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00:31 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:32 and we welcome you back to "Issues and answers."
00:35 Today, the issue is going to be witnessing,
00:38 but it's gonna be a little bit different
00:39 than you've probably heard before
00:41 because of our very special guest.
00:43 Let me get straight to introducing him
00:44 then I want to share a scripture with you.
00:46 And I want to welcome back Herb Larson.
00:48 Herb, it's good to have you here.
00:50 Nice to be here.
00:51 And, you know, you are an international businessman
00:54 from Canada and the president of Imagine Life Media.
00:58 And you really have a unique ministry.
01:01 So I'm looking forward to talking with you today
01:04 and sharing with our audience
01:06 all that the Lord has taught you to do.
01:09 Now I'm gonna use the scripture for this
01:11 that you might find a little interesting
01:13 'cause I did as well.
01:14 Right before the program began
01:16 I thought, oops I don't have the scripture to start with
01:18 and as--I said, "Lord, what should I use?"
01:21 And what came to my mind
01:23 and I believe impressed by the Lord was Acts 5:31-32.
01:27 Let me share this.
01:28 It says that, "God exalted Him, Jesus, to His right hand
01:33 to be Prince and Leader and Savior
01:36 and Deliverer and Preserver
01:38 in order that He, Jesus, may grant repentance
01:43 and bestow forgiveness and release from sin."
01:46 And verse 32 says.
01:48 "And we are witnesses of these things
01:52 and the Holy Spirit is also
01:55 whom God gives to those who obey Him."
01:58 You know our whole purpose as Christians,
02:04 if we're going to fulfill the great commission
02:06 of going into all the world is to be a witness
02:11 by allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through us
02:13 to be a witness of the things that we have seen God do
02:17 in our lives and the lives of others.
02:19 So that is really when you think about it,
02:23 what God's called you to do, you witness to billionaires
02:28 that are total strangers often atheists,
02:31 you witness to people from Hollywood.
02:34 God's put you in a unique position
02:37 to meet some influential people who are empty on the inside.
02:42 And we want to know, how do you do it
02:45 because if you can do it with them,
02:47 surely we can do it with someone next to us in an airplane.
02:51 Well, see first of all,
02:53 it doesn't matter where God has put you,
02:55 we all have a responsibility. Yes.
02:57 We all have a job or if we don't have a job,
02:59 we have a sphere of social influence. Right.
03:02 God has put people in our pathway.
03:04 We are accountable for those people.
03:07 That's a heavy burden to bear, but really we are.
03:10 And the way Jesus works it,
03:11 He says, "If you are faithful of little things,
03:13 I'll make you ruler over bigger things." Right.
03:15 So if we can't be trusted with the social sphere
03:17 we have today, how can He expand that.
03:20 And that's where the joy is.
03:21 God takes you to places
03:23 you never dreamed of going in your life,
03:24 you know, I mean, and that's the way He works,
03:26 if you're faithful.
03:27 I want to just kind of-- you were here a week ago
03:30 talking about the last week's program
03:33 was talking about friendship and, you know,
03:37 we're assuming here that you understand
03:39 when we talk about sphere of influence,
03:41 it's got to be that you've got
03:42 a little bit more than being the church secretary
03:44 and only knowing people in your church. Good point.
03:46 It's got to be that you've got a sphere of influence,
03:49 and if you haven't got a sphere of influence
03:51 outside your own denomination,
03:53 outside of Christians in your life
03:55 that may not be of your own denomination.
03:57 But you've got to have that family,
04:00 the people outside who don't know the Lord
04:02 in order for you to witness to bring someone to Jesus.
04:07 Yeah, absolutely. And the thing is this.
04:09 So some people say, "Oh, yeah,
04:10 well, you get to witness to a billionaire whatever else."
04:14 True, but God didn't sent me to billionaire at the first time
04:17 I've ever witness either. Yeah.
04:18 I mean, the thing is this
04:20 'cause it's daunting in our minds
04:21 to think of the affluent of sharing with them.
04:23 But I want to tell you something.
04:24 The higher they go on the social ladder
04:26 in of affluence and accomplishment
04:28 and power and everything else the emptier they are.
