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00:31 Hello I'm Shelly Quinn
00:33 and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:35 You know, we had such a good time last week
00:38 talking about how to witness to someone
00:42 that might be affluent that doesn't know the Lord
00:45 but we don't want to leave this--
00:49 our special guest is quite the extrovert
00:51 and we won't leave the impression
00:52 that you got to be extrovert
00:53 and that you only witnessing to the affluent of the world
00:57 but that we want to know that there everybody
00:59 has the opportunity to witness.
01:01 Let me introduce again our special guest
01:04 and that's Herb Larsen,
01:05 a--an international businessman from Canada.
01:08 That's right. And the president of--
01:10 Imagine Life. Imagine Life media.
01:12 Imagine Life Media, which is a lay ministry
01:15 and God has really blessed you in your life
01:17 with quite a bit of success and He is also now
01:20 because He is giving you a testimony.
01:22 He's opened the doors for you to go around
01:24 and share with people around the world.
01:27 I want to share a scripture, the kind of--
01:29 since we are gonna go to that direction
01:31 where we are talking about how to share with others
01:36 who may not be very influential
01:38 and may be you are not the extrovert.
01:40 You may be member of the PTA and you may be very bashful.
01:45 But you know, here is what Jesus said in Matthew 25.
01:48 He said, "I was hungry and you gave me food,
01:51 I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
01:54 I was a stranger and you brought me together
01:57 with yourselves and welcomed and lodged me,
01:59 as naked and you clothed me,
02:01 I was sick and you visited me with help and ministering care,
02:05 I was in prison and you came to see me".
02:07 And it goes on in verse 40 to say,
02:09 well, they said when do we do these things to Lord?
02:12 He said, as many of you done
02:14 any time you have done this to one or the least
02:16 then you have done it to me.
02:17 So, when someone is hungry they can be spiritually hungry
02:22 and we can spiritually feed them.
02:23 But when He was talking about,
02:25 you visited me when I was sick.
02:27 You know, I was thinking that for a person
02:30 that is may be not very outgoing
02:33 and sometimes people can appear outgoing but then,
02:35 you know, I'll be honest the one on one witnessing
02:38 is a little more difficult for me with a stranger
02:41 than it is to get up and talk to 15,000 people
02:44 which I have done, that didn't bother me.
02:46 Because you get in on that--
02:48 I mean when I am not talking in front 15,000 people
02:51 I am relying on the Holy Spirit
02:53 but I'm there to teach, to give a message.
02:56 One on one if someone just came up to me
02:59 and want to start teaching me.
03:00 I might be rejecting them a little so I am expecting that.
03:04 But let's say, since I'm a little more bashful in that
03:07 I can't do something like may be a bake a loaf of bread
03:11 or make some homemade soup and take it to my neighbor
03:14 and just start that friendship which is a way of,
03:19 if they say why did you do this I can say,
03:21 well because Lord just put it in my heart to do.
03:24 Tell us your experience, how did people
03:27 who are not less much an extrovert as you are Herb.
03:30 How did they get to where they can
03:32 what can they do to witness to bash their influence?
03:36 Well, when I started sharing Christ 15 years ago,
03:40 it's really--I mean I wanted to share Christ
03:42 much earlier than that. Because you were a PK.
03:45 Yeah I'm a preacher's kid. I grew up going to church.
03:47 But you didn't have that
03:48 one on one personal relationship with the lord?
03:51 I didn't, I mean and yet I still have the brain
03:52 desired to do something for God.
03:54 See that was always there.
03:56 I--I had the desire to do it but,
03:58 you know, and I pray that prayer that I was told to pray.
04:02 God sent someone my way today, then work.
04:06 You know, I could never figure that all for years.
04:07 I prayed that I wouldn't say a thousand times
04:09 but I should had prayed it enough say send
04:10 because I wanted to be part of that
04:12 but nothing ever happened
04:13 and it was only till I found Jesus.
