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00:31 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:32 and we welcome you again to "Issues and Answers."
00:36 Today our issue is going to be exposing the counterfeit.
00:40 Unmasking the one who masquerades
00:43 as an angel of light.
00:44 You know, in 2 Corinthians Chapter 11,
00:47 Paul writes and he says in verse 14.
00:50 "It is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades
00:53 as an angel of light."
00:55 You know, John wrote in 1 John,
00:57 God is love but he also said "God is light
00:59 and in Him there is no darkness at all."
01:02 Paul goes on he says, so here Satan masquerading
01:04 as an angel of light so it is not surprising
01:08 if your servants also masquerade
01:10 as ministers of righteousness
01:11 but they are in will not correspond with their deeds.
01:14 Now let me introduce my guest, you know,
01:16 I'm try to tie that scripture in with what we're talking about.
01:21 Our guest is Herb Larson from Canada,
01:23 international businessman, extraordinary
01:26 and the president of Imagine Life Ministries.
01:30 You are really a lay minister too.
01:32 You go out and do a lot of ministry. Yeah.
01:33 I'm a tent maker I guess is what you call me
01:35 because of I don't charge to do ministry but I--
01:38 you know, so I support myself with my business.
01:41 And you know, and getting to know you,
01:43 you really do have a deep personal
01:44 relationship with the Lord.
01:46 Sometimes some of the things you say are little edgy
01:48 but I think you do that in purpose,
01:50 a little shock factor to get people's attention.
01:51 Oh, I think so.
01:52 I think sometimes we need to get off top to edge center,
01:54 you know, and even myself.
01:57 So you take a bit of an edgy stands on things
02:00 and it gets people thinking.
02:01 I mean, I love it when I go speak at a pastor
02:04 retreat or something, they debate for two days. Yeah.
02:07 Because what it does is, is I'm not trying to be,
02:12 you know, negative or anti-bible
02:13 but if you bring things up to get people to think
02:15 and discuss guess what,
02:16 out of that comes sometimes
02:19 you know, benefit. Amen. Amen.
02:22 Now we know the scripture that I started with
02:24 I don't know the Holy Spirit just seem to impress that.
02:27 What--on my mind before we begin
02:29 and what I'm thinking is that
02:31 because Satan masquerades as an angel of light.
02:34 The Bible says that His word is light unto the feet
02:39 and lamp unto my path.
02:40 The entrance of this word brings light.
02:42 But what happens is Satan is always trying to get us
02:45 to doubt God's word.
02:46 He's always bringing forth some theories,
02:49 some--something that is a counterfeit to God's word
02:53 and he has this false light if you will.
02:56 It's kind of like, you know,
02:57 the moon has no light of its own,
02:59 it only can reflect the sun.
03:02 Well, Satan has no light
03:05 but his reflection is a distorted reflection
03:07 because he's trying to fool people.
03:10 So when you're talking about you doing a little things edgy
03:14 and you're looking at me like where is she going,
03:16 but when you're talking about doing things a little bit edgy,
03:19 you mention something to me that
03:21 I felt so fascinating I wanted to talk about this.
03:24 And that is as you are practicing friendship evangelism
03:29 and practicing-- you're witnessing,
03:32 telling your testimony to people.
03:34 People generally speaking they start calling you back
03:38 and you got them into the Bible,
03:39 reading it hour a day.
03:42 And they call you back and they start asking questions.
03:45 You send out your own Bible studies
03:48 and they get to that point of studying the Sabbath.
03:52 Now when they come back you don't give them opinion,
03:55 you just have questions and scriptures. Absolutely.
03:59 But when they come back to you,
04:01 how do you take someone through
04:03 the counterfeit of the Sabbath?
04:06 Well, first of all and you've already brought it up
04:08 I think well enough as we have to recognize it for--
04:11 one thing important.
04:12 For everything God is against
04:14 to there's a fake forgery or counterfeit.
