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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:32 Welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:34 We want to encourage all of you to stay tuned if you are a
00:37 parent, or grand parent, or if you're a teacher,
00:40 or someone who's working with young people.
00:42 We're going to be talking today about how you could know
00:45 some of the answers that you need to give to these young
00:48 people when it comes to sex outside of marriage.
00:52 And in today's world, I'll tell you, we all need to know how to
00:56 have these conversations with our young people.
00:58 And, of course, the scripture that comes to my mind is from
01:02 Proverbs 22:6 that says, Train up a child in the way he should
01:08 go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
01:13 I'm very pleased to welcome back today Pastor Dustin Hall,
01:18 and Pastor Hall you have written a very amazing book, may I say,
01:23 and this book has a rather strange title to it,
01:28 but I'm getting used to this title.
01:30 But the content of the book is incredible.
01:33 The book is "The Gospel of Sex, Dating, Relating, and Mating".
01:37 So how do we as parents... when should we start talking to our
01:44 children about dating, relating, and particularly mating?
01:49 My daughter is eighteen months old,
01:51 and I've already begun the discussions.
01:52 How do you talk to an eighteen month old about such a thing?
01:56 Of course, she doesn't understand,
01:57 but the point of that is that the earlier that we begin to
02:00 talk to our children about these issues
02:02 the more comfortable it becomes.
02:03 A lot of parents get so nervous, and so uncomfortable
02:06 around their children talking about these things
02:08 that often they don't.
02:09 So it's so important that we begin to establish those kinds
02:13 of conversations early on in the life of a child so it becomes
02:16 like second nature.
02:18 And, of course, you keep the conversations age appropriate.
02:21 It's very important to do that.
02:22 You know, if you're speaking to an eight year old you start
02:25 talking about good touch, bad touch.
02:27 Who's able to help you go to the bathroom?
02:31 You know, those kinds of issues.
02:32 Who has the right to your body?
02:34 Who doesn't have a right to your body?
02:35 The doctor has a right to your body.
02:37 Those kinds of conversations.
02:39 And then as they grow older the hygiene issues,
02:42 and those kinds of things.
02:43 And once you begin talking about those topics,
02:46 when they get a little bit older and sexual issues start coming
02:50 up in their lives, puberty, and those kinds of things,
02:52 the conversation is just like second nature
02:54 because you've been addressing those issues for a long time.
02:56 Amen. So it's very important to start early.
02:59 You know, your book is about sexual purity,
03:02 about waiting until marriage to enjoy the gift of sex.
03:06 And what you're talking about really resonates with me,
03:10 Dustin, because my mother...
03:12 I've heard people say, Well, I don't want to talk to my kids
03:15 about this because the more you talk to them
03:16 the more curious they'll become.
03:17 Well, let me tell you something, kids are curious anyway.
03:20 And my mother always taught me, you know, she'd say,
03:23 Whatever you've heard at school, come home and talk to me about.
03:26 You can ask me any question that you want.
03:28 And she was very open with me, and it was amazing,
03:32 I can look back now, and I'm amazed at some of the things
03:35 that I heard at a very early age, and how I could come talk
03:38 with my mother, and she would tell me very straight forward.
03:41 And she always made sex to be something very special,
03:46 very beautiful, to be reserved for marriage.
03:49 And she always made it sound somehow, if it was outside of
03:54 marriage it was dirty and nasty, and not quite so fulfilling,
03:57 you know? Sure.
03:58 And so that really helped me though because rather than
04:01 peaking my curiosity, she satisfied my curiosity.
04:06 But now some parents have a lot of difficulty in the thought of
04:10 talking to their children about sexual purity because
04:14 they've got a history themselves,
04:16 and they weren't sexually pure. Yeah.
04:18 What I say to parents about that is, If you burned your
04:21 parents house down because you played with matches as a child,
04:24 does that disqualify you from telling your child
04:27 not to play with matches? That's good!
