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00:27 Hello, I'm Shelly Quinn and welcome again to
00:31 Issues and Answers. Today we are going to be talking
00:35 about the apocalypse. What does that word mean, apocalypse?
00:38 Let me share a scripture with you and it comes from Revelation
00:43 1:1. Actually Revelation is known as the apocalypse of the
00:47 New Testament. This is what the Bible says: This is the
00:51 revelation of Jesus Christ. God gave it to him to disclose and
00:57 make known to his bond servants certain things which must
01:02 shortly and speedily come to pass in their entirety and he
01:06 sent and communicated it through his angel, or his messenger,
01:11 to his bond servant John. You know what? When the Bible says
01:15 this is the revelation, in the Greek it is saying this is the
01:19 apocalypse's of Jesus Christ and we're going to find out what all
01:24 of that means. I am so excited to introduce our special guest
01:28 for today and he is not a stranger on 3ABN. Our special
01:32 guest is James Rafferty and James you are the director or
01:37 co-director and speaker for Light Bearers Ministry.
01:39 That's right, Shelly, and it's good to be here with you.
01:42 Oh it is good to have you here. Often when you're on 3ABN
01:45 you've got your cohort Ty Gibson We're just thrilled though to
01:52 have you here today to talk to us about this.
01:54 Yeah, this is my favorite book, the book of Revelation and the
01:57 apocalypse describing the book of Revelation is a term that's
02:01 been misunderstood especially in these last days. So I'm
02:03 really excited about what we're going to be studying here
02:06 together. Well let's just begin then and
02:09 talk about what this word apocalypse means. It seems when
02:15 I'm talking to people out in the community that most people have
02:20 very different viewpoints about the word apocalypse.
02:23 Definitely, and the reason for that is because if you go into
02:28 the secular world and especially just the basic understanding,
02:32 the dictionary definition for example of the word apocalypse
02:36 what you're going to come up with is a word that is defined
02:41 as doom and gloom, foretelling disaster, foretelling future
02:46 events that are negative. And there's no other definition for
02:50 that word apocalypse that you find in the secular world than
02:54 one that is negative. And this is in direct contrast with the
02:58 verse that you referenced there in Revelation 1:1. Not only that
03:02 it's in direct contrast with the Biblical definition of the word
03:06 as well as the Biblical use of the word. So I think for our
03:10 audience sake what we need to do is we need to go through and
03:14 look at how the Bible not only defines the word but uses the
03:17 word in various verses in the New Testament.
03:20 That's wonderful. So how does the dictionary define it. Do you
03:24 have that dictionary definition?
03:25 I do. The dictionary definition of apocalypse: It's a warning
03:29 about or predicting a disastrous future outcome. It relates to
03:33 events in the book of Revelation in the Bible involving
03:36 widespread destruction and devastation or a total
03:39 destruction or devastation of something. An instance of this
03:44 happening, or a revelation made concerning the future. All of
03:48 that when you read those definitions, all of that seems
03:51 to indicate, even the one that points to the book of Revelation
03:55 seems to indicate the negative, the disastrous, the finality, if
03:59 you will, the end of the world type of thing.
04:01 Destruction and it's an overwhelming thing. Most people
04:04 when they use that word apocalypse, it's like this is
04:07 the end of it all. But now what does the Greek, how does the
04:12 Greek define the word apocalypse?
04:14 In contrast to that dictionary definition, and it's really
04:16 interesting because you wonder well how did you get to this,
04:20 this contrast. In contrast to that dictionary definition, the
04:23 Bible actually reveals this word to be an uncovering, a
04:28 disclosure or revealing, if you will. It's a very simple
04:31 definition. There's not a lot of negative in there. It's a
04:34 manifestation, it's an appearing The word apocalypse simply means
04:38 to uncover, the revelation, to uncover, to disclose, to show,
04:42 to reveal. So there's nothing negative. There's nothing doom
04:46 and gloom about that in its actual definition.
04:49 So actually the book in the Bible, the last book in the
04:53 Bible that we know as The Revelation to John is the
04:58 apocalypse's, the unveiling to John and this verse that I
05:03 started with, this is the apocalypse's, the revelation.
05:08 His unveiling of the divine mysteries of God.
