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00:30 Hello friends and welcome to "Issues and Answers."
00:32 My name is John Lomacang and I'm very happy
00:35 that you've chosen to sit down today
00:37 and join us for a very eye opening program.
00:40 I believe one that's gonna catapult you to a place
00:42 that you have not dreamed of going before
00:45 and to a destiny that's just waiting for you
00:47 to get on board and follow the leading of the Lord.
00:50 Our guest today is one who has world traveled, world known
00:54 and just to say a few one who really knows
00:57 what it's like to catch the vision
00:59 and follow the leading of the Lord.
01:01 So let's meet our guest at this moment.
01:03 Good to have you here today, Francine.
01:05 Thank you, John. Francine Bell.
01:06 It's lovely to be here. That's me, yeah.
01:07 You know, somebody must have said before
01:09 your name rings a bell once you have heard that before.
01:12 Once or twice, yes.
01:14 Now there are those who are watching the program that says,
01:16 "Hey, Francine, I know her. I've met her before."
01:20 But there's somebody watching the program
01:21 that says, "Francine, who?"
01:24 So let's for their benefit
01:25 I'll let our viewers and listeners know who you are
01:27 and give us a little background on who this woman of God is?
01:32 Hmm, she is first and foremost a woman of God.
01:36 Daughter of the king, so that means I'm royalty. Amen.
01:39 And I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.
01:42 My mom died when I was seven years of age.
01:45 So my grandmother Elizabeth who was a wonderful godly woman
01:49 brought us up with a foundation of the word of God.
01:54 I am the daughter of a wonderful father
01:58 who wasn't around very much but when he was there
02:01 he really showed his love for us.
02:04 And he was in the Merchant Marines and in the Navy.
02:07 I'm one of when you count the house and holes 13,
02:11 I always say to people I've got to take out
02:13 a pencil and a paper to get them all down.
02:16 But it's been great to be a part of family
02:21 that is a special family.
02:23 I was a music major in New York.
02:26 I went to the school, well, interestingly enough
02:29 I found that I went to your wife's junior high school. Okay.
02:33 Yes, so that was wonderful bit of trivia.
02:35 So that was something that we share.
02:37 And in high school I went to the high school of music and art,
02:40 I was a voice major there and many people would know that,
02:43 that school was part of the school of performing arts
02:46 which gave us the TV series, the movie
02:49 and the stage production of fame.
02:51 Okay, that's right.
02:53 Being a native New York, I'm familiar
02:55 with all of those landmarks of schools in New York City.
02:59 And, no, we did not dance on the top of taxies,
03:01 that's what they tell in the movie.
03:02 I know, I can imagine New York City
03:05 there are so many taxies they wouldn't dare
03:06 let you dance on the top of their taxies.
03:08 Not these days anyway, no. All right.
03:10 You have quite a story, you mentioned just a moment ago
03:14 you're from Brooklyn but I believe firmly
03:16 and I think this is embodied in your entire story,
03:19 that where are you from
03:20 does not necessarily equal where you're heading.
03:23 By no means.
03:25 And you've written a book
03:26 entitled "Lights! Camera! Action!"
03:29 Now I've read much of this book
03:31 and I know a lot about your background.
03:33 But Lights! Camera! Action!
03:35 People connect that right away to show business. Absolutely.
03:38 Walk us down that path because where you are today
03:40 is not where you've always been.
03:42 No, I've always been a drama queen.
03:45 Okay. My family would say that.
03:48 But that title was inspired by God.
03:52 And it has to do with, you know,
03:55 my love of the arts, my involvement in the arts
03:58 and the importance that the arts play in society.
04:03 And God has his people strategically placed
04:06 and I'm one of those that He's got planted
04:09 in the show business industry.
04:11 So when it came time to write a book, I didn't plan on it,
04:17 you know, it was something that God said, "Sit down and do."
04:21 And I have to tell you, John, I stayed on my face a lot,
04:24 you know, because Lord, I don't know how to do this
04:26 but He showed me how?
04:28 And it's a book that while it comes from
04:31 a show business perspective is designed for anyone
04:36 I think I say on the back of the book,
04:37 unless your job is hermit,
04:39 the principles in this book are certainly for you.
04:43 If you have to get up on a day to day basis
04:47 and get on to the stage of life,
04:49 then certainly these principles are for you.
04:53 You know, I like that because a lot of people say,
04:55 well, why can't I accomplish something
04:59 that is seen in the eyes of the world as great.
