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00:30 Hello friends and welcome to "Issues and Answers."
00:32 My name is John Lomacang
00:34 and thank you for taking the time to sit down,
00:36 as a matter of fact I said sit down, don't rush
00:39 because this a program you do not want to miss.
00:42 There are so many people locked
00:44 into the cycle of the sameness and the same day
00:47 and it seems as though they're stuck
00:48 in the proverbial repeating Groundhogs Day Scenario.
00:52 But God has a tremendous life in store for you
00:55 that you're about to discover today, can be your reality.
00:59 That's what makes our guest so special today,
01:01 because she has been in the past,
01:03 the present and the future
01:05 and the ceiling has been removed from her restrictions.
01:09 God has opened to her the world.
01:11 And I believe that her life is going to inspire you today.
01:14 So let's welcome our guest right now.
01:16 Good to have you here, Francine.
01:17 Thank you, John. It's lovely to be here.
01:18 Francine Bell, it's a pleasure. Thank you.
01:20 I have had a chance to thumb through your book,
01:24 "Lights! Camera! Action!"
01:26 I mean that's just what the director says.
01:29 Just about life-- Just about when life is about to happen.
01:32 Absolutely.
01:33 And life has been happening for you
01:35 the way that you have planted
01:37 but even more importantly the way that God has planted.
01:40 Absolutely.
01:41 You know, it's all about taking hold of the promises of God
01:45 and believing what He says, John.
01:47 Brooklyn, New York. Yes.
01:49 That's where you were planted. That's right.
01:51 And that's where you're sprouted. Yep.
01:53 Walk us through your background just a little bit there
01:56 for those who are saying,
01:57 "Francine Bell, who is Francine Bell?"
02:00 Francine Bell is a child of God.
02:04 I always like to start there
02:06 because everything trickles down from there.
02:09 She was born and raised in Brooklyn.
02:11 I was born in Crown Heights.
02:13 And I spend a lot of my formative years
02:16 in Fort Greene and in Bushwick.
02:19 And I even had a little stint on Flatbush Avenue.
02:23 You're taking it back. Oh, yes.
02:25 And I mean, I think of life in Brooklyn.
02:29 I think of the botanic gardens and botanical gardens
02:32 and I think of the Brooklyn Museum
02:34 which interestingly enough someone in Australia
02:37 where I'm now living, brought up saying that
02:39 it was the best place for Egyptian art outside of Cairo.
02:43 Hmm. Yeah.
02:44 Never thought about that. Yeah.
02:46 I never knew it but here it was someone that knew
02:49 and Grow Brooklyn is on the map.
02:51 Hmm. Yeah.
02:52 You know, Brooklyn is so large.
02:53 It could be one of the five largest cities
02:56 in the United States if it stood by itself.
02:58 That's right. That's right.
02:59 But it's just the component
03:00 in the five burrows of New York City.
03:02 And what a component? Hmm.
03:04 There is no city like New York City. No.
03:07 But you live in Australia. I do.
03:11 Let's walk through that track.
03:12 Take us briefly through your track
03:14 because you didn't just get up one day
03:15 and move from Brooklyn to Australia. No.
03:18 I mean, you've had--
03:19 Take us to some of your background
03:21 because you've had an illustrious career
03:23 and you continue in the way that God is leading you.
03:25 But for those watching the program they may say,
03:27 Brooklyn, Australia.
03:29 Come on now that's just--
03:31 that's not just a piece in the puzzle of monopoly.
03:33 How do you get there? There were bits in between.
03:34 Okay. You know.
03:35 Okay, so it was Brooklyn, Manhattan.
03:38 Okay. Okay.
03:39 Then from Manhattan to Paris
03:41 where I lived for six and half years.
03:43 And then from Paris,
03:46 I was working in Istanbul in Turkey
03:48 and met some Australians
03:50 and that's what took me to Australia.
03:52 'Cause I was trying to figure out, okay, I can see Paris
03:55 but Australia is down under, down under.
03:58 Yeah, it is, it is. It's way down there.
03:59 And you know I think about
04:01 God strategically placing His people, you know.
04:04 And I wake up sometimes,
04:06 I roll over and I look at my husband there
04:09 and I look out at the lake
04:12 and I think I'm in Wangi Wangi, Australia, Lord.
04:15 And it sort of like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz,
04:17 I'm not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
04:20 But that's where God placed me
04:22 and that's where I'm sprouting and blooming now.