04:30 Simply because they've tried
04:32 a lot more than you and I have tried
04:34 to fill the void, and once they get to there,
04:35 there is the fewer options left.
04:37 You know, you used an example
04:39 when you were just talking to me about Solomon
04:41 and having the greatest resume ever written with Solomon.
04:43 And at the end of it, he is going,
04:45 "Vanity, vanity,it's all empty.
04:47 Didn't bring me the satisfaction
04:49 that I thought it would." That's right.
04:50 And so that's the point is the higher they go,
04:53 the easier they are to share Christ with. Yes.
04:56 Because the difference is when you share with them,
05:00 you need to be a little more bold about it.
05:01 You know, if you along, well, I'm a Christian,
05:04 you've just blown it.
05:06 Simply because they're hyper-perceptive to,
05:08 are you real, aren't you?
05:10 And if you boldly declare what you have
05:11 and boldly declare how God has empowered you
05:14 because what is-- what do people want
05:15 in society after money?
05:17 This is common knowledge, they want power.
05:20 After you have money, next thing you want power.
05:21 Why do people run for the President of United States
05:23 or Prime Minister of a country or whatever else?
05:25 That's what the carnal man wants, the carnal mind.
05:27 That's right. They want power.
05:29 I have power, I didn't go earn it
05:32 and I didn't-- and it's not man's power,
05:35 but I have power.
05:37 When I wake up in the day, I go out boldly,
05:40 I have confidence, I've way more confidence
05:42 than the guys I do business with
05:44 because I've got God on my side.
05:45 And the power you have is Jesus Christ in you.
05:47 The hope of glory and the Holy Spirit who can do,
05:51 you know, God through the Holy Spirit
05:53 and you can do incredibly more than
05:54 we could ever think or imagine. Absolutely.
05:57 And that's--'cause I tried everything in my life.
05:59 I had every success I ever dreamed of
06:01 and way beyond that.
06:03 And that never brought me any power,
06:04 never brought me any satisfaction,
06:06 never brought me sense of relevance.
06:07 We all search relevance. But I have that now.
06:11 Am I perfect? No.
06:12 But I've just tasted the shimmering of a mirage
06:15 of what it's all about
06:17 and it's just so unbelievable to think
06:19 that God can use me to witness to other people.
06:22 He can use my life for His cause.
06:26 You know, President Bush
06:28 since he is the current president
06:30 invited me to go pass out Dixie Cups on the streets
06:32 and didn't tell me why.
06:34 I think I would do it. Not even knowing why.
06:38 Because the president wanted me to do it.
06:40 But when the King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
06:42 Creator of the universe asked me to do something,
06:46 that's a commission and He tells me why on top of it.
06:50 Wow. That's a good--good analogy.
06:51 Well, it's like, what would I rather do.
06:54 And so-- so the world sees power in me.
06:58 It's not me, they said in me. Now--
07:00 Behind me, part of me.
07:01 But we're assuming here--
07:03 and I've just got to set this up
07:04 because we've got people, you maybe sitting at home
07:07 and saying, "The world doesn't see power in me.
07:10 I've been going to church all of my life,
07:12 but I'm feeling defeated,
07:13 I'm feeling depressed, I'm feeling this."
07:16 So in order to really be an effective witness for Jesus.
07:22 Particularly, if you're witnessing
07:23 to the non-Christian which is what we're
07:24 talking about right now.
07:26 You've got to have that personal relationship with the Lord.
07:31 You got to have that power of the Holy Spirit
07:34 that is flowing through you, those rivers of living water
07:37 that are flowing through you in order to reach them.
07:40 If you're just there to talk about doctrinal truths
07:43 that you have in your mind and just spouting out.
07:46 You know, if you're coming up to somebody
07:48 and you want to witness to them,
07:49 you're gonna bang them over the head
07:51 with the Bible which I always say,
07:52 you cannot beat somebody over the head with the violent.
07:56 Convince them how beautiful the music is.
07:58 Why do we think we can beat them over the head
08:00 with the Bible to convince them
08:02 how wonderful God is?
08:03 So you are talking about starting one on one
08:07 with a personal relationship with the Lord.
08:08 Absolutely. A giant prerequisite.