05:02 But you did-- you don't believe that,
05:04 you believe that everyone is
05:06 a package designed specifically by God,
05:09 you're unique, there's no two Francine Bells in the world.
05:13 I'll say to people, the cemetery is the terrible place
05:16 their dreams that would never-- reality songs never written.
05:21 Inventions that never came to fruition
05:24 because people thought about it
05:25 but didn't think that they could accomplish it.
05:28 But now looking out of your Brooklyn window,
05:30 I want you to take us to Brooklyn for a little bit
05:32 because I'm from Brooklyn.
05:33 I know it's exciting.
05:34 I mean this makes a difference to you.
05:36 You know, I'm not too far from where you were raised
05:38 right there in Bed-Stuy and Clinton Hill,
05:41 Marcy Projects, Myrtle Avenue downtown,
05:44 you know, the whole kit and caboodle
05:46 you were in some of the same places that I was.
05:50 But to have having been a world traveler
05:54 one who even lives in Australia. Yes.
05:58 Okay, how does a Brooklyn born,
06:00 how a young lady becomes an Australian resident
06:03 having lived in Paris?
06:06 Having been in not only the movie industry
06:08 and the music industry but also the modeling industry.
06:11 There's somebody watching this program
06:13 I believe from Brooklyn, New York
06:14 right now saying, what?
06:15 Somebody from Brooklyn did all of that.
06:17 Walk us through that for a brief moment.
06:19 I've got an attitude that says,
06:23 if God calls me to it, He'll show me how to do it, ow.
06:29 And I always add the ow because I want people to remember it.
06:31 I like the attitude in that. Yes, yeah.
06:33 You know, I think if the seed is planted in my mind
06:38 and it's according to the word of God, you know,
06:41 it doesn't say there is no passage and verse that says,
06:45 you can't do this, then I think why not?
06:49 And, you know, a lot of it has to do
06:51 with the people that influence our lives.
06:54 Do I had an aunt that, I still have her, praise God
06:58 that was a beautiful glamorous woman, you know,
07:03 when people were on the welfare lines
07:07 my aunt had the vision to know that you could wear fur
07:12 and when it was politically correct.
07:14 And when, you know,
07:16 people were wondering how they will make--
07:18 they were going to make ends meet
07:20 she was driving a cadillac
07:21 and she was traveling to places like Israel.
07:25 And, you know, I just thought great role model, wonderful.
07:29 I like that role model.
07:30 Very, very important and we as Christians, we have to be.
07:34 We are the Bible that somebody won't pick up, you know,
07:37 so my aunt was a wonderful influence in that regard,
07:40 my mother even though she died at 32 years of age
07:43 was a beautiful woman.
07:45 And I know that somewhere in her history
07:47 she'd made a movie, it was called "Ride him, Cowboy"
07:49 I don't know where it's out
07:51 or you know whatever became of it
07:53 but I know she had done that.
07:55 So these are things that showed me that it is not impossible
07:58 and in as much as God is no respecter of persons
08:01 if it's possible for them, it certainly possible for me.
08:04 And if God planted that seed in me
08:07 and I'm saying to your viewers if God plants a seed in you
08:09 and it's not contrary to the word of God, go for it.
08:13 I like that.
08:14 So it's not where you are but it's where you really want to be
08:17 and the window that we're looking out of
08:19 because there are people in tenements,
08:21 There are people in projects.
08:23 There are people that live by the bridge over the el
08:28 and close to the subway,
08:29 we're talking New York landmarks here.
08:31 That for every waking moment
08:33 their homes are shaking not by a dream but by a passing train.
08:37 And-- I know that, I did that.
08:39 So, you know, what I'm talking about?
08:41 Absolutely. I know that.
08:42 You can hear it in your mind. Absolutely.
08:44 See, and so but there are those
08:46 who think a movie is something I rent
08:49 or something I watch on television.
08:51 A song or something I purchase when I purchase a CD
08:53 not necessarily something I sing or something I write.
08:57 But you broke out of that caste system
09:00 and cause lights, camera, and action to happen in your life.
09:05 But before we get to the solely converting part of your life
09:09 because you know where you are is a miracle of God.
09:14 Absolutely. But it's not an accident.
09:17 You see, God didn't take you there
09:19 by circumstance but by plan.
09:21 Absolutely, but you said miracle.
09:24 You know when the first miracle occurred at that wedding,
09:27 Mary said something to those people
09:31 that had the water jars that is extremely important.
