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00:31 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn
00:33 and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:35 I'm so glad you could be joining us today
00:37 and I think you'll be glad too,
00:39 particularly if you're having difficulty
00:42 prioritizing your life and keeping things all in order.
00:45 We're gonna be talking today about passions and priorities
00:49 and how to really manage your time better.
00:54 Jesus said in Matthew 6:33,
00:57 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness
01:01 and all these things will be added unto you as well.
01:05 And our guest today knows this from personal experience,
01:09 I'm pleased to welcome back
01:11 Linda Schultz from Spokane, Washington.
01:13 And Linda, I thank you so much,
01:16 we've enjoyed the programs we've been doing with you.
01:18 Thank you. Well, now
01:19 let's kind of recap for those who are not familiar with you,
01:23 if they missed our first couple of programs.
01:25 You are the Vice President for a Ministry
01:28 by the name of Transforming Lives for Christ;
01:31 you're a pastor's wife.
01:32 The mother of two children, a nurse
01:35 and you at one point in your life
01:38 found yourself where it was like,
01:40 ah! Help Lord.
01:42 Tell us about what happened.
01:44 It was overload and essentially what has happened was,
01:50 I had allowed the expectations
01:52 of people to take more control of me,
01:55 then I had allowed my connection with Christ.
01:58 And so consequently what happened
02:00 is it became very imbalanced. Yes.
02:03 And when then happens, of course there is no strength
02:06 because where do we get our strength?
02:08 From Jesus. Amen. And so,
02:10 I was doing a lot of things on my own,
02:12 I was in on dangerous territory.
02:14 And it's dangerous because what happens is,
02:16 when you give there is no receiving,
02:18 because you're not in connection like you should be.
02:20 And you run dry and then anger,
02:24 resentment and depression set in and that's where I was at.
02:28 Now your husband being a pastor,
02:30 when you actually walked into him one day and said,
02:33 okay, this is it, I can't handle it anymore.
02:36 It's either me or the church, you've got to chose. Right.
02:39 And your wise husband looked at you and said,
02:41 if I could arrange for you to go
02:43 to a Christian counselor would you? And you said yes.
02:47 Right. Now, that counselor helped
02:48 turn your life around, tell us a little bit about that.
02:52 What he did was, he removed the busyness of life,
02:55 he had me remove that.
02:56 Because remember that wasn't busyness
02:58 that Christ had put into the life,
02:59 that's the busyness I had put in
03:01 or allowed to be put into my life.
03:03 Removed that and than we start from the ground up,
03:06 building a solid foundation.
03:08 And the solid foundation being built on Christ, our rock.
03:12 And that was beautiful and also along with that
03:16 not only in reconnecting with Jesus but also in resting,
03:19 resting in Jesus and resting physically also.
03:24 So, what would your first advice be to a person,
03:31 who is finding that their life is so fragmented?
03:37 That they don't know what they're gonna do or what,
03:40 where they're gonna put all of the responsibilities
03:42 in their life.
03:44 Probably one of the very first things you need to do is,
03:47 you have to reevaluate where you are in life.
03:49 And the only way I could do and the only way
03:52 I would recommend doing it. Is number one,
03:54 stepping back, another words, getting into the posture of rest
03:58 Steeping back from it and reconnecting with Jesus,
04:02 not expecting, not over expecting of yourself,
04:05 where you're gonna sit-down
04:06 and you're gonna spend an hour a day or whatever.
04:08 But stepping back in rest,
04:11 like I said physically and then opening the word,
04:14 spending small amounts of times,
04:16 getting good Christian literature that help support
04:19 and encourage and build you.
04:22 And then this learning to pray without ceasing which is,
04:26 when you're walking, when you're doing,
04:28 whatever you're doing throughout your life.
04:29 Connecting with Jesus, talk to him about it,
04:32 whatever it is.
04:33 It doesn't have to be that we have to come with a concern.
04:35 But we start connecting with him,
04:38 whether in just those small little things
04:40 that are occurring throughout our lives.
04:42 Because once we have that connection,
04:44 there is a greater desire to spend more time with Him. Amen.
04:47 And then that's where we start getting filled,
04:49 but it's a slow processes.
04:51 So, again don't expect too much of yourselves,
04:53 allow yourselves that time to grow and to be filled.
04:57 You know, something that impressed me
04:59 that you said earlier,
05:00 I think that was a program before that you had mentioned
05:03 when you were emptying your life of all of these busyness.
