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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome again to
00:31 Issues and Answers. You know I'm going to change
00:34 my format just a little bit. I usually begin with a scripture
00:37 but I just want to introduce you to our special guest who is
00:41 returning. The last program we
00:45 discussed the Apocalypse.
00:47 Let me just introduce you to James Rafferty and James is the
00:52 co-director and speaker for Light Bearers Ministry which you
00:57 have recently moved.
00:58 We have. We've moved from Washington State, Maylo,
01:00 Washington to Jasper, Oregon. We're really excited about the
01:04 move. It's one that we made because we were too remote in
01:08 the northeastern Canadian border area of Washington State so
01:12 we've moved to central Oregon right in the central area there.
01:16 It's a lot more accessible and we're hoping to get a lot more
01:19 literature out the door and do a lot more work there in that
01:22 new location. Well James we always enjoy when
01:24 you're on 3ABN as well as when Ty Gibson, your partner, is on
01:28 3ABN. Y'all can almost finish each other's sentences because
01:32 you have studied together for so long. I really appreciate
01:36 that whatever you share from the Bible you always point to
01:40 how this is revealing Jesus Christ. Well if you're just
01:44 joining us and you missed the last presentation, let me tell
01:47 you what we talked about. The Apocalypse is a word that
01:52 somehow it was a beautiful word from the Greek that has been
01:56 changed in our society and our culture to have a negative
02:00 connotation, one of doom and gloom. But what we looked at
02:04 last program was how the word apocalypse in the Greek actually
02:11 meant the unveiling, the revealing. The word that we
02:16 looked at was use the lightening to show the light, to manifest,
02:22 to disclose. So we saw that the word apocalypse is good and
02:27 we're going to be looking at another apocalyptic book today
02:32 and that is in the book of Daniel. This is an unveiling, a
02:36 revealing. Let me read something to you from Daniel 9:27. It says
02:42 He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week and in
02:46 the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the
02:50 oblation to cease and for the overspreading of abominations
02:54 he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that
02:58 determined shall be poured upon the desolate. If you are looking
03:04 at Daniel with the view that the apocalypse is doom and gloom,
03:08 you're focus will not be on Jesus Christ but rather on the
03:13 antichrist. But if you are looking at this from the true
03:18 biblical explanation of the word apocalypse, then we will be
03:22 looking at this apocalyptic literature as the unveiling of
03:27 Jesus Christ, the Divine mysteries of God. So let's look
03:32 at what does this mean that this is going to be the consummation
03:38 of this unveiling or revealing?
03:41 This is incredible really because you've hit the nail on
03:44 the head right there, Shelley. The foundation of our
03:47 interpretation of prophecy all depends on how we define that
03:51 word apocalypse and definitely the word is talking about end
03:54 time events. It's talking about things that are to come, but the
03:57 primary use of that word through the New Testament is the
04:01 manifestation of Jesus, of the gospel, of God, of the mystery
04:04 of his plan, of salvation. That's the context of it.
04:08 Is that what we see in Daniel chapter nine? Now in order to
04:12 understand this in verse 27 we need to look at it in the
04:15 context, which begins in verse 24. And the reason why verse
04:19 27 is key to our study is because this is the one verse
04:22 that is the most misunderstood of all of these verses we're
04:25 about to read. This verse, verse 27 is the conclusion, the
04:29 summary, if you will, of everything that's gone before.
04:32 So if we can understand the verses that have gone before,
04:36 verses 24, 25 and 26, we can then rightly interpret verse 27.
04:40 So we want to invite you all to open your Bibles to Daniel
04:43 chapter 9 and follow along with us; chapter 9:24-27.
04:49 Verse 24 begins: Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people,
04:54 that is the Jewish people, and upon thine holy city, that is
04:58 the city of Jerusalem in the middle east, to do seven things:
05:03 here they are: To finish transgression, number one; to
05:06 make an end of sins, number two; to make reconciliation for
05:09 iniquity, number three; to bring in everlasting righteousness,
05:13 number four; to seal up the vision, number five; and the
05:16 prophecy, number six; and to anoint the Most Holy.
