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Participants: J.D. Quinn (Host), Tim Riesenberger and Raena Ewing


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00:30 Welcome to "Issue and Answers."
00:32 My name is J.D. Quinn.
00:34 Glad that you're here to join us today.
00:35 We've got a wonderful topic today,
00:38 we're talking about relationships.
00:40 But before I start there I want to go to Proverbs 16:3
00:45 "Commit your works to the Lord,
00:48 and your thoughts will be established." Amen.
00:51 What inspiration, you know,
00:52 that we have received from our holy Bible.
00:55 I've got two wonderful guest here today with me.
00:58 Dr. Tim Riesenberger.
01:00 Thank you. And Racna Ewing.
01:03 And first of all, ladies and gentlemen,
01:05 they are not a couple, they like each other,
01:09 they communicate well together,
01:12 but they are coming from different directions I guess.
01:17 One comes from a stable home,
01:19 one comes from a home that has been broken.
01:22 And so I would just like for us to,
01:24 first of all learn a little bit about you.
01:27 Dr. Tim, tell us about yourself? Sure.
01:30 I work as an Emergency Medicine Physician.
01:33 For many of you that means, I work in the ER,
01:36 so I take care of men, women, and children, 24/7
01:40 whenever there is a problem.
01:42 And my interest in relationships as you mentioned comes from
01:45 not wanting to make the same mistake.
01:47 My parents are divorced and both remarried
01:50 and I want to establish my relationship on God.
01:54 I don't want to make the same mistakes.
01:56 And my interest also comes from studying this issue.
01:59 I became a Christian later in life
02:01 when I was a junior in college.
02:03 And so I got a hold of anything I could about relationships,
02:08 about being a good father, being a good husband,
02:10 approaching relationships from a Godly standpoint.
02:13 And then as I began doing that
02:14 people were interested in my sharing,
02:17 perhaps for churches or youth groups.
02:19 And as I began sharing,
02:21 more and more of that interest grew
02:23 as I began asking other people
02:25 what they were looking for in relationships.
02:27 What they found to be the problems and the successes
02:30 that they were having,
02:31 as they strove to have Godly relationships. Amen.
02:35 Racna?
02:37 Well, I'm an accountant and over this past year
02:39 I've been taking different portions of the CPA test. Yes.
02:43 I passed three of them and just took my last one
02:46 just a few days ago and so I'm hoping and praying
02:49 and maybe you can join me in praying
02:50 that I did all right on that one. Amen.
02:53 Looking forward to pursuing a career as the CPA and-- Yes.
02:57 And my interest in relationships was sparked
03:01 a lot during my time at college when I spent time,
03:04 you know, watching my friends
03:05 going in and out of relationships.
03:07 And also inspired by the fact
03:10 that my parents have a great relationship
03:12 and watching their love
03:14 made me want something more like that. Amen.
03:17 So we know you know what you're looking for
03:19 because you have a good role models.
03:22 You know what you're looking for
03:23 because you don't want to get
03:25 caught up in the same situation. That's right.
03:27 And, you know, they're both very valid
03:29 and I have no doubt that people in our audience
03:32 can identify with one or the other.
03:34 Absolutely. So consequently--
03:38 Let's start off you're both professional people,
03:42 certainly both educated,
03:44 very handsome, very pretty. Thank you.
03:46 And so you work with people all the time. That's right.
03:50 So tell me about relationships in your workplace?
03:55 Who would like to jump in first on that?
03:57 Well, I can definitely-- We're looking at you, Racna.
03:59 Definitely say this past year
04:01 I did a lot of tax returns for people.
04:03 And couples would come into my office
04:05 that had just split out
04:07 but were going through a divorce.
04:08 And they'd come in and the question was
04:11 who was going to deduct the child.
04:15 How are they gonna split things up
04:17 and, you know, one parent would be crying,
04:19 the kids would be crying, everybody was upset
04:22 and I was suddenly the mediator for a situation
04:25 that was very sad and it really hit me
04:28 after spending time with so many couples.
04:31 That was something that I never ever wanted
04:33 to experience, was a divorce. Amen, amen.
04:38 That's real life out there on the frontline.
04:40 Definitely. Yes. Tim.
04:44 Well, my job as a physician is often very fast paced.
04:48 I see close to 20 to 40 patients every day.
04:51 And so I've been a physician now
04:53 for almost 8 years, did several thousand people.
