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00:31 Hello, and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:33 I'm Shelley Quinn and I will be hosting this for you today and
00:37 we are going to be talking about the value of prayer journaling.
00:42 Let me share a scripture from Habakkuk chapter 2 and verse 2
00:45 and here's what he said. "The Lord answered me and said,
00:50 'write the vision and make it plain so that everyone who
00:54 passes may read it as he hastens by, for the vision is yet for an
00:59 appointed time and it hastens to the end. '" (To the fulfillment
01:04 of it.) "'It will not deceive or disappoint though it tarry.
01:08 Wait earnestly for it because it will surely come. It will
01:13 not be behindhand on its appoin- ted day. '" You know, one thing
01:17 that I have learned about God: He is never early, but he is
01:20 never late. We can count on God's promises and we can count
01:24 on God doing everything for our eternal benefit.
01:28 It is my joy to welcome back again, the Pages from Central
01:32 California, Janet and Jerry. Now Jerry, you are the
01:35 conference president for Central California. Janet, you are the
01:39 Prayer Ministries coordinator and we are surely enjoying
01:42 everything that you are sharing with us today, and you are also
01:47 the Women's Ministries Director. You're a busy woman, aren't you?
01:52 Yes you are.
01:54 Most everybody is though.
01:57 That is true, that is true. Now we were sitting around
02:01 talking about what we might want to talk about today and usually
02:05 we pretty much know what we want to talk about. We just decided
02:09 we're going to let the Lord lead. We did think though that
02:13 he was impressing upon us to talk about journaling. What
02:17 do you mean when you talk about prayer journaling?
02:22 I take like a spiral bound notebook or actually I have gone
02:27 to using my computer and printing out the sheets and
02:29 putting them in a three-ring notebook. I write out what's
02:34 a burden on my heart. Actually I put it in big titles at the
02:38 at the beginning of it, I mean at the top. Like if it is my son
02:41 Zach, whatever it is I want to pray about for him or whatever
02:45 and then below that I will write about it. Then later I will
02:49 come back and put the answer on the side, or I may put it on
02:53 another sheet, or come back and highlight it in yellow that it's
02:57 been answered. But as far as journaling, I've just been
03:01 amazed at the difference it's made. As you were just
03:04 sharing that scripture, I'm kicking myself because I've got
03:07 several scriptures to read that show that we need to journal,
03:11 to write down, and I didn't bring them with me and I don't
03:14 know right off where they were. But I just found God telling me
03:18 to write down the requests. I'm just finding that the more
03:23 that I write things down, the more I see God at work and not
03:26 only just things I'd written down but blessings, surprises
03:30 that I wasn't even praying about, just a wish and it
03:35 happens. I am convinced the more we spend time with God,
03:39 he just wants sooo much to show us how much he loves us and to
03:44 bless our lives. But I love this scripture in 2 Chronicles 16:9.
03:48 It says, "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout
03:51 the whole earth to show himself strong on behalf of those whose
03:55 heart is loyal to him. " That's in the New King James. I like
03:57 the way it is worded there, "To show himself strong on behalf of
04:00 those whose hearts are loyal to Him. " It's like I say, God's
04:03 tripping over himself trying to see how He can bless your life
04:06 more. People I know that started spending an hour a day
04:11 with God, God gives them some kind of ministry. I've seen it
04:16 over and over again. People start writing books, others
04:20 start composing music and others start a speaking ministry,
04:23 others have started a homeless ministry or a children's
04:26 ministry. Just different ways God gives them to do ministry.
04:30 She is always mad at me because we end up putting to work some
04:33 of her prayer partners and then they are too busy working and
04:36 they can't come to the prayer meetings any more.
04:38 Yeah, he steels my prayer partners all the time.