05:13 Absolutely. In fact it's the revelation, the apocalypse of
05:17 Jesus Christ. Now we know just from that verse that it does
05:22 involve end-time events, it does involve pictures or visions of
05:26 future events that some of them will be dramatic and will be
05:32 disastrous but to isolate that word to mean only that is to
05:37 take it out of the context of it's Biblical definition. It is
05:42 the revelation, first and foremost, of Jesus Christ, not
05:45 just a revelation from Jesus but a revelation of Jesus. Now we're
05:49 going to see this, this might be a little controversial, but
05:52 we're going to see this as we look at the word as it's used
05:56 throughout the Bible, the New Testament.
05:58 So really when this verse begins right here in chapter one of
06:03 Revelation, there is a blessing pronounced on anyone who reads.
06:08 In verse 3, it says: Blessed is the man who reads aloud the word
06:13 of this prophecy. And it's because this prophecy is an
06:17 unveiling of God's truth. There are warnings in it, there is an
06:23 explanation of what we can expect not only to the churches
06:27 of that time but what the churches in the history of
06:31 the church age can expect to happen. So it is a blessing to
06:35 understand what Revelation means and it is the unveiling of the
06:39 divine mysteries of God. James, do you remember and I don't know
06:44 if you're old enough to remember but I believe... First of all
06:50 growing up in the church in which I grew up we were told
06:53 not to read Revelation. The denomination that I grew up,
06:57 was reared, in told us you cannot understand it. Do not
07:01 read this book. And I remember when I first read through the
07:04 Bible for myself and I read Revelation and I got to verse
07:07 three saying blessed are you if you read this and I'm thinking
07:12 why was I told not to. But I remember, can't remember how old
07:16 I was but there was a very popular movie that came out some
07:20 time after the Viet Nam war and it was called Apocalypse Now.
07:24 And I confess that when the word apocalypse was used I
07:32 associated it with something incredibly negative, but when I
07:36 started studying the Bible and particularly looking up words
07:41 in Greek and referring to that I found out that's not at all
07:46 what God's word was saying when it talks about the apocalypse.
07:50 No, in fact, even though when you look at the book of
07:54 Revelation you do see a lot of the end-time events that seem to
07:58 be disastrous, the main theme of the book of Revelation is not
08:01 that at all. Yes. The main theme of the book of Revelation is
08:05 Jesus Christ. And it's interesting because when you get
08:09 away from that theme you are not only going to find things
08:13 that are negative taking place in relation to end-time events
08:17 but even as a Christian, as you admitted, even as a Christian
08:21 you're going to be afraid of this book. This book, unless
08:24 it's saturated with that theme of Jesus Christ, unless it
08:27 becomes a revelation of Jesus Christ will not be a blessing.
08:31 It will be a curse. My wife was raised in a Christian home and
08:34 she remembers, she can still pinpoint, her first nightmares
08:38 and they began when she was introduced to an evangelistic
08:41 series that was talking about and moving through the book of
08:45 Revelation with a focus on end- time events without the focus on
08:49 Jesus Christ. Oh, Amen. And what other books
08:53 would you consider apocalyptic literature in the Bible?
08:57 Well, New Testament specifically you've got Revelation and then
09:00 you've got one chapter in Matthew 24, one chapter in Mark
09:03 13 and one chapter in Luke, Luke 21. And then Daniel, the
09:07 book of Daniel is highly apocalyptic. In fact, many
09:11 scholars have called Daniel a twin book with the book of
09:14 Revelation. But those two should be studied together and I think
09:16 it's going to be significant for us to look at the book of Daniel
09:19 along with the book of Revelation as we look at this or
09:22 understand this word apocalypse's.
09:25 This is something that I don't want to keep us too long here
09:29 but I will say until I understood that apocalyptic
09:33 literature is very symbolic in nature, it was not until I
09:37 started studying the book of Daniel and when I found out that
09:42 was the key that unlocked the symbols in Revelation, that's
09:45 when understanding began. Well let's look at some of the
09:49 scriptures in the Bible that use this world apocalypse's.
