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Power Of Prayer Pt. 3

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Participants: Shelley Quinn (Host), Pavel Goia


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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:31 And welcome again to "Issues and Answers".
00:34 Today, we're gonna be talking about prayer,
00:36 something that is so important
00:37 because this is the way that we communicate with God.
00:40 I want to share a scripture with you
00:42 that you may wonder what this has to do
00:45 with probe that you'll soon see.
00:47 It comes from Hebrews Chapter 12.
00:49 I'm gonna read verses 1 and 2.
00:51 And the Bible says, "Therefore,
00:53 since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses."
00:56 This is following the faith Chapter of Hebrews 11
00:59 talking about those who walked by faith.
01:01 It says, "Let us strip off
01:05 and throw aside every encumbrance and every sin
01:08 which so readily clings to us and entangles us.
01:12 Let us run with patient endurance
01:15 that appointed course of the race that is set before us.
01:19 Looking unto Jesus,
01:20 the author and finisher of faith."
01:23 And that's what this whole life is all about,
01:27 is learning to run the race of faith,
01:30 keeping our eyes focused on Jesus
01:32 and throwing off that sin that easily entangles us.
01:36 I hope that you've had the opportunity
01:38 to see our guest before.
01:42 His returning today, his name is Pastor Pavel Goia
01:46 and he is from Janesville, Wisconsin District,
01:49 where he pastors three churches.
01:51 Pavel, we're so glad to have you back.
01:54 Thank you for inviting me.
01:55 You know, we could probably do hundred programs
01:58 and never run out of the stories
02:00 that you have to tell us about prayer.
02:02 It's just amazing to me
02:04 how God has led you in your life
02:07 and taught you to be such a man of faith in prayer.
02:09 And you've seen many miracles in your life.
02:12 God is wonderful. He is wonderful indeed.
02:15 So we are talking about the-- I want to say problems
02:21 'cause it is a problem in the way
02:22 some of this approach the Lord.
02:24 And we have already talked about,
02:27 sometimes what we do is we go to God
02:30 and ask Him to do for us what He wants us to do,
02:33 what He will empower us to do.
02:35 Like, we say, "Lord, feed the poor."
02:38 And God is saying, "You get out and help feed the poor.
02:41 Pray for laborers in the field."
02:43 We've also talked about focusing on problems
02:46 instead of focusing on promises.
02:49 We've talked about putting the focus on ourselves.
02:53 In other words, we go to God
02:54 and it's all about us
02:56 when that's just the reverse of what it should be.
02:59 It should be all about Him saying, "Lord, what--
03:03 You do Your will for the glory of Your name.
03:05 Whatever will glorify Your name."
03:07 So we're going to continue today
03:09 and talk about some more of the problems
03:12 how people are approaching prayer
03:14 with a wrong attitude.
03:16 What's another one you want to share with us?
03:18 Yes. Excuse me.
03:22 Very often people struggle
03:25 with the same scene again and again and again.
03:28 Sin is a big issue in our lives.
03:31 And people love and hate sin in the same time
03:36 and people want to change and they don't have power
03:39 and they go back with the same sin
03:41 and they ask forgiveness and then they do it again
03:43 and then they feel bad to ask for forgiveness again
03:45 because they know they're gonna do it again.
03:47 And it seems that they never actually
03:49 have the power to overcome sin.
03:52 So people come and ask, how can we overcome sin?
03:55 And I was praying for this very subject for a long time.
03:59 And in this prayer seminar, God showed me
04:01 some that I never, never observed before,
04:04 never noticed and just gave me joy.
04:07 Actually, I could say, it seems
04:10 that the God started to show me how to overcome sin,
04:14 how to gain victory over sin.
04:16 Oh, I know that everyone
04:17 who is listening to your voice right now
04:19 wants to hear that answer.
04:21 And I'm gonna first name it
04:24 and then eventually give a story about it.
04:25 Okay.
