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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:33 You know, in our fast paced world and the hustle
00:36 and bustle of everyday activity, sometimes it's easy to allow
00:41 all of the circumstances of our life to crowd out God.
00:45 We're going to be talking today about how to keep your
00:48 personal walk with the Lord, that personal, intimate
00:51 relationship alive in a fast paced world.
00:55 Let me share a Scripture with you from Psalm 63.
00:59 The Bible says, this is David writing by the way, he says:
01:02 "O God, you are my God, earnestly will I seek You,"
01:07 "my inner soul thirsts for You, my flesh longs for You"
01:13 "in a dry and weary land where there is no water."
01:17 "So I have looked upon You in the sanctuary to see Your"
01:20 "power and glory. Because Your loving-kindness"
01:23 "is better than life, my lips shall praise You."
01:27 "So will I bless You while I live; I will lift up"
01:30 "my hands in Your name." Is that your desire
01:34 in a dry and thirsty land where there is so little
01:38 of the living water of the Holy Spirit, do you long
01:41 to know God better? Well let me introduce you
01:45 to our guests today because they're going to tell us
01:47 how we can press into God's presence and keep this personal
01:51 walk intimate with God.
01:54 We're really happy to welcome both Paul and Carolyn Rayne
01:59 and you all are with Restoration International, and that's in
02:03 - Eureka, Montana. - That's correct, right up there
02:06 in the northwest corner, up near the Canadian border.
02:09 And what is this accent that you bring to us?
02:12 Well, both my wife and I, were born and raised in England, UK,
02:17 but we've been over here in the US for the 6 years.
02:21 And you came to join Restoration International, why don't you
02:24 tell us a little bit about that ministry.
02:26 Restoration International is just a small ministry,
02:29 there's 4 families, and our real burning desire
02:34 is to help people understand practically how to live
02:40 for Christ; not just gain a head of knowledge,
02:43 but how to actually put it into action.
02:47 So we told our audience that what we're going to be speaking
02:51 about today is that personal, intimate relationship
02:54 with the Lord, and I think that all of us at some point
02:58 or another in our life have lost the rhythm of our relationship
03:02 with God. What are some of the tell-tale
03:04 signs that we're heading off in a dangerous direction?
03:09 We're just going to share from our own experience
03:11 because as you said, I think all of us have been there.
03:15 We found ourselves substituting real Christianity for
03:25 "Churchianity", that's a word that's thrown around,
03:27 but we were very busy for the Lord, we were doing all kinds
03:31 of things for the Lord, but what we didn't
03:33 realize is that the heart of the matter, the heart of our
03:37 relationship with Christ was falling away, so we had
03:40 supplemented our personal relationship with God for all
03:45 kinds of external activities, which in and of themselves
03:48 are good and right, but without the heart of the matter,
03:52 it just lost its meaning and its direction.
03:56 So what you're telling me Paul, let me make sure that I
03:59 understand because sometimes people will even ask of me,
04:03 Carolyn, if I say that I'm struggling with keeping
04:06 that intimacy in my relationship and they'll say:
04:08 "You're in full time ministry, what do you mean?"
04:11 But if our priorities become wrong then we can actually
04:14 let ministry take a top priority over our relationship with God.
04:19 Is that what you're saying happened with you,
04:21 - or has happened? - Yes, that's exactly what
04:23 we're saying. You know, if you work as an
04:25 engineer perhaps, or in construction, you know in a way,
04:30 even though that is still working for the Lord
04:32 because we can work for the Lord in many ways,
04:34 but it can feel like that's not the Lord's work,
04:37 so I need to have my own personal relationship with
04:39 Christ, but somehow, when you get into ministry and you're
04:43 busy doing the Lord's work you can think that that is
04:48 your experience with the Lord, but that's working for the Lord,
04:52 which can sometimes be different from working with
04:55 the Lord, that was our experience, that's where we
04:57 found ourselves.
04:59 So, for the time starved Christian out there,
05:04 and there are many of them, how do we, practically speaking,
05:09 put things into motion to get back into that intimacy
05:14 with Christ?
05:16 First of all it's recognizing you need it, often we don't
05:19 recognize that we need it, we rush off into the day
05:21 and don't realize that we never tuned in with God
05:24 in the first place, so right in those first morning hours
05:27 we devote the first part of our day to the Lord, everyday.