04:15 Spend a serious amount of time seeking Him as the Bible says,
04:20 spend an hour or a day at least digging to the Bible
04:23 praying pouring my guts out to Him.
04:26 When I did that my life changed. Amen.
04:28 And then all the opportunities changed
04:30 and now I don't pray any more
04:32 since I am on my way to be honest sometime
04:34 I say can I have this flight by myself, I beat.
04:37 You know what I mean. Yeah, I know.
04:38 But the thing is so, and, you know,
04:40 sometimes God will give me an empty seat,
04:42 that's pretty nice though when you are really tired out.
04:44 But the point is this my witnessing did start
04:47 like last week we were talking about,
04:49 yeah, you know, a good junk of my influence right now
04:53 in terms of witnessing is with the highly affluent society.
04:57 But it didn't start there.
04:59 It started that really one of the first times
05:02 I really found that God needed my story
05:05 more than He needed what I knew about the Bible
05:07 because that's what really witnessing is all about.
05:09 What I have experienced?
05:10 And if you simply share that,
05:12 the Holy Spirit takes that and says I am in.
05:14 The greatest sermon ever told
05:17 is the one about what the Lord did for you.
05:19 Absolutely, there is nothing better,
05:22 there is nothing more powerful because like I said last week
05:25 nobody really wants to know what you know,
05:26 they want to know what you have.
05:28 And when you explain what you have--
05:29 why do people buy People magazines
05:30 or enquire whatever these things are these rags they call them.
05:34 They want to--they are not just interested in details
05:37 they want to get into the life of these people.
05:38 They want to live their life with them.
05:40 They want to know what they have,
05:41 you know, like money and power and that kind of stuff.
05:43 So people have this natural tendency to want that.
05:46 So-- so God uses that.
05:48 Our story is the part that interest people.
05:50 What do you have?
05:51 So--so we jump in there and that's we do.
05:54 We start sharing that.
05:55 Now where I started witnessing honestly,
05:59 there's a forklift driver at a warehouse
06:01 that I have in Washington
06:02 a bunch of businessman we have, you know group of warehouses
06:06 across the boarder from where I live.
06:08 And anyway, so there is a forklift driver.
06:09 Well, you know, I mean he is just a "forklift driver"
06:11 that's what the societal business guys would say.
06:14 But I always visited with the guy
06:15 because that's my nature and everything else
06:16 and they were friend of mine.
06:17 I never did bring up a testimony on for--
06:20 because at that point I really wasn't,
06:22 you know, pushed by the Spirit to do I guess
06:24 or may be I just wasn't ready.
06:26 Anyways, one day he tells me what a hopeless life he has.
06:30 Just that go in no where a life,
06:32 I never dreamed that I'll be stuck
06:33 in a position like this, blah-blah-blah.
06:35 He tells me all the stuff and I said,
06:37 and I am just burning up to share
06:38 what I have just got through experiencing with Jesus
06:40 finally in my life at 38 years old.
06:43 And so I am just like my heart is pounding,
06:46 you know, I am sweating and,
06:47 you know, like my head feels a bit light
06:49 because I am getting ready to talk to this guy.
06:50 That's how bad it was for me, I can be really honest.
06:53 And so I just said well, you know,
06:54 I don't know about you but like I'm a Christian, you know,
06:57 and I said and more recently
06:58 I have gone to church my whole life
07:00 and more recently I decided to give God a real shot.
07:02 I'm thinking all this is probably
07:03 sounding crazing, you know.
07:05 I just shared what happened to me.
07:07 And he just starts to cry and he says,
07:09 you know, at one time I knew Jesus.
07:12 And he talked how alcohol got in the way
07:14 and he became an alcoholic
07:15 and he actually went to jail for a while
07:16 and he is going back to his home in Alaska
07:18 and soon mass wasting
07:19 so he couldn't cross the Canadian boarder
07:20 and he couldn't afford to flyover Canada back home.
07:23 That's where he is stuck.
07:24 So, anyways two weeks later I came in there
07:25 and all of a sudden,
07:27 he runs out of the little place there
07:28 and he bangs on the window and I roll down
07:31 he says Herb, you don't believe what happens.