09:53 Okay, Luke chapter 2 and verse 32 and that one is really simple
09:59 really short. It's talking here about Christ and it says that he
10:03 will be a light to lighten the gentiles and the glory of thy
10:07 people Israel. Now that word lighten is the same word
10:11 apocalypse's. It is the same word that is used in Revelation,
10:16 apocalypse. And so here we have the word lighten and for those
10:19 who don't know how to study the Bible I just want to put in a
10:21 little tidbit here because I think it's so important for us
10:24 to be able to study scripture for ourselves. You get a good
10:27 Strong's Concordance or a good Young's Concordance and you go
10:31 out and look up these words and I like to recommend the King
10:34 James Bible for study purposes because every word is there.
10:37 It's exhaustive with the Strong's. You look up the word
10:40 apocalypse in that concordance. It's A to Z so apocalypse would
10:43 be right in the beginning of the concordance and you run it
10:46 across once you hit Revelation 1:1 to a number and that number
10:50 is going to be in this instance 602. You take that number back
10:54 to the Greek dictionary which is in the back of the concordance
10:57 and when you get there you'll find the original word and how
11:01 to pronounce it and then you'll find a definition, apocalypse
11:05 disclosure, uncovering, etc. and then you're going to find as
11:08 you follow this number through the concordance, you're going to
11:12 find all the different verses, all the different places, that
11:15 this word is used in the Old or New Testament, well specifically
11:19 in the New Testament with 602. The Old Testament will have a
11:21 different number. Then you'll find all these different verses
11:25 and it will really enhance how you understand this word. So if
11:29 our listeners have a good computer, Bible program,
11:35 it's the easiest way to do it. I mean you can download that
11:38 software for free and you just click on the word, it'll give
11:40 you the number, you click on the number, it'll give you all the
11:42 different verses it's used in.
11:44 Then you can do a quick study. OK, this word means this. How is
11:47 it used? Once you go to the Bible and find out how the word
11:51 is used then you have a firm foundation for understanding
11:54 Biblically what this word means.
11:56 And so here the word apocalypse is a light to lighten,
12:01 apocalypse, it's the unveiling and it's like Psalm 119:130 says
12:06 The entrance of his word brings light. This was why Jesus was
12:11 coming to be a glory, that shining glory of God.
12:15 Very positive use of the word here. Very important. Now
12:19 Romans 2 verse 5 is another verse where this word is used.
12:22 This one is balanced, you know, with the good and the bad but
12:26 it's really good too. Paul here is speaking to Jews primarily
12:30 and talking about them hardening their hearts, he says, but after
12:33 they hardness and impenitent heart treasures up unto yourself
12:37 wrath against the day of wrath and the revelation of the
12:41 righteous judgment of God. Now this word revelation, of course,
12:44 you can see it right there. It's the same word apocalypse's.
12:48 It's the same word that's used in Revelation 1 verse 1. The
12:51 revelation of the righteous judgment of God. So again even
12:54 though the context of this is talking about the judgment of
12:58 God the primary use of the word is to reveal, to disclose, to
13:03 uncover something. And we have to remember too that
13:05 judgment isn't always... most people think of the word
13:09 judgment in a negative connotation but you know we see
13:12 clearly in Daniel that judgment is pronounced on behalf of the
13:17 people of God. So judgment can be a good thing. I used to fear
13:20 that word so much, James, and then when I studied that out and
13:24 thought wow. See this is one of those words that I did go
13:27 through and look up and thought it's wonderful that I don't have
13:31 to fear the judgment.
13:32 Yeah, the judgment is made in our behalf. That's a very, very
13:36 important study. Romans 8:19 says the earnest expectation of
13:40 the creature waits for the manifestation of the sons of God
13:44 Now the word manifestation here is the same word in Revelation
13:48 602. The revelation of the sons of God. That's a very positive
13:52 thing that we're talking about here in Romans chapter 8.
13:56 The apocalypse's again. The revelation of the sons of
13:59 of God. Here's a another one: Romans 16:25: Now to him that
14:03 has the power to establish you according to my gospel and the
14:06 preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation
14:10 of the mystery which was kept secret since the world began.
14:14 This is all about the gospel, this is all about Jesus Christ.
14:17 This is all about the mystery which has been kept secret since
14:21 the world began, the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
14:24 And it's talking about a revelation being made of this
14:27 gospel. Very positive use of the word.
14:30 The apocalypse of the unveiling of this mystery of Jesus Christ.
