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Participants: Shelley Quinn (Host), Herb Larson Jr.


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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:32 And welcome again to "Issues and Answers."
00:34 Today, our issue is how to make friends
00:38 with people in the world
00:39 that you might influence them for the glory of God.
00:43 And you know the Bible tells us in Matthew 4:4--
00:46 Ah, excuse me, James 4:4.
00:48 James writes and he says,
00:50 "Friendship with the world is enmity toward God."
00:53 Does that mean that God doesn't want us to go out
00:56 and make friends among the world, I don't think so?
00:58 Listen to this, Paul writes in Philippians 2:15.
01:02 He's actually been telling them,
01:04 all the thing that they need to do to be pleasing to God.
01:08 But then he says, "Do all these things
01:11 that you may show yourselves
01:12 to be blameless, and guiltless, innocent,
01:15 and uncontaminated children of God."
01:18 Show to whom? To the world.
01:20 He says, "In the midst of a crooked
01:22 and wicked generation, among whom
01:25 you are seen as bright lights
01:28 (stars or beacons shining in the universe)
01:31 in this old dark world as you hold out the word of life."
01:35 Now if Christians only hang with Christians,
01:39 if we only associate with Christians,
01:42 how are we then holding out the word of life?
01:45 There's people in darkness.
01:46 And our guest today is going to tell us
01:49 that we need to expand our Spirit
01:52 to go into all the world and reach out for those people
01:57 who don't know Jesus
01:58 and share God's light in their life.
02:01 Let me introduce to you,
02:03 Herb Larsen, our friend here at 3ABN.
02:05 Canadian businessman,
02:07 actually international businessman,
02:08 I should say from Canada
02:10 and the president of Imagine Life Media.
02:14 Herb, God's called you to a unique ministry.
02:17 He has you ministering one-on-one to billionaires,
02:21 Hollywood people, people who are atheist,
02:26 but he has taught you in the midst of all of this
02:29 something very important
02:30 about developing friendship, hasn't He?
02:33 Well, that's right.
02:35 And what He has taught me--
02:36 See here's the thing, as I came--
02:38 I went to Christian school
02:39 from grade 1 through college. Okay.
02:41 Christian Schools of Holy.
02:42 When I came out of college,
02:44 I was separatist I hate to say that,
02:46 but I was separatist meaning--
02:48 I couldn't interact with people of denominations
02:51 even forget about people of the world.
02:53 I was so used to be in sort of a cocoon. Yes.
02:56 That I didn't have any skills to interact with the world
03:01 and in college they didn't teach me something as basic as
03:04 how do you make friends with people of the world.
03:06 They didn't teach that in Harvard Business School.
03:08 And yet once I got out I'm in business
03:11 I recognize that the ability to make friendship
03:14 is absolutely paramount to being in business.
03:16 When I walk into the office of the CEO
03:18 of a major multinational multibillion dollar company,
03:22 I don't have time to spend, you know, two, three hours
03:25 trying to develop the friendship with that person.
03:27 I have to in three to four, five minutes
03:29 bond with that person by finding something in common with him
03:32 because my wears in my company, you know, provides
03:36 maybe something like somebody else has,
03:38 so I don't have time there, normal
03:40 he have the patience to listen
03:41 to why is my company better than somebody else's.
03:44 So what I have to do is bond with him,
03:46 so how do I do that.
03:48 I have to find something we have in common.
03:51 So I'll scanner on the office,
03:52 if I see a picture of a sails boat,
03:54 what am I gonna talk about.
03:55 Child wearing probably not,
03:58 but if there's children there in picture as well,
04:00 I will talk about, oh, how many kids you have
04:01 or whatever you get on a common ground.
04:03 If I see a baseball glove, I'm gonna talk about baseball.
04:06 And so it's absolutely paramount to success in life
04:10 to be able to make friendships
04:12 especially if you're in business,
04:13 but above all else,
04:15 if we are to be the light of the world,
04:18 if we are to interact with world.
04:20 When the Bible says "Go you therefore into all the world."
04:24 We're not gonna go out there
04:26 and try to get as far as we can and speak with a megaphone,
04:28 no, we're gonna have to get close to people
04:30 became friends, built trust,
04:32 because you see there's a mechanics to friendship.
