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Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy Pt. 1

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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn, and welcome again to
00:31 Issues and Answers.
00:33 Let me share a scripture with you from Galatians 6:22.
00:37 The Bible says the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace,
00:40 patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility,
00:45 and self control.
00:46 When God is working in your life, and the Holy Spirit is
00:50 indwelling you, what will be your inward response?
00:54 Your contentment, will be the love, joy, and peace
00:57 of the Lord.
00:58 The patience, kindness, and goodness is an outward
01:01 expression of the Holy Spirit living in your life that we
01:05 actually are demonstrating to mankind.
01:07 Then the faithfulness, the humility, and the self control
01:11 is how we respond to God.
01:14 I am so excited today!
01:15 We're going to be talking about not letting anyone
01:19 steal your joy.
01:21 And it is my great pleasure to introduce to you someone who
01:25 is a relatively new friend of mine, but a sister in Christ.
01:29 I want to welcome Heather Dawn Small who is the Director of
01:33 Women's Ministries for the General Conference of the
01:35 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:37 Heather it's a joy to have you here.
01:40 Thank you.
01:41 I'm glad to be here.
01:42 Now how long have you been Director for Women's Ministries?
01:45 I'm been Director since the year 2005, and before that I was the
01:50 Associate Director.
01:51 And you came from?
01:53 The island of Trinidad and Tobago where I was the
01:55 Union Director for Women and Children's Ministries.
01:58 So you've been involved with Women's Ministries for a
02:01 very long time.
02:02 I know this is a passion of your heart.
02:04 Definitely!
02:05 But when I look at you, Heather, and having met you previously,
02:10 you are a person who is filled with joy.
02:13 We can track this back though.
02:16 Sometimes people think that just because you see someone who
02:19 is joyful, you think they must never have trials
02:23 and tribulations in their life.
02:25 But in 1985 something devastating happened to you,
02:29 and I would like for you to tell us about that incident.
02:33 Well, if we can back track two weeks before that,
02:36 I'll tell you what happened prior to that.
02:39 My husband and I had been having a rough time
02:41 with our marriage.
02:43 We had gotten married in 1979.
02:45 We had two beautiful children: my son who was, at that time
02:49 in 1985, was 4 and a few months, and my daughter who was 2.
02:54 Two weeks before the event in 1985 my husband and I were on
03:00 the brink of breaking up.
03:02 We had discussed it and I remember it was New Years Eve
03:06 and we had decided we were not going into the New Year with
03:09 things the way they were.
03:10 We just decided, okay, that's it, Lord.
03:13 Forget this!
03:14 We're going our separate ways and I, of course, said,
03:16 the children stay with me.
03:18 He could go wherever he wanted to.
03:20 We just didn't have that love for each other anymore
03:23 with all the bickering and all the sadness which had gone on.
03:27 But something happened because I remember at the end of that
03:33 conversation, I remember my husband asking me,
03:35 What do you want to do?
03:36 I said, Well, I've already said what I want to do.
03:38 He said, Well, yeah, but I'm asking you again,
03:40 what do you really want to do?"
03:42 I remember thinking okay, what do I really want to do?
03:46 I really want to leave, but the training that I had been brought
03:51 up with, because I had grown up in this church, kicked in.
03:54 The thought came, can I really walk away without giving God
03:58 the final say?
04:00 So I said to him, "Well, I'll be willing to pray about this
04:03 one last time. "
04:04 And we did, and we pledged that every night, and every evening,
04:07 every night, and every morning, we would pray
04:10 about our relationship.
04:12 My prayer was simple, Lord I don't want to be here.
04:14 I want to get out of this.
04:16 But if You could somehow love this man through me,
04:19 then do it.
04:20 Really I was saying to God, I don't want You to do it.
04:23 Yes.
04:24 But God does His awesome things, so as the time passed over the
04:28 two weeks, my husband and I began to feel that love
04:31 for each other come back.
04:32 I remember one night we knelt to pray and we held hands.
04:36 But then two weeks after that particular event we had an
04:40 accident at my home, where my father's dog attacked my son.
04:44 We took him to the hospital, and they tried to save him,
04:50 and he died.
04:52 He was 4 years and a few months.
04:54 This was just two weeks away from the time we had decided
04:58 to give our lives back to the Lord, and let Him do
05:00 everything for us.
05:02 Well, praise the Lord that first God had gotten your attention,
05:06 and had started you all on the right path.
