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Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy Pt. 2

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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:30 Welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:32 As I always do, let us start this program with a scripture.
00:36 I'll be reading from the Amplified Bible today.
00:39 This is Isaiah 60:1, and I'm going to first say it the way
00:44 you're accustomed to hearing it, and that is Arise and shine,
00:48 for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
00:51 But listen to how the Amplified has translated this.
00:54 Arise from the depression and prostration in which
00:58 circumstances have kept you.
01:00 Rise to a new life.
01:02 Shine, be radiant with the glory of the Lord
01:05 for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord
01:09 has risen upon you.
01:10 Well, today we are so excited to have returning with us
01:14 Heather Dawn Small, who is the Director of the
01:17 Women's Ministries for the General Conference of the
01:20 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:22 She is going to share a powerful message about how to
01:26 restore your joy.
01:28 Heather, thank you so much for returning.
01:30 Thank you for having me.
01:32 Well, it's always a pleasure to around you because you are
01:35 a joyful person.
01:36 If someone missed the previous program with you,
01:40 I just would like to set this up.
01:43 Heather was a Pastor's wife, and she had two children,
01:48 a young boy, a 41/2 year old boy, and a 2 year old daughter.
01:52 Her 41/2 year old son was killed in a vicious attack
01:58 by a dog.
01:59 Then later, after that, Heather was in a car accident and wasn't
02:04 able to have children, but adopted a son.
02:06 Now thirteen years; you made a covenant with the Lord,
02:10 you said, last program, and what did you do?
02:14 Well, I chose.
02:17 It came to a certain point where I just chose that I was going to
02:21 stay on God's side; that He and I were in a covenant,
02:23 a contract made, signed by the blood of God.
02:26 I just knew this was something that I had to verbalize,
02:31 to speak out and say, "Lord, I am in this with You
02:35 for life or death. "
02:37 So God started you on this joy walk and He took you through
02:42 an incredibly difficult time.
02:43 Yes.
02:44 But last time you told us that thirteen years later
02:48 was the time that you nearly turned your back on God.
02:51 Yeah.
02:52 You had gotten into a depressive state.
02:54 Tell us why, or how, circumstances got you there,
03:01 and how you had your joy restored.
03:04 Well, you know, I've got to back track back to the time
03:08 when my son died because six months after my son died
03:11 I began to experience periods of swelling in my knees,
03:16 swelling in my hands, my elbows, my shoulders.
03:19 I went to my doctor.
03:20 I mean it was terrible!
03:21 The pain was horrible.
03:23 I went to him and he did a number of tests and said to me
03:27 that I had rheumatoid arthritis.
03:29 It was what they call trauma induced because of
03:33 my sons death.
03:34 Now that was something that I have lived with ever since then.
03:39 But thirteen years later I found myself working at the Union
03:44 Office in the Women's Ministries Department as the Director
03:49 there, but struggling with these various issues of my health.
03:52 Struggling at that time with A type personality;
03:58 got to get everything done.
04:00 I've got to do it myself because if I don't it's not going to
04:02 get done right.
04:03 Just trying to be the perfect person, the perfect me.
04:08 I had always felt that as a leader I had to be strong.
04:12 I had to always show that strong front.
04:14 People don't want to see weak leaders.
04:16 At least that's what I thought.
04:17 I thought that for the women who I had serve, who I had to lead,
04:21 I needed always to be strong.
04:23 So I would not let anything stop me from doing what God
04:26 had called me to.
04:27 I mean I would have an episode with my knee swollen;
04:30 I'd pick up my walking stick and I'd get on the plane because I
04:33 knew I had to go on to preach in some island for some event.
04:36 It just wasn't going to stop me.
04:38 But I also had a wrong concept in mind that in the Adventist
04:43 church, and in other Christian churches, we seem to
04:45 unconsciously develop.
04:48 It's a concept that says no matter what bad things happen
04:53 in my life, I really shouldn't complain about it.
04:56 I should just pick myself up and move on.
04:59 Something like what Job says, Though He slay me, yet I will
05:02 trust in Him.
