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Seeing God Change Lives Through Prayer Pt. 2

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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome again to Issues and
00:33 Answers. You know Jesus said in Matthew 4:4 that man
00:37 shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds
00:40 from the mouth of God. If the word of God is our spiritual
00:45 nutrition, well then prayer is our spiritual breath. This is
00:49 how our soul breathes. Today we are going to be talking about
00:53 does prayer make a difference in our children's
00:56 lives, intercessory prayer. Let me read a scripture in first
01:00 Samuel and this is in chapter 12 verse 23. Samuel is writing
01:06 and he says: "Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I
01:12 should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you. "
01:17 Have you been praying a long time for your children
01:21 and you feel like, Lord, I'm ready to give up? You don't
01:23 seem to be answering. Don't give up, because you are
01:27 sinning against the Lord; its a lack of faith if you give up
01:32 on praying for your children. I am so excited to welcome
01:35 back to our program today Jerry and Janet Page.
01:39 Thank you all so much for coming back.
01:41 It's our joy, thank you.
01:43 Now Jerry you are the president for the Central California
01:47 Conference and that is a weighty position.
01:48 Are you saying I'm overweight... No
01:52 Well no, but I know that you've got a lot of, it's a tremendous
01:57 responsibility to be a conference president.
01:59 It reminds you to pray because you can't do it.
02:01 Amen, Amen. Janet, you're the Women's Ministries director
02:06 and the Prayer Ministries coordinator, right? Right.
02:10 Well, I know that you all have a lot to say about praying for
02:14 children, because we have talked so much in the past, and I just
02:18 want to jump right in this. Do you believe, Jerry, (I know the
02:22 answer to this, but for our audience), do you believe that
02:25 it really makes a difference to pray for our children.
02:27 We've seen it over and over and over again, and all I know to do
02:30 is just pray. People try to say that answered prayer is a
02:33 coincidence, but the more you pray, the more you see God
02:36 in specific, unique ways and we know it's not coincidence. It's
02:39 his hand working in mighty ways. We pray about our work, we
02:43 pray about the conference. We see miracles all the time in a
02:46 selection of people and finances and institutions and all that,
02:50 but nothing matters to my heart and to most parents'
02:54 hearts as much as our own children. I have a son, I have
02:56 two sons, but my youngest son I guess had some of my genes in
03:01 him and was experimenting in those late teen years. He is
03:04 a good kid, he has always been a kid that was going to do
03:06 everything 120 percent, you know. He was vegan early
03:09 on he could ride the most miles in the bikathon, you know and
03:12 then he was going to be a rock climber and get up El Capitan
03:16 earlier than anyone else and all this. It's been his style
03:19 to do everything extreme at least. But he was experimenting.
03:23 We didn't know all that he was doing till later on, but things
03:27 kept popping up, symptoms that kind of worried us and concerned
03:28 us. Then I guess it was after his junior year...
03:33 Now when you say experimenting are you talking about
03:35 experimenting with some of the leisure drugs that they have
03:38 out here or are talking about...
03:40 Well, we don't even know to this day all what he was doing, but
03:41 yeah, he was running with some kids and doing some things
03:44 that worried us and he just wasn't... On the outside it
03:47 looked like he was still going to church and serving God, but
03:49 we know more and more that he was doing some other things
03:54 and you know concerned us, but most of all he didn't seem to
03:56 really have a hunger for the word. He went on some mission
03:59 trips and things, but wasn't really seeming to be thriving
04:03 in God and having a real relationship, which eventually
04:05 leads you away in the end and, as I said in my own testimony.
04:07 You know I was not understanding my relationship with Jesus so
04:11 I got real rebellious all the time. So we were praying for
04:14 him much. Every time we got a chance with people we would
04:17 pray for our sons. We do claim those promises and I love to
04:21 just go into late Isaiah. There are just some beautiful promises
04:23 there that have meant a lot to me through the years.
04:26 You know it says fear not for I am with you, I will bring your
04:29 descendants from the east, I will gather you from the west.