05:09 But, Heather Dawn, I know when you first shared this story with
05:13 me a number of months ago, I told you that there's one
05:17 thing that I had prayed since I was 13 years old was,
05:20 Lord, don't ever let me have a child if that child would
05:23 precede me in death, because I can't think of anything worse.
05:27 How did you, in this new relationship that you and your
05:31 husband were being bonded together again in love,
05:34 how did this effect you though to suddenly lose your child,
05:40 your baby, at 4 1/2 years old?
05:42 Did that create a problem in the marriage again?
05:44 Well, it didn't really.
05:46 It's interesting how God really works things out.
05:50 I know this may seem strange, but it is something that I need
05:53 to share because a few nights before my son died,
05:56 I had a dream.
05:57 I don't normally put any stock in dreams, but you know,
05:59 sometimes you have dreams of the end of the world,
06:01 and you're running, and racing, and trying to get away
06:05 and save yourself.
06:06 In the dream it was only my husband, my daughter,
06:10 and myself.
06:11 I remember we got to a point where we were at the...
06:14 It looked like the sea was there, and the people were
06:18 behind us screaming at us because we were Christians.
06:21 Then my husband said, Look, Jesus is coming!
06:24 But I didn't look at Him because over to the right, as I looked,
06:27 I saw an angel coming with my son.
06:29 I remember the next day I said to my husband, I don't think
06:33 Joey's going to be alive when Jesus comes.
06:35 He said, Why?, and I shared with him what I'd dreamed.
06:38 He said, 'Hum, that's interesting. '
06:41 So when the event took place about two or three more mornings
06:44 later, that dream came back to my mind.
06:47 It was as though God had put it there to kind of prepare me
06:50 that something was going to take place.
06:52 And even though I fell apart, I mean it was a disastrous
06:56 time for me.
06:57 Of course!
06:58 But there was that thing in my mind that,
07:00 yeah, but God's in control.
07:01 I don't know what's going on, and I don't know why,
07:03 but God's in control.
07:05 So my part was to go through that struggle.
07:09 My husband and I had a two week time where he sent me
07:13 by his sister because he thought I would need a little rest.
07:15 And it was during that time that I really connected with God
07:19 on my own.
07:20 I came back from my sister-in-law's home all pumped
07:24 up, and excited that I had renewed my relationship
07:27 with God, and that I was ready to go, and my husband was
07:30 in a slump because he had not had that experience.
07:34 But God had taken me aside and then sent me back to share it
07:37 with him, and it was awesome.
07:40 So this dream you received was like a message of hope from God,
07:47 a message of joy.
07:48 That I'd see him again.
07:49 You know though, have you ever considered, and I'm sure
07:51 you have, and particularly when you're dealing in
07:54 Women's Ministries, how do women, how does anyone,
07:58 whether it's a man or a woman, face these kind of life trials
08:02 without God?
08:03 Without hope that they will be reunited with their loved ones?
08:07 That's right!
08:08 And that is what brought me to the first thing, which I want to
08:11 share with you, which is choice.
08:14 God gives all of us a choice, and I had to make a choice
08:17 because I remember one day, and it's strange how things,
08:21 even though you put things into perspective, you still have to
08:25 go through that period of mourning and loss.
08:29 Absolutely!
08:30 I remember every afternoon around the time of about
08:32 3:00 o'clock I'd steal away into a quiet bedroom,
08:35 and I would just cry my eyes out because I missed my son.
08:38 He was my first born.
08:40 Amen.
08:41 It was always around the time when I would be picking him
08:44 up and bringing him home from his day school.
08:46 And so I was crying and crying.
08:48 I did this for weeks.
08:50 Nobody knew.
08:51 I remember one afternoon I went into the room and as soon as I
08:54 closed the door I started to cry.
08:55 I sat on the bed and I had a pillow and I'd scream into
08:59 the pillow because it was just such pain.
09:01 Yes.
09:03 I said to God, I can't keep doing this because I felt myself
09:07 physically getting weaker.
09:09 I said, Lord, I can't keep doing this.
09:10 You've got to do something for me.
09:12 And as I said that my tears stopped and I began to think.
09:17 I said, You know, Lord, what am I going to do here?
09:20 I mean, I grew up in this church.
09:21 Everything that I believed in, at least that I thought
09:25 that I believed in, didn't seem to hold true because now
09:29 my son's dead.
09:30 And I need to know, and this is after I had given my life back
09:34 to Him, but there comes those times when you still have
09:38 your little doubts.