04:28 It seems that when we pray for forgiveness and for change,
04:35 we pray again and again and again and again
04:37 over the same sin and it's an attitude problem,
04:41 a perspective problem.
04:43 We keep our eyes on the sin.
04:46 God, help me get rid of the sin.
04:47 God, so--The more you pray against that sin,
04:49 where is our mind and our eyes?
04:51 On the sin. On the sin.
04:53 God wants us to confess.
04:56 But after confession, in faith, if we confess,
05:01 that's a deal between God and us.
05:04 If we do our part and confess,
05:06 God is certainly going to do His part too and forgive and,
05:09 not just to forgive that would not good enough,
05:11 but cleanse us, too.
05:13 He says in 1 John 1:9 that,
05:15 "If we will confess our sins,
05:17 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
05:19 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
05:20 Amen. And this is a big verse,
05:23 excuse me, that we read and go over.
05:25 And you don't understand the value.
05:28 If we confess, God is faithful and just.
05:31 He forgives and He cleanses right there,
05:34 right then when you confess.
05:36 Reading in Great Controversy,
05:38 I believe it's between Chapter 40 and 42,
05:40 it is a quotation that says, "When we confess,
05:43 we should be rejoiced, we should be happy
05:45 that we're forgiven and cleansed.
05:48 And if we're in faith, take God's word for it.
05:51 We are not in sin anymore.
05:52 We have power over that sin."
05:54 The problem is that we stand up for prayer
05:58 and we're not sure we're forgiven,
05:59 so we remain in sin.
06:02 And I cannot understand so I said,
06:04 "So what am I supposed to do?"
06:05 So simple, just so simple to accept fully
06:08 that I'm forgiven and to praise God
06:11 that I'm cleansed and praise God
06:13 that I didn't do it actually because I'm--
06:16 It's all erased, it's all forgiven.
06:18 And Jesus gave me His righteousness
06:20 and suddenly came in my mind
06:22 that Abraham believed God and in the Hebrew says
06:26 it was considered righteousness,
06:28 but he says as righteous as God Himself.
06:31 So when we accept in faith, that's forgiveness.
06:34 Jesus takes it and we get His righteousness,
06:37 we are as righteous as Jesus Himself.
06:40 Amen. So I just rejoiced.
06:42 And suddenly I got the new start.
06:44 I had new motivation,
06:46 not to look over that sin anymore,
06:48 but to actually praise God for a new life.
06:51 You know, the Bible tells us
06:52 in Lamentations Chapter 3
06:53 that He is the God of new beginnings.
06:56 It actually says that His mercies
06:58 are new every morning, greatest as faithfulness.
07:01 But, you know, one thing that I add to that,
07:03 Pavel, is when I pray and ask Him,
07:07 I confess my sin, I know He's forgiving me,
07:10 but I also add Acts 5:31 that--
07:13 It says that Jesus is the one
07:16 Who grants forgiveness of sin and grants repentance.
07:21 So I pray, Lord, grant me repentance,
07:24 give me repentance, turn me away from the sin,
07:27 give me the power to overcome the sin.
07:31 And then I just accept by faith that He has.
07:34 He will. Amen.
07:36 It's like, Jacob.
07:38 His father asked him who are you?
07:41 He pretended to be who he was not,
07:44 as we many times do and he-- 21 years later,
07:49 after trying to solve his problems on his own power,
07:53 in his own power, through his own methods.
07:57 He was a good Christian.
07:59 In fact, he had that dream of the ladder
08:02 and he dedicated his life to God praying,
08:04 if You bless me, if You take care of me,
08:06 if You give me food, if You provide,
08:09 if You bring me back, then You'll be my God.
08:11 When God said, "I'm the God of your father,
08:13 Abraham and Isaiah."
08:15 But He didn't say also your God.
08:17 Just the father of your--
08:18 The God of your parents, fathers.
08:21 And he says that strange pair,
08:23 if You take care of me then You'll be my God.
08:27 God walks with him.