04:31 I will say to the north give them up and to the south don't
04:34 keep them back. In the next chapter, Isaiah 44:3, 4 says
04:38 that he will pour our his Spirit on our descendants and His
04:40 blessing on our offspring. They will spring up like
04:44 like grass and like willows by the watercourses. You know
04:45 Isaiah 49:25- I will contend with him that contends with
04:48 you. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is
04:51 old he won't get away from the training. I will bring it back
04:54 to him. So if it happened in my life and my parents prayed for
04:56 me; but we were praying for Zach. After his junior year, I
05:00 guess, he had a girl come into his life. It was a big explosion
05:03 all of a sudden, one of those things were and they're
05:07 together. She seemed to help him in some areas of
05:10 experimentation, but maybe not in some others.
05:11 We liked her and they went together for about three years,
05:14 but again we didn't see him really thriving in the Lord or
05:17 getting involved in service. He was only going to church
05:20 sporadically so we were concerned to say the least,
05:27 they were going to get married. We liked her and we don't say
05:29 bad things about her, but we just weren't sure it would be a
05:31 good marriage. You know, there were things there that worried
05:34 us. So we thought, well this is one of those things that is
05:36 going to have to happen. You pray, but God doesn't force
05:40 everybody's will on everything, so they would probably get
05:43 married and then maybe have trouble later on, there would
05:45 pain, but we just kept praying for Zach.
05:47 But it was amazing. A couple years ago after a meeting in
05:51 the summer where something happened dramatically right
05:54 after that camp meeting, and they broke up.
05:59 In that experience, we saw the power of God just working to
06:02 free him to give him some new opportunity to do things.
06:05 Within a week or two, after the initial pain that kind of went
06:08 away for him, and he began thinking-Now what do I really
06:10 want to do with my life. He began turning back to God.
06:13 He said, "You know, I would like to be on a youth evangelism
06:16 team. If they could take me, it wouldn't cost any money to spend
06:19 a year out of college and go with them. "
06:20 So we just saw just saw such dramatic changes in Zach.
06:23 He got involved in preaching a series of meetings in Africa
06:27 that next spring and working for young people. Since then he has
06:30 now gone back to college. He is taking theology and just
06:33 in everything he thinks about and does he is hungry for the
06:35 Word. He is preaching and he is interested in working for God.
06:39 We know that is only the beginning of the story.
06:41 We keep praying for the kids all during their lives. Our older
06:44 son has had the same kind of experience along in his life
06:48 and we've seen him and his wife just come into such a
06:49 beautiful ministry for Christ. We know that are an awful lot of
06:53 people who maybe haven't seen their kids come back yet, but
06:55 we can tell stories over and over of people who prayed 30,
06:58 40, 50 years. We have one man in our conference, his mother
07:02 died a year or so ago. She prayed for him for 40-some years
07:05 and he was actually, I think, 70 or so, but right after Mom died
07:08 he came back to Jesus and has gone on mission trips.
07:11 He's a real leader in the conference. So, yes, don't
07:13 give up praying. Because God says when we pray he can do
07:17 things that he can't do if we don't pray. How it all works
07:20 I don't understand but that's what the word says.
07:23 I want to just share a promise with you if you have
07:27 children. You know I am sitting here thinking, your son, you,
07:30 David Ascherick, Steve Wohlberg, so many young men and young
07:34 women who have turned away from the Lord, even turned toward
07:38 drugs. My own sister was drug addict for 15 years, heroin and
07:43 cocaine and it was a serious thing. I prayed every day and
07:47 I would claim two scriptures: Psalm 129 verse 4: The Lord
07:52 righteous. He has cut me free from the cord of the wicked
07:54 that binds me. And I would pray cut her free from the cord of
07:59 the wicked. And then, the second scripture was Acts 26:18:
08:02 that says that He will open their eyes and turn them from
08:06 darkness to light, from the power of Satan to God, that
08:09 they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance
08:13 among those who are sanctified by faith in Jesus
08:16 Christ, and you know what, as I prayed those 15 years I prayed
08:21 for guardian and angels, and would say, Lord send angels
08:23 unaware if that is what it takes to witness to her. You know
08:27 she accepted the Lord, asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
08:31 God delivered her overnight and for 20 years she has been
08:35 totally drug free from the day that she
08:37 surrendered to God. So, you know, when everybody else was
08:41 telling' me, give it up, she's a lost cause, she will never
08:43 after that long, she will never turn back. She did.