09:39 I said, I need to know.
09:40 Are you really going to be there for me?
09:42 I still have a daughter.
09:43 Who's going to look after her?
09:44 I can't lose her, too.
09:46 And I remember the Holy Spirit began to say to me,
09:50 Well, good things happen to everyone, and bad things happen
09:55 to everyone.
09:56 The person who is not a Christian loses their job,
09:59 and the Christian loses their job.
10:01 I thought about that and I said, You know, that's true.
10:03 And then the Spirit said to me, Yeah, and the person who is not
10:07 a Christian; they have disaster in their family,
10:10 and the Christian does as well.
10:12 I thought, yeah, you know, bad things happen to everyone.
10:16 Then I thought, well, what's the difference because if I'm going
10:19 to be a Christian, and bad things happen,
10:21 and I'm a non-Christian, and bad things happen,
10:23 what is the difference here?
10:25 And the Spirit said to me, The difference is
10:28 Christians have hope.
10:29 Amen!
10:30 And that made me come to choose.
10:34 I got to the point where I said, My choice is God.
10:38 Because without Him I would not have the hope of ever
10:42 seeing Joey again.
10:43 I wouldn't have the hope of living for eternity without
10:47 the pain and the sorrow, but if I stayed with God,
10:52 I would have it.
10:53 And then I wondered, how do people who do not have God
10:57 live with the troubles that happen in their lives?
11:01 The only thing I could think of is they turn to drink and drugs,
11:05 and try to keep themselves busy, and pleasures, and all sorts
11:09 of stuff, looking for that momentary time of joy
11:13 which they can only get if they give it all over to God.
11:17 So making that choice was the first thing for me;
11:20 choosing God.
11:21 So, and as you chose God, you know, He says in
11:25 Deuteronomy 30:19, He sets before us life and death.
11:28 Yes, He does.
11:29 And that's on a day by day basis.
11:30 We can either choose life, or choose death.
11:33 But as you were choosing God, and He helped you to return
11:38 your eyes to Him, trusting in Him,
11:40 did you find the promise of Isaiah 26:3 came true that
11:46 He promises to keep us in perfect peace when we keep our
11:50 minds steadfastly focused on Him.
11:52 Definitely!
11:53 That's when I began my joy walk.
11:54 That was the beginning.
11:55 That was when God first took me to Philippians, and from that
12:00 tine the word joy has become my trademark.
12:04 It's just, I wish my name was Joy.
12:06 I just love that word because it expresses that in spite of
12:10 everything else going on in my life, I can have joy,
12:14 which comes with peace.
12:16 It doesn't matter how bad things get, there is this thought
12:20 constantly in my mind, but God's in control.
12:23 And if He's in control, then I have nothing, really,
12:25 to get concerned about, even if it does turn out
12:28 for the worst.
12:29 So that reminds me of Nehemiah 8:10 that the joy of the Lord
12:32 will be your strength.
12:33 That's right, that's right.
12:34 Amen.
12:35 Well, tell us a little more about this joy walk.
12:37 Well, the next thing that I'd like to share with you is
12:40 the second point which I call What's your view?
12:43 Because as Christians we've got to look at this world through
12:47 different eyes than the person who is not a Christian.
12:50 As Christians we've got to see the world as God sees it.
12:55 That's one of the things that I pray for every day.
12:57 I say, Lord give me Your eye salve.
12:59 Help me to see the world as You see it.
13:02 Because, you see, if I look at it as I see it, I'm only going
13:05 to see pain, and hurt, and anger.
13:07 I'm going to see people who are hurting me, people who are
13:10 unkind to me, but I want to see the world as God sees it.
13:14 And so, because I ask for that, and He gives it to me,
13:18 when I look at situations I don't see the person who's
13:22 trying to hurt me, I see what's behind the person.
13:25 I see that demonic spirit who is trying to steal away my joy
13:31 because I've discovered that a joyless Christian is on his way
13:36 to losing his faith in God.
13:37 Amen!
13:38 That's why Satan wants to take away your joy.
13:40 And, you know, over the years as a Pastor's wife,
13:42 I remember that so many times my husband and I would go
13:46 and visit people who had left the church.
13:49 I would say 99% of the time it was because of something
13:53 which happened that stole their joy.
13:55 Whether it was their personal life, or something in the church
13:58 that discouraged them, and depressed them,
14:02 that caused anger, and that set them up then for Satan to just
14:06 step in and take away that faith in God which they had.
