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00:30 Welcome to "Issues and Answers".
00:32 My name is J.D. Quinn.
00:34 We have a wonderful program today.
00:36 I think one that you will really enjoy.
00:39 We are going to be talking about
00:40 "Families in the Last Days."
00:42 And I'm so honored to have Dr. Howard Weems with me today.
00:47 It's Dr. Howard Weems Jr. It is me.
00:51 Welcome to "Issues and Answers."
00:53 Thank you. I'm happy to be here.
00:55 First thing that I'd like to do Dr. Weems
00:57 is find out something about you.
01:00 Tell our audience who you are?
01:02 Where do you work?
01:03 Who did you get-- what caught
01:04 your interest in "Families in the Last Days?"
01:08 Well, first of all I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.
01:13 About two-and-a-half,
01:15 three I was from Huntsville, Alabama.
01:17 And there I grew up among seven siblings.
01:23 And I'm the only son in the family.
01:27 Yes, and so Pentecostal background parents,
01:31 you know, where our father minister and so forth.
01:34 So your father is a Pentecostal pastor?
01:37 Minister, yes. Okay, wow.
01:39 Yes, so it's kind of an interesting story
01:41 how I became part of this faith.
01:44 You know, I was at home one Sunday,
01:46 and a literature evangelist came and gave
01:49 Bible studies, you know.
01:50 Pastor Harris Malone, he is a pastor today.
01:52 Amen. And he brought me in
01:54 and interestingly I was considering going to school,
01:59 but was not decided on the right one to attend.
02:03 And he told me about Oakwood College
02:06 and how wonderful it was
02:08 and I enrolled in and was accepted.
02:11 And from there, you know, my ministry started,
02:15 from there to South Atlantic Conference
02:17 and then Northeastern Conference.
02:19 And in Northeastern I was confronted
02:20 with all kinds of issues in the church.
02:23 You know, many times we think the church is sanitized,
02:26 no problems, but the church
02:28 is a hospital for sick people.
02:31 You know, sin sick souls.
02:32 And so we have all kinds of issues
02:34 and people don't understand that.
02:36 And so being confronted with certain issues,
02:39 you know, and it says pedophilia,
02:42 divorce, family violence,
02:44 you know child abuse and all kinds of issues,
02:47 you know, chemical or substance abuse.
02:50 I wanted to understand better,
02:52 how to carry out my functions.
02:54 So I went back to school,
02:55 already I had a Master's Degree from Andrews University
02:58 and a B.A. from Oakwood College.
03:01 And so I went back and I studied psychology,
03:04 organizational psychology that really
03:07 helped me to put it in perspective.
03:09 And two wonderful books, "Mind, Character, and Personality"
03:12 those two volumes, you know,
03:14 really helped me to keep--
03:15 And who writes that?
03:17 Ellen G. White. Ellen G. White.
03:18 Right. So you'd recommend reading
03:21 that book? Absolutely.
03:22 And what's that name of it?
03:24 "Mind, Character, and Personality."
03:25 It gives you a psychological perspective
03:29 of... theology so to speak.
03:33 It brings both together.
03:34 She talks about hereditary tendency trace
03:37 that we can pass on.
03:38 The importance of eating right
03:41 and creating the proper environment conducive
03:43 for rearing God centered children and discipline.
03:47 I mean she talks about pretty much
03:50 what I studied on university level.
03:52 Amen. Yeah.
03:53 So now you were a pastor, you go back and then
03:57 you get a Ph.D. in psychology, an organizational psychology.
04:00 Yes. Then where does that take you?
04:02 That took me to Oakwood College or Oakwood University.
04:07 Okay. As it stands now--
04:09 And that's where you got your B.A.
04:11 That's where I got my B.A. Was kind of like
04:12 you went back home. I went back home to give back.
04:15 Okay, amen. To make a contribution
04:18 to the school, that was so wonderful to me.