05:20 Now this first verse is defining for us what the rest of the
05:24 rest of the prophecy is all about. It's about God's people,
05:28 the Jews, and it's about the holy city Jerusalem. What is
05:32 going to happen with God's people and what is going to
05:35 happen with the city, the holy city Jerusalem. The reason why
05:39 this is so important for us is because today, even in the
05:42 United States of America our entire middle east policy is
05:47 based upon our interpretation of Bible prophecy. The stand
05:50 that we've taken toward the Jewish nation which impacts our
05:54 relationship with all these other Muslim nations is based
05:57 primarily on our understanding of Bible prophecy and if you
06:00 have an apocalyptic view of Bible prophecy that is based
06:04 upon secular definition of the word, doom and gloom end time,
06:09 antichrist, etc., your whole mid east policy can take a different
06:14 direction than what the Bible is telling us it should take.
06:17 And that's what we've seen happen in our country today.
06:20 So we're going to look at these verses and try to understand
06:22 them in the context in the way that the Bible defines
06:25 apocalypse. How does the Bible define apocalypse?
06:28 It's the unveiling, the revealing, the manifestation
06:32 the lightening, it's wonderful.
06:34 ...of Jesus, of the gospel, of God's plan. So first of all we
06:38 want to look at this in the context of sin and notice here
06:41 that this whole verse primarily is speaking about making an end
06:45 of sins. It uses three different words and I believe it's so
06:49 beautiful that it uses these three different words. It uses
06:53 transgression, sins and iniquity Why? Because everything evil,
06:56 all that we need taken care of in our lives can be summed up in
07:01 those three words, transgression iniquity and sin. It's talking
07:05 here about how God is going to make an end of sins. He's going
07:09 to finish transgression, he's going to make reconciliation for
07:12 iniquity. Now there are two ways you can look at this verse.
07:15 You can look at it as something that God's people were to do or
07:19 you can look at it as something that God was going to do.
07:21 The way that we want to look at these verses is in the context
07:25 of verse 25. Seventy weeks are given to God's people, the Jews,
07:29 to accomplish these tasks; primarily to make an end of
07:33 sins, transgression and iniquity Know therefore, verse 25, and
07:37 understand that from the going forth of the commandment to
07:40 restore and to build Jerusalem unto Messiah the prince shall be
07:44 seven week and threescore and two weeks. Let's stop right
07:48 there. Who is Messiah the Prince? Jesus Christ. Yes the
07:52 word Messiah means the anointed one. He is the anointed one.
07:56 He is the anointed one. He is the Prince. Now here's a really
08:00 key thought right here in verse 25. Know therefore... therefore
08:04 infers what he has just said in the previous verse. Because
08:08 sins, transgressions and iniquities need to be taken
08:11 care of, you need to understand that because this has to be done
08:14 within 70 weeks, Messiah the Prince is going to come in 69
08:19 weeks. That's what the summation of this verse is saying. It's
08:24 saying in threescore, which is 60, seven, which is 69 and two
08:28 weeks which is 69. Seventy weeks had been given to God's people
08:32 to do away with sins, transgression and iniquity.
08:34 James, I know we are so limited on time, but let's explain that
08:39 those 70 weeks with the biblical principle that we use of a year
08:44 for a day, that would actually be 490 years. So when did this
08:48 490 years begin. From the commandment to restore and to
08:53 build Jerusalem? Yes to the Messiah, to the
08:55 anointing. We understand that this began in 457 B.C. Now that
09:01 is a controversial issue among some but it's very clear when we
09:07 understand who it's pointing to, the Messiah the Prince.
09:10 Biblically and some of the clearest Bible verses on this
09:14 are found in the Book of Luke, Luke chapter 3 and Luke chapter
09:18 2. Biblically when you identify this prophecy in relation to the
09:22 cross, in relation to the Messiah, in relation to the
09:25 baptism, you find that the cross of Christ establishes this
09:30 prophecy irremovably in history. So when you look at the cross
09:35 and you go back you find the date 457 and of course when you
09:39 move forward you move all the way to 1844.
09:42 There in Ezra that was pretty clear when the commandment went
09:46 forward not only to rebuild the temple but to rebuild Jerusalem
09:51 and the walls. Ezra chapter 7 makes it very,
09:53 very clear. But the cross makes it even clearer. The coming of
09:57 the Messiah was according to this prophecy and that's why
10:00 Jesus when he came would say my time is not yet come or my
10:04 time is fulfilled, or my time is at hand. That time was the
10:07 appointed or set time of Bible prophecy. He was directing his
10:11 attention or the attention of his hearers to the prophecy here
10:15 in Daniel chapter 9.