04:56 Amazingly enough you would think that people want to know,
04:59 "what's wrong?" when they come into the ER.
05:02 But I can tell you there is a big percentage of people,
05:05 after I'm done examining them, they want to know well,
05:08 Doc is every thing okay, is everything normal,
05:13 that's what they want to know.
05:15 And that's a very common question.
05:17 Is that people will be concerned that things are not normal,
05:20 but it's not just for the complaint that they came in,
05:24 they will always think well, this seems too big,
05:28 this seems too small, this is too tall,
05:31 this is too short, this is too round,
05:32 this is too flat.
05:34 They'll have all of these question
05:36 and honestly 99.9% of the time
05:39 all I end up saying to these patients is,
05:42 "yes, that's normal,
05:43 yeah, that's fine,
05:44 yeah, that's small enough, yeah, that's big enough,
05:47 oh, yes, seen lot's of those."
05:49 What I end up doing is I give people reassurance
05:53 that they are normal.
05:55 Now my interest in this is it why so many people ask.
06:00 Why we're all thinking that we're not normal.
06:03 And I will start with myself.
06:06 When I was very young I had an experience
06:09 that really made me think that perhaps I wasn't normal.
06:13 Many people ask me about my last name,
06:15 Riesenberger doesn't quite fit
06:17 with my facial features, does it?
06:19 People will call and then say well, are you adopted?
06:22 And no I'm not adopted, my father is of German descent
06:26 and that's where the last name Riesenberger comes from.
06:29 My mother is Chinese of, Asian descent
06:32 and I tend to take after my mother.
06:35 Now the other problem is that
06:37 some of my facial features are Caucasian,
06:40 some are Asian.
06:42 Some of you may have noticed that eyelids are different
06:45 between people that are Asian
06:47 and people that are Caucasian.
06:49 In fact some people in Korea are so much wanting
06:54 the western eyelid is a girl will get
06:56 what's called a blepharoplasty.
06:58 Or a fold placed in her eyelid when she is a teenager,
07:02 so she can have the western eyelid.
07:04 Now the difficulty is with me is it I actually have both.
07:09 If you look closely
07:11 one of my eyes has a fold in it and one doesn't.
07:15 Now that is just a part of my unique heritage
07:18 and I've coming to be proud of it.
07:20 However when I was young
07:22 my parents didn't always think of it that way.
07:24 One of my parents God bless them,
07:26 in an effort to try to make one look like the other
07:30 would take a clear piece of scotch tape
07:32 and scotch tape of fold in one of the eyes.
07:36 Now this is when I was five, six, seven,
07:39 so in their efforts to make me look better
07:43 what do you think I began thinking about my eyes.
07:46 There was something wrong with them.
07:49 And so if those kind of experiences happen to us
07:52 when we're young, we end up growing up thinking
07:54 we're not attractive and I can tell you
07:56 that is how I felt for many years.
07:59 I felt that something was wrong.
08:01 And of course even when I was about seven or eight
08:03 and I took off that tape saying
08:04 I'm not wearing this anymore, that's silly.
08:07 The message still remains in our minds
08:10 that we are not normal, we are not up to snuff.
08:14 And I'd say that that message is reiterated by the media.
08:19 The problem is, is it starts very early.
08:22 Let's give an example.
08:23 You women, they play with dolls, right.
08:26 Many do and the most popular doll is Barbie, exactly.
08:31 Now if you look at Barbie just from a medical standpoint
08:35 and anatomical standpoint 1 out of 1,000 women
08:40 even has the chance genetically to look like Barbie
08:45 where as 999 women no matter how much they diet,
08:49 no matter how much they exercise,
08:51 no matter how much surgery they going to get,
08:53 they're not going to achieve Barbie.
08:55 And so we end up feeling that we are inadequate.
08:59 We end up feeling like we're not normal
09:02 where as in societies
09:03 where we are not exposed to the media
09:06 it's a totally different story.
09:08 I can give you an example from the Vietnam War.
09:11 The Vietnam War was in Southeast Asia
09:15 and so the GIs would come there from our country,
09:19 but they would bring with them magazines,
09:22 pictures, media of women that were considered attractive.
09:27 Now before this time
09:29 in Vietnam plastic surgery was almost unheard of,
09:33 but after this war, the women of course
09:36 start to get a hold of some of this media
09:38 and think that they were not adequate.
09:41 Plastic surgery boomed
09:43 just as a result of people feeling,
09:45 they weren't attractive or were not normal.