05:07 And now you were trying to refill your life
05:11 and make that connection.
05:12 When I ask you what was your first step?
05:14 I expected you to say, oh!
05:15 I spend hours in the Bible and hours in prayer,
05:18 reconnecting to the Lord. And what you said was,
05:20 I rested, I will took a walk,
05:23 I thank God for my blessings, I prayed.
05:26 And I think that many of us are very driven
05:32 to you know we think that,
05:34 we've got to constantly be doing something,
05:36 rather than learning to rely totally on God.
05:39 And to step into that rest, so that was a beautiful thing.
05:42 But how that God help you, you know we have there is,
05:47 there is priorities to life. And as you've learned,
05:50 keeping and maintaining that relationship
05:53 with Him is the top priority.
05:55 How did God teach you to gain those priorities back in life,
06:01 because many people they'll know what's important.
06:05 But all we have, we manage our life by,
06:08 its management by crisis. You know,
06:10 the things come up that demand our attention and we seem,
06:15 sometimes what we give to God,
06:16 is nothing but leftovers. How did you come up with this?
06:21 Well, it was really interesting because
06:24 as I connected with Him and as I spent my time with Him.
06:27 Again, it draws me to want to spend more time with Him.
06:31 So, my priorities started, I realized you know in John
06:34 when He calls us to come and to dyeing with Him,
06:37 He knocks at the door, He wants to come in.
06:39 I realized He was calling me to a relationship,
06:41 not just one in which I just talk to him.
06:45 But one in which He wanted to talk with me. Amen.
06:48 And so I lay out my day, I started learning that
06:51 as I lay out my day and I bring that day to Him with all,
06:55 its many things that I have on my played.
06:57 He helps me than to priorities and then
07:00 He promises me the strength to take care of the things,
07:04 He wants me to do that day. Amen.
07:06 Whatever that might be,
07:07 whether you're working in the home,
07:09 outside of the home or both. Amen.
07:11 And then how do you then move
07:14 from priority to priority throughout the day?
07:17 What's interesting is also that.
07:19 Isn't really what you know all of these that I went through
07:23 what I found was it's not about my priorities,
07:26 it's about my priority. Oh! That's good.
07:29 Always about my priority,
07:31 because if we'd listen to one another
07:34 as we're talking about our days.
07:36 It's about the things rather than the person,
07:40 who gives us this strength to do the things.
07:42 And so, I realize that my connection, my eyesight,
07:46 my whole focus was on things rather than on Jesus.
07:52 And one of the things.
07:53 Psalms 107, if you read Psalms 107 through
07:57 I found something very interesting there.
07:59 The children of Israel are crying out
08:01 in their despair to the Lord.
08:03 And this happens three times throughout that chapter,
08:06 each and every time Christ brings them back
08:09 to praise and thanksgiving. In all of those crisis,
08:14 He brings them back to praise and thanksgiving.
08:16 And Christ was calling me back to be pray,
08:19 to praise and thanksgiving for who He is.
08:22 But also for the blessings He does give me day by day.
08:26 And that, doing that really changes our reflection inside.
08:32 So, did you find as the Lord
08:34 was reordering your priorities, that He changed your passions?
08:37 Absolutely, and that was beautiful.
08:41 And when He changed my passions, it was a,
08:44 I should say it this way some of my passions were changed,
08:48 some of them were not changed but they regained new,
08:55 what I was gonna say? Vitality. Yes,
08:57 new vitality, because now behind that passion
09:01 comes Jesus strength, Jesus power.
09:04 And I am going thank you Lord and I have a sense
09:08 that that's exactly what God's wants me to do.
09:10 And you know when you're on the path with the Lord,
09:12 there is nothing more joyous. Absolutely.
09:14 And you know that, no matter what needs you,
09:17 He's there to help you walk through it around it or over it.
09:21 And that's how our days,
09:23 that's what he offers to us with our days.
09:26 You know, I have this place that,
09:31 it's for me if I don't start my day off with an hour in prayer.
09:35 Now, I pray all through the day, but if I don't comes sit
09:40 at his feet in the morning impress Him by myself.
09:43 This is not with my husband
09:44 or you know share devotional time.
09:47 If I don't do that and sit at his feet and listen,
09:50 than the rest of my day is just usually a little bit
09:55 up side down. Now, how do you,
09:57 how would you recommend someone
10:00 or has God led you in prioritizing your life?
