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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:31 Welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:33 Today our issue is going to be; How can we work for God?
00:38 And I guarantee you one thing, you're going to find that the
00:41 answer is that the Lord is calling each and every one
00:44 of us to be His hands, and His feet here in the earth.
00:48 And it actually reminds me of the scripture found in
00:50 I John 3:18.
00:53 Listen to what Paul, excuse me, this was John, of course, wrote.
00:57 He said, Little children let us not love merely in theory
01:03 or in speech, but in deed and in truth, in practice
01:07 and in sincerity.
01:09 God is calling us to be His touch in the world.
01:13 And particularly today, we want to focus on the fact that God
01:18 has a call for every woman to ministry.
01:21 With us today is someone who is passionate about
01:25 Women's Ministries is Heather Dawn Small.
01:28 She is the director for the General Conference of
01:31 Seventh-day Adventists Women's Ministry Program.
01:34 Heather, thank you so much for coming back.
01:36 Now tell us about your new theme at the General Conference
01:40 for Women's Ministries.
01:42 Well, at the General Conference there's an over-all theme
01:44 of every department, and that theme is Tell the World.
01:47 Well, of course, when you're dealing with women
01:50 Tell the World just wasn't enough for us because we're
01:53 touchy feely kind of people.
01:55 We want to get in there and really get involved.
01:58 And so I thought about it, and prayed about it,
02:01 and God gave us the theme, Touch A Heart, Tell the World.
02:04 And you've got a beautiful logo.
02:06 Let's look at that.
02:07 Yes, and on the logo you'll see the first slide.
02:11 It has A Ministry for every woman
02:14 Touch a Heart, Tell the World.
02:16 And that's what we're trying to promote, and encourage our
02:21 women that every woman of the church should be involved
02:24 in ministry to somebody in some form or fashion.
02:29 And by doing that we'll be touching hearts, and we'll be
02:32 telling the world.
02:33 Amen, amen!
02:34 How did God lead you to this theme?
02:37 Oh, that was an awesome thing that He did because it started
02:41 about a year before the General Conference session in 2005.
02:46 I remember Ardis Stanbacken who was then the GC
02:49 Women's Ministry director.
02:50 She and I were talking about what our theme could be.
02:53 I can't remember who came up with the idea of,
02:55 A Ministry for Every Woman because at General Conference,
02:57 session we always have our meetings, and we do this
03:00 beautiful backdrop, and so we were thinking, what could we do?
03:03 Then we asked our graphic artist if she would come up with a
03:08 picture which would depict this.
03:10 And she came up with the picture which you just saw with a woman
03:15 holding the globe.
03:16 Well, after the session was over and now I'm here, director,
03:21 and I'm looking at the General Conference theme,
03:23 and I'm sitting in the hall.
03:25 The session wasn't over as yet.
03:26 That's when it started.
03:27 I'm sitting in the hall and I'm thinking, Okay, Lord, what am I
03:30 going to do with this?
03:31 I mean, where do You want me to lead the women of the
03:35 church according to what You want for us?
03:37 Amen.
03:38 And as I began to think about it the first thing that came to my
03:41 mind was Isaiah.
03:42 Isaiah 61:1-3 where the Bible talks about "the Spirit of God
03:47 is upon me. "
03:50 It's the prophecy of Jesus Christ.
03:53 As I read that I realized, but this is what God wants to do.
03:58 He wants us to go out there and proclaim His message,
04:02 but He also wants us to heal people, and to touch people,
04:06 and to be involved where there is pain.
04:10 As I thought about that; that whole idea of touch came in,
04:15 and I thought, Oh, Touch and Tell.
04:17 But then somebody else gave us the idea of Touch a Heart,
04:22 Tell the World, which was even so much better.
04:24 It's beautiful!
04:25 We put it altogether and then I came across a quotation,
04:29 which is on the second slide, from E. G. White's
04:33 Ministry of Healing.
04:34 That's on slide two.
04:36 In it she says:
04:57 As I read that I thought wait a minute; this is not what
05:01 we've really been doing.
05:02 We've been going out there and preaching, and teaching,
05:05 but we really haven't spent time meeting the needs.
05:09 And it's not that as a church we don't do that.
05:12 Yes we do.
05:13 You know we have our Community Services; we have ADRA.
05:15 But it seems as though, to me, we need to bring those together.
05:19 Amen.
05:21 So God gave me this whole vision and this idea that even before
05:27 we do our evangelistic meetings, women must go into the community
05:30 three to six months before, and they must work
05:34 in the community.
05:35 They must visit people's homes.
05:37 They must see what the needs are.
05:40 Meet the needs of the people.
05:41 Then when the pastor, or whoever it is comes, to preach the word,
05:46 people will come because we would have touched their hearts
05:49 with the touch of God.