07:32 He says, I have been spending an hour a day in my Bible
07:35 and my life changed, my wife is going to church with me now.
07:37 Our 13-year-old daughter who has been kicked out
07:39 at several public schools is going to church now.
07:41 And I thought and I'm trying to recap--
07:44 you know, recall what did I tell him.
07:46 You told him, your experience that God reached you.
07:48 That's it, I never brought any scripture reference
07:50 because I was afraid that would blow it,
07:51 you know, at the time.
07:52 But you did tell him that the way God reached you
07:55 was to spend time with him that hour a day.
07:59 And you know, for me,
08:00 you actually learned a little bit earlier.
08:02 I was involved in part time ministry, by the age of 35.
08:06 I mean and did for 14 years but when God reached me
08:11 is when He got my attention to spend
08:14 an hour a day in prayer with Him
08:15 and I incorporated the Bible as part of my prayer time
08:18 and it--it actually went for much longer than an hour a day
08:21 but He totally changed my life
08:24 when I did that. Absolutely.
08:26 And so it's getting to its spending time with some
08:31 is how they develop a relationship.
08:32 If you don't spend anytime with God--
08:34 that's why you don't have
08:35 an intimate relationship with Him.
08:37 You know, and somebody is out there though,
08:39 what do you say to the poor person?
08:41 I am thinking of the single mother
08:42 who is working a 12 hour shifts somewhere
08:45 and coming home and she is got kids to feed
08:47 and doing homework to see that they get done
08:50 and house to clean and may be has to stop
08:53 by the grocery store on the way got to feed the dog,
08:55 may be iron and she is got all these things
08:57 and she is thinking how am I going
09:00 to find an hour a day to spend with the Lord?
09:04 And it's a very daunting and challenging thought.
09:07 But the bottom line is this,
09:08 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness."
09:11 That's when you write your list of priorities out.
09:13 That's what its talking about. Okay.
09:15 Where does Jesus rank in there?
09:17 And yeah, you know, family is important,
09:19 work is important well, that kind of stuff
09:20 but if its more important than Jesus
09:22 then I don't how I was to explain it.
09:24 He is not number one on your list of priorities.
09:26 He is not your first love. He is not your first love.
09:29 You know, I never use to like to get up at 5:30 in the morning,
09:31 that's what I have to do-- I spend an hour and half,
09:33 two hours in some with my writing
09:34 not much more than that.
09:36 But the thing is this, I don't like to get up early normally
09:39 but I love getting up because it's like panning for gold.
09:43 You know, you always find little flakes
09:45 but when you get the nugget once in a while
09:46 it's like the pursuit has been worth it. Amen.
09:49 And then he followed that to mother of hope,
09:50 which is Jesus, you know. Amen.
09:52 But, so--you know, and I completely sympathies with that
09:55 but see shared with that forklift driver
09:58 when I really finding figure it all out
10:00 I realize all I told him about is what I experienced
10:02 and how I spent time in the Bible.
10:03 What changed his life spending time with the Bible
10:05 and I realize what that--
10:07 that's its not very complicated you know.
10:09 It's-- I couldn't figure out why that worked.
10:11 And it slowly progressed from there
10:13 and then God says, you know,
10:15 you can be trusted with "who you think."
10:17 I was so proud, I thought well,
10:19 you know, I didn't care what he thought about
10:20 he is just a forklift driver.
10:21 Honestly, that's what I thought and God says,
10:22 oh man, this guy is so proud.
10:24 How can we use him? Yeah.
10:26 And yet he did and opened my heart up
10:28 and then I thought okay.
10:29 Then after a while you burn with compassion
10:31 for these people you know and derelict on the street.
10:33 You know, sometimes it's very easy for me
10:35 to fire a dollar bill of the window
10:38 at some guy standing there, you know.
10:40 That's easy to do and that sort of pleases my conscious.
10:43 I gonna be really honest.
10:44 But, you know what really works?