08:11 If you don't have a relationship with Jesus,
08:13 number one, you really have no business witnessing
08:16 because what is a witness?
08:17 A witness is simply someone
08:19 who has been there and done that. Yeah.
08:21 You know, I can't represent the story my brother told me.
08:23 If he saw a car accident--
08:25 you know, I got a good enough memory
08:26 where I could remember the details,
08:27 but if I went to court and the judge said,
08:31 "So, what happened?" I started telling this.
08:33 "By the way, were you there?"
08:34 "No, I wasn't, I just heard the story."
08:36 Who cares?
08:38 So just like, I know a lot about Princess Diana, never met her.
08:41 I know lot about her though 'cause the media was full of it.
08:43 So if some alien from another planet came over,
08:45 just let's use that analogy came here
08:47 and said, "Oh, tell me who was this Princess Diana?"
08:50 I can give him a lot of information,
08:51 but this is what, really what was she really like?
08:54 Well, I fall a flat on my face
08:56 on that one 'cause I've never met her.
08:57 Yeah. Same with Jesus.
08:59 By the way, we're not saying that we believe in aliens.
09:00 In case, we get a phone call here,
09:02 but-- No, exactly. But the points will taken
09:05 is that if you're out trying to just talk about Jesus
09:08 and you don't have that personal relationship,
09:10 it falls flat, it shows. Sure.
09:13 Absolutely, because--
09:14 And it also usually comes across
09:16 as being very legalistic those people, right?
09:18 Right. Okay.
09:19 And then it goes on what I said last week.
09:21 The world doesn't care what we know.
09:25 The world only wants to know, what do we have?
09:27 See, there's a difference.
09:28 If you have some, you know, I know a lot about the Bible.
09:30 I knew lot about the Bible going to Christian schools.
09:34 I knew lot about it.
09:35 Never did me any good in terms of witnessing
09:37 'cause I was trying to use key text to win people.
09:39 I went to all these different "How to Witness" programs.
09:42 And I hate to say this.
09:44 And maybe it will cause a stir,
09:46 but most of those "How to Witness" programs,
09:48 you know, where they belong in the garbage
09:49 because they're teaching you something mechanical.
09:53 Witnessing is share what's happened to you.
09:56 You can't teach that 'cause
09:58 I'm just telling what happened to me.
09:59 That's the-- that's the crux--
10:00 that's what the world wants to know.
10:02 What do you have? What's happened to you?
10:03 What drives you? And that's what Paul did.
10:05 When he went with King Agrippa,
10:06 he was sharing how Jesus,
10:08 you know, the Damascus road experience,
10:10 how he showed up and said,
10:12 "You know, not only am I now converting you,
10:15 you got-- I got your attention,
10:17 but now I'm gonna send you
10:18 to others to open their blind eyes
10:21 and turn them from darkness to light,
10:22 and from the power of Satan to God,
10:24 that they may receive in inheritance
10:26 and maybe receive in inheritance among those
10:28 who are sanctified by faith in Me."
10:30 So what He's saying
10:31 is he was sharing his personal story,
10:34 and that's what you do. Absolutely.
10:35 The power, the thing that God needs,
10:38 the God-- that God uses that Jesus
10:40 desperately needs is our story.
10:42 He's got the answers.
10:44 He has the Holy Spirit to guide our mouth. Okay.
10:46 What He needs is that starting point.
10:49 Are you a dedicated died in the world person to Jesus?
10:53 Like, have you given your life completely over to Him?
10:55 Is your prayer in the morning like this?
10:58 I stand before the universe
10:59 in declaration of who I choose as my master. Amen.
11:03 I have this God given choice.
11:05 Why 'cause Jesus died on Calvary.
11:07 He paid for every sin I ever committed and ever will.
11:10 It's already been, I claim the power in that
11:13 and I want to make sure the universe understands today
11:16 that I want Jesus to take my life and use it. Amen.
11:19 I want Him to me-- give me His eyes
11:21 to see into the lives of those that I meet today.
11:24 That's the commitment in the morning,
11:25 but if you don't have a relationship with Jesus,
11:27 how do you get a relationship with Jesus?
