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00:32 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome again to
00:34 Issues and Answers. Do you find yourself
00:36 starved for time, finding difficulty in
00:39 putting boundaries in your life so that you
00:42 have balance in your life? I know I do and I'm
00:45 so glad that we are going to be talking about
00:48 time management today, specifically boundaries
00:52 and balance. Let me share a
00:53 scripture with you, it comes from Ephesians
00:56 chapter 5 and this is verses 15 and 16 from
01:00 the amplified Bible. Listen carefully it says,
01:04 Look carefully then how you walk!
01:07 Live purposefully and worthily and accurately,
01:10 not as the unwise and witless, but is wise.
01:14 Making the very most of the time,
01:16 because the days are evil. The Bible is
01:20 counseling us to consider how we're living our
01:23 lives and we have returning with us today
01:26 someone who has really got a lot of personal
01:32 experience in learning how to develop boundaries
01:36 and gain balance back in her
01:38 life and that is Linda Schultz.
01:40 Linda, thank you so much for coming back all
01:42 the way from Spokane, Washington.
01:45 Now many people know you as the Vice President
01:48 of Transforming Lives for Christ,
01:50 you work with Cynthia Prime,
01:52 we're very thrilled to have you back here
01:55 and let me ask you a question,
01:57 we talked during the last program that you
01:59 were with us a little bit about your
02:01 personal testimony, can you just kind of
02:04 give us that in a nut shell again today for
02:07 people who don't know you. Tell us why gaining,
02:11 learning how to set boundaries and gain
02:14 balance in your life was so important.
02:17 Well, what I found in my life was that I
02:21 had let people provide the control for my life
02:25 rather then Christ and I had detached more
02:29 and more from my relationship and my
02:30 commitment to him and I had increased the
02:34 demands that were coming in from the church.
02:37 I'm a pastor's wife and there was much to
02:39 be done and I love working with people and
02:43 I allowed that to take control.
02:45 But it was after that, that I then discovered
02:49 through the process of becoming so empty because
02:53 I didn't have Christ in my life giving not
02:56 refilling that I ended up going through anger,
02:59 resentment and depression and then coming out
03:01 of that realizing that I had nothing to do with
03:04 this people but the fact that I had lost that
03:06 connection with Christ and was then able to
03:09 reconnect and I would just like to share a text
03:12 here that probably most, I think it very
03:16 realistically states exactly how I felt which
03:20 is Ecclesiastes 2:11, it says then I looked on
03:23 all the works that my hands had wrought,
03:25 and on the labor that I had labored to do;
03:28 and behold, all was vanity and
03:30 vexation of spirit, and there was no profit
03:33 under the sun. Amen, amen.
03:35 It was through that process of coming to
03:39 that and then realizing I was so empty and then
03:44 ending up transitioning, thank the Lord for my
03:49 husband into a good counselor so that
03:51 I could get help that I was then able to put
03:55 aside the demands of society and start
03:59 reconnecting with my savior. Amen.
04:01 And something we learned last time that I
04:03 really appreciated here you were a nurse,
04:06 a mother of two young elementary students,
04:09 a pastor's wife, entertaining in your
04:11 home all the time and what your counselor had you
04:14 do is empty your life of your busyness learn
04:17 how to say no without guilt and come to the
04:21 Lord and learn to rest, that's right,
04:23 and it was beautiful how he led you in all that.
04:27 What, the bottom line was you had time that
04:32 you weren't managing, the Lord wasn't managing
04:35 it was being surrendered to everyone else.
04:37 That's correct, so let's talk about
04:40 today how you learned to set boundaries in your
04:44 life so that you actually ended up
04:47 with balancing. Well I like to address
04:51 probably three areas that we find or and I found
04:54 most distinctly happens when we don't
04:58 manage our time, yeah, and when I say that
04:59 I say that in the context that when I'm talking
05:00 about managed time I'm talking about managed
05:03 time with Christ at the head, Amen, amen.
05:06 Unmanaged time means we aren't in control,
05:09 typically somebody else is in control,
05:12 so one of the first ways we see it is unmanaged
05:15 time surrenders to the demands of all emergencies
05:19 and there's probably not one of us that haven't
05:21 had that time when something comes up
05:23 there is emergencies that take place and we
05:25 feel we are the person for the cause, right,
05:28 and we have to step in where the cure or we got
05:31 in a call and we're supposed to be they
05:37 desperately need us on that committee or an
05:38 emergency has come up and it needs to be,
05:39 their attention needs to be paid now. Amen.