04:35 Now you painted a good visual there,
04:37 because when you said about the megaphone
04:40 and trying to, you know,
04:41 you see people in the urban or metropolitan areas,
04:45 you may see somebody that standing out with the megaphone
04:47 and they're giving this message that
04:49 "You're all bound for hell."
04:51 And you see people going "Those crazy Christians."
04:53 And they go right around them and just pay no attention.
04:57 But what you're saying is that
04:59 in order for us to shine and stars in the universe,
05:03 we've got to have the example
05:05 that we're living out in our life.
05:08 But we've got to find
05:09 something in common with someone,
05:12 build a little bonding, a little relationship here
05:16 where they begin to trust you,
05:17 where they begin to think, hey, you are a nice person.
05:20 And so if you're meeting a strange person,
05:23 you a stranger, I should say, this necessary a strange person.
05:26 Tell me both, but yeah.
05:27 Both-- If you're meeting a stranger
05:30 and you want to influence them for Christ,
05:32 you're not going right up to them
05:34 and get in their face and saying,
05:36 "Hey, are you ready to meet your maker?"
05:38 Is that right? That's right, absolutely.
05:40 Because the thing is this unless you become friends
05:43 how else are you going to display your life?
05:45 And what is your life?
05:47 It is run by someone outside yourself, by God. Yes.
05:50 See unless we get-- unless we get near the people,
05:52 unless we get close to the people
05:54 through friendship, they won't be able to see that.
05:56 You know, if I walk down the street,
05:59 my gate doesn't give me away as a Christian,
06:01 my clothes may not give me away as a Christian.
06:05 What will say, there's something different about that person?
06:07 But I'll get close to somebody,
06:08 build a friendship and a relationship
06:10 with that person,
06:11 they get to firsthand see what drives my life,
06:14 they get to see why I have an advantage in life over them.
06:17 And it's because we're able to get close.
06:19 And see there's a real problem in organization
06:23 and this is, this can be church, it can be corporate.
06:27 And it's certainly not peculiar to one denomination,
06:30 because there's a cross the board.
06:32 For example, let's just look at the corporate end of things.
06:35 If you grew up in a environment
06:39 where you only associated with people
06:41 that you automatically have things in common
06:43 with the common denominator,
06:46 you're not gonna have to work to make friendships.
06:48 For example, if I work for a Boeing
06:50 or Microsoft or General Electric
06:52 or any other number of huge corporations around the world
06:55 that have offices all over the world.
06:57 If everyday I go and work with those people
07:01 and then I travel for that company
07:02 and I meet other offices for that company.
07:04 When I walk in an office, say, I'm working for Boeing,
07:06 I walk in an office and some are there says in Europe.
07:09 And a Boeing representative picks me up. I'm from Boeing.
07:12 I'm here to pick you up in the Limozeen, blah-blah-blah.
07:14 I don't have to work to make friendships,
07:16 we have a common denominator.
07:17 'Cause see friendships have to have a common denominator,
07:20 something we share in common to built.
07:23 And if I'm just hanging around Boeing people only all the time,
07:26 I don't have to work to make friends.
07:28 You know, what you're saying is remind me of that.
07:30 I tell people when I travel,
07:32 the nice thing about being an Adventist,
07:33 you know, I'm going to several different churches a month.
07:36 But you have built in family wherever you go,
07:39 you don't have to work at this,
07:40 because we do have so much in common,
07:43 if I go to do a retreat or a revival series. Absolutely.
07:45 It's just like there's automatically
07:47 that there's nothing that you have to work for,
07:49 so there is this trust
07:51 and relationship that's kind of built in,
07:53 because of common denominators.
07:56 Absolutely.
07:57 And that is wonderful, it's comforting,
08:01 and I think God instituted the ability of,
08:03 you know, group organization. What it does?
08:08 It tense to be detrimental simply
08:10 because if you become a separatist like I was
08:14 coming out of college,
08:16 it not only debilitated me in business,
08:18 it also debilitated me in ability
08:20 to lead people to Christ and to get close to them.
08:24 And so I had to overcome that
08:27 and, you know, God works in mysterious ways.
08:31 So here I am, I'm having a hard time
08:33 meshing with the world and I'm in business.
08:36 So I don't go associate with those people
08:39 and so therefore they can't get to know me
08:41 as a person as he trustworthy,
08:43 'cause we want to business somebody who is trustworthy,
08:45 so those are all important things.