05:33 We have found that by doing that we have that connection
05:35 with Him to go through the day, just like in olden times,
05:38 Abraham, Moses, Jacob, our Lord Himself, spent those
05:42 early morning hours; and the manna, as the manna fell
05:46 back in the times of the Old Testament, they plucked it
05:50 first thing in the morning, if they went for it during
05:52 the day it was gone, they had to take it first thing
05:55 in the morning. What about the people out there
05:58 - who are not morning people? - That's a great question
06:02 Shelley, I can really relate because for me, getting up
06:05 in the morning is the hardest thing in the world.
06:09 My wife mentioned a little bit about the manna
06:12 in the Old Testament, for those of you who aren't familiar
06:14 with that, that is the food that God sent for God's people
06:19 whilst they were wondering in the wilderness, but where
06:22 would it be if I wasn't a morning person, but I was
06:25 an Israelite all those years ago?
06:27 Would I starve and say: "Well sorry, I'm not up until noon,"
06:30 "so I go hungry." No, it would soon become
06:33 a priority, and I would soon be outside my tent picking
06:36 the manna off the ground.
06:42 It's very simple, but for me it's profound,
06:44 it took me 30 years to figure out that the only way
06:48 to get up early, wait for it, is to go to bed early.
06:54 That is so simple, but for ages I'd go to bed at 10-12
06:59 and then wonder why I couldn't get up, and one morning
07:02 I was praying about it, I said: "Lord, why do I struggle,"
07:06 "it's not right that I have to get up, I can't get up."
07:10 My wife, she's up with the birds...singing as well,
07:14 but then the Lord was speaking to me in my prayer time:
07:17 "I can change you Paul, you don't have to stay"
07:20 "the way you are", of course, we know that,
07:23 God's trying to take an impatient person and make
07:25 them patient, He's trying to take a person who isn't
07:28 studious and make them studious, and just in that same way,
07:31 in answer to prayer, God can take somebody who is not
07:34 a morning person and make them a morning person.
07:38 Whilst it's still a battle, I have to battle everyday,
07:41 by God's grace it's a reality in my life today,
07:43 and it wasn't for a long time, so I hope that's an
07:47 encouragement to some of our viewers.
07:49 For me personally, for 6 years prior to coming to 3ABN
07:54 I was up early every morning because I was running a ministry
07:58 out of my home, I had a lot of time to pray and to study,
08:02 and here the more responsibilities that were added
08:05 it seems that I was beginning to crowd some of that time out,
08:09 so finally I've just prayed, particularly recently,
08:12 I've prayed and said: "Lord, You have my permission to wake"
08:14 "me up early every morning", and I've always been one
08:17 who's been dependant upon an alarm clock, but He's been
08:20 getting me up at 4.30 every morning to spend that time
08:23 with Him before I go to work. There are people though
08:29 who work odd hours, Carolyn, what about these poor people?
08:35 Well, often these poor people will say they are exempt
08:38 to this need but I've been there, I used to work as a
08:42 nurse and as a midwife, so I've done those odd hours,
08:44 those night shift hours, and I've to understand in my own
08:48 personal experience that your day begins when you get up,
08:52 so if you work at night and you get up at 5 o'clock
08:54 in the afternoon, that's when your day begins,
08:57 and you have your first hours of time with Him
09:00 at that time, and then you go throughout your day,
09:03 which happens to be everybody else's night, but you still
09:06 need that for your first thing for your day.
09:09 That was what really helped me when I realized it isn't
09:12 that I have to do this at 8 in the morning when I need
09:14 to be going to bed having worked all night, it's when my day
09:17 starts, which may be 5.30-6.00, whenever it is.
09:21 And what happens when you don't, are there still occasional times
09:26 when you don't get up?
09:29 For one who's never done this, what difference does it make
09:32 in your life Paul, when you get up early in the morning
09:36 and spend this time with God, opposed to say, you wake up,
09:39 hit the floor running and you're out the door?
09:42 I like to relate it, the spiritual world to
09:45 the physical world. If we didn't eat for days
09:49 at a time, sooner or later our stomach would start sending us
09:53 a message: "I need food", and we would start to feel
09:56 some weakness, we would feel that: "I'm going light"
10:00 "in the head", or whatever the situation may be.