04:29 You know, it probably qualifies you more.
04:32 It gives you an experience to be able to share,
04:34 Hey, I made a horrible decision in my past.
04:37 I've learned from the consequences.
04:38 Here's why you shouldn't do that in your life.
04:40 And, you know, just because you've made a mistake in your
04:44 past, doesn't disqualify you from helping your child reach
04:47 a goal or to set a standard in their life.
04:50 If you don't set the standard as a parent, the world's going to
04:53 set the standard, and that's dangerous.
04:55 And let me say also, some parents say,
04:57 Well, it's too late, my child's past the age.
05:00 They probably already had experience.
05:01 It's never too late because your children want you as a parent
05:04 to set a standard for them that they can live up to.
05:07 That's what children thrive on.
05:09 You know, Dustin, when I first read this book,
05:11 I was very impressed, number one, with what you've written,
05:14 and it's very Biblically oriented, but it's also,
05:18 it's just practical, good practical advice.
05:20 Now the thing that pleases me is that you are a young man.
05:24 I was very pleased to see that.
05:26 But you're also... you've been married for three years now?
05:29 Yes. And you're pastoring three churches. Yes, Mam.
05:32 And I'm not going to ask you if you practiced everything
05:37 you preached in here, but I will say that God has given you
05:41 a great deal of wisdom.
05:42 And I want to ask you a question that I've asked
05:45 in the two previous programs.
05:47 I'd like for someone today to know, that may not have seen
05:51 it before. Why did you write this book?
05:53 Well, I grew up in a Christian church, and nobody told me
05:58 about these issues.
06:00 Nobody talked to me about these things.
06:01 And about two, three years ago I was going into public school
06:06 classrooms addressing these very topics.
06:09 And as I was putting together that curriculum, I sat back
06:12 and I remembered my childhood growing up in a Christian
06:15 church, and I remembered nobody ever addressed these things
06:18 with me. And I realized that if that was my experience,
06:22 that's probably the experience of a whole lot of other young
06:24 Christian people as well.
06:25 And we as a church, we need to be informed.
06:28 I think a lot of pastors, and a lot of parents don't address
06:30 these things because they just don't know how,
06:32 and they don't know the information.
06:33 So if we can get the information out there, and you talked about
06:36 being open and honest about these things,
06:38 we can be open about them without being silly and stupid
06:41 about them. And so it's important that we're open
06:44 and honest without making it a mockery, and making it silly.
06:47 But yet we have to be open or else our children,
06:51 like I didn't, are never going to get this information.
06:53 Alright, you have a three year old daughter and a seven week
06:57 old son. I have an eighteen month old daughter,
07:00 and a seven week old son.
07:01 Excuse me, yes. You've been married for three years.
07:02 You have an eighteen month old daughter and a seven week
07:05 old son. When you're going to be open and honest, obviously,
07:09 with your children, when they get at a certain age,
07:13 are you going to discuss with them, as some parents,
07:17 I mean every parent faces this challenge.
07:20 Even if I'm telling my child honestly what the Bible says
07:24 about waiting for marriage, the benefits of it,
07:27 no matter how much I tell my child, some parents say,
07:31 Kids are going to be kids.
07:32 I'm going to talk to them about protected sex,
07:36 about how not to get pregnant, taking the pill, taking the shot
07:41 for the human papilloma virus.
07:43 What are you going to do, Dustin, when your children reach
07:47 that age? I can't set two standards.
07:50 I have to set one standard.
07:51 If I tell my child, Don't have sex until you're married.
07:56 But if you do, the minute I say, But if you do, the whole message
08:01 of abstinence is out the window.
08:03 Now they're only hearing, well, Mom and Dad are expecting me
08:06 not to live up to that standard of abstinence,
08:08 so I'm free to do whatever I want.
