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Biblical Principles Of Money Management

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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome again to
00:31 Issues and Answers.
00:32 Today is an issue you will not want to miss because we will
00:35 be talking about Biblical principles for money management.
00:39 Let me share a scripture from the Bible with you.
00:42 It's Deuteronomy 8:18 and this is what it says:
00:46 But you shall earnestly remember the Lord your God, for it is he
00:50 who gives you power to get wealth, that he may establish
00:54 his covenant.
00:55 God is the one who gives us the ability to gain wealth,
00:59 and God has a way of managing money.
01:02 Here today to talk to us about money management is
01:08 an expert, really.
01:09 His name is G. Edward Reid and he is the Stewardship
01:13 Director for the North American Division of the
01:15 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:16 Ed we are so glad that you've come from Washington, D.C.
01:21 to share with us today.
01:23 It's my pleasure.
01:24 I'm looking forward to this.
01:25 This is an interesting Bible topic and beyond that
01:27 it's life changing.
01:28 Following the Biblical principles can make a great deal
01:31 of difference in peoples lives.
01:33 Amen.
01:34 You're one who is quite knowledgeable on this topic.
01:36 You've written a wonderful book called It's Your Money Isn't It?
01:39 Practical Money Management for Christians.
01:41 Even your wife has written a book.
01:44 This is Dollars and Sense from Grandmamma.
01:47 So this is a wonderful topic to be talking about today.
01:51 God does want us to manage our money according to His
01:57 Biblical principles.
01:58 Why?
01:59 Well, the real interesting thing is that there's a lot of
02:01 ignorance on this topic.
02:02 Everybody has to manage money.
02:05 Unfortunately, even in school we don't learn these things.
02:09 Even in Christian schools, at least when I was growing up,
02:12 You can to go through elementary school, high school, academy
02:14 and college and never actually be required to take a course
02:17 that teaches you just simple things about money management.
02:20 So the problem is not that we are stupid,
02:22 it's just that we're ignorant.
02:23 We haven't been in touch with the Biblical principles,
02:25 and those are very, very valuable, I think.
02:28 It's been life changing for my wife and I to learn
02:31 these principles.
02:32 Even midway through our lives it's been dramatic the change.
02:35 And Ed, there are so many verses in the Bible on money.
02:40 Where do you begin, or how did you and Kathy begin to establish
02:44 these Biblical principles?
02:45 One thing is that we read the Bible through together every
02:49 year out loud, and that's unusual.
02:50 I don't know very many people that do that.
02:52 We just take a half an hour every morning and read three
02:55 or four chapters.
02:56 So we read the Bible clear through out loud.
02:57 So you can learn them.
02:58 There's hundreds of Bible texts.
03:01 But since you ask, Where do you begin?, I'm going to give you
03:03 two answers.
03:04 Okay.
03:05 The first one is that in the very first verse in the Bible
03:08 God is introduced as the creator of heaven and earth.
03:11 Believe it or not, that is actually a stewardship verse
03:14 because it tells us who God is and who we are.
03:17 He's the creator and the owner and we're managers.
03:20 We're never going to be the owner.
03:21 We're never going to be the creator.
03:22 He's the one who made everything.
03:23 So you start right there with Genesis 1:1.
03:26 That's very good.
03:27 Then there's another one.
03:28 You go over to the gospels; the first gospel of Matthew.
03:31 That's in the New Testament, of course,
03:33 in Jesus' famous mountain sermon.
03:36 We call it Sermon on the Mount, but it's Matthew
03:39 chapters 5, 6, and 7.
03:41 Right in the middle of Matthew 5, 6, and 7, it's in chapter 6,
03:45 there's about 13 verses that deal with money management.
03:48 They're very, very good.
03:50 In the longest recorded sermon of Jesus the body of the sermon
03:55 is about money management.
03:56 Isn't that interesting?
03:57 That is interesting.