10:02 Because I know right now,
10:04 I've got a few priorities out of order.
10:05 What do you feel is its God first no question;
10:10 do you think its self next before your family?
10:14 Well, you know we're told that if we don't love,
10:17 that we need to love Christ supremely.
10:20 But if we don't have a love for ourselves,
10:23 and I say that through the biblical approach
10:25 which is that love comes through what God creates us,
10:28 the value He is placed on us.
10:30 Then we can't give to someone else, so if we,
10:33 ourselves are not filled then we don't have
10:37 anything to give.
10:38 So, when we filled ourselves with Christ,
10:41 then at that point in time we, ourselves are renewed.
10:45 And we're able to give to someone else.
10:48 And would you agree that possibly, it's that healthy love
10:54 we're talking about a selfish love itself. No.
10:56 But that healthy love itself would be recognizing,
11:00 who you are in Christ? Yes.
11:02 And also that since you are the living temple of God
11:05 that you need to take care of your body.
11:07 Because that's one area I find that most people
11:11 who are really starve for time and we all are nowadays.
11:15 Its seems that taking care of ourselves physically,
11:20 eating properly, drinking plenty of water,
11:22 getting enough rest and even exercise
11:25 particularly is something that we can make a very low priority.
11:29 And God even spoke to you in your life
11:31 through kind of a threatening situation, didn't he? Yes,
11:35 yes my bone density test had came back,
11:38 come back and they were stating that
11:41 they were gonna need me to start on medication for it.
11:44 So, I was new, it's called Osteopenia,
11:47 it was first day just before we moved on to Osteo,
11:53 Osteoporosis. But interestingly enough,
11:56 so I had to get into an educate, I needed to get into either,
12:00 I need to go on medication
12:01 or need to get into an exercise program.
12:03 The beauty was, I start into an exercise program
12:07 and I've actually improved my bone density as a result.
12:10 Because it was weight-bearing.
12:11 And it was like, to me it was double fold I read,
12:15 reap the benefits of the exercise program.
12:16 And at the same time God said see this is what,
12:20 this is the reason why it so important for you,
12:22 your body is healthy, you feel better,
12:25 you're gonna live longer.
12:26 There is more time then to do the work that needs to be done.
12:30 And there is more time to enjoy life.
12:32 And do you find you have more energy,
12:34 because now you're exercising. Yes, absolutely much more energy
12:38 And I find that the same true, see with the exercise
12:41 it gives us more energy for our physical life.
12:44 With the connection with Christ,
12:46 it give us more energy for our spiritual life. Amen.
12:49 With the food that we take in, again our bodies are renewed.
12:53 So, that we can go out
12:54 and we can do what we need to do.
12:56 What we're doing when we,
12:58 when we do not pay attention to these different areas,
13:01 is we are tearing our bodies down.
13:03 And then they can't be used like God would have them to use.
13:07 So, the quality of life goes down
13:09 and so does the quantity of life.
13:11 And you know, when you were telling us your story earlier,
13:13 you're sharing your personal testimony.
13:15 It was obvious that,
13:17 you had your priorities out of wack completely,
13:20 because you weren't having that
13:22 personal connection with the Lord. Right.
13:24 And you really weren't taking care of yourselves,
13:25 because you were being so spent by others,
13:29 as you've said the unmanaged time.
13:32 Because, it wasn't under the control of the Lord.
13:34 It was being dominated by everyone else
13:37 and you were just finding yourself
13:39 completely empty at the end of the day.
13:42 Exactly. And at the beginning
13:43 of the day actually. Exactly. Right.
13:45 I didn't matter, you know I'd like to share something
13:47 because I think it, I think this particular quote
13:50 that I'm gonna share, tells, is an excellent example
13:54 of "Where We Are In Our Life."
13:56 Phil Callaway summarizes to dilemma in our lives, he says
14:00 we have bigger houses and smaller families,
14:03 more money and less time.
14:05 We buy more things and enjoy them less,
14:07 we've added years to our lives,
14:09 but drained the life from our years.
14:11 We talk too much, but when do we listen.
14:13 We've sacrific better for bigger,
14:16 peace for noise, E-mail for communication.
14:18 We have more hype, but less hope.
14:21 More conveniences, but less time.
14:23 More counselors and more problems.
14:26 We have wider roads and fewer carpools.
14:28 More information, but less knowledge.