08:10 It's like driving a car, like we talked about before,
08:13 in the mustang. If I buy you a new Mustang and I say,
08:16 Don't ever go over the speed limit.
08:18 Don't ever drive this thing over the speed limit,
08:21 and you'll never get in an accident, never get hurt,
08:23 never cause a problem for yourself.
08:25 Or, if you do go over the speed limit make sure you wear your
08:28 seatbelt. Which one are you going to pick?
08:30 You're going to drive that Mustang as fast as it will go
08:32 as much as you want, because we're human beings.
08:34 We want to pick the least restrictive message.
08:38 And I hear though, I hear a parent out there who's facing
08:41 this. Maybe their child's like 11 years old, 12 years old,
08:44 and they know that they're getting close to facing this
08:46 conversation, and they're saying, But please,
08:50 people make mistakes.
08:51 I, my parents only set one standard for me, and I didn't.
08:57 You know, I made a mistake.
08:58 Help a parent here. I mean, you just say flat never
09:05 ever tell them about anything to do with birth control, or...
09:10 Well, the way that I have presented that to health
09:14 teachers in public school classrooms is I say,
09:17 Tell them about contraception inside marriage.
09:20 Someday when you're married you might want to know, How do
09:24 I enjoy a sexual relationship without getting pregnant?
09:29 Ho ho, this is good! I'm glad I asked.
09:32 And so, you know, when you're in the marriage relationship
09:35 someday, you might want some options about how to know how to
09:38 enjoy a sexual relationship without getting pregnant.
09:42 And so then you might be able to address that inside the marriage
09:45 relationship, but you never, never, never say,
09:48 but if you choose to have a sexual relationship outside of
09:52 marriage, make sure you use that, because you, again,
09:55 you're throwing the whole abstinence message right out
09:57 the window because you're setting two standards.
09:59 One is a whole lot less, is not quite as high as the abstinence,
10:03 and kids are going to live up to the standard that you give
10:05 them. They want to do that.
10:06 They want to please their parents.
10:08 And here's the thing, God sets the standard right here in His
10:10 Word. Amen!
10:11 And we often choose not to live up to that standard, don't we?
10:15 And so, you know, God, if we take God's example,
10:19 He sets a high standard for us.
10:21 But as human beings sometimes we make bad decisions,
10:24 and we don't always live up to His standards.
10:26 You know, I'm sitting here thinking, even as a parent
10:29 the influence that the parents have, and we discussed this
10:32 in an earlier program, that a survey was done, and they found
10:38 that out of friends, television, or whatever, movies,
10:43 and parents, parents still had the most influence over
10:47 teenagers. Now, as a parent its important, is it not, to monitor
10:54 that television, and music, and talk to your kids about
10:58 the messages that are coming through, which are so incredibly
11:05 distorted? The message in music, and in TV, and movies
11:10 today about sex...
11:11 Let me give you a statistic, and you may tip over in your chair.
11:14 By the age of five a child has spent more time in front of the
11:19 television than they will spend talking to their father
11:22 in a lifetime. My goodness!
11:24 The average American will spend ten interrupted years in front
11:29 of the television in their lifetime.
11:31 On mercy, what a waste; ten years!
11:32 Ten years! Oh mercy!
11:34 And so if we aren't talking to our children about what they are
11:38 seeing, and we're not turning off the television,
11:41 and we're allowing all these messages to bombard our
11:44 children, we as parents, if there is music that you don't
11:47 approve of, get it out of your house.
11:49 You're the parent!
11:50 You know, a lot of parents say, Well, I have to be a friend
11:53 to my child. Oh no!
11:54 I want to be the... When you signed up to be a parent,
11:56 you don't sign up to be a friend, you signed up to be
11:58 a parent. And sometimes that means your children are not
12:02 going to like you very well.
12:03 But you know, at the same time, I know that I was talking with
12:07 a young lady, advising her from scripture, and she said to me,
12:11 She said, My father doesn't love me enough to set boundaries.
