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The Life Changing Power Of Praise

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00:28 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn, and welcome again to Issues and
00:32 Answers. Today we are going to be talking about the life
00:37 changing power of praise. You know, I know that David knew
00:42 about this. He wrote in Psalm 100:4 about coming
00:46 before the Lord, He said, Enter his gates with thanksgiving
00:51 in your heart and enter his courts with praise. This is
00:55 something that... Did you know that we were actually formed
00:59 and fashioned to praise the Lord. Now does God need our
01:04 praises? I don't think so. Does praise change God? I don't
01:09 believe so. But praise changes us. We have returning with us
01:14 today Jerry and Janet Page from the Central California
01:16 Conference. Janet, I am so glad you're back. You know what?
01:21 You do a lot of work for the Central California Conference.
01:25 You are the Prayer Ministries Coordinator, you're the director
01:28 of Women's Ministries. You're also the wife of the conference
01:32 president, Jerry. Yeah, that's her hardest job, I
01:34 can tell you. I'll bet that's true. But not
01:38 that being married to you, Jerry, would be difficult, but
01:42 that there are so many demands that are made on the conference
01:46 president's wife, I know. Do you ever feel like you're in
01:51 a fish bowl? Not really. No, that's good, because I've
01:55 heard some people say that they feel that when they get into
01:58 that kind of ministry that they feel like people are always
02:01 watching them. But you don't feel that way?
02:03 Actually, I find people are always loving us. God has just
02:08 so gifted us. We're in California right now, central
02:11 California and I tell you it makes me start to cry when I
02:15 think about the people are so loving and so good. The same way
02:20 in Pennsylvania. God's people are incredible. You know, we
02:24 wouldn't want to be doing this work without the support, the
02:29 prayer support we get. As I shared on an earlier show about
02:33 the people in Pennsylvania praying for me changed my life,
02:36 praying for the Holy Spirit to be in my life and I'm so
02:39 grateful for those people. I don't even know who they are
02:43 anymore, but I'm so thankful for them. The same way now in
02:48 Central. That's wonderful. Like going to California: I did not
02:52 want to move there. I was afraid of going to California. I loved
02:56 Pennsylvania, I loved the people and yet God knew what he was
03:01 doing as he always does. I learned right away after moving
03:04 there, there were so many people praying, prayer groups every
03:08 where. Those people pray for us. There's no way Jerry or I could
03:12 keep up the schedule we do if it weren't for those praying people
03:16 so I dearly am thankful for our people.
03:18 Glory to God! And that is a true statement. Now we're going
03:23 to be talking today about praise and how praise can change
03:27 your life and fill you to overflowing with joy.
03:31 Jerry, do you have an experience that you would like to share
03:35 with us about praise?
03:37 Yeah, my wife Janet has gone through such an experience with
03:39 praise and seeing a changed life. She'll share a little I
03:43 think, but she's really good at praise because God gives us
03:47 trials so we will learn to praise in trials and I'm
03:48 probably a big trial to her so that helps her get through that.
03:51 You know, I have so much coming at me as a leader in the church
03:54 obviously and these prayer partners do provide so much
03:57 support for me and I just praise God for that. Not long ago...
04:01 Do you know what a perfect storm is? How would you define a
04:04 perfect storm? Some would define it a several storms converging
04:07 on the same point at one time and creating havoc and others
04:10 would say the perfect storm is the one that never comes.
04:13 In the beginning of the school year recently at our academy,
04:17 which is a secondary boarding school right on Monterey Bay,
04:20 a beautiful place, but things had been going pretty well. We'd
04:23 seen God do wonderful miracles in answer to prayer over several
04:26 years. A big debt was paid off and everything. Beginning this
04:29 year everything started going wrong. The principal who'd
04:31 been there a number of year and who everybody liked said he was
04:35 leaving because of health problems. So we had to start
04:36 looking for a new leader. Then the laundry, which takes in a
04:40 lot of clients and is one of the work options for our students,
04:45 had problems. The hospitals weren't paying their bills and
04:48 they had to cut their clients. So our budget was in big trouble
04:50 then because our laundry didn't have the work that it needed
04:53 etc., etc., and it goes on down the list through the year.