08:28 And after 21 years when he is 60, and that night,
08:33 he was fighting God and running away from God
08:35 without realizing that he was fighting God.
08:38 And he says when God touched him
08:41 and he realized that He's God,
08:42 He's not a stranger, He's not a thief.
08:44 He says, "I'm not gonna let you go
08:46 before you bless me."
08:47 And that's persistent, consistent, serious prayer,
08:51 I call it-- I compare it
08:53 with the anemic prayers we pray.
08:55 Anemic? Anemic prayers we pray.
08:58 That's the real deal, the real prayer.
09:01 I'm not gonna let you go.
09:03 I die here, but I'm determined.
09:07 And God instead of saying, "Okay, I bless you."
09:08 God says, "Tell me your name." And this is good.
09:12 It's excellent because it is a repentance
09:15 that you just mentioned.
09:16 God said you pretended you to be who you're not.
09:19 I want you to own who you are and then I can bless you.
09:24 So he says, "I'm the deceiver,
09:25 I'm the heel-catcher, I'm Jacob.
09:26 I'm not your son."
09:28 So God says, "Okay, I'm gonna--"
09:29 And as soon as we repent, we have knowledge who we are.
09:33 Confess and repent. God does a few things for us.
09:36 First, God changed His name that means a new name
09:40 and you start a new character.
09:42 He was adopted.
09:44 Secondly, God gave him a new life, a new start.
09:47 Amen. God gave him the blessing.
09:49 And God may him the blessing for many other nations.
09:52 And the fourth one, the same night
09:54 God show to His brother in dream
09:56 and said, "Do not touch your brother."
09:57 So God started to fight His battles.
10:00 Exactly, and that was after that persistent prayer.
10:04 It was more, you know, we've discussed
10:06 how sometimes people come and they lay their plans up
10:09 before the Lord and say, "Lord,
10:10 I want You to do this, this,
10:11 and this and this for me."
10:13 And not really confess their sins,
10:16 but when he came to him after praying
10:19 that way before and not realizing
10:20 he really had made him God of his life.
10:23 When he came to-- When Jacob came to God
10:27 and really prayed in such a way as to say,
10:30 "This is who I am.
10:31 Oh, Lord, don't leave me this way.
10:34 Let me be like the one who is holding on to you,
10:37 I will not let You go till You bless me."
10:40 Then God became his God.
10:43 It reminds me of Luke 18:8,
10:45 Jesus is talking about the story of the persistent widow
10:49 and how she kept asking Him, kept asking
10:52 and Jesus is commending her for this
10:54 because it says in Luke 18:8,
10:57 "When the Son of Man, will he find faith on earth
11:00 when he returns?"
11:02 And that's that persistent pressing into prayer
11:05 and saying, "God, I'm not gonna let You go
11:07 till You find me."
11:09 It is so nice the fact that God--
11:14 This is God's covenant with us.
11:16 God offers to care of it and we try to fight
11:20 a supernatural battle in natural powers.
11:24 And for a supernatural, we need supernatural powers.
11:28 So that's the reason we need to go to God
11:30 as we are, confess and then ask Him for help
11:35 and believing His promise.
11:37 It's way to control of our lives to Him
11:39 and believe in His power.
11:42 We cannot please God without faith.
11:44 I want to share a scripture
11:45 'cause I know you love this one too.
11:47 But I just want you to hear that in the audience.
11:50 In 1 Thessalonians 5:23, it says,
11:54 "May the God of peace himself sanctify you."
11:57 He is the one that's going to make you holy
11:59 and set you apart.
12:00 It says, "And may your spirit,
12:02 soul and the body be preserved sound,
12:05 completely blameless until the coming of our Lord Jesus."
12:09 Then verse 24 says, "Faithful is he who calls you
12:14 and he will also do it."