09:49 I'd say that this comes into play
09:52 in a very serious fashion in my job.
09:56 Let's say I'll see a girl who is 14, 15.
09:59 She comes in because her mom is worried,
10:02 she's so weak, she's losing weight,
10:05 she seems to be losing control of her life,
10:09 her studies are going poorly
10:11 and you ask the girl what's wrong
10:13 and she is kind of evasive in the answers.
10:15 Well, I've been vomiting a little bit.
10:19 Maybe I have felt a little sick
10:20 and all of your tests are not giving any answers.
10:24 I can tell you, I watch very carefully to this girl
10:27 and I see the enamel is worn off,
10:30 off her teeth and you could say that
10:32 well, that's maybe just from the vomiting that she's having.
10:35 But then I watch these two fingers,
10:37 there will be a little discoloration on the nails
10:40 and I'll know what this girl is doing.
10:42 She is actually forcing herself to vomit,
10:45 because she feels that she's too fat.
10:48 Society has told her
10:50 that her body is not acceptable.
10:52 This is so common, not just among women,
10:55 but even among men and why do they do it?
10:58 The media, the messages they have
11:00 when they're growing up.
11:02 They feel like they're not adequate,
11:04 they're not normal, or they're not attractive.
11:07 And so I'm dealing with life threatening abnormalities
11:10 in the electrolytes of these young people
11:12 where their hearts can stop as a result of all this vomiting
11:17 that they are doing.
11:18 So I see a problem
11:20 where people don't feel that they are normal
11:23 and that is what sets us up for disaster in relationships,
11:27 because if we don't feel we're beautiful,
11:29 if we don't feel we're normal, we're always insecure.
11:32 We're always looking for a reason
11:34 for that person to leave me or reject me
11:37 and of course if we think that way
11:39 it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Amen.
11:42 That off, all too often becomes true. Yeah.
11:45 And we certainly know that the power of life
11:47 and death is in the tongue. That's right.
11:49 And so, you know, what we believe
11:51 in everything sometimes and takes over
11:54 and then we're speaking things over our life
11:57 that really we didn't mean to do,
11:59 but we get caught up
12:00 and what you're talking about here.
12:02 Well, let me just ask you a very simple question.
12:05 Now, you're an adult, how do you see yourself?
12:09 Are you still hung up on the eyelid situation?
12:14 Do you see yourself as having a wonderful smile?
12:17 What, where do you fit in now?
12:19 Well, I can tell you
12:20 that I feel much better about myself now.
12:24 But again, that has come from a long time
12:27 of reading what is true,
12:29 of understanding, why I felt the way I did.
12:33 That's taken time and a lot of people telling me,
12:38 that I look okay.
12:39 But that is not going to change what's really in the heart.
12:43 The problem is, is that
12:45 we find that the lessons children learn,
12:47 when they are very young
12:49 are almost impossible to unlearn.
12:51 Have you ever heard of someone refuse a compliment?
12:55 No matter how many times you try to tell them,
12:57 "they look good" they continually tell you,
12:59 "Oh, I'm no good."
13:01 Or you play that wonderfully,
13:02 "Oh no that was the worst thing I've ever done."
13:05 There are some people that no matter
13:06 what you say to them, nothing will ever change.
13:09 And I believe with all my heart,
13:10 the only reason why I can say
13:12 that I am someone who is attractive, worthy
13:16 is because I was created by God. Amen.
13:18 He creates what is beautiful. Amen.
13:20 Not what is ugly. Amen.
13:23 So how do you think that God looks at relationships?
13:27 Well, I think God has a very special plan
13:29 for our relationships in our lives,
13:31 because our lives affect,
13:33 our relationships affect our lives for eternity.
13:36 So I think that He wants us
13:38 to have a relationship here on this earth,
13:40 that is healthy, that will lift us up spiritually
13:44 and will make us happy. Amen. Amen.
13:47 So this kind of segues in.
13:49 Let's say that we've got two people over here
13:51 that really are not attracted to each other,
13:54 but for some reason they are put together
13:57 and so, how do a relationship flourishes.
14:02 Is there a chance for this relationship to work?
14:05 Absolutely.
14:06 I don't think it takes initial attraction
14:08 to make relationship work.
14:10 Love is a choice
14:12 and the beauty of a person is really
14:14 what's on the inside, not what's on the outside.