08:47 So Janet you've got two sons and one grandbaby, a grandson
08:55 right? What is his name? Daniel.
08:56 Daniel. And he is a little doll.
08:59 Daniel Duke. Ah! He is absolutely adorable.
09:00 The most precious baby in the world.
09:01 The most precious. Yeah. So I know that you are doing a lot of
09:06 intercessory prayer, even now, for your baby boy.
09:08 Yes, well before he was born. One thing I would like to share
09:14 about Jerry and I praying together or to do this with a
09:17 group when you pray together. You get together with a group
09:21 of people and most of us dread the idea of getting together
09:24 to pray, because you are going to pray this long prayer, then
09:27 he will pray this long prayer, and then you get to me and I'm
09:29 asleep by the time you get done, it's so boring. What we found
09:34 really meaningful, and prayer can go on for hours doing this,
09:38 and everybody enjoys it, is we pray in sentence prayers.
09:41 Like I will pray one subject in just a few short sentences and
09:47 then you might come in, or he might come in and agree together
09:49 with what I just prayed and pray it also in a few short
09:52 sentences and then someone... You know it may go as God leads.
09:55 You may pray about that subject again, or start another subject
09:58 like that. It's conversational; you don't have to open and close
10:03 it with Dear God... Amen each time. It's a conversation
10:06 between us with God and the beautiful part is, too, if we
10:12 pray together, and I'll pray everything I can think of so
10:15 that you can pray next, it's like you don't get time for the
10:19 Holy Spirit to impress you how to pray. Whereas if we pray
10:22 conversationally in sentences it gives us a chance to, you know,
10:26 to, Lord what else should I pray about; to let
10:28 God impress you what is on His heart and how he wants you
10:31 to pray. So Jerry and I, the only hobby we have, I guess,
10:37 can we try to walk together, but we spend the whole time
10:43 praying. We pray a lot for our church work in California, for
10:47 our kids, just many things, but we pray back and forth. (That's
10:50 right.) But even I did this when my kids were little and
10:53 they loved it. They can take part in it easier.
10:56 We do it while we are driving. Of course, you keep your
10:57 eyes open.
10:58 Yes. Well, you know, I like that because... you know this
11:01 is one thing... you know you and I are cut from the same
11:02 cloth. We just tell it like it is. It can be boring if you
11:07 get in a group prayer where people are praying long prayers
11:11 and it's 40 minutes and two people have finished
11:13 praying in 40 minutes and it is your turn and you're kind of
11:16 like, Ha! But I love that idea, because I see that you would
11:20 give room for the Holy Spirit to direct.
11:24 Do you remember the first time we met with you here I talked
11:26 about my conversion and how bitterness and resentment had
11:30 really caused a separation between God and me?
11:34 Um, part of what happened was my life was changed and it was
11:36 because of people praying for me that changed me there.
11:40 My older son, he was a young teenager then, came up to me
11:43 after this all started happening and God was moving on my life.
11:46 I started spending time with God every day. I let God take care
11:49 of that bitterness in my life and do what he told me to do
11:52 there. My older son came up to one day and he said "Mom, you've
11:56 changed. " He said, "Will you teach me to know Jesus the way
11:59 you do now. And even my younger boy who was
12:03 was a little bitty guy then came up to me and he said,
12:05 "Mommy, you're so happy now. Will you teach me to spend time
12:08 with Jesus like you do. " And to see that
12:10 in my kids... You know, as parents we see our kids doing
12:16 things that break our hearts and we just know it's wrong.