11:29 Okay, let's start there quick
11:30 'cause we're still talking
11:32 about this whole thing of witnessing.
11:33 If you can't spend an hour a day in the Bible
11:35 and in prayer, forget about it.
11:36 Well, you know what?
11:37 I have to say that that's a lot--
11:39 Well, I mean, there's no other way.
11:40 I've tried everything else there is
11:42 and I've certainly witnessed
11:43 other people trying everything else.
11:44 If you can't spend an hour a day with Him, forget about it.
11:46 So that's where you start.
11:47 So if you don't have a burning desire
11:49 to lead people to Jesus, you don't know Him.
11:52 If your effectiveness
11:53 to witness is not going anywhere,
11:56 you don't know Him.
11:57 And that's pretty hard, okay, maybe I'm being judgmental.
11:59 But you know what? It's absolutely Biblical.
12:02 Because when you have Jesus in your heart,
12:05 when you're spending a serious amount of time
12:06 in the word, what comes out of that?
12:09 A natural desire to help,
12:10 to seek and to save that which is lost
12:12 'cause that's what Jesus came to do.
12:14 'Cause He puts His desires in you
12:16 and He's working for you. Absolutely.
12:17 His desires can become your desires,
12:19 if you turn your will over to Him,
12:21 not my will, but your will be done.
12:23 Very familiar thing we've heard before Jesus.
12:26 Not my will be done, but Your's Father.
12:28 As I and my father, my father and me,
12:29 so I and you and you and I.
12:31 We say not my will be done, but Yours.
12:34 One day I said, "Lord,
12:36 I'm willing to do Your will and I promise You."
12:38 It was not audible, but what I heard was,
12:41 "No, you are not."
12:42 And I said, my knees knocking,
12:44 I said, "Lord, at least, I'm willing to be made willing."
12:46 He said, "That's all I ask."
12:48 Because Philippians 2:13 says,
12:49 "It's God who works in us to will
12:51 and to act according to His good purpose."
12:53 Yeah, absolutely.
12:54 It's all about this surrender, okay. It is right.
12:57 So, if you want to have a personal relationship
13:00 with the Lord or more intimate relationship
13:02 with the Lord, have a more
13:03 intimate relationship with His word.
13:05 This is how you get to know Him.
13:07 And don't just come to the word to learn facts,
13:10 but come to the word to seek God's face
13:12 to get to know Him on an intimate level
13:15 to know who you are in Christ.
13:17 Spend time prayerfully communicating with Him
13:20 and then yield your life and what you're saying
13:22 is you're asking every morning for divine appointments.
13:25 Let me see people through Your eyes.
13:27 Show me, Lord, bring people across my path.
13:30 If you ask God for a divine appointment,
13:32 I guarantee you He's gonna give it to you.
13:34 And if you've lost your--
13:35 let me say one more thought here to cap--
13:37 encapsulate what you said.
13:39 If you've lost that burning desire
13:42 that zealous desire to see other souls won to the kingdom,
13:47 then you may be one of those ashes,
13:50 your flame maybe at
13:51 and you just maybe a smoldering ash,
13:53 but Jesus can by His breathe
13:57 bring you back to life where that becomes
14:00 a burning flame, okay. Absolutely.
14:02 And the pinnacle, the pinnacle of experience in life.
14:06 See, I started out on the business
14:08 because I wanted to land big deals. Yeah.
14:10 So you land the big deal and now what,
14:12 didn't bring me all that satisfaction.
14:14 And so I've tried all these things
14:15 in life to bring satisfaction.
14:17 The thing that gives me more satisfaction than anything
14:19 that I've ever experienced in my life
14:21 is leading the lost soul to Jesus. Amen.
14:23 It is the pinnacle of wow. It is the pinnacle of--
14:28 "Man, I don't have that kind of course of--
14:30 it was the Holy Spirit speaking through me.
14:32 I was reciting scriptural references.
14:34 When I finally gets to that point
14:35 then I never knew I could remember."
14:37 And so what do we get out of the deal?
14:39 Is it purely the job of drudgery and all?
14:42 Yeah, Well, I have to go serve God.
14:45 No, it's a joy, it's the ultimate,
14:47 it's the ultimate experience,
14:48 it only brings you relevance. Okay.