04:16 There's actually a book published,
04:18 non-religious book
04:20 called fake forgeries and counterfeits.
04:22 And what it is it's basically a Bible on how to do that
04:25 in essence I mean, not a Bible
04:26 but you know, I mean, it's a how to manual.
04:28 Because it's really trying to teach people how fakes
04:30 and forgeries all happen.
04:32 But the interesting thing is unless you,
04:35 unless you study the original, you're gonna be duped.
04:38 Because if you study nothing
04:39 but fake throughout your life--
04:41 like I'm involved in art, I'm an artist.
04:43 And so you know, if I look at somebody
04:46 and it looks like a shingle or whatever else
04:49 looks to me like a very much could be that.
04:52 But if I study shingle's original
04:54 so the point where I'm in front of that thing,
04:56 you know, 10 inches away looking at every detail.
04:58 And now I see a counterfeit, it gonna be very evident to me,
05:00 same with the Bible.
05:02 If you're in the Bible and you're studying the real,
05:05 the counterfeits become quite obvious.
05:08 But if you aren't in the Bible
05:09 spending a serious amount of time
05:10 studying the real or the original
05:13 then it's pretty easy to get messed up
05:15 and what may be a counterfeit.
05:17 So just what everything we do
05:19 it all comes back to spending time in the Bible
05:22 understanding the original or the authentic. Okay.
05:25 And then and only then can we understand the counterfeit.
05:28 So with that in mind nobody wants to be duped,
05:32 nobody wants to buy the Picasso that's a fake.
05:36 Especially spending the real value and getting a fake.
05:39 And so it's the same thing in spiritual things.
05:42 I mean nobody wants to get duped.
05:44 And so, so when people come to me first of all
05:47 I lead them to Jesus through my testimony.
05:50 We did a program once before and that, you and I.
05:53 I lead them only by sharing what's happened to me
05:56 and then from that point on
05:58 it is not my job to push them into
06:00 when I think they should understand certain doctrines
06:03 or certain biblical, you know,
06:05 what I would call the meat of the word.
06:07 'Cause Paul in 1 Corinthians 3 was very specific,
06:11 he went and evangelized,
06:12 he spent 18 months evangelizing the Corinthians.
06:16 Four and half years later,
06:18 he now writes them back that's 1 Corinthians.
06:22 And he writes them back and says I left you on milk
06:24 'cause you couldn't handle the meat. Yes.
06:27 And it's-- and he says you still can't.
06:30 Now that certifies in the face
06:32 sometimes that what we may be come to the conclusion of.
06:35 Paul should have given them more back then.
06:36 But no, he's like Jesus.
06:38 Jesus told the disciples when He's ready to leave,
06:39 He says, there are many things I like to tell you but I can't.
06:42 I will leave that up to the Holy Spirit to tell you that.
06:45 Paul did that later on with the Corinthians.
06:47 So what do we're supposed to do?
06:48 So I leave lot of that up to the Holy Spirit
06:51 and the timing of the Holy Spirit,
06:53 if they're in the Bible and I'm spending time with them
06:55 since study this about Jesus, study that about Jesus.
06:58 Recognize He needs you and He wants you,
07:00 so search share what's happened to you already.
07:01 I get people sharing their testimony right off the bat
07:05 whether before they've hardly know anything.
07:07 'Cause I said this is, I don't know much.
07:08 I said, doesn't matter what's already happened,
07:10 you're excited about life now, you can study in the Bible.
07:12 You got this fresh outlook.
07:15 Share that with somebody else. You think that?
07:17 I said yeah, it will make a difference in their lives.
07:19 And when you see a make difference,
07:20 you recognize God needs you, God wants you. Amen.
07:23 And so that's all part of holding them on the milk.
07:26 In other words, letting them taste this courtship.