12:19 It will destroy them, Eventually it is going to cause
12:23 them heartache and pain, and plus we are not sure, you know,
12:25 are they going to go to the kingdom or they even going to
12:26 want to.. So as parents we feel we've got to be sad
12:31 around them and let them know what they've done is wrong.
12:34 What I learned is our kids know what's wrong. We have raised
12:39 them up and by the time they get to that age of
12:41 accountability, you know, and a young adult, they don't need me
12:45 telling' them any more what's right or wrong, because they
12:48 know and the Holy Spirit is fully capable of telling them.
12:50 What they need is for me to show them God's joy. (That's
12:54 good.) (Yeah.) Our kids are so needing to see God's aliveness
12:59 in us and his joy. Why should they want my religion
13:02 if they don't see that I'm a happy Christian?
13:04 It needs to be modeled is what you are saying.
13:06 Yeah, it needs to be that we have that joyful relationship
13:09 with him. My younger boy, he came... actually I was out of
13:12 town when it happened... but he got suspended from school
13:14 for doing something that was... I couldn't believe he did it;
13:19 I was shocked. It was so embarrassing.
13:21 The nut doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it?
13:23 Chuckling
13:24 So when I came back home and he came home, I know he was
13:29 fully expecting me to lecture him for what he'd done and to
13:32 scold him. But I had spent time with God and in that time I
13:36 said, "Lord what is it about me that would cause my son to do
13:39 what he did?" Because I was so shocked at what had
13:43 happened. I tell you, don't ask God that question if you
13:46 don't want to know. Because he really let me know what it
13:49 was that I had done in modeling to this kid that caused him to
13:53 do what he did. You know, I wept before the Lord, it just
13:56 broke my heart. But when my son came home and we met, he
14:00 was wondering what was going to happen and I started to share
14:03 with him. I said, "Zach, I went to God about this situation
14:07 that happened with you at school," and I said, "I asked
14:09 God, 'What was it about me that caused you to do it?' He said,
14:12 'You did?'" I said, "and God told me and Zach I want to ask
14:15 you to forgive me for the bad example I have been to you. "
14:18 I said, "God has forgiven me and I need you to. I want to
14:21 be a right example to you, so that you will know how much
14:24 God loves you and that it is fun to be obedient to him. "
14:27 You know what that did: Instead of causing my son to get angry
14:31 he was fighting back the tears. We cannot go wrong... I can't
14:35 encourage our audience enough. If they have a child that is not
14:38 in the Lord and they are praying for them, they are
14:41 struggling, you know, what to do. It may be they haven't done
14:45 anything wrong, but I would encourage them to spend quality
14:48 time with God, maybe even fasting and asking God, Lord
14:51 is there something about me that has caused my son or
14:55 or daughter to not accept you, to turn away from you, and let
14:58 God talk to them. I don't know how it is with you, but I even
15:01 had it happen this week. I'm reading God's word and just
15:04 enjoying that time with him and God starts speaking. But I
15:07 don't want to hear what he is saying and so I start reading
15:10 louder. I going to just keep reading God's word; I'm going to
15:13 learn stuff here, and I'm avoiding what God is trying to
15:17 say to me, something he wants me to take care of or change
15:20 in my life. Do you do that?
15:22 Uh huh. There has been a time or two, yes. That is why I'm
15:24 I am laughing so heartily.
15:25 You know what I have found, too, Shelley; I even have an
15:27 an experience going on in my life right now with a worker in
15:30 my area. You know, it is hard to apologize, when someone
15:34 else is not reacting well to us. If we spend with the Lord
15:37 usually he can show me some- thing that I haven't done
15:40 enough like Jesus. I haven't loved them like Jesus, I haven't
15:43 treated them according to the golden rule at all the way I
15:47 I should have. So with the kids I think that usually if we spend
15:50 time enough with God, we can find something that we could
15:53 actually ask them to forgive us for. I think it breaks down
15:57 the wall and allows them to begin to bond with us again
16:01 and maybe want to ask forgive- ness of us for some things. I'm
16:04 not talking about being phony and fake with it but I'm just
16:06 saying asking God, "Have I been like Jesus with my children
16:09 or with my coworkers.. It is You know
16:12 it is. It opens the door and it takes down that barrier of "I'm
16:14 better than you. "
16:16 Well, God started leading me when they were young to ask
16:18 their forgiveness. If I got irritated or impatient with
16:21 them, and I would think, well I can't do that because what
16:24 they did was wrong and they'll think it is okay what they did.
