51 Is emptying the cheese out of my macaroni,
11:53 emptying the pain out of my own life,
11:56 so when He lives in me, I ask Him,
11:59 Lord, I don't know how to love this woman.
12:04 I don't know that, but you do.
12:07 You are the source of love. Amen.
12:09 Give me, lead me in the paths of your right being.
12:13 And I know all of a sudden wind up doing things for her
12:16 it blows her and me out of the water.
12:18 You know this is interesting because first of all,
12:21 I want to explain the cheese and the macaroni
12:22 because we talked about that on the previous program.
12:25 And the cheese, the macaroni is that
12:27 Ron's got this little analogy and it says that
12:30 you know, if you got macaroni swimming around in the cheese
12:33 and it gets all filled up with cheese,
12:35 then you can try to pour something else on it and over it
12:39 nothing is going to get that cheese out.
12:43 The Holy Spirit is like that.
12:44 He's been poured on us
12:46 and as long as we get this cheese in us,
12:47 all this negative stuff
12:49 then He can't really get inside of us.
12:51 He's first got to wash it out of us
12:53 and we have got to surrender that to the Lord. That's right.
12:55 That what you were just saying
12:57 is I use Romans 5:5 to teach that,
13:00 you know, 1 John 4:16 says that "God is love."
13:04 Romans 5:5 tells us how we can love
13:07 is that God pours His love into our heart
13:11 by His Holy Spirit. Absolutely.
13:14 So when He asks us to love Him with all of our heart, soul,
13:17 mind and strength or love our neighbor as yourself.
13:19 We can't. No.
13:21 We have to go to Him,
13:22 but even for a love between husband and wife,
13:25 it's got to be that.
13:27 She was wanting a self-sacrificing love.
13:29 You were not feeling valued
13:31 because he left everything for you to pick up, right?
13:33 That's correct.
13:34 So, now, so far what we were talking about it's really good,
13:37 but I don't want it to come across as theory to our viewers.
13:40 Oh, no, its not theory. So I want to back this up.
13:43 You're saying that when we recognize
13:46 we have been wounded, we have had distorted thinking
13:51 and somehow we gain knowledge to say I recognize this.
13:56 It's time to do something about it.
13:58 How did that happen for you?
14:00 You were a pastor
14:02 and you really weren't connected with the Lord.
14:04 You weren't filled with the Holy Spirit,
14:07 you're filled with rage, you're filled with rejection.
14:10 Tell me how it happened for you specifically
14:13 that God got your attention because we can say,
14:16 okay, you get new knowledge and you start new techniques.
14:19 How do you make that turnaround?
14:21 That turnaround happened after I had a PhD.
14:24 Okay. We were--
14:26 So everybody's got to go and get a PhD.
14:28 No, the PhD didn't do it. Trust us.
14:30 Didn't do nothing
14:32 and I was a pastor for many years
14:33 and I was in the parsonage
14:35 and Nancy and I were having a knock-down, blow-out battle.
14:40 Screaming and hollering and carrying
14:42 are one of those bad days and the door bell rang.
14:45 And I who was blasting her all the way to the door
14:48 and I opened up the door
14:50 and he says, "Are you Pastor Rockey?"
14:52 I said, "Yes." "Glad to meet you."
14:55 I went from a raging nut case just by a decision,
15:00 bang, I was fine and all that stuff,
15:02 now wait a minute if I can do that for a stranger,
15:06 why I can't do that to my wife?
15:08 Yeah. Wow.
15:11 And it took for us to then
15:14 begin to get the answer to that question,
15:18 why can't I do that?
15:20 And he couldn't because his resentment,
15:23 his greater resentment was toward his mother.
15:27 And when a couple marry
15:30 the husband takes out his resentment
15:32 toward his mother on the wife,
15:35 and the wife takes out her resentment
15:37 to her father on the husband.
15:39 So why did I have so much animosity toward her?
15:44 Because my mother didn't want me.