09:34 You must do exactly what God says.
09:38 In order for the miracle to occur,
09:40 you must do exactly what God says?
09:43 So I'm opened to miracles but I'm opened to them
09:47 only as much as the spirit walks me through them.
09:51 Okay, because there's other voices
09:52 that come in today and you know that.
09:54 So-- Oh, yeah.
09:56 But you got to know what the word of God says,
09:58 you know, in order for you to understand the voices.
10:03 Because a miracle outside of God's will maybe something
10:07 that causes you to feel thrilled but it short lived.
10:10 Absolutely. Living in Paris.
10:14 How did you get to Paris, Francine?
10:17 You know how you talked about people living within their boxes
10:21 and their paradigms, what they know.
10:24 I was planning a vacation, I was an account executive
10:28 with a New York City recruitment firm.
10:31 We provided major corporations
10:34 with their receptionists and their typists
10:36 and I can remember again role models.
10:39 I was working with two beautiful,
10:41 beautiful black women and they had big vision.
10:45 And I was planning this holiday
10:47 and thinking, now where do I go, okay.
10:49 Most people in my neighborhood if it was a holiday
10:53 went to Puerto Rico or they went to Bermuda.
10:56 I remember where I was standing
10:58 on the corner of 57th street and 5th avenue
11:00 when the woman uttered the words that changed my life.
11:03 She said, "Go to Paris, my dear."
11:08 It never occurred to me
11:10 as a black woman from the ghetto that I could.
11:13 But bang, she drop that seed and that came to fruition,
11:17 shortly thereafter I did go to Paris for the very first time
11:22 and my life has not been the same since. Wow.
11:25 It's quite a different world to have lunch in the Eiffel Tower
11:30 and the River Thames stand by at and look at the structure
11:33 of a world that's quite a bit older than New York City.
11:36 That's very true and I had the very good fortune,
11:39 you know, you got--
11:40 we were slightly mixed up the River Seine.
11:42 That's it, okay. Yes, yes.
11:44 If we've been in Big Ben we would have done the Thames
11:47 but I remember God placed me in an apartment
11:52 where my view was the flying buttresses
11:54 of the Notre-Dame right on the River Seine.
11:57 So I looked out of my apartment, okay,
11:59 and I give all the glory to God.
12:00 I looked out at La Tour Eiffel, the Eiffel Tower.
12:04 Notre-Dame as I said.
12:07 I had San Jo Mandate play.
12:09 I had La Tour d'Argent
12:11 which is one of the finest restaurants in France.
12:13 And I had Louis Pion Dijon and the river,
12:16 you know, all outside my-- you know,
12:18 so I even then I realized the miracle that it was.
12:22 But, you know, dreams are wonderful things
12:27 as long as you just keep moving on them don't just sit on them.
12:30 You know, hatch that egg. I like that.
12:34 An egg is not meant to just-- what's the word incubate.
12:39 But the life comes when the egg is not just prepared
12:42 but it also is hatched.
12:44 The egg has to be broken, you know,
12:46 it looks beautiful when it's whole
12:48 but unless it's broken the life is just inside still.
12:52 It's like the sea, John,
12:53 you know, unless it goes into the ground
12:55 and it breaks up the true life can't come forth,
13:00 you know, and it's like a Christian,
13:01 you humble yourself before God and He brings out everything
13:05 that He's planted seed why didn't you
13:07 and I find that really exciting.
13:10 You know it's amazing when we think about
13:12 life on the inside and life on the outside
13:15 'cause for some people watching the program
13:17 and listening to the program they are trying to define life.
13:22 Let me just put this picture together.
13:24 Here you are in Paris,
13:25 you have flown the Koopa as it were of New York City.
13:29 You are in the midst of a grinding life
13:33 but a very prosperous life.
13:35 And then you are looking in the direction
13:38 that God wants you to go but you're not yet there.
13:40 You are a Christian. Hmm.
13:43 But you believe that conversion,
13:45 conversion is about to happen, walk us through that.
13:47 Well, you know, conversion that happened--
13:50 I was always a Christian
13:52 and I really always like to point that out.
13:54 I always have had a need for God
13:56 even if I didn't understand His word.
13:58 I remember when I was first baptized in
14:00 into Concord Baptist Church
14:02 which you would know Marcy Avenue.
14:04 Unbelievable. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
14:06 That's where I was baptized.
14:08 I played basketball for that church.