16:27 But God said, "No, I don't want my children treated like that. "
16:30 So I started going to them and saying that and saying, "Will
16:33 you forgive me. Jesus doesn't want you treated like that.
16:36 Will you pray for Mommy to be a better Mom. All that has done
16:40 has kept us close. Through every stage in their life, you
16:44 know they want me to pray for them and it kept us close and
16:47 and able to communicate.
16:48 We cannot go wrong in obeying God's word,
16:51 Have you with your own... I know you've got so many
16:54 stories on intercessory prayer about children, but with your
16:58 own children, is there anything that kind of stands out in your
17:01 mind that you were praying for them for something?
17:03 One of the things: I was beside myself, you know. What to for
17:07 Zach, because I wanted so much for him to have a heart for God
17:11 I knew that he loved God and accepted Him there wasn't
17:15 that passion. I started asking God, "What do I need to do
17:19 different and how should I pray?" and God would give me
17:22 scriptures, but the thing that happened one day was, Zach
17:25 pointed out to me was "Mom, I really don't appreciate your
17:29 or Dad's lecture prayers. I'm going, lecture prayers! What is
17:33 is he talking about. Then I realized what he was talking
17:36 about was before we would go out the door in the morning, "Lord,
17:39 help Zach not to tailgate, help Zach not to speed, help Zach
17:43 not to get another ticket, help Zach not to have a car... you
17:45 know, these kinds of things and he was taking it as our
17:49 lecturing him, which maybe it was. I didn't think it about
17:52 it at the time. (Manipulation
17:58 prayers.) I started asking God, how do I pray for him without
18:01 it coming across as a lecture? As I kept asking God about this,
18:03 God said pray prayers of blessing on him. Now I don't
18:07 hear God saying things. It is just impressions. I want to
18:12 stress that because so many people say well I don't hear
18:15 speaking. I'm convinced God's yelling at us and we are not
18:18 listening, he really is and we're not believing
18:22 it's Him. But he said, pray prayers of blessing on him and
18:25 just that. So I started doing that. I started hunting in my
18:28 Bible what I could bless Zach with. Then before he would
18:30 leave or at night before he'd go to bed, I'd start praying
18:33 prayers of blessings on his life and you know what
18:36 happened? This kid, instead of rushing out the door would
18:40 linger at the door waiting for us to pray for him. It made
18:44 such a difference. I don't know if you have read Roger Morneau's
18:46 books, Incredible Answers to Prayer and then he got so much
18:50 response from that he wrote More Incredible... and then a
18:53 third on, When You Need Incredible... But in the
18:55 last chapter of that book he talks about this couple who
18:59 said our son never calls us, he never comes to see us, you
19:02 know, he's an adult, and he doesn't want to have anything
19:06 to do with God and Roger told them, he said, the next time
19:08 your son does call, do not talk about God, do not talk about
19:12 religion, but be happy and ask him about his life. Listen to
19:15 him and talk to him, don't lecture him, don't scold him,
19:17 don't criticize or make digs at him about the way he is living
19:20 his life. Just love him and try to find something about his life
19:28 kid who only called about every six month-I shouldn't say kid,
19:31 he was an adult-started calling more often. Pretty soon he came
19:35 to visit, pretty soon he came back home, pretty he started
19:37 coming back to church and to God.
19:39 Praise the Lord. What is it about it that we think sometimes
19:43 that we are the ones that are in the cleaning up business. We're
19:47 the fishers of men. Jesus is the one who is going to clean
19:51 them up ourselves.