10:16 You know, James, when I was first really beginning to study
10:20 and understand Daniel and Revelation it was interesting to
10:24 me that I found out that this time prophecy is the one that
10:29 convinced Sir Isaac Newton to be a Christian, that he could trust
10:33 the Bible because he knew it pointed directly to the time of
10:39 Christ's baptism, the beginning of his ministry and to his death
10:44 and here this great physicist/ mathematician said no one, no
10:49 one could have... This has to be the inspired word of God because
10:54 this time prophecy was just so accurate.
10:57 Absolutely. He was born under Augustus Cesar, the raiser of
11:00 the taxes. He was crucified under Tiberius Cesar. You see
11:03 that in Luke 2 and Luke 3. You go back to history. You date
11:07 those two cesars and you come right out to A.D. 27 when he was
11:11 anointed. The Bible says he was about 30 years of age.
11:13 And isn't it true that's the only actual way we can date
11:18 those scriptures. That's the best way to date
11:21 this whole prophecy. In other words, this prophecy is founded
11:25 on the cross of Jesus Christ. It is founded on the baptism
11:29 of Jesus Christ. And when we focus on Jesus in that way then
11:32 we get a true understanding of this prophecy and that's what
11:35 we can't to do here in this context. Now, here's the point
11:39 that I believe Daniel is making between verses 24 and 25.
11:43 You need to know and understand the Messiah is going to come in
11:47 69 weeks. Before this allotted probationary time is finished,
11:51 before the 70 weeks are finished Messiah is going to
11:54 come and the reason why is because you have to finish
11:56 transgression, make an end of sins and make reconciliation
11:59 for iniquity. You have to bring in everlasting righteousness and
12:02 there's no way you can do that without the Messiah.
12:05 The Messiah is the one that is going to do this.
12:07 So in the time prophecy from the time the Messiah was anointed
12:11 and we believe that to be when Jesus was baptized, then there
12:14 is still one of those 70 weeks that is left. But we're getting
12:18 ready to see something is going to happen in the middle of that
12:21 seven year period. Exactly. First of all, Jesus
12:24 comes after 69 weeks. That's what we're told in verse 25.
12:28 Why? Because he's going to finish transgression, he's going
12:30 to make an end of sins, he's going to make reconciliation
12:33 for iniquity, he's going to bring in everlasting
12:35 righteousness and seal up the vision and prophecy. Now the two
12:40 words that are used here, vision and prophecy, have to do with
12:42 placement as well as content. In other words, what you're
12:46 looking at here is you're looking at placing this prophecy
12:49 in the right time frame and you are looking at applying this
12:52 prophecy to the right person. That's why it's repeated. That's
12:55 why there are two aspects to it. He's going to seal up, he's
12:59 going to confirm the vision and the prophecy, the placement and
13:03 the content of the vision. Then he's going to anoint the Most
13:07 Holy and that final aspect is what takes place when Jesus
13:11 Christ goes into heaven and inaugurates his ministry there
13:15 in the heavenly sanctuary. That is the sanctuary he ministers
13:19 for us to this day and that work began at his resurrection.
13:23 That work began just after he died for us on Calvary. He went
13:26 into heaven, sits at the right hand of the throne of God and
13:29 intercedes for us and applies to everything he accomplished
13:33 the finishing of sins, transgression and iniquity, the
13:35 everlasting righteousness that has been brought in through his
13:38 death and life is now being applied to those who pray to
13:41 him, who ask him to be their savior and ask him to live in
13:45 their lives day by day and year by year. So going down now to
13:49 verse 25 and just finishing this verse, because what we're going
13:52 to see here is we're going to see the people which primarily
13:55 is taken up in the prophecy of Christ and the sanctuary.