12:14 And I thought, I mean it was incredible because I was telling
12:19 her the boundaries of God's Word and she just flat came out
12:22 and said, My father doesn't love me enough to set boundaries.
12:25 Kids like to have boundaries.
12:26 They sure do. They sure do.
12:27 But now let's say that your daughter comes to you
12:31 and she says, Daddy, I know I'm nineteen years old now,
12:36 I'm a sophomore in college, and I know you've always taught me
12:40 to live pure and not to have sex outside of marriage,
12:44 but you know that Bobby and I are very madly in love,
12:50 and we really do want to, we're planning on getting married,
12:54 but he just doesn't want to get married until we graduate
12:56 from college. So Daddy, we're going to move in together.
12:59 What do you say?
13:00 I'd say, Do you want to throw a huge speed bump to your
13:05 marriage when you are, when you do finally get married?
13:08 And I would share with her the statistic that people that live
13:10 together before they're married have a 50% higher divorce rate
13:13 than people that don't live together before they're married.
13:16 I believe that the reason being that people that live together
13:21 before they're married, they do the things that married
13:23 people do; they live together, they eat together,
13:25 they pay the bills together, they sleep together,
13:29 and so when they do get married it just becomes a formality.
13:33 But yet they take that same mind-set into marriage.
13:36 I do marriage counseling with people, and I have told people,
13:39 if they're living together, I will not marry you unless you
13:42 move out and live apart for at least six months.
13:45 Because I believe it's so important that you establish
13:49 who you are in God's eyes, who God wants you to be
13:53 before you start to add anybody permanently to your life.
13:57 That's wonderful! I agree with that.
13:58 It's important to... I call it the identity crisis.
14:01 If we don't know who we are in Christ then we do have an
14:04 identity crisis. And let me address something else.
14:06 In our churches, this gets under my skin a little bit,
14:10 in our churches when we have a single adult, so often we think,
14:14 Well, we've got to set that person up.
14:16 Oh yeah, we're all guilty of that.
14:17 We've got to set that person up with somebody. We're all guilty.
14:19 But instead we should be saying, Let me help you find out who God
14:23 wants you to be. Let's find out your identity.
14:26 Let's get them involved in the church using their spiritual
14:29 gifts. Let's not worry about relationships for that person,
14:32 because if they're giving their all headed toward who God wants
14:35 them to be, and their goals and dreams on this earth,
14:39 and they start to look around while they're pursuing these
14:42 things, chances are they will find somebody while they're
14:44 in pursuit of those goals and dreams, because they'll start
14:47 to look around and they'll think, Hey, he's attractive!
14:50 Hey, he's got the same ideas, and values, and dreams that I
14:54 have rather than saying, Okay, this guy's single in this pew,
14:57 this girl's single in this pew, let's put them together.
15:00 Yeah, that's good. You know, I'm thinking that, as I said,
15:05 we're all guilty of that, but I wanted to touch again
15:08 on the goals issue, because you brought something out in your
15:12 book that I'd really never thought about before,
15:15 at least not in the way you articulated it,
15:18 and that is that becoming involved in a relationship
15:22 too soon interrupts those goals.
15:25 And that's something that can change the course of your life.
15:29 It sure can! Every decision that we make has a bearing
15:32 on our future. That's just the way that life works.
15:35 And, for instance, if I want to win a marathon someday,
15:39 I can't eat dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts everyday.
15:42 If I want to be a doctor, or I want to be a rocket scientist
15:46 someday, I'd better not sit in my room and play Xbox all day.
15:50 You know, I need to study.
15:51 There are things that we can do that will help us attain
15:54 our goals and our dreams.
15:55 And there are things that we can do that will hurt us
15:57 from reaching our goals and our dreams,
15:58 or will prevent us from reaching our goals and our dreams.
16:01 So its so important that we're are making every decision
16:03 with our goal and our dream in mind, keeping our goal in sight.