12:17 What you're saying to me is that
12:21 when we get to that point, if we're focusing on our sin
12:24 and not focusing on God's power,
12:27 transforming power of the word and the spirit to change us,
12:31 we're gonna be as long as we continually
12:35 confess the same sin over and over
12:36 with our focus on the sin,
12:38 we'll never gonna be victorious over that sin
12:41 till we get to that point where you're saying,
12:42 "Lord, You're the one that sanctifies me,
12:44 You're the one that's working in me to willing to act,
12:47 You're the one that's gonna give me
12:48 the power to overcome the sin."
12:51 We seek in Mary, she goes again and again and again
12:54 to the same place and when finally Jesus says,
12:58 "I do not condemn you."
13:01 And Jesus says, "Go and sin no more
13:03 But it also can be translated,
13:05 therefore you can go and sin no more.
13:07 Only accept this gift of-- I'm not condemned.
13:11 Pray for me."
13:12 He is offering this gift to me then we have motivation
13:15 and we can go and sin no more.
13:18 What impresses me the most in this Jacob's story
13:21 is that after God forgave him and changed him,
13:26 it's forgiveness and cleanseness and the new life.
13:29 Jacob got it and now he says,
13:32 "Now I want you to tell me your name."
13:35 So he says kind of like, "Moses, I want to know you,
13:38 I want to show-- I want to know who you are,
13:40 I want to know my God.
13:41 If I know my God, I'm safe. I want to know you."
13:45 And end of the verse says as the light came
13:48 that next morning as the sun was bright,
13:51 he called that place Peniel.
13:54 I've seen God's face
13:55 and I know that I'm redeemed, I'm saved.
13:59 And he was limping, but he was saved. Amen.
14:05 Like Moses, I want to see your face.
14:07 When you have that privilege to get to know him
14:10 and to focus on him not on the sin,
14:12 we know that we are saved.
14:14 That's wonderful. I love that point.
14:16 So and what is the next point that you want to make?
14:20 Next point, next point.
14:21 We usually go to God with an agenda
14:26 that we prepared and doesn't have to be a bad one
14:31 and we say please bless me and held me in this plans.
14:35 And many times that agenda maybe good,
14:39 but we have to place it before God and say,
14:41 "These are my plans, You bless them
14:43 the way You want, whenever You want."
14:45 What are your plans?
14:48 That reminds of me something
14:50 when I was first in ministry full time
14:52 and I came up here to do a program on 3ABN
14:54 and we were running a ministry out of our home in Texas
14:57 and just the exposure on 3ABN,
14:59 I was getting all these phone calls,
15:01 people were calling for prayer and counseling
15:04 and I was trying to write a book.
15:06 And I had a conference president who called
15:08 and we were talking and I told him,
15:10 "I'm spending 8 hours a day on the phone on prayer."
15:14 And I said, "These poor people just need help."
15:17 And he made a comment to me and he said,
15:19 "Shelley, do think that's God's will?"
15:21 And I'm thinking, "Well, of course
15:22 that would be God's will
15:24 because this is a good work I'm working with His people."
15:28 And so more or less how I responded,
15:31 but I'm still at the same time frustrated
15:33 'cause I know God's given me a project
15:35 that I'm not getting completed.
15:37 And this pastor who was a conference president
15:39 said to me, "Sometimes, Shelly--"
15:42 He said, "If you don't take your plans to the Lord,
15:44 you'll end up doing the good
15:46 and sacrificing the best."
15:49 That's what you're saying. Yeah.
15:52 God has not just a plan for our life,
15:55 a generic big plan,
15:57 but He has a plan for everyday, every hour.
15:59 I believe that.
16:00 And we many times walk by
16:03 because we don't know that plan.
16:05 And I learnt in the morning to go before God and I say,
16:07 "Make me sensitive,
16:09 open my eyes to see Your plan today.
16:11 I want to fulfill my plan, I want to be part of it."
16:14 I don't say this is my-- I do say this is my plan,
16:16 but then I say, "Open my eyes to see Your plan
16:19 because Yours has priority over to mine."