13:58 The people and the sanctuary. The people, Messiah the Prince
14:02 comes to rescue before the 70 weeks are over. The sanctuary:
14:06 Notice what happens here. It says in verse 25 the latter part
14:10 the streets shall be built again and the wall even in troublous
14:13 times. This prophecy was predicting in Daniel's time that
14:18 this sanctuary, this city, Jerusalem would be rebuilt and
14:22 the sanctuary of the temple would be rebuilt sometime in
14:25 the future to his life on this earth. So he was given this
14:29 prophecy not only about the Messiah but also about the
14:32 literal sanctuary in Jerusalem because it was in ruins during
14:35 Daniel's time. He was a captive in Babylon. The Babylonians had
14:38 come in and destroyed the temple and destroyed the city
14:41 and they had taken all of God's people captive. There were just
14:44 small groups left there, a remnant left there in Jerusalem
14:46 and Daniel was wondering when is this going to be restored
14:49 to us and he was being told exactly when it would take
14:51 place. All you have to do is read the
14:53 book of Nehemiah to see that it really was restored during
14:57 troublous times. Yes. Now verse 26 is going to
15:00 continue on in the same vein and verse 27 also. It's going to
15:04 to back and forth between the Messiah and the sanctuary,
15:07 between the Messiah and the city of Jerusalem. And after
15:10 threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off but not for
15:15 himself. So 62 weeks. Yes. Now this is incredible language
15:20 because again this is confirming who this applies to; Messiah is
15:23 the Anointed One, it's talking about Jesus. The phrase cut off
15:27 is used in the Old and New Testaments to describe the final
15:31 end of sin, the final end of sinners, those in Matthew 24 who
15:35 are not serving Christ when he comes will be cut off and there
15:39 will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. In other words, this
15:42 prophecy is predicting a Messiah that would come not
15:46 as a triumphant king that was going to lay bare and destroy
15:49 all the Roman armies and establish Jerusalem as an
15:53 earthly temporal power but a Messiah was to come to die for
15:57 our sins, to reap the consequence that we deserve,
16:01 to experience the death that sinners deserve, to make an
16:05 end of transgression, sin and iniquity by taking all of that
16:08 upon himself. Let's see, 2 Corinthians 5:21
16:15 says that we are the righteousness of God in Christ
16:20 Jesus. But he was made sin for us. But he who knew no sin
16:24 was made sin for us. Another beautiful verse that I
16:27 think we need to look at right here is found in Romans chapter
16:31 five. Now in Romans 5 Paul is actually quoting from Daniel
16:35 chapter 9. And you'll see this if you compare verse 24 of
16:38 Daniel 9 with what we're about to read in Romans 5 beginning
16:41 with verse 6. It says here that he was going to make
16:45 reconciliation for iniquity and as verse 26 says, cut off, and
16:52 we're saying for sinners. I'm just reviewing Daniel 9. So now
16:59 read Romans 5:6-10, read those verses Shelley as I review again
17:05 just real quickly Daniel 9:24. He was going to make
17:09 reconciliation for sins, for iniquity and he was going to be
17:12 cut off for sinners. Now verse 8 is my favorite of
17:16 this but let me begin. Romans 5:6: While we were yet in
17:19 weakness, in other words, powerless and unable to help
17:23 ourselves, at the fitting time Christ died for the ungodly.
17:28 Now it is an extraordinary thing for one to give his life even
17:32 for an upright man though perhaps for a noble and generous
17:36 benefactor someone might even dare to die, but God shows and
17:41 clearly proves his own love for us. He demonstrates his love for
17:46 us by the fact that while we were still sinners Christ the
17:50 Messiah, the Anointed One, died for us. Therefore, since we are
17:55 now justified and brought into right relationship with God by
18:00 Christ's blood how much more certain we shall be saved by
18:04 him from the indignation and wrath of God for if while we
18:09 were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his
18:13 Son it is much more certain now that we are reconciled that we
18:17 shall be saved, and I think that's daily delivered from sin,
18:21 through his resurrection life.
18:24 Amen. You notice the key words that are being used here, in due
18:28 time, at the set time, at the appointed time. That is exactly
18:32 what is being talked about in Daniel chapter 9. This time that
18:35 the Messiah was going to come and reconcile, he reconciled
18:39 us, he was going to make reconciliation for iniquity and
18:42 he died for the ungodly, fo r the unjust, he was cut off for
18:47 the sinners. Notice this word again in Daniel 9:26. After
18:52 threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off but not for
18:55 himself. Praise God. Because three times Jesus was tempted
18:59 when on the cross: Save yourself, save yourself, if
19:03 you're the Messiah come down and save yourself. The concept of
19:07 the Messiah in the time of the Jews was a glorified ruler who
19:11 was going save himself and the rest of the nation by setting up
19:13 a temporal kingdom. But the real true biblical understanding of
19:17 the Messiah was one who would not save himself but would
19:20 sacrifice himself in order to save us. Now is it possible,
19:24 Shelley, that today we have misunderstood scripture, we have
19:28 misunderstood prophecy, we have misinterpreted it because we
19:33 have misunderstood what this whole focus is all about? It's
19:36 about Jesus, it's about the Messiah, the apocalypse, the
19:40 revelation, the uncovering of Jesus Christ?
