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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:31 Welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:33 Today our issue is Biblical tithing, and the answer is going
00:36 to come straight from the Bible.
00:37 We're going to understand this before the end of the programs,
00:41 so please stay tuned.
00:42 I want to share a scripture with you because I have so many
00:46 people who tell me, Well, tithing was just for the Jews.
00:49 Let me show you that it began long before the Jewish nation.
00:53 In Genesis 14:20; this is the story of Melchizedek
01:00 the king of Salem who Abram; Abraham, he was sill Abram then,
01:05 met along the way in the journey.
01:07 This is what it says: That blessed, praise and glorified
01:13 be God most high who has given your foes into your hand.
01:17 And Abram gave him, Melchizedek, a tenth of all that
01:22 he had taken.
01:23 So the Biblical principle of tithing has been around from
01:26 the beginning, and we're going to find out it's in the
01:28 New Testament as well.
01:30 And here to tell us about it is G. Edward Reid.
01:33 He's a Christian author.
01:34 He's an attorney.
01:35 He is a financial planner.
01:39 But more than that, he is a Bible student, and a Bible
01:42 scholar I would even say.
01:44 He is the Stewardship Director for the North American Division
01:48 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:50 Now how's that for an introduction Ed?
01:52 Wow!
01:53 Well, thank you Shelley, and thank you for having me today.
01:56 I think we're going to have a good time as we look through
01:58 the Bible to see what the Biblical principles
02:00 of tithing are.
02:01 I think there will be some surprises for lots of people.
02:04 I hope that we can make it simple, and easy to understand,
02:08 and therefore easy to practice.
02:09 For those viewers who may be tuning in who are saying,
02:13 What is tithing?
02:14 How would you explain a tithe?
02:16 Well, this is a good question and one that is foreign to
02:20 a lot of people because they hear it but they don't know
02:22 the Biblical principles.
02:24 Tithing is something that was introduced in the first book
02:27 of the Bible, and it goes all the way through the Bible.
02:29 The last mention is in the book of Hebrews.
02:31 It is simply in the Old Testament the Hebrew word
02:37 for tithe was the same Hebrew word for tenth.
02:41 So tithe is a tenth.
02:42 In the New Testament, by the way, which was written in the
02:45 Greek language primarily, the word for tithe and tenth
02:48 is the same Greek word also, which is very, very interesting.
02:51 So most people don't have any question about how much
02:54 the tithe is.
02:55 But the tithe, as we're going to see in this presentation,
02:58 is something that God said, as followers of God,
03:02 I want to reserve the tithe for Me.
03:04 The best way I can tell you is this, when God placed man,
03:09 Adam and Eve, in the garden of Eden, He said, Of all you see
03:12 you may freely eat.
03:13 I'm only going to ask you one thing.
03:16 There's this one tree; don't eat of it.
03:19 That's all.
03:20 In the same manner, God has placed us in the abundance
03:24 of this earth, and He says, These things are for you.
03:27 I'm only going to ask you for the tenth.
03:30 You take the tenth as a follower, and that's Mine.
03:33 And the very first verse that talks about the law of the tithe
03:38 is in Leviticus 27:30.
03:41 That says, The tithe of the land ... is the Lord's: it is holy
03:47 unto the Lord.
03:48 This is very, very important to understand.
03:51 Remember that the tithe does not pay the Pastor's salary.
03:56 It doesn't go to the church or the conference.
03:58 It belongs to God.
04:00 Now this is very, very amazing.
04:03 But, see, God doesn't need the money.
04:06 I'll just ask a question.
04:07 Since the tithe belongs to God, what could He do with it
04:11 if He wanted to?
04:12 He can do anything He wants.
04:14 That's the right answer.
04:15 I was hoping you would say that.
04:17 He can do anything He wanted to.
04:19 He could take it all back to heaven.
04:20 Right?
04:21 Yes.
04:22 So as a Christian He says, I'm only asking for a tenth.
04:24 So He could take it off with Him.
04:25 Or, parish the thought, He could do this if He wanted to,
04:29 remember when the people brought their lamb without
04:31 spot or blemish?
04:32 Guess what happened to it?
04:33 It got burned up.
04:34 It got killed and then burned up.
04:36 Now this is amazing.