03:58 I know that we all need to learn how to be better stewards
04:02 of God's money, because it really is His money.
04:04 He gives it to us to be able to live our lives.
04:08 But when we are looking at this there's over 2300 verses,
04:12 you told me, on Bible principles for management of our money.
04:18 Now you have reduced this to seven points.
04:21 Could you share those with us?
04:22 You know that's kind of interesting because people say
04:24 the Bible has sixty-six books, and there's hundreds,
04:27 and hundreds, and hundreds of verses, chapters, and so on.
04:29 Couldn't God just tell us ten ways to do something?
04:33 Well He did.
04:34 He gave us the Ten Commandments.
04:35 So I thought if it's that simple we could be able to say about
04:38 seven things about money management.
04:40 So I teach that when I go out, and I think it's very, very
04:44 valuable to know,
04:45 So I can go through those real quickly and we can comment
04:48 about them.
04:49 The real interesting thing is since they're Biblical
04:51 principles I'm going to give you a Bible verse for each one.
04:54 That's going to be helpful.
04:56 Viewers may want to jot down or take notes and look it up
04:59 themselves because the Bible is transforming in its nature.
05:02 Amen.
05:03 So the very first one that I have recorded before is that God
05:06 is the owner of everything.
05:07 Now I've given you Genesis 1:1 for that.
05:09 He's the owner because He made everything.
05:11 By the way, it's very, very interesting.
05:13 You travel a lot and you talk to people and so on,
05:16 but especially when you talk to people of other cultures.
05:19 For example, I had the opportunity of doing an
05:21 evangelistic meeting in India.
05:23 Many of the people who come to meetings over there are Hindus.
05:27 They have like 300,000 gods.
05:29 So I thought to myself, well, if I tell them about Jesus fine.
05:32 They'll just have 300,001.
05:34 So what's the difference?
05:36 We have a God who is the creator of everything.
05:39 He is the main God.
05:41 He is The God, the King of Kings, as we say,
05:43 the Lord of Lords.
05:44 All through the Bible you have Him creator of heaven and earth.
05:49 This is very, very interesting.
05:51 Even in the three angels' messages God says He is the
05:54 creator of heaven and earth.
05:55 Worship Him that made heaven and earth, you know,
05:56 that kind of thing.
05:57 So that's basic.
05:58 That's really number one.
06:00 But there's another one that is real good and that is
06:01 Psalms 24:1 where David says the earth is the Lord's
06:05 and the fullness thereof.
06:06 So the earth is, and everything in it.
06:08 Then it says, and the people and they that dwell therein.
06:11 So even the people belong to God.
06:13 We do too.
06:14 So that's why we have healthful living because we're stewards
06:17 of our body.
06:18 So there's much that we can understand.
06:20 Then there's another real interesting one, and everybody
06:22 needs to know this.
06:23 We don't return our tithes and offerings to God as part of our
06:26 money management because God needs the money.
06:27 He doesn't need the money.
06:29 It's only a response from me from the experienced grace.
06:32 I'm just thankful.
06:33 I want to say to God that I'm thankful.
06:35 It would almost be like a child giving their parents something
06:38 they did with finger painting.
06:39 I mean it's almost worthless, but since the child did it,
06:41 the parents love it, you see.
06:43 And the same thing as it comes from us.
06:45 God loves it.
06:46 So Psalms 50:12 is the other one in that one.
06:49 It says God says, If I was hungry I wouldn't tell you
06:52 because the world is mine and everything in it.
06:54 So we're not trying to satisfy any need He has;
06:57 we're satisfying our own need to say Thank You when we're
07:00 involved in Christian money management.
07:02 And, you know, I like the word that you used there that we
07:05 return the tithe.
07:07 We don't give the tithe because it's God's gift to us.
07:10 He just simply asks that we trust Him in returning
07:12 that portion.
07:14 Another real interesting one; the second principle I would
07:16 tell you about, is that since God is the owner,
07:18 the second one is that we are managers.