10:03 In the spiritual world, once we are sensitive, because so many
10:07 of us have done without morning time, quiet time, personal
10:11 devotion time in the morning, whatever you call it,
10:15 and we're so used to going without it that we don't
10:17 really feel the need for it, but if we pray and ask God
10:21 to put that in our hearts then once we start having
10:24 that morning time, then, I can speak personally, if I go out
10:29 into the day, we're involved in a ministry and we have
10:33 important calls to make and letters to write everyday,
10:36 important in the Lord's sight, but I can say that
10:39 I would almost feel naked if I went off into the day
10:42 without that time with the Lord because the difference
10:45 it makes, just to speak very practically, that time
10:49 in the morning is, for me, not just a reading time,
10:53 it's not just putting in time, it's time to communicate
10:56 with God about the actual day ahead: "Okay Lord,"
10:59 "what's coming our way today?" And ask Him for His grace,
11:02 ask Him for wisdom to deal with situations I know of,
11:06 and maybe some of those that I don't know of.
11:08 Then, as you go into the day, after I spent some time
11:12 in God's word and received some council from Him, taken that
11:16 to heart, then to go into the day knowing that you have
11:20 a companion with you, you have a partner with you
11:23 and we're going to go through this day together,
11:26 but to go off into this day without Him, it's like:
11:30 "What am I going to do? Who am I going to talk to?"
11:32 "Where's the strength going to come from?"
11:34 Whilst that may be foreign to some of our viewers,
11:37 once you've experienced it you'll realize that it's not
11:41 safe to be out there without the Lord.
11:45 So you're not referring to just pastors and ministry leaders
11:48 - who need to be doing this? - No.
11:51 In fact, children need to have their time with the Lord,
11:55 and we have young children and from a very young age
11:58 we started them having their little personal devotions
12:01 and the real reason for that is that the whole purpose
12:05 of this time is to connect us to heaven on a daily basis
12:08 so that when our Lord returns we're ready to meet Him
12:12 and to go with Him to that eternal home,
12:14 and we want our children there too, so they need to come
12:17 to understand Jesus for themselves at whatever age
12:20 they are, whatever ability they have to know Jesus.
12:24 So we have committed to our children in our family
12:27 that we will give them the opportunity of learning
12:30 how to have devotions at a very young age.
12:32 The good thing there is that they're developing a habit.
12:35 I just wanted to put in there, the manna, that illustration
12:38 of the food that God sent for His people in the Old Testament,
12:42 who ate the manna? Was it just the pastors?
12:45 Was it just Moses and Aaron? No, they all had to eat,
12:49 and that symbolism goes even further because it was not
12:53 just mom and dad that were eating, the children were eating
12:57 and even the babies in arms were eating the manna
13:02 as it came from mother, so that illustration goes right down
13:06 to the babies that might be in the home.
13:09 Just a short time with the Lord in the morning develops
13:11 a great habit and will save them a bunch of trouble
13:15 that I've had to go through later on in life.
13:17 Don't we wish we'd learn these things earlier as you're
13:19 teaching your children. So from a practical point of view,
13:23 let's explain to our audience what we're discussing here.
13:27 Give an example of how long you spend, what you do,
13:31 are your children having personal devotions by themselves
13:34 or at what age are they able to do that?
13:37 Explain what you are all doing.
13:39 It's probably 2 questions in 1 there, firstly what I do,
13:43 I spend about an hour and a half in my personal devotions
13:46 in the morning, I'm an early bird as he said,
13:48 which is a blessing. I'll firstly go through my
13:51 prayer time with the Lord, and I'm a little dull
13:54 first thing in the morning, so I have a prayer list
13:57 and that's updated on a regular basis, prayer requests
14:01 being put on and answers being taken off,
14:03 so I firstly will spend time in prayer, and then I like
14:07 to spend time after that, to spend a portion of my time
14:11 contemplating, praying about, reading about the life of Christ
14:15 so I read through some portion of the gospels, maybe that
14:18 beautiful book: "Desire of Ages" on His life and spend some time
14:21 not just reading about what He did, but trying to see
14:25 how He dealt with people; look at the examples
14:27 of how he was patient so that I can be that way
14:29 to my children, I can be that way to my husband,
14:32 practicalizing it for my day, and then I move on from there,
14:36 as a mother I always want to spend some time in prayer
14:39 and study about how to be a better mother,
14:42 so I'm looking again at examples in the Bible,
14:45 looking at that beautiful book, but my favorite book on
14:47 child rearing is "Child guidance", it's my all time
14:50 favorite, and I'm there almost every day gleaning something
14:53 that's going to take me through the day because what I read
14:55 yesterday may not keep me for today.