04:37 How would we like it if when the deacons brought the tithe
04:40 forward for the prayer on Sabbath morning someone got a
04:43 lighter and burnt all the tithe up?
04:44 We just wouldn't conscience that.
04:46 That's our money!
04:48 But, see, the whole point was the tithe belongs to God.
04:50 Now this is very basic.
04:52 That's the very bottom line of all tithing.
04:55 Excuse me, I was just going to say, we don't give God a tithe.
05:01 He entrusts everything to us as a steward and we simply return
05:05 a tithe to Him.
05:07 Exactly right; this is very, very important to understand.
05:09 We're told that God does not, with regard to the tithe now,
05:12 appeal to our gratitude or our generosity.
05:16 It is a matter of simple honesty.
05:18 So we return God's portion to Him.
05:20 Then the most amazing thing is He's promised to bless the rest.
05:25 Now this is really, really incredible.
05:27 Now I want to give you a Bible verse that's really interesting.
05:31 It's Numbers, and we're going to look at it in Numbers.
05:35 It's chapter 18, verse 21, I believe.
05:38 But I'm going to look at it in my Bible because
05:41 everybody should actually have this marked in their Bible.
05:44 I believe I've got the right one here, 18:21.
05:50 Yes.
05:51 Now God is speaking here.
05:53 And remember I said He could do anything He wanted to
05:56 with the tithe?
05:57 Yes.
05:58 Well, what did He decide to do?
05:59 He decided to pay the preachers with the tithe.
06:02 So He says, Behold... I have given
06:07 the children of Levi all the tithes in Israel as an
06:11 inheritance in return for the work which they perform,
06:14 the work of the tabernacle of meeting.
06:17 Amen.
06:18 Now when you read the Bible through there's lots in the
06:20 Old Testament; you wonder why it's in there.
06:21 But here's one of them.
06:23 When the Israelites went into the promised land eleven of the
06:27 tribes were given land to farm, and to have their flocks,
06:30 and herds, and so on.
06:31 But the tribe of Levi was supposed to be the religious
06:35 leaders, and the teachers, and so on.
06:39 At any rate, they were not given land.
06:41 They were just given places to stay with little garden plots.
06:43 It's very simple in the Bible.
06:45 You can see that.
06:46 So God said, Your tithe will go to support the Levites because
06:50 they don't have the big farms, and the cattle, and all that
06:53 you have.
06:54 But even the Levites tithed.
06:55 We understand that from the book of Nehemiah.
06:57 Everyone tithes, but they're supported by the others.
07:00 So God said, I want to support the preachers, if you please,
07:04 with my tithe.
07:05 So when I'm tithing, as an individual, I'm tithing to God.
07:10 Then God says, I'm going to trust the Levites,
07:13 or the religious leaders, to use the tithe to support
07:15 the ministry.
07:17 Isn't that incredible?
07:18 Amen.
07:19 That's one of the amazing things about the tithing that you find
07:21 in the scriptures really.
07:22 And, you know, there are certain denominations out there that
07:26 teach, or one of their traditions is that they do
07:30 not support those who are their church leaders,
07:33 or the preachers, per se, and the Bible says that the
07:37 workman is worthy of his hire.
07:39 Yes, that's in Apostle Paul.
07:41 And this same thing, I mean, he's harking back to the
07:44 Old Testament and bringing that same principle across into
07:47 the New Testament.
07:48 It's very, very important.
07:49 We'll talk about that in a few minutes.
07:50 Wonderful.
07:51 Now what were the people supposed to do with their tithe?
07:54 Now this is a really, really interesting question because
07:57 people have questions about this, so we want to address it
08:01 right up front.
08:02 The Bible says, and probably one of the most famous
08:04 well known tithe texts is Malachi 3: Bring all the tithe
08:09 to the storehouse...
08:10 So tithing was actually an act of worship.
08:13 God had said twice in Deuteronomy, Do not appear
08:16 before the Lord empty handed.
08:17 Come with your tithes and your offerings.
08:19 Now this is really, really interesting.
08:21 So it's part of our worship.
08:22 We bring the tithe to the storehouse.
08:24 The interesting thing is when you do that then there's money
08:28 there, God's money, for Him to do what He wants to do
08:31 with His tithe.