08:48 But what I found most is
08:50 I just had a terrible time interacting with people
08:52 that I didn't have the built in common denominator with.
08:55 And so what God did with me,
08:57 and this probably seems haywire.
08:58 But I'm a preacher's kid
09:01 that means my mother is a pastor's wife obviously.
09:03 But my mother when I was in college
09:05 she pushed my brothers and I into music, art,
09:08 and all the different creative things growing up.
09:10 And so in college though
09:11 she picked on another one for me to get involved.
09:13 And she said, "What do you learn how to engrave guns?"
09:14 Now that doesn't sound like a very Christian thing
09:16 to do to engrave guns.
09:18 That's where you take chisel and hammer
09:19 and chisel the steel and the gun,
09:21 you lay gold, silver, and platinum--
09:23 So I got into that at my mom's request.
09:26 And I found a master and study that
09:28 and gotten all the magazines gun,
09:30 digest guns and--everything.
09:31 Anyway as I thought, "Well,
09:32 where is this going as the Christian?"
09:34 Well, anyways after out of the college,
09:36 'cause I started studying gun engrave it college,
09:38 independent of college.
09:40 And what happened is
09:42 I got invited to engrave high end gun
09:45 that ultimately across $30,000
09:48 to build engrave and everything else.
09:50 Well, it turned out,
09:51 I didn't know who the owner was of the gun,
09:52 I only know the gun maker, famous gun maker.
09:56 So I did all the work.
09:58 Turns out to invite to me to the party,
10:00 you know, an unveiling party where you open box up
10:02 and all the friends are there. Right.
10:04 Well, when I went to attend this,
10:06 you know, unveiling of this incredible gun,
10:09 it wound up that it was Hele's Angels,
10:11 it was the president of the Hele's Angels for our province,
10:15 who had commissioned the gun of the gun maker. Right.
10:18 So here I am standing around 50 Hele's Angels
10:21 guys, all they're collars and everything else.
10:24 Well, you know, as a separatist that was a huge shock. I'm sure.
10:29 I want to tell you it was--it was like
10:32 I was in another world for awhile,
10:33 just I mean, it's like I couldn't believe I was there.
10:36 Make a long story short, they like my work
10:39 and before it's all over, they were all perusing me.
10:44 And before along, I was going and tying flies,
10:47 you know, like, I like to fly fish once in awhile.
10:49 And so I was tying flies with these guys, interacting
10:52 and I wasn't going there to be permanent Hele's Angel
10:54 I wasn't going there do anything else.
10:55 But what it did for me is it, it shocked me under reality
10:59 that God needs me everywhere.
11:04 And, you know, I'm sitting and thinking
11:07 when we think back on Jesus life,
11:09 if He had been a separatist
11:12 or He did not go outside to reach, of course, now
11:16 He said He was sent to the lost sheep of Israel.
11:20 Absolutely.
11:21 But the lost sheep of Israel were a mess.
11:26 I mean, they may have had a little something in common,
11:28 but they were a mess
11:29 and he was accused as you have often said
11:32 in conversation of being winebibber and in drunker.
11:35 He associated with people
11:37 that were not "Religious people."
11:44 How do you when you are associating
11:47 with someone like this?
11:48 How do you interact with them once they--
11:51 I mean, how long does it take you
11:52 once it get to kind of know you then do you bring up the Lord
11:55 or you let Him know right off the back,
11:57 you are a Christian?
11:58 How do you bond with Him
11:59 in an area that's has commonality
12:02 and yet let them know,
12:04 "Hey, there's a difference between you and me?
12:06 So you could find common ground in five minutes. Okay.
12:09 And of course, once you have common ground
12:12 you have something to work with. Okay.
12:14 And from that point, very quickly
12:16 I get into sharing what I'm all about,
12:17 I never tell people what they have to do,
12:19 but this is all part of the friendship thing.
12:20 I want them to understand
12:22 that I'm worthy to be a friend of them,
12:24 even though there's seems like nothing in common
12:26 in terms you're religious and I'm not.
12:28 I want them to understand where I'm coming from,
12:30 but at the same time I want them to see that
12:33 that I can relate to them.
12:35 All right, so let's say that I'm an atheist. Okay.
12:37 And you've met me on an airplane.