05:42 And you know we forget that the Lord
05:44 is as close as par away from us and we surrender
05:49 too often our time to all these little
05:51 emergencies and I'm reminded of the story of
05:55 Lazarus death, yes. If we want to talk
05:59 about an emergency there was an emergency.
06:02 Lazarus was dying where was Jesus,
06:04 he was told he was to come but Jesus put
06:07 that off and I think it was meant for many
06:10 reasons but I think one of them was to
06:12 demonstrate that we don't have to,
06:14 not every emergency is one that we need to
06:17 respond immediately to because there could be,
06:21 if we are connected with the father there could
06:23 be a reason that we need to wait,
06:25 there could be something else that's going to
06:27 be done in that person's life or on that
06:29 committee where there is another person that
06:31 needs to come into play at that time, Amen,
06:33 that's why we need to be in tune to make sure
06:35 that we aren't always stepping in where
06:38 maybe God doesn't want us.
06:40 You know this is something that what
06:41 you just said strikes me is that often people
06:45 who are gifted or talented are called upon
06:48 particularly in church to say, yes,
06:50 we've got 20 percent of the people who do
06:51 80 percent of the work, that's right and what
06:54 will happen is because you have gotten into
06:58 an habit of doing these type of things,
07:00 stepping in to fill on the committees in
07:02 the board and this, that and the other
07:06 what happens is if you always allow someone
07:09 else to manipulate your time by saying we've
07:11 got to have you, you could actually
07:13 be robbing someone else of that opportunity
07:16 that the Lord may want to raise up in the church,
07:18 that's correct, to stand up there,
07:20 exactly, God does have purposes for us in saying
07:24 no and we should just realize he sees the
07:26 end from the beginning, that's right,
07:28 right we don't. That's right,
07:30 that's right and sometimes it's a process,
07:32 sometimes it's a process in which we need to
07:34 allow maybe whatever is occurring,
07:38 if it's a crises maybe in a family or something
07:40 or someone perceives we need to step
07:43 in right away, so often that's dangerous,
07:45 that is especially dangerous ground to
07:47 go into without making sure that we
07:49 submitted that to God, Amen,
07:51 because those are the kinds of times we
07:53 definitely need his wisdom and discernment
07:55 if we are to be part of that process.
07:57 So we just need to be sure we are connected,
07:59 make sure that if we are to be a part of
08:01 that we have, we're going in his
08:04 strength and in his wisdom and not
08:05 in our own, Amen. And I like what you said
08:07 that its unmanaged time is anytime that he's
08:10 not in control, that's right,
08:11 so what are some of the other things that you
08:13 found about unmanaged time?
08:15 The other thing I noticed is that it gets
08:16 invested in things that gain public acclamation,
08:19 its interesting that we are more likely to give
08:22 our unbudgeted time to events that will bring
08:24 the most immediate and greatest praise.
08:28 Give me some examples of what you are
08:30 talking about? Well, for instance when
08:32 you get the call on the phone and somebody
08:34 wants you to be the chairman of the board,
08:37 the school board let's say, okay,
08:39 well you feel very honored that they would
08:41 consider you for such a position and so often
08:44 what you do is or I found even that I would
08:48 be doing I would be doing is that I would
08:49 look at the position and I start thinking about
08:51 it and think wow that will be fun thing to do.
08:54 I think I could do it and I start thinking
08:57 within myself without including God in
08:59 the conversation, and that's where the
09:02 problem rises because we don't want to go
09:04 anywhere that God doesn't go with us, Amen.
09:07 Because we have to do it in his strength,
09:09 when he commands he enables,
09:11 otherwise we step out of step with him.