07:29 I mean, my wife and I courted,
07:32 yeah, I pretty much knew very, very soon in the first look
07:35 that hey, she would be somebody
07:36 I could probably get married to.
07:38 And I could have probably said
07:40 and she thought I was the right one,
07:41 right off the bat too.
07:42 So we could have said hey, you know, it seems right,
07:44 let's just get married
07:46 and forgo the two and the half years of courtship.
07:49 But I want to tell you something. All right.
07:50 Where did you get two and half years
07:51 that's just your personal experience?
07:53 Well, two and half years of courtship
07:54 before we got married.
07:55 But we could have said forget
07:56 that part of it just get married.
07:57 I'm just trying to say that's not doctrinal,
07:59 you don't have to date two and half years or--
08:01 No, that's true. Yeah. I know exactly.
08:03 What you didn't know--
08:05 anyhow, so the two and half years
08:07 of courtship though was--
08:09 it stills a highlight in your life. Yes.
08:12 The little games, the little flirting,
08:14 all those little need things that take place
08:17 as you get to know each other.
08:19 The new dimension that unfolds everyday.
08:21 Well, let's read what dating Jesus in essence.
08:23 When you first come to know Him, it's--
08:26 you read in the Bible and you begin to find these
08:29 little things about Him, you know.
08:31 And it's like, it's His courtship time.
08:33 We need the courtship, that what builds the foundation.
08:36 That's what says yes, He is worth it.
08:39 And yes, when it comes to some of the rules and regulations
08:42 sometimes that we see in the Bible they all are valid.
08:46 And now I could understand now
08:47 they have a relationship with Him.
08:48 Why they are important in my life?
08:50 Not just keeping rules. Yeah.
08:53 As you suddenly realize these are boundaries of love
08:56 that He's saying. Absolutely, inner joy.
08:58 These rules are really not rules as much as it is saying.
09:01 This is something I'm gonna empower you to do
09:02 to walk in His path to protect you.
09:05 It's like you know, if you're driving
09:07 on a some mountainous road and it has no guardrail,
09:12 it can be pretty frightening trying to drive up there
09:15 and if you hit a little icy spot,
09:16 little slippy spot and think you're gonna go
09:19 80 feet down into the canyon that's pretty scary.
09:21 So what God does is,
09:23 He just puts up these guardrails for us
09:25 and before the courtship, if you were to hear these,
09:30 you might think oh, it's nothing about a buts and don't.
09:33 But then once you begin to know God
09:36 and hear whatever His rules or regulations.
09:40 You realize these aren't don'ts, these are dos,
09:42 this is what He's gonna do in our life
09:44 to keep us protected.
09:45 It will become part of your life. Yes.
09:47 To the point where you're not looking out,
09:49 okay, how did I do today? Yeah.
09:51 No, He's just going into the--
09:52 when you allow Him in, your heart changes.
09:55 So it's automatic, I mean, you know, Ezekiel 36:31,
09:58 from starting verse 24 says,
09:59 "I will give you the new heart." Amen.
10:02 And so He wants to do this is a gift.
10:05 And so, so when I'm sharing with people,
10:08 I leave them on quoting Jesus.
10:11 I--you know, I just use that
10:12 because we're using that analogy.
10:14 I leave them on discovering Him,
10:16 spending time, getting to know Him.
10:18 The little, the little innuendos
10:20 that go on between your prayer and reading and stuff
10:22 that God does for us.
10:24 And Jesus, you know, imparts through us.
10:25 I mean, all these little exciting things
10:27 that I ask for an answer and then I read it in the Bible
10:29 and there it is. Yes.
10:30 You know, they're just wonderful little nuggets.
10:33 And so that's the way Jesus works
10:34 and He builds His trust just like
10:35 he would be in relationship. You know.
10:37 I ask Him to guide me in my understanding this
10:40 and there is the nugget. Yeah.
10:42 It may take me three-four days of study
10:44 'cause in the interim of studying that three-four days
10:47 I'm learning new things. And so, so you live up to God.