12:40 And you find something, I'm reading a book
12:42 that you look over and say,
12:43 "Oh, I've heard of this author."
12:45 And you start some little conversation with me.
12:48 How are we going to?
12:49 And we're gonna do a program with you on witnessing.
12:51 So I--maybe jumping the gun a little bit.
12:54 But how are you going to develop
12:56 this friendship with me
12:58 when we've got nothing in common?
13:02 Okay, well, the first thing I would do in a situation
13:04 which I do every time on a airplane.
13:07 I see so where you headed,
13:08 what do you up to, I'm Mr. 20 Questions.
13:10 My wife's family, they call me, Mr. 20 Questions,
13:13 'cause I guess, you know,
13:15 I got too much curiosity for my own good.
13:16 But anyways I could ask to them,
13:18 you know, what you do, you know, where you going,
13:20 what you doing, all that kind of stuff. So once I find out.
13:22 Oh, and I start talking about their occupation.
13:24 Well, who doesn't want to talk about themselves?
13:26 See here's where they trust works.
13:28 I give you a little bit, and you could either tramp on,
13:30 you know, like I tell you little bit on myself
13:32 and you could either tramp on that or say
13:33 "Oh, that's wonderful what else about you?"
13:36 And that's how you build trust.
13:37 You gave a little and I can trust you
13:41 with that little I gave you
13:42 and then give little more, little more.
13:44 So when you get talking, I don't start talking about myself.
13:46 I used to talking about--
13:48 I'm finding common ground with them,
13:49 because I'm the one with the agenda,
13:52 I want to see them in the kingdom of heaven.
13:55 And so, of course, I also want to get to know these people.
13:59 So I get chat them up that way and find out what they are,
14:02 so we get this conversation going.
14:03 Then when they start to ask me.
14:06 "Oh, you know what you do?"
14:07 Of course that will come around.
14:09 Oh, I'm a businessman-- Not always,
14:10 'cause I try this so often
14:12 and sometimes you get somebody talking
14:13 on a plane for 10 minutes
14:15 and then they'd never-- you know you're sitting there,
14:17 waiting for them to ask you
14:18 and then they pickup their book and start doing this.
14:21 Yeah, well, that happens
14:22 once in a while, that's a sad moment,
14:24 you know, when you got to go the whole flight
14:25 without social interaction whatever.
14:27 Yeah, so they get asking me and so then I start sharing,
14:31 you know, I'm a businessman. Oh, what do you do?
14:33 So, you know, business, so I tell them.
14:35 But then the perfect thing about that is they want to know,
14:38 okay, what about your business everything else.
14:39 And I say, you know, that's all relevant,
14:41 that used to be relevant to me,
14:42 like I used to have my business to make money.
14:46 And I say, but, you know,
14:47 my life was never that fulfilling,
14:49 even though I made money,
14:50 you know, and even though I had success,
14:51 and even though all those things came together,
14:53 it was empty for me.
14:55 Oh, so you make a switch right over to--
14:56 Oh, wait, wait I said-- To develop this friendship
14:59 and we are getting into it witnessing
15:00 but that that's fine to develop this friendship
15:03 with total stranger
15:04 and one that probably the nonbeliever,
15:07 you get right away from talking about them
15:10 to what they're asking you
15:12 and that gives you permission to share your story. Absolutely.
15:15 And then you just crack right into that testimony.
15:19 I'm move into what my life was like before,
15:21 because I know they're gonna relate to it,
15:23 they have to, that's the way the world is,
15:25 Blaise Pascal in 1500s that all figured out.
15:27 There's a God shaped vacuum in every man. Yeah.
15:31 And so that's how friendships work.
15:33 And you begin to develop this common ground
15:36 and you begin to hangout.
15:38 And then they'll listen to you, but see the only way
15:40 they're ever gonna want Jesus is if they see it in you.
15:44 See here's the thing that we have to always keep in mind
15:47 and I bring this up all the time
15:49 doesn't matter what subject it is almost.
15:50 But the world doesn't care,
15:53 they could careless what we know. Absolutely.
15:56 The world wants to know what do we have. Right.
15:59 That's the difference.
16:01 And friendships allow us to spend time with them
16:04 so that they can see what we have.
16:07 And when you're talking about what we have,
16:08 you're talking about what's in here,
16:10 what's up here, what's our belief system,
16:12 what's the advantage of our belief system. Absolutely.