04:25 That's right, you know,
04:26 plants grow well when they stay where they are planted
04:29 and are watered and they bloom and blossom
04:32 and become all that God wants them to be.
04:35 And you're a Christian.
04:37 And you've always been a Christian
04:39 but you're a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
04:42 But you've got the extra added components of the gifts.
04:45 I mean, you're a singer. You're a model.
04:50 Many kilos ago. Okay.
04:53 I think they say pounds here in America now, many pounds ago.
04:56 Okay, I like that kilo that takes us overseas. Yes.
04:59 But walks us through that because you have in your book
05:04 talked about the limitlessness of God.
05:08 You don't see limitations the way
05:10 that many people look at something and say,
05:12 "Oh, I can't do that."
05:14 Francine Bell doesn't think I can't do that.
05:17 Oh, no. No.
05:18 Francine Bell as a child of God doesn't think she can't do that.
05:22 Francine in her own strength
05:25 can think she can do a lot of things. Okay.
05:27 But one of the greatest words that I've ever read
05:30 in the Bible is believe, I believe God.
05:35 I believe that He can do and will do
05:38 what He says He will do.
05:40 So that's where my strength comes from
05:42 to go ahead and to seize the day.
05:46 Because you're living now in Australia
05:49 in a place where many people say, "That seems a world away.
05:55 I've heard about it but I don't know much about it."
05:57 How does Francine Bell live her daily life
06:02 in the realm of the spiritual world
06:05 when there's so much calling you from the flesh world
06:09 that is the cameras, the light, the action of life?
06:13 I really believe that we are all in the army of God.
06:19 And that each one of us has a role to play.
06:23 And that if we don't break ranks we have a strong army.
06:27 The Book of Jeremiah talks about not breaking rank.
06:31 I sit at the feet like Mary and I ask God to tell me
06:36 what He wants me to do on a day to day basis.
06:39 Now having said that
06:41 as an African-American woman in Australia
06:44 which is a long way from Brooklyn.
06:46 I know that God has placed me there
06:50 because I am an African-American woman
06:52 who's practically 6 foot tall and black.
06:57 And as Australians would say, "And a yank," okay.
07:01 And for that reason they very often think you're crazy.
07:05 Oh, she's a yank, man. She's crazy, all right.
07:08 Well, not everybody thinks that way
07:10 but I ride the wave of being different,
07:15 I let that be an advantage for me.
07:19 So I can say, "because of my culture,"
07:23 let me pray for you.
07:25 I can say because of my culture, bless you and mean it
07:30 and get away with it. So I do.
07:33 So the catalyst then is you see some things
07:36 that may be seen as a disadvantage as a catalyst--
07:40 Absolutely. To grow on.
07:41 Absolutely. Absolutely.
07:43 I'm sparked by what may seem an obstacle
07:48 because you know in the Book of Zechariah,
07:49 they say, "Grace, grace to the mountain."
07:53 So God has taught me to look with God colored glasses.
07:58 He gave me a wonderful poem on my birthday that says,
08:00 "I'm looking at the world through God colored glasses.
08:03 I'm seeing everything the way it should be.
08:06 The beauty in the world, the love among the masses
08:09 with God colored glasses my way is clear and free."
08:13 I tried to see things through God's perspective
08:17 and I can only do that by sitting at His feet,
08:20 soaking in the word and asking for the Holy Spirit's guidance.
08:24 So you've really embodied Philippians 4:11 which Paul says
08:27 "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."
08:30 Absolutely, you know,
08:32 God is teaching me to look for the good in every situation.
08:35 Romans 8:29 talks about being molded into the likeness of God.
08:40 And when you're molded, you're getting prodded.
08:42 You know I heard an evangelist talk about this
08:45 with regards to play-doh and you know,
08:47 bit of this is taken away and that is taken away
08:49 and you pushed in and pushed there.
08:51 Well, as a Christian we are molded and sometime pruned
08:55 and those things are sometimes painful.
08:57 But if I have put my life into the hands of God, like Job,
09:03 "Though He slay me," you know.
09:05 Then I've to believe that everything
09:08 is for my eventual good according to the plan of God.
09:14 When you wrote this book I was, I was taken by a chapter
09:17 because of it being real in my life and I won't go into that.
09:21 But in the midst of talking about the way
09:23 that you have succeeded and continue to succeed.