07:20 Now this is really, really interesting because
07:23 1Timothy 6, I believe it is also verse 6, says Godliness with
07:29 contentment is great gain.
07:31 We brought nothing into the world and it's certain that
07:34 we're taking nothing out with us.
07:35 In other words, what we've been given while we've been here,
07:38 that's what we manage, and that's God is going to give us
07:41 an account for.
07:42 There's really nothing more sure in the scriptures than that
07:44 there is a day of judgment, and we have to tell the Lord
07:47 what we've done with what we have.
07:49 Now it might be important to talk about this right now.
07:51 A lot of people wonder what it would be like to be rich.
07:55 Most of us are just kind of above the poor class,
07:57 in the middle class, you know.
07:58 The middle class is kind of evaporating in America.
08:01 The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,
08:03 as you know.
08:04 It's an absolute fact.
08:05 Well, the interesting thing is people wonder what it would
08:06 be like to be rich.
08:08 But do you know that it is harder for rich people to
08:11 respond properly to God than poor people?
08:13 Percentage wise the poor are much more generous
08:18 than the rich people are in the world.
08:19 It's a fact.
08:20 It's just really, really incredible.
08:22 And you know what I think sometimes is that maybe part of
08:25 the reason for that is because the wealthy people begin to
08:29 depend on the wealth and what they have and they forget their
08:32 dependence on God.
08:34 That's right.
08:35 So the poor people understand total dependence on God
08:38 and they're willing to share.
08:39 The third one that I want to tell you about is that our
08:42 purpose in life is not to get rich.
08:45 You see these people, you know, with lots of stuff and they're
08:47 saying they're spending their kids inheritance, and you know,
08:50 their toys, and their expensive toys, and so on.
08:52 But the purpose in life from God's perspective is for us to
08:55 glorify God.
08:56 1 Corinthians 10: 31 is a good example.
09:00 Most of us remember years ago when we memorized this,
09:04 Whether therefore you eat or drink, or whatever you do,
09:08 do it all to the glory of God, so that would include the money
09:10 management that we make.
09:11 By the way, if I were in business for myself,
09:15 as a businessman, and I had to make some decisions about my
09:18 business; what to do about this, that, or the other, to add to it
09:21 or to make it bigger or whatever.
09:22 If you just know those three things: that God is the owner,
09:26 that I'm the manager, and my purpose in life is to
09:29 glorify God.
09:30 Can you see how much that will help?
09:31 It's awesome, isn't it?
09:33 It is.
09:34 Because people sometimes think decisions are just for
09:35 themselves; what they do.
09:37 And I'll tell you another one, and this is kind of an
09:41 interesting question.
09:43 There are people on various television programs,
09:46 even of a religious nature, that would tell you that
09:48 God wants you to be wealthy.
09:50 You've heard about that.
09:51 Oh yes.
09:52 These people, you know, they have the appearance that they
09:56 are wealthy; the name it and claim it type people, and so on.
09:58 But, you know, I read the Bible through myself every year,
10:02 and I've never found any verse that God tells us that He wants
10:05 us to be wealthy by the worlds standards.
10:07 As a matter of fact, He says you may have to sacrifice things
10:11 to follow Him.
10:12 You know, and people have actually done that before,
10:14 however, there are many, many promises.
10:18 You know we talked about more than 2,300 verses that talk
10:21 about money and possessions, but there are many of them that
10:24 God has asked us to be responsible stewards and that
10:27 kind of thing, but there are promises in those.
10:30 Amen.
10:31 One of them is Philippians 4:19, where it says My God will supply
10:34 all of your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.
10:38 Now that's an incredible promise.
10:40 And you know, when I think about the people who preach that you
10:45 should be wealthy, they usually go to Psalms 37:4 that says,
10:49 Delight yourself also in the Lord and he will give you the
10:51 desires of your heart.
10:52 Uh huh.
10:53 But they forget about that delight yourself in the Lord...