04:40 You know, it's amazing that you said that because when the Lord
04:44 prepared me for ministry, I believe, is when he taught me to
04:48 spend at least an hour. I was seeking God saying, How can I
04:52 keep from ever backsliding again and the Lord impressed the
04:55 thought upon my mind, He said, I promise if you will spend the
04:58 first hour of every day in prayer with me, you will never
05:01 backslide again and that day, that first day, He really
05:07 impressed me to journal my prayers. You know, that is
05:09 really what Psalms is, he said, the prayer journal of David.
05:12 Later some of it was set to music. But I typed out...
05:19 Now mine's a little bit different. What I do is just
05:22 like typing a letter... every thing I would speak to the Lord
05:25 is more in a letter from. You know, My Heavenly Father, and I
05:29 start of with prayer and thanks- giving and repentance and
05:32 even the affirmations and intercessions and supplication.
05:36 But that is when God called me to full time ministry. I
05:41 I believe it is when He equipped me to full time ministry, but
05:43 you know what, I think the answer is there why, I think
05:46 when you journal, first of all you get so focused because it
05:51 blocks out all of these little things that are always filtering
05:56 through our minds, you know, and all the interruptions and
06:00 distractions are blocked out. But also, you get to that point
06:03 that you can be still before the Lord and listen for a response.
06:07 I have journaled that way you are talking about, too. I have
06:12 done both and go back and forth sometimes. The primary reason
06:15 I do it the way I do it is I want to be able to find it
06:18 again. You know, it's organized and I can find what I have
06:22 talked to him about and see how he's worked. But even to take
06:25 a passage... I know people who do this... I don't know if you
06:28 know Marty Schneider. She takes the Gospels and rewrites them.
06:32 She keeps a journal rewriting them in her own words and
06:34 it's just changed her life doing that. But the thing with
06:39 journaling... my older son, he had a girl, he was planning to
06:43 marry her. We were really con- cerned. We felt like it would
06:49 not be a good, stable marriage and we were praying, we got our
06:52 prayer partners praying, every- body praying.
06:54 This is the other son now. This is the older son.
06:57 We just weren't real good at training our kids how to pick a
07:01 wife, I guess. One thing I've got to bring out too before I
07:06 forget is Joel 2:25. I don't know if there are parents in the
07:09 audience who've been like me who've made so many mistakes.
07:11 I've made so many mistakes and I see that in my kids at times,
07:15 you know, my role modeling, and I cringe, breaks my heart, but
07:20 I claim constantly to God, I bring it before him that promise
07:23 in Joel 2:25. It says I will heal, I will restore the
07:27 years the locust have eaten. I say, Lord you have promised it.
07:29 Heal in my child my mistakes. Restore, Lord, in their lives.
07:35 You can even claim that, let's say if you have had abuse or
07:38 whatever in the past, claim Joel 2:25. God will heal and
07:42 restore the years the locust have eaten in your life.
07:43 And you know, I used to always say he's a God of restoration
07:46 and he is. But he is a god of recreation. He will not only
07:51 restore but for a lot of times we pray for a marriage to be
07:56 restored. Then one day as I was praying for the restoration of a
07:59 marriage, God really spoke to me and He said I will recreate
08:03 it. I thought woahhh. So I was praying for this couple's
08:06 marriage to be recreated and God changed. He brought both
08:11 of them to the foot of the cross and their marriage was built on
08:17 the rock. He wants us to confess what we
08:19 have done wrong and forget it in his grace and move forward to
08:22 something positive. Parents shouldn't wallow around in guilt
08:25 over what they didn't do right. Like my folks, instead they got
08:27 everybody they could praying for me. I would just encourage
08:29 parents who feel they have blown it to get busy now and do the
08:34 positive thing they can in terms of entering into a prayer war
08:37 for their kids. Okay. You just brought up
08:39 something. Let me interject this really quickly. There is a
08:42 scripture from Proverbs that says train up a child in the way
08:45 they should go and when they are old they will not depart from
08:49 it. There are so many parents who feel guilty because they say
08:54 I did not train up my child in the way they should go.