14:30 More choices, but less wisdom.
14:33 Taller buildings and shorter fuses.
14:35 We drink too much; drive too fast,
14:37 laugh too little and sleep a whole lot less than we should.
14:40 We've doubled our incomes and tripled our divorce rates.
14:44 We've built beautiful houses
14:45 and turned them into broken homes.
14:48 We're stealing time from those who love us
14:50 and giving it to those who don't.
14:52 Our schedules are full, but our lives are empty.
14:56 Oh, wow! That is powerful.
14:58 It is very powerful. And accurate assessment of
15:01 what is going on in our world today. Completely.
15:05 So, in your life then as you were getting
15:09 rid off the busyness of life. And now, and we discussed
15:13 setting boundaries and having balance in our life.
15:17 And that came through understanding priorities.
15:20 So, it was God first. Yes. Them yourselves
15:24 in yourselves healthy again and then your family
15:27 I assumed before you church and work. Absolutely.
15:29 So, when you went to the Lord each morning
15:32 and as you lay the day on the altar,
15:34 coming before him and you're saying okay Lord.
15:36 Here are my plans for the day, you said in your word
15:38 commit your plans unto you and you cause them to succeed.
15:41 But Lord, are these your plans for my day.
15:44 Right. As you allowed Him to prioritize
15:48 the things you thought, you needed to get done.
15:51 Did you find God who was giving you assignments?
15:54 Yes, He will give an assignment, that's what interesting.
15:57 Some days what I found is, what I had on my plate
16:01 I didn't feel any necessary change
16:05 in what I've gotten down, my day kind of went routinely
16:07 like I would think and.. But other days
16:10 He would send people into my lives,
16:13 into my life that I had not, that were in need.
16:17 And what I found was very interesting is?
16:19 When you've gone through an experience,
16:21 God usually will send you people. Absolutely.
16:24 That also is going through what? This very similar experience,
16:29 so that you can be have encouragement.
16:31 And that I find, that's one of the blessings
16:34 of going through trail like that is knowing that He turns around
16:39 and He makes that ministry experience.
16:41 Exactly. And then we're able to give back
16:44 and when we give back we ourselves are strengthened.
16:47 And so, yes there were many times when I had people
16:50 they were totally unaware of the experience
16:52 I had gone through. And God would place them
16:55 in my life, because they were going through
16:57 a similar situation and they needed encouragement,
16:59 they needed pryer and they needed to know
17:02 that there was a rainbow at the end.
17:04 Exactly, and this is something that,
17:06 the Bible tell us that God comforts us
17:08 so that we can comfort
17:09 others with the same comforts. Yes, absolutely.
17:12 That He is giving to us in Second Corinthians chapter 1.
17:15 So, as now your passions begun to change,
17:18 because I know you're a passionate
17:19 about exercise. You get up everything,
17:22 the first thing every morning after your devotionals
17:24 you go out and you exercise. Well, three times a week
17:28 and then I' tried to do. Yes, at the weight bear
17:31 and then I try to do some on the treadmill
17:33 and I admit it's a struggle. Now, the ones that I,
17:37 I tend to know where my weakness is which is,
17:40 I know that it is better for me to schedule something.
17:43 So, I have a trainer that I go to
17:45 and I workout with that person. Because I know then
17:47 I'm responsible and I'm accountable and that's good.
17:50 So, I put that component in for myself.
17:53 But then I also have my own personal time
17:55 than I hit the treadmill. Usually at night I'm trying too,
17:58 but there is a struggle as we all know
18:00 where things get out of balance again.
18:02 And we have to go before the Lord say,
18:03 Lord I know I'm out of balance here,
18:06 help me find the time. Because you know,
18:08 it's important. That's the thing is when you see
18:10 the imbalance and you know it's not present.
18:12 You can go to the Lord and ask Him for it.
18:15 Yes. I still remember, that I have a friend of mine,
18:18 she says you know I had three little children
18:21 they were all preschool ages. And she says,
18:23 I'd there was no time for my devotion
18:27 and she says I went to the Lord and I said Lord
18:28 if you were awake me up an hour before I usually get up.
18:32 I will spend that time with you; do you know He was faithful?
18:36 Its' so amazing that you said that,
18:38 because I found that recently my schedule was becoming
18:41 so busy and I was cheating the Lord in the time
18:45 and I don't think cheating the Lord I was cheating myself.