10:56 That's right.
10:57 ...they're just talk about God will give you the desires
10:58 of your heart.
10:59 Yeah.
11:00 But what I have found, and as I teach it, is that when you
11:03 delight yourself in the Lord His desires become your desires.
11:07 That's incredible, isn't it?
11:09 And then as you're praying and going out God is putting His
11:12 desires in your heart, and that's what you're praying for.
11:14 He does give you the desires of your heart.
11:16 I do our taxes every year, and when I did our taxes last year
11:19 I was surprised myself.
11:20 I said we're going to get audited because of how much
11:22 we gave away of what we have.
11:24 Yes.
11:25 With our kids grown now and our home paid for and so on,
11:27 we can be much more generous.
11:28 We have actually proven it is more blessed to give
11:32 than to receive.
11:33 That's one of the things that Christians really enjoy.
11:35 The real bottom line about this, because we've already just
11:38 covered it in these principles, since we have to give an
11:40 account to God is, to me this is pretty amazing, that when we do
11:45 give away we know we're not going to take it with us anyway.
11:48 You can store up treasures in heaven by helping others
11:51 and helping advance the cause of God.
11:52 Now that's along the same line here of our purpose in life
11:55 is to glorify God.
11:56 God says in Matthew 6:19 Do not store up treasures
11:59 on this earth.
12:01 The reason He says that is not so much that it is wrong to have
12:05 savings, but He's talking about hoarding, of course.
12:07 Yes.
12:09 He says, this is real interesting, because thieves
12:10 break in and moths and rust corrupt, and so on, but store up
12:13 for yourselves treasures in heaven.
12:15 Now this is real interesting because you could read through
12:19 casually and wonder, How would I ever do that?
12:21 But when you read the story of the rich young ruler in Matthew,
12:24 Mark, and Luke, all three synoptic gospels mention him,
12:27 Jesus said, Sell what you have, give to the poor,
12:29 and then come follow Me and you'll have treasure in heaven.
12:32 So we know for sure helping others stores up treasures
12:34 in heaven.
12:35 Isn't that incredible?
12:36 That's true.
12:37 And it's safe there.
12:39 That's the most amazing thing.
12:40 You do store up treasures in heaven.
12:41 So those are important points.
12:42 Sometimes people will say, You can't out give God,
12:45 and I'll say to them, Who's trying?
12:47 Yes, right!
12:49 Well, another verse is in Matthew 28.
12:52 You know, Matthew 28:19, 20 is the great commission.
12:55 Well, verse 20 is the second half of that and it says,
12:58 and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the world.
13:01 So we've got God's promise that He will supply our needs.
13:05 He'll go with us wherever we go.
13:06 And then I always add a third one to that and that's
13:10 Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is
13:14 stayed on thee.
13:15 Now you could not be happier than that in this life knowing
13:19 that we...
13:20 You know, this is interesting.
13:21 As a financial planner I can tell you that I try to plan my
13:24 life, and I've been encouraged and trained to do this,
13:27 that you think of your education here is your earning years,
13:30 and your savings years, and your returning years,
13:32 because everybody is going to grow old and die.
13:35 Now this is very sad but what I'm going to tell you next,
13:38 hopefully, it doesn't look this awful, but I've lived
13:42 three fourths of my life already.
13:43 You see what I'm saying?
13:44 What I've done so far is going to impact how I live
13:48 the rest of it.
13:49 Do you see what I'm saying?
13:50 Absolutely.
13:51 If I were in debt, for example.
13:52 If I didn't own my house and so on.
13:53 My later years might be really, really awful.
13:55 We're going to talk in another segment about retirement.
13:58 I can help you learn how to plan to do those kinds of things,
14:01 but the fact is God says you won't have that stress that
14:05 others have because you're not in that rat race of trying to
14:08 accumulate more stuff.
14:09 You really want to be content with what you have and bless
14:12 others as you go through your life journey, because this life
14:15 is not all there is.