16:15 And people see that contentment. Okay.
16:18 You see lots of things in the world.
16:20 But so how do you build the friendship?
16:21 How does the Christian who is the separatist at this point,
16:25 because they've always been in the realm
16:26 of commonality with people,
16:28 how do he went out from there.
16:29 Hey, you know, and let me take,
16:31 I'm gonna grab back a real in my little example
16:34 of the man on the plane, because that's gonna--
16:37 I'm gonna save you for our next program together.
16:39 But let me take at this direction.
16:42 When you're saying, how did we do this?
16:43 Let's say, it's my next door neighbor.
16:45 A lot of people don't even know
16:46 their next door neighbors. It's true.
16:48 And a lot of people come home.
16:49 I had a neighbor a number of years ago
16:52 that when we moved into a new home,
16:53 I only had one neighbor.
16:55 And when we moved in there,
16:58 the husband came over to let me know right away.
17:00 My wife is a high school teacher,
17:04 when she comes home from work,
17:05 she wants to watch her so purpose that she's recorded
17:11 and drink a glass of wine
17:12 and she doesn't want anyone to come over and visit,
17:15 so I'm letting you know that right up front.
17:18 Okay, how do you make friends with the next door neighbor,
17:21 they're not believers,
17:22 who really don't seem to have a lot of interest
17:25 in developing a friendship with you?
17:27 Well, see neighbors are relatively easy,
17:29 because you have more than one crack at it,
17:31 you know, I mean, walking into a business meeting
17:34 and you can't make it or break it there.
17:36 You have two to five minutes that's it.
17:37 But the neighbor there again you find something common.
17:40 You know, if they're clipping dandelions,
17:42 if they happen to, you know, we're doing that
17:44 well, you go talk about, oh, these weeds,
17:46 you know, I mean I wonder who's yard,
17:47 whatever you joke around and you get on the same topic
17:50 that you're sharing something in common
17:52 or it could be that, you know, some other neighbors
17:55 is never mows their lawn or whatever, I mean,
17:57 of course, you don't have to be negative,
17:58 but the point is that you find something
18:00 that you haven't common with those neighbors.
18:02 And you begin to talk about a thing you have in common
18:04 that's what builds friendships.
18:06 See, you are the one going out of your way
18:08 to make the friendship.
18:09 If you remain a separatist, you're expecting the world
18:12 to go out of its way to come to you. Yeah.
18:14 But the difference is, is we are to go into the world
18:18 and, you know, not necessarily mesh to the point
18:20 where the world is going to lead us astray,
18:22 but we are to go into the world to be God's representatives.
18:26 And friendship evangelism is the number one way,
18:28 it's to get out there, bond with people,
18:32 let them see what we're all about
18:33 and don't have this agenda
18:35 where if they don't come to the church
18:37 or don't even invite them at first that's the point.
18:39 You've got to build this friendship,
18:40 you've got to let them see what you're all about,
18:42 and if they can't see anything maybe you better go find Jesus.
18:47 So you're not saying go out and just befriend them
18:50 and not talk about your experience with Jesus.
18:53 Oh, no-- You're saying,
18:54 you're not going out there trying to--
18:57 how can I say this?
18:59 Jesus like the woman at the well. Yeah.
19:01 He didn't look at her and say,
19:03 "Hey, you're gonna go to the wrong place right away,
19:06 if you don't change your life." That's right.
19:07 He developed that-- He bonded with her.
19:10 And then He let her see His love
19:14 then He really began to manifest Himself
19:16 to her who He was. That's right.
19:18 So that's the type of approach you're talking about
19:20 with that neighbor that maybe difficult,
19:22 you could takeover a loaf of bread,
19:24 maybe home baked bread or you could mow the neighbor
19:27 that's really difficult that never mows their lawn,
19:29 maybe you out to mow their lawn for them or something.
19:31 But you're saying, let Jesus shine out
19:33 and you're not trying to go up to them
19:36 and change their life overnight.
19:38 But you are allowing by your example
19:42 to let the Lord shine through you
19:45 and let him woo them, say, hey, they've got
19:48 something that I want. Well, that's right.
19:52 Unless you are in front of people
19:54 in a close enough way
19:56 where they can see what you have,
19:59 you're not gonna build a reveal what it is they're missing.