10:50 So when they finally come around now
10:52 and I know that they are ready for what I call meat.
10:56 In other words it's the things that
10:58 early on would have just choked them.
11:00 You know, it's like a baby that's the analogy given.
11:02 You'll be one day in Jesus. Yes.
11:04 And there comes a point, you know, we had our kids,
11:07 I mean they start out on milk.
11:10 And then it comes a point
11:11 whether it's a winning process, you know.
11:12 Now it's--now they can start eating more solid things.
11:15 It's the same with the Bible.
11:16 The analogy is all over the place, Hebrews 5.
11:19 And so, so I really feel its vitally important
11:23 to let people develop at the rate the Holy Spirit
11:25 wants them to develop.
11:26 Because we don't know where they are coming from
11:28 what kind of lessons they need to learn
11:29 in terms of just relationship with Him.
11:31 When they finally get there,
11:33 they are gonna be asking you questions.
11:34 Now how do you answer those questions?
11:36 How do you answer the meat questions?
11:39 Well, I could tell anybody the answer
11:40 'cause I can memorize things.
11:42 I mean I've got a pretty much a state of a mind
11:44 but I can you know, I do have the capability to measure--
11:46 you know, memorizing certain elements
11:48 to teach them or whatever.
11:50 Well, I've discovered of my personal,
11:53 you know, witnessing and leading people to Jesus life
11:55 which has been last 15 years
11:57 and God sends me people everyday.
12:00 I've discovered that doing it the biblical way
12:04 allows these people to build a solid foundation.
12:06 So when they get to what,
12:07 you know, what may be considered the meat
12:09 they are ready to eat it, they are not gonna choke on it.
12:12 And the Holy Spirit leads us.
12:13 So when they phone or you know, and they phone up or email
12:16 and say well, what about this,
12:17 you know, we understand you're Seventh-day Adventist.
12:21 You know, what is the difference
12:22 or what--you know, they starting to question.
12:25 If at that point I still think
12:26 and this is no, this is exactly what I do it.
12:28 If I still think that they haven't really developed
12:30 that close relationship
12:32 I say, you know what, I really want to tell you that,
12:34 you know, I want to explain that to somebody
12:35 but really right now here, I want you to read this in John.
12:37 And I would like you to read that,
12:38 I want you to really
12:40 but if I can see that they're there
12:42 that the hunger there is for the meat.
12:44 Then what I do
12:46 is I want them to come to the conclusion
12:49 on whatever it is, I'm gonna share with them.
12:50 Not me, see it's what,
12:52 it's when it's their revelation it's text. Absolutely.
12:55 If I come to a conclusion
12:56 that this is the way it is on my own logic,
13:00 you know, whatever or God's logic through me.
13:03 It's gonna stay.
13:04 But if I tell somebody,
13:06 you know, potatoes are bad for you
13:08 and somebody else says no, they are good for you.
13:10 Well, you know, I mean they will believe me for a while
13:13 until somebody else says
13:14 well, no, they are actually good for you.
13:15 You know what I mean, it's like opinions
13:17 if that's all people are given
13:20 is somebody else's idea of what it is
13:22 then as soon as I tell them they say, yeah, I see it.
13:24 Then somebody else say, no it's not,
13:26 it's this way they see that.
13:28 If they come to their own revelation
13:30 where all of a sudden they say, oh, I came to this conclusion.
13:35 It sticks. So how do I do that?
13:38 Well, first of all, the one thing
13:40 that's universally accepted by every denomination.
13:44 And like I said in previous shows
13:47 I speak in all different denominations,
13:48 Baptists, Methodists, Mennonites
13:51 and you know, in Christian colleges
13:52 by their fates and stuff.
13:54 And so I'm not there to tell them
13:56 what they should do but if God can use me
13:58 to allow them to come to a revelation, why not?