16:21 And I'll give you a small, very short example.
16:24 My wife and I were driving from Tennessee to Wisconsin,
16:28 we were visiting our kids for few days
16:31 and before getting in the car as usually we prayed
16:33 and I said, "God, now we'll be driving 12 hours,
16:37 I don't want to loose 12 hours.
16:39 We need to do something, maybe we listen to tapes,
16:42 maybe we talk, maybe we call people on the phone,
16:44 but if You have plan for us, please make it clear."
16:49 We got in the car, no answer
16:51 then we were driving, after about 5, 6 hours drive,
16:55 we're on the interstate and I hear the voice
16:57 talking to me, "Call your classmate and the name."
17:02 And I smile and I said, "I'm not gonna call him,
17:05 that guys talks too much.
17:07 He doesn't stop."
17:09 You knew you wouldn't get off the phone, huh?
17:11 He is like--He is-- You don't need to unplug him
17:14 because he goes on battery, you know, he goes forever.
17:18 And I said, "I'm not gonna call him."
17:20 But the voice said, "Didn't you pray
17:21 that I show you My plan."
17:23 So I said, "Honey,
17:24 God is impressing me to call this man."
17:27 I said, "Honey, if you call him,
17:29 we end up visiting with him 5, 6, 7 hours.
17:32 We never get to the board meeting tonight,
17:34 we don't get home in time."
17:36 And I said, "Do not call him."
17:37 I said, "Honey, didn't we pray that."
17:39 I said then call him. So I called him.
17:43 When I called him, he said, "Where are you?"
17:46 Well, I'm just driving by your exit.
17:48 He said, "Listen, I was praying for the last two hours."
17:51 It was that snow storm in the late winter this year.
17:56 And he said, "I was going on a mission trip overseas
18:00 and because of the storm the bus didn't come.
18:03 My car doesn't work
18:04 and I cannot find anybody to give me a ride."
18:07 He said, "I know you have four wheel drive,
18:09 I know you go that direction,
18:11 would you drop me to airport?"
18:13 So I pick him up, I got him right in time
18:15 to catch the plane.
18:16 I was so happy. I got late for--
18:18 I didn't even go to the board meeting.
18:20 Do it, I know you told me.
18:22 And I had such a fulfillment,
18:24 so much joy that I said, "God,
18:27 show me the plans we have for this tape."
18:30 You know, every time
18:32 I have prayed for divine appointment.
18:35 And I just challenge you to do this
18:37 at home sometime try it.
18:38 If you pray in the day and you say--
18:40 You know, the Bible does say in Proverbs,
18:42 "Commit your plans to the Lord
18:43 and He will cause them to succeed."
18:45 Well, that's after you spent a lot of time
18:47 with the Lord saying, "Lord, are these Your plans?"
18:50 But if you would get up in the morning and say,
18:52 Lord, this is my plan for the day.
18:54 Now you may interrupt-- If this isn't Your perfect plan
18:58 then interrupt in anyway
18:59 and if you say Lord give me a divine appointment.
19:02 He will every time.
19:04 He'll bring some stranger that you can witness to.
19:07 And here you had a divine appointment
19:09 to get this pastor to the airport
19:11 so that he could go on this missionary trip.
19:13 And it doesn't have to be a big miracle.
19:16 It's just--God has His plans every second, every hour.
19:20 And if He doesn't talk now then you must wait.
19:24 Whenever He talks, we must be ready.
19:26 You know, you said something about Jacob
19:30 that toward the end after he had confessed
19:33 who he was to God and God changed His name
19:36 from Jacob to Israel right there.
19:38 He gave him spiritual name, but now Jacob looks to Him
19:42 and says I want to know your name, who are You?
19:46 Don't you feel that one of the important parts of prayer
19:50 is not just to lay our request before the Lord
19:54 which we're supposed to do, but the important part--
19:57 Most important part of prayer is coming
19:59 and saying, "Lord, I want to know who You are,
20:03 I want to understand Your love, lead me, guide me,
20:05 direct me, you know, take me in Your word,
20:08 show me who You are.