08:58 Joel 2:25. Because I did not. I thought I was doing things
09:02 right and realized I wasn't or realized my own evil
09:07 behaviors have affected my kids in bad ways. You know, I
09:10 thought I was being good. But I claim Joel 2:25. God will heal
09:15 and restore those years that I messed up with my kids.
09:18 Now I got to tell you about journaling, okay? Is that all
09:22 right? So with my son, God did it, broke him up with that girl
09:28 and so he's in college and it just looks like God's not going
09:32 to bring the right girl and I started journaling. Actually I
09:34 started journaling when he was still dating the other one, God
09:38 this is the kind of girl I want for my son. You tell me to
09:41 write my desires of my heart so I'm going to write them and
09:44 give them to you. I started very specifically writing what I
09:48 wanted to see in a wife for him. One that would really love him
09:51 and respect him and give him the care he needs, because he has
09:56 a really tender, and one that would love the Lord, that would
09:59 not be a pew-sitter, but would have a passion to reach people
10:03 for Jesus. One that would cook healthfully, because I want my
10:06 son and my grandkids to eat healthfully. One that wouldn't
10:09 raise the kids in front of a TV or feed them a lot of sugar
10:13 One that wouldn't be a mall shopper but would want to go
10:16 backpacking. That was a selfish request, because I like to hike
10:19 and backpack and so I even put that down, just all these things
10:23 that I wanted. Every once in a while I'd write them again. God
10:27 has given him... and I could tell the whole story how God
10:30 led to her, but there isn't time, but God has given him a
10:33 wife just like that. It's just incredible. The beautiful part
10:36 is that God does this all the time. He loves to surprise us.
10:40 I never prayed or wrote in my journal praying, God will you
10:45 give him a wife that will love me, that will be my friend. But
10:49 God has given my son a wife that loves me and we're close
10:53 friends. We love to pray to- gather. It's an incredible
10:57 gift of what he has done.
10:58 Yes it is and it reminds of the very first wedding that I ever
11:02 did was for a young woman who had just gotten her master's
11:07 degree. She had just really returned to the Lord and she was
11:11 on fire for God and she just quit dating because she said,
11:14 there is no one out there. She was becoming isolated and her
11:19 mother was worried about her. Her mother went in and said,
11:22 Honey, what do you want in a husband? She said, do you know.
11:25 She said, well, yes mother, I want a man who will love God
11:28 more than he loves me, because then I know he will be able to
11:30 love me more. And I want this and I want that. And she said
11:33 write it down. And she said well okay. So she wrote it all
11:36 down. And she said, now pray about this. Tell God this is
11:39 what you want. And do you know, she met her husband on a
11:42 Christian internet dating service. I mean, he's just
11:46 check, check, check, check, everything. You know, James
11:49 said we don't have because we don't ask. The Lord, I believe,
11:53 really already had this person out there for her, but He was
11:58 helping her to key in and under- stand, this is really what I
12:01 want. And when God sent him he was the answer to prayer.
12:05 What you just said is such a key statement and I think it is
12:08 true with my journaling for the wife. It was not my idea. I
12:13 believe God prompted me to do that. If you feel this burden
12:17 to pray about something, you can know right there God's about to
12:20 work. Because he's laying it on your heart. He wants you to
12:24 pray for it. God could take care of and make these things happen
12:27 on His own, but he chooses to limit Himself to work through
12:31 our prayers because we will be blessed by it. I love the way it
12:35 is worded in the King James: Job 42:10-It says Job's
12:39 captivity was turned around when he prayed for his friends.
12:42 Since God has converted me, my life has been consumed with
12:46 praying for others, praying for church needs. I spend way more
12:50 time praying about that than I ever do personal needs or even
12:54 my family. And yet God has turned my captivity around as I
12:57 prayed for my friends like it says in Job 42:10. Sins and
13:01 things in my life have just melted away as I focused more on
13:04 others. You know that is so Christ like.