14:09 And you know what?
14:11 As we're discussing joy, let me ask you if you would
14:13 agree with this.
14:14 I tell people that we're not always going to be happy.
14:17 Happiness depends on circumstances, but we can
14:20 always have joy, which is one of the fruits of the Spirit.
14:24 We can always look to the Lord with that hope in our heart,
14:28 and the joy that He instills in us.
14:31 And something you said about asking God, you know you and I
14:36 have done so many similar things in our walk with the Lord.
14:39 I once had to go to the Lord and say, Father, help me to see
14:44 other people through Your eyes.
14:45 Which in II Corinthians 5:16 Paul says, We no longer look at
14:50 anyone from a human perspective.
14:52 We once looked at Jesus this way, but now we see people from
14:57 God's perspective.
14:58 That can help restore your joy faster than anything because
15:01 if you see someone as trying to harm you, and you see them
15:06 as being hateful, you may lose some of that joy.
15:10 But when you look at them through God's eyes, and see that
15:12 they are suffering, or they're lost, or it is a
15:16 spiritual battle that's going on, it kind of pumps you up
15:20 a little bit to see things from God's perspective, doesn't it?
15:23 It does, and you know joy, as you said, is not a constant
15:27 walk of, Oh, I'm constantly happy.
15:29 There are days when I am down.
15:31 There are days when I'm struggling with various issues.
15:33 Joy produces happiness, but happiness cannot produce joy,
15:37 because joy is that inner state of mind, I call it, that says,
15:42 no matter what's happening in my life, my connection to God
15:45 stays strong, and I know He's in control.
15:48 And even though I may be going through a joyless period in my
15:51 life, a time when I'm not bubbling over, and all excited,
15:55 that okay.
15:56 My joy is still there because Jesus is still there.
15:59 Amen.
16:00 So what you're saying is, if I'm hearing you correctly,
16:03 and correct me if I'm not, is that when you started this
16:06 joy walk with the Lord, it didn't mean that there
16:10 weren't other challenges that you've experienced.
16:12 It didn't mean that you stayed in a constant state of
16:15 happiness, but still you maintained that contented
16:20 state of joy inside.
16:21 Inside, that's right.
16:23 Very true!
16:24 And it always stays there with you, and it's why I can do
16:28 the things that I do, you know, travel, and leave my family
16:31 behind and not be worried about if my son's going to be okay,
16:34 or my daughter, or my husband.
16:36 I don't concern myself with that.
16:38 Even if something went wrong, and, you know,
16:41 God knows my heart.
16:42 I don't want anything to happen to any of my family, but if
16:46 something should go wrong, and I know Satan's always
16:50 out there trying to do his worst, yet inside I know
16:54 I'm going to be okay because God can take me through this.
16:58 Amen.
16:59 And the son you refer to now is a son that you had
17:02 after Joey's death.
17:04 Yes, yes, it is.
17:05 About a year after my son's death, we decided to try again
17:08 for another child, because we always wanted to have two kids,
17:11 But then I got in a car accident and as a result of the
17:14 car accident, I had to have surgery, and I couldn't have
17:17 any more kids.
17:18 I was determined.
17:21 I said, Lord, that's not the end of it.
17:23 I could adopt.
17:24 And so we began searching.
17:25 It was a couple of years, but then God brought this
17:29 precious son into our lives, and he is the joy of my life.
17:34 I said to him the other day, you know he's 16 now,
17:38 and we got him when he was about 2 1/2, and he's going
17:41 through his little ups and downs that teenagers go through.
17:44 I said to him, you know, I would not exchange you
17:49 for anything in the world.
17:50 Even if it meant I could have my first son back.
17:54 I would not have missed out on the opportunity, and the joy
17:58 of having you in my life.
18:00 Because, you see, I know I'm going to see my first son again,
18:02 but Jerry is here with us now.
18:05 The joy of having him with us is something that
18:08 I would not exchange.
18:09 What a precious thing to say to him.
18:11 I'm sure that those are words he will never forget.
18:14 I hope so.
18:15 But, you know, it occurs to me, Heather Dawn, as we're talking,
18:18 many people who had had a child taken so violently,
18:23 and that is a violent death, what Joey went through,
18:27 and then hoping to have another child so that they could have
18:34 the two they wanted, and ending up in a car accident that forced
18:38 this surgery.
18:39 Many people would have wanted to shake their fist
18:42 in God's face and say, you know, What good does it do
18:46 to serve You because look what's happening.