14:02 And so but when they-- you know it's universal,
14:04 everybody would agree on in Christianity as this fact.
14:07 For everything that God has ever instituted
14:09 there's a fake forgery counterfeit.
14:11 I mean Chuck Swindoll
14:12 any of them will say the same thing. Yes, absolutely.
14:14 I mean there's no question about it.
14:16 So I agree with that too.
14:18 So what I do, then as I say, well, let look at some.
14:21 Let's look at some of the fakes and forgeries.
14:23 And you know what, if you start at
14:24 the very first verse in the Bible,
14:26 that's a good place to start.
14:28 So that's what I do. I say let's go to Genesis 1.
14:31 And so I will turn to Genesis 1,
14:32 in my Bible I highlight these in a different colored
14:34 just because I want to run through them quickly,
14:36 it's just the way I do it.
14:38 But so what I do is I ask them questions,
14:39 okay, read the first scripture reference and they read.
14:41 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."
14:44 So I say what would the-- what could their--
14:46 what counterfeit could be hidden here.
14:49 It doesn't take long to figure out evolution.
14:51 God created, they say evolution.
14:54 So I immediately ask them a question.
14:55 Does it matter that most of the world,
14:57 possible most of the world
14:59 believes that evolution is the way
15:00 we, you know, they our origin. Yeah.
15:03 Or is it more important to believe what the Bible say?
15:05 What they will say it's more important to believe
15:06 what the Bible say. Okay, see move on.
15:08 You go to verse 5
15:09 and the evening and the morning with the first day.
15:12 And I say not a big one
15:13 but its interesting thing we'll discover here.
15:15 The day break here is from evening unto evening.
15:18 Could there be a counterfeit
15:19 or something that was changed here?
15:21 Yeah. That's good.
15:22 And I say you know, sometimes I think
15:24 and I say okay, when we do break our day?
15:25 When is the new one starting midnight?
15:27 Okay and I say we'll start a big deal
15:28 but later on we'll have ramifications
15:30 but it interesting thing.
15:31 So we got two here, we really got into it.
15:34 Then I go over in to verse 26, "Let us make man in our image."
15:38 What could the counterfeit be there?
15:41 And if they don't get right away I'll give them a hinder two.
15:43 What's the evolution theory say that we are in the image of?
15:46 It's a monkey, it's an ape.
15:48 And so when I say does it matter that most of the society
15:50 or lot of society believes that
15:52 we evolve from a monkey in the image of a monkey
15:54 rather than an image of our loving God.
15:57 And they will agree, of course it matters,
15:59 Bible, the truth matters.
16:01 Verse 27, "So God created man in His own image,
16:03 in the image of God created him male and female,
16:06 He created them." Heterosexuality started here.
16:10 What could the counterfeit be that or we will get that?
16:13 And you notice I'm taking notes.
16:15 And so then we move on to verse 29.
16:18 And then I asked again, does it matter
16:19 that lot of people believe in another
16:21 alternate style of sexuality than heterosexuality?
16:24 And they will say, yes, it does matter.
16:26 You know the Bible is the one is right.
16:28 Verse 29, "Every herb bearing seed
16:30 which is upon the face of the earth
16:31 and every tree in the,
16:33 in which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed,
16:35 to you it shall be your meat.
16:37 And every beast of the earth in there."
16:39 And you go on and talk about
16:40 that will be the seed in the grass,
16:41 that they are meat too.
16:42 And there meat being food. Right. Yeah.
16:45 And exactly and so I said
16:47 it's not a life or death situation here
16:49 but at the same time, it doesn't go,
16:50 if I did interesting.
16:52 The God said I will give you the grain of the field
16:55 as your meat for both animals and humans.
16:57 So that the real is we're gonna be vegetation.
17:00 And I said this isn't about, you know, you got to do this,
17:02 your lifestyle or rules or anything else.
17:03 I'm just bringing this up.