14:17 It's the character that counts. Amen.
14:20 That's the age-old question isn't it?
14:23 Can there be love?
14:24 Can there be a lasting relationship
14:27 when there is no initial spark. Yeah.
14:29 When there is no initial attraction,
14:31 where there's not that love at first sight
14:34 that the media tells us has to be there.
14:36 You know I even had my friends of mine
14:38 and I've tried to reason with them
14:39 and I said" Well guys,
14:41 don't you think girl is worthwhile?"
14:43 Oh, Tim but there is just no chemistry.
14:46 Oh, come on have you heard the song,
14:48 "It only takes a spark."
14:49 And I said," Well, wait a minute,
14:51 that's a song and I don't think
14:52 we should live our lives by a song.
14:54 But what I tell people is that there's an illustration
14:57 that can be used,
14:58 that will convince Christians, non-Christians,
15:01 believers, non-believers
15:03 that you can fall madly in love with someone
15:07 who you are not initially attracted to and here's a story.
15:11 The highest grossing movie of all time was the Titanic.
15:16 It has earned more money
15:18 than any other movie in the history of time.
15:21 I can tell you that, that common scenario will help us,
15:25 can be convinced that this truth is exactly what it says.
15:28 A ship goes down.
15:30 Let say there's only two survivors,
15:33 a man and a woman.
15:34 They are struggling on a piece of drift wood
15:37 and they wash ashore on a deserted,
15:39 desert island, typical story,
15:42 typical story line for any movie or book.
15:45 They are sputtering, they're coughing,
15:47 they're arguing, they're saying,
15:48 "Oh, you forgot to bring the food,
15:49 we're going to die.
15:51 Oh, why didn't you do this?"
15:52 they're arguing and they maybe
15:54 getting so upset with one another,
15:55 that they choose both ends of the island
15:58 and they are separated
15:59 because they don't want to talk to each other anymore.
16:01 Now you and I both know
16:03 what's going to happen at the end of the movie,
16:05 no matter how much they initially disliked each other,
16:08 they're going to be together at the end of that movie.
16:12 Because we all in our hearts know that
16:14 if we spend enough time with someone,
16:16 especially time alone, it's only a matter of time
16:21 before you are attracted to that person.
16:24 And that can work to your advantage.
16:25 If you have someone who is truly virtuous,
16:28 truly godly, who fits in every way
16:31 with God's plan for your life and theirs,
16:34 but there is just not that attraction.
16:36 Give it some time.
16:38 It'll only be a little while
16:40 before you start to see that person with new eyes,
16:43 but the opposite is also true.
16:46 We hang out with someone that our parents say,
16:48 Oh, I don't want you calling that person anymore,
16:50 that person is taking you away from church,
16:52 away from God, away from school.
16:55 But the longer we hang out with them,
16:57 the better they appear in our own lives
17:00 and eventually we believe and we are convinced
17:02 that we won't be happy any less with that person.
17:05 So the answer to the age-old question is very simple.
17:09 Spend enough time with them
17:10 and any one will become attractive to you. Amen.
17:13 I know that when I was growing up,
17:14 my mother was emphatic to us,
17:16 with I have a brother and a sister also,
17:18 that be careful who you date,
17:21 because you will create memories,
17:23 you will create a history together
17:25 and then you'll wake up one day with this person
17:27 that you won't even attracted to,
17:28 but you were hanging out with,
17:30 that something happens and then you found out
17:34 that that you're a couple then you--
17:36 but I don't even like that person.
17:38 You know, so you have to be careful--
17:40 and following that Racna
17:42 you were brought up in Christ-centered home.
17:44 Do you listen to your parents? Definitely.
17:46 I mean if they are certain--
17:47 if you find someone that you're attracted to
17:49 and you bring it up to their attention
17:51 and they say "oh, Racna, that's not affair?
17:53 How do you handle that?
17:55 Well, I always talk to my parents
17:57 about the relationships that I've been in
17:59 and they always give me their advice.
18:01 And sometimes it hasn't been what I wanted to hear,
18:05 but I have always listened in the past to them
18:08 and in the end it's always something that I am happy with,
18:11 you know I can look back and see their wisdom now,
18:14 whereas at the time I really didn't see in it,
18:16 it didn't seem like something that I wanted to obey.
18:19 And I think probably the benefit of that is that
18:22 whenever you find Mr. Right, and you settle down
18:25 and you have children,
18:27 you have a good role model to draw on.