09:14 So, one of the things is then if we are looking
09:17 at that public acclamation which we all have that
09:20 tendency to appreciate recognition,
09:24 let's put it that way. So what you're saying is
09:29 time that we are managing ourselves which is
09:30 unmanaged time because God is not in control,
09:31 that's right, we can then go beyond
09:35 where he wants us to be where our life gets
09:38 out of balance then more of these types of
09:40 things that we accept. That's correct,
09:42 that's correct, that's right
09:44 and you know its not a matter of choosing the
09:45 good from the bad it's the matter of choosing
09:48 the best from all of the good and it's a matter
09:53 of including God in that. Keeping him in that
09:56 equation because for the most part we are
10:00 involved in very good things when we take a
10:02 look at our lives, you know we're good people
10:04 we want to do what's right but we become
10:07 overburdened with what we choose to allow come,
10:11 what we choose to allow coming into our lives.
10:16 What can I relate to what you are
10:17 saying right now, so essentially if
10:20 we are not allowing God to manage our time
10:24 what we end up doing is sacrificing our
10:28 time to others, is that correct?
10:30 That's correct, because we either
10:32 choose to give our time to the Lord and work
10:35 with him where we find our joy or we relinquish
10:39 it to others and they are in control and we
10:41 essentially turn our control over to those
10:44 other people. So, so when who do we
10:48 most likely I mean who is the one if we are not
10:50 giving it to God. Who in our life is
10:52 the one that is taking control without
10:54 us recognizing it? Interestingly enough
10:58 dominant people in our world and I think we
11:00 probably all experienced that,
11:02 someone that you get a lot of pressure from that
11:07 you must do this, you are the only
11:09 one that can do this, I need you to do this very
11:12 and we have a sense that we're,
11:15 we feel the pressure of needing to submit
11:18 and to acknowledge that we're willing to do
11:21 whatever it is they would like and you know
11:24 its in those times that we are on very dangerous
11:26 territory because again if we're not submitting
11:30 it to the Lord and making sure it's where he
11:31 wants us to go we are gonna be walking that
11:33 path alone in our own power and that's why
11:38 I love the verse where we are told that Jesus
11:40 stands at the door and he knocks and he wants
11:43 to come in and he wants to dine with us and
11:46 I love because that means He is coming in
11:48 not just to, not just to
11:50 hear about our, not just to come
11:53 into our home, He wants to sit down,
11:54 He wants us to lay before him on a,
11:57 He wants us to lay out before him all of our day
12:00 activities and then He and I together can
12:03 discuss where he wants me, where he can use me
12:06 best and its when we do that,
12:08 that we get accomplished what needs to be done.
12:12 Its been reported that Martin Luther said
12:15 the busier his day was when people would say
12:18 you do not have time for prayer,
12:20 he said the busier my day is the longer I
12:22 take in the morning because the more I know
12:24 I need it and there is a lot of truth in that.
12:27 If you lay it out before the Lord he will order
12:31 your steps and you can count on being
12:35 empowered to do what he is calling you to do
12:38 that day and sometimes I even,
12:39 I prayed for, when I pray for divine
12:41 appointments the Lord always gives me.
12:44 That's right, that's right,
12:45 someone else once said that Jesus went from place
12:48 of prayer to place of prayer and did
12:49 miracles in between, oh! I like that,
12:51 and I love it, I think of it in practical
12:54 life for me today I should be going from
12:57 place to prayer to place to prayer and doing his
12:59 bidding in between, that's beautiful.
13:02 Jesus was and as you have learned the
13:05 perfect role model for time management and you
13:08 mentioned that before the program I'm interested
13:10 to hear in how the Lord has led you and what
13:13 he has taught you from the word?
13:14 He is, he is just beautiful,
13:16 you know that's the beauty of scripture and
13:20 the demonstration of his life because if you
13:22 go back and you look through it you realize
13:24 that he is so well provided for us a role
13:27 model in so many different areas but he did it
13:30 also in time management. One of the first things
13:32 I noticed is that he actually knew
13:35 his own limits. Now I know that comes
13:37 a little bit funny because we don't think of
13:40 Christ in terms of having limits but
13:43 interestingly enough he knew that he had to be
13:46 before his Father in the morning before he go
13:48 forth with His day. He was,
13:50 He could not go out without that connection,
13:54 in fact in Mark 1:35, let me just read
13:57 this for you, Now in the morning,
13:59 having risen a long while before daylight,
14:01 He went out and departed to a solitary place;
14:04 and there He prayed. First thing before
14:07 anything else and what is interesting is the
14:09 verse that follows, And Simon and those
14:12 who were with Him searched for Him.