14:50 So let's back up here
14:51 'cause you said reciting scriptures that,
14:53 I mean, the Holy Spirit's bringing scriptures to you
14:55 remember that you didn't even know that you knew--
14:58 But I qualify that as well. Okay.
14:59 But you qualify that, and that's what I wanted--
15:01 You said, when it gets to that point,
15:03 how do you begin when you've got a total stranger before you?
15:06 How do you begin witnessing?
15:07 Because we're all afraid of that
15:10 or most of us are afraid of rejection
15:12 and it's like, "Oh, he's gonna think I'm a fanatic,
15:14 he's gonna think this or she's gonna think that."
15:17 How do you begin Start us like a--
15:19 you've met me on an airplane.
15:21 How are you gonna begin with me?
15:23 Okay. Well, first of all,
15:25 there is two big fears we have in witnessing.
15:27 You just identified one of rejection.
15:30 That that is where, they might think I'm crazy
15:32 or they're gonna think I'm nuts or whatever.
15:34 Okay, so rejection is one.
15:35 The other one is I don't know the Bible well enough.
15:38 You know, we think, oh, I don't.
15:39 You know, I got to study more before I can do this.
15:41 Okay, well, I mean, get rid of that problem right now-- Okay.
15:44 By explaining how the whole thing works.
15:47 When you meet someone, say it's on an airplane,
15:49 say it's on the business meeting or whatever.
15:51 Well, the first things I do is this,
15:52 I say if I'm doing a business deal,
15:54 I said before I do business,
15:56 anybody could tell you where I'm coming from.
15:58 I'm a Christian which may mean nothing to you quite frankly.
16:01 I've been, you know, take an advantage
16:03 by more Christians than not. But you know what?
16:05 That's something what my life is.
16:06 And I begin sharing what God has done for me.
16:08 And I share only what God has done for me,
16:10 not once scriptural reference.
16:12 Okay. And I'm gonna stop
16:14 because I know that you jumped to step number two,
16:16 because actually what you do first
16:17 is find something in common to develop a friendship.
16:19 Oh, that's right. Exactly.
16:20 And then you go to your personal story.
16:22 Right. I by-passed the assumption, you know.
16:24 That's right. Right.
16:25 First thing you do is you find something
16:27 in common with the person.
16:28 You begin the conversation.
16:29 You begin common ground,
16:31 you get some common ground with that person.
16:32 This is what I call a common denominator.
16:34 Something you both share in common.
16:36 That's what--that's what allows you to get closer to the person.
16:39 That's what allows you to expose yourselves to each other,
16:42 you know, in essence so you can build a little bit of trust.
16:44 You don't have to do this a long time.
16:46 Now and in our last program you showed us a good way to do
16:48 that is to ask people questions about themselves.
16:53 You know what do you do?
16:54 What about your children?
16:56 Because everybody loves to talk about themselves.
16:59 I mean, that way once you've opened that up
17:01 then hopefully if you've been engaging,
17:04 they'll turn around and say,
17:06 "Well, what do you do for a living
17:07 or tell me about yourself?"
17:08 So now you get off into-- Very quickly.
17:11 If I say to you, what do you do for living?
17:14 Tell me, what you would answer?
17:15 Well, if you're the one witnessing to me and--
17:18 Now I want you to witness to me and I've asked you,
17:21 what do you do for a living?
17:22 Well, I would go ahead and tell him.
17:23 You know, I owned industrial design firm,
17:25 we designed equipment
17:26 all over the world, blah, blah, blah, blah.
17:28 Tell him a little bit about that,
17:29 but I said, you know,
17:30 all that sounds cool and it all sounds great.
17:32 And yeah, you know, if I'm gonna work
17:33 I'd rather do that and anything else.
17:35 But I said that's not really what gives me
17:36 the biggest sense of relevance in my life.
17:40 I said because my whole life
17:41 has been basically chasing the dream,
17:43 the American dream, the money, the power,
17:46 the status, the success, all the accomplishments,
17:48 all this things, and it never lead me anywhere.
17:50 In fact, I was getting so disillusioned with life.