04:56 all kinds of things began to happen. The students began to
04:59 get grumbly and we had to make plans for the next year to cut
05:03 several staff members and that's a very bad thing for morale.
05:06 On it went; finally one of the staff there had an affair
05:10 and they were very loved and they had to leave and it was
05:14 a big mess. So there were just a lot of morale problems, a lot
05:16 of financial things. Everybody was just saying, What's
05:18 happening to this school? A law suit that had been filed on
05:21 something that supposedly happened 20 years ago came
05:24 out in the papers with all kinds of bad PR and what kind of a
05:28 weird place was this school and all this. So we had a lot of
05:31 people praying. We were wondering why all these storms
05:33 were hitting us at the school at one time. I can tell you, we
05:37 were praying. It was in my mind a lot, but we weren't seeing God
05:40 answer right away. We searched for a principal and we weren't
05:44 getting one. The laundry was struggling to find some new
05:47 clients and all of this. Then I had to alumni weekend; they
05:50 wanted me to come and say a few words. Well, I didn't want to be
05:52 there, Shelley. I wanted to be anywhere else because I really
05:55 didn't have anything to say. We weren't seeing any answers
05:58 yet. I remember one morning that week I got up again and
06:01 determined to spend time with God. But lately so much of my
06:05 time had been with all the problems of my work just
06:07 flooding in and I wasn't able to really focus on God in the way
06:10 I wanted. It was always what am I going to do today and all
06:12 these problems; what's going to happen? That morning as I just
06:15 fell before the Lord, I said, God, I do not want to think
06:17 about Monterey Bay Academy today, I don't want to think
06:20 about any of the trials, I don't want to think about my work.
06:23 I just want to know you, I just want to praise you, I just want
06:26 to think about you. Sometimes in my worship I sing and I do
06:29 it quietly because I don't want anybody to know. I have
06:31 different books I use, different song books, and that morning
06:34 I'd determined I was just going to sing praises and as God to
06:37 change my spirit and my attitude and focus on him. I opened up
06:41 a hymnal and this song which I've sung in the past but it's
06:44 not one that goes through my mind a lot opened up right to
06:47 this and it was Be Still My Soul. As I began to read the
06:50 words I realized that God was talking to me. Be still my soul,
06:54 the Lord is on your side. Bear patiently the cross of grief or
06:58 pain. Leave to your God to order and provide. In every
07:03 change he faithful will remain. Be still my soul, your best
07:07 your heavenly friend through thorny ways leads to a joyful
07:11 end. It goes on and the next verse talks about him guiding
07:14 us in the future as he has in the past, etc., and that he
07:17 calms the storms now just like he did in the past. When I got
07:20 done reading that I just had tears in my eyes because I knew
07:23 that while I had asked to not think about Monterey Bay, God
07:26 was telling me, I'm going to take care of it. I'm going to
07:29 be there for you. I'm going to provide, I'm going to lead to a
07:32 joyful end. I'm going to calm the storm. So by the time I
07:35 went that weekend to speak at alumni weekend, I didn't have
07:39 an answer at all to say to encourage but I had an encounter
07:43 with God in my own time, my own praise time, my prayer time
07:47 and so I could go and just praise him. I said, Folks I
07:49 don't know for sure how he's going to answer, but he's told
07:51 me that he's going to. And I told them this experience.
07:53 In sharing that, joy came in and they began to trust and they
07:57 were praying and it encouraged. I could tell you all the
08:00 answers. We got a wonderful new principal. It was late, later
08:03 that we would have liked, but it was just the one we needed.
