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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn, and welcome again
00:32 to Issues and Answers. Today the issue we're gonna
00:35 be talking about is New Age Deception.
00:39 And the answers are gonna come from my special guest,
00:42 Jay Christian. Jay, it's so lovely
00:45 to have you here. And I'm thrilled to be here,
00:47 thank you. You are 3ABN's
00:50 Radio Production Manager, right.
00:52 Yes. Well, I want to share a scripture that I know that
00:56 you're very familiar with, and this scripture comes
00:58 from Deuteronomy 18:10-11. Actually I am gonna read 12 too.
01:04 Deuteronomy 18 beginning with verse 10 says,
01:07 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes
01:11 his son or his daughter to pass through the fire,
01:13 or who uses divination, or is a soothsayer,
01:18 or an augur, a sorcerer, or a charmer,
01:21 and one who cast spells. Or a medium, or a wizard,
01:24 or a necromancer, that's one who talks
01:26 to the dead. For all who do these things
01:29 are an abomination to the Lord and it is because of these
01:34 abdominal practices that the Lord, your God,
01:36 is driving them out before you. Jay has written a book called
01:40 "Falling for a Lie," it's about;
01:43 the subtitle is New Age Beliefs that Nearly Killed Me.
01:47 Jay, once again, I'm just glad you're here.
01:50 Let's talk about what is the definition of New Age?
01:57 You know, I am asked that often,
02:00 and it's hard to nail it down because there is so many
02:04 different beliefs. But the general belief
02:07 of New Age is that we have an immortal soul.
02:11 And that we go through reincarnation,
02:14 different lives, to work our way to heaven.
02:18 And that there is so much more knowledge,
02:23 so much more available out there rather
02:26 just the Bible to learn.
02:27 And so the Bible is looked at as,
02:29 is really kind of a low level. If that's okay for you,
02:32 that's fine. If that's all you can handle.
02:34 But there is so much more to learn,
02:35 read this, read that, read something else
02:37 and find out about true spirituality.
02:39 And so when you start hearing things like that you're
02:41 moving into New Age. Okay, not all New Agers
02:44 believe in reincarnation necessarily, do they?
02:48 I can probably say that if we want to put an absolute
02:52 probably not every New Ager, but it is major belief.
02:55 It is. Yes. Now and this practice
02:57 of the morality of the soul, I just want to give for you
03:01 First Timothy 6:16 says, God alone has a morality.
03:06 And that's First Timothy 6:16, you might want to check
03:09 that out in Bible. So, for New Agers,
03:13 it's more or less since there such a wide array
03:18 to choose from. I mean it's kind
03:19 of smorgasbord style, you can pick and choose
03:22 what you like. And this is more or less
03:24 that whatever feels good do it. Basically yes,
03:29 Satan has devised New Age brilliantly.
03:32 Because, by the time I got out of it,
03:35 I was in it for 20 years. Okay. And by the time
03:37 I got out of New Age I was believing some things
03:40 that had you told me 20 years earlier
03:43 that I was gonna believe, I said no,
03:44 I wouldn't believe anything like that,
03:45 not a chance. Well, I was.
03:47 You just go in, step by step, and as you learn something,
03:51 then you add something else to it,
03:52 a little bit here, a little bit there.
03:54 But they are so many different direction you can go.
03:57 And, so there are some people who believe that there
04:00 are many different people from other planets walking around
04:03 on the earth. That's actually what I
04:05 was studying when I came to the truth,
04:07 when I began to understand. And so I was reading books,
04:10 having to, dealing with whether or not
04:13 there were extraterrestrials on this earth,
04:16 and what they look like? People going through something
04:20 that is... they were called a walk in,
04:23 and that's where, I am tired of this life.
04:26 I am going to turn my life over to another soul,
04:32 somebody else that had lived in a different body before,
04:33 and were ready to reincarnate. I'm tired of this life,
04:35 so rather than committing suicide
04:38 or doing anything like that, I'll just let some other soul
04:41 come along and take over my body.
04:42 So, those are the things that I was studying.
04:45 And some of them were, some of the beliefs
04:47 can get out there, okay. Did you get into channeling
04:52 of spirits or speaking with the dead?
04:54 I did not specifically do that. I went through self-hypnosis,
04:59 and I experienced former lives, and I say that in quotes
05:03 "former lives." But I was at seances,
05:07 I was at places where people were channeling others.
05:10 And, so I've seen it happen, and I did believe in it.
05:14 While I didn't believe that everyone
05:15 who did it was above board, you know there were
05:19 some charlatans in it as well. But I believed it was possible
05:22 when some people doing it were valid.
05:25 You know there are so many on television today.
05:28 There is so much about, there is so much spiritism,
05:31 yes, which is all this New Age belief.
05:33 We call it new, but it's not new,
05:36 I mean its been around for quite sometime.
05:38 But, we see so many programs on today about ghosts,
05:42 and speaking with the dead. And we've got famous people
05:47 now who built their celebrity on speaking with the dead.