10:46 Stop and spend an hour just talking with him.
10:50 What was your life, you know, your family blah-blah-blah
10:53 and see what that does for your heart
10:55 and see what that does for them.
10:56 It will change them from--
10:59 you know, somebody is just babbling nothings
11:01 to bring in their focus right back.
11:03 And what did Jesus do?
11:04 He spent a serious amount of time just with people.
11:06 What was His agenda? I want to impart love to you.
11:09 Amen, Amen.
11:11 And you know it all begins with a friendship.
11:15 A friendship evangelism where we have to reach out
11:18 and connect with people on some level
11:21 and, you know, in 2 Corinthians 5:16 Paul said,
11:25 I think that's what it is 2 Corinthians 5:16 he said,
11:28 you know, we no longer look at anyone
11:31 merely from a human prospective,
11:33 we once looked at Jesus like that and we are wrong.
11:36 So I think sometimes what it is--
11:38 is that we got to say Lord,
11:40 show me people from Your prospective.
11:43 Let, you know, sometimes there is people
11:45 who are so unlovely and unlovable
11:48 and you might think, you know,
11:49 you may be a clerk that I have recently
11:52 had this experience that this was just
11:55 a mean spirit of person that was behind.
11:57 I was having a rough day any way
11:58 and I am sitting there thinking,
12:00 Lord, let me say something
12:02 because her heart is probably breaking.
12:05 You know, if you treat everyone as if their heart is breaking
12:07 because it probably is but what we have got to do then
12:12 is just come to God, let Him feel through us,
12:15 ask Him to help us see people from His prospective.
12:19 She was lost, she was suffering, she is hurting,
12:22 and when we do that it opens us up a little more
12:26 to want to share with someone,
12:27 to want to be their friend.
12:28 Right, exactly, you are exactly right.
12:30 And another thing is when you do share,
12:33 it's not dependent on your Bible knowledge
12:36 it's dependent on your experience.
12:38 What is Jesus done for me?
12:40 If you look at the story the demoniac,
12:44 so that the housewife you talked about
12:46 is just hairy scary, you know, life.
12:48 So she gets the idea, you know,
12:50 just because he brought that analogy up,
12:52 that you don't have to be some theologian,
12:54 you don't have to be some extravert,
12:56 you don't have to be some prerequisites education.
12:59 It's like the demoniac,
13:00 I mean Jesus comes we know the story well.
13:03 There is this lunatic comes running out of Him,
13:05 prior to that everybody would run away
13:07 and you know parents I can just imagine
13:09 just pull their kids well, don't go near him.
13:11 Oh there he is just run, you know, whatever.
13:12 So now as when this person stands bold
13:14 and Jesus cast the demons away we hear that,
13:16 but then, you know,
13:17 the demons go into pigs, pig drown themselves
13:19 and the whole country comes out and kicks Jesus out.
13:22 Strange response but they do. So here is always people--
13:26 They were worry about their economy
13:27 when they were about-- Yeah, that's true exactly.
13:30 They saw an unbelievable miracle standing there
13:32 but we say get out of here.
13:34 So here is the demoniac in front of him is Jesus
13:36 in the boat and a few disciples
13:39 and he asks the question that I would have asked.
13:41 Can I come with You
13:42 because behind them is the hostile group.
13:44 The ones that have that have chastised him his whole life,
13:47 because he was menace to society.
13:50 He doesn't want to stay there with the people that hate him,
13:52 he wants to go with Jesus and Jesus
13:53 rejects him and says, no.
13:55 You know and that's most cold thing he could ever said,
13:58 except for He says I want you to stay here
14:01 and I want you to go to your own home town
14:04 that the Decapolis, the Country of Ten Cities.
14:06 I want you to go and share.
14:08 Now what does the guy know?
14:10 Does he knowing anything about behavior? Nothing.
14:13 Does he knowing anything about the Bible? Nothing.
14:14 He is on the wrong side of the, you know, the lake.
14:17 Yeah, hang out for that thought because I got to come back.