14:09 Come on. Yeah, I sure did.
14:11 Oh, my goodness. Wow.
14:12 Well, I remember the date
14:14 it was the 5th of May in 1972 a Friday night
14:18 and I was baptized into that church.
14:21 You know, but God had another plan for my life,
14:24 you know, as a young adult I went to church
14:27 because I felt that need to go.
14:29 I remember I was given a Bible at that baptism
14:31 and while I didn't read everything instinctively,
14:34 you know, I felt the need to read it.
14:37 And I can remember
14:39 the only thing I really knew was the 23rd Psalm.
14:43 And I still have that Bible and those pages are yellow
14:47 because I would get up every morning
14:48 and I would read that because I knew it.
14:50 I then went on, you know, to different parts of the Bible
14:54 and I read even though
14:55 I didn't understand Revelation I read that.
14:57 But, you know, it's just--
14:59 the conversion really happened in Australia,
15:03 the conversion to Seventh-day Adventism.
15:06 Because a friend found in her mailbox
15:09 a color brochure for an evangelistic campaign
15:13 entitled, "God on trial."
15:15 Now we both thought that was a very interesting name.
15:17 But she went along because she saw on that brochure
15:22 that you would find inner peace.
15:25 How many people today are looking for that?
15:28 Quite a few I believe. Yeah, quite a few people.
15:30 So she went along and I didn't go initially
15:32 because I was co-starring,
15:35 it sounds very big, I had a secondary lead
15:37 in a major theatrical production called Nine.
15:41 Nine had won the Tony Award on Broadway
15:43 and I was in the Sydney production of the show.
15:46 Now when that run ended
15:47 I went to some of these evangelistic evenings with her.
15:53 And the first one I went to--
15:56 this man who interestingly enough was from New York City
15:59 and fluent in French, only got little history of that, okay.
16:03 This guy understood my New York psyche,
16:07 he understood my Francophile background, okay.
16:10 My love of France anything French.
16:12 He had a photographic memory
16:15 and a wonderful way of expounding on the word of God.
16:18 So the first night he talked about things
16:21 historic and prophesy.
16:23 The second night he talked about how astrology and numerology
16:28 and anything occult was contrary to the word of God.
16:31 How many Christians don't know that?
16:33 How many Christians are still walking around
16:36 talking about the fact that their star sign is this
16:39 or they're a Chinese horse or pig
16:41 or whatever the case maybe.
16:43 That's amazing the truth.
16:44 It's very, very true,
16:45 it is contrary to the word of God.
16:47 So I heard that, you know, I'm fine.
16:48 The third night which happened to have been my birthday, okay.
16:53 The 18th of May, the Sabbath message.
16:57 Now you have to know
16:59 I've just come out of the major theatrical production.
17:02 At this stage in my career I was poised
17:04 to become quite a big name in Australia.
17:07 They had, had some black stars one of which was quite prominent
17:11 and well known in the United States.
17:14 Chelsea Brown, years ago
17:15 used to be on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in
17:17 and Chelsea Brown was there.
17:19 Chelsea, you know, they had the Chelsea season
17:21 there was another young lady that had come over with hair.
17:25 And she was-- they'd had the Marsha seasoned,
17:29 I mean she is re-seasoning, boys,
17:31 she is doing really well now.
17:33 And there was another young lady
17:34 out of Los Vegas by the name of Delilah.
17:37 And they were looking for a new black star
17:41 and I arrived with the press book
17:43 this thick from Paris it said, you know,
17:46 I could hold a tune and lots of pictures
17:49 it said I wore a designer gown very well
17:51 And I had the right agents they were prepared to push me.
17:55 And God said, "Ah, no."
17:58 He said, I want you to meet--
17:59 Breaks on. That's right.
18:01 I want you to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
18:04 I was like, Ah, Lord, can we discuss this.
18:08 You know, first of all what is that?
18:10 It means, Francine, that you weren't--
18:12 will, you will not work,
18:13 you will honor me and the Sabbath, okay.
18:16 And you'll not work from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.
18:19 I am like God, can we do this on a Monday night
18:23 'cause the theater is dark on Monday, He is like, no.
18:27 I struggled with that, I never went back to be the series
18:29 and to make a long story short I could not sleep
18:34 and I had to call that young pastor back and said,
18:36 I think you better come and talk to me.
18:38 I made my decision to be baptized
18:42 on the 10th of December 1988.