15:47 Does that means she didn't want me, me?
15:49 No, they couldn't afford anymore children
15:52 and she was in such denial
15:54 and then she couldn't take care of me in their early years.
15:57 My sister couldn't take care of me
15:58 and it was on and on and on,
16:00 so I built up a tremendous resentment
16:03 toward women in an intimate relationship.
16:06 I have to interject this thought.
16:08 My mother gave me some good advice.
16:10 She said, "Marry a man
16:12 who's got a good relationship with his mother."
16:14 And I did and it really does show.
16:16 I know that there's something in there because--
16:19 I am glad you said the word good. Yes.
16:21 Because there can be too good of a relationship
16:24 with mother then the wife suffers.
16:27 I agree there too but that's not a good relationship.
16:29 No, it isn't.
16:31 I mean, you go over in a way.
16:35 And with that kind of background,
16:37 I mean, she just drove me crazy
16:39 every time I turned around.
16:41 That wasn't her that was doing it.
16:42 But that was your moment of epiphany,
16:43 when you shook your hand out and realized,
16:45 hey, there's something that I chose to do here.
16:47 But what are some practical steps,
16:49 you know, once you recognize and you are on the right road,
16:52 you said you are doing new techniques,
16:53 but how do you make that turnaround
16:55 because there's people out here who are saying,
16:57 "Yeah, I would like to be spending time with the Lord,
16:59 I would like to be doing the right things, but I just--
17:01 You have to seek help. Okay.
17:03 You have to seek help.
17:05 The good book says there is wisdom
17:08 in the counsel of many and that's why--
17:14 oh my, many years ago, now 15 years ago,
17:17 Ron and I wrote the first program of recovery.
17:20 How do you do it? Here's the process.
17:23 You start here and it ends up recovery.
17:27 People tell us, I am nothing like I was.
17:31 Praise God.
17:33 Someone here this morning at the office said to me,
17:36 went to one of your seminars, quite a few years ago now.
17:41 And then I came to you and I asked you a question,
17:45 you gave me a couple of little pointers
17:47 and it began my turnaround,
17:50 my whole life turned right around
17:53 because I was determined
17:57 that I would have a good relationship with my partner,
18:02 with my children, and with my God.
18:05 If we are teachable, we are flexible.
18:06 But we have to say we need the help and go get it.
18:11 So that's why Ron and I wrote the program
18:14 called 'Binding the Wounds'
18:16 and the program called 'The Journey.'
18:18 And, you know, I am going to agree with you.
18:20 I believe that people need help.
18:22 I believe that they need good counseling.
18:24 For myself, I didn't go that route
18:26 in seeking outside counseling.
18:29 I just got into the Word and I wanted to know.
18:34 God just woke me up one day,
18:35 I think it was 2 Corinthians 1:20
18:37 that all of His promises remind
18:40 and I realized I wasn't living in them.
18:42 That happens for some. And not for all.
18:46 Actually, for very few
18:49 because the human heart needs to know its being heard
18:54 and many people need to speak their truth
18:59 and speak their story and know that someone,
19:04 other than the God that they can't see is hearing them
19:10 and accepting what they say at face value.
19:15 And that key point too we talked about.
19:18 In a previous program, we actually talked about
19:21 when you get to that point of recognition, you know,
19:25 my people die for lack of knowledge.
19:27 Recognition of what's going on?
19:29 You mentioned the idea of writing out a letter
19:33 and say if it was your father that had wounded you so badly,
19:37 but now for you, you didn't go that route.
19:39 You went directly to your mother and talked with her.
19:42 Yeah, primarily because I have great difficulty with writing.
19:45 Okay. Hand writing things out.
19:47 How did that go that when you went to--
19:49 I mean, certainly what the Bible says
19:52 if you have got odd with any brother-- That's right.
19:54 That's what we miss in the church
19:55 and we miss in humanity period.
19:58 You got and odd with your brother,
19:59 you got a need to go him.