04:20 Amen. Yeah. They give me my start.
04:21 And I think that's were you are today, is that right?
04:24 I am, I'm there teaching.
04:27 Many people say,
04:28 "What are you teaching, theology department?"
04:29 I said no, physiology.
04:31 And that really takes a lot of people
04:32 by surprise to know that a minister
04:35 for 17 or 18 years is teaching psychology.
04:39 But I do see where I can be true to the principles of God
04:41 in teaching, using those two volumes
04:44 "Mind, Character, and Personality"
04:46 to keep things on track.
04:48 Another book that I really
04:49 like that I-- that I read, oh, I go through
04:53 at least three or four times a week it's the Adventist Home
04:56 and it's also written by Ellen G. White.
04:58 Oh, that's a beautiful volume also.
05:01 I use it you know, when I talk about children,
05:04 discipline, you know, rearing children and so forth.
05:08 Beautiful book, it keeps you focused.
05:11 It keeps you from straying-- Amen.
05:14 Too far. And it's so well written
05:16 and it's so practical that it's easy to understand.
05:19 It is very practical.
05:21 I mean a physiologist cannot compete
05:24 what she says in that book.
05:26 I mean it's-- and interestingly
05:30 she says the same thing that many in the field,
05:34 you know, we say, Ericson and you know,
05:37 and those individuals.
05:38 They believe the religion is important to child development.
05:41 Yes. Now our topic here is on Last Day Families.
05:47 Correct. So first of all,
05:49 we're in present day, but we are looking forward
05:52 to the troubled times ahead. Right.
05:53 And how does the trouble that we experience today?
05:57 How is that going to be multiplied into the future?
05:59 But before we go there, we have to see
06:01 if you have experienced.
06:03 Do you have children?
06:04 Oh, yes, I do. I do, the Lord has blessed
06:06 with two wonderful children.
06:08 I have a boy, or male,
06:10 he probably would like me to say boy, and a female.
06:15 Amen. You know, my son is at Oakwood,
06:17 studying theology and business.
06:19 Amen. And my daughter
06:21 is at Andrews University. She's doing her
06:22 Master's Degree in Education. She wants to be a missionary.
06:26 Wonderful. Teach education.
06:27 Wonderful. And your wife?
06:29 My wife is a nurse practitioner.
06:31 And she has a doctorate
06:32 also in Curriculum Development in Education.
06:35 So two Ph.D.'s in one family.
06:38 This is a smart family.
06:39 Well, I guess, you might say that.
06:42 Amen, I love that.
06:44 Let's go now.
06:46 We are talking about the sacredness of family.
06:48 So you think because God ordained family
06:51 that if we are indeed children of God,
06:55 then we should not have any challenges.
06:57 Everything should be just on rosy street.
07:00 Is that the way it was?
07:01 No, incorrect, incorrect.
07:04 God created two sacred institutions.
07:08 In the very beginning the Sabbath and family,
07:11 they both were sacred.
07:14 The devil attacked the Sabbath and He would continue to,
07:17 it will be a point of contention we're told,
07:20 until the second coming of Jesus Christ,
07:23 it's a testing truth.
07:24 So likewise the family, you know, would be tested,
07:27 a point of contention and the enemy will attack
07:30 also the family, because it is a vehicle for salvation.
07:34 If you have well trained children
07:37 in the way of God, they are
07:39 powerful force in God's army.
07:41 Otherwise if we have children that are not trained
07:44 that well anything to God, you know,
07:46 they become instruments
07:48 in the hands of the kingdom of darkness.
07:50 And what you want to do
07:51 is try your very best to put good principles,
07:55 and rear children, and the family is designed
07:58 to protect children and to send them out
08:02 as missionaries in the world.
08:04 You know, to make other Christian families.
08:07 Amen. You know,
08:09 and it perpetuates and it goes on and on and on.
08:12 And so we have to do our jobs.