14:16 There's something much better for all of us in the kingdom.
14:19 Amen.
14:20 Now, was that the seventh point?
14:22 Oh, no, no, I've only gotten through four of them.
14:24 Four of them!
14:25 Yeah.
14:26 Okay.
14:27 Alright, let me get with number five here, and that one is very
14:28 important and that is debt is bad.
14:31 Now you quoted something interesting from Psalms 37
14:34 earlier.
14:35 Psalms 37:21 says the wicked borrow and do not repay.
14:40 Yes.
14:41 Now this is very, very interesting.
14:42 People who follow God, when they borrow from somebody...
14:46 If I were to borrow something from you, and I say I'll pay you
14:48 back next Monday.
14:49 You'd better believe I'm going to pay you next Monday.
14:51 If I'm a committed Christian, then that's going to be a high
14:53 thing in my mark, when I give you my word to do something.
14:56 Do you understand?
14:57 But debt has been a real scourge in America.
15:00 We understand this is a great and prosperous nation,
15:04 and so on, but incredibly there have been so many bankruptcy's
15:09 in our country.
15:10 I fact, in 2005 the Federal Government changed the
15:13 bankruptcy laws because the year before over 30,000
15:17 Americans had filed for bankruptcy protection.
15:19 Every week in America...
15:20 30,000 a week?
15:22 There's 30,000 a week.
15:23 Now this is in a prosperous nation.
15:24 What would there be in a time when the economy is doing great
15:27 and so on?
15:28 This is really, really incredible.
15:30 So what I tell people is Proverbs 22:7 says the rich rule
15:34 over the poor, and the borrower is the servant or slave
15:37 of the lender.
15:38 That's very, very true.
15:39 It's really, really incredible.
15:41 In fact, there are laws right now to try to change this,
15:46 but people who have credit cards, let's just say I have
15:48 three credit cards.
15:49 If I'm late paying one of them they all learn about it
15:54 and the next month they will all raise my percentage of interest
15:58 to the highest maxim.
15:59 This is incredible!
16:01 It's just a real burden.
16:02 I've counseled with many people who are at the point of
16:05 bankruptcy, they felt, because of their credit card debt.
16:08 We'll talk about that in another session, but I just want you to
16:10 understand from the Bible's perspective.
16:12 The Bible says, Owe no man anything, except the continuing
16:15 debt to love one another.
16:18 That's Romans 13:8.
16:19 There are many, many promises also to those who are faithful
16:23 in their money management.
16:24 Then Deuteronomy 28, starting with verse 15, and clear to the
16:28 end of the chapter.
16:29 It's like fifty verses on the curses that happen to those who
16:33 don't manage well.
16:35 I would never want to give a sermon on that, but people need
16:37 to know where they are.
16:38 It's awful really when you think about it.
16:39 I want to mention the sixth one.
16:41 This is important.
16:42 I'm not saying this because I'm the Stewardship Director of the
16:47 Adventist Church.
16:48 I'm saying this because of personal experience.
16:51 That is the tithe.
16:54 This is the sixth point.
16:55 The tithe is the minimum testimony of our Christian
16:57 commitment.
16:58 Amen.
17:00 No where in the Bible does God suggest that less than a tenth
17:01 is His.
17:02 By the way, the Bible of the disciples of Jesus themselves
17:06 was the Old Testament.
17:07 People wonder about, well, that's Old Testament stuff.
17:10 We know it's in the New Testament too, and I'll share
17:12 that with you at some point.
17:13 The real basic point is the tithe is my way of telling God
17:19 I'm thankful for what He's blessed me with and I'm honest.
17:22 He's not really appealing to my gratitude or my generosity.
17:25 It's a matter of honesty.
17:26 I return it back to Him.
17:27 And it's a matter of trust as well.
17:29 Oh yes, but see that lets God know I trust Him to take
17:33 care of me.
17:34 He says, If you'll trust Me with the first part,
17:37 I'll bless the rest.