09:26 There's a chapter called, forgiveness.
09:28 I have to find out what that's about.
09:31 I was singing once at a big regional day
09:37 for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in my area in Sydney.
09:40 And it was actually at Homebush Stadium
09:43 where they had the Olympics later on.
09:46 And I'd sung my version of "Amazing Grace"
09:51 which was a little bit too embellished
09:55 for one of the people in the church.
09:58 And if you know Homebush, it's a very, very big stadium.
10:02 And for anybody to want to be backstage,
10:05 it meant that they had to fight through, you know,
10:09 hoards of people in order to get there.
10:11 So this person founded
10:12 really, really important to come backstage.
10:15 And I say with the determination of a salmon
10:19 to swim upstream through all those people
10:22 to tell me of their displeasure of my rendition of the song.
10:27 I was so crushed in spirit by that
10:31 because if you know anything about show business.
10:33 And I know that you have some understanding of my industry.
10:39 You're very vulnerable at the end of a performance.
10:43 All of your emotions have been given out to your audience
10:46 and if there's going to be a time
10:48 when you can crush someone with criticism it's them.
10:51 The person had they waited till the next day,
10:54 they probably could've said exactly the same thing.
10:56 And I would've just thanked them very much for their offering.
11:01 And I would've taken from it what I need to
11:05 in all humility and discarded the rest.
11:08 But you know, at that point is when you're vulnerable.
11:12 So I had resentment in my heart that
11:15 I didn't even know it was there
11:16 until I started writing that book.
11:19 And a friend read the chapter and said,
11:22 it was actually the chapter on discouragement.
11:25 She read that chapter and said,
11:27 "You are still harboring resentment in your heart,
11:29 you need to forgive."
11:30 And I had to confess and repent of that
11:33 that unforgiveness in my heart because the Bible says,
11:36 "If you don't forgive, you won't be forgiven."
11:39 That's a pretty big, you know, pretty big thing.
11:42 That's a road block that cannot be passed. Absolutely.
11:44 So I had to see what was going on.
11:48 I had to accept what was going on.
11:51 And I had to confess what was going on.
11:55 And I had to repent of what was going on.
11:58 And it meant calling that person and saying this is what--
12:02 this is what's been going on for me.
12:04 They were not even aware, you know.
12:06 So often when you've got something,
12:08 a case where you're angry with someone,
12:11 very often people are not even aware that you've taken offense,
12:15 that's why we really need to get over offense.
12:19 But praise God, He showed me, I was able to be healed.
12:24 And it was really interesting because the person
12:27 that I had the problem with had a wife that was an author
12:35 and she was able to pick up an error in my book
12:39 that I would not have seen if I had not followed God's will.
12:44 So it worked out for the blessing that was somehow
12:48 crouched in the continued resident unforgiving spirit,
12:53 but the Lord removed that so that you can move on.
12:56 Absolutely.
12:57 So are you saying to me then that forgiveness is something
13:01 that we have to extend even if the person doesn't know
13:05 we have that feeling toward them?
13:07 Well, I can't speak for everyone. Okay.
13:09 But I know that the word of God says,
13:12 if you have something in your heart don't come to me,
13:18 you know, go and fix it with your brother and then come.
13:21 I took it very seriously, so whenever I feel that--
13:26 and there's an opportunity, you know,
13:28 it's not always possible to go back to someone.
13:30 But, you know, that God made it possible for me
13:33 to go back to that person
13:34 and say this is what's going on, so I did.
13:37 Now as you continue growing to become in fruition I would say,
13:43 the Francine Bell that God envisioned you to be.
13:47 There are components you are living in a world
13:49 where many of us would never get a chance to rub shoulders
13:52 with people that are in the same room with you,
13:55 on the same stage with you, in the same movie with you,
13:57 on the same set with you.
13:59 How do you balance that, that's at best for some people
14:04 they would jump at that opportunity
14:05 and forget everything behind them,
14:07 but you've come to the place
14:08 where you've learned to balance that?
14:09 How do you do that?
14:11 My relationship with God is first and foremost
14:15 and if I dishonored God, you know,
14:20 I dishonored myself, you know,
14:22 I dishonored everything that is worth anything.
14:26 So you have to prioritize.
14:28 We talked a little bit, you and I
14:30 in one of our private conversations about priorities.