08:06 The laundry has gotten more business now and pumping more
08:09 poundage than ever before. We've got a new staff member
08:11 to replace the one that had an affair. It's been wonderful
08:14 some of the changes that have happened to the school have
08:16 actually been for the positive. So we've seen wonderful things
08:19 happen. The next August, we thought we were going to be
08:21 down in enrollment which would hurt budget and, you know, it
08:24 was a problem. But you know the day after registration the next
08:27 fall we were up by one over the previous year. So anyway
08:30 we could tell you over the last couple of years what has
08:32 happened, but the point is when we go to God and we determine
08:35 to just praise him, focus on him, then he speaks back to us
08:39 and his power, I believe, is unleashed in the great
08:41 controversy in ways that if we're just whining and fussing
08:44 and worrying it doesn't seem to come through. So I praise
08:47 him. I want to praise him all the time in my life, whatever
08:50 is coming at me. The perfect storm is the one that Jesus is
08:54 there with me in. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says,
08:58 Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you
09:02 in Christ Jesus. So like the disciples I just need to realize
09:06 that in the storm he is there in the boat with me.
09:08 Absolutely, all the time. That reminds me of Isaiah 43 where
09:13 he talks about I know you, I've called you by your name, you
09:17 are mine. When you walk through the waters they will not
09:20 overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire you will not
09:23 be scorched or burned for I am with you. You know, we just
09:27 have to remember that God is with us always. He is an ever
09:31 present help in times of trouble.
09:33 And the beautiful thing about that promise in Isaiah 43 is
09:36 that was sent to the captives in Babylon before they hit the
09:39 the fiery furnace experience, remember? So I'll walk through
09:41 the fire with you. Amen and boy he did.
09:43 Now Janet when it comes to praise, I know you've got a
09:47 lot to say because the Lord has really... You and I have shared
09:52 before and I know some of your experiences. Tells us what a
09:56 difference praise made in your personal life.
10:00 When I was first realizing that it was important, I remember
10:03 one time we talked about a little bit and I had a friend
10:07 come up afterwards saying, You know, really what is the big
10:11 deal? Why do I need to waste time praising and adoring God?
10:14 God knows I love him. Why not just get down to that laundry
10:18 list, those wants and needs and be done with it? At the
10:21 time I didn't have an answer for her. But as I prayed about
10:24 it and thought about it what came back to mind was the first
10:27 year Jerry and I were married. We'd been married probably
10:30 seven or eight months and I was busy putting the laundry away
10:34 one Sunday and Jerry came up to me and said, Janet, can't
10:37 you tell me once in a while that you love me. And I looked
10:39 at him and I said, What do you mean, love you? He said, Well
10:42 I need to hear once in a while that you love me. I said, Hey,
10:45 I married you didn't I. Of course, I love you. You should
10:48 know that. And I go putting my laundry away and he followed
10:51 me and he said, but I need to hear nice things about myself
10:54 I need to hear that you love me. Poor sick man.
10:57 I'm on his side, I think it's very important to share that.
11:00 So I kept putting my laundry away and he wouldn't leave me
11:04 alone about it. As I started thinking about and I started
11:07 reading some of these books on marriage and found it really
11:10 can be important to your mate that you tell them that you
11:13 love them and tell them nice things. So I started trying to
11:16 do that. It wasn't easy at first but as I did it, you know what
11:20 happened? As much as I love Jerry my love for him just grew
11:24 and increased. I came to realize this really is a great guy as
11:27 I focused on how much I loved him and nice things about him.
11:30 That's what I remembered as I thought about that. That's why
11:33 I need to praise God, take time to praise and adore him
11:37 to worship him. It's not for God; not that he has some big
11:40 ego that needs to be stroked, but it's for my benefit.