17:38 Kathy and I were just a few weeks ago thinking back
17:42 on our lives.
17:43 Early on in our marriage we decided we were going to be
17:45 faithful no matter what.
17:46 You know, people when they first get married they don't have
17:49 a lot of assets.
17:50 They don't have a big income.
17:52 That's when they're first earning and so on.
17:54 We actually, I mean I sold blood one time to buy food.
17:58 You know, I mean this is incredible,
17:59 people do goofy things.
18:01 Well, the whole point that I'm going to make is now when I
18:04 see that I have two kids that have graduated from college,
18:07 and law school, and so on, there's no student loans,
18:09 and that our house is paid off.
18:11 God has blessed us.
18:12 And on our income, which we know what it has been, working as
18:15 a pastor and an attorney for the church, and so on.
18:18 But I can just say, we know it's because God has fulfilled
18:21 those promises to us.
18:23 Now that's the one.
18:24 Let me give you the seventh one and then we'll talk about some
18:26 more ideas in how people can learn these principles.
18:30 The seventh one that I would talk about is that we must all
18:33 give an account to the Lord.
18:34 This is very, very clear at Matthew 25, you know,
18:38 those parables.
18:39 The middle parable talks about the talents.
18:43 After a long time the Lord came and asked them to give an
18:46 account of their stewardship.
18:47 So there's really no question.
18:49 So the bottom line is God's the owner.
18:52 I'm a manager, and I'm going to be responsible to
18:54 tell the Lord.
18:55 Now this is why I mentioned that it was so important even for
18:59 wealthy people.
19:00 You see, if I just have $10.00 it's not a big deal to give
19:02 a dollar of tithe, but if I get a million dollars profit in a
19:06 big sale, would I give a hundred thousand?
19:08 Do you get the point?
19:09 It's a bigger deal.
19:10 People, somehow, it's very difficult for them.
19:14 We find that it's true in life that people become more selfish
19:19 the more they have, the more they want.
19:20 Isn't that interesting?
19:21 It's interesting also, you know, I could name some names that
19:24 would be very recognizable, our brothers in the Lord,
19:28 and in our denomination, who have been blessed beyond
19:32 their wildest imaginations.
19:34 They actually began, when they were beginning their business,
19:37 giving not just returning, a ten percent tithe, but just saying,
19:42 Lord you're blessing me.
19:43 I'm going to give you a twenty percent, or thirty percent,
19:45 a triple tithe.
19:46 God saw that He could trust them with this money, this wealth,
19:55 so He just poured out His blessings on them.
19:57 They've been doing wonderful works for our missions
20:00 and supporting ministries.
20:02 I've heard them talk about it in this sense through ASI and other
20:06 organizations I've been involved in.
20:07 Many of these people, who are committed Christians, say their
20:10 goal in life is to give away to advance God's cause.
20:13 Isn't that incredible?
20:14 It is.
20:15 So it is true.
20:16 But now, Ed, we're talking with people out here who may find
20:20 their self where you and I once were...
20:22 Yes.
20:23 our earlier years where we didn't understand these
20:25 Biblical principles.
20:26 So how do people get started in putting these Biblical
20:30 principles into practice?
20:31 That's a very good question.
20:32 Probably the most difficult of all.
20:35 You can learn the principles, but getting started takes
20:38 a real commitment.
20:39 I think that it has not only the knowledge factor, but also has
20:43 the commitment spiritually factor.
20:44 Here's the reason: sometimes people will tell me, You know if
20:48 I had a couple months salary ahead I could do this because I
20:51 could have a budget.
20:52 I could have a little savings for emergencies and all those
20:54 kinds of things, but what do I do when I'm in debt and so on?
20:56 Nobody's going to give you the money though to start
21:00 so what do you do?
21:01 So that's why the question is so important.
21:03 What I share with people is get into the word and make the word
21:06 your counselor, which is God talking to you, not you just
21:09 talking to Him in prayer.