17:52 What I'm doing now is letting--
17:53 I'm opening them up to what their problem is
17:57 'cause that's what my problem is.
17:59 Then I said, I finally got to a point where I got so disillusion
18:02 and I said I've always been a church goer in my life.
18:04 I said, you know, also here my worldly life
18:06 is not really that relevant neither was my church life,
18:10 so I let them know that.
18:12 And so I started, I finally came to kind of an apex in my life
18:14 where I was at a critical standpoint
18:16 where I was disillusioned with my church life
18:19 and my human accomplishments.
18:21 And I finally cut a deal with God and I tell Him,
18:23 I thought of tell Him.
18:25 I decided to spend an hour a day
18:26 in the Bible for two months, nothing happened.
18:28 I tell Him the whole story, the whole agonizing story.
18:30 In a two months I said, "God, I'm tired, I'm over.
18:33 I don't want You anymore."
18:34 And yet in the darkness there the Holy Spirit
18:36 let me to pick up my Bible one more time
18:38 after 60 days of an hour a day, nothing.
18:42 And I picked it up and for the first time skip my mind
18:44 and I tell Him about that
18:45 and I tell Him about the--the power,
18:47 the relevance has brought me since He has inhabited me. Amen.
18:50 And my life is totally relevant now.
18:53 And I go around the world speaking
18:56 and I don't get paid for that,
18:58 but I don't care because the joy,
19:02 it gives me and they're just begin to salivate.
19:05 Okay, now but you said you are picking up on--
19:07 by opening this up,
19:08 you're picking up on what you know that
19:10 they probably have this intimacy inside of them.
19:13 What you do with a person,
19:14 and I don't mean to change horses here.
19:17 What do you do with the person
19:18 who may be feeling satisfied right now?
19:21 It's not like,
19:22 yeah, I've tasted all in heaven, go it,
19:24 but they've got this dream and they're going for it
19:27 and they don't feel dissatisfaction yet. Okay, but--
19:31 'Cause there are some people who are at that place.
19:33 Yeah, but the thing is this-- Same thing.
19:35 They may feel satisfied, superficially,
19:37 but under everybody, underneath that
19:39 in the foundation of their souls so to speak,
19:41 there is a want of something. Okay.
19:43 I mean, the billionaire has everything.
19:46 But there's a want of something underneath there.
19:48 And so what I do by telling my previous story
19:50 is expose their life today.
19:52 I had successes.
19:54 You know, money come,
19:55 money comes and all that kind of stuff,
19:57 but the thing is this is during that time there's also this,
20:01 why am I never satisfied?
20:02 And I get into this.
20:04 I said, why is it that when you set a goal in you life?
20:05 This is what I talk about myself.
20:06 You set a goal and you reach the goal,
20:08 it's like, okay, I thought to be better than this.
20:10 So now I got to set another one higher than that,
20:12 so you go reach that one.
20:14 Well, I thought to be better than this.
20:15 Why does a billionaire need one more million?
20:18 I tell people I said, why would they need?
20:20 I mean, you couldn't spend a billion dollars
20:21 rest of your life if you just went on shopping spree.
20:23 So why do you need another million for?
20:26 I said because it's the same thing I had.
20:29 I said, we're all in this ladder of society
20:31 that's what I give it to them.
20:33 And I said as long as there's another rung
20:34 in front of your face,
20:35 you're gonna put your hand up there and take it.
20:37 But I said you know what?
20:39 I'm no longer on that ladder in terms of fulfillment.
20:43 My life is fulfilling, my life is relevant.
20:45 It's just, I finally have something that fills me
20:49 that makes me wake up in the morning and say,
20:51 my life is worth living, makes me go to bed
20:53 at night and I can say, wow, what a day? Okay.
20:55 Herb, you've been talking to me on an airplane
20:57 and you've got my attention
20:59 because now you're sharing something,
21:00 I'm thinking you've got something that I want.
21:03 That's human nature. We're coming close-
21:04 we're coming close to the end of this plane ride.
21:06 You don't have time to share scriptures with me
21:08 and probably if you had started of sharing scripture with me.
21:12 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:14 that,
21:16 "These are spiritual words, they are spiritually discerned."
21:18 If you had just started off with doctrinal truths to me
21:21 and I'm a non-Christian.