11:42 Because as I focus on him and do that I come out of that time
11:46 realizing he really loves me and he's doing all that heaven
11:50 can do to bless my life. It's interesting this scripture
11:56 that we began the program with: Psalm 100:4 Enter his gates with
12:01 thanksgiving. Well thanksgiving is talking about your thanking
12:04 him for the things he has done. It helps you to bring into
12:08 remembrance the greatness of God and how good he's been in your
12:12 life. But then you enter his courts with praise. Now that's
12:15 when you're focusing on the character of God. It builds my
12:19 faith because as I begin to praise God for all that he is
12:23 and who he is and you get into the... You know one of the
12:27 things I did to learn how to praise was I would take a
12:31 Psalm and read and put it in my own words to praise him back.
12:35 But it changes you when you come before him, instead of
12:42 coming like, Oh Lord do you think you could help me or can
12:43 you help me, are you able to do this Lord. I know your word
12:46 says it. Instead you come before and you think, Lord, nothing's
12:50 impossible for you. It builds your faith. Absolutely.
12:56 But years ago, it's quite a few years ago now, I was previously
13:01 married and my first husband was a pastor and we hadn't been
13:04 out of school very long; in fact we had actually just gotten
13:08 into our first district, we'd been there 2-1/2 months when
13:12 he died in a swimming pool accident.
13:14 Now did you have a child?
13:16 Yes, I had a little boy; he was two years old at the time.
13:20 That's something you think might happen to you or to somebody
13:25 else but was not a part of my life plan. We just got through
13:29 with school, we're going to serve the Lord together in
13:31 ministry and I knew this wasn't going to happen. In fact, I was
13:35 praying over him at the pool there that God would raise him
13:37 up because I knew God could raise him up. But in the
13:42 emergency room when the doctor came out and said there's
13:44 nothing we can do, the first things that came into my mind
13:47 was a verse I couldn't at that time even tell you where it was
13:51 but I hear it a lot now and it was rejoice always, rejoice
13:56 always, that all things work together for good. In Romans
14:01 8:28 All things work together for good. I just started saying
14:04 that out loud. All things work together for good. I'm very
14:09 grateful because I don't know if it was a year before or six or
14:12 seven months or so, my husband and I had attended a seminar
14:16 where they taught us how important it is to rejoice, to
14:20 thank God in everything, to surrender our lives to him. Not
14:23 that God wants to hurt us or wants death or illness or
14:28 whatever. God does not. But we are in a great controversy that
14:32 I don't understand, but I know that my God is in control and
14:37 if he allows something in my life, to surrender it to him.
14:42 I heard an expression once that said don't miss out on the
14:46 blessings by thanking God for only the things you consider
14:49 blessings. Because a lot of times the things that I don't
14:53 think are blessings at the time later I realize in one way or
14:57 another they are. Some things I don't think I'll know
14:59 till heaven that they were a blessing.
15:01 You know, I'm thinking when you were using that Roman's 8:28
15:05 says that, All things work together for good for those who
15:08 love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.
15:11 Now you might say how could God work this out for her good?
15:14 She has just got a 2-year-old son and her husband has been
15:18 killed in an accident in a swimming pool. But you can't
15:21 separate Romans 8:28 from Romans 8:29 because Romans 8:29
15:27 is the continuation and it says, Because those God foreknew he
15:31 predestined to be conformed to the image of his son. So God
15:36 takes all things, no matter how bad they are in our life, and he
15:41 works them out for our eternal benefit by shaping our character
15:46 and making us a little more like Jesus Christ.
15:49 So what was your experience then?
15:53 Well I started thanking God for Mike. I started thanking him
15:57 for the years we'd had together, the fun times, people we'd seen
16:00 won to the Lord. I just started thanking God for all, the little
16:04 boy by him, just everything I could think of and just started
16:07 saying, God, you're in control. I don't understand this, but I
16:10 choose to surrender it to you. Did you grieve though?
16:14 Yes, you know I did, but I don't know that that I did like
16:20 sometimes people do. May I ask you this question
16:24 real quick? You know, sometimes when we are grieving, we're
16:28 grieving our loss. So the fact that you knew and were trusting
16:33 in God and rejoicing and had this, perhaps do you think it
16:37 might have helped you in that you weren't... it wasn't like
16:43 okay my life's just one big uncertainty, what's going to
16:45 happen to us now? You knew that God had a plan for your life.