14:34 God is number one and everything, you know,
14:37 comes after that, you know,
14:39 even my relationship with my husband.
14:40 It's God first and then my husband.
14:43 And it has to be that way.
14:46 In show business we're tempted by so many different things.
14:49 There's always, you know, I've written in my book,
14:52 there's always somebody that is wanting to help you
14:55 to get to where you want to go.
14:56 There's always a high on offer.
14:59 You know, I have discovered
15:00 that the only way I can get to where I want to go
15:03 is by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
15:05 And the only high I want is that one,
15:08 the Holy Spirit, you know.
15:09 So I praise God for the circumstances
15:12 that I've been in and potentially in
15:15 because I can see the hand of God on my life
15:17 and how He's protected me and shielded me
15:19 in situations that have killed others and continues to do so.
15:25 However, you know, I want to honor God wherever I go
15:30 and I want to take Him.
15:32 I want to be the messenger
15:34 whether I speak His name or not wherever I go.
15:37 You know, the Bible talks about Bethel.
15:39 It talks about Ebenezer. Setting up your Ebenezer.
15:42 Brooklyn is your Ebenezer. Yeah.
15:44 After these experiences you go back to Brooklyn
15:47 and you look at it through fresh eyes.
15:49 What do you see? I see.
15:52 Let me put that in a context.
15:54 I didn't mean to interrupt you
15:55 but what do you see not only just structurally,
15:58 but what do you see through the new Francine?
16:02 I see that God had to prepare the soil
16:08 for the things that He was going to be doing in my life today.
16:13 If I had not lived in the ghettos of Brooklyn,
16:16 I could not speak to people in the ghettos of Brooklyn
16:20 with an understanding that I have
16:22 as a person from that situation.
16:26 So I go back now and I see people
16:29 and I see the homes that I lived in.
16:35 And I know that God has blessed me,
16:37 but He's blessed me to tell other people
16:40 that He's no respecter of persons
16:42 and if He did it for me, He can and He will do it for you,
16:46 if you will allow Him and if you will follow the script.
16:49 And that's what "Lights, Camera, Action," talks about.
16:52 Relying on the word of God, clinging to the promises.
16:55 And you know, in order to reap the blessings of God's word,
16:59 you have to walk according to God's will.
17:02 And I really stretch that with people,
17:04 because people want to speak the words
17:06 and not follow the director.
17:09 The director and the ultimate star of the show is God.
17:13 But if you hold on to what He says
17:16 and you believe what He says, not what the world tells you,
17:19 not what the enemy tells you, but what He tells you,
17:22 then there is definitely not a pot of gold
17:26 at the end of the rainbow but there are streets of gold.
17:29 I like that.
17:30 And I plan to moon walk down those streets.
17:33 I like that. Oh, yeah.
17:34 There are some people that are so tame when it comes to their,
17:36 when I get to heaven I'm gonna be happy.
17:38 You know, when I get to heaven,
17:39 you're gonna know exactly that you're gonna know I'm there.
17:41 Hallelujah. 'Cause we're gonna rejoice.
17:43 Well, you know, eternal life starts now.
17:45 You see this is what I believe. So I'm happy now.
17:49 Okay, I go through some trials and some tribulations,
17:51 you know, but God said
17:53 that we would have those to contend with.
17:56 But I have hope over future
17:58 because I know in whom I believe.
18:02 And I'm just happy now.
18:05 You've got to be happy now because you're gonna get the--
18:08 you're gonna get the trials and the tribulations,
18:10 the arrows of life are gonna be shot your way.
18:13 And especially when Satan sees that where you're aiming
18:17 is exactly where God wants you to be.
18:19 He's gonna try to create that--
18:21 Let me use a Brooklyn word, that pothole.
18:22 Hello. Okay.
18:24 There are some nice streets outside of Brooklyn
18:26 but periodically I'm reminded when I speed down the street.
18:29 Well, you're in Brooklyn, there is that pothole.
18:31 Well, no, I got a news for you.
18:32 I have found the potholes in every place I have ever been
18:36 Because I'm very well aware that we are dealing with forces,
18:40 demonic forces in the heavenly realms.
18:42 You know, people want to blame God for stuff,
18:44 they forget about the fact that
18:46 there are something else in that picture,
18:48 or someone else in that picture.
18:50 So I know about the potholes of life,
18:52 but I know that praise and worship
18:55 and the blood of Jesus fills the cracks.