08:14 We have to make sure that we don't take chances
08:17 and I'm very passionate about certain aspects of it because
08:20 I've talked to people, I've spoken to people
08:22 who are-- one lady said to me,
08:24 "I love my daughter to go and spend
08:26 the night with a friend."
08:28 And there someone came in and from the other room
08:34 I was suppose and molested her, a 10-year old.
08:38 And when we make unwise decisions,
08:41 you know, for our children, we are actually setting them up
08:45 or programming them for tools of the devil.
08:49 You know, we could program
08:50 them for heaven or hell.
08:52 And so again I'm using my keyword,
08:54 we have to be intentional and understand
08:56 that we are in a spiritual warfare.
08:58 And so we just don't help hazardly
09:01 or casually go through,
09:05 you know, the motion of being a parent.
09:08 But we have to understand
09:10 what a true parent is and this is sacred responsibility.
09:14 Amen. And I'm assuming
09:16 the church children are healthy,
09:17 balanced children, is that right?
09:19 Well, they are fairly balanced,
09:20 they have their issues too,
09:22 but it's a thing that teens go through,
09:24 you know, they grow up
09:26 and they have different, you know,
09:28 it's normal for teenager
09:30 to challenge authority to an adolescent, this is normal.
09:34 You know, they are trying to develop
09:36 their own philosophy of life.
09:38 And so they are thinking like adults.
09:39 And that's why we have conflicts and certain conflicts,
09:42 because now they can think
09:43 like we do and so they tend to challenge.
09:47 Utmost, so there is normal, there is normal.
09:48 Amen, so you are bringing in here
09:50 that you need have an intentional game plan.
09:53 In my mind when you say intentional,
09:56 the word comes to my mind is deliberate.
09:58 Yes, yes. Okay.
09:59 So we have a deliberate game plan.
10:01 And that we want our children to grow up
10:03 and be responsible men and women.
10:06 Men and women who have a balanced sense,
10:10 of who are they are in Jesus Christ.
10:12 Absolutely. That they want to serve
10:14 and yet they want to be served, is that right?
10:16 Right, absolutely.
10:18 And so how do you do that?
10:20 You've been there, you've done that.
10:21 So whenever your son, whenever your daughter,
10:25 they decide they want to do it their way.
10:29 Now, being that you have
10:31 an intentional direction for their life.
10:34 I mean, I don't expect you to give me
10:36 your whole family history in five seconds.
10:38 But I mean, how do you handle that?
10:41 Well, I wouldn't see that I have
10:45 a intentional or an intentional direction for their life
10:49 in terms of career path. Okay.
10:52 You know, the Bible says train up a child
10:54 in the way that he or she should go,
10:56 you know, when the child is old,
10:59 he or she will not depart far from that.
11:01 So the Bible is actually talking about
11:04 vocational tendencies here.
11:06 You know, you see the strong points,
11:08 the strengths in a child and you try to foster
11:11 that and kind of nudge
11:14 a child gently in that direction.
11:16 You know, and so that they can better serve God.
11:19 And the most important thing to understand as a parent
11:23 I think is that there will be conflicts.
11:26 There are no conflict free families.
11:29 There are no conflict free relationships.
11:33 You know, a person said it to me once,
11:34 well I've been married for 20 years,
11:36 and we never had an argument.
11:37 And I am saying, wow,
11:40 Someone does not have a personality here.
11:43 You know, a good relationship,
11:45 you know, you will experience conflict.
11:48 You know, that's where growth takes place.
11:51 But you stay on board, you don't abandon the ship.
11:54 You stay on boarding grow. Amen.
11:57 And often I say that relationship plus salvific.
12:00 You know, you're growing,
12:02 you're becoming more like Christ,
12:03 you know, as you love your spouse
12:06 in spite of the weaknesses.
12:09 Your children in spite of the negative things
12:11 they do that you don't like.
12:13 You continue to love.
12:14 You're becoming more like Christ.