16:48 Did this help you grieve, not as the world grieves just knowing
16:52 that God was going to carry you forward?
16:54 It did as I focused on God, but we had a memorial service for
17:00 him that was a time of rejoicing because we have a blessed hope.
17:03 Jesus is coming again to take us home so we had something to
17:05 rejoice about. I'm not saying that it's not okay to weep or
17:09 cry because I did do that and it is okay. Jesus cries with us.
17:14 But the more I stayed focused on God and his power and praising
17:19 him, it just brought a healing grace into my life. I saw God
17:23 do so many miracles during that time; literally holding me one
17:26 night, the first night, because I couldn't sleep and the
17:29 horrible scene would come back. I said, God I've got to sleep.
17:31 I just felt suddenly like I was being held and I just slept so
17:35 soundly all night. But 10 days later after everything was done,
17:40 my family tried to help me pack up but then they had to get
17:43 back to their jobs. Well I had one place left to pack up and
17:46 that was a garage where we had things in storage and things
17:48 were all pulled out. I was in the garage with my little guy
17:52 trying to pack up and suddenly I'm just missing my husband
17:55 terribly because it was all his things. I started crying out to
17:58 God, Why God, why? Why did you let him die? We were just
18:01 starting a ministry together. I've got a little boy. How am I
18:04 going to raise him without his daddy? Just all day long I kept
18:07 saying why God, why? Of course, I'm crying. That morning before
18:13 going though I'd been reading a devotional book; I'd been
18:16 reading my Bible then I opened up this devotional book and was
18:18 reading it. In fact, the day after he died I had this urge,
18:21 impression to pick it up and read it and I didn't do it.
18:24 I kept thinking I don't want to read, you know, I want to talk
18:26 about my husband and I didn't. But 10 days later I started
18:30 reading it that morning and it was July 14. As I read it, it
18:34 was so good I kept reading several pages but then I knew
18:38 I had to get over and pack up this garage because the mover
18:40 was coming. So I turned it upside-down, I turned it like
18:44 this to come back to it later because I wanted to read it.
18:48 In the garage, I'm crying, I'm just so miserable about my
18:53 husband dying. By the time I got back to our place my little
18:56 boy was asleep. We'd eaten somewhere else and I put him
18:58 into bed. I went and flopped down across my bed and I just
19:01 started sobbing and crying. I just was beside myself with
19:05 grief. I had this urge, this impression to pick up that
19:08 devotional book and read it. I was thinking I don't want to
19:11 read, I want to cry, I'm miserable. Of course, I'm not
19:14 realizing God's telling me to do this because at that time
19:16 I didn't realize God would impress me. But this urge just
19:20 would not leave me alone. Pick it up and read it. Finally
19:22 I thought you know I'm kind of cried out, this is getting
19:24 boring crying. I might as well get up and read it. Now I'm
19:27 the kind of person who notices if my things are touched.
19:29 Amen! I can give witness to that.
19:31 Maybe it's because I'm almost an only child. I had an older
19:34 brother. But I turned it over to read where I'd left it and it
19:37 was no longer where I left it at July 18 and 19. I thought,
19:40 who's touched my book? But I knew nobody had been in there.
19:44 It was now at July 4 and 5. Now 10 days before I'd had this
19:48 urge to read it and it July 4 and I hadn't done it not
19:52 realizing it was God telling me to. But my eyes fell on July 4
19:55 and the title was Jesus Cares. On down it says, God your
19:59 heavenly Father will be your husband at hand to counsel, to
20:02 direct and comfort as you need. I thought, Whoa, why is this
20:06 written because this particular devotional book is called
20:08 This Day With God. It would tell why it was written and it says
20:12 at the bottom Letter 42, July 2, 1875. It was written to a sister
20:17 who had recently lost her husband. I'm going, How, how
20:22 did God do this because I knew he was speaking to me. On down
20:26 it says he does not want to hurt you and it quotes Lamentations
20:31 3:33 that he does not willingly afflict or grieve the children
20:34 of men. But then on down it says, Cling to his hand and hold
20:37 fast. He will take you and your children, all your grief's and
20:40 burdens if you will only cast them on him. I don't know how
20:43 he did it, you know; zap the page, have an angel turn it
20:46 there. I don't know how, but I know God did that, put it on
20:49 that page because he knew I needed it. He tells me there
20:52 he's going to be my husband, so I started taking that to God.