17:05 And then I say, isn't that interesting that,
17:07 that's what God gives and what is the counterfeit,
17:10 what would that be? Oh, eat each other.
17:14 You know, so all these things
17:16 we're not even out of the first chapter of Genesis
17:19 and here's all this counterfeit showing up.
17:22 Now then what I do is I go to Chapter 2,
17:24 move to the next chapter.
17:27 And it said, "And on the seventh day
17:28 God ended His work which He had made,
17:30 and He rested on the seventh day
17:32 from all His work which He had made.
17:34 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it,
17:36 because that in it he had rested from all his work
17:38 which God created and made."
17:39 Okay, we just got through going through
17:42 a half a dozen counterfeits earlier on,
17:45 could there be another, could we assume
17:47 because there's so many counterfeits already
17:48 that there could be another counterfeit here.
17:51 I have them read the stuff, you know.
17:53 And so they won't get it a lot of times, that's fine.
17:56 I mean who would unless somebody told you
17:57 and so I said read it again.
17:59 So they read it again, sometimes it's three four times.
18:01 I'm not gonna tell them the answer.
18:03 It's not my job telling the answer.
18:05 It's my job to lead them to their own revelation.
18:08 So then when they finally get down say well, we don't get it.
18:10 I said, what day is it talking about
18:11 that the God set aside as the day of rest.
18:15 He set aside, well, seventh, they said okay,
18:18 what day of the week is that?
18:20 They'll get that one.
18:22 I say so could there be a counterfeit here.
18:24 So they know the seventh day is the Saturday.
18:25 Yes, 'cause it's clear there. And guess what?
18:28 All of a sudden it's like, no way, or what?
18:35 And now guess what? It's their revelation.
18:36 They say what is that mean?
18:37 I say, you know what, here I got to study on this,
18:40 no opinion expressed
18:43 I'll hand you this, you're gonna look into deeper.
18:44 You have to decide
18:45 I'm not here to tell you what you have to do.
18:48 You have to decide what you think is right.
18:52 You told me before that it doesn't matter
18:54 that most of the world leaves you evolved,
18:56 you said that it really matters what the Bible says.
18:58 Now just let me ask you one of the question,
19:01 does it matter that much of Christianity
19:04 chooses another day?
19:05 This is the rest day,
19:06 why would you start your work resting,
19:08 your week resting. You end after work with a rest.
19:14 So I just say it's up to you,
19:15 and honestly I mean that, it is up to them.
19:20 If I can be a instrument in God's hand
19:23 to make them aware of the fakes counterfeits
19:24 and forgeries of Satan
19:28 and they see it and they come to their own conclusion,
19:31 they have to decide. That's good.
19:33 And if they're in the bible studying
19:35 like I tell them they have to from day one an hour a day.
19:38 I don't care if they're an atheist or not.
19:41 If they're in the bible studying,
19:43 they're in the right hands, why?
19:44 'Cause the Holy Spirit is gonna teach them all things.
19:46 Absolutely.
19:48 And so-- And again 1 Corinthians 2:14 says
19:50 these are spirit words, they are spiritually designed,
19:53 got to have the spirit and it needs them.
19:56 I mean it's so good to allow,
19:58 you know, Jesus said in John 6:63,
20:01 He said the spirit-- the flesh counts for nothing,
20:04 only the spirit brings life.
20:06 So we can try to really force feed the "meat" too soon
20:13 before they've got any scriptural teeth if you will
20:16 and they cannot chew it up and digest it
20:20 so it's just kind of something that goes down
20:23 and comes back up.
20:24 But if we allow them, if we get them into the word
20:27 and let them develop that relationship with the Lord
20:31 and then guide them though this,
20:33 it's very good process.
20:35 I'm enjoying what you're saying.
20:36 Well, it's just that-- it just that what it does,
20:39 see, I don't know, see some people can
20:42 get married after a month of dating.