19:41 You know, I'm going to say this before I forget to say it, but
19:46 when we get to this Daniel 9:24-27 when it's talking about
19:50 how he enters into the covenant. In midweek he's cut off. I was
19:56 taught prior to becoming an Adventist I had the whole
20:01 Left Behind series and I was taught that this was referring
20:05 to the antichrist. It is so interesting. You're saying have
20:09 we misinterpreted? I went and as I was studying this and learning
20:13 how Daniel unlocked Revelation and God was opening my eyes
20:18 I did check with Matthew Henry's Commentary, and many of you have
20:21 probably heard of Matthew Henry. He's one of the most popular
20:25 commentaries. What he wrote is one of the most popular
20:29 commentaries and you can find it on the shelves of almost all
20:31 protestant pastors. Matthew Henry specifically says that
20:38 Daniel 9:24-27 is talking about Jesus Christ and how he's going
20:45 to be cut off, crucified, in the middle. So this
20:48 misinterpretation is what we're trying to clear us today.
20:52 Yes, and it is a new interpretation of scripture;
20:53 this is not very old and what is happening is we're starting
20:57 with a misunderstanding of apocalypse, the word, and then
21:01 we're using that as a magnifying glass to give us an
21:03 interpretation that's not in harmony with the rest of
21:07 scripture, but yet has some aspects that are appealing
21:10 to us because we're looking at end-time events in a Christless
21:15 way and so what we're going to do is we're going to start
21:17 interpreting scripture in an antichrist way.
21:20 Let me make sure I clarify something because the way I
21:22 heard it may not have been the way you meant it. But we want
21:26 to say that what is a new interpretation is this idea of
21:30 these scriptures applying to an antichrist because the old
21:34 interpretation that protestants believe was that this was all
21:38 about Jesus. So there was not much confusion until actually I
21:42 believe it was 1950 that the confusion really started gaining
21:47 popularity to attribute and ascribe these scriptures to the
21:52 antichrist. It has skyrocketed to this day.
21:54 The reason why it was 1950 or around about the time is because
21:58 in 1947 the Jewish nation got their little area back, their
22:02 land back there. They were given it by the British Commonwealth
22:06 and that is when people started saying, hey, wait a minute these
22:09 prophecies, let's look back here, this is a fulfillment of
22:13 prophecy; the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, etc. and
22:16 not understanding the spiritual implications of Israel. And now
22:20 the focus of so many evangelicals, so many Christians
22:23 is on the Middle East where it should not be. It ought not to
22:26 be. It ought be on the context of the everlasting gospel going
22:29 to all the world and understanding these prophecies
22:32 as they apply to Jesus Christ the Messiah rather than to the
22:35 antichrist. Let's look at it some more here. Verse 26: And
22:38 after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off and
22:41 not for himself. Again we're looking at people and Christ
22:44 and then we're looking at sanctuary. Now here's the
22:47 sanctuary coming in. And the people of the prince that shall
22:51 come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary and the end
22:55 thereof shall be with a flood and unto the end of the war
22:59 desolations are determined. Matthew 24. Yes, exactly!
23:03 Matthew 24! Exactly! Jesus predicted this. Where did he
23:06 predict it from. He predicted it from Daniel. This is the only
23:09 place in Daniel that talks about the destruction of the sanctuary
23:11 and the city. So Jesus said Who so reads let him understand.
23:15 We're talking here about a prophecy that predicted that the
23:19 sanctuary would be destroyed by the Roman power, the Roman power
23:23 under Tiberius and under Titus. I mean it wasn't Tiberius at
23:26 that time, but it was Titus coming in and destroying this
23:30 sanctuary and the city. Not one stone, Jesus said in Matthew 24,
23:34 would be left upon another. It would bring in desolations, a
23:39 flood, many lives were lost. So here we have this same thing
23:42 taking place here that we saw in verse 25. We saw Messiah
23:45 being talked about and then we saw the city and the temple
23:48 being talked about. Verse 26 the Messiah's being talked about
23:50 then the city and the temple are being talked about. We're going
23:53 to see the same thing in verse 27. Let's look at it. And he
23:56 shall confirm the covenant with many. Who are we talking about?