12:16 And that's the time that many people
12:18 want to go out and get a divorce and abandon the relationship,
12:23 things are going wrong.
12:24 But it's okay, you will have struggle,
12:26 expect struggles. Amen.
12:27 That's what makes you strong in Jesus Christ.
12:29 And this will makes salvation more realize.
12:33 I like that-- Salvific relationship.
12:36 That's salvation, is that take from salvation.
12:38 Yes, it is, it is taken from salvation.
12:40 Amen. So that I have
12:42 to fall to salvation, you know,
12:43 trials are not bad in a relationship.
12:46 And if you don't understand that you are in one relationship,
12:49 and get into another one, and have the same problem,
12:52 because you take the same baggage and the same problems
12:55 that you didn't overcome in other relationship
12:57 and they compound and you find yourself
13:01 going in and out of relationships.
13:02 So stay in it, stay in the fire in the crucible as we say.
13:07 So in your family you are the "House Man."
13:11 Yes, the house band.
13:12 House band? Yes, the husband.
13:15 The husband. Yeah.
13:16 And that basically is the priesthood
13:19 of believers, is that right?
13:20 Absolutely. Okay.
13:23 So what is your role?
13:25 Well the role of a priest is that of fostering.
13:28 The principles of God in your home
13:32 upholding the standards of God,
13:35 you know, giving spiritual insight
13:37 and guidance, it's not to rule over or to Lord over.
13:42 You know, but it is to foster
13:44 good godly characteristics.
13:46 And I do think that God will give you the influence
13:49 to do what you need to do as a priest,
13:51 if you're living the life.
13:53 You know, God puts a man in that position.
13:57 He has to do that. Amen.
13:59 You know, and a man earns the respect
14:01 of his family when he is not hypocritical. Yes.
14:04 You know, when he is living a life
14:06 the best that he knows how.
14:07 So the keyword is consistency.
14:09 Consistency. Don't say one thing and do another.
14:13 Yes. Yes, it's very important.
14:15 Now, your wife as the mother of the house,
14:20 what is her role?
14:22 We see what the house band is?
14:25 Right, and now, yeah both are very important,
14:27 because if the house band's role is not carried out properly
14:31 or the husband's role is not carried out properly.
14:34 If the man drops the ball and then
14:36 the devil comes in and he, you know,
14:39 God gave children male and female.
14:41 And it's very important to understand
14:43 that the male is very important at home.
14:45 So if he is not there, you know,
14:47 I'm gonna come back to the wife,
14:48 but I want to say I used to do prison ministry.
14:50 And in the prison 90%, you know,
14:54 of those they came from a broken home,
14:56 in which the father was not there.
14:59 So that tells me something about the importance you know,
15:02 that male's roles, so if he drops the ball
15:05 you know, it's a catastrophe.
15:08 But the woman's role is to, the Bible says 'help meet.'
15:12 So they have to work together, you know,
15:15 not one being above the other, you know.
15:17 But now if the others want to stray from God's principle,
15:21 it is the husband's responsibility to say,
15:24 look God says, we should do this,
15:26 and I think we should obey the voice of God.
15:28 Amen. I am going to jump to a totally
15:31 different direction right now.
15:33 We are going to talk about the exploitation of women.
15:35 Sure. And mainly
15:37 that exploitation of women comes from the media.
15:41 It does. Now how do we get around that?
15:44 What's healthy? What's not healthy?
15:46 Well, the media puts a lot of research
15:51 into commercials, into videos.
15:54 They know what appeals
15:55 to the human eye especially males.
15:59 You know, they know
16:01 that when a man sees an attractive female our chemicals,
16:05 dopamine, you know, the brain is washed
16:07 with dopamine and he desire to repeat that behavior.
16:11 You know, over and over again
16:12 they know the psychological ramifications involved
16:15 and it so women are exploited.
16:17 They sell anything from what automobiles
16:20 to real estate to appliances.