20:01 And it ought being if you--
20:02 Resentment, bitterness, anger, malice
20:04 Or if you know that your--
20:06 somebody else got a resentment toward you,
20:09 you had to go to both directions.
20:11 I went to my mother and one evening I told Nancy,
20:14 I just-- I want to talk to mom for a minute
20:16 and I said, "Ma, are you feeling all right?
20:17 Yeah, you feel good. Tired, no.
20:20 And neither do I.
20:22 I would like to talk to you a couple of minutes."
20:23 And she said, "Is that all right? Yeah.
20:24 And she says, "I am going to bed."
20:26 I knew what was coming up.
20:27 And I didn't fear I belonged there,
20:29 that was between him and his mom.
20:31 And when I went is a history lesson.
20:33 I wasn't out to get you know, skeletons in the closet.
20:37 Or to accuse and blame.
20:38 Or to accuse and blame
20:40 because it's not about accusing and blaming.
20:41 No. It's understanding.
20:43 And I said, when I was around three,
20:44 there's a little farthest back that I can remember.
20:47 We used to live in a house there was a train going by
20:49 about 50 feet from the house.
20:51 Then she smiles says, "No, about 150 yards."
20:54 But with three-year-old we have,
20:56 worked conceptions and perceptions.
20:59 And I said, "Oh, so I asked her for few things about that
21:02 and the fire that happened in that house.
21:04 Then I went to another little thing that,
21:06 you know, that I remember.
21:07 Then I came to the big one.
21:09 The first one that I resented to her desperately about,
21:12 you remember, when I won that rabbit that time,
21:15 you know, I brought it home
21:17 and I built this little cage for it. Yeah.
21:19 I told you to watch it because I was going
21:21 to spend overnight at my friend's house. Yeah.
21:24 And I came home and that rabbit was dead.
21:27 She says, "Yeah." And I went quiet.
21:33 And I was trying to pick the right words.
21:35 I said, "I have hated you all my life for that,
21:39 can you forgive me?"
21:44 Did I accuse her? No.
21:47 She says, "Well, sure I forgive you.
21:49 Can, I remember--
21:52 Something remember I went out there with you
21:53 and turned the rabbit over
21:55 and there was two red marks on his throat.
21:58 I said a weasel got in there and killed it?"
22:00 "Yeah." It all came back to me.
22:04 So you didn't sit with your mother all your life.
22:07 Oh, I hated her for it. Oh, mercy.
22:09 And she didn't even know it. And she didn't even know it.
22:12 This is a good application of the Bible scripture,
22:15 if you got something against brother go talk to him
22:17 because as you said it's not just when you are child
22:20 but when you are child things get warped.
22:22 See, I could, I could-- And you know what--
22:24 I have to interject here, honey,
22:25 it's not just that one incident with the rabbit. No, no.
22:29 When a child has several incidents,
22:34 instances that occur,
22:35 repeated instances of the same kind.
22:39 Distrust which happened in birth.
22:42 The distrust sets in and in Ron's case he had a cat.
22:48 The cat, notoriously,
22:51 like most cats do became pregnant
22:54 and delivered 12 kittens.
22:56 One day his parents give him a quarter,
22:58 sent him to the movie, he came home
23:00 and the cat had been drowned with the all 12 of her kittens.
23:04 He had a Labrador retriever.
23:06 The Labrador retriever bit down on a hot electrical cord
23:11 and it did something to the lab's brain. Mentally.
23:15 So that the lab only would allow Ron anywhere near
23:19 and everybody else he wanted to bite and keep away.
23:23 So they gave him a quarter, sent him to the movies
23:26 and when he came home the black lab was gone.
23:29 So you see several of these instances taught him--
23:34 you can't trust a woman,
23:35 she will take the thing
23:37 that is nearest and dearest to your heart and do it in.
23:40 And so I went through the whole process of all that
23:42 never accusing her of anything,
23:44 taking the responsibility for the feelings I had toward her.