05:51 They will know that we are really sincere.
05:54 I think that will make a whole big different to the way that we
05:57 go out there and tell the world.
05:59 I think if we just live that in our day-by-day life.
06:01 Yes, definitely.
06:02 You know, when you said that Jesus, and as Ellen White had
06:06 written, that He ministered to their needs,
06:09 then He said, Follow me.
06:10 People don't care how much you know till they know
06:12 how much you care.
06:13 And that's just the scripture we opened up with today.
06:17 That we've got to love, just not in theory and in words,
06:19 but in action and in truth.
06:21 So I do know that when we go out, and if we minister to
06:25 people, just becoming friends with them, helping to meet
06:29 their physical needs, winning their confidence, then they will
06:33 listen to what love drives us, or compels us to do this.
06:37 I know I've said this before, but I think I'll say it again,
06:41 because it's something that we all need to hear.
06:45 People don't want perfect Christians.
06:47 People don't want us to go out there looking all nice,
06:49 and dandy and fine, with our Bibles tucked under our arms.
06:52 And we go out there and we open the word of God, and we preach
06:55 these wonderful sermons.
06:56 The average person out there does not want to hear what
06:59 the word of God says until they have felt the word of God
07:03 in their lives.
07:04 They want to know, "Oh, is this true?
07:07 Well then, tell me what this is done for you. "
07:09 Yes!
07:10 Now, if I can't share with you what God has done for me through
07:12 His word, then why should somebody else listen to it?
07:15 So we've got to change the way that we have been reaching out
07:18 to people's lives.
07:19 We've got to realize that unless somebody needs, unless a person
07:26 who has a suffering; there is a woman who's being abused
07:30 by her husband.
07:31 There's this other woman who doesn't have any money to feed
07:34 her hungry family.
07:35 How can we tell them God's word and expect them to accept it,
07:40 if we do not first meet their need; meet them at the point
07:44 of their pain.
07:45 Amen, amen.
07:46 It's when we do that; that's when ministry really begins.
07:49 And, you know, sometimes that pain, it doesn't have to be
07:51 just physical abuse, sometimes it's a pain of loneliness
07:54 or isolation.
07:55 That's right.
07:56 When we go out and prove ourselves to be friendly,
07:58 and interested in someone; listening, sometimes it's just
08:01 people need someone who will listen to them.
08:04 How do you, as you're taking this message, this theme,
08:08 across the world, and I know how much you travel.
08:11 You're doing what, close to twelve international
08:14 trips a year?
08:15 Ah, I'd say between eight and ten.
08:17 Eight and ten?
08:18 That's amazing, especially when you're gone two weeks at a time.
08:21 Two to three weeks, yeah.
08:22 That is amazing, Heather Dawn.
08:24 But when you go out, and you're teaching women this and say,
08:28 Let's Touch a Heart, and Tell the World, have you ever had
08:32 women who say, Well, I don't know what my gift is?
08:35 I don't know where begin.
08:37 How do you teach them where to begin?
08:39 First thing I ask them what are they passionate about?
08:41 What do they like?
08:42 What do you think you are good at?
08:45 It doesn't matter, tell me something, whether it's baking
08:48 bread or it's doing some kind of art work.
08:51 Whatever it is, that's what God is going to use.
08:55 One of the big crazes that I see here in the United States
08:58 that I've gotten myself caught up in is scrapbooking.
09:01 I love scrapbooking!
09:02 I scrapbook cards all the time because it's become a personal
09:07 ministry for me.
09:08 But somebody who loves scrapbooking can go to a crop
09:13 meet, a group where there are other women meeting to do
09:16 scrapbooking, and share God's word with them as they sit
09:20 and they talk.
09:21 Just talk about what God has done.
09:23 That's ministry!
09:24 I'm using whatever God has put in my hand to reach out
09:28 and to become friends with other people because, you see,
09:31 it's not that I have to go with my Bible.
09:34 I don't have to have a neat set of Bible lessons there.
09:37 No, I don't.
09:38 I just need me, and God with me, speaking through me.
09:41 And so it could be anywhere.
09:43 I could be knitting with my friends in a group.
09:45 I could be painting.
09:47 I could be baking.
09:48 I could be... it doesn't matter what it could be.
09:49 There was one lady who told me once, "Well, I don't know what
09:54 I do well. "
09:55 I said, "Well, think about it.
09:57 What do you enjoy doing?"
09:58 She said, "I love to read. "
09:59 And I said, "Do you read out loud?
10:00 She said, "I love to read out loud. "
10:02 I said, "That's a ministry.
10:04 Can you think of anyone in your community who needs,
10:07 or who would love to have someone come and read the word
10:10 of God for them?
10:11 Or read a book for them?