18:49 Did you ever, ever experience that moment where you could have
18:53 turned your back on the Lord easily?
18:55 Not then, No, and that's interesting.
18:58 I never even thought of it like that until you said it.
19:01 It was as though, okay, this door has closed, but there has
19:04 got to be some other window, because houses have windows,
19:07 and I'm looking for one.
19:08 And God just turned me in a different direction,
19:10 and I realized why, because it really wasn't necessary for me
19:15 to make another child in the way I thought I should
19:19 have a child, when God already had a wonderful child
19:22 waiting for me.
19:23 So it was fine.
19:25 It was fine.
19:26 Yeah.
19:27 Have you ever experienced anything after that where you
19:30 felt that you questioned God?
19:34 Well, I did go through a rough time in my life during the 19...
19:38 I would say it was about 1990-98 when I was going
19:45 through a very bad time physically.
19:46 I was suffering with depression.
19:49 My health wasn't good, and I went through a bad slump.
19:54 I remember that a family in our church had...
19:59 Their son had gotten in an accident on a Ferris Wheel.
20:05 They almost lost him, and God saved him.
20:08 I remember when the mother stood up in church praising God
20:12 for saving her son that the devil whispered in my ear,
20:15 Well, how come God saved this woman's son
20:18 and didn't save yours?
20:19 And because of my emotional, and mental state at the time,
20:23 I just went off the deep end.
20:24 I mean I turned my back on God for three months.
20:27 I didn't want to have anything to do Him.
20:28 I didn't want to read my Bible.
20:30 I didn't want to talk to Him.
20:31 I went by my sister in California, and I remember
20:34 at the time, I left my Bible home because I said,
20:37 I'm not even talking to God so I'm not even taking it with me.
20:40 And when I got there right on the side there by the bed
20:44 she had left me some gifts, and one of them was a Bible.
20:47 And I felt, Okay, Lord, I can't run from You, because I've left
20:51 Trinidad and come all the way to California.
20:52 I thought I left You there, and yet You are here willing to
20:55 meet with me, so let's talk.
20:57 And so for two weeks, every day when my sister would leave
21:01 for work, I would sit in my room, and I cried,
21:04 and I screamed, and I shouted at God.
21:06 I told Him I unfair He was and how hurt I was that He had done
21:10 this to me.
21:11 And this was like 13 years later, but things come back.
21:15 Satan will always get you at your weakest point.
21:18 So when that happened I just threw it all out, because I had
21:23 had stuff that I was holding inside, and I let it all out.
21:26 Then God began to talk to me and He strengthened me,
21:29 and gave me the hope that I needed.
21:31 He restored my joy.
21:33 That was something that I had to go through, but first I had
21:36 to tell God how I really felt.
21:38 And, you know, too many of us as Christians feel, well,
21:40 I can't really tell God how I feel.
21:43 Yes, you can.
21:44 It's not that He doesn't know, but we need to verbalize it.
21:46 We need to do it.
21:47 And as we get it out, then His Holy Spirit can minister to us,
21:52 and the healing can begin again.
21:54 Amen.
21:55 And this is something that I was thinking about.
21:56 When David lost his joy after the incident with Bathsheba,
22:02 and when Nathan had come to him and said, You're the man.
22:05 In Psalms 51 one of the precious things I think that
22:08 David said in his prayer of repentance was, restore to me
22:12 the joy of thy salvation.
22:14 That's right.
22:15 And so that's what God was doing with you was restoring
22:17 to you the joy of your salvation.
22:20 You know, it's so wonderful, Heather Dawn, as we're talking,
22:23 I'm looking at you, and I'm thinking we all really do
22:27 go through the same things.
22:28 Yes, we do.
22:29 We're all human, and praise the Lord, that He remembers,
22:32 earnestly remembers we are but dust.
22:34 and for the viewer who is out there who may have been on this
22:40 little roller coaster ride with the Lord.
22:42 Don't ever feel that God is just going to write you off when you
22:48 maybe do shake your fist in His face.
22:51 And when you're saying just talk about it openly with the Lord;
22:55 He already knows.
22:57 What He wants from us, and it's very cathartic to go to the Lord
23:01 and to speak these things.
23:03 Speak it, shout it, scream it; just let it out.
23:06 And God understands.
23:08 It's just like, you know, when you were talking about Jerry.
23:12 Yes.