08:32 So it's really an act of worship.
08:34 We bring it to the storehouse.
08:36 And the tithe was used for more than just to pay the salaries
08:40 of the pastors or the ministers.
08:42 It was also used to make sure that God's house had
08:47 what it needed.
08:48 Now that's an interesting question.
08:50 I'm going to try to explain that to you.
08:52 Okay.
08:53 Sometimes people have been told in churches that the tithe
08:58 was anything they did for religion at all.
09:00 I mean it could even go to pay your kids church school expenses
09:04 or whatever.
09:05 But the Bible says that the tithe belongs to God
09:07 and it's holy.
09:08 We return it and then the pastors are paid from that.
09:11 But when there were building projects, like when they built
09:14 the tabernacle or they built the temple, and so on,
09:16 that was a separate fund that they brought in for the
09:20 building of it.
09:21 We don't have any record in the Bible that the tithe was ever
09:24 used for anything but salaries.
09:26 Now I think you're asking the question for the this reason,
09:30 so I'm going to answer it this way.
09:31 In the tribe of Levi there were not just preachers,
09:37 but there were also teachers, the choir was there,
09:40 the people who cleaned the sanctuary were there,
09:42 the security guards for the sanctuary, so if you were a
09:45 Levite you got paid from the tithe.
09:46 Okay.
09:47 But the people that made that decision were the priests
09:50 and the leaders of the Levites.
09:52 So we try to practice that in the Adventist church by saying,
09:56 When the tithe comes in we're going to keep it as a holy fund
09:59 that belongs to God.
10:00 It's not the offering fund that we're going to use to build
10:02 buildings with.
10:04 Right.
10:05 Do you see what I'm saying?
10:06 Right.
10:07 But it's a special fund.
10:08 But who actually gets the tithe is an administrative
10:10 decision that God has left with the spiritual leaders.
10:13 Do you see what I'm saying?
10:14 That's the Biblical model.
10:16 Okay, but doesn't it, in the book of Deuteronomy,
10:18 talk about using the tithe for the poor and for social events?
10:22 Oh, yes, indeed!
10:23 And that's your real question.
10:25 You're trying to get into something that's very unusual.
10:27 People who are perceptive and read the Bible, find that
10:30 there's sometimes counsel that the tithe is to be used at home
10:34 for entertaining the poor, for social occasions,
10:39 and entertaining the Levites, and so on.
10:41 You read that in Deuteronomy.
10:42 Now something is very, very interesting.
10:45 I actually have written a paper on that and it's on our website,
10:48 but I will just tell you a real quick answer to it.
10:51 In the Bible, just like there are more than one Sabbath,
10:55 you know, like there's the seventh-day Sabbath,
10:57 there are also the ceremonial Sabbaths in Leviticus 23.
11:02 You're familiar with that.
11:03 Well, there's also two tithes in the Bible.
11:06 There is the Lord's tithe, which were talked about in Genesis,
11:11 Exodus, Numbers, and Leviticus, but the tithe that's talked
11:17 about in Deuteronomy is called the second tithe.
11:21 Okay.
11:22 Not the Lord's tithe.
11:23 And every third year that tithe was to be kept at home
11:27 to assist the poor, or to entertain the traveling
11:33 preachers, and to have money for social, let's just say
11:37 camp meeting.
11:38 Okay.
11:39 Do you see what I'm saying?
11:40 Yes.
11:41 For the festivals, the religious festivals.
11:42 Now something really interesting, I don't think it
11:44 would be appropriate to say the name, but a few years ago a
11:47 popular minister in America wrote a book, The Kingdom of God
11:50 Is A Party.
11:51 In that book he stated that preachers have no right to tell
11:55 people to bring their tithes to church, because when you read
11:58 it in Deuteronomy chapters 12 to 16, and so on, it's talking
12:02 about using it at home.
12:03 But when you read it it's very clear that's the second tithe
12:07 not the Lord's tithe.
12:08 The first tithe, the holy tithe, the Lord's tithe, always and
12:11 only goes to the storehouse to be used to pay the preachers.
12:16 But the second tithe on the third year was to be
12:19 used socially.
12:20 So we have all the Bible verses and all that.