16:23 You know, they sell everything
16:25 and so I think this is a form of exploitation.
16:28 You know, even in musical videos
16:30 I mean some of the stuff I see
16:31 on TV now it's just breathtaking.
16:34 You know, I'm ready to throw out
16:36 my television, I cannot even watch
16:37 it in peace anymore, because I have to watch
16:40 it with my finger on the control switch.
16:43 I don't know what's going to jump up,
16:45 even in a commercial.
16:48 I know that in pastoral we got lots of calls,
16:52 that that's the reason that they have landed on 3ABN,
16:55 because it is a family centered Christian programming.
17:01 And they love it, because they are not like
17:04 going to certain other 30 minute-sitcoms.
17:08 Once you just sit there and if you are accidentally
17:10 channel surfing and you catch it,
17:12 and my goodness the language that they are using.
17:15 And much well, what they are inferring.
17:18 And it doesn't take long before Satan fans way
17:21 to slip right in there.
17:22 If you decide, oops, what is this about, you know?
17:25 And so that's the reason, that's one of the reasons
17:28 that 3ABN is becoming so popular.
17:31 Absolutely. It's because, you know,
17:33 it's not sitting there flirting with things
17:36 that will invite Satan into your home and into your life.
17:39 But I can imagine a poor lady out here,
17:42 just trying to do the very best that she can.
17:45 Maybe that she was a little prettier than
17:48 maybe her next door neighbor something like that.
17:51 But yet, she can get a lot of baggage
17:53 that she's going to carry along,
17:54 because of all this exploitation.
17:56 Right. The media, you know, praise God for 3ABN,
18:00 I think God's blessings of finding the program
18:04 and I pray, you know, that He will continue to lead.
18:06 I love the direction it is going.
18:09 But we have to also understand
18:11 I guess that this system of the world,
18:14 you know, we talk about the world.
18:15 What do we mean when we say come out of the world.
18:18 You know, there is a worldly system
18:20 that Satan is working through.
18:21 You know, that's not meant to foster
18:25 any positive characters, you know, in children.
18:28 You know, it's a worldly system,
18:30 you know, even in Hollywood.
18:34 So I guess we need to be a aware
18:37 of that so as we get closer to the end of time,
18:40 I do think many program like 3ABN will develop,
18:44 you know, because of the need
18:46 or the desire for those sincere people
18:48 who are trying to obey God, you know.
18:51 To have some type of alternative, you know.
18:54 And 3ABN provides that alternative.
18:56 Amen, amen. Well it's just amazing
18:59 how the doors are opening up.
19:01 God is opening up the doors, because people
19:03 are looking for an alternative. Right.
19:05 They're looking for something that's clean for something
19:07 as descent that the whole family
19:08 can watch--and not only that it's educational.
19:11 Absolutely. You know,
19:13 of which I don't understand the dopamine
19:15 and all that kind of stuff.
19:16 Right, I guess I should have explained it better.
19:20 It is a chemical that is also in the brain.
19:23 See the body naturally has certain chemicals.
19:27 You know, cocaine really does that make us high.
19:30 What it does it blocks the receptor so that the --well,
19:36 I don't want to get into the biological book,
19:38 but it keeps the chemical in our nervous system longer,
19:41 so that we would feel elated.
19:44 Okay, so it's a pleasure drug is--
19:46 It is involved when there is the addiction to sex
19:50 or to drugs, alcohol, you know,
19:53 that's one of those chemicals that's involved.
19:56 And that's what makes you want to repeat,
19:58 that's your incentive for repeat in the behavior.
20:00 Amen. Boy, it's complicated.
20:03 Yeah, I'm trying not to be complicated.
20:05 I'm trying not to be.
20:06 Now whenever you are in the academic world,
20:08 you know, you are so bright.
20:11 Our word is trying to keep up over here you know--
20:13 I'm trying to stay simple, yeah.
20:14 You are doing wonderful.