14:20 You said Jesus rejects him.
14:21 He didn't reject him, He injected his request.
14:24 Because Jesus, well I want to make sure
14:25 everybody out here says that Jesus
14:27 was not being hard hearted.
14:30 What Jesus knew was that where this man was right now,
14:34 He knew. He could use him.
14:35 He could use him in such a powerful way
14:37 and He needed probably that time to go share and heal
14:41 and mend some broken relationships
14:43 by sharing and getting--
14:45 gaining forgiveness asking for forgiveness
14:48 and he was ready to go out and he was a miracle story.
14:51 So-- Absolutely.
14:52 God always knows what's best.
14:54 Yeah, that's right, when I say rejection
14:55 I am saying that's what we would have thought humanly.
14:57 He reject, yeah, He reject his request.
14:58 And if God has a plan, just like He is a plan for your life,
15:00 He has a plan for my life and every person watching. Amen.
15:03 God has a plan, in heaven from the foundation of the earth
15:05 and a minimum from our mother's womb
15:07 because lot of disciples said that.
15:08 So he was serious, so God says no, share.
15:10 So what does he do?
15:11 He doesn't he-he is not going with any knowledge.
15:13 He's never probably seen a Bible
15:15 because he is on the heathen side the Greeks and all.
15:18 He doesn't know any about that and Jesus interests him
15:21 with that mission to go spread the word.
15:24 What was he gonna spread?
15:25 Because he doesn't know anything about diet,
15:26 he doesn't know anything about behavior, anything,
15:27 sometimes Christians things
15:29 really what we should be sharing.
15:31 He doesn't know anything about it,
15:32 he doesn't know anything about the Bible,
15:33 doesn't know anything about God all he knows,
15:34 there is this person came and freed me
15:37 and that's all he has for a story he goes.
15:40 And we don't know what all he said,
15:41 but all we know, he has to say is I was freed.
15:45 And then when Jesus comes back to story, He picks up.
15:47 You can read this in Mark 5 and Mark 8
15:49 and then with Luke--Luke 8 really brings it to the head.
15:52 They come- Jesus comes back,
15:54 this time the whole country flocks to Jesus
15:57 and they follow Him for three whole days with out food, water,
16:01 to the point where they see
16:02 what are we gonna do these people are gonna faint.
16:03 And that's where the feeding of the 4,000 took place.
16:06 All over one lunatic who didn't know anything?
16:09 All he had was a story.
16:10 And so we don't think okay, it's only for those.
16:12 Let's look at Paul.
16:13 What did Paul do and King of Agrippa to in Acts 26.
16:17 He says, Paul has one shot to make his case,
16:19 he has one shot to make the case for God.
16:23 He should have engaged that guy with intellectual verbiage
16:26 because, you know, he is a probably a Ph.D king
16:28 and Paul is a Ph.D theologian,
16:30 you know, in terms of the school of Pharisees.
16:32 So, what does Paul do?
16:34 He tells his story even the part, you know,
16:36 I'm going to Damascus to, you know, to make--
16:41 take it out on this Christians and all kind of stuff
16:42 and there is light hits him and go blind I mean,
16:44 Paul, you are going side ways on these story.
16:46 You are gonna make a fool of yourself in front of the king.
16:48 What did King Agrippa say?
16:50 He says, you almost persuade me.
16:52 You bring me to the brink and I'm almost ready--
16:54 It's a contention. To the edge.
16:56 Absolutely, over his story you read Acts 26,
17:00 nothing about theology in there.
17:01 He starts from when he is a child
17:03 going to the Pharisees circle schools
17:04 all the way through this ridiculous experience
17:06 in the world would say.
17:08 And the king is brought to the edge in fact,
17:09 governor Festus even said you are mad,
17:12 because he is embarrassed that even allow the king
17:13 to come and listen to the story.
17:15 But the point is what is the housewife,
17:18 the haggard housewife that you are describing earlier
17:20 or who ever it is doesn't matter, what do you have?