05:50 Which the Bible says is impossible,
05:52 because it says the dead, dead are dead,
05:54 are dead and know nothing. But what did,
05:58 I mean what do you think is the most dangerous
06:02 practice out there in New Age today.
06:05 Well, there are so many of them.
06:07 I would say the most dangerous practice
06:09 in New Age is New Age. Because, no matter
06:12 what's in there is leading you away from God's word,
06:14 away from the Bible, away from His truth.
06:17 And so we are judged by the amount of knowledge
06:21 that we have, but we are also judged
06:23 by our ability to get that knowledge.
06:27 And so we are to study God's word.
06:29 And if we are serious about understanding what God
06:31 wants us to know, and to believe reading
06:33 the Bible has to be paramount. And when we read
06:36 these other books, these other stories,
06:41 or whatever magazines by people that tell
06:43 a different story other than what's in the Bible.
06:47 That is the wrong path, and so it's all the wrong path.
06:49 Okay, but I'm gonna play the devil's advocate
06:52 for just a moment. Okay. I hate even to use
06:54 that terminology. But I understand.
06:55 But there is someone out there, maybe that's watching
06:59 us now or listening on the radio.
07:01 Who is saying, there go those Christians again.
07:04 They don't know what they're talking about.
07:06 They are so narrow-minded, they are saying
07:08 it all as to be from the Bible or nothing else matters.
07:12 How do you address this? Now, one thing I forgot
07:15 to mention, your book, Falling for a Lie,
07:18 the New Age Beliefs That Nearly Killed you.
07:20 You've been there and done that
07:22 yes. So, you've come out of this.
07:24 But how do you address to people who are maybe
07:29 studying Hinduism. And they've got someone
07:34 who is their spiritual guide, their mentor, or not,
07:38 what do they call them even. Anyway the spiritual guides.
07:40 The guru probably. The gurus.
07:42 Which you are talking about. What would you say to someone
07:44 out there who is saying just what you just said,
07:48 that they believed that the Bible
07:50 is a lesser source. What kind of proof could
07:54 we possibly have that the Bible is the highest intelligence
07:59 that's available to man. The only proof is going to come
08:03 from the Holy Spirit. Because as people read
08:06 the Bible you can, Satan can always guide
08:09 them to different things that sometimes don't make sense,
08:11 are certainly in today's world there for us to understand.
08:14 I wish I could say there was a magic bullet.
08:17 There is not a magic bullet; the only way that anyone
08:20 ever learns the truth is through the Holy Spirit.
08:24 And so ask for the Holy Spirit, ask for God to keep Satan
08:29 and his demons away, and ask for the Holy Spirit
08:31 to guide them. Anyone who is truly seeking,
08:34 truly searching will find the truth.
08:37 But if they don't want it, they won't find it.
08:39 You know for me personally, because I am seeker as well,
08:42 and I've studied a lot of things.
08:43 But for me personally, the idea that prophecy
08:47 was told with such certainty, especially the
08:51 Daniel 9:24-27 prophecy that seventy week time
08:56 prophecy that actually told when Jesus arrival would be here.
09:01 When he would be anointed. To me, the idea that archeology
09:06 is proving the facts of the Bible you know,
09:09 I know things in my own life time.
09:12 I can remember archeologists saying,
09:14 well the Bible is not true because of such and such.
09:17 And, now within my lifetime new archeological digs
09:21 have uncovered to prove what the Bible has said.
09:25 Science has never disproven anything the Bible said.
09:28 The Bible said the earth was round when everybody
09:31 else thought it was flat. The Bible talks about
09:33 the speed of light before they knew that light had a speed.
09:36 So, the Bible to me has so much evidence,
09:41 in the fact that it foretold history and was so accurate.
09:46 As well as to see these you know the historical
09:50 evidence of Jesus, and the disciple's lives,
09:52 and to know that His disciples were changed after His death.
09:58 And they had to be real what happened.
10:00 And know they turned the world upside down.
10:03 But I agree with you, you have to pray
10:05 and ask the Holy Spirit. As far as what you're saying,
10:08 all of that is true, but they have to be able
10:12 to accept the Bible and understand, yes,
10:13 see there are when you talk about prophecy.
10:17 The prophecy in the Bible is not the kind that says,
10:20 okay on July 15th, 9:22 am this is,
10:24 this particular thing is going to happen.
10:26 And there are many people who tried to look at Bible prophecy
10:29 and had some challenges and problems with it.
10:31 And so many people today want to learn today, okay.
10:34 I want to know right now, so I am going to pick
10:36 a prophecy in the Bible, and see if it came true.
10:38 There is a lot of research that goes along with it.
10:40 And, so, and there are so many people speaking
10:43 against the Bible. There are things that different
10:47 people will say for instance that the Bible really
10:50 isn't as old as we say it is. That there are aspects
10:53 of it that were written in more modern times than that.
10:56 And nobody knows this for sure and that for sure,
10:58 and you just can't trust it. It's amazing to me how
11:01 many people will walk away from something rather than studying
11:06 and wanting to know the truth.