21:23 I'm gonna be going, 'cause I don't understand it.
21:27 But by you telling me about this love of Jesus,
21:32 this relevance of power of Jesus.
21:34 Now you've got my attention,
21:36 I'm thinking you've got something that I want.
21:38 When do you introduce scripture to me?
21:40 I mean, you get me to that point
21:42 of where I'm ready to say, yeah, I want this.
21:45 How do you do a follow up
21:46 to where you get that point. Okay, what I do,
21:48 what I do at first is I never use scripture.
21:51 I don't use one scriptural reference
21:53 in my whole first meeting unless I--
21:54 unless they're already there.
21:56 In other words, they're asking
21:57 a question about this. What about this?
21:59 Say, we got a bit of a spiritual influence
22:00 in their lives somewhere. Other than that I don't.
22:03 I get their email and everything else.
22:05 And then I send, and if I do challenge with this,
22:07 everybody I don't care who they are
22:09 I tell them the atheist, I tell them the same thing.
22:11 If you can't spend an hour a day
22:13 in your Bible reading this thing.
22:14 I say treat it as literature. Make the assumption God's will.
22:17 You only have to believe that He is real.
22:19 Just assume that He may be.
22:21 I said, I will guarantee your life will change.
22:24 And sometimes I even give my business cards
22:26 and say, I will pay you for your waste of time,
22:27 whatever you normally get paid, doesn't matter, send me a bill.
22:30 After 60 days, your life doesn't explode with relevance,
22:33 I will send you a check. And I said this isn't a gimmick.
22:35 For 60 hours of their time, okay.
22:37 Sure. No problem.
22:38 Because I know I'm not gonna get that kind of response.
22:40 So I challenge them to get in the Bible.
22:42 I'm not the one telling them what the answers are up front.
22:46 I'm telling them what they have to do to have what I have.
22:50 And see, so here's the process.
22:52 So I'm the person that has never witnessed before.
22:54 Okay, let's look in my head now
22:56 'cause that's where I've been most of my life.
22:58 I'm gonna have this fear of rejection.
23:01 There's two things to keep in mind
23:02 when you're leading people to Jesus. Two things only.
23:04 Number one, you're gonna share
23:06 nothing more than what you have, nothing more.
23:09 If you don't have anything, then go get it. Yes.
23:12 So you're gonna share nothing more.
23:14 And number two, and I don't mean this is
23:17 oh, I don't support denomination structure or anything else.
23:20 But it is not your job to lead someone
23:24 to some denomination affiliation.
23:26 It is your job to lead them to Jesus. So--
23:28 It is the Holy Spirit's job to take them beyond that
23:31 and it will happen. Okay.
23:33 And I'm not gonna argue that point
23:35 what you're saying is that our job Jesus,
23:40 when Jesus was ministering to someone,
23:41 He didn't set them down and go through
23:45 like, if He's-- when He healed the demoniac,
23:48 the woman at the well, He sent them
23:51 and said, "Go tell what I've done."
23:53 Basically you're saying,
23:54 let them develop a relationship with Jesus,
23:57 introduce them to the Bible. Absolutely.
23:58 And you are praying for them.
24:00 And then as this relationship continues to grow,
24:04 if you're the one that's got them into the Bible,
24:06 imagine you're one that--
24:09 that you're the one they're calling or emailing
24:10 for the answers to their questions. Absolutely.
24:12 So, what do you so then? I mean, do you send out?
24:15 Do you have some kind of a Bible study or something?
24:17 Yeah, I write on my own Bible studies
24:18 because I never want to tell somebody
24:20 what the answer is. Okay.
24:22 Because everybody is trying to tell them the answer.
24:25 I want people to find that out on their own.
24:26 So I write my own Bible study
24:28 such as there's not one opinion expressed.
24:30 It is just a scriptural reference
24:32 and then I grew with the Holy Spirit
24:33 hours writing down the questions about that,
24:36 so they can't, you know, so it led to a clear answer
24:38 to that scriptural reference.
24:40 And you probably still have somebody
24:41 try to argue to the point that you're--
24:43 Yeah, I get this once in a while.