17:23 Well, if you don't know Jesus go find him
17:25 but if you do find him which you are gonna,
17:26 because that says seek and you will find.
17:28 There are no conditions about it, you will find.
17:30 So when you find Him now, I simply do say
17:34 this is what's happening in my life.
17:35 This is what its like before.
17:37 I have fulfillment now even though I am stuck on the street,
17:39 I am stuck with screaming kids,
17:41 I can't keep up in the laundering everything else
17:43 but I spend an hour or day with Jesus in the morning
17:45 and, you know, what I have peace of mind.
17:48 At least that hour is such an incredible moment of,
17:52 you know, rehab.
17:54 You know, what, I-- it suddenly just struck me
17:56 that there is time that I have got this long list
18:00 of what I know has to be done during the day
18:02 and it just keeps growing and growing,
18:05 through out the day and you are thinking,
18:06 how am I going to get this done?
18:08 I won't, I mean, there is only so much one person can do.
18:11 When I take that time out to be with Jesus
18:14 I don't always get everything done on my list
18:17 but I get everything its important done on my list
18:19 and it's so amazing by the next day
18:21 some of those things that were on my 'A' list
18:23 that needed to be doing. Yeah.
18:24 It's almost like they just dissipated, they,
18:27 you know, they were dispelled like a little poof.
18:29 What seem so important to me the day before,
18:32 it has been taken care of.
18:34 And so, there is seek first Matthew 6:33
18:38 "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness,
18:41 and all these things will be added unto you."
18:43 Absolutely, and that's a guarantee.
18:45 It's not it a may be and it's a guarantee.
18:47 So if you just share what's happened,
18:49 then your neighbors gonna want that.
18:51 The person you come in contact with that your PTA club
18:54 or your kids little league soccer whatever it is.
18:58 The people you come and contact with
19:00 and how much do you need to know to share your story.
19:03 I don't know of anybody but it's so intimidated
19:06 that they can't tell what's happened in their life. Amen.
19:09 You know, I mean it's intimidating
19:11 to say I don't know this text,
19:12 I don't know that text and this one.
19:14 But, there is nothing to share what's happening in your life.
19:16 You are an authority anyways.
19:17 Get that in your head that I am an authority on one thing.
19:20 In fact they have done this a few times
19:21 when I have done in posterities, begin to pastors.
19:24 I'll get a franchise to shake him a little bit
19:26 and I will say when I am going to speak about them
19:28 I am preeminent authority on this.
19:29 There is--none of you guys know as much as I know about this
19:32 and there is no church leaders and no much about there else.
19:33 Who invited this arrogant guy?
19:35 And its because what I had talk about is my story. Yeah.
19:39 I can be bold about that and so can the person out there
19:42 who thinks they don't have anything to offer.
19:45 But that's all a Holy Spirit needs
19:46 that's all a Holy Spirit wants.
19:47 Its all Jesus used in Paul,
19:49 its all Jesus used in the demoniac is their story,
19:53 to allow the Holy Spirit to come in and do the work.
19:56 See we tend to take too much responsibility in ourself
19:58 think we got to be qualified,
20:00 we have to have a degree in theology
20:01 or we need this or we need that.
20:02 No, afraid not.
20:03 That's Satan telling us that. Right.
20:06 Jesus is telling us, go ye let me speak through you.
20:10 But you know one thing I will say that,
20:12 I have found that I was much more bold witness
20:15 the more promises of God that I knew
20:18 and that I was praying back to the Lord.
20:20 I learned how to pray God's promises
20:22 to claim them over my life.
20:23 Speak them over my life. Absolutely.
20:25 And when I talk to people I don't always you know,
20:28 I do this with my husband,
20:29 I don't think I do it with anybody else but you know,
20:32 I don't tell him well its, you know,
20:35 2 Corinthians 5"17 says that
20:37 "You are the new creation in Christ.
20:39 The old has gone, the new has come" Great.