05:03 Yes.
05:04 But we take it to the extreme.
05:05 We almost push the pain aside, push the hurt aside,
05:09 and just keep on moving because we feel that's what we're
05:11 supposed to do.
05:13 We don't give ourselves the proper time that we need to
05:17 feel that pain, to experience that hurt, and to go through
05:21 the process of healing as we should.
05:24 So here I was in 1998.
05:26 We had planned a huge Women's Ministries Retreat for my Union.
05:30 We had about a thousand women coming from all the islands
05:33 to Trinidad and Tobago for this retreat.
05:35 It was going to be a five day retreat.
05:37 My secretary and I had worked ourselves to death getting
05:40 prepared for this retreat.
05:41 I mean I had skipped meals.
05:44 I wasn't getting sufficient sleep.
05:46 And the closer it came the more I was concerned over it.
05:48 My devotional life had gone down the tubes.
05:54 I would always say my prayers, but I felt in my mind,
05:59 as so many of us do, because I'm doing the Lord's work,
06:01 He'd understand if I don't have enough time to
06:04 spend in His word.
06:05 So it was a quick prayer, a quick passage,
06:08 and I'm out the door, and sometimes not even that.
06:10 And I'm praying as I'm going, which left me in a vulnerable
06:14 state spiritually.
06:15 So spiritually I wasn't strong.
06:17 Physically I wasn't strong either because I had contributed
06:22 to my own condition by not looking after my health.
06:24 And I want to say to my sisters and my brothers out there
06:27 that this is something that we do to ourselves.
06:32 We blame Satan for a lot of stuff which happens in our
06:35 lives, but sometimes we give him the ammunition he needs
06:39 to then turn around and shoot it at us.
06:41 Sometimes we so over schedule our self, and I remember
06:45 once I was complaining to the Lord, "Lord one person can't
06:49 do all of this. "
06:50 And it was like, "I'm not the one who's setting
06:53 your schedule. "
06:54 We don't know when to say no.
06:55 Right; that's right.
06:56 And so here I was, so we had the retreat.
06:59 The day after the retreat, when it was all over,
07:03 and I was in my bed, the ladies were on their planes
07:05 going back home.
07:06 My father rang, and my husband came and he woke me up,
07:09 and he said, "You need to talk to your father. "
07:11 I said, "Tell him I'll call him later. "
07:12 And he said, "No, You need to talk to him now. "
07:14 Now I had an aunt who lived in Canada, and she was like
07:19 a second mother to me.
07:20 We just had a wonderful relationship.
07:23 It turned out that she died.
07:27 She had been dead for almost two days before they found her
07:30 in her home.
07:31 This came at a point in time where, as I said, where I was
07:36 really worn out now.
07:37 Spiritually I just didn't have it.
07:39 I was just worn.
07:40 And this happened and I had to go and deal with it.
07:44 My father and I went up to Canada.
07:47 We dealt with all the family situations with the death.
07:50 We came back home.
07:51 And, you know, my husband, who is a blessing, he is a gift,
07:56 he is everything that God knew that I would need,
07:59 because he is that quiet voice to me that says,
08:02 "When are you going to rest?"
08:04 He doesn't knock me about it, he just says it
08:07 and then he moves on.
08:08 I said to him, "I'm going to rest soon because I've got to
08:11 go back up to Toronto because the North American Division
08:14 women were having their first big retreat, or conference.
08:19 I had bought my ticket.
08:21 I had planned to be there.
08:22 I had to go, and I went.
08:23 And I have to tell you I can recall nothing that took place
08:27 during those days that I was there because I was
08:29 just so exhausted; mentally, emotionally, physically.
08:33 I came back home and my husband said, "When are you going
08:36 to get some rest?"
08:37 I said, "Well, I've got to go back to the office and close up
08:40 all the accounts from the retreat because I haven't
08:42 done that as yet. "
08:43 I went back to the office for a few weeks and I did that.
08:48 He said again to me, "When are you going to get some rest?",
08:51 because he was seeing what I didn't want to see.