14:57 And "Child Guidance" was written by...?
14:59 - Ellen White. - Okay.
15:01 It's one of my all time favorites, so that's pretty much
15:05 what I do, and there's something either which my
15:08 husband does not do and he'll share what he does,
15:10 is I like to take those little index cards and a verse,
15:13 or maybe a passage, a paragraph, something that I've
15:16 read that really means something for me today,
15:18 I'll write that out, and I'll pin it on my notice board,
15:21 the refrigerator, wherever I happen to be,
15:24 or maybe I'll have a whole section like I've done
15:25 recently just on love in the home, and anything I find
15:29 that relates to love in the home, I'll write it out on there
15:32 and put it in there, that I can pull it out over the next
15:35 few weeks and just keep bringing it back and making
15:38 it practical to my day. So that's what I do personally.
15:42 And that works great for her, but it does not work for me,
15:46 I don't know why, I'm just not that kind of person.
15:48 For me, I have a little PDA, one of those personal digital
15:52 assistants, and I do everything on there, I have the Scriptures
15:56 on there, I have a lot of other inspired books on there
16:02 and one of my favorite things to do in my quiet time
16:04 is to take a verse, just 1 verse and then rewrite it,
16:09 not that I'm trying to add to the Bible, but I'll take,
16:13 for instance, just recently I was going through Psalm 127:1:
16:20 "Except the Lord build the house, they labor"
16:22 "in vain that build", now we're in the process at the moment
16:26 of building a home, so how am I going to take that verse
16:30 and make it really practical, so I started writing it out
16:34 looking up all of the words in there that I could find
16:36 in the concordance, going through the Greek,
16:40 well, that's obviously Hebrew in the Old Testament,
16:43 but going through and then I'd put it in the first person,
16:46 so "Except the Lord build your house, Paul,"
16:50 "you labor in vain", and I would change the word "vain"
16:53 for a word that perhaps means more in today's vocabulary,
16:58 and then make that very personal, ponder that verse
17:01 and say: "Lord, help this verse"
17:03 "to be a reality today, the very day ahead of me",
17:07 and when you've spent maybe an hour on one verse
17:11 you have no trouble remembering it " Except the Lord build"
17:14 "the house, they labor in vain", it just comes straight to your
17:17 mind because you've contemplated it, and it goes deeper
17:19 than just the words. So often in many experiences
17:24 we try to read, and I don't think there is anything wrong
17:27 with this necessarily, but we try to read 3 chapters
17:30 in 1 morning and just do a surface reading, that's good
17:33 if you're trying to get the big picture of a story,
17:36 but for me personally, I found, just take 1 verse,
17:40 contemplate it, make it your own and then take it into
17:43 - the day ahead. - I do something that's a little
17:46 bit of a combination of both of you, I journal my prayers
17:50 and during my prayer time I make the Bible part
17:53 of my prayer time and I'll do what you said,
17:56 I'll read and let God speak to me and then I'll write it out
17:58 and pray it back to the Lord, so there's many ways to do this,
18:02 but how about for the children? What do you do?
18:06 Because I'm sure that there are people out there who are
18:08 going to be saying: "My children are not having"
18:11 "a devotional life and I would like to help them"
18:14 "get started", how do you do that for your children?
18:16 Well, I'd like to take it right back to babyhood,
18:19 and that's where we started. You may say "babyhood?!"
18:22 But you know, as our children were just babies
18:24 we would just put on a Scripture song tape or CD
18:28 in their rooms and just allow that to be playing,
18:30 it was filtering into their minds even though
18:33 they didn't know it, and then as they got to around about 2
18:35 and they'd be waking up at about 6.30-7.00 o'clock
18:38 in the morning, just naturally, I'd put a little picture book
18:41 in my daughter's lap, just a Bible picture book
18:44 so she'd have the Scripture songs playing and a Bible
18:46 picture book. Then when she got to maybe 3-4
18:49 we would read to her. We'd have our own devotion
18:52 times, and we were still having morning worship, but we were
18:55 creating a habit. We knew she wouldn't
18:57 remember what we had done, but we knew we were creating
19:00 a habit that it will be so natural to her when she was
19:03 older that she'd rather miss a meal than miss her time
19:05 with the Lord. So we did it with both of them.