20:45 Maybe that's all they need.
20:46 Maybe that's unlocked all the, you know, idiosyncrasies of it.
20:50 I don't know and that's fine, you know, if that works, great.
20:53 Well, that's was two and half years
20:54 but whatever it's the same thing with Jesus.
20:55 Maybe some people can take it quicker than others.
20:58 But to assume, to make the assumption
21:00 to take the place of the Holy Spirit
21:02 in essence and saying,
21:03 you need to know this, you need to know this,
21:05 you need to know this.
21:07 I don't really want to be there in that position to be pushing
21:10 when somebody should have meat.
21:12 I want to be there as God's instrument
21:16 to lead them to an understanding
21:19 of whatever they're asking. Okay.
21:20 And that's, yeah--
21:21 My husband says he works in the pastoral department,
21:24 you know JD? Right, yeah.
21:26 At 3ABN and he said that they are thank you, I think so.
21:29 He says that, you know, you've heard the 80-20 rule,
21:33 like 80% of people do 20% of the work
21:37 and he actually I remember what he was saying,
21:40 20% of people do 80% of work.
21:43 I know I'd get that wrong.
21:44 Anyway he said there's really is a kind of an 80-20 rule
21:47 with people who call in.
21:48 He said there's some people, you know that are real seekers,
21:52 he said it seemed like about 20% of the callers
21:54 are real seekers and they wanted all right now.
21:57 He used to say that I was--
21:58 you know he still does that I'm a seeker of the truth.
22:01 I'm not one that wants it a little bit at a time,
22:04 I mean I want to jump in
22:05 and dig go deep down into the scripture
22:08 and I guess that what you're saying
22:11 if I'm interpreting this right Herb,
22:13 is that we need to treat each individual just as that,
22:17 as an individual, with a lot of prayer asking God
22:20 and letting them they are ready to progress were there
22:25 praying them through
22:27 and then as they already progressed
22:28 where they're with the next step to give them
22:30 to show them a way to a deeper relationship with the Lord
22:33 and a better understanding of the Bible.
22:35 Absolutely, and God uses us as facilitators. Yes.
22:39 He uses us, but the thing is this sometimes,
22:41 and here's where Laodicean comes into the whole formula
22:43 as the problem is we make the assumption
22:46 that maybe everything is fine in our camp,
22:49 you know, maybe we are all okay.
22:51 And so we're patiently waiting around
22:54 if we want to employ this technique,
22:56 we're patiently waiting around,
22:57 you know, for these other people
22:58 to come to the same understanding
23:00 we have it whatever else when we're told clearly
23:04 that sometimes we need to go back to the basics. Yeah.
23:09 You know, that and let me just try and find here real quick.
23:13 Okay, here Hebrews 5:12.
23:16 It says, "For when for the time ye ought to be teachers,"
23:19 Okay, what Paul is talking about here?
23:20 He saw talking at Hebrews, he's saying,
23:22 for the time you-- in other translation,
23:24 for the time you've already spent with me
23:26 and the Bible, you should be teachers. Yes.
23:30 Then it says ye have need, but here's the problem,
23:32 "Ye have need one that teach you again
23:35 which be the first principles of the oracles of God,
23:37 and are became such as nave need of milk,
23:39 and not of strong meat."
23:41 So he's telling those who should have
23:43 enough time behind them,
23:45 where they should be teachers by now, say,
23:46 no, no, go back and start on milk again.
23:49 You need me again.
23:50 You need the basic understanding of me
23:52 before you can even impart meat
23:54 or even handle it yourselves.
23:57 And so the Bible is full of this in essence telling us,
24:00 slow down, I can do the work.
24:02 You know, here-- let me read this to you--
24:05 it reads so differently from the amplified.
24:06 Same but different, look, it says in verse 10,
24:10 where do we start here? Verse 12, I'm sorry.