20:03 See the whole world has an emptiness, ovoid--
20:05 I mean, we know there's couple of things
20:07 taken place right now with all the disasters in the world,
20:09 I mean, the world is desperate. Yes.
20:11 That world is desperate for answers--
20:13 they're desperate for anything relevant in life.
20:15 And when they come along and see that
20:17 you're contented with your life,
20:19 if I meet you, if I'm the atheist and I be--
20:21 you know, and you've come into my world and befriended me.
20:25 And I can see you're contempt,
20:27 you know, you don't seem to worry.
20:29 I'm sure not life is that perfect,
20:31 but at the same time you have this power--
20:33 We will hope that's what they do see.
20:34 Right. That's right.
20:36 But you have this power about you
20:38 that only when they're close enough
20:40 will they see that. Yeah.
20:41 And that's what and of course, what did Jesus do.
20:44 He could be friends with kids,
20:47 He could be friends with lowest in society,
20:50 He could be friends with the most broken in society. Yes.
20:53 He had this incredible ability and it wasn't his looks,
20:57 I mean, Isaiah 53 tells us,
20:59 He wasn't this, you know, good looking guy that was,
21:02 "Oh, yeah, of course, I want to be friends with Him.
21:04 He didn't come with any advantages,
21:06 so what was it?
21:08 He had the ability to bond at their level.
21:11 Just like Paul in 1 Corinthians 9,
21:13 He says, I became as this person and as that person.
21:17 So that He didn't become them.
21:20 He didn't become a sitter, He became as--
21:22 in other words He got into their world
21:25 so that He could meet them.
21:26 And because too His motivation were so totally unselfish,
21:29 I mean, He was there knowing
21:31 that He wanted to make an impact
21:33 for their eternal benefit, for their eternal life.
21:36 So it was this total unselfishness about Him
21:39 that I'm sure had to have, you know.
21:41 Because most people that you meet
21:43 you'll find in a little short time,
21:45 they've got an agenda,
21:46 you know, they're wanting something
21:48 a lot of times, I'm sad to say,
21:50 but a lot of times when people are trying to befriend you,
21:53 it's that they see something you have that they want,
21:57 but it's usually influence or it's this that and the other.
22:00 It's so rare when someone comes
22:02 and they're not trying to get something from you,
22:04 but rather to give to you.
22:06 So it must have been wonderful
22:08 when-- I mean I can't imagine
22:09 what it would be like to be face to face
22:11 with Jesus in the flesh
22:13 and He is wanting to, just be a benefit to you. That's right.
22:19 That's friendship evangelism though.
22:21 And we are Jesus in the flesh when you think about it.
22:23 I mean-- We're His hands, His feet and His heart. Yeah.
22:27 We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
22:29 So your friendship evangelism, this whole concept it makes it,
22:35 you know, if you've got someone that you're going along with
22:38 and maybe you begin to do a Bible study
22:40 or sure Bible studies with them which I know you do.
22:44 And then eventually at some point
22:46 they're ready to come to your church.
22:49 You know-- That's right.
22:50 But they would never be ready to come to your church
22:52 unless they fully trusted you and fully understood
22:55 that you have something they need. Yeah.
22:57 But see, see if you try to do this mechanically
23:00 in terms of making the transition
23:02 from a friendship to explaining Jesus,
23:05 it doesn't work I'm sorry to say that.
23:07 If you don't have Jesus dwelling in you,
23:09 if you don't have a personal relationship with Him,
23:12 there's gonna be nothing you can say out of the Bible,
23:15 you can't pair it enough scriptures to win people over.
23:18 It's your life, it's my life that makes the difference,
23:21 makes the impact.
23:23 And it's your loving heart,
23:25 it's what your life is all about that they sense.
23:28 It's not really you at that point.
23:29 It's the Holy Spirit through you. Amen.
23:32 And don't think the Holy Spirit
23:33 can't use you as the silver platter
23:35 to enter other people's life.
23:37 And so the friendship is the platter,
23:41 it is that thing that just says here that it's yours.
23:45 Let's explain that a little bit, 'cause what I'm taking
23:47 when you say that another great visual, Herb,
23:49 you good at that is that.