20:40 But I will say, you know the Bible says
20:43 the more-- the more I can share with them
20:45 at that some point of life the Bible says
20:48 that you are a new creation in Christ
20:49 and that's been my experience a totally new.
20:52 Now, it also says that the old is gone and the new is coming.
20:57 I will say sometimes that old loose its ugly head,
21:00 and I have to remember by faith that God counseling
21:03 that are not as though they already were.
21:05 So, I am not telling them that's Romans 4:17,
21:08 I am not telling them where this is
21:10 but I start explaining my own experience
21:12 using the word of God which has transforming power,
21:15 and quite often then they will say where is that scripture.
21:19 Well, at that point if you don't know admit--
21:21 at least if you know scripture in your heart
21:23 there is power in the word of God
21:25 to talk about God's promises.
21:27 But you don't have to know the Bible
21:29 is what you are saying before you begin sharing.
21:32 You don't need extra word either.
21:33 You just start sharing.
21:35 Because the--the inter word on one, one you are right.
21:38 The inter word on one on one
21:40 can share on something the authority on.
21:42 You know, my life used to be this way
21:44 and there may be you know, timid
21:45 when they are telling whatever else.
21:46 But, here's what my life is like now,
21:48 you know I don't have this peace.
21:50 And you know, I think we said this in a previous program
21:53 and I just kind of want to reiterate this,
21:56 it all has to begin with that bounding of friendship.
21:59 So let's say that I'm a mother of three
22:05 and I am very shy and my next door neighbor
22:08 and the apartment next door is also may be a single mother.
22:12 Well, I may not-- I may be so shy
22:14 that I don't how to go over and open up
22:17 a conversation with her to start sharing that story.
22:19 But, what you can do is go share
22:21 something with her a flower.
22:24 Well absolutely, that's true.
22:25 Something, you know, a cupcake whatever it is
22:28 that your sharing and somebody on the health message
22:30 is gonna call me on to the cupcake but--
22:34 and then ask questions about their life.
22:37 Get them to talking
22:38 because everybody loves to talk about them self.
22:41 Then usually what follows after someone is told
22:44 their story is they began to ask your story.
22:46 And then they have given you permission to share,
22:49 and they are inviting you to share.
22:50 Great, and in their story they are gonna find this.
22:53 I am haggard, you should be haggard
22:56 even though you probably are bit haggard
22:58 you have peace of mind about you.
23:00 You have a sense of sanity in this all.
23:02 So as they begin to see,
23:04 even though you don't have more money than I do
23:06 or anything else you have something I don't have.
23:08 See when I--when I share with a billionaire,
23:12 I know, you know, they don't take my wallet off say well,
23:14 let me look first to see if you're qualified
23:16 you can give me advice.
23:17 No, no all they want to know was
23:19 what's going to fill that emptiness they have.
23:21 When I share with a derelict on the street
23:23 and here is what you do.
23:24 As you share what you know they don't have,
23:25 because you as a Christian have it all. You know--
23:29 Well, a big statement and some people out there
23:31 probably going, I don't feel like that.
23:32 Well, even I don't feel like that but you know what
23:34 how many meals have you missed?
23:36 I mean are you really you know,
23:37 and so with the derelict you know what I share with them?
23:39 You know, I haven't gone without him,
23:40 I haven't missed the meal and I don't know when
23:42 and I got a place to stay.
23:44 I don't tell my own my house, I just say I got a place to stay
23:46 and I got door locks on my doors.
23:49 Well, that sounds pathetically you know
23:51 not even elementary to say door locks but the billionaire
23:54 if I told him I got door locks.
23:55 He says, I've got whole security,
23:57 groups of people looking after me.
23:59 So I am sharing with that person what I know
24:02 that they don't have and what they need.
24:03 And see I don't tell him you are empty,
24:05 you are hungry, if you get God--
24:06 no I am telling what I have because of God
24:09 and then they see the answer.
24:11 And see what the billionaire, what do I talk to him about?
24:14 I talk about peace of mind, I talk to him about
24:16 I am pinnacle of my little empire.