12:23 It's a free thing.
12:25 You can get on our website and see the answer to that.
12:28 You know in Malachi 3:20...
12:31 I'm just sitting here and you're talking about two tithes.
12:33 Some people have trouble with one tithe.
12:35 Yes.
12:36 But the Biblical principle for this is found in
12:39 Malachi 3:10, when God is saying bring all the tithes,
12:44 the whole tenth of your income into the storehouse that there
12:48 may be food in my house, and prove me by this says the Lord
12:52 of hosts.
12:53 See if I will not open the windows of heaven for you
12:55 and pour out a blessing so much that you can't even contain it.
12:59 So there's a blessing connected to the tithe
13:01 But, Ed, some people don't really understand that when they
13:05 don't return the tithe, God had begun this passage, if we go
13:09 back up a few verses, He says, Will a man rob God?
13:15 Yet you rob me.
13:17 But you say, In what way do we rob you?
13:20 And He says, because you have withheld your tithe
13:24 and your offerings.
13:26 My question is, Is that second tithe what we call offerings,
13:32 or is that something that...
13:34 Are we not tithing enough?
13:36 Yes, there really wouldn't be a second Lord's tithe.
13:40 We would call that offerings today.
13:42 Kathy and I have been doing what we call ten plus ten
13:46 for many years.
13:48 That is our tenth tithe.
13:49 Then we set aside a second tenth for offerings,
13:52 for various things, our local church, our conference work,
13:55 and the worldwide work.
13:56 Then when we some supporting ministry that we really like
14:00 we support them as well, you see, but we do that our
14:03 offering tithe, the second one, because it is discretionary.
14:07 But the Lord's tithe, you read that correctly, with the proper
14:10 emphasis, bring all the tithe.
14:12 Many of the modern translations say bring the whole tithe
14:15 to the Lord.
14:16 That's the Lord's tithe, the first tenth.
14:18 And the reason God is calling it robbery is because He set it
14:22 apart and sanctified it, and He called it His.
14:24 So when we don't return that which has been sanctified
14:29 to Him, set apart for His use, we are actually robbing God.
14:33 Yeah, it even gets more serious than that actually.
14:36 In the law we study criminal law and criminal procedure.
14:40 There are different levels of theft crimes.
14:43 If someone just steals something from your yard they could be
14:46 arrested and tried for simple petty theft, conversion of the
14:51 property, someone took it without returning it, and so on.
14:54 But if they were to break into your house and steal something
14:57 then it gets very, very serious.
14:59 In many jurisdictions, like I know in Florida,
15:01 if you're convicted for breaking and entering the property
15:04 of another, you'd get six years in jail.
15:05 There's no questions asked.
15:07 It's very serious.
15:08 But still though we haven't gotten to the level of robbery.
15:10 Robbery only occurs when the owner is present.
15:14 Now this is very, very serious.
15:16 You know, give me your keys or I'll kill you.
15:18 You understand those kinds of things that people say.
15:20 They're robbers, you know.
15:21 Well, the fact is, how can God call failure to tithe robbery?
15:25 Well, it's very clear in the Bible, in many passages,
15:27 like Hebrews 4:13, you know, Where can you flee from
15:30 his presence?
15:31 We must, you know, we're all naked and appear before the
15:32 judgment bar of God, and so on.
15:34 He's there, and He has plans for it.
15:36 He's not willingly surrendering yet.
15:38 We're taking it from Him and robbing Him of the ability
15:41 to see what good it could do for the cause of God.
15:43 Do you see what I'm saying?
15:44 So that's why it's a real serious thing.
15:47 And many people, I'm sure you've had people tell you this,
15:51 they'll say, Well, that was an Old Testament principle.
15:54 So what that Abraham tithed before the Jewish nation?
15:57 Yeah.
15:58 Where do you find it in the New Testament?
16:00 Well, I'm going to answer it, the beginning and the end.
16:03 When you study the Bible, as in any history book, there's a law
16:07 of first mention.
16:08 The first time something is mentioned is really important,
16:11 and the law of last mention.
16:12 Both of them deal with, Hebrews the 7th chapter,
16:16 deal with the experience of Melchizedek, and that's the
16:20 first time tithing was mentioned.
16:21 Now this is interesting.