19:52 I so often try to be the Holy Spirit instead of asking the
19:55 the Holy Spirit to give me life for others by praying and
19:58 waiting and trying to figure out how I can be different. I'm a
20:02 fixer so I like to rush out and try to do His work for Him, but
20:05 I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is very able to do it if
20:06 will pray, claim his promises, wait and stay out of it.
20:10 You know, I'm a fixer, too, and I think... That's one thing
20:14 before I married, I prayed so hard and said Lord me a
20:18 scriptural wife and show me what that means to be, and the
20:22 Lord showed me that I couldn't be my husband's god and that had
20:25 to be... You know, I prayed so hard and said, Lord, just
20:28 put a guard at the doorpost of my lips and don't let me speak
20:33 out of turn. Boy! I'll tell what, I sure did bite my inside
20:39 of my cheek a whole lot that first year or two. And the
20:43 Lord showed me that the only time God really allowed me to
20:45 speak the word into my husband's life, other than praying it over
20:52 him, was when J.D. asked me a question and then God gave me
20:55 permission, but other than that every time I would start to say
20:58 now this doesn't agree with the word of God, God would just,
21:02 shush, shut it down. So there is really something to that. I
21:05 have to add this: Did you know that our first year of marriage
21:08 J.D. came home one day and I was all upset trying to do our
21:12 budget and he said, I did not think that was the way the
21:16 system worked. And I said, what do you mean? And he said, well
21:18 you're always running' around here talking about
21:20 walking by faith and not by sight. Now I had never said
21:23 that to him. Now I don't know if he heard me counseling with
21:25 someone over the phone or if it was he just heard me say
21:30 it, but he had seen me model it and now, I mean, I realize that,
21:36 you know the scripture in Peter that says that you witness to
21:38 your husband by your gentle spirit, which is of good value
21:42 to the Lord. I realized that that really was working.
21:46 Hmm. Well, that's good. The other thing, too, is we have a
21:50 lot of prayer partners that have prayed for our son and
21:54 there is something about, as we've talked earlier, united
21:59 prayer. There is a power un- leashed there that we will not
22:03 experience alone and I am so grateful to prayer partners who
22:06 have taken it on to pray for our kids. That is why I love
22:09 Central California because so many have prayed for our family,
22:12 for our kids.
22:13 You got a bunch of praying people out there.
22:15 We do and it isn't us, they were praying when we got there
22:19 and it's like there was an excitement that happened
22:21 they realized that we wanted to pray too. We all started
22:24 joining together praying. But you know, people say California!
22:26 Nothing good comes out of California. I'm telling you,
22:29 we've got some beautiful, praying people there. But it
22:32 gives me a passion now to pray for their kids, to claim God's
22:35 word for them. And you know we met as a prayer group and we've
22:38 prayed I know for this one girl for years and really you know in
22:42 our mind we thought, is anything ever going to happen?
22:47 Dramatically, just nine months or so ago, this girl
22:49 has had a major turn-around. We say her go really getting
22:55 bad. But over and over, if we will keep pressing it to his
22:58 throne, in thanksgiving, in praise, walking by faith. Pray
23:04 in scripture. You can pray all kinds of scriptures
23:05 into people's lives.
23:06 I don't know if you have heard of Virginia Collins?
23:09 She's a prayer warrior down in Florida. She prays for us. She
23:12 is praying right now for our audience, but she
23:15 has taught me to take Genesis, take the story of Joseph, take
23:18 Daniel, pray those in your kids lives. I have a son that is
23:22 starting law school this fall. He's fought it for several
23:26 years to do it, but he feels like God is compelling him to go
23:29 the law school, and it's a whole matter of prayer. But I'm
23:33 taking the book of Daniel and praying the book of Daniel into
23:36 his life.
23:38 Just to reemphasize though some- thing Janet has been saying,
23:40 she does this so much better than I do, but asking God what
23:43 is it you want me to pray about and letting him indict the
23:46 prayers out of us. In Romans 8:26, Shelley, it says,
23:49 "Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.