20:54 I said, you're going to be my husband? How are you going to
20:57 do this? That's the other beautiful thing about God's
20:59 word. I don't know how it is for you, but as I study God's
21:02 word something new will hit me. You know, you read something
21:05 you may have read 100 times before but suddenly it speaks
21:09 to you right when you need it. What I started noticing was God
21:12 will be my husband, he will be a father to my son and he will
21:16 take care of us. There are several scriptures, but the one
21:18 I love best is in Isaiah 54 where it says, Remember no more
21:23 the reproach of your widowhood for God is your husband.
21:25 God just over and over started showing me that. I don't know
21:29 if I have time to share those.
21:30 Sure share some. We've got about six minutes.
21:34 Well, I mean, so many things happened, but like one: My
21:38 parents moved into a house nine months before. They were going
21:40 to build a 2-bedroom but they just had this urge, build a
21:43 4- bedroom and they didn't know why and they did. They were
21:45 embarrassed to tell anybody because they thought it was
21:46 poor stewardship, but they built a 4-bedroom. Nine months later
21:49 they knew why. Because it gave my son and myself our own
21:52 bedrooms, dad to have a study and my mother and dad to have
21:56 their room. God knows before we even know we have a problem.
22:01 He's already working on the solution for it. If I would just
22:06 realize this more not to worry and fret over things because
22:09 he's already working out what he wants to have happen.
22:12 But one time after I had moved with my parents in their place
22:16 and had been there a few months, my little boy and I went on a
22:18 trip to see some family down south, we were living up in
22:22 the northeast, and I had put in a thermos that morning some
22:26 cereal with hot water with raisins. By supper time it would
22:29 be this chewy cereal my little guy liked. So by the time I got
22:32 to the motel it was late and he's racing around the room,
22:34 Mommy I want to eat, I want to eat. So I took the thermos,
22:36 you know, I'm tired and I'm hungry and I tried to open it
22:39 and I couldn't get it open and so a sat down on the bed, I put
22:43 it between my legs and went like this to get it open. I could not
22:46 get it open. Well I was rather upset and I looked up towards
22:49 heaven and in my mind I prayed, If my husband were here he was
22:53 big and strong, he could open this. You know, what are you
22:55 going to do? You're my husband now, you know, you tell me that.
22:57 Right then somebody started coming in the motel door.
23:01 Of course, I was scared and I ran to try to keep them out.
23:03 They were already in before I could get there. It was a man
23:06 with a key in the door knob. He jumped back and said, Lady, I'm
23:11 sorry this is a mistake. Don't you worry though; you're safe.
23:14 There were two teenagers behind him with suit cases. I said,
23:17 Okay and I shut the door then and I leaned against the door
23:20 because the adrenaline was just draining out of me. I was crampy
23:22 you know, I was, Huh, leaning against this door when this
23:25 urge comes over me, this impression, get him to open
23:28 your thermos. I went, I can't do that, I'm shy. No! Get him to
23:32 open your thermos. So I opened the door and I said, Mister,
23:34 will you wait a minute. Of course he was wondering what
23:36 does this crazy woman want. I grabbed the thermos, I took it
23:38 out to him and I said, I can't open this. Could you open it
23:40 for me please. One quick turn and he had it open.
23:43 Isn't God wonderful Amen.