10:12 Or read the newspaper for them?"
10:13 She thought about it and she said, "Yeah, I guess I can. "
10:16 I said, "Then go and do it. "
10:18 Just take that; take your voice, and let your voice be what God
10:23 will use to touch someone's life.
10:24 Amen.
10:25 When you were talking I was thinking about a precious lady
10:28 in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, who loves to quilt.
10:31 She started a quilting group at her home.
10:34 She had many different denominations available,
10:37 or that were attending this quilting group.
10:40 So then one day she had been introduced to the book
10:44 that I wrote, Exalting His Word, and she had left that
10:46 out and some woman there picked it up and said, "What is this?"
10:50 They all decided, after reading a little bit, that they'd like
10:52 to study that.
10:53 So they started getting together thirty minutes earlier
10:56 than their quilting time, and began this devotional.
10:59 It turned out that, she said that it ended up that they were
11:03 spending just a lot shorter time doing any quilting,
11:06 and more time studying the word.
11:07 So we can reach out and be friends to people.
11:11 That's true.
11:12 One of the things that I've noticed over the years
11:15 in the church is that people in the world think
11:17 Seventh-day Adventist's are strange people.
11:19 Yes!
11:20 We are so "other worldly" so they think.
11:24 You know, they look at us: the way we dress, the food we eat,
11:26 you know, what we do and what we don't do; which is a very
11:29 long list, and they think, Oh Adventists are just strange.
11:32 I grew up in the church hearing "You've got to be in the world
11:36 but not of the world. "
11:37 Separate yourselves.
11:39 And to me what we've done is we've built these nice neat
11:44 little boxes for ourselves called churches, and as long as
11:47 we're inside of this little box called the church we're fine.
11:50 But God has called us to ministry outside of the box
11:54 called the church.
11:55 He has called us to go into the community.
11:57 Now many of us are scared stiff of doing that because we're
12:01 safe in the church.
12:02 We come to church, we give our offering, we give to missions,
12:05 and we think we've done our part.
12:06 But that's not what God has called us to.
12:09 He's called us to a ministry of touching peoples lives.
12:12 There are many people who will never come into a church.
12:17 Never ever will they walk one step into the church.
12:20 So what do we do for those people?
12:22 Do we just leave them and say, "Well, I'm not going to go down
12:25 to that bar because if somebody sees me walking into that bar,
12:28 or standing outside of that bar, I don't know what they
12:30 would think.
12:31 If somebody sees me in the red light district, "What would
12:33 they think if some...
12:34 But God is saying that's where we've got to go.
12:37 So if we would only allow God to take us outside of the box,
12:42 called our church, and go and minister where the needs are,
12:48 It's, I mean, it's just awesome what it's going to do.
12:51 I'm seeing it taking place in so many parts of the world
12:55 where our women are going into the communities,
12:58 and they're just doing what has to be done, and the changes
13:01 it's bringing about in the people's lives.
13:03 Amen!
13:04 Sometimes you can even volunteer.
13:06 I've talked with some Adventists who had volunteered
13:09 at the Salvation Army.
13:10 Yep.
13:11 They were making so many contacts in the community,
13:14 and going out and doing things there.
13:15 People began to know that they were Adventists,
13:19 They'd already developed up this wonderful relationship
13:22 with the people, and they were beginning to make inroads into
13:26 many denominations as well as into the community.
13:29 That's right.
13:30 We've got to stop being "those Adventists".
13:33 To me, we need to be Seventh-day Adventist Christians.
13:38 Amen.
13:39 And there's a huge difference between the Seventh-day
13:41 Adventist and the Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
13:43 Amen!
13:44 Because the Seventh-day Adventist is only interested
13:46 in the "do's and don'ts".
13:47 But the Seventh-day Adventist Christian has Christ first.
13:51 And if we can only be on that side, then wow!
13:56 I just can't, I'm so excited about what I know God can do
14:00 for us, and through us.
14:01 Amen, amen.
14:02 I had to, when you talked about Christian, you know,
14:04 we believe that God has his people in every church.
14:08 Oh, yes, definitely!
14:09 I was recently doing an interview at a prison,
14:12 and the chaplain there asked me, "What do Seventh-day
14:15 Adventists believe?"
14:16 I said to him, Well, we believe that the Bible is the inspired
14:20 word of God.
14:21 We believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
14:24 We believe that salvation is by grace alone,
14:27 yet we believe that in the power of the Holy Spirit,
14:31 and the power of the word, that He empowers us to obey.
14:34 That God works in us to will and act according to
14:37 His good pleasure.
14:38 And so I was talking along and then I said, "and we believe in
14:42 keeping all of the Ten Commandments
14:44 He looked at me and he said, "You know, there's really not


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