08:53 He was seeing me falling apart.
08:56 I was seeing it, but I refused to acknowledge it.
08:59 I was just going to keep on going.
09:01 I said to him, "Well, we have year end meetings.
09:05 As soon as the year end meetings are over in November,
09:08 I'm going to take Christmas vacation. "
09:10 I remember one morning I was out at work, we were in the
09:14 worship room.
09:15 All the staff was having worship.
09:16 I was playing for the service.
09:19 After worship was over my secretary came over to me
09:21 and she said, "Are you okay?"
09:22 I said, "No. "
09:23 I said, "I am so exhausted I could hardly make my hands move
09:28 over the keys.
09:29 I am just so tired!"
09:31 She said, "Well, let's get you back to your office. "
09:33 And I remember I stood up to walk back to my office,
09:36 and I hit the ground.
09:37 I passed out.
09:38 Have mercy!
09:39 And the next thing I knew I was in the hospital.
09:41 I remember the doctor.
09:42 I opened my eyes and I remember my secretary was standing there
09:46 next to me.
09:47 She had called for my husband.
09:48 The doctor was over on the right side and he was asking her,
09:51 "Does she take any drugs?
09:52 What drug does she take?"
09:53 Because I could barely make my mouth move.
09:56 I was all slurred of speech.
09:59 I just was so physically tired!
10:02 And it wasn't that I had had any major physical event.
10:06 I hadn't had a stroke.
10:07 It was just sheer exhaustion, and my body just decided
10:12 to shut down, and it did.
10:14 And forced to me I stayed in the hospital for a few days.
10:18 They had a Psychiatrist come and see me who diagnosed me
10:21 as being clinically depressed, (which I know I was,
10:24 because I was going through a terrible period of sadness),
10:27 and put me on medication, and just told me stay home, rest.
10:33 You need to just build your strength back.
10:35 And that was a time when the year end came,
10:40 we were in church New Years Eve, and this lady gave this
10:44 testimony about thanking God for the life of her son who had
10:50 been in this terrible accident, but who God had saved.
10:52 The Devil whispered to me, "How come God saved this woman's son
10:57 when she prayed, but didn't save your son when you
11:00 prayed for him?
11:01 I just fell off the edge into a deep pit because I didn't have
11:07 the spiritual strength to rebuke Satan.
11:10 I didn't have the energy physically.
11:11 I was in a bad place, and I turned my back on God
11:16 for three months.
11:18 I was so angry with Him.
11:19 I refused to talk to Him.
11:21 I wouldn't read my Bible.
11:22 I wouldn't pray.
11:23 I didn't even want to say the word God.
11:25 But yet, in those three months, I was still the pastor's wife.
11:30 I would go to church and I would smile with the members,
11:32 and I would hug them.
11:33 I would play the piano.
11:35 I would preach, and use the word of God, and preach.
11:41 It taught me a valuable lesson of how easy it is
11:45 for us to pretend.
11:46 Because, you see, it's easy to pretend; it's hard to be real.
11:50 That's the difficult part.
11:52 I call it verbal camouflage.
11:54 That's right.
11:56 And that's what many people do when they come to church.
11:58 That's right.
11:59 And so I just went into that mode of pretending that
12:02 everything was fine when it wasn't.
12:04 And what pulled me out of that was God and I
12:08 had a confrontation.
12:09 One Sabbath morning I told my husband, I said, "I'm not going
12:13 to church this morning.
12:14 You take the kids.
12:15 Go to church.
12:16 God and I have got to talk,"
12:17 And he left, and I closed up the house.
12:20 I went into my bedroom, and I laid on the carpet
12:23 on my stomach, and I just bawled my eyes out.
12:26 I said, "Lord, what is going on here?
12:30 I didn't ask for this job.
12:32 You called me to serve You.
12:34 Here I am serving you.
12:35 I've got my arthritis I'm dealing with.
12:36 I've got depression I'm dealing with.
12:38 I've got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I'm dealing with.
12:40 What is it?
12:41 I need You to heal me.