19:09 As they got into about 3-4 years of age, we would
19:12 read Bible stories to them and then when they got
19:14 to the age of about 6 when they started to begin to read
19:17 then we bought them their own Bibles so they could begin
19:20 to read just little verses here and little verses there,
19:23 and now at 9 years old, my daughter will, particularly
19:25 Hannah, she's reading through herself.
19:28 She's got a book called "Councils on diets and food",
19:31 she was so interested to know about why we eat
19:34 the way we do and how we live the way we do
19:36 and she's now coming to us saying: "Mummy, did you know"
19:39 "that we do..." and she explains this whole thing
19:42 about why we do what we do, and it's beautiful to see
19:45 she's enthusiastic; and something else she likes
19:47 to do is she will, and I'll help her obviously, go through
19:50 the Bible concordance. She struggles with not arguing
19:53 with her brother, so she wanted to learn about her words
19:56 and how she should order her words after the Lord,
19:59 so she would go through her concordance and look up
20:01 those Scripture on words, lips, speech, mouth, tongue,
20:05 all of those relevant words and then write out those verses
20:08 relevant to her that really meant something to her.
20:11 You may say "Well that's the sort of thing you would do"
20:14 "in your twenties", but a younger child can if they have
20:17 guidance from the parents, and that is the key,
20:20 we don't just put them over there and they do their
20:23 and they do their quiet time when we do ours,
20:25 "in what you read, and how's that going to help you today"
20:28 "not to argue with you brother", or whatever the situation is.
20:31 Let me share what we do with Caleb because boys and girls
20:34 are very different, they are just poles apart, at least
20:37 our 2 are. For Caleb, if you sit him down
20:40 with a book he'll have 5 minutes and then he's done,
20:44 he hasn't really digested anything, he hasn't really
20:46 - learned anything... - Hannah is 9 and a half,
20:50 - and Caleb is 7? - That's correct, yeah,
20:52 so what we've done with Caleb that seems to have caught
20:56 his attention is we'll give him a Bible story to listen to,
21:00 just something out of the gospels, on his headphones...
21:03 - ...And dramatized. - Yeah, and he will listen
21:06 to it and we ask him to draw a picture, just stick men
21:10 or the best of his ability anyway, draw a picture
21:13 of what he's been listening to, and it might just be a short
21:16 while, and he spends most of his time drawing out while
21:18 we have his attention, and then afterwards, when we come
21:22 together as a family I say: "So Caleb, tell me about"
21:26 "this picture" and you wouldn't believe the detail
21:30 that they pick up. Just for him, that's what works
21:33 for him. His sister, being a little bit
21:35 older, being a bit more of a book worm,
21:37 she's happy to read, but I know there's going to be
21:40 some viewers out there that say "You mean my little children"
21:43 "sit still?" Start with 5 minutes,
21:45 soon it'll be 15-20, and it doesn't really need to be
21:48 much more than that at their tender age.
21:51 I'm understanding that you actually are encouraging them
21:54 to have a personal devotional time, this is not
21:57 a group effort. Do you come together
22:00 - as a group afterwards? - We do, we have family worship
22:03 which is short and spirited, it's not a long affair.
22:07 Often times what we'll do, and sometimes it'll take up
22:10 our whole morning worship period, just 15-20 minutes,
22:13 we will just share what daddy learned in his quiet time,
22:17 and my wife will share what she learned, and we'll ask
22:19 the children what they learned, and we learned that
22:23 from some friends of ours in California when we were staying
22:25 in their home, and what a blessing it is
22:27 because for instance, my son, if he's just coasted through,
22:33 drifted through his quiet time, he didn't really gain anything,
22:36 we know because in worship time we'll say: "what did you learn?"
22:40 "Erm...well..." and you can see.
22:43 And he'll tell us what he did at that point, not what
22:45 - he learned. - Yeah, and I'll say to him
22:48 "Caleb, not what did you do, what did you learn?"
22:50 And actually it'll come down to it, actually he didn't
22:53 learn anything. Well that's okay, there's
22:56 tomorrow, but if this goes on morning after morning
22:58 we say: "Okay Caleb, we need to talk here, we need to readjust"
23:02 "the course because it's not happening."