23:13 When you were talking about your adopted son, Jerry,
23:15 I was thinking when you said to him, I wouldn't have missed this
23:20 for all the world, even if it meant having my natural born
23:24 son back.
23:25 I was thinking here God adopts us, and He will say to us,
23:30 I wouldn't have saved my own natural son, which is Jesus
23:37 Christ, to miss out on having you.
23:40 And even though we are all alike, and we all go through
23:43 like Jerry is going through his teen years and testing his
23:48 wings a little bit, and maybe rebellious occasionally,
23:51 we do this with the Lord, but that doesn't mean
23:54 He quits loving us.
23:55 So if you were going to sum up how not to let someone
24:00 steal your joy, what steps can we leave our viewers with?
24:05 Well, the first thing that I would say to the viewers is
24:08 make a choice.
24:09 I had to come to the point in my life where I said no matter
24:14 what happens, I am determined to see Jesus when He comes.
24:18 Now I knew that I couldn't do that by my own strength.
24:21 But I had to make that choice in my mind.
24:24 I had to realize that God and I have a contract.
24:27 Amen.
24:28 And it was written by His blood.
24:30 Amen.
24:31 And He is the one who is going to give me the staying power
24:33 to keep my side of it, but yet I still have to realize that
24:37 I've got to make that.
24:38 And so I did that first, many years ago after my son died.
24:42 So I chose God above everything else.
24:45 So no matter what happens I keep remembering, okay,
24:48 but I chose God and He's going to help me through this.
24:51 The second one, I would say to the viewers is,
24:54 don't lose hope.
24:55 There is always hope.
24:57 Amen.
24:58 Don't give up.
24:59 God will stay there with you.
25:01 It doesn't matter how dark the night, how big the storm.
25:05 When the disciples were in the boat, and the boat was being
25:07 shaken, and Christ was sleeping.
25:11 They didn't even know where He was.
25:12 Why didn't He get up?
25:14 Why didn't He do something?
25:15 That story has taught me that no matter what, even though
25:18 God may be silent, He is still present.
25:21 Amen.
25:22 He's never absent.
25:23 He was right there in the boat, and He's in my boat.
25:26 So choose to have God in your boat so that even though
25:29 the storm gets rough, and even though sometimes you can't hear
25:32 from Him, and you want to get a word from Him, and it seems
25:35 as though, God, why are you silent?
25:37 He may be silent, but He is never absent.
25:40 Amen.
25:41 So those are the two things that I would say to the viewers.
25:43 Hold onto God because in this world there is nothing worth
25:47 holding onto.
25:48 That's right.
25:49 When you think about you've got this covenant agreement
25:54 with the Lord, this contract, and yet even as a pastor's wife,
25:58 there was a time that you then, thirteen years later, went
26:04 through this depression.
26:05 And I'm guessing, and I don't think we've got time to discuss
26:09 it today, so we're going to invite Heather Dawn Small
26:11 to come back.
26:13 I am guessing there are things that led up to this
26:18 state of depression.
26:19 Oh, Yes!
26:20 Some contributing factors that you may have even done yourself.
26:23 Oh, definitely.
26:24 Okay.
26:25 So we're going to want you to come back and talk to us about
26:29 how here you're on a joy walk, and yet you allowed
26:33 circumstances to close in on you.
26:37 You got into that depressive state and God restored your joy.
26:41 That's right; He did.
26:42 And you are a joyful person.
26:44 I certainly am because I'm saved.
26:46 Amen!
26:47 That's what gives you that joy; knowing that you are saved.
26:51 Amen, amen.
26:52 Well, Heather Dawn, I thank you so much for being with us today.
26:56 I know that you have a great ministry for the
27:00 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
27:03 And as Director of Women's Ministries we do want you to
27:07 come back and be with us again, and share some more of your
27:10 story, and some of the things that you're sharing
27:11 around the world.
27:13 I hope for you that you will remember Nehemiah 8:10,
27:16 that the joy of the Lord is your strength.
27:19 And remember also in Galatians 6:22, that the fruit of the
27:24 Spirit, (You can't really divide it up.
27:26 It's all one part of a single fruit.), is love, joy, and peace
27:31 that you can experience on the inside.
27:33 Patience, kindness, and goodness that you can express
27:37 toward others.
27:38 That's how the Holy Spirit works that fruit out toward others,
27:41 and faithfulness, humility, and self control that you can
27:46 express toward God.
27:47 Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the
27:51 Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.
27:54 Thank you for joining us.


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