12:43 You said You will enable me.
12:44 So get rid of all of this stuff so that I can be the strong
12:48 leader, the strong woman of God that You want me to be. "
12:52 And as I laid there I said, "I'm not getting up from here
12:54 until You answer me. "
12:55 Praise God.
12:56 And the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and said,
12:58 "How can you help these women if you don't understand
13:03 their pain?"
13:04 Well, you know, that was not the answer I wanted to hear.
13:07 I remember I jumped up off the floor, and I looked up at my
13:10 ceiling as though God was right there and I said, "Listen, Lord,
13:13 I'll read someone else's book.
13:15 I can listen to somebody else's story on tape.
13:18 I do not need to go through this. "
13:20 And God said to me, "Yes you do. "
13:22 And I realized at that point, I had asked God for healing
13:26 many times, and He told me at that point, "Do not ask Me
13:30 again until I am ready to heal you. "
13:34 I had been anointed previously that God would heal my body.
13:38 He told me that day, "Do not ask again. "
13:40 I said, "Okay, Lord, I won't. "
13:42 So this was like when Paul in II Corinthians 12, I believe,
13:47 when he was praying about the thorn in his flesh, and he asked
13:50 three times and the Lord just told him, No, because He left
13:55 that thorn in his flesh so that he would totally
13:58 depend upon God.
13:59 Yes, so that God would be magnified.
14:01 That it really would not be about me and what I could do.
14:04 It would be about what God is doing through me.
14:07 Amen!
14:08 And so, even today, I still have my chronic fatigue.
14:10 I still suffer with my arthritis, and I still take
14:13 medication for my depression.
14:14 But God gives me the strength that need.
14:17 It's all Him.
14:18 Everything that I do; it's God.
14:21 I cannot take the credit for anything.
14:23 That way He gets the praise, the honor, and the glory.
14:26 II Corinthians 12 it is because that's where He says in verse 9,
14:31 where Jesus said to him, "My grace is sufficient for my power
14:35 is made perfect in your weakness.
14:36 That's right, and that's what God wants to teach us.
14:38 So basically you're saying it is though if we want to restore our
14:43 joy; the Lord must have taken you through something to help
14:48 you get back into a healthier lifestyle, because our lifestyle
14:52 effects our attitude and our mind, doesn't it?
14:54 Definitely, and I want to share a few slides with you because
14:56 I really believe that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind.
15:01 Even though I might not be as physically healthy as I want
15:05 to be, there are things that I can do, and should do.
15:08 There are four things here.
15:09 One is diet, and then there is rest, exercise, and consistency.
15:15 And for women, especially, we have a hard time with number
15:18 four which is consistency.
15:20 We know we've got to exercise.
15:21 We know we've got to have a good diet.
15:23 We know we've got to have sufficient rest.
15:25 We get going, and then things come in the way, and it falls
15:29 off by the side.
15:30 Then we start back over again.
15:32 So consistency is something that I pray for, that God helps
15:36 us to stick with what He has told us we need to do.
15:40 We need to keep these things in balance.
15:42 Heather Dawn, let me ask you a question.
15:44 Don't you feel, or do you feel, I should say, that the reason
15:47 women have such trouble with consistency is that I'll tell
15:51 myself, Yes, my body is the temple of God, so I need to do
15:54 these right things, yet I don't say, No, to somebody,
15:58 and I find myself crowding out anything good that I'd planned
16:01 for self ends up being on the bottom of the totem pole,
16:05 and I don't get around to it a lot.
16:06 It's hard for me to assert myself in that area and say,
16:11 Okay, I've got to carve out this time, and protect this time,
16:14 to make sure I'm healthy.
16:15 It's a struggle with me.
16:17 It's a struggle, but I'll tell you something that God told me
16:20 a long time ago, and that was after Him in my life,
16:24 I am the next important person.
16:26 Now you see, I didn't have it like that.
16:28 After God, God was always first.
16:31 Then came my husband and my children, and my family,
16:34 and my friends, and the women I minister to.
16:37 I was always last.