20:15 Let's go to, because of all of this happening,
20:20 all this peripheral activities going on.
20:22 Exploitation, drugs, media, you know,
20:26 sex, rock and roll.
20:30 We got divorce. Right.
20:32 We have divorce and--
20:35 And the broken dreams.
20:36 Broken dreams and many and I must say the ministry
20:41 is not exempt from divorces.
20:44 You know, when key people
20:46 in key positions, young people
20:48 see it and they say, well, wow, you know,
20:51 if they can't keep it together
20:53 there is no hope you know, for us.
20:55 And so we just as well cohabitate and,
20:58 you know, not cross the line.
21:00 And that's another dangerous thing to do.
21:02 So we have to pray.
21:08 We have to pray. Amen.
21:09 Amen. Because we do hear stories
21:12 all the time, well this didn't work out,
21:15 this didn't work out, you know.
21:16 And so it does catch us in a net,
21:18 it's kind of like a spider web out there, you know.
21:21 It just seems like, you know that,
21:23 if you are not careful, you can just--oh I'm going
21:26 to push the envelope a little bit, you know.
21:28 And may be step over there
21:30 and get yourself caught in that web.
21:31 Absolutely, and also we have to look
21:33 at it from a eschatological perspective,
21:37 sorry about that word.
21:38 And what does it mean? You know,
21:40 live in time perspective, the great controversy.
21:43 See if we can look at this situation
21:45 from the standpoint of the great controversy.
21:49 You know, we are involved in great conflict,
21:52 and the devil is after the minister.
21:54 Amen. In the pulpit.
21:56 Amen. You know, he would
21:57 get in your children.
21:59 He would get in your spouses,
22:00 so that you will lose your moral authority, you know.
22:03 But my encouragement is keep on ministering,
22:06 you know, keep on ministering
22:07 and make it a character-building moment, you know,
22:10 because God can still use you, although you go through
22:12 those experiences, God can use you in a greater way.
22:16 And so no one is exempt from the problems of life.
22:21 Because you know, we talk about
22:23 the great controversy and it seems
22:25 like with many people that may just go over your head
22:27 that's one of those Christian terms.
22:29 Right, right, right. Between good and evil
22:30 that there is indeed a war that's going on. Yes.
22:34 And these are the repercussions of that war that's going on.
22:39 Absolutely. You've got reality here,
22:41 and you got deception over here.
22:43 Right, right, right. And you know, and people,
22:46 and probably going back to what you first said,
22:50 talking about, if they are not intentionally,
22:52 if the parents aren't deliberate bringing their children up.
22:55 Listen, God has a plan for your life.
22:57 Absolutely. You know,
22:58 if you will turn your life over to Him,
23:00 if you will invite the Holy Spirit
23:02 in through His grace, He will direct you.
23:06 And seems like that taken the high road.
23:08 Absolutely. Verses you know,
23:11 you got the other set over here,
23:12 just want to do at their own way.
23:14 Oh, daddy, you don't understand,
23:15 I'm a little bit different.
23:16 Now how we are going to bring that backup here?
23:18 Well, son I do know, you know,
23:21 Jesus Christ knew, He walked
23:22 the same earth as we do. Absolutely.
23:24 And the Bible is perfectly clear,
23:26 if that there wasn't anything we are going through today
23:27 that He didn't go through.
23:29 All points attempted, you are right.
23:30 How in the world-- how do we balance all of this?
23:34 We balance it by understanding
23:35 that we are in a great war between good and evil, you know.
23:40 And our hope is that we would hang in there
23:42 and keep serving God.
23:45 You know, we will come through,
23:47 you know, but the greatest mistake
23:49 we can make is to let go off the arm of God
23:53 or to step back from ministry.
23:56 You see, you remain faithful to God
23:57 regardless of what comes your way?
23:59 And I think that's where the reward is.