13:07 I mean that is the way that God wants us to pray, that the way
13:10 Jesus prayed.
13:11 But you know, another thing is this spending time with God
13:14 every day, an hour. My big passion in life was to go hike
13:17 the high mountains, hike the biggest mountains there were.
13:20 I just wanted to do that, never had an opportunity. I wanted
13:23 to backpack and you know do a lot of trips and things.
13:27 The more I focused on that, the more I tried to do it, when I'd
13:30 get to do it I was so depressed, I was miserable. I didn't know
13:33 what was wrong with me. I would work all week long. I would
13:36 save my weekend that I would have off, I was working as a
13:40 nurse, to go in the out-of- doors either snow shoeing
13:43 camping or cross country skiing camping, or backpacking,
13:46 something and I was depressed. I was so miserable and it was my
13:50 big joy. I would just think about it all the time, what
13:52 better equipment can I buy and how can I save up for this.
13:54 And yet, when God turned my life around and converted me and my
13:59 focus became God what do you want, what do you want me doing?
14:03 God has ended up taking me all over the world just sharing my
14:08 testimony. But as I have totally focused on doing what He
14:11 wants me to, praying with that person he wants me to
14:14 whatever, God has fulfilled the desires of my heart. He has
14:19 taken me to the biggest mountains. I have climbed
14:21 22- 14-ers in Colorado now and, you know, different things. He
14:26 he gives you the desires of your heart.
14:27 Janet, that reminds me of Psalm 37:4 that says delight yourself
14:31 in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
14:36 As you changed your delight, and you came to the Lord, then
14:41 He was lining up his desires with your desires and he gave
14:45 you the desires of your heart. That's wonderful.
14:48 My son, my younger boy, has found that true, too. He was
14:51 really seeking after the things he thought would bring him
14:54 happiness, from surfing to mountain biking. Even though
14:57 he was in college, he'd started his own business and was doing
15:00 pretty well at it, because he wanted to be rich. He thought
15:03 that was his goal in life. Always things. Then God
15:06 converted him and really moved on him and I will never forget
15:09 when he called home. He was out doing ministry with young people
15:12 and he says, Mom, this is life, this is life. I said, what do
15:15 you mean, Zach. He said, this is life, ministering to others.
15:19 He said, this is the best thing I could be doing.
15:21 I enjoy it so much.
15:23 That's wonderful. Praise the Lord.
15:25 God is so precious. The more we get intimate with Him, the more
15:29 he showers on us. And that is what it's all about. I wish I
15:32 was doing it all the time, you know. My experience is it's up
15:36 and down and sometimes it's going well, other times he has
15:39 to keep drawing me back and waking me up again, you know.
15:42 So I just want it to be consistent in my life is what
15:45 But Jerry, sometimes we can go consistently for 10 years at a
15:48 time and we might just go through a dry spell. And maybe
15:51 it's a pruning that we're going through, I don't know. Because
15:54 it seems to be... I don't care who it is, and I have talked to
15:58 some of the top evangelists who experience this same type of
16:01 thing. We all go through a spiritual dryness occasionally.
16:05 But it just awakens something in us that we recognize our need
16:09 for the Lord even more. You know, I'm just thinking how
16:13 precious it is that what we have been talking about...
16:16 you know, you've done a number of programs with us but we had
16:20 talked about... there is a common thread that has been
16:24 running through here, and that is nothing satisfies but God,
16:29 nothing satisfies but God. This is what you've found in both of
16:33 your lives. This is what your boys are finding. This is true
16:37 for everyone. You know you can have all the success in the
16:40 world you want, you could have a wonderful job and maybe a
16:44 wonderful family and you can be depressed and have no peace
16:47 in your life. It's because there's a void in you that only
16:51 God can fill. Isn't it true.
16:53 The book Hanna talks about forever ruined for the ordinary.
16:57 That's a pretty way of putting it. So Janet, let me ask you
17:02 now, when like with Zach: you're praying for this wife
17:07 It was Zach right? It was our older boy, Tyson.