18:48 Because and so I just told the Lord,
18:50 I need that time with you, I miss you,
18:53 I miss that intimacy of that hour of pressing into you.
18:56 So, I said Lord you have my permission
18:58 to get me up earlier and He's been getting me up at 4:30,
19:01 I mean it's just. And I'm not, usually one who awakes up
19:04 without the alarms, so He gets me up at 4:30
19:06 every morning. So, that I can really enjoy
19:08 that time with Him. Praise the Lord.
19:10 Amen, it makes a big difference. It does.
19:12 And sometimes people think, well you need to sleep
19:15 but He compensates somehow for that. Yes.
19:18 Now, in discovering these passions
19:22 or rediscovering your passions, what would you say to someone
19:27 and if we're looking at prioritizing things?
19:30 Who, you've got like, I have a list,
19:34 and I've got a list of many pages of priority projects.
19:40 It's like you know how they say you should do A's?
19:42 Right. I've got so many A's, I've got three pages
19:46 worth of A's that need to be done.
19:47 So, I know I'm over committed, but how do you,
19:52 if you don't have a deadline on some of those projects
19:55 in particular? What would you say to someone,
19:58 who, you know you've got all of these
19:59 important things to do. And yet since
20:02 they are not deadline, you've got all of these
20:04 little things coming up through the day.
20:05 How would you manage your time there?
20:08 Well, I always, first of all I know that
20:13 it is very, very difficult to make a call on lot things,
20:16 when you've got them in front of you.
20:19 But what I do is, I continually as I'm going along,
20:23 I having committed my day to the Lord,
20:26 I pick out what I, in the sermon and the wisdom
20:32 that he's giving me. As I'm looking at my schedule
20:34 I try to choose wisely what I know
20:36 that I should be doing. And then I ask Him Lord
20:39 if it's not or you want me to go to some place else let me know.
20:43 But I do the best I can to priorities
20:45 with what I have then having submitted to Him
20:48 and put my day and myself on the alter,
20:51 I call at the alter because it's where I dedicate
20:55 myself back to Jesus and surrender my whole life
20:58 saying it's all yours Lord. And then I walk forward
21:02 in faith knowing, He can close doors
21:05 and He can open doors.
21:07 And I leave that to each individual soul
21:09 because I know that God works
21:11 with each one of us differently. Because He's agenda
21:14 for each one of us is unique which I love.
21:17 And how do you keep the little, the Bible we called
21:20 it the little foxes that spoil the vines.
21:22 So, you're working, you have that important project,
21:24 but it really doesn't have a deadline.
21:26 And all of sudden all these little issues start coming up
21:29 and they've got I mean their little crisis
21:33 that need your attention, how do you protect that time
21:37 on the important projects so that you're not always
21:39 working with the little things that spoil?
21:42 Well, it's interesting because sometimes we don't need to go
21:46 where the emergencies are. Sometimes those needs to be
21:49 set aside and again there is where I would offer prepare
21:52 and say Lord you see what's happening here.
21:54 Is this important enough that I step aside
21:58 from where I am to go over to treat this.
22:02 Sometimes I think He will do that,
22:04 He'll say yes I need to hear. But again I would say,
22:07 we're not gonna know His voice if we are not connected. Amen.
22:11 So, we have to stay connected and if we hear His voice,
22:14 yes I need you hear, then we obey and we go.
22:19 If not we continue and we ask that the Lord provide
22:23 what is needed to address the situation.
22:26 And it could be that it's gonna be address latter by us
22:28 or it could be that somebody else
22:30 is to play a role in that. So, what, it sounds like
22:33 that you're saying Linda, is that throughout the day
22:36 you are really keeping your mind
22:38 steadfastly fixed on the Lord. Absolutely.
22:40 And you're trusting on Him to lead you, guide you,
22:43 and direct you. And as Isaiah 26 verse 3 says:
22:46 When your mind is steadfastly fixed on Him, you trust in Him.
22:49 He keeps you in that perfect peace.
22:52 Yes. So, as all of these things come up through the day,
22:56 you're not letting the chaos destroy
22:59 your peace, is that right? That's correct,
23:00 and that is such an important part.
23:03 Because that's what the world is chaos,
23:05 the world is chaos. And that's the last read
23:09 you know we were, we were broken world. Yes.
23:12 That's the last place we want to go to have,
23:17 to find our priorities. We don't want that interfering,
23:21 we want Christ to help us to understand
23:24 what He wants us to do with chaos
23:25 and what role do we play in that.