23:48 You took responsibilities. I took responsibility.
23:51 So it opened her up to confess back if she wanted to. Okay.
23:55 It was about me releasing my pain
23:58 and the feelings that I had toward her,
24:00 not to accuse her of anything.
24:02 And you see that's the same way
24:04 if you do it with the handwriting,
24:06 you are not accusing.
24:08 You are talking about how you felt
24:11 when these things happened
24:13 and as a result my behaviors have been,
24:18 and you list them. Okay.
24:20 So there's this turning point
24:23 and that turned out well with your mom.
24:25 Very well, as a matter of fact what the side effect was that,
24:28 was that I, two months later,
24:30 because after I cleaned it up with my mother
24:32 I found that I was treating my daughter differently.
24:35 The young girl that reminded me of my mother,
24:39 I was keeping her at a distance.
24:41 Really. And I didn't even know it.
24:44 So now I got some work to do with my daughter--
24:45 When you keep saying that this is what I love about you,
24:48 is I am learning something here
24:50 because you would think that when you said that
24:53 how controlling you were in your early marriage
24:55 and then when you were listing all these things
24:57 and talking to me about then you said,
24:59 "But I didn't even know it."
25:01 Right now you are talking about,
25:02 you keeping your daughter at distance,
25:04 but you didn't even know it.
25:06 Until they did, you see
25:07 and that's the Lord's job, He reveals that.
25:09 That's it. That's right.
25:10 He said, "He will lead us in the paths of right being,
25:12 righteousness for His namesake." Right.
25:17 "If you acknowledge Him in all your ways."
25:19 Absolutely. Absolutely.
25:21 Okay, so once you have made the turnaround
25:24 and as we are saying if you have to go get help--
25:26 we have only got like a minute and half.
25:29 Tell me some of the new techniques
25:31 when you are on this new road to recovery.
25:34 Well, I want to tell you
25:36 one of the side effects for sure. Okay.
25:38 People start noticing your changes.
25:41 All right. Big-time.
25:43 And our changes then become a blessing
25:48 to other people who are hurting.
25:51 They see, wow, you must be doing something.
25:55 What are you doing because you're becoming quite different?
26:00 And so our healing, our recovery
26:04 becomes impetus for them to do the same.
26:08 You are sharing that experience. Now, yes.
26:10 And now we are becoming "Ministers,"
26:13 we are ministering to others without ever preaching a word.
26:18 2 Corinthians 3:3, isn't it?
26:19 That you're a letter written on the heart."
26:21 Exactly. Absolutely.
26:22 As well as they will see your good works. Yeah.
26:26 And so you then are able to share with them.
26:29 Well, I have been doing some real in depth looking at me
26:35 and I have been counting on God to heal a lot of wounds I had.
26:42 And I like what you said about owning
26:45 your own thoughts about this
26:48 and instead of reacting to someone else
26:51 you are acting upon this.
26:52 It's like this is what I did, you know,
26:54 here's how I felt rejected, this is how I felt,
26:57 you know, anger, bitterness toward you. Right.
26:59 Forgive me, you are owning that--
27:01 Exactly. Okay.
27:03 So instead of blaming others you are owning your part.
27:06 That's good. Your responsibility.
27:08 And in giving it up to Him to take with. Amen.
27:10 I just took a peek at the clock, it's all gone.
27:12 Oh. Again.
27:14 Thank you all so much for coming.
27:16 We really do appreciate both of you
27:17 and the ministry that you.
27:19 Do remind folks to click the button.
27:21 Yes, their website is
27:29 That's
27:34 and there's a button on there for 3ABN viewers,
27:36 you can just push on that button
27:38 and download all the information
27:40 that we have been discussing in this series with the Rockeys.
27:43 We want to thank you so much for joining us
27:45 and hope that you have learned something
27:48 that you can really put into practice from this series.
27:51 And right now we just want God
27:53 to bless you abundantly and enjoy His blessings.


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