20:10 I want to expand my vision of who You are
20:12 and I want to understand who I am in Christ Jesus."
20:16 Absolutely.
20:19 When I used to date my wife-- Actually I started to--
20:24 I put my eyes on her since she was three years old
20:28 she was my very first and last girl friend.
20:31 How old were you? Six.
20:32 You were six, okay.
20:34 And sure my sister was making fun of me.
20:36 She said, you're gonna change your mind many times.
20:40 Well, when I was dating her,
20:44 we were meeting at the school or at the church
20:47 or in the park and I was watching her face
20:50 and closing my eyes and trying to picture her in my mind.
20:54 Her eyes, her cheeks, her mouth, her lips, her nose.
20:59 Close enough that when I go home
21:01 I could imagine her and then I got to understand
21:05 why God would compare our relationship with marriage
21:09 because I started to learn when I got to prayer
21:11 instead of just asking, asking, asking, you know,
21:14 it was spiritual thinks asking.
21:17 I'm trying to learn how is God,
21:20 who is God, how He looks?
21:22 What is His character?
21:24 And that's mediation and not the oriental mediation
21:26 that you focus on nothing or focus on yourself.
21:29 But the Biblical mediation that you talk
21:31 and then you let God talk to you
21:33 and you open the word and read
21:35 and then you contemplate upon God's character
21:38 what He has done for you.
21:40 And not-- When we praise God,
21:43 we say, thank You, for Your blessings.
21:44 That's not good enough. He is like forgive my sins.
21:46 That's not good enough. You got to be specific.
21:49 Do not forget any of His blessings.
21:51 So I start mentioning one by one.
21:54 You have helped me that time when I was specific.
21:56 I praise You.
21:57 And then I contemplate of what or what God has done for me
22:02 and then what I contemplate,
22:03 then what I contemplate on His cross and His love
22:05 and His blessing and His miracles.
22:07 The more I--The happier I am and the more
22:09 I get to know Him.
22:11 So when I spend time with God,
22:14 that's the best prayer and it happens
22:16 that throughout the day I have more victories
22:19 then in the days when I pray for my needs.
22:21 It's true, it's true.
22:22 And it's reminding me, I believe it's Psalm 100
22:25 that says, "Enter His gates with Thanksgiving in your heart,
22:28 enter His courts with praise."
22:30 The way I look at it and I distinguish
22:33 Thanksgiving and praise.
22:34 Thanksgiving, I'm thanking God for everything
22:37 He's done in my life, but praise
22:39 is where I'm praising Him for His attributes,
22:43 His character, His characteristics.
22:45 And you know, we-- The Bible tells us
22:47 we were born.
22:49 I mean, we were created to praise God.
22:51 And I always ask people why.
22:55 Do we feel that our praise in anyway changes God?
22:59 Not so ever. But praise changes us.
23:03 And we come into the Lord, thanking Him
23:06 for what He's done, remembering what He's done.
23:08 And then beginning to praise Him
23:10 for who He is all of His characteristics,
23:13 it changes our attitude so that as we're pressing
23:17 into His presence and in prayer.
23:19 We recognize who were coming before.
23:23 Absolutely. And it is so nice, it is so simple.
23:27 Paul says that we are changed
23:29 from glory to glory by beholding.
23:31 As we behold Him, He's worth all our praises
23:34 regardless how many.
23:35 As we praise Him and behold Him,
23:37 we don't even realizing, we start shining like Moses,
23:41 reflecting His character in our life. Yes, yes.
23:44 Have you found-- One of my favorite parts
23:49 for praise is I'll go back through the Psalm
23:51 sometimes and read them
23:53 and right them out in my own words or something
23:55 because David-- The only way--
23:57 And I don't mean this to sound wrong.