23:28 And that's where we do, we have to that
23:31 praying and ceasing that connection.
23:33 And I know what its' like, when I don't keep that connection.
23:37 I know what is like when I fall helpless and I realize
23:40 that I have a decision to make and I have no idea
23:43 where to go with that decision. Amen. Because I have not been
23:46 connected that day and it's interesting
23:47 it doesn't take, it's not something
23:51 that you can go without for 30 days and then I feel it,
23:55 if I haven't had it that day. Exactly. I know it that day.
23:57 Exactly, but now what would you say to maybe
24:00 someone who is listening to this program right now.
24:04 Who, when we talk about hearing the Lord's voice,
24:07 the still small voice of the Lord.
24:08 Where they were saying, you know, I don't know
24:11 that I trust myself enough to know if it's God's voice
24:14 or someone else's voice. How would you counsel
24:18 if say someone came to you and maybe
24:20 they're a new Christian and their life is just
24:23 out of order and you, they will coming to you,
24:26 how would you counsel with them to get started on prioritizing.
24:32 Probably the first thing I would do is,
24:34 I would bring them to Jesus and I would say number one.
24:39 I would want to pray for them, I would want to pray
24:42 that the peace that the Holy Spirit
24:44 and Jesus Christ can bring into their life would be present.
24:48 Because we're told in John 10:27:
24:52 "My sheep recognize my voice; I know them, and they follow me"
24:55 and in Psalm it says: "I will instruct you
24:58 and teach you in the way which you should go;
25:00 I will guide you with my eye." Amen.
25:03 So, I would bring them first to Jesus,
25:05 Jesus who is, is the lover of our soul,
25:10 He comforts us, He provides the rest,
25:12 He give us the peace and then He give us direction.
25:16 I so appreciate then I know in Palms 143:10
25:19 the Palms it says: "Teach me you will,
25:21 lead me by your good spirit. Yes.
25:24 So, it's one of those things that getting up in the morning
25:26 and just going to the Lord and say
25:28 Lord my life's a mess, everything is out. That's right.
25:32 You know, all of my priorities are wrong.
25:34 Teach me your will, lead me by your spirit,
25:37 I'm wanting to be leave by Him. Right? And the beauty is,
25:40 he leads you, he leads you in His timing,
25:43 He understand your heart,
25:45 He understand how burden you are,
25:46 He understand how much you can take
25:48 and where you are going. And I guess the first thing
25:51 as you said in of our earlier programs.
25:54 The first thing if you find that your life is totally chaotic
25:59 and maybe you well over booked and over schedule.
26:03 The first thing to do is how the Lord led you
26:06 and that is to get rid of all the busyness in your life,
26:09 step back for awhile, maybe take week offer,
26:13 however long it takes to kind of empty of all these commitments
26:18 and schedules and then connect with Him,
26:21 get rested and then start adding back
26:25 what is other top priorities in your schedule.
26:28 That's correct, and it's the easiest way to put
26:33 organization and put prospective back into your life.
26:36 But we have to slow down stop and rest.
26:40 In fact I love this quote it says:
26:41 "Peace cannot be had in a searching,
26:43 but in the resting. Resting in Jesus and waiting for Him."
26:47 Amen. And explain for our listeners once again
26:52 what you mean, when you're talking
26:53 about resting in Jesus? I like to think of it
26:57 like my friend does, she says, I come to Jesus
26:59 and I can just sense myself with my head on His chest
27:03 and I'm just there beside Him. And she says you know the longer
27:07 I sit there beside Him, I realize she said
27:10 as I'm listening that His heartbeat and mine are one.
27:13 That's beautiful, that's really beautiful.
27:15 And it is, as we come to Jesus we don't have
27:18 to be full of words, He knows our heart,
27:20 we don't have to be full of our own even agenda,
27:23 we can just come to Him say Lord you understand
27:26 I don't even know how to verbalize it.
27:28 Amen. But you I know will take care of me,
27:31 you understand me and you'll direct me.
27:34 Amen, Linda thanks you so much.
27:36 I'm sorry our time is already gone,
27:37 but I do hope that you have enjoy this program
27:41 and maybe learned something about passions
27:44 and priorities and how to get them back in order.
27:46 Until next time, may the grace
27:49 of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the Father
27:51 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:53 be with you. Thank you.


Revised 2014-12-17