23:44 God's got a sense of humor, he's incredible. And it's just
23:47 story after story like that of what he's done in my life and
23:51 what I've gotten to see him do in other women's lives as they
23:54 call on God to be their husband and they choose to praise him
23:57 and thank him for the circumstance.
23:59 Do you find that sometimes, and particularly I'll use my sister
24:04 as an example; she was a drug addict for 15 years and God
24:08 delivered her literally over night. But she can call me
24:12 sometimes and if she gets her eyes off the Lord, and I have
24:16 her permission to say this, because I love my sister dearly,
24:20 but when she's strong in the Lord she's incredible. When she
24:24 is not strong in the Lord she's a drama queen. You know, she's
24:28 one of these that's very emotional. So she'll call me
24:33 sometimes and she'll just be whining and going on and I can't
24:37 get a word in edgewise. So after you listen for 45 minutes or
24:41 something, I'll say, You need to go praise the Lord and call me
24:45 back and we'll pray. It's so true. Because there's no use
24:48 even praying with her because if you pray with her when she's
24:51 in that mood, it's just like she listens while you're praying
24:54 and the second you stop she just starts up again with complaining
24:59 So she'll say, All right, I know I do and she'll go listen to
25:03 praise music and praise the Lord, sing some songs. She'll
25:06 call me back in 30 minutes or 45 minutes and she's a totally
25:10 different person. She's got her eyes on the Lord and she's ready
25:14 to pray for me. That's true for me if I get my
25:18 my eyes focused off of God... It's like, I heard a saying
25:21 once that said, Stop telling God how big your storms are
25:25 and start telling your storms how big your God is. And it's so
25:30 true. But I've had a woman whose husband was trying to abandon
25:35 her. She needed a car. Her car broke down and she was trying
25:38 to limp it home. It broke down in some city where she knew
25:42 nobody. She went to use the phone and had the car lot guy
25:45 give her a car because he can tell she's got a problem. He
25:48 said, Lady you need to get home. You take these keys and you go
25:50 home. She said, Mister, you don't know me. He said, but I
25:52 know you've got a problem. But that was her husband
25:55 her Father in heaven. Glory to God.
25:58 So if you were going to tell in a nutshell somebody who may
26:03 be watching or listening to us today what they need to do if
26:08 they're feeling discouraged or down, how do they start praising
26:12 Take the Psalms the way I do because I have to force myself
26:17 because I'm so hurting I don't have the words.
26:19 Take the Psalms and start praising using those to praise
26:21 God with like David did in the Psalms.
26:25 Amen. Well I'm so glad that we're talking about this because
26:30 I think this is something that...
26:31 Can I interrupt? The other thing is the book and I hate to keep
26:34 talking about this, but I can't help it. "Exalting God's Word. "
26:37 Exalting his word. Exalting his word. Amen. You take that
26:40 book, the "Life Affirmations," set up and use those to praise
26:43 God with. It's incredible what it does.
26:45 What we both do too sometimes is take our own journal and we
26:48 write down the things we're most troubled by, discouraged,
26:52 by, afraid of. Write them down with a promise and a praise and
26:55 say thank you that you're going to take this terrible thing
26:57 coming at me and you're going to turn it for good because the
27:00 devil means it for harm but you mean it for good. When you write
27:02 those things down, by the time you get done your attitude is
27:05 changed because you know God's going to take care of it and it
27:07 just changes you as a person.
27:08 There's something about writing it down that makes such a
27:11 difference. I can't believe we're already
27:13 all out of time. This has been wonderful. Thank you all so
27:17 much for coming back and we want you to come back some more.
27:21 For those of you at home, I pray that you will take this
27:26 seriously and whatever problem you are having just go and say
27:29 Lord thank you that you see a potential in me and you're
27:33 allowing this to kind of polish me up a little bit. Praise him
27:37 even in the midst, you don't have to praise him for the
27:40 problem but praise him in the midst of your problems and
27:42 you'll find out that he can do anything.
27:45 Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the
27:49 Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:51 be with you today and always. Thank you.


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