17:11 Oh, Tyson. Okay you're praying (but I've been doing it for Zach
17:14 now.) Good, I bet Zach is glad. But for Tyson, you're praying
17:17 for this and you have entered that in your prayer journal.
17:21 Now, when the Lord brought her to him, you go back into your
17:25 prayer journal and then you put the notes there that God
17:28 answered my prayer on this such day and, boy, I mean he
17:31 answered it to a "T". Is that what you are doing with
17:35 your journal? It must be so faith-building to
17:41 look back at that. Now Jerry didn't you tell me once that
17:46 you were called to speak some- where for an hour and you
17:49 you were trying to figure out what you wanted to talk about.
17:51 Yeah, Yeah, and Janet said why don't you go look at your
17:53 journal. I looked at it and I didn't think I had enough to
17:56 talk about for an hour, just sharing what God had done, but
17:58 when I looked at my journal and looked at the way markers, the
18:01 things we'd written down just in the last year, there was too
18:04 much. I didn't want to share the time with her. That's how it is.
18:07 You know, as I listen to what you are saying...
18:09 Hey, wait. Let me make sure people understood that when
18:11 you said you didn't want to share the time, you had one
18:12 hour to speak and you weren't ready to let her speak during
18:16 that hour because you had so much to share.
18:17 Originally, I thought it was too much time for both of us, then
18:20 I thought I don't want to share some of the time with her
18:22 because there were so many things He's done and I wanted
18:24 to tell those answers to prayer.
18:25 That journal, when you are dis- couraged, when God's not
18:29 answering the prayer the way you want; your so overwhelmed with
18:31 whatever trial or problem it is and you wonder, is God alive, or
18:35 why doesn't he wake up. You know, Psalms is full of that.
18:39 David, or whoever is writing them is crying out, will you
18:41 wake up God. But in Psalms 77 it tells you to do that.
18:45 David's crying out to the Lord with his problem in Psalm 77.
18:48 Down in 10-12 he gives the answer of what to do when
18:52 when life is just terrible and you feel like you're being
18:55 rejected. It says in verse 10, Then I thought, to this I will
18:58 appeal; the years of the right hand of the Most High. verse
19:04 eleven I will remember the deeds of the Lord; I will remember
19:06 your miracles of long ago, I will meditate on all your works
19:08 and consider all your mighty deeds. The thing is, when life
19:12 is overwhelming or there is that big trial or problem is to
19:15 go back and remember what God has done in your life in the
19:19 past. Thank Him, praise Him for how you saw him work in
19:23 July of 2002 or December, when- ever it was. That may seem
19:27 boring or redundant but it's not. It releases His faith, His
19:30 joy and His power in my life to believe he will answer again.
19:32 He is moving his mighty right arm.
19:36 You talk about faith-building; I think this is one thing that
19:40 has strengthened my prayer life and my walk with God the most is
19:42 seeking to be more specific in all of my prayers, whether it's
19:45 confession, or whether it's petition or whatever...
19:47 I remember a story about a little boy whose dad got him a
19:50 a 0.22 and went away on a trip and when he came back there
19:54 were several bulls eyes on the side of the barn and only one
19:56 bullet hole through the very center of each of the bulls
19:58 eyes. The dad said son I didn't know you were such a good shot
20:00 with a gun. He said, man you just hit right in the center of
20:03 each of the bulls eye. And the son said, well it wasn't hard,
20:05 Dad, he said, I shot first and then I drew the bulls eyes
20:07 and my prayers used to be like that; you know, praying very
20:10 generally; like, bless the world, bless this or that and
20:13 in big chunks, forgive me for
20:16 my sins and I never knew for sure if it was God or it was
20:19 coincidence. So the more specific God leads me to pray
20:23 and the more I ask him how do pray and I write those things
20:26 down, then when it's answered so specifically, I have no doubt
20:29 that it was God who did it and I can tell you story after story
20:33 of such timing providences and such specific answers that then
20:38 I know God is there. It strengthens my faith in him and
20:40 it strengthens my faith that He will answer prayer. So to me
20:43 that's real significant. With confession, it's a real burden I
20:45 have that I think in this day and age we've kind of gotten
20:48 away from confessing specifi- cally because we don't like what
20:51 the prophets say about some of our sins. So I really believe
20:54 that without getting all nega- tive here that that is something
20:57 I need more time with is really asking God, What is it that
21:00 keeps me away from you, because that is really what sin is,
21:02 anything that keeps me from Jesus. I believe that our sins
21:05 wound him afresh and if I come to love him in this intimate
21:08 relationship enough that I don't want to lose His presence then
21:12 He can help me stop sinning and stop doing the things that kill
21:14 me in the end.