14:14 Immediately being inundated by the world,
14:17 the needs, the press and they were
14:19 all good things but he always took time first
14:23 of all with his Father so that was important.
14:26 And you know when you speak of the
14:27 limitations even though we don't think about that
14:29 of course as Philippians 2 tells us that he
14:33 limited himself of this glory he took on this
14:35 form of a man, that's right,
14:36 so he did had this same physical limitations,
14:38 that's right that you and I had.
14:40 And he did then have to know that it is,
14:45 as He said He would come apart for a day of rest
14:48 or something He would spend all night in prayer
14:51 to the Lord often but Christ knew his
14:53 limitations as a human being and he knew he had
14:57 to rely totally on his Father didn't he,
14:59 that's right, that's right.
15:00 And I think of some of the wilderness experiences
15:02 that we so often see you know Moses in
15:04 that wilderness, Jesus wilderness experience,
15:07 "Joseph's wilderness experience,"
15:11 I always think to myself usually those were
15:14 needed in preparation for the mission
15:17 that God had, yes, so we,
15:19 if we can look at it is a very positive time
15:22 obviously our prayer life is positive.
15:24 The time that we spend with him and
15:25 we get filled, our cup gets filled to
15:28 such a blessing that even those times when
15:30 it feels like we are in drought.
15:32 We need to realize it's diamonds in desert
15:35 during that time, that's good, that's good.
15:37 So, Jesus understood his mission?
15:39 He did, he understood his mission,
15:41 he knew the value of rest, there is an old time
15:46 Italian proverb I love what it says,
15:48 it says where the river is deepest it makes
15:50 the least noise. We're deepened in
15:52 the quiet places, that's beautiful.
15:55 Call back, call back. In Isaiah 30:15,
16:00 another one that falls on that same tone,
16:03 in quietness and in confidence shall
16:05 be our strength. That's actually a verse
16:08 that I used a life verse Isaiah 30:15,
16:11 in the beginning of it says in returning to me
16:14 and resting in me the Lord showed me that that
16:18 was when I celebrated the first Sabbath.
16:21 That was the first time that I got in to
16:24 at resting in God and I mean it was
16:27 beautiful and that was an experience.
16:31 So, we are looking then at the understanding
16:35 our limitations, now Jesus did but
16:40 he also understood his mission,
16:43 he certainly did and you know He was spiritually
16:47 sharpened by His time with His Father and
16:49 then He understood exactly where his Father
16:52 want to send Him. John 5:30,
16:54 let me just give another verse here,
16:56 it says I can of my own self do nothing.
16:59 I seek not my own will, but the will of the
17:02 Father which has sent me. We can only do His will
17:05 if we know Him, Amen, and you know He was never
17:09 held hostage by the demands of the world
17:12 that's what was interesting.
17:13 If you want to talk about something that
17:14 was pressed in from every side with expectations
17:18 that was Jesus. But Jesus chose
17:20 where he went and when he went and that,
17:24 He chose after the Father told him,
17:25 yes, absolutely, absolutely,
17:28 that connection was so, that connection was so
17:32 tight from that time in the morning that he
17:34 spend with him, that when they laid out
17:36 the day he knew where he was to go
17:38 and he knew what he needed to do.
17:41 So what we're trying to point out here is
17:43 that understanding your own limitations helps
17:46 you to put boundaries in your life,
17:49 understanding you mission helps you to
17:51 put boundaries on you life and its all
17:54 we're gonna, all this is coming
17:57 together to help us understand how to
18:00 have balance in our life right, yes, yes.
18:03 So what else did you learn through Jesus?
18:05 Well you know Proverbs 16:9,
18:08 says A man's heart devises his way,
18:11 but the Lord directs his steps,
18:13 yeah. So I think that the important when
18:17 we're talking about balance and boundaries
18:19 I think the very first think I think about is
18:22 connection with Jesus first thing,
18:25 spending that time with him in the word
18:27 and in prayer, what's been beautiful
18:30 about the prayer. What's been beautiful
18:31 about the word is I found that its like
18:32 a open scripture. God know where I'm
18:34 in my walk and its like he takes me right,
18:37 absolutely, right there with
18:38 him in the scripture. I'm so amazed of
18:41 what he gives to me, I come away excited
18:43 because it's like he has laid before me and
18:46 said I understand, I understand where
18:48 you are at, what you have,
18:49 here let me give you some valuable thoughts.