16:38 I mean I wouldn't even want to pray for myself because I felt
16:43 that was selfish.
16:44 I mean, you know, here I am saying, Lord please bless me
16:46 with this, and give me that.
16:47 That's selfish.
16:48 You've got to pray for other people.
16:49 Until God showed me, Uh huh.
16:51 Unless you are healthy, your family isn't going
16:54 to be healthy, because when I'm not feeling well,
16:57 everything in the house is effected by it.
17:00 It's like E. G. White says.
17:03 She says the wife is the sunshine of the home.
17:05 And that's true because when we're fine, everybody else is.
17:09 But if I am not looking after myself, then I can't look after
17:14 anybody else.
17:15 So my list right now is God first, Heather Dawn second.
17:19 And so when you're saying that, you know, because when you
17:22 first said that, I thought, alright give me some scriptural
17:24 basis for that.
17:25 Well, what you're saying is not a selfishness, it's taking care
17:31 of that temple.
17:33 That's right, it's taking care of God's temple so that I can
17:35 then look after what God has called me to do.
17:39 If I am not looking after me, and I'm doing everything for
17:42 everyone else, and I'm excusing it in my mind, which is what
17:45 we do, because it's okay; I'm doing these things
17:48 for other people.
17:49 This is not for me, it's for other people.
17:51 But then in the process I get sick and I'm not able to do what
17:55 God has called me to do.
17:57 I fall short.
17:58 God wants me to serve Him for twenty years,
18:00 and I serve Him for two, and I fall short.
18:02 That was not God's plan for me.
18:04 That was Satan's plan.
18:05 I think the Lord sent you here today!
18:08 I hate to admit some of these things that are going on
18:10 in my life.
18:11 But it is a daily struggle for me, because I hear what you're
18:14 saying, because there is that part of us that wants to serve
18:17 and that wants to help others.
18:19 Saying no is hard, but we've got to do it.
18:23 And I always feel so selfish if I do put myself up there,
18:27 so I'm glad that you're saying these things.
18:29 And I'm sure that there's a lot of us out there who need
18:31 to hear that.
18:32 Now there's something else that you say that I really like.
18:34 You say you've got to dress right.
18:36 Yeah, you've got to dress right.
18:37 Let's talk about that.
18:38 Okay, that's the other slide.
18:39 Dress right because I think a lot of us, as Christians,
18:43 and especially in the first world.
18:46 In the first world areas of the world, we don't like to
18:50 talk about Satan.
18:51 We don't want to talk about the Devil and demons, you know.
18:54 Let's just keep that quiet.
18:55 Let's talk about faith, and love, and joy, and all those
18:57 wonderful things.
18:58 But every day that we get up we are fighting a spiritual battle.
19:02 Amen!
19:03 And the Bible tells us we need to dress right.
19:05 Ephesians 6:10 onward, tells us what we need to do.
19:09 It tells us that we need to put on the belt of truth.
19:13 We need to have the breast plate of righteousness,
19:17 the shoes of the gospel, the shield of faith,
19:19 and the helmet of salvation.
19:21 Which means, and Paul says to us, If you do this, you will be
19:26 able to stand; not fall, not stumble, not fall apart,
19:31 but be able to stand.
19:32 Which means that every day I need to dress for battle.
19:36 I tell my sisters if the day is cold would you go outside
19:42 in your summer clothes?
19:43 If the sun is shining bright, would you put on a
19:47 warm winter coat?
19:48 You dress right for what you're going to meet externally.
19:51 Yet as Christians we leave home stark naked every day,
19:55 without the armor of God on us to protect us from the enemy's
20:01 angry onslaughts on our lives.
20:04 If we are going to be standing strong, we're going to have to
20:08 every day intentionally put on the armor of God,
20:12 piece by piece, in our lives.
20:14 Put it on so that we can be dressed for battle.
20:17 And then once we're fully dressed in that manner,
20:19 on the way out we've got to remember to pick up that
20:22 sword of the spirit.
20:23 Sword of the spirit, that's right.
20:24 We've got to have God's word, and we've got to have it inside.