16:23 And neither Melchizedek, or Jesus as the new Melchizedek,
16:27 were members of the tribe of Levi.
16:29 Jesus was, of course, from the tribe of Judah.
16:31 And this is very interesting that you have non-Levitical
16:35 priests asking for tithe.
16:37 The first time it's mentioned, and the last time it's mentioned
16:40 in the Bible.
16:41 Now this is really pretty amazing.
16:42 But even beyond that remember that the Bible of Jesus and the
16:47 disciples, and all the Bible writers, was always and only
16:51 in the Old Testament.
16:52 That was the Bible to them.
16:53 Study to show yourselves approved unto God.
16:55 You don't just study the New Testament, you study the
16:57 Old Testament.
16:58 And the principles of scripture that you find in the
17:00 Old Testament are just as valid for us today.
17:02 Do you see what I'm saying?
17:04 Yes.
17:05 Except those ceremonial things that pointed forward to Christ,
17:07 you know in the sacrificial system and so on,
17:10 since Jesus came and became the reality,
17:14 those we don't practice.
17:15 But the other things like the health laws, the civil laws,
17:18 the ten commandment laws, and the law of the tithe,
17:21 and so on, given way before the ten commandments,
17:23 those still would apply to us today.
17:25 Amen.
17:26 Now, you know, I was thinking of how Jesus said, talking to
17:30 the Pharisees, He said, You give a tenth of your mint,
17:33 and you give a tenth of all these herbs, and as He's going
17:36 on to correct them He said what you should have done.
17:39 So Jesus is applauding them for the tithing, but I hear people
17:44 talk about an honest tithe.
17:46 Yeah.
17:47 Giving an honest tithe.
17:48 Now first I wanted to say, I knew I had another point in my
17:51 mind, was that we are really not allowed by God to say,
17:57 Okay, I'm going to set this tenth apart.
17:59 Now I'll decide where it goes.
18:00 We can't say, no, I'm not going to give it to the church.
18:03 I'll give it over here or I'll give it to my family and call
18:05 that my tithe, because He has a purpose for the tithe
18:09 and that is holy.
18:10 You're very perceptive about that.
18:11 According to the Bible the tithe is non-discretionary neither
18:16 as to amount or to what it's used for.
18:18 We don't have discretion.
18:20 We're only told to return it to the religious leaders.
18:23 Now the fact is if I'm a Seventh-day Adventist
18:27 the storehouse would be the conference office,
18:29 the place from which the pastors are paid.
18:31 But for the convenience of the members we return it through our
18:33 local church, but it's sent on to the conference office.
18:36 The pastors are not paid at that level.
18:38 If I was a Baptist and I was in a congregational church
18:41 then my tithe would return there to the treasurer
18:43 who pays the pastor, and so on.
18:44 But the whole point is where your denomination or
18:49 organization has decided, that's the Biblical principal.
18:52 That's what you should follow.
18:53 That's what I would encourage people to do.
18:55 But we're trying to follow the Biblical model in the Adventist
18:57 church so we return our tithe.
18:59 We don't use it ourselves.
19:00 We don't send it off to the mission field.
19:01 We return it to the storehouse and the Lord's leaders can
19:05 decide what to do with it; what's the best use of it
19:07 at that point.
19:08 Okay, now that brings up another point though.
19:10 When you say the Lord's leaders can determine what's the best
19:14 use of it.
19:15 I've heard people say, I don't like the way the tithe's
19:17 being used.
19:18 Yeah.
19:19 But we still, it doesn't matter, our duty is to return it.
19:24 It's God's tithe so that's between God and His leaders.
19:28 That's exactly right, and beyond that it's very serious.
19:31 We really hate to even go in there, but the fact is the use
19:35 of the tithe by the leaders is their responsibility to God
19:39 in that area, too, but it's not my responsibility unless I'm one
19:43 of those people.
19:44 Do you see?
19:45 Yes.
19:46 So I return to the Lord and God says you've done what I've
19:47 asked you to do.
19:48 Then there's an accountability beyond that between the leaders
19:51 and God to use it wisely.
19:53 I mean, you know, embezzling it, or there's many, many things
19:56 that we could say about it, but we don't want to second
19:59 guess each other, you know, in every little dime and nickel
20:02 about it.