24:18 When I come home at night, well the God is really not
24:20 because at this point my belief system allows me
24:23 to unload on someone bigger than myself.
24:27 So they get the picture of that boy, you know,
24:29 I can never get the bucker.
24:30 It always comes up to me and it stops here
24:32 and I am under so much pressure with my empire.
24:35 I say, I can unload.
24:37 And I say when I get kicked in the face
24:38 and sand thrown on my eyes from foot,
24:40 you know, threaten lawsuits and all that kind of stuff,
24:42 you know I can shrug it off
24:44 because I got a bigger calling,
24:45 you know, and that's what they see.
24:48 And that's all we need to do share--
24:49 share the benefits of Christianity
24:51 and if you know Jesus you will know the benefits.
24:54 And if you don't know the benefits
24:56 you don't know Jesus. That's true.
24:57 So you need to get into that.
24:59 It all comes back down to that spending time
25:02 in the word and in prayer with the Lord, absolutely.
25:05 But is it worth it? Yes, there is nothing,
25:08 burn nothing like leaving lost soul to Jesus.
25:12 That is the pinnacle of, its not human accomplishment
25:15 but it's the pinnacle of relevance.
25:19 Is to see--to see a God and Creator of the universe
25:23 can use a twig like me.
25:26 Who, you know, who isn't always nice to people.
25:30 Who has his hang-ups but in spite of it all
25:34 we can use Him
25:36 and when you realize it, that it's not me.
25:38 I couldn't ever set this up, this person in the airplane,
25:41 this person in business meeting and this and that.
25:43 I could never set this things up.
25:44 Now, the person in the line at the grocery store.
25:46 Absolutely, you know, you could ever set up.
25:47 You see, this had a flat tire that you start.
25:50 You know, you got it right, exactly.
25:51 So it's every where and Jesus you started all with it,
25:53 it all comes right back to that.
25:55 I was hungry and you either fed me or you didn't
25:59 and if we couple that with
26:01 that was been faithful over few things
26:02 I am gonna make you rule over bigger things.
26:04 If your life is going nowhere well, may be you should start
26:06 by being in faith where you are today.
26:07 See lot of people say,
26:08 if I only had millions I would help people.
26:11 No, do it today and you will have whatever
26:12 God needs to give you later to help people. Amen.
26:16 So anyways, yeah, so that's a precisely where it's all at.
26:19 It's just been-- it's been open to what
26:21 Jesus had done for you and guaranteed.
26:24 I can guarantee on beyond the shadow of doubt
26:26 I have got emails an inch thick
26:28 that have are actually printed.
26:29 Not the ones that I have saved of people's testimony
26:31 all over who gave an hour or a day to Jesus
26:34 and look what happened in their life.
26:35 This is all over the world.
26:37 So basically let's sum this up,
26:38 because our time is already gone again.
26:40 That when you are witnessing to someone
26:42 you are steps are, have a common bond,
26:45 you establish some kind of a something,
26:48 find something that you have in common in with them
26:51 and talk to them about it.
26:52 Let them talk about themselves first then
26:54 when they start you just share your testimony,
26:56 what God has done in your life. Yeah, nothing more.
26:59 And then to know, that you got to have
27:01 that testimony to share though,
27:03 you got to have that real relationship with them.
27:06 You know, its so exciting Herb,
27:08 to see how God is using your life.
27:10 You are a unique individual.
27:11 We all unique but I just want to thank you so much
27:15 for coming back again and joining us
27:18 and this is been really exciting.
27:20 So it's always a privilege Shelley, thanks.
27:23 You bet, Herb.
27:24 You know, for those of you at home
27:26 wherever you are around the world
27:29 I don't care if you are in Africa
27:30 or if you are in Tunisia
27:32 or if you are in Australia or China
27:36 remember that God only-- you may be the only Jesus
27:41 the only Bible than anybody ever gets to read.
27:44 So let your little light shine and be a light onto the world.
27:49 Now, may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
27:51 the love of the Father
27:52 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.


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