14:35 That's beautiful. And see this verse I think ties
14:38 in powerfully with the book of Revelation and really gives us
14:42 some footing as we move into the book of Revelation to understand
14:45 what the focus of Revelation really is. The next one here is
14:49 from 1 Corinthians 1 verse 7: Paul is speaking here to the
14:53 church in Corinth and he doesn't want them to come behind in any
14:56 gift waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, or the
15:00 revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ which is a very positive
15:03 thing, because this world is full of sin and suffering and
15:06 pain. The revelation of Jesus is going to bring that to an end.
15:09 And that revelation he wants them to have, not just at his
15:13 coming but now, have Christ revealed to us, have Christ
15:18 unfolded to us even now so the pain and suffering and sin in
15:21 our lives today presently can be alleviated by an understanding
15:25 and a focus on Jesus.
15:26 So the world coming here is apocalypse's in the Greek and so
15:31 now we're seeing that it can be lighten, this is for apocalypse,
15:36 I mean the apocalypse. To lighten, to reveal, to manifest,
15:41 and for the coming of Jesus Christ, the light of the world.
15:45 Something we really want. It's something that ties in with that
15:49 verse that you read in Revelation 1:3, the blessing;
15:51 blessed are those that see, blessed are those that receive,
15:56 blessed are those that have the apocalypse, the coming of Jesus
16:00 Christ. Amen. Galatians 1 verse 12 is the next one: Paul says
16:04 here that the church in Galatia, for I neither received
16:07 it of man, that is a revelation, neither was I taught it but by
16:11 the revelation of Jesus Christ. Paul here is talking about the
16:15 gospel. There's a lot of conflict taking place in the
16:17 church in Galatia. There's a legalism that is springing up
16:20 among the Jewish converts. It's very difficult for them to
16:23 embrace fully the gospel of Jesus Christ and Paul is
16:26 contending with this legalism. He's saying listen, my gospel
16:29 that I preach, that God gave to me, didn't come from man, it
16:33 came directly as a revelation, same word, apocalypse's, a
16:37 revelation from Jesus Christ.
16:38 And so when Jesus got Paul's attention on the Damascus road
16:45 he not only revealed himself, the apocalypse, of Jesus to Paul
16:51 on the Damascus road and he told him, I manifested myself to you,
16:56 I'm shining my light into your darkness. Now I'm sending you
17:01 out to open blind eyes, to turn them from darkness to light,
17:06 from the power of Satan to me. So again we see apocalypse is a
17:11 beautiful unveiling, a manifestation of the life and
17:15 the truth of Jesus Christ to Paul.
17:17 That's a really good connection, Shelly. In this verse we're
17:20 connected all the way back to road, the Damascus road, and
17:24 what did Paul see? He saw Jesus. It's the revelation of Jesus.
17:27 Take that same picture that same Biblical definition into the
17:30 book of Revelation and we're going to see that same picture
17:35 unfolding there as we move into that book. Galatians 2 verse 2:
17:39 I went up by revelation and communicated unto them that
17:43 gospel which I preached among the gentiles but privately to
17:47 them which were of reputation lest by any means I should run
17:51 or had run in vain. Paul here is speaking of his desire to
17:57 communicate to the brethren the gospel that he had been shown
18:01 by Jesus. He wanted to make sure that he was affirmed by the
18:04 church, that they were in harmony, he was in harmony with
18:08 the church. He had a rough background, he was a persecutor
18:11 of the church and so immediately before he engaged
18:15 fully in the work that God had given him directly, God had
18:18 communicated him directly, he went to the brethren and shared
18:21 with them what God had shown him, the revelation God had
18:23 given him which was the revelation of Jesus.
18:25 So he went to them and said this is the apocalypse. He appeared
18:30 to me, he changed my life, he converted me. I was the worst of
18:36 sinners, out persecuting the church but the apocalypse of
18:40 Jesus Christ when I saw him for who he was and I understood his
18:43 truth, I'm a converted man and this is what he taught me and
18:46 I'm here to prove to you that I'm no longer a persecutor, I'm
18:51 no longer the one... See isn't it true that, it just hit me and
18:55 I don't know if I can articulate this, James. When we don't see
19:00 Jesus in revelation, the book of Revelation, then our minds are
19:06 clouded and we don't see that, we become persecutors of the
19:12 truth. Absolutely. OK.