21:15 You know, this is one thing as I journal my prayers and it's just
21:19 like writing a love letter to the Lord; everything I would
21:21 just pray verbally I write and when He takes me through
21:26 repentance and confession of sin ... Something interesting, we
21:29 had a prayer day here and we frequently do at 3ABN and we
21:36 began with general; we open up and all the managers come
21:40 together and we've prayed all day long, we've prayed for nine
21:44 hours. What we did was we set aside a time, 20 minutes, that
21:49 that let's sit back here for the next 20 minutes and individually
21:53 we'll pray silently to ourselves confessing our own sins. Well
21:59 I had brought my laptop, so I could journal my prayer. So
22:04 I'm sitting there and I'm just going and going and going and
22:06 everybody else is up and sitting at the table and I'm still
22:09 sitting on the floor and I'm typing. Then I realized, Oh,
22:12 everybody else is waiting on me. Now one thing I've noted is
22:15 that when I'm just verbally, and I pray verbally too
22:19 as well, but when I am verbally confessing my sins it sure is
22:24 easy just to be over in a couple of minutes, but when I'm really
22:28 seeking the Lord and I'm writing this down and I'm seeking, it's
22:31 amazing how much deeper that con fession and repentance can be.
22:34 It goes to motives and the whole thing. Maybe if I can just
22:36 share a couple other things too that I've discovered keep me
22:39 away from God. You know, we're talking about how to get closer
22:42 to Him and how to have that thriving experience. For me
22:45 it's like Daniel; I think he's a type of the last-day people
22:48 of God just before the last crises and the image on the
22:51 plane and all of that. When he first was taken away at 16 or
22:55 17 years old and made a eunuch in Babylon, it could have been
22:58 pretty discouraging, but he wanted to know God with all
23:00 that he was and so he made a decision: He wouldn't defile
23:03 himself in terms of the king's table and all the delicacies and
23:08 I think in my own life I have to try to look at everything from
23:11 temperance in work, exercise, to even getting to bed at decent
23:14 times so in the morning when I get up, it won't be that I ate
23:17 junk food late at night and so my mind can't connect with God.
23:19 So those decisions are important and then, of course, why did
23:23 Daniel go to the lions' den? It was because of a set time and
23:27 place, three times a day with God. So if I don't prioritize
23:30 that, it's really difficult to grow like I should in my life.