18:30 I do, definitely.
18:31 And it's about how much you are willing to give,
18:33 you know growing up I watched my mom a lot.
18:36 And in my parent's relationship,
18:38 my mom didn't give 50%, my mom gave a 100%. Amen.
18:41 And I think that's what its all about is,
18:44 are you willing to give your all.
18:46 The other person that they may not be able to give as much,
18:49 but if you can give more that's what really counts. Amen.
18:53 Is there wisdom in that, Dr. Tim?
18:54 I think that ultimately when the music stops,
18:58 and the party is over
19:00 and you have been married to someone for a along time,
19:03 it is just those things
19:04 that are going to keep you going.
19:06 And I'd like to actually read a statement
19:08 from the book "Steps to Christ"
19:10 that I think illustrates
19:11 what is most important in relationships,
19:13 it's a perfect balance, this is on page 97,
19:16 it says that God is a lover of the beautiful.
19:20 God does not ignore that physical attraction, does He?
19:23 He creates beautiful beings.
19:26 Now watch this "He is a lover of the beautiful
19:29 and above all of that is outwardly attractive,
19:31 he loves beauty of character. Amen.
19:35 It's not that God ignores the outside,
19:37 but He wants us to place the emphasis where,
19:41 where it's most important, what's going to last.
19:44 This devotion that Racna's mom has to her father,
19:47 the character is what's going to endure
19:50 when the outside has faded away.i
19:52 So let me ask you this,
19:54 and following this particular thought process.
19:58 Do you think that being pure is important?
20:02 Absolutely.
20:05 I think that God has a plan for each one of us
20:08 and He wants us to remain pure,
20:11 so that we are able to stay close to Him
20:17 and not have a fall relationships along the way.
20:22 I think about this all the time in my job.
20:25 Because the common question that we'll ask the patient,
20:28 especially when they're dealing
20:29 with more private issues is "Are they sexually active."
20:33 And I have had physicians actually laugh at patients,
20:37 if they'll say that they have been sexually pure.
20:39 They'll say "Huh, you're in your 20s, okay, that's fine."
20:43 It's become so common that we just assume
20:47 that people are not sexually pure.
20:49 Why is that?
20:51 Well, it's actually becoming embarrassing
20:53 to be sexually pure.
20:55 The media promotes that we should,
20:57 you know, not be that way, experiment, try things out.
21:02 Why are these things harmful? It is so obvious.
21:05 If you think about, from the standpoint of men per se.
21:09 I'll give you an example, I was asked at a church,
21:11 one time to talk about the Ten Commandments
21:14 and they've asked me,
21:16 a single guy to talk about the Seventh commandment,
21:19 "Thou shalt not commit adultery."
21:22 And initially I thought, well, why would you ask me?
21:25 I am a single guy, that has nothing to do with me.
21:28 But as I prayed about it, God impressed me.
21:31 This has everything to do with you as a single guy.
21:35 Because the problem is, is that single men
21:37 have battles for their purity,
21:40 just as much as married couples would.
21:43 A single guy is struggling with the media
21:45 that is clamoring for his attention.
21:48 And I would venture to say
21:50 that this is the reason why it's so dangerous.
21:53 The media portrays all of these magazines and movies,
21:56 where a guy is looking and lusting after these women.
22:01 Now the problem is, is that we don't realize
22:04 all those pictures, all those movies are airbrushed.
22:08 People with plastic surgery, the camera angles are changed.
22:12 Those people don't even look like that in real life.
22:15 And so what are we building?
22:17 We're building an attraction
22:18 to something that doesn't exist. Amen.
22:21 We are setting ourselves up to be dissatisfied,
22:25 because we have fallen in love with a shadow,
22:28 and that is why this media is so devastating.
22:32 Why guys who are hooked on these types of things
22:35 will destroy their relationships.
22:37 The other reason is, is it who are you with
22:41 when you are indulging in these fantasies.
22:43 You are with just one person, and that's you.
22:47 And so you are focusing in pleasing yourself,
22:51 whereas God designs in 1 Corinthians 7,
22:55 it says that the husband's body belongs to the wife.
22:59 And the wife's body belongs to the husband.
23:01 God's design is that we are other focused,
23:04 and so if you begin to build these experiences
23:08 based on pleasing yourself,
23:10 you begin to have a selfish output to love.