16:07 And a relationship can come in and can be such an obstacle
16:12 to me reaching my goal and my dream.
16:13 You know, many people want to go to college for this major,
16:17 but then they get in a relationship,
16:18 and Oh, I want to be a doctor.
16:21 So I go out to California to school, but she wants to be a
16:24 a biologist, so she wants to go to a Florida school.
16:27 But, Oh, I can't imagine being apart.
16:30 And so one person has to forsake their goal and their dream
16:34 to be together. And, really, what happens is many times
16:38 these people find out that they weren't meant to be together
16:40 anyway, so they've forsaken these goals or these dreams
16:44 for somebody that they're not meant to be with
16:46 in the first place!
16:47 You're talking to someone who can actually say from personal
16:52 experience, I fell into that trap.
16:54 And so I changed my major, and changed my life, I think,
16:57 for that very reason.
16:58 Now let's back up for just a moment and talk to...
17:02 If my child comes to me and says, Mom, I know I shouldn't be
17:11 having sex, but we are doing some other stuff that's,
17:18 you know, makes us feel good, but I don't want you to worry
17:23 because I've heard the message and I'm not going to
17:26 go all the way.
17:27 What would you say to young people, or to parents?
17:32 How do you talk to your child about abstinence,
17:35 not being just the physical intercourse, but what else
17:39 would you include in that?
17:40 Well, I'm pretty blunt when I talk to young people
17:44 because I think young people want you to be honest.
17:46 And the way that I answer that is, Let's ask the STDs.
17:50 They're called sexually transmitted diseases:
17:54 HPV, human papilloma virus, and most of the other very
18:00 prominent, herpes, you know, HIV, can not only be spread
18:04 through sexual intercourse, they can be spread through
18:07 skin to skin contact, touch, oral sex, some of these other
18:12 activities that people say that they can do and not lose purity
18:15 or virginity. So, okay, say someone goes though life
18:18 and doesn't have sexual intercourse, as someone might
18:21 think of it, and they get to their wedding day and they say,
18:23 Honey, I saved myself for you!
18:25 Except I have gonorrhea!
18:27 Except I have herpes! Except I have HPV!
18:29 It doesn't work! They're called sexual transmitted diseases
18:32 because they're transmitted sexually.
18:34 And so any activity: oral sex, touching, that has an effect
18:40 on your purity and your virginity.
18:42 Well, and you know, I mean we have to, now bring,
18:45 I mean we're probably shocking, and I apologize.
18:48 I hope you're not being shocked by this.
18:51 It's time that we "talked turkey", if you will,
18:54 with the young people, and with parents that have to be equipped
18:58 to talk to their youth who are living in an era when things are
19:05 just so upside down and distorted; the message.
19:08 It doesn't matter if you listen to anything that's popular
19:13 that's not Christian, secular popular music, you look at any
19:17 thirty minute sitcom, I mean, they're all about sex.
19:22 There's no use even sitting down to watch it.
19:24 It's all got this sexual undertone, or the sexual acts.
19:26 The programs that are targeting teens are all about sex!
19:31 And what's going on in high schools and junior highs,
19:33 and I was sharing something with the good pastor here
19:36 before we started, even in grade schools is shocking.
19:39 So I hope you're not being offended by what we're talking
19:43 about, but when you're talking about these other things,
19:47 other than going "all the way", as we used to say in my day,
19:51 the Bible's very clear about these things, is it not?
19:55 Yeah, it sure is. And let me back up for just a second.
19:57 I was recently at a youth retreat, and I was speaking
20:00 in the very same way that I am with the young people there,
20:03 and many of them when I was done with my week long talks,
20:07 they came up to me and said, Thank you!
20:09 No one has ever been that honest and been that straight forward
20:12 about these issues with us. Thank you.
20:14 And many of them said, I'm going to change my life because you're
20:17 so honest and open with me about these issues.