24:01 Amen. Now we are so happy
24:04 because mom and dad had made it through
24:07 their first seven years of marriage
24:09 or eight years of marriage.
24:10 Is this the easiest time of their relationship
24:13 or is this is the hardest time of their relationship?
24:15 Is it still going uphill after a year eight
24:18 or is it going downhill?
24:19 Have they reached the plateau?
24:21 What's going on?
24:22 Well, there are many dynamics here.
24:24 We are dealing within the first seven years.
24:27 And the most difficult part I would say for seven years.
24:33 Number one, the euphoria of that first love,
24:37 you know, people get on this love high.
24:40 And they tend to think it's going to last forever,
24:44 but at best you get a year out of this,
24:46 six months to a year.
24:48 After that, what?
24:50 You know, if you have not built
24:51 a strong foundational Jesus Christ,
24:55 you are in trouble, or the marriage is in trouble.
24:59 God pays is the love you want to operate in.
25:02 Love because it is the right thing to do.
25:04 Love because this is what God would have you to do.
25:08 And so the euphoria is gone.
25:10 Now you're going to have conflicts,
25:12 you're seeing the side of your spouse
25:13 that you've never seen before.
25:16 You know, and the biological changes,
25:18 midlife crisis, and menopause
25:21 and all kinds of things going on.
25:23 You know, where spouses will gain weight
25:25 and different features will begin to change.
25:29 And who are men and men if they are not rooted
25:30 in Jesus Christ will look for younger females
25:34 to make sure they still have it or they are not losing it.
25:37 So we have physiological, spiritual things
25:40 that is going on you know,
25:41 and we have to be aware of that,
25:43 and we, I believe, if we are aware,
25:46 we can avert many problems, you know, that we're having,
25:50 because a grass is not as green as it looks.
25:52 It's a deception, it is a mirage,
25:55 they say it creates, you know, to deceive us.
25:58 And once we go chasing it, he leads us to destruction.
26:01 Amen. All our life it is so miserable
26:04 that we wish we had never gone.
26:06 Amen. What a neat-- what a neat word mirage,
26:09 'Cause I think that boy, the light came on
26:13 when you said 'mirage.'
26:14 Because I remember you know,
26:16 as you're lost walking through the desert you know,
26:19 and you think that you see the oasis.
26:22 And so you know, you buy into it and boy
26:24 it gives you that extra little after get to the oasis
26:27 and of course you get there.
26:29 Disappointment. Yeah.
26:30 Let's talk about in the last say...
26:32 minute, 'spiritual preparation.'
26:36 Okay, for the common or for families?
26:39 For families. Okay.
26:41 Spiritual preparation is very important.
26:43 It's the only way we are going to be spared
26:45 many of the social yields in the world today,
26:47 although, we are influenced by them greatly.
26:50 Number one, we have to create
26:52 an environment in our home,
26:53 it should be spiritual and nurturing.
26:55 And now just enforcing the love
26:57 you know, in a negative way.
26:59 But in love, you know
27:00 love your children, love your family.
27:02 Number two. Make sure they go
27:04 to a Christian school as much as possible.
27:06 Christian schools do have their downside,
27:09 you know, but I rather have my children
27:11 in a Christian school then in a secular school
27:14 any day where God is freely talked about.
27:18 Number three, make sure
27:19 when you are starting a family that you don't do
27:22 it prematurely. Amen.
27:24 Take time. You tell some people
27:27 that it takes three years to get to know someone,
27:30 they want to drawback, but it takes time.
27:33 And make sure you're following God's direction.
27:37 Dr. Weems, I just want to thank you
27:38 so much for being with us today on ''Issues and Answers.''
27:42 Yeah, thank you for having me and I look forward
27:44 to do it in again sometime.
27:45 We will do it again sometime.
27:47 Thank you. I just want to thank each one
27:49 of you for being with us today on "Issues and Answers.''
27:52 I know that we all learned
27:53 something special today, God bless you.


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