20:28 Not just in our hands walking around with.
20:31 It's got to be in my mind.
20:33 It's got to be in my heart, so that I can speak
20:35 the word of God at a time when I need to.
20:39 Amen.
20:40 That is something that the sword of the spirit, when we think
20:43 about that, that's our offensive weapon.
20:45 It's when we have those Bible promises in us that we can
20:50 meet the day.
20:52 Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus Christ upholds and maintains
20:58 all things, all things, by His mighty word of power.
21:03 It's that word that we have in our hearts, and in our minds,
21:07 that we can speak back when the devil tries to come at us
21:10 with doubt or discouragement, or trying to defeat us.
21:15 We can say uh uh, it is written.
21:18 It is, and it's one of the areas that I am most concerned about
21:21 for my sisters because, as I travel around the world,
21:24 one of the things that I find is that most, well not most,
21:27 many of my sisters are what I call Biblically illiterate.
21:31 Yes.
21:32 We don't know the word of God.
21:33 We depend on what our husband says, the pastor says,
21:35 the elder says.
21:36 Somebody has to explain everything to us.
21:38 I really believe that God expects us to know His Word.
21:41 He wants us to study His Word, to read His Word, to understand
21:45 His Word, to memorize His Word, so that we don't have to depend
21:48 on someone else.
21:50 We don't have to be like the disciples when the Greeks came
21:53 and said, "We would see Jesus. "
21:54 I mean Paul and Phillip had to say, "Okay, Let me take you
22:00 We should be able to say, "Oh, let me take you to Jesus,
22:03 because I know Him," rather than having to take them
22:06 to someone else.
22:07 Amen!
22:08 So, now, when you fully dress we also, if we're going to
22:14 stand firm, we've got to have a plan for our lives, don't we?
22:18 Yes, we do.
22:19 This is what I call my battle plan, my spiritual plan,
22:22 because I've got to be physically dressed,
22:24 but I've got to also have a spiritual plan.
22:26 How am I going to look after the spiritual side of me?
22:29 On this slide you will see a few things pop up.
22:32 Number one my devotional life.
22:34 And I say you've got to be consistent here.
22:36 That is also, for us, a struggle.
22:38 Just doing that on a daily basis; every day giving God
22:42 His time.
22:43 Next thing is prayer time; be real.
22:46 Be real.
22:47 I grew up hearing people pray these beautiful, wonderful,
22:51 awesome, awe-inspiring, just motivating prayers.
22:54 I thought that was how I had to pray until God said to me,
22:58 "Just talk to Me. "
23:00 Be real.
23:01 If I'm angry with Him, I tell Him.
23:03 If I'm happy with Him, I tell Him.
23:05 I just tell God how I feel and what's going on inside me.
23:09 It's something like one of these pipes which you see
23:15 water flowing through.
23:17 There is a pipeline between us and God, and it gets blocked
23:21 with stuff; when we are disappointed;
23:23 when we are discouraged; when things haven't turned out
23:25 the way we want them to; when we're angry with God,
23:27 but we don't want to say it.
23:29 It blocks that pipeline, and God is unable to send
23:32 His Holy Spirit to minister to our heart because there's
23:35 all this stuff inside there.
23:36 But if we are real in our prayer it gets out.
23:40 The pipeline is clear, and then God's Spirit can come down
23:44 and minister to us because we've gotten rid of all of the stuff
23:47 that was in the way.
23:48 You know, this thought just occurred to me as you were
23:50 speaking; Jesus was so real in His prayers, and on the cross
23:55 when He cried out, "My God, My God, why have You
23:58 forsaken Me?"
23:59 That's right.
24:00 He was, it was almost, it sounds like, discouragement,
24:03 defeat; the disappointment He felt in the Father.
24:06 He knew better, I'm sure.
24:08 Oh, Yes.
24:09 Yet He was so real in His prayers.
24:11 That's right!
24:12 God wants us to be.
24:13 He doesn't want us to be pretenders.
24:15 No, He doesn't, He doesn't.