23:33 And God draws me, but he won't force me. A last thing is
23:37 David. You know, in Psalm 101: 2 and 3 David said, I will walk
23:44 within my house with a perfect heart. I will set no wicked
23:46 thing before mine eyes. I hate the work of them that turn
23:49 aside. One blessing Janet gave me when we got married was she
23:52 made me promise that we wouldn't have a TV in our home and we
23:54 don't go around telling every- body that they ought to do that,
23:57 but for me it has been a great blessing because I think I have
24:01 almost an addiction to the stuff that pours into me. I used to
24:03 as a young pastor I talked about being spiritual and all day long
24:06 I'd minister, then I'd go home and watch an hour or two of
24:08 junk on TV before I went to bed. The Bible says that by beholding
24:12 we become changed and if I spend hours dwelling on sin and
24:16 murders and sex and all these things during the week, it
24:20 lessens my taste for spending time with Jesus. Again, I'm not
24:23 telling everybody what they ought to do, but I think reality
24:27 is in this day and age one of Satan's best attacks at us is
24:31 to get us so tied into the... whether it's internet or movies
24:35 or TV or whatever so that we're not having a hunger for Jesus
24:39 and for his word anymore. So I would just challenge anybody
24:42 watching to make some decisions by God's power. He's able to
24:45 work in us to will and to do. He's able to do exceeding
24:48 abundantly above anything we pray, but not to just say, Oh
24:51 I'd like to know Jesus, but then go ahead with the habits that
24:54 drive us away from Him. You know those things that don't
24:56 work together.
24:57 You know, we just have a couple of minutes left. Would you,
25:00 which one of you would like to pray. I would like for you to
25:03 take about a minute and a half and pray for our audience that
25:07 they will come into a closer relationship.
25:11 Thank you so much, Lord, for this precious time we have had
25:14 with Shelley and with all those that have tuned in from home.
25:18 Lord, we are just so thankful that as we prayed and asked
25:21 that you would bring those to watch these programs that you
25:24 did that. We are just praying for their lives right now and
25:27 for their families and their loved ones. God we are so
25:29 thankful that you have a plan for each of us to be with you
25:32 forever, that you'd draw us into an intimate relationship, that
25:35 you want to be with us. Lord, it is so amazing to us that you
25:39 put up with us as we stubble along but
25:42 thank for that love, for that faithfulness
25:43 to us and I'm just praying that you would touch
25:45 their homes, their children, their loved ones and draw them
25:48 to you, dear Lord. Save us all eternally together, we pray
25:51 and thank you that you will work in us both to will and to do of
25:54 your good pleasure, that you are able to do exceeding abundantly
25:58 above anything we could ask or pray or think or dream or hope,
26:01 according to your power that works in us. So we just are
26:05 trusting in you today and lift- ing them up to you and thanking
26:07 you for meeting every one of their needs in Jesus.
26:09 Father I thank you too that you are such a wonderful God, that
26:14 you're a God who pursues us even when we try to run away from
26:18 you. Thank you for your love and I pray Lord for everyone in the
26:21 audience that they will know your love, how much you care
26:25 about them. Father, just minister to their souls.
26:28 Whatever their problem or their trial is in their life, help
26:31 them to surrender it to you, to choose to praise you, to thank
26:35 you for it that you will turn it around for good in their lives.
26:39 Lord, show them just how much you love them and I pray, too,
26:43 Father for their children. Many may have kids that are not
26:46 walking with you. Lord, we pray for those kids wherever they
26:50 are that you will put a hunger and desire in their heart to
26:53 know you, to realize you're com- ing soon and it's time to get
26:56 ready to go home. But Lord make them miserable in their
27:00 living away from you. Help them to see the greatest joy is in
27:04 serving you and loving you and being with you. Bless our
27:08 audience, Father. I pray you will give them a hunger and
27:11 desire to read your word as never before and to experience
27:14 you speaking to them. Thank you Father.
27:16 Lord, just thank you so much for bringing Janet and Jerry
27:20 here today and thank you for everyone who is tuned in. Lord
27:24 may your perfect will, your perfect plan be worked in their
27:28 lives. In Jesus name, Amen. I want to thank you all so much
27:32 for coming. It's been a joy.
27:33 And our joy, thank you.
27:34 Well, thank you so much. For Those of you at home, you know,
27:38 journaling is not for everyone. Some people, if they thought
27:41 they had to journal, they would never pray again. But please
27:44 give it a try because you will be amazed at how it can improve
27:47 your intimacy with the Lord. Now may the grace of our Lord
27:50 Jesus, the love of the Father and the fellowship of the Holy
27:53 Spirit be with you always.


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