20:03 But the fact is we would like to see it used wisely,
20:06 and in fact we are encouraged to contact the leaders if we feel
20:09 it isn't being used wisely, but not to withhold it.
20:12 Okay.
20:13 Now let me come back to calculating the tithe.
20:15 I have a dear friend who owns her own business.
20:19 Let me say it this way, if you are employed by another
20:24 it's easy to calculate the tenth of your gross income.
20:27 If you're doing a salary or by the hour it's very easy, yes.
20:31 Very easy, but now my friend, what she was doing was whatever
20:36 money her business brought in she was paying a tenth
20:38 of that out.
20:39 I sat down with her and explained, No, you're to pay,
20:42 being self employed, God has only asked you to pay a tenth
20:47 of the increase.
20:49 So this would be not your gross profit, but minus the cost
20:54 of goods.
20:55 So it would be on your net profit.
20:56 Am I answering her correctly?
20:59 Yes, I would say that in many businesses they're happy if they
21:02 have an eight percent profit margin.
21:04 You couldn't tithe on one hundred percent or you would
21:06 go out of business.
21:08 Right.
21:09 So I have a real simple formula that I tell people.
21:10 This is a common question, one that deserves a good answer.
21:14 But it's a simple answer, and it's like this: If I'm in
21:17 business for myself, and let's just say that I take out $50,000
21:21 a year to live on as living expenses.
21:24 Obviously at the time I receive it I'll pay tithe on
21:26 that portion.
21:27 But let's just say that at the end of the year when I do my
21:30 taxes that I actually made $70,000 profit on my business,
21:33 and my business transactions.
21:35 Let's just say I'm a farmer.
21:37 After I've paid for my fuel, fertilizer, seed, and the help
21:41 that I've had, and so on, so that my net profit is $70,000.
21:45 Well, I've already taken $50,000 of that to live on.
21:48 So then I would only have a business tithe on the $20,000
21:52 remaining that I hadn't tithed before.
21:54 So it's pretty simple.
21:55 In other words your net profit would be the portion that
21:59 you would pay taxes on typically.
22:01 Now it is possible, sometimes I've had people say, Well,
22:04 you know I didn't make any money last year so I didn't tithe.
22:06 But I would say, Well, how did you eat?
22:08 Do you understand?
22:10 The fact is unless you took it out of savings that's already
22:14 been tithed; if I have money that I take, maybe there
22:17 wouldn't be a net profit in the business side.
22:19 But if I take money out for living expenses I should tithe
22:21 that portion.
22:22 And another thing is we always need to remember that God
22:25 doesn't need the money.
22:26 He really wants to know where is our heart in all of this.
22:28 So if I'm trying to do my best by God surely He will make a
22:33 providential way for me to understand it.
22:35 You know, you can actually be to the point where you're not
22:38 taking money out for eating, because I know when J. D. and I
22:40 first married we had a business partner, and I won't go
22:42 into that, but we ended with $250,000 of debt.
22:48 When we married that's how far our business debt was.
22:52 Now we were making good money, but it was all going to that
22:56 business debt in the same business.
22:58 Basically if it hadn't been for credit cards we would
23:01 not have existed.
23:02 So we were not tithing.
23:04 But I will say this, I was taking out $100 a month
23:06 You couldn't put your groceries on a credit card at that time.
23:12 So I'd take $100 a month out, living in Dallas, Texas,
23:15 and we were living for groceries, for hair supplies,
23:21 for personal items, on that $100 a month.
23:24 I sat down with J. D. as we were working out our plan to get out
23:28 of debt.
23:29 I sat down with him and I said, Honey, I just really feel like
23:33 the Lord's speaking to me that we need to be giving
23:35 to His work.
23:36 We made Him a covenant to give Him $100 a month.
23:39 That's all we had to live on.
23:41 I cannot explain to you, nor can I explain to our audience,
23:45 but the Malachi 3 principle came into play because we started
23:50 giving that money, and all of a sudden, at the end of the year
23:55 I'm trying to figure out why we were so much better off
23:59 than we had been because our business income was basically
24:02 the same, but God gave us such favor in so many ways that when
24:07 we started giving it was coming back to us in so many different
24:10 ways that we never noticed.