23:51 For we do not know what we should pray for
23:53 as we ought, but the Spirit Himself
23:55 makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be
23:58 uttered. " I have always thought well then the Holy Spirit is
24:00 praying for me. But Jesus is praying for me and really
24:05 He does do that at times, but I like what Ellen White says
24:08 commenting on that. She says, "We must not only pray in
24:10 Christ's name, but in the inspi- ration of the Holy Spirit. This
24:13 explains what is meant when it is said that the Spirit makes
24:16 intercession for us with groan- ings. Such prayer God delights
24:21 to answer. When with earnest- ness and intensity we breathe a
24:23 prayer in the name of Christ, there is in that very intensity
24:26 a pledge that God is about to perform mighty things
24:30 exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think.
24:32 So I think God knows what he is doing. We need to join him in
24:36 his work and we need to say, God, what are you doing?
24:38 How can I pray and help some way in the great controversy
24:40 with what you need to do what you plan to do, instead of just
24:44 here's what I want, God.
24:45 You know, what you just said reminds me of the scripture
24:49 that talks about Jesus only spoke what the Father wanted Him
24:52 to speak, he said he only did what the Father wanted him to
24:56 do. So Jesus when he was praying he was looking for what God was
24:59 was doing and saying Lord join me to your work, show me how I
25:02 can be a benefit of this. So many times, what we are doing is
25:06 we are trying to direct God and tell him this is what we want
25:10 done when God's got a better plan.
25:11 The neat thing in Zach's life, we were praying for him so much
25:14 but come to find out for a year he had been praying every
25:17 morning, Lord, you know I am a loyal person. I'm not going to
25:19 break up with this girl. I'm probably going to marry her.
25:22 If you don't want that, you break us up.
25:24 So for a year every morning he had been praying what we
25:27 thought was beyond reach. It was God that indicted that out of
25:30 him. The other thing he had been doing is every morning he would
25:33 read 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. He would read that
25:36 every day when he suddenly realized months later he had it
25:40 memorized. But it changed his life..
25:42 Ah, that's beautiful, beautiful.
25:43 The word. One of things he says is Mom, sometimes when I read
25:47 God's word, I don't feel like I'm getting a lot out of it.
25:49 He says but I have such a peace come over me and such a sense of
25:53 God's love when I read his word.
25:54 That's wonderful. We've got about a minute left in this
25:58 program. What would you tell a parent out there who doesn't
26:02 know how to pray for their children? Where do they start?
26:06 With God. To pray and ask God, how do I pray for my child.
26:10 Lord is there anything about my life that you want to change
26:15 or that I need to ask forgiveness for with my kid.
26:17 And ask God what scriptures...
26:18 Lord, how do I pray scriptures into his
26:21 life. But go to God. Start there..
26:25 And just do it. I think, you know, the danger of these
26:28 these programs is that we might think that we got to do
26:31 everything a certain way. The important thing is to call on
26:33 the name of the Lord and he will answer and show you great and
26:35 mighty things you know.
26:36 Exactly, and that's what it's all about, is calling on the
26:39 name of the Lord. I can't believe how rapidly our time
26:42 passes. When you are here it just seems like we sit down
26:45 and the next thing I know I look at the clock and it's
26:48 already gone. Janet, thank you so much for what you shared
26:53 today and Jerry, you too. You will come back?.
26:57 All right. Thank you all so much. Here is a scripture that
27:00 I want to share with you to pray for your children. It's
27:02 something that I often pray for those I love and it comes from
27:06 Zechariah chapter two and verse five.
27:09 God says that he will be a wall of fire around us, well let me
27:14 read it. "For I,' says the Lord, 'will be a wall of fire round
27:19 about and I will be the glory in the midst of her. "
27:22 Pray that God will be a wall of fire around your children.
27:26 Pray that he will be the glory in their midst, so that they
27:30 will learn to reflect the character of God. That is a
27:33 wonderful thing to pray for your children. You can't go wrong
27:36 there. We prayed for you that this program will be something
27:40 that you put into practice.
27:41 Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the
27:45 Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you
27:49 throughout the rest of this day, the rest of this week, the rest
27:53 rest of your life. Thank you.


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