18:53 And Linda it is over and over again no matter
18:55 who we're talking with, when they're in
18:57 the word that everyone's experience,
18:59 this word is inexhaustible, it is you cannot wear
19:03 it out but God always meets you where your need
19:06 is and that's where he speaks to you from
19:08 that point, yes, its amazing.
19:10 It is, its for me I can't help myself,
19:13 I get so excited, I have to run say Clinton
19:16 look what he gave me today because it is so
19:19 exciting to see what he does.
19:22 And you know the other thing I think about
19:23 when I think about balance and boundaries is that
19:26 things can come in that we don't have
19:28 planned or that we don't anticipate but it's
19:30 something that God has planned for the day.
19:33 And I remember once specific incident when I
19:35 was in the middle of the day that
19:37 was unbelievable, I had so much on
19:39 my plate I had no idea how it's gonna get done
19:41 and I got a call in the middle of the day and
19:43 it was an individual a woman that had called and
19:47 said well she was crying and she said I really
19:50 need to talk, I need to talk
19:51 to someone and my immediate response
19:54 I'm very type A I see what my plate is,
19:56 so let's see if we can you know is that something
19:59 that needs to be done now or may we could do
20:01 it in an hour or two if you seek my mind
20:03 was functioning like that. This is well I said is
20:06 this something that we need that you would
20:07 like for me to you would like to come over and
20:10 we can talk now or is this something that maybe
20:11 I could talk with you a little bit later
20:13 about and boy, the Lord rebuked
20:15 to me and he said no its now and so I
20:19 immediately said, you know what,
20:20 I said forget that I said you come over,
20:23 I said lets spend some time in prayer and in
20:25 talking and so she came over and I bet she
20:28 was there probably two to three hours out of
20:29 my day and I thought to myself when I got done
20:32 with it I felt so at peace and so grateful that
20:36 God could use me and so grateful for the peace
20:39 that it brought to her and I said Lord,
20:42 you just reminded me this day is about you and
20:45 so whatever I get done today is what you
20:47 intended from me to get done,
20:49 absolutely because I've followed your
20:52 direction so, when I got done with
20:54 my day and I looked over my day exactly what
20:56 needed to be accomplished was
20:58 nothing more, nothing less.
21:00 And you know something that I'm trying to really
21:03 grasp in my own life because I have a tendency
21:06 to be a workaholic, the Lord led me out
21:09 of that and I was really had a lot of balance
21:14 in my life for a number of years,
21:15 now I'm finding that I'm struggling to maintain
21:19 balance again and something that I've found
21:22 though is that the work never gets done,
21:24 that's right. Sometimes we just
21:26 have to if God gives you a divine appointment
21:29 or something comes up maybe it's a divine
21:31 appointment with a child, your child,
21:33 that's right, that needs you.
21:35 You just have to let realize that sometimes
21:39 even I'm beginning to see some things that I
21:42 think were just, are so critical to get
21:44 done they don't and yet life goes
21:47 on without them. That's right and
21:49 interestingly enough that's why if
21:51 it's God's agenda, the important things will,
21:55 the rest of them obviously can wait.
21:58 And it really does bring perspective back
22:01 into my life, because before I
22:03 would have been run by that whole agenda for my
22:07 day and felt that okay now I'm going to be up
22:09 till midnight trying to complete my work.
22:11 But that's not all at all what happens;
22:14 the other thing I love is because in balance
22:16 and in boundaries he brings us peace, Amen.
22:19 And lets for the purpose of our viewing audience
22:23 and listening audience lets describe what we're
22:26 talking about when we say balance.
22:29 Balance is interesting isn't it because when
22:32 you look at it it's like you have a plate full
22:37 of things to be done and a lot of times what
22:40 happens is the weight on one side gets much
22:43 heavier than the weight on the other side
22:46 and so how I think of balance is that I
22:50 have on one side God's priorities and I have
22:53 on the other side the demands of the world and
22:57 what I assume might need to get done.
23:00 And what I do is when I wake up in
23:03 the morning and I spend that time with
23:04 him he takes his and mine combines them and makes
23:09 it balanced, that's good.