24:44 they say, "I don't agree with this."
24:45 So I said, "There is no opinion expressed."
24:47 But the point is when somebody comes to their--
24:49 to, you know, oh, I get it,
24:51 on their own accord, it's there.
24:54 It's if you tell them what the answer is,
24:56 I mean, it'll-- they will be there as long as
24:57 until somebody else comes along with another answer for it
25:00 and somebody else with another answer
25:01 and people are all over the map.
25:03 Have you heard there is an old expression
25:04 in fact I can remember it.
25:06 An opinion expressed against its will
25:08 is of the same opinion still.
25:09 In other words, if you just kind of forcefully convince them
25:15 of what your opinions are
25:16 or what they believe are your opinions,
25:18 and if they're getting it from you,
25:19 they're gonna believe that
25:20 instead of getting them into the word and showing.
25:23 And I love it when you're asking questions
25:25 and showing the scriptural references,
25:26 so that they can look into that and see that answer.
25:29 Come to their own conclusions, but you're gonna be
25:30 the Holy Spirit leading them anyway.
25:32 See, if people are in the Bible, they are in the right hands
25:34 'cause Jesus said I will give you the comforter,
25:36 who is the Holy Spirit, who is gonna do what,
25:38 teach you all things. Right.
25:39 So if we expect the Holy Spirit to teach
25:41 them all things is our role to say no, no.
25:45 Quickly, quickly, now learn these things.
25:47 No, it's not our role to do that, but they're gonna be,
25:49 guess who they're gonna be asking the questions of.
25:51 See, here's the other thing.
25:52 There's two fears we talked about.
25:54 One is fear of rejection.
25:55 But here I want to disseminate that right now
25:57 because this is the point.
25:59 You are the preeminent authority on one thing
26:03 on this planet and so am I.
26:04 You're the story. Yeah.
26:06 If some second grade kid comes to me
26:08 and I'm a PhD in salamanders.
26:11 And he says, "I don't agree with you."
26:12 Am I gonna get worried? No.
26:14 Because I'm the preeminent authority on this.
26:16 So number one, you've nothing to fear.
26:17 Well, you're gonna share only what you have,
26:18 nobody can argue that.
26:20 I've never had anybody said
26:21 no, I don't agree with that.
26:23 Number two, when they do ask scriptural references,
26:24 it's not gonna be from a trick question perspective
26:25 'cause now the Holy Spirit is planting
26:27 that desire in their heart.
26:28 And so when they ask you, you could simply say,
26:30 you know, I remember studying that,
26:32 but I can't remember the exact,
26:33 I want to give you a proper answer.
26:35 Do you mind if I go refresh my memory
26:37 and I'll get back to you.
26:38 They're more than happy waiting,
26:40 so there is never a point where you have to worry.
26:41 I don't know enough about the Bible.
26:43 You know, our time is already out.
26:44 Now today we've been talking about--
26:46 Fairly get started.
26:48 If--I know we're barely getting started.
26:49 We probably need to do another program in this
26:51 because we were talking about witnessing to non-Christians.
26:55 And it's a little bit different than
26:56 when you're witnessing to someone
26:58 who is of a different denomination.
27:00 Yeah, who already knows Jesus.
27:01 Who already knows Jesus, but you've got to begin.
27:04 Let's recap by developing that friendship
27:07 and it can be done in a short time,
27:08 just a common bond.
27:09 And then don't be worried about rejection,
27:12 share what God's doing in you,
27:14 but and if you don't have something to share
27:16 then you need to get in that Bible an hour a day,
27:19 spend an hour praying in the Word.
27:21 And then just let the Holy Spirit do the rest.
27:24 Absolutely, and the Holy Spirit does a wonderful job. Amen.
27:26 Herb, time's all gone.
27:28 Thank you so much for being here again today.
27:30 Nice meeting you. Thank you.
27:31 I hope that God has challenged you
27:34 at some level today to recognize one of two things.
27:37 Either you're falling short on the witnessing
27:40 or you're falling short on the experience,
27:42 and that's why you're not out witnessing.
27:44 Become a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.
27:48 Now may God multiply His mercy, love and grace to you.
27:51 And I pray that you shine for Jesus.


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