23:59 I hope it doesn't, but when I look at David's love
24:02 for the Lord, it was the word
24:05 that I would want to describe it is as far as
24:09 an American word would be or an English word would be.
24:13 It's almost like a romantic love.
24:14 He had such an intimate love for the Lord
24:17 that you read what He wrote
24:19 and it's almost like what we with--
24:21 You're talking about dating your wife.
24:22 He talked about God in such glowing ways.
24:25 It's like a man who's got this love for a bride.
24:30 I think that praise is something
24:32 that we really haven't learned how to do very well.
24:35 What do you think? Absolutely.
24:37 I think that we spend so much time in prayer
24:40 asking and just so little praising.
24:43 We should switch it around
24:45 and should spend just a little asking
24:47 because God knows, He knows our needs.
24:50 What can we tell Him that He doesn't know?
24:53 Now He cares for us more than
24:54 we do certainly He does.
24:56 So we don't need to inform Him,
24:58 to explain Him to given Him methods
25:00 how to solve our problems.
25:02 He had a solution before we had a problem.
25:04 So we'd rather say, You know, my problems,
25:08 I just put them before You just to give Your permission,
25:10 just to let You know that I need You,
25:13 may your will be done.
25:14 But now I'm gonna spend all my time focusing on You
25:18 and knowing who You are, I'm praising You.
25:20 So we should switches around
25:21 and I spend more time praising God.
25:23 And one way that you've discussed in the past
25:25 and something I also do is to make prayer
25:28 a two way communication you get into the word
25:31 and let the Lord speak to you through the word.
25:33 So when you're praying and asking God,
25:36 "Oh, Lord, I want to know You."
25:38 Don't just sit there say, Lord,
25:40 show me who You are in the word
25:42 and get into the word in a new way
25:43 where you are contemplating the character of God.
25:47 And sometimes we pray
25:49 and stand up and hurry to leave.
25:51 Oh, boy. That's big mistake in prayer.
25:54 Exactly.
25:55 In "Thoughts From The Mount Of Blessing"
26:00 I believe, the English name page 52 I believe,
26:05 52 to 58 right there it says,
26:08 when every voice from our mind is hush,
26:11 is quite after we study and pray
26:14 in the quietness of our soul, we allow God to talk to us.
26:19 So when I pray, I pray, I study
26:22 and then I think about it then I pray again,
26:24 I study and then I think.
26:25 I don't just pray and leave
26:27 or just stay quite for one hour.
26:29 Like, I just myself I cannot do that. My mind goes.
26:33 You know, when the Lord first started teaching me
26:36 to pray for an hour, two hours at a time
26:38 in the morning, I remember the very first time,
26:42 I thought I would prayed for two hours
26:43 and I thought I was through praying
26:45 and all of a sudden He said,
26:47 "Be still and know that I am God."
26:50 And it is-- There is something.
26:51 Especially even when we're praying for healing,
26:54 if we're praying sometimes I'll pray with somebody
26:56 and we have earnest prayer as soon as we finish praying,
26:59 everybody just starts talking normally
27:01 and you go no, no, no, no, sit here
27:03 and receive from the Lord, you know, if we need to.
27:06 Our time is already has slipped away so fast,
27:11 but we want you to come back again.
27:13 And, Pastor Pavel Goia, thank you so much
27:16 for being a man of God.
27:18 Thank you so much for the witness
27:20 that you are for the Lord.
27:21 Praise the Lord. Thank you for inviting me here.
27:23 Well, it's our joy.
27:25 And I hope those of you at home
27:28 will throw off those sins that easily entangle,
27:31 you look at that great cloud of witnesses
27:33 that we have in the Hebrews 11,
27:35 Chapter of Faith and pray to God
27:38 that He will help you to keep your eyes
27:41 on our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:42 the Author and Finisher of our faith
27:44 because when you've got your eyes on Him,
27:46 you will become who you behold.
27:49 May the Lord multiply His mercy, love and grace to you.
27:52 Please join us again.


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