23:04 Of course, it normally shows up in their way of carrying on
23:07 during the day if they're not connecting with the Lord
23:10 personally.
23:12 This just impresses me so much that I believe many of our
23:15 viewers are going to want to know how they can start
23:19 training, some of them are going to have to be playing catch up,
23:23 but this is something that I assume you are teaching
23:29 when you have your family camp meetings with
23:31 Restoration International. Do you have some materials
23:34 available to teach people how to encourage their children
23:39 to develop this personal walk with the Lord.
23:42 What we've been sharing Shelley is really just a cooked down
23:47 version of a full message that actually our whole family
23:50 does together, Carolyn and I, and our 2 children will share
23:53 for about an hour, it's called "Feeding the soul",
23:56 it's from a CD album called "Guiding Principles for"
24:01 "the Personal Walk", that is available from our ministry,
24:04 Restoration International. If any of the viewers want that
24:07 they can feel free to write in or call in.
24:10 Like I say, this is just a very condensed version,
24:13 there's a lot more that we could share.
24:15 - Do you have a website? - www.restoration-
24:24 ""?
24:27 That's right.
24:29 Tell us a little bit more about these family camp meetings.
24:32 We just enjoy family camp meetings, it runs from
24:35 a Wednesday through to a Sunday, there's 7 of them
24:37 around the US and several overseas as well, there's one
24:41 in Romania, another one in the Philippines, most of them are
24:46 based here in the US, but families come together
24:50 from the local area and we have 4 messages a day,
24:55 which isn't really very congested, there's plenty
24:58 of time for talking in between. All the messages that are given
25:02 there are just practical "How to"s of living
25:07 the Christian life, we've talked a little bit this morning
25:10 about personal devotion times, but the topic's are on marriage,
25:13 upon childhood rearing, schooling, how to die to self,
25:18 how to live for Christ,
25:21 given not just by my wife and I, but our associates,
25:24 Tom and Alane Waters, who also do "Marriage in God's Hands"
25:27 here on 3ABN, and another family, Edwin and Maria Nebblett
25:32 So we have quite a variety of speakers meeting quite
25:35 a variety of the congregation.
25:37 We praise the Lord for the ministry He has given you.
25:40 Paul, why don't you just look to our viewers and explain
25:45 to them in a concise way why there is such a great need
25:50 to have this personal morning devotion time.
25:54 We have to make it a priority, we have so many things in life
25:58 that push themselves to the front, but we have to allow
26:03 God to come to the front of our lives, and that for me means
26:07 the front of our day, the beginning of our day,
26:10 and to make it really work at the beginning of the day
26:14 as we shared with Shelley, it's got to start with a commitment
26:20 to Christ to go to bed at a reasonable hour.
26:24 If we're willing to go to bed at a reasonable hour,
26:27 ask Him to wake us, then we have every confidence He'll
26:30 wake us in the morning. My favorite thing to do
26:34 is to sit in my La-Z-boy chair, and after I've had my prayers...
26:39 on my knees, I'll sit in the chair and I'll put that handle
26:42 and I'll just sit back and I'll open up God's word
26:45 and say: "Lord, be my teacher today", you can't beat it.
26:50 The house is quiet, I don't know if the viewers there,
26:52 you might have children, at least in our house it's getting
26:55 a little better now, but when the children are up
26:58 the day has started, so whilst it's quiet, a time for daddy
27:02 to connect with the Lord, then I can lead my family
27:05 through the day.
27:07 I think that's beautiful and I just want to thank you
27:09 Carolyn and Paul, both of you, for being here with us today,
27:14 and I'm sure you're familiar with Kenneth Cox,
27:16 the evangelist, he made the comment that when
27:20 he found he was avoiding, or not getting in his personal
27:24 time in the morning in the word, he made a commitment
27:27 to the Lord that he would not eat physically unless he had
27:32 eaten spiritually, and he said ever since he made that
27:35 commitment, he said: "I always find time for the word of God",
27:40 so I want to challenge you to do the same,
27:43 until the next time, may the grace of our Lord,
27:45 Jesus Christ, the love of the Father and the fellowship
27:48 of the Holy Spirit be with you, thank you so much
27:52 for joining us today.


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