18:58 Amen. You know.
18:59 So I just get very excited and yeah, I go through pain.
19:02 That book is born of pain, my music is born of pain.
19:06 My graphics, you know,
19:08 that we have not discussed are born of pain.
19:11 But the cross was about pain born for our sin,
19:18 so that we could have the hope of tomorrow.
19:21 And I have that hope today because I believe today
19:25 what the Lord said about tomorrow.
19:28 You know, the chapter entitled "Image."
19:30 Now let me put this together here.
19:32 We have scars in life.
19:34 Every one is gonna get a scar, but briefly talk about the scars
19:38 but then also let me ask you, is the pain still there?
19:41 I'm talking about in the context of image.
19:44 Because I thought that was a very unusual title,
19:46 so many things but image in that.
19:48 Tell me how is that fit?
19:49 Well, you know, that came out of as a kid, you know,
19:52 you look at show business from a different point of view.
19:54 You can only see the glamorous side,
19:56 you don't know about the hard work that's involved there.
19:58 But, you know, in this whole context
20:02 you really concerned about the outside.
20:04 God wants us to be beautiful on the inside
20:07 and to radiate that beauty from within
20:10 His beauty, His glory.
20:12 But at the same time I remember being in Monte Carlo
20:16 and bumping into the very well known designer Karl Lagerfeld.
20:22 And I was so thrilled, you know,
20:24 I was so very much, you know, into fashion and haute couture,
20:28 this was the French days.
20:30 And I remember being so excited and saying,
20:32 "Oh, Mr. Lagerfeld, Mr. Lagerfeld.
20:34 I'm so excited to meet you."
20:36 And he was very, very refined and he had his fan
20:39 and he has his dark sunglasses and his black suit
20:42 and white tie and you know.
20:44 Tugged together. Yeah, he was just done.
20:46 And I remember that Mr. Lagerfeld did this.
20:50 Thank you.
20:52 He looked me from head to toe in 30 seconds
20:55 but it just occurred to me,
20:57 how people can makeup their minds about you
21:00 and make judgments about you
21:02 based on the outside that quickly.
21:06 The Book of Samuel says,
21:07 "Thankfully God looks at the heart."
21:10 You know, but your hearts got to be right.
21:12 Because it also says that
21:13 the heart is deceitful above all things.
21:16 So we have to be filled with God's word
21:20 so that we're radiating the right image
21:23 no matter what we're wearing,
21:25 because what we're wearing is the love of God.
21:29 So would that lead you then
21:30 to one of the chapters in your book?
21:31 And I really like this one,
21:33 you talked about praise and thanksgiving. Yes.
21:35 Praise and thanksgiving is a weapon, a weapon.
21:39 I've just learned that we have a choice about what we think
21:43 and I didn't know that until just recently.
21:45 I have a choice, if a thought comes into my head,
21:48 I'm depressed, I don't have to go there,
21:50 I don't have to believe that, you know.
21:53 The Book of Matthew says, "Take no thought in saying."
21:58 Okay, in Matthew 6:33. That's good.
22:01 "Take no thought in saying." Once you've said it you own it.
22:04 So I don't have to go there.
22:06 I don't have to agree with the enemy's
22:10 little whispering in my ear, you know.
22:13 So I can go-- you know,
22:15 God has given me a garment of praise
22:18 for the spirit of heaviness, I pull out the sword.
22:20 You know, I really was impressed by hearing another evangelist
22:24 talk about Christ in the wilderness, you know.
22:28 He never tried to speak his own words.
22:30 He always said, it is written.
22:33 But you got to know what's written in order to say it.
22:36 So I've written this book as a map for people
22:39 in these 14 different categories,
22:42 so that they have some swords
22:44 that are praise and thanksgiving against the enemy.
22:48 I'm so mindful of that sword, because the children of Israel,
22:51 the people of God and it's not just exclusive to them,
22:55 but whenever the people of God go through trials,
22:58 praise and thanksgiving is a weapon.
23:00 It's not what you do after the battle.
23:03 This side of the Red Sea. There you go.
23:04 This side of the Red Sea.
23:05 But see what we get caught up in
23:07 and God have shown me in my own life, confession.
23:10 Everything in the Bible is based on the sowing and the reaping.
23:15 God will not be mocked, okay, as you sow so shall you reap.