20:19 Praise God! And it's time, like you said, that we just be
20:23 open and honest. Let's not start just brushing it under the rug,
20:27 or believing that our children aren't involved in these things.
20:30 Because, like we've been saying, we have to set the standard
20:33 ahead of time so they know what to expect, and they know how to
20:36 overcome these temptations.
20:37 But throughout the Bible; Exodus, Leviticus,
20:40 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, it deals with sexual issues,
20:44 and it deals with fornication, and sexual impurity.
20:48 And what is fornication?
20:49 Fornication is any sexual contact
20:51 outside the marriage bed.
20:53 And that is not just the full consummation of the act.
20:58 That is the touching as well as fornication.
21:01 You know, I tell some young people that they shouldn't even
21:05 hug the opposite sex, because for some young people that's
21:08 a temptation, and they become excited.
21:11 Hormones rage and things, and they can't keep their
21:15 mind in a pure place.
21:16 And I even tell young girls that they should be careful
21:20 and modest in their dress because boys are very visual,
21:23 and a young girl who's showing more of her body than she should
21:27 can excite a young boy, and it's very physically stimulating.
21:31 And I always tell young women that they are responsible for
21:36 the thoughts of young men if they're dressing themselves
21:40 in a way that they know is inappropriate
21:42 and is revealing too much.
21:43 They're partly responsible for where his mind goes.
21:46 And conversely a young man could have those thoughts about
21:49 someone who was dressed appropriately. Sure, absolutely.
21:53 And they're not responsible. That's right. So...
21:54 Alright, if I'm a young person and listening to this program,
21:59 or if I'm a parent (we're hoping that parents are tuning in),
22:03 and I'm going to say, I need to be able to talk to my children
22:06 about the definition of true love versus infatuation.
22:10 When is it okay to have a relationship?
22:14 You know, I remember I was allowed to start dating
22:17 at the age of sixteen.
22:18 Now my mother gave me very strict rules,
22:20 and I was never to be alone, I mean when I had a date
22:24 we could come home and sit on the couch at my house,
22:27 we could be there, but I was never allowed to go parking,
22:31 or go to his house, or go anywhere else alone with him.
22:34 But that was... how do parents monitor this?
22:38 When is it okay to have a relationship?
22:40 Let's be honest. When you first meet someone new it feels good.
22:44 You know, when you're single, and you're young,
22:46 and you meet someone you're attracted to, it feels good,
22:48 and it's nice. God put that in our minds so that we can be
22:51 attracted to somebody.
22:52 But the problem is that many people believe those new
22:55 exciting feelings are love.
22:57 You know, that's what the movies, and books,
22:59 and everything tells us.
23:00 Oh, no two people have ever had these feelings for each other
23:03 before. Yeah, and the problem is it's not love.
23:06 Can't live without them! Ha!
23:08 That's right! So what we have to do is protect ourselves from
23:11 falling to believing that that's love.
23:13 So what do we do? Well, we date in groups.
23:16 We spend time with friends.
23:18 We spend time around other people so we're not alone.
23:21 What do people do when they first start dating?
23:22 They go to spend countless hours watching the sunset,
23:25 and walking on the beach late at night; spending time alone!
23:30 And when you are infatuated with somebody you're at risk!
23:34 I mean you're vulnerable to falling to these lustful,
23:38 and passionate feelings that you're having for someone.
23:41 And, you know, the Lord, the way He made our bodies to operate,
23:45 I mean, just like kissing is something that actually
23:49 activates certain things within our body.
23:51 Sure, it absolutely does.
23:53 It activates all of these touch things, and even as we said,
23:54 visual stimulus. That's right.
23:56 Okay, so these are things that they can avoid doing.
23:59 That means, you know, be in groups.
24:01 But when is it appropriate to have a relationship?