23:14 There is nothing more devastating
23:16 a man can do to ruin his future marriage
23:19 than sexual impurity before marriage. Amen.
23:23 Proverb 23: 7 gives a very clear insight with this.
23:29 It says that, as a man thinks in his heart,
23:32 so is he our thoughts, what we see,
23:36 what we think about is going to make us changed
23:40 into whatever we are beholding.
23:42 Jesus also reminds us in Mathew 5,
23:46 that to look at a woman, to lust for her,
23:49 is to commit adultery.
23:51 We don't even actually have to commit the act,
23:54 but we are committing sin and marring our souls
23:57 just by the thought.
24:00 I would approach this from a woman's perspective as well,
24:03 and I will use this with a very common problem in medicine.
24:09 In California where I used to practice,
24:11 did you know that if you took
24:13 a patient out for a cup of coffee,
24:15 you could lose your license?
24:17 It is so strict because the problem is
24:20 is there are physicians
24:22 who'll have inappropriate relationships
24:24 with their patients.
24:26 And I ask people, think of all the medical specialties,
24:29 think of your regular doctor, think of a specialist,
24:33 what specialty would you say is the most sexual misconduct,
24:38 is it perhaps family practice where a woman trusts a guy,
24:43 where they have a relationship
24:44 over a long period of time, it's not.
24:47 Is it may be OB/GYN, where a doctor is doing
24:50 very intimate types of exams on someone.
24:53 No, it's not.
24:54 The highest incidents of inappropriate relationships
24:57 between a physician and patient is psychiatry.
25:00 And that gives us insight
25:02 where a woman need to focus on their purity,
25:05 because what does a psychiatrist do,
25:07 he or she-- That's right they're listening.
25:10 They're paying attention to you.
25:12 They are talking about deep and personal issues,
25:16 and that's where a woman is going to get hooked in,
25:19 and that is where young ladies need to guard their purity.
25:22 Obviously need to guard the sexual purity as well.
25:25 But I think the Achilles' heel, the weakness from most women,
25:29 it's not necessarily what they see,
25:31 but they what they hear and what they read.
25:35 We're all very familiar with internet dating now.
25:38 And I can tell you, I have known friends
25:41 who have gotten letters back and forth,
25:43 they've chatted on the phone,
25:45 and they're so close to this guy over the internet,
25:49 they haven't even met him
25:50 but they're ready to get married,
25:53 just from what they've read and what they've heard.
25:55 This is very common.
25:57 There is a very interesting historical perspective,
26:00 the story of "Cyrano De Bergerac."
26:03 There was a man who was courting a young fair maiden,
26:06 but he was very nervous, he had no words,
26:10 he was not clear in the way he could communicate,
26:13 so Cyrano would hand him these poems
26:16 and he would give him the lines to speak.
26:19 And now this young woman fell in love,
26:21 but she didn't fall in love with the good looking hunk,
26:23 she fell in love with Cyrano, because of what she heard
26:27 and what she felt,
26:28 as long as her emotions were being drawn out. Yes.
26:31 So the answer is yes,
26:33 both men and women need to guard that purity,
26:36 because if you don't,
26:37 you are going to have expectations
26:39 in a relationship that just aren't real. Yeah.
26:43 My goodness I can't believe how fast time goes by.
26:45 We haven't even got started out,
26:47 I was going to ask what you both are looking for
26:49 in a relationship,
26:50 but we are not going to have time to do that.
26:53 In 20 seconds, 30 seconds,
26:56 sum up what you think is important today.
26:59 I think it is very important
27:01 that we approach our relationships
27:02 by becoming the right person,
27:04 by seeking what we can put into the relationships,
27:07 by avoiding the negative things,
27:10 that the media has for us and embracing God's idea,
27:13 because as bad as the odd seem,
27:15 this is what we have.
27:18 I'll read a quote here from Adventist home, page 112--
27:21 We got 30seconds.
27:24 "When you reach the condition that God desires you to reach,
27:27 you will find heaven below and God in your life." Amen.
27:32 We can have heaven on earth if we follow God's plan. Amen.
27:35 I want to thank both of you for being here today.
27:38 This is just, this has been wonderful.
27:40 It's our pleasure.
27:41 I want you to come back again, okay. Thank you.
27:43 We got so much more to talk about.
27:46 Just want to thank each one of you out there
27:48 for being with us today on "Issues and Answers."
27:51 We love you, God loves you.
27:53 We only wish you the very best that He has to offer.


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