18:46 And on the 11th of March,
18:48 the following year I took the plunge.
18:52 Wow. Yeah.
18:53 Praise the Lord. Amen, you know.
18:55 I like the way you said that I took the plunge.
18:58 You know, it reminds me of the reminiscent story
19:00 in the bible of Naman, it was that plunge
19:02 that brought him out as a baby,
19:05 the new birth all embodied in that.
19:07 Absolutely, but he had to humble himself,
19:10 you know, in getting that dirty water, okay.
19:13 He really thought that Elijah was going to do
19:15 something entirely different and so did I
19:17 I mean, my plans were stardom,
19:20 I was going to stardom
19:21 and I didn't bother to learn how to type.
19:23 I always say to people because where I was going
19:26 people were going to do that for me, you see.
19:29 Well, God say, "Oh, yeah.
19:31 I got news for you." That's right.
19:34 And, you know that I like the way you mentioned that
19:36 because the water was muddy.
19:38 And sometimes the present circumstances of life are muddy.
19:42 But out of them can arise the phoenix
19:44 of that new birth, that baby in Christ.
19:47 But it had to be fearful, I mean,
19:49 you have a chapter in your book entitled, "Fear."
19:52 Tell us some of that fear
19:53 because there are people watching this program
19:54 that struggle with fear, they are fearful
19:57 of anything and everything.
19:59 But the Bible says, perfect love cast out all fear.
20:02 How did you get pass this, this hurdle of what you wanted
20:07 and then what God wanted?
20:08 There were some fear in there, talk about that.
20:10 There was definitely fear, you know,
20:12 when I decided to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian
20:15 as a performer in Australia,
20:18 I jumped off a cliff in the dark, you know,
20:20 I didn't know where I was going to land
20:22 but I trusted God enough to know that the arms would be there.
20:26 I didn't know where I was going to land.
20:28 But the Bible says at least 365 times, fear not.
20:32 So even God knows we're going to fear.
20:35 So He just keeps revealing Himself,
20:39 you fear and then He shows up, okay.
20:42 And you then eventually learn to trust Him.
20:44 Yes, I feared what was going to happen to me as a performer
20:49 and surely my career dried up because people could only see
20:55 that one night of the week that I wasn't prepared to work.
20:57 Isn't that amazing? Oh, yeah.
20:59 It sounds like the Garden of Eden.
21:01 Satan focused Eve on that one fruit
21:03 and He says, is there anything you can do?
21:06 Go on. Yeah.
21:08 So like a horse with blinders people could not see,
21:11 you know, the other nights of the week
21:13 and my career did dry up but it was all part of God's plan.
21:16 You know, I did fear that, I feared man.
21:21 Fear of man is a terrible thing, you know,
21:23 but the word of God talks about
21:25 not letting the reproach of man stand in your way, its bondage.
21:30 So, yes, I feared what people would think of me if I did this.
21:35 And then I had to get over it because you see the God,
21:38 they're going to be mad at you
21:40 or unimpressed with you or God is.
21:42 Which one was I going to choose?
21:44 That you know, that's powerful thought
21:45 because when you live to impress God,
21:48 men will not always be impressed.
21:50 But the question is who do you want to impress?
21:52 Hallelujah. Okay.
21:53 At the end of the day I'm a God girl, you know,
21:56 and I want Him to be happy and pleased with what I do,
21:59 I want to be one of those trophies in His cases.
22:03 And people didn't understand, you know,
22:07 but as I read the word and as I stuck close to God,
22:11 it just made me stick like a baby
22:13 sticks close to their mother or their father, you know,
22:16 I just have to stick close to God in that way.
22:19 Test and trial, I mean here you are
22:22 you know that the river is drying up
22:24 for all the right reasons but its fearful.
22:27 But then comes along the test.
22:30 Oh, honey, the test. Tell me about the test?
22:32 There's a chapter in this book and I looked at that
22:34 tests, trials, and protection. Yes, yes, yes.
22:37 I mean, that's a unique title.
22:38 It is, you know, and it was inspired by situation
22:42 I was singing in the French Caribbean in Martinique.
22:45 I was headlining it was New Year's Eve
22:47 and folks were real happy,
22:49 there was a lot of champagne running that night.
22:51 And they had all been given little, little happy bags,
22:58 you know, so it handles sorts of little things in it
23:01 but one of the things was a pea shooter
23:03 with colored cardboard balls.