24:13 In verse 12, "For even though by this time,
24:15 you ought to be teaching others,
24:17 you actually need someone to teach you over again
24:19 the very first principles of God's word.
24:22 You have come to need milk, not solid food."
24:26 He goes on in verse 14 and says
24:29 that "solid food is for the mature person,
24:32 the full grown person, those whose senses
24:35 and mental faculties are trained by practice."
24:41 And I think that this is trained by practice to discriminate
24:45 and distinguish between what is morally good and noble,
24:47 what is evil and contrary
24:49 to either to the minor human law.
24:52 So I think as I interpret this
24:55 is that Paul is saying we really,
24:58 I mean, you can study all you want
25:00 to answer the Sabbath school quarterly questions
25:03 but you really only get to know God's word as you study it
25:08 and then begin to put it into practice.
25:10 You know, we learned to teach,
25:13 teach to learn type thing, as you're learning this,
25:16 if you're not out there putting it in practice,
25:18 then it just kind of goes straight through.
25:22 It's a gilt and you should receive how much?
25:24 Refilled but more. Yeah.
25:25 Same with the scripture. Absolutely.
25:28 And so God, that's exactly right.
25:29 I mean that's what he wants to do is
25:32 He wants to give us His abundant life
25:34 but He's telling us, He's giving us warning signs. Yeah.
25:36 Don't think, don't be so pompous
25:38 to think you've got it all figured out
25:40 and you're now the chef
25:41 who's gonna feed either milk or meat to somebody else,
25:44 you may need to go back to the very basics of all
25:47 and build a relationship with Jesus one on one
25:50 before you can handle the meat.
25:52 And you got to be-- you know, every time
25:54 you speak of some other scripture bounces off you a bit
25:57 and in Mark 4:24, listen to this,
25:59 he said, Jesus said to them,
26:01 "Be careful what you are hearing.
26:03 The measure of thought
26:04 and study you give to the truth
26:05 you hear will be the measure of virtual knowledge
26:08 that comes back to you
26:09 and more besides will be given to you."
26:11 So it all comes back to that final principle
26:15 of where you start somebody,
26:17 when you're witnessing to them
26:18 is to get them into the Bible for an hour. Absolutely.
26:23 Every day to get in the Bible for an hour,
26:25 every day, you challenge them,
26:27 it's 60 day challenge that you give them
26:29 but you find that after that
26:30 it's just becomes, it becomes a habit.
26:32 I know it's gonna be sooner than that
26:34 but you know what happens,
26:35 they begin to phone me immediately
26:37 and start saying, wow, this happened, this happened,
26:39 that happened and this is what--
26:40 you know what do you think about this.
26:42 Because if you give them time in the word,
26:44 the Holy Spirit's gonna do the work.
26:46 It's not my job takes the pressure off me
26:50 because then I can go out and shared with other people.
26:52 Oh, mercy.
26:53 And it's just wonderful
26:54 and if you look at 2 Timothy 3:7 it says
26:56 some people ever learning
26:58 but never able to come to the knowledge of truth.
27:00 Well, you know, we want to be on to giving end.
27:02 Well, find Jesus first
27:04 and then He's going to use you. Amen.
27:05 We're already up, our time is all gone I can't believe it.
27:09 But we want to thank you, so much for coming back
27:11 and thank you, for sharing this about
27:13 how Satan has a counterfeit,
27:17 a forgery or a fraud for everything. Absolutely.
27:20 Thank you, so much. okay.
27:21 For those of you at home,
27:23 I hope that you have enjoyed this time.
27:25 It certainly has flown by for me
27:27 and, you know, we always want to leave you with this thought
27:31 and it's our prayer for you actually
27:33 and that is that the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:36 grace being more than just a narrative favor.
27:39 His super abundant power to salvation is His grace.
27:44 May His grace, the love of the Father
27:47 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:49 be with you today and always.
27:51 Remember, get in the word
27:53 and study to show yourself approved.


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