21:10 But make the commitment when you know what to do.
21:13 For example, when you understand tithing begin tithing and God
21:16 will bless you, not just physically or economically,
21:20 but also with wisdom to know how to manage your business.
21:22 So I would suggest starting there.
21:24 Start with a simple budget not something big and complex.
21:27 In our book we have just a little one page budget,
21:29 which is a guideline budget.
21:31 That's what I suggest to people.
21:32 Make it very simple.
21:33 Then as you learn things and you begin to trust God,
21:36 and He blesses you, actually miraculous things can happen,
21:40 and do happen.
21:41 I've had people come to me at camp meeting and say, you know,
21:44 we didn't think this would work, but when you were here last time
21:47 we did this, and this, and this, and we feel so much better
21:50 and so on.
21:51 So there's a simple point in the beginning which makes a
21:54 a commitment.
21:55 By the grace of God our family is going to follow
21:57 God's principles.
21:58 Amen.
21:59 Now I know you've written a book, It's Your Money Isn't It?
22:01 that is about Biblical principles of money management.
22:04 What about all the rest of these financial guru's
22:07 that are out there?
22:08 Are any of those books good to read?
22:10 Well, it is true that there are many out there, and there are
22:13 many of them that are what we would call secular.
22:15 They have kind of an unusual premise.
22:19 We say put God first in everything you do like
22:21 Proverbs 3:5 and the following says, but they'll say pay
22:24 yourself first.
22:25 Do you see what I'm saying?
22:27 So it's an unbiblical thing.
22:28 That's why someone once said blessed is the man who walks not
22:32 in the counsel of the ungodly.
22:34 So, in my opinion, based on what I know, if someone is just
22:38 trying to make you wealthy, and you're going to spend $450
22:40 to learn their plan, or whatever.
22:42 I would shy away from those kinds of things.
22:44 But if you read things that are just good money management
22:47 and you say, well I could use that principle.
22:49 I could tax, tip, or whatever.
22:50 You can benefit from that.
22:51 But if you're looking at it from a Christian perspective
22:54 you'll put God first, establish the tithe and be faithful,
22:57 and so on.
22:58 From that point on you can, once you know God's plan,
23:01 you can read other people's materials and just glean what's
23:04 good and what's bad.
23:05 Sometimes when I write a book I'll read a whole book just to
23:08 write two pages.
23:09 Do you see what I'm saying?
23:10 You've done that.
23:11 The point is, once you know God's will then you can find
23:14 ways of practical application, even from other
23:17 people's materials.
23:18 Amen.
23:19 You know, when we talk about tithing, we're going to have you
23:20 come back and do a program on tithing.
23:23 I'll share our testimony of the terrible place we were,
23:26 and when we began tithing on no increase, how God blessed
23:30 in ways that I can't explain.
23:33 But now let me ask you a very pointed question.
23:37 In your knowledge of Biblical scriptures, Is it possible that
23:44 someone out there who is just totally ignoring God's way of
23:48 managing money, is it possible that it could become an issue
23:54 that would affect their eternal security?
23:56 Well I think so because the Bible actually gives all these
24:00 stories, and it's very, very interesting.
24:03 Paul says in 1 Corinthians the stories are given for our
24:06 learning so we don't make the same mistakes that they made.
24:09 There's two real quick stories that I can tell you that are
24:12 contrasting.
24:13 One is the rich young ruler who came to Jesus, and apparently
24:16 was a wealthy person, a new management, and could do well.
24:19 What could I do to inherit eternal life?
24:21 Jesus first told him keep the commandments,
24:23 which is important.
24:24 He said, I've been doing that since I was little.
24:25 What do I lack yet?
24:26 Jesus said, Sell what you have and give to the poor.
24:29 Then, of course, he said you will store up treasures
24:31 in heaven.
24:32 The Bible says he went away sorrowful because
24:34 he had great possessions.
24:35 Now that's one story.