24:16 He wants us to talk to Him as we honestly feel from our heart,
24:20 and He hears us.
24:21 You don't like it when your children come to you, I'm sure,
24:23 if they're pretending you see right through it,
24:25 and you think, "How can we have an honest conversation?"
24:29 You want to say to them, you know, "Talk to me.
24:31 Just tell me what's going on inside. "
24:34 But you see, they put that little mask over,
24:36 and it's bottled up.
24:37 So you've got to find a way to get around that, and God does
24:41 the same thing for us.
24:42 And then Bible study; that's a third point.
24:45 Be diligent.
24:46 I believe that God wants us to study His word,
24:49 not just in our devotional time, that time when we read God's
24:53 word, but to have a time whether it's an hour a day,
24:56 or half an hour a day, when we actually get into God's word
24:58 and study it.
25:00 Then there is meditation.
25:02 Now for someone like me that's very difficult because I am
25:06 always on the move.
25:07 I move too quickly.
25:09 I know my husband, many times even my kids say,
25:12 "Mom, slow down; you're making us dizzy," because I do
25:15 tend to move very quickly.
25:16 I've developed a little mantra for myself: slow down.
25:23 Slow down.
25:24 You've got to slow down.
25:25 And there's a little song I sing: "Slow down,
25:28 you're going too fast!
25:29 You've got to make the moment last. "
25:30 You know?
25:31 You've got to slow down!
25:32 It's an old song.
25:33 But I actually have to keep telling myself that.
25:35 So giving God time where we are just being still with Him.
25:41 And, you know, my quiet place to be still with God when life
25:45 is getting too much, and I'm just going to go crazy,
25:48 and the kids, and the husband, and the work,
25:51 and everything else.
25:52 I go into my bathroom.
25:53 I close the door.
25:54 I have a little mat and a little cushion in there,
25:57 and I sit there with my Bible and I say, "Breathe,
26:01 just breathe. "
26:03 And I know my husband knows once that door is closed nobody
26:07 comes in there.
26:08 I remember one day my son came running into the room,
26:11 when he was younger, calling my name, "Mommy, Mommy,
26:13 Mommy", and my husband grabbed him.
26:14 I heard him grab him, and he said, "If you want to live,
26:17 you will not disturb your mother right now. "
26:20 Because he knew I was at my wits end.
26:22 But God needs us to spend that time, because if we don't
26:26 then we will always be at our wits end;
26:28 ready to just go crazy because of everything
26:31 which is taking place.
26:32 And finally, I'm sorry.
26:34 Let me add one thing to that because when I learned to be
26:36 still before the Lord was when He was teaching me to pray
26:39 an hour a day.
26:40 The very first time, I'll share that with you later,
26:44 but I actually spent two hours in prayer.
26:47 It went so rapidly because of what He was teaching me.
26:50 I thought I was through praying when all of a sudden the Lord
26:53 said, "Be still and know I am God. " Psalm 46:10
26:56 Just be still in front of Him to receive from Him.
27:00 That's right.
27:01 And finally there's intercession,
27:02 and that's important.
27:03 Who's praying for you?
27:04 Do you have friends who you can call and say,
27:07 "Pray for me, please?
27:08 I need your help. "
27:09 If not, you need to have someone who's praying for you,
27:13 and you pray for others also.
27:14 Amen.
27:15 Wonderful points!
27:16 And these are all ways that you can help to restore your joy
27:20 as you learn.
27:21 That's right.
27:22 It's all about learning to depend on God again, isn't it?
27:24 Definitely!
27:25 Well, I'm so glad the walk the Lord has taken you through.
27:28 Thank you so much for joining us.
27:30 We want you to come back and do a few more programs.
27:32 I will.
27:33 Thank you so much.
27:34 And for those of you at home, remember these things.
27:37 It's important.
27:38 A healthy body means a healthy mind.
27:40 You need to put on the full armor of God.
27:43 Then you need to have a plan.
27:45 So I hope that you will take these lessons to heart.
27:48 Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
27:50 the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:54 be with you today and always.


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