23:07 And, you know, they would be shooting these things,
23:08 you know, there was streamers and those things that you blow,
23:12 those little things that I don't know what they call?
23:14 Party favors. Those things, okay.
23:16 But they had these things and they would be
23:18 don't blowing these things but I was the target, okay.
23:22 Now they really liked me but they were happy,
23:24 and it was like let shoot the singer, okay.
23:26 But at the end of the night, I felt like I had been in a war
23:30 but I had to really maintain my composure.
23:34 Devil loves it when a Christian loses their cool
23:37 He's sitting there going, yes, yes, yes.
23:39 So I have to pray Lord Jesus, give me the strength, you know,
23:42 one of the things that I-- that God gave me,
23:45 He speaks to me in acronym and acrostic form. Okay.
23:48 He gave me the word, grace. G-R-A-C-E.
23:52 God Remedies and Calms Emotions.
23:57 Oh, a good one. It's huge, absolutely huge.
24:00 He tells me that people are taking the G out of the word
24:04 and they're trying to remedy and calm their own emotions,
24:08 it won't work without the great physician.
24:10 So I have to pray and pull on the strength of God
24:15 not to pick up a chair or table
24:18 and throw at the people shooting in balls, so--
24:22 Tests, trials.
24:25 And Lord, I got to put my armor on
24:28 so that I can be shielded from the fiery darts
24:33 that include colored cardboard balls.
24:39 But now how does your prayer life fit into all these
24:42 because I know that you know, the transitions have taken place
24:45 you're still moving, you're still gifted,
24:46 you're still doing what you have been
24:48 equipped to do but now prayer.
24:51 Prayers where the oil comes from
24:52 and a car does not work without oil, okay.
24:56 I don't care how nice the car is it can be a Rolls-Royce.
24:59 It can be a Maserati, it can be--
25:01 and I remember in Monte Carlo sitting,
25:04 you know, I worked there for six weeks.
25:05 And looking out at my balcony and the most pleb car you saw
25:10 was a BMW, that was the cheap car, okay.
25:13 I don't care how expensive the car is
25:17 if it doesn't have oil, it's not going anywhere.
25:19 Isn't that amazing? Mm-hmm.
25:21 A $3 bottle of oil can bring $150,000,
25:26 million dollar car to screeching halt.
25:27 But please note the digit that you chose 3,
25:31 father, sun and Holy Spirit without that oil,
25:34 without the oil of the spirit I don't operate.
25:37 Otherwise I'm operating on my own flesh and I get tired, okay.
25:41 So when I sit in prayer then I get the power that I need
25:46 and I just read in the Psalms, you know,
25:49 that God gives us the confidence and He gives us the power to go
25:55 where we need to go He'll energize us.
25:59 If you were to summarize who you are
26:01 because there are so many people
26:02 that are just in their cage, they're locked in.
26:04 If you were to summarize who Francine Bell is
26:08 who would you say you are?
26:09 I am appointed by God.
26:13 Based on Isaiah 61, you know, that says,
26:16 I'm appointed to preach the good news of the gospel etcetera.
26:19 And please go and read, Isaiah 61.
26:21 That's right. To open cages.
26:24 To let the people in this world the body of Christ
26:29 to let them know that it's okay to be who they are in Jesus.
26:34 They are unique on purpose,
26:36 they are not meant to conform and be like everybody else,
26:41 you have something to contribute to this world
26:43 and I want to encourage people to come out of the bondage
26:49 that fear and doubt and discouragement.
26:52 And all the little things that I address in my book
26:55 and in the upcoming DVD, I want them to know that
26:58 where the spirit of Christ is there is freedom.
27:01 So come forth from your cages in Jesus name.
27:05 How can I find this book?
27:07 I know you have an internet website what is that?
27:09 The website is
27:14 for Australia.
27:19 You know, it's indeed a pleasure to have you here.
27:21 I know this has been a short program but I'm looking forward
27:24 to another opportunity to talk with you.
27:26 Prayer, fear, temptation, test, trials, protection,
27:29 loneliness, doubt, and discouragement.
27:32 But this book ends on a positive note
27:34 and indeed it is a privilege to know that
27:37 God works all things for the glory
27:40 and honor of His name, a blessing to have you here.
27:42 Thank you so much for having me.
27:44 You know friends, when we think about the pleasure of the Lord,
27:47 it is where God takes us.
27:49 But I want you to know whatever the issue, friends,
27:52 Jesus is always the answer.
27:54 Good to have you here today.


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