24:37 Obviously he lost his eternal life because he was more
24:39 interested in this earth than he was eternity.
24:42 Now there's another story in the Bible about Zaccheus,
24:45 who was an attorney, a rich guy, a tax collector,
24:47 a little short guy.
24:48 He wanted to see Jesus.
24:49 So, this is really an incredible story to me, because when you
24:53 want to see Jesus, He wants to see you too.
24:55 Amen!
24:56 So Zaccheus was a tax collector, like an attorney,
24:58 or a businessman, or a CPA, dressed in a business suit
25:00 like I am today.
25:01 When he began thinking if I keep going in the road I'm going now
25:06 I probably won't make it where I want to go, so he decided
25:09 to see Jesus.
25:10 When he went, this was in the little town of Jericho,
25:12 to the main street, it was just filled with people.
25:14 He was a little guy so he couldn't see.
25:15 The Bible says he ran ahead and climbed a tree.
25:18 Well, the most amazing thing is that Jesus came right under
25:21 his tree, called him by name, and asked him to come down.
25:24 Then he did something none of us would ever do.
25:27 He invited himself home to dinner.
25:28 I'm going to your place for lunch.
25:30 Well Zaccheus was excited, of course, but then he thought,
25:32 Oh, my wife isn't expecting company.
25:34 When you get Jesus you get twelve hungry other men.
25:36 You know thirteen guys are coming for lunch.
25:38 Well, at any rate the story is very, very interesting.
25:41 Jesus was a guest in Zaccheus' home.
25:44 At the end of that one encounter with Jesus Zaccheus said,
25:48 If I've taken anything from anyone that I haven't returned,
25:51 he had apparently been wanting to return the things
25:54 that he had taken, I'm going to return four times what I took.
25:58 Half of what I have left I'm going to give to the poor.
26:01 When he said that Jesus then said, Today salvation has come
26:06 to your house.
26:07 One encounter with Jesus changed his whole attitude
26:10 toward money.
26:11 He began thinking more of others than himself, and being honest
26:14 and straight with God.
26:15 Do you see what I'm saying?
26:16 Amen.
26:17 Jesus said, Today salvation has come to your house.
26:19 I love him to say that at my house, wouldn't you?
26:21 I mean this is incredible!
26:22 This story is amazing.
26:23 It is incredible.
26:25 We have about forty-five seconds.
26:26 Can you re-cap those seven points for us briefly?
26:29 Well, it's really amazing that they're there.
26:30 God's the owner, we're stewards, we're managers.
26:34 Our purpose in life is to glorify God not ourselves.
26:37 Then, of course, prosperity God says is having what you need
26:41 when you need it.
26:42 Not just the accumulation of stuff.
26:44 Debt, of course, is bad.
26:46 We'll talk about that in another program, but debt is really the
26:49 scourge of American today, it seems to me,
26:51 even in Christians.
26:52 The tithe the minimum testimony of our Christian commitment.
26:55 Then we have this idea of we must give an account of our
26:59 stewardship in the future.
27:01 I mean, it's not a legalistic thing, it's God just saying,
27:04 What have you done with what I've entrusted to your family?
27:07 Amen.
27:08 To me this is very important.
27:09 It's wonderful.
27:10 I just thank you so much for joining us today, and I'm glad
27:12 you're coming back to do some other programs with
27:14 us on money.
27:15 Thank you.
27:17 And I just want to encourage you.
27:20 If you'd like to get a hold of Ed, or his book,
27:23 It's Your Money Isn't It? it's by G. Edward Reed,
27:26 you can go to the 3ABN website.
27:28 We've actually got a link to his website.
27:31 But remember it is God who gives us the ability to gain wealth,
27:36 and God wants you to use the principles that He has put into
27:41 place that will bless you with that wealth, and make you happy
27:45 and contented, and have peace.
27:47 So thank you so much for joining us today.
27:50 Now, May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:52 the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:55 be with you.


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