23:20 But if you say a negative words,
23:22 you're gonna get a negative tree, okay.
23:27 So you want good trees, you got to start sowing,
23:29 you got to start speaking what the word of God says.
23:32 So praise and thanksgiving is a weapon.
23:34 I worship You, Lord. Why?
23:36 Because You are awesome. You are powerful.
23:37 You are my deliver. You are my strong tower.
23:40 But if I'm there I can't be in, oh, I'm depressed.
23:44 And how fitting it is to be in a high place.
23:46 And let me just put this together here.
23:48 You know, a visible role in life
23:51 that God has given you to walk in to play to His glory
23:55 it's not a safe place for a lot of people,
23:57 but a person who is in the will of God
24:00 can occupy a visible world safely.
24:04 You know what? I humble myself.
24:06 I thank you for even articulating
24:09 words like that relating to me at all.
24:12 Anything that I am is because of Christ in me.
24:16 And I've gone through some real pain.
24:19 I've been through clinical depression.
24:20 I know what that's like.
24:22 You know, I have first hand experience.
24:27 You know, weight gain and fighting
24:30 that problem, you know.
24:32 I have been in a situation
24:34 where I've been physically abused not by my husband, okay.
24:38 But I've been hurt by people, you know,
24:42 physically and emotionally and even spiritually,
24:46 because I didn't understand the word of God.
24:49 But God takes me to all those places
24:52 so that I can be a fit whistle for Him.
24:54 When I realize that everything I do
24:57 is because of Him and not because of me
24:59 then I can be, you know, of use to someone else.
25:04 So high place only in the palm of God.
25:10 And that's why I said that because the Lord will--
25:13 He is the one that holds us there,
25:16 not for our glory but for His glory.
25:18 Absolutely.
25:19 You know, 2 Peter 3:9,
25:21 "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise."
25:24 As we're winding up here, tell me why did you write this book?
25:28 I want to pull that whole picture together.
25:31 We talked about a lot of things.
25:33 I wrote this book because one day I was desperate
25:37 it's efore I was a Seventh-day Adventist Christian,
25:39 before I knew the word of God.
25:41 And I walked into a church on the Corso in Manly in Australia
25:46 which people that have visited Australia might know.
25:49 There's only one church and there was a stand
25:52 that had little pamphlets and little pieces of paper.
25:54 And on that stand I found a piece of paper that said,
25:57 "In times of sorrow, look here in the Bible.
26:00 In times of this look there in the Bible."
26:02 I had a Bible but I didn't know where to look for comfort.
26:06 So I soak that up like water on dry land.
26:12 And then years later I was in my home in Wangi
26:15 and God said to me, "You know how you felt that day daughter."
26:17 He said, 'How many people feel like you did that day?
26:21 I want you to write a map.'" So I did.
26:24 Wow. And this book is that map.
26:26 This book and the upcoming DVD are indeed those maps.
26:29 We're looking forward to that DVD
26:30 'cause the book is tremendous. Thank you.
26:32 How could we get a copy of this book?
26:34 It's available on my website which is heartext,
26:37 you know, heart, the heart of God.
26:39, for Australia. That's right.
26:45 Well, it's always a blessing
26:46 to see that the Lord is still in-charge.
26:49 And as you said earlier, He is--
26:51 we are like play-doh in His hand, like puddy.
26:53 He's shaping us but whatever doesn't resemble Him,
26:56 He's tossing it away.
26:58 A pleasure to be able to have you on this program.
27:01 And may the Lord continue blessing you
27:02 as you move forward in His everlasting will.
27:06 Thank you, John.
27:07 You know, friends, the Lord is amazing
27:08 in what He does in our lives.
27:10 And as you have heard
27:11 Francine Bell has that connection with God,
27:14 that is indelible, one that cannot be broken
27:17 regardless of the Lights, Camera, Action.
27:21 And I want to encourage you, if you're in a place today
27:23 where you feel that the will of God
27:24 is not yet being experienced in your life,
27:28 trust the same Lord that Francine continues to trust
27:31 and you will discover that no matter what the issues of life,
27:34 the Lord has an answer for that issue
27:36 whether depression, doubt, loneliness,
27:40 fear, whatever it maybe,
27:41 today is the day that God wants to propel you in the direction
27:45 that will give you lasting joy and lasting peace.
27:49 So whatever the issues, remember Jesus is the answer.
27:53 God bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17