23:12 And then that way I know I'm doing his bidding
23:16 and that might mean that some of these things
23:18 that are over here initially aren't there
23:20 when we get done with our time together.
23:23 And sometimes we have to remember too that
23:25 balance means that for example one area I'm
23:28 out of balance in my life right now
23:29 is in exercise. Everything crowd out
23:34 anytime to exercise and I know that my
23:37 body is the temple of the living God,
23:38 I know I should be exercising but my
23:41 schedule is so jam packed there is no
23:44 time for that. So being balanced
23:47 means to be balanced in your home life,
23:50 your work life, your mission work,
23:52 your exercise and taking care of yourself
23:56 and rest, there is all
23:57 of these areas that again I keep referring
24:01 to the juggling balls that we have,
24:03 but we need to keep them in balance and
24:05 as you said, I like the way
24:07 you said it because when I tell people for
24:10 me if it's not under God's control its all out
24:12 of balance, that's right,
24:14 so that's wonderful. Yes, and I appreciate
24:17 what you just brought up because it is so
24:18 important that we remember that we have to take
24:21 care of our bodies, its an important part
24:23 because if we don't take care of our bodies
24:25 we will not be able to work for Jesus.
24:28 And so he's given us, you know,
24:29 we know that we need to be temperament
24:32 in all things, we need to
24:33 have our rest and we need to be able to have
24:36 good diet because right now there's so many
24:40 times when people aren't even,
24:41 we're not even getting the meals we
24:42 need and the nutrition we need.
24:44 And we really need to also make time have
24:48 adequate time for those who are closest to us,
24:52 yes, which often that's what all the demands and
24:55 the pressures you find parents who are finding
24:57 they're not having quality time with their
24:59 children and you find couples who you have
25:03 become strangers but that's one thing you see
25:06 about Jesus is he always took time for those
25:09 around Him to teach them didn't he.
25:11 Yes he did, he disciple them and
25:14 he didn't feel that, he didn't have the
25:16 great need to think that he could do it
25:19 to everyone, everywhere. It was those who were
25:21 closest to Him, He took a few he
25:24 mentored them, he disciple them.
25:27 He still fed the 5000, he still did his healing
25:31 but he discipled and mentored those closest to
25:34 him and he spend time and that's another
25:37 important part because as we give its important
25:40 that we also as we receive,
25:43 its also important that we give back and
25:46 mentoring others spiritually and what a
25:51 blessing it enlivens our life and it provides a
25:55 blessing and a foundation for
25:56 someone else, Amen, Amen.
25:59 So what are some of the practical ways that you
26:02 are keeping balance? You go before the
26:04 Lord and it's easy to start off that way,
26:07 but how are you keeping balance,
26:09 how do you draw boundaries in your life.
26:12 We've got just about a minute left,
26:14 tell me some of the very particles things you do?
26:17 One of the important things that I've added
26:18 into my life there is important news,
26:21 I've added my exercise program in, okay,
26:23 and I found as a result to that I actually feel
26:26 better and I can accomplish more.
26:29 First thing Christ, second thing I've
26:32 is my exercise, I'm trying,
26:33 I'm still working on the issue of being very
26:36 balanced on my meals but I'm also balancing
26:40 out I think everything just is encompassed
26:45 with my relationship with Jesus and day by
26:48 day it's in that connection and
26:50 allowing him to speak to me that I'm then able
26:53 to go forth and he gives me that balance
26:56 in all of these areas because any one area can
26:58 become out of balance easily,
27:00 easily and it happens and it is,
27:04 I know I'm gonna confront that again and again
27:07 but its something that I know where to go
27:09 now to be fed. Well I know change can
27:13 throw you out of balance as you go through
27:15 different changes and that we have ran out of
27:18 time for today but I thank you so much for
27:20 being with us again and I just want to talk
27:23 to you at home, to really watch how God
27:27 is leading you get up in the morning ask Him
27:30 to lead and to give you balance to teach
27:34 you how to draw boundaries in your life
27:36 because you will be so much happier if you
27:39 do and now until the next time,
27:41 may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love
27:45 of the Father and the fellowship of the
27:47 Holy Spirit be with you. And I hope you
27:49 will be joining us again when Linda Schultz
27:52 comes back for our next program.
27:54 Thank you so much.


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