24:12 I mean it wasn't like we were left without, we actually
24:16 were benefiting.
24:17 Let me just say in response to your story, which I think
24:20 God has blessed you and there's no question.
24:22 You feel it yourself.
24:23 Absolutely!
24:24 In the Bible, or in the practice of our church, for example,
24:27 we never ask people to turn in your W2 forms, your 1040 forms
24:31 or whatever.
24:32 That's between you and God.
24:33 We just teach the Biblical principles and the people
24:37 apply them.
24:38 But if I knew that I was making a profit and I wasn't tithing
24:41 there would be a serious problem.
24:43 You understand?
24:44 So the whole point is God allows us individually to be
24:46 responsible, and so on, but we could make up all kinds of
24:51 excuses to why we're not faithful.
24:53 Well, we need new this, we need new that, or whatever.
24:55 Do you see what I'm saying?
24:56 But the bottom line is God is looking for faithful people
24:59 because that's what it's going to take to be saved at the end.
25:01 I want to give you a couple of New Testament verses
25:05 because that's one of the questions that people have
25:07 and that is did it really apply?
25:09 Remember the Old Testament model is that everyone tithes
25:13 for support of the ministry.
25:14 Well, in the New Testament Jesus, of course, as you said,
25:17 commended tithing.
25:19 That's in two places, Matthew 23 where He was giving the woes
25:23 and the Pharisees, and then said all these bad things.
25:25 Then you're even so persnickety and particular that you're
25:29 tithing these little herbs.
25:31 Then He said, You ought to keep doing that, but don't leave
25:34 these other matters undone; the justice and so on.
25:36 When Luke talks about it in the synoptic gospel of Luke 11:42
25:43 he talks about, Don't leave the other undone also.
25:46 And then, amazingly, the Apostle Paul uses the same Old Testament
25:51 model that those who work in the gospel should live of the gospel
25:54 and a workman is worthy of his hire, and so on,
25:57 obviously harking back to the same principle that we've talked
26:00 about from the Old Testament.
26:01 Do you see what I'm saying?
26:02 So the principles are there, and since the Old Testament was
26:06 the Bible of Jesus and the disciples there wasn't any
26:09 reason for them to have to reinvent it and put everything
26:11 over into the New Testament...
26:13 Exactly.
26:14 because we have the Bible as a whole.
26:15 Exactly, and Paul said that the word of God was all inspired
26:19 by Him, written for our instruction...
26:21 True.
26:22 ...and for our edification.
26:23 You know, we only have just about a minute left, so I know
26:26 I'm not going to get to hear these wonderful stories,
26:28 but as a financial planner, have you not seen people who
26:33 began tithing and then they said, It doesn't add up.
26:36 A CPA couldn't explain it, but we are blessed in our finances
26:39 because of this.
26:40 We asked people several years ago to send us stories of
26:44 God's blessing and providence in their life.
26:47 We got 150 stories in.
26:49 They were so awesome they would bring tears to your eyes.
26:51 We printed them in a little book called Over and Over Again.
26:53 Well, when people started reading that book they said,
26:56 Well, you should hear what God did for our family,
26:57 so we got 150 more spontaneously and we've written two books,
27:01 volume 1 and volume 2.
27:02 I mean the incredible things that God has done.
27:04 I could tell you stories; you could tell me stories
27:06 of what God has done for your family.
27:08 There's Biblical evidence, and there's antidotal evidence,
27:12 that the principles are correct.
27:13 Amen.
27:14 Ed, thank you so much for coming today and discussing
27:17 this with us.
27:18 I know that we're going to get you to come back to do
27:20 another program.
27:21 You've been a real blessing.
27:22 Well, thank you.
27:23 It's been a blessing to be here.
27:24 This is always an interesting topic, one for which we have
27:26 good information.
27:27 Absolutely, absolutely.
27:29 I hope that you've enjoyed today, and I hope that you've
27:32 learned something.
27:33 If you're interested in getting any of Ed's books you can
27:36 actually go to the 3ABN website.
27:38 We have a link to Ed Reid's website.
27:42 Now, May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the
27:45 Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.
27:49 Test God on this tithing principle.
27:51 See what He does.
27:52 Thank you.


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