23:51 The Holy Spirit's using me as a silver platter
23:53 that means He uses me to dish it up to range it--
23:58 You are the platter on which--
23:59 I'm the platter and He's putting all of these wonderful things
24:02 that He is offering to somebody there's a banquet
24:04 and kind of to say tasting seed
24:06 that the Lord is good, right? Absolutely.
24:09 And you are the platter. Yeah, that's good.
24:11 And we could be astonished the old thing
24:12 that I wouldn't want to eat anything of that,
24:15 you know, but and we could be trying to dish up something that
24:18 that doesn't even look appetizing.
24:19 But no, God's different, He takes your life and He says.
24:22 Shines you up.
24:23 And it's all, He polishes it up
24:25 and He puts His beautiful things.
24:27 I will fill your heart with love,
24:29 I will touch you, and I will give you contentment.
24:32 And as people taste
24:34 and they take up these orders of you, of the platter,
24:37 'cause it's coming through you, you are the conduit.
24:40 And so all of the sudden, they begin to say,
24:42 yeah, this is something.
24:44 Now I begin to see what you have
24:46 that so different about you.
24:48 And that's the thrill of it all. Yeah.
24:52 You know, Proverb says
24:54 to have a friend you must be a friend. Absolutely.
24:56 And there's a lot of people that have probably watching,
24:59 who--you maybe saying I don't have any friends.
25:01 And it's difficult, you know,
25:03 I have a tendency, this is interesting.
25:05 I can stand in front of 15,000 people
25:08 and speak, my knees won't knock.
25:11 If I go into a situation where I don't have
25:15 that support system of the common,
25:17 you know, if I'm just out at convention
25:19 where I don't know anyone
25:21 and I don't have something in common with them.
25:22 I have a tendency to be a little wallflower
25:25 till I at least bond with one person
25:26 then I can blossom.
25:28 But what we've got to look at is
25:30 the ability to shine for Jesus
25:33 it's got to be something that's coming out of us
25:36 that we are just sharing
25:39 our experience with the Lord. Absolutely.
25:41 And friendship becomes the platform. Yeah.
25:44 It becomes the means from Jesus to do the work.
25:48 But the thing is this that's what He did.
25:50 Jesus says as My Father is in Me
25:52 and so I'm in My father, so I and you and you
25:54 and I, tells us that John 14. It's an incredible thing.
25:57 He says I want to give you the same thing
25:58 I had with my Father.
26:00 Jesus didn't do anything on this earth.
26:02 He let the Father work through Him.
26:04 The words that I speak of my Father's,
26:06 the works that I do are my Father's. Same with us.
26:09 But if we're gonna be,
26:10 if we're gonna be holding ourselves up in churches
26:13 and say keep ourselves in this paddock--
26:16 nothing's gonna happen
26:17 until we get out there and mesh with,
26:20 become friends with them that Jesus then can work,
26:23 He's gonna do the work we don't have to bother
26:24 or worrying about that.
26:26 Yeah, and, you know, it's amazing,
26:28 I recently had an experience, because when we move to 3ABN,
26:32 you don't mean to be a separatist,
26:33 but you can become,
26:35 because you just so busy doing the Lord's work.
26:36 And J.D. and I went out to dinner with some friends
26:39 and actually our niece and all of a sudden
26:44 we realize there's a whole another world out there
26:46 that we have just almost tuned out and we realize
26:49 we've got to be able to reach out more one-on-one,
26:54 you know, when we're not--
26:56 we can't keep thinking that God's work is the big project,
26:59 we got to look at the little projects as well.
27:01 Herb, our time has gone way too fast.
27:04 And I just thank you that you are here today
27:06 to tell us about friendship evangelism
27:09 and remind us how important it is.
27:10 You will come back? Yes I will.
27:13 Thank you so much.
27:14 And, you know, for those of you at home,
27:16 remember that we are Jesus hands
27:19 and remember that God wants to--
27:22 we're supposed to be reflecting His love,
27:25 His life, His light, and His power.
27:28 And we can't reflect something
27:30 that if we're not turned full face to Him,
27:33 the Sun of righteousness, we can't reflect that love.
27:36 He's got to be inside of us for Him to be poured out of us.
27:40 I thank you so much for joining us.
27:42 Hope you really were stirred to
27:44 and inspired to think about friendship evangelism today.
27:48 Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:51 the love of the Father
27:52 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.


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