24:04 Well, I always tell young people that when you are about to reach
24:09 your earthly goal or dream, and when you know who God
24:12 wants you to be, then it's appropriate
24:14 to have a relationship.
24:15 Oh mercy! There's going to be somebody out there that's
24:19 already married twenty years and saying, I still haven't
24:22 reached my earthly goal, and I don't know what God
24:25 wants me to do. So are you saying they should have
24:27 waited for marriage?
24:29 Well, I don't know the specific circumstance in that person's
24:33 life, but I do know that if they had concentrated on their
24:37 identity in Christ, before they added someone else into their
24:42 life, and become one flesh with somebody else,
24:44 because what happens is a lot of people define themselves
24:48 in someone else. That's true.
24:50 And sometimes those relationships end, and they're
24:52 left, and they say, I don't know what I'm going to do.
24:55 I don't know who I am.
24:56 I don't know who I'm supposed to be.
24:58 But if we know who we are in Christ before we add someone
25:02 else to our life, then we can be much more successful, not only
25:05 in our personal lives, but in our married lives as well.
25:08 And the young person; studies have shown in science that the
25:12 frontal lobe actually is not completely developed. Yes!
25:16 And the frontal lobe actually is the part of the brain that helps
25:18 us make good decisions.
25:20 And it's not actually fully developed until twenty
25:22 to twenty-five years of age.
25:24 For girls it's a little earlier than boys.
25:25 I was getting ready to say boys are a little later than girls.
25:27 And so 1. we've got all these hormones raging when we're
25:31 young, 2. science says, and God says, I haven't completely
25:35 finished you and helped you make good decisions yet.
25:38 Hold on! Hold off!
25:40 Not only are you being tempted, but you're just not ready
25:44 to make these life changing decisions yet.
25:46 So I always counsel young people, Don't even start
25:49 thinking about dating until at least 18, at least 19.
25:53 And then when you do date just date as friends.
25:56 Concentrate on being friends with people before you start
25:59 thinking romance, and marriage, and all of these things.
26:02 Because as a friend I would submit to you that you can get
26:04 to know someone better in a group, and amongst friends,
26:07 than you can if you're just one on one,
26:09 and you're concentrating on attraction.
26:10 Oh, absolutely! There's no doubt in my mind.
26:13 When you go out and talk with young people,
26:16 we have just a very short time, what do you tell someone
26:19 who says, I've already made a mistake?
26:22 I say, We serve a wonderful God who is willing to forgive us
26:28 in a second. And that's why Jesus gave his life on the cross
26:32 for us. And there's forgiveness and there's restoration.
26:36 Now we can never do something again for the first time.
26:39 That's just the reality of things.
26:41 But in forgiveness, and restoration,
26:43 and victory in Jesus, today can be the first day
26:45 of your life of victory.
26:46 So what you're saying is, let me paraphrase this,
26:50 and you see if I'm saying this right, that once you've lost
26:55 your virginity, you've lost it physically, but God can make you
26:59 a spiritual virgin again so you can start over.
27:02 He is the God of new beginnings. Right? Amen.
27:05 We are... it just always goes so quickly when you're here.
27:09 We're talking about your book, The Gospel of Sex, Dating,
27:12 Relating, and Mating.
27:13 And Pastor Dustin Hall, thank you so much for being here.
27:17 And thank you for the work that you're doing,
27:19 or that you're allowing God to do through you.
27:21 Praise the Lord! Thank you.
27:22 Amen. For those of you at home, I hope that you'll take this
27:26 topic to heart. You may not even have children, but I want
27:30 you to really think about this, and maybe you can mentor some
27:33 children that are in your church.
27:35 Maybe you can have some kind of a seminar for them so that
27:39 they'll know these things.
27:40 Kids want to know, and they want to do what's right.
27:45 They just don't always know what to do.
27:47 So now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:50 and the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the
27:52 Holy Spirit remain with you today and throughout your life.
27:56 Thank you.


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