23:59 Messiah. We're not talking about antichrist, we're talking about
24:02 Messiah. He will confirm the covenant with many for one week.
24:05 That's our final week. Messiah has come after 69 weeks.
24:08 And that's a day equals a year, so that's seven years.
24:11 That's seven years. Messiah has come; in 69 weeks he has come
24:15 and been anointed. There's only one week left in the prophecy.
24:18 For the first 3-1/2 of that week he confirms the covenant by
24:22 himself, through himself. For the last 3-1/2 it's through his
24:26 disciples and that's according to Hebrews 2:3. So he confirms
24:29 the covenant with many for one week and in the midst of the
24:33 week, in the very middle of that final week he causes the
24:38 sacrifice and the oblation to cease. How does that happen?
24:42 That happens when he was crucified and he became the
24:45 perfect sacrifice. And when he said, It is finished
24:48 the veil of the temple was rent in two from top to bottom, not
24:52 from bottom to top.
24:53 That was the end of the sacrificial system. That's the
24:58 consummation we were talking about.
24:59 Yes! It comes to an end. It comes to an end. No more are we
25:02 to look to an earthly sanctuary. No more are we to look to an
25:06 earthly temple in Jerusalem in the Middle East. All the world
25:09 is focused on this temple being reestablished. The Bible says
25:12 no, prophecy says no. This comes to an end. Now we look to heaven
25:16 we look to the heavenly sanctuary and this temple in the
25:20 Middle East will lay desolate even until the consummation.
25:24 Till the very end of all things this temple in the Middle East
25:29 will lay desolate. Now how is God going to be able to allow
25:33 this prophecy to be fulfilled because you know you have a very
25:36 determined people there in the Middle East, in Jerusalem. You
25:39 have a very determined people that are going to try and
25:42 reestablish that temple somehow. So what does God do in his
25:46 providence, Shelley? I believe God allows the Muslims to build
25:49 on that very temple site one of the most holiest of their sites,
25:52 and that is a mosque, a Muslim mosque, right there on that site
25:55 and there is no way that that mosque is going to be replaced
25:58 by a temple. In that way this prophecy has its ultimate
26:02 fulfillment. God has said here in the context of verse 27 that
26:06 this temple will lie desolate even until the consummation, the
26:10 very end of all things until the very coming of Jesus Christ.
26:13 And that is going to be fulfilled to the letter
26:15 according to Bible prophecy, according to the word of God.
26:18 It's so amazing. I just want to point out, we only have a minute
26:22 left, but the prophecy says in the midst of the week he shall
26:26 be cut off. That was 3-1/2 years We know Jesus ministered for
26:30 3-1/2 years. He was cut off at the cross, brought an end to the
26:34 sacrificial system. But there's still another 3-1/2 years that
26:37 he has to confirm this covenant to finish out the 70 week period
26:41 Please read Hebrews 2:3 and let's see how he finished
26:45 confirming it. Hebrews 2:3 says: How shall we
26:46 escape if we neglect so great salvation, which is the context
26:50 of Daniel 9, which at first began to be spoken by the Lord
26:54 and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him.
26:57 It was confirmed. He sent them out to the Jews. Not until
27:03 Stephen was stoned and Paul came on the scene was he sent to the
27:08 Gentiles. You know I used to understand this in a wrong way
27:12 and when I learned that the apocalypse was all about Jesus
27:15 Christ, and as I began to study this and understand that this
27:19 was about Jesus, it was life changing for me. James, thank
27:23 you so much. Our time just flew by.
27:26 Yes it did. It's been a blessing You know when you look at this
27:28 you look at this prophecy and you realize the definition of
27:31 the word, it all comes together. It's a powerful truth.
27:34 Oh so thankful that you came and did this. I just wish we had
27:37 more time. You will come back? Absolutely. Okay, great.
27:40 I hope that you've enjoyed this study and I hope that it's
27:43 opening your eyes to not only better understanding but to
27:47 better be able to teach it yourself. Now may the grace of
27:50 our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the Father and the fellowship
27:53 of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family throughout
27:57 eternity.


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