19:14 Without Christ, see Paul was a persecutor of the truth without
19:17 Christ. Once he saw Christ then he became a preacher of that
19:21 truth. Amen. And that is why Satan hates this word and that
19:25 we would understand this word Biblically. This is one of his
19:28 devices in the end of time so that we will misunderstand the
19:31 entire focus of apocalypse. Because apocalypse as it's
19:35 defined in the Bible, apocalypse changes lives and changes hearts
19:40 Apocalypse converts people. Apocalypse is revelation and
19:44 revelation primarily of Jesus Christ and Satan doesn't want
19:47 that revelation. He doesn't want people to gain the blessing
19:50 that's pronounced in Revelation 1 verse 3. He does not want any
19:53 of us to see Jesus for who he really is. He loves for us to
19:57 focus on end-time events, on the things that are going to happen
19:59 without Christ being in the picture because he knows that
20:03 it will either scare us or it will drive us totally into this
20:06 extremism that we see among many Christian denominations
20:11 today, just focusing on these events and wars and calamities
20:15 etc., and not really seeing Jesus in all of it and what the
20:19 gospel means in the context of all of that.
20:21 You know something, James, I was just thinking as you were
20:23 talking that when the Lord first called me to full time ministry
20:27 one of the things I did, he had me sit down and I was going
20:30 through the Bible with, trying to take off the blinders and
20:34 what I thought I understood, I found, contrary to the way I'd
20:39 been taught that Jesus Christ is on every page of the Bible from
20:44 Genesis to Revelation. If you study, looking for Jesus, you
20:48 will see Jesus, the apocalypse, the unveiling of Jesus Christ
20:53 throughout the Bible. And without that understanding I
20:56 think that's who so many people misinterpret the different books
21:01 of the Bible.
21:02 Absolutely. In fact the very study we're going through,
21:05 Shelly, was amazing to me. I mean when I began to study this
21:09 word through the scriptures, I was expecting to find oh a Bible
21:13 verse here and there and maybe a few verses that were positive
21:17 and a few verses that were focused on prophecy as a
21:20 negative destructive, doom and gloom type of thing and I was
21:23 overwhelmed with the amount of evidence that I found here and
21:26 we're skipping through a lot of these verses. We're not reading
21:28 them all, but I was overwhelmed with the amount of verses that
21:31 I found here that were all focused on Christ, on the gospel
21:35 on the manifestation of who he is, on how he impacted the lives
21:38 of people like Paul who had turned against the gospel but
21:42 were now converted through a revelation of Jesus to preach
21:46 the gospel. I was amazed at what the focus of this word really
21:49 was. I thought to myself, you know, we've got to share this
21:53 with the world because people need to see that this word has
21:57 been kidnapped, this word has been distorted and that the true
22:02 meaning of this word is something that is vital for us
22:05 especially in the end of time to understand.
22:08 Because Satan would have us fear quote, unquote, apocalyptic
22:12 literature because we're looking at it as something that is all
22:17 doom and gloom rather than as the Bible is presenting it as
22:22 this is the manifestation of the truth of God, the revealing, the
22:26 unveiling and these are the beauties of the divine mysteries
22:31 of God. Absolutely. In fact, let me just
22:33 add one more thought. Not only so, but when you misunderstand
22:37 or interpret the word itself then you will take that word as
22:41 a magnifying glass or as a way through which you will view
22:44 scripture. So what happens is instead of viewing prophecy in
22:48 the context of Christ, we start viewing prophecy in the context
22:52 of doom and gloom and antichrist So much so that we will actually
22:56 take scripture that points to Jesus and apply it to the
22:59 antichrist. Twisting scripture to our own
23:03 destruction as Peter says.
23:04 This is exactly what has happened in the context of
23:08 Daniel and Revelation. A lot of scripture that points to Jesus
23:11 and we might get a chance to look at this a little bit, has
23:14 been taken now to point to the antichrist rather than pointing
23:18 to Jesus Christ. Because we've defined the revelation as a
23:21 revelation of the destructor and the one who destroys, the
23:25 antichrist, etc., and so therefore, when we look at
23:28 Revelation, we're looking for the antichrist and we're more
23:31 inclined to interpret the verses as applying to him rather than
23:34 to Jesus Christ. Well we need that spiritual
23:37 eye salve, we need the lens through which we are focusing
23:40 and studying the Bible needs to be the Holy Spirit and not what
23:44 Satan is trying to give us as a description. Exactly, Exactly.
23:47 OK, let's go on. The more of these verses we look
23:49 at the better. Ephesians 1 verse That the God of our Lord
23:54 Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the
23:58 spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.
24:02 The spirit of apocalypse.
24:04 Yes. And the wisdom and revelation, the wisdom of
24:09 apocalypse. And notice the context again in verse 17 of
24:12 Ephesians 1: In the knowledge of him. The word revelation is used
24:16 in the context of having a knowledge of him and not a
24:20 knowledge of the antichrist or a knowledge of the doom and the
24:22 gloom and the destruction but the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
24:26 Ephesians 3:3: How that by revelation he made know unto me
24:30 the mystery; and again this is talking about the mystery of God
24:33 it's talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it comes to
24:36 Paul by revelation, by apocalypse, apocalypse's.
24:40 So we see this word as very positive. God is communicating
24:44 through Paul that this is what we need. We need to be given
24:47 the spirit of wisdom and revelation, apocalypse.
24:50 We need to understand apocalypse in the context of understanding
24:54 the gospel of Jesus Christ. The next one here is in
24:57 2 Thessalonians 1 verse 7: And to you who are troubled rest
25:02 with us when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven
25:06 with his mighty angles. Now this word revealed again is the
25:10 apocalypse and here's where we find the balance. I believe that
25:14 that word does have a balance. It's not all positive but for
25:18 everyone because when Jesus returns God's people are told to
25:22 lift up their heads, their redemption draws nigh, and say
25:25 Lo this is our God, we have waited for him, he will save us.
25:28 In the context of the Bible you also find that there are going
25:31 to be a number of people, Revelation 6:17, for example,
25:36 tells us, verses 15-17, who will run for the rocks and the
25:40 mountains and say fall on us and hide us from the face of him
25:44 that sits on the throne and from the Lamb.
25:45 Because they know they're going to be destroyed by the
25:47 brightness of his coming. This purity, they can't stand in the
25:50 presence of God. And they have been conditioned
25:53 for that by refusing to see the revelation of Jesus Christ right
25:58 now. We prepare to stand in his presence at his coming by
26:02 opening his word now and getting glimpses of that brightness and
26:06 of that glory right now. It is when that glory manifests itself
26:10 in the small glimpses that we see through the Bible that we
26:14 prepare ourselves. It's kind of like someone who's in darkness
26:18 and I go through this on a daily basis. You know, you wake up in
26:21 the morning and everything's dark. You open the curtains, the
26:24 light comes in and your eyes kind of have to adjust and
26:27 squint and it's the same way... Now I don't know about you but
26:30 there are times when I wake up late and when I wake up late the
26:32 light's already coming through the curtains. My eyes have
26:35 already half adjusted to it, so getting the rest of the light in
26:39 there is not a big deal. My eyes are half adjusted. But when I
26:44 wake out of darkness and I go into light there is a major
26:48 contrast taking place there. God wants us to adjust to that
26:51 light gradually through his word so that when Jesus does finally
26:54 appear we can look and behold his glory without wanting to
27:00 hide in the darkness of the rocks and the mountains.
27:01 We've got about 40 seconds left. Let's get a couple more of these
27:03 scriptures. OK. 1 Peter chapter 1 verse 13,
27:06 a really good one here: Wherefore gird up the loins of
27:09 your minds, be sober and hope to the end for the grace that
27:12 is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
27:15 Grace is connected with the disclosure or the revelation
27:19 of Jesus Christ. Powerful verse right there.
27:23 So we are out of time. But we see that there are two
27:26 revelations. There's a revelation of destruction
27:30 and a revelation of Jesus Christ and the devil has captured this
27:34 word. You've got to come back. We've got to do some more of
27:37 this. Yes, Yes. Let's see where this
27:38 leads us as we study more into prophecy in relation to this
27:41 definition. Thank you so much for being with
27:43 us today, James. And for those of you at home, I hope you'll
27:46 see that the apocalypse is the unveiling of God's truth. It's a
27:50 word not to fear. Now may the Lord richly bless you and
27:54 multiply his mercy, love and grace to you.


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