11:08 And so, when you study it, when the Holy Spirit opens
11:11 it up to you. And as you study
11:13 step by step, it's a life time progression of things.
11:17 It's not something that someone is going to pick up the Bible
11:20 today and understand everything in the Bible today.
11:24 Its a lifetime amount of work.
11:25 But when you look at the Bible, nothing in the Bible has ever
11:31 been disproved, and you mentioned archeology,
11:33 and that's one of the major things.
11:36 People laughed, they said King David
11:37 was a fable, was a story. Well, now they found
11:40 some old texts referring to King David.
11:44 There are so many things that now have been proven.
11:47 The Bible has never been proven wrong.
11:49 Science has been proven wrong even by science so many times.
11:52 I don't see how people can rely on that.
11:54 Yes. But the prophecy is good, but the people are not going
11:59 to believe this, until they have the right heart.
12:03 And so if they don't wanna believe it they won't
12:05 believe it, so again there is no magic bullet.
12:07 We can point to a lot of things, but the Holy Spirit has to
12:10 impress someone, like he did with me numerous
12:14 times as I was studying. That's truth, that's truth,
12:17 and I kept hearing that over and over.
12:19 Do you see in your experience, and I know you talk with a lot
12:22 of people who call in through 3ABN Radio Network.
12:27 Do you see New Age that's trying to creep
12:30 into our church? Well it's not only trying,
12:32 it's there, and it has been there for a long time,
12:35 and I am sad to say it's also
12:37 in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
12:39 And if there is a Christian church that should know better
12:41 than any of that. It is us, but it happens over and over.
12:46 And I hear of some of the things that are going on.
12:48 I hear of services where a pastor is leading
12:51 a congregation in prayer, and it's basically
12:54 a hypnotic prayer. I was a member
12:56 of a New Age Church, New Age wasn't part
12:58 of the title, but they had New Age Beliefs.
13:01 And that was the prayer and mediation we did.
13:03 We would go into hypnotic trances more
13:06 or less through that, through our meditation.
13:09 And I hear some of that, I hear some of the different
13:11 concepts coming out of the church,
13:14 they just surprises me. Have you heard
13:16 of memory healing, theophostics, ancient past,
13:22 where it's all using a facilitator?
13:25 And even sometimes if they don't use a facilitator
13:28 its guided imagery. This is the part
13:30 of the New Age moment, its been around since,
13:33 well it's not that new. I mean I can remembering
13:36 in 80s when it was big in the corporate world,
13:38 where they use this guided imagery for memory healing.
13:41 But it's trying to creep into our church.
13:43 There are so many things, so, what would you tell someone
13:47 you wrote a book, Falling for a Lie.
13:49 What is your advice to one of our viewers who might
13:54 be out there, is there something today
13:55 that you would like to tell them be cautious of this.
13:58 I mean you wanna label some things or you just wanna
14:01 give them some advice on how they can avoid it?
14:03 Well, just general advice if you know the Bible,
14:06 you'll know some of the concepts that are coming to you that,
14:09 because there are so many that you could mention.
14:12 As a matter of fact, I was, a little while ago
14:15 working in my computer, and I was looking at,
14:18 this is the average Christian church.
14:20 Okay. Okay, so I am not saying that this is specifically
14:23 Seventh-day Adventist or anything else.
14:25 It's just the average Christian church,
14:27 and there are some similarities between the beliefs
14:29 in the Christian church and New Age.
14:33 There is a lot of talk about spiritual awakening,
14:36 be aware of that. But looking at
14:38 New Age in Christianity. Now wait a minute,
14:40 'cause what you're saying, I mean to me when
14:43 you say spiritual awakening, I am thinking we need
14:47 a spiritual renewal. We need to be made you know
14:50 baptized afresh in the Holy Spirit.
14:52 We need the latter rain, but what you're saying is
14:55 the word spiritual awakening.
14:58 If somebody is inviting you to a seminar
15:01 about spiritual weakening, this could be a New Age term.
15:05 Yes. Okay. And there are a lot of New Age terms
15:07 that mean one thing to them
15:08 and another thing to anybody else.
15:10 All right. And so a New Ager would hear the term
15:13 spiritual awakening and say,
15:14 oh that's a New Age concept.
15:17 And, so sometimes people not understanding that,
15:19 who have heard that phrase some place else,
15:20 they are applying it to something different.
15:23 But they don't understand exactly
15:25 what's happening with this.
15:26 So, I mean, there are a lot of phrases,
15:27 too many for me to go into now.
15:29 But there are a lot different phrases that are New Age.
15:32 But when you look at the different concepts,
15:35 okay, they, the new ages downplay the authority
15:39 and relevancy of the Bible. Okay.
15:42 So do many Christians. We hope that our church
15:46 is never guilty of that, but they are many,
15:49 there are many Christian churches that do.
15:51 Second Timothy 3:16 says that all of the word of God
15:55 is inspired, and is good for our instruction, our reproof.
15:58 And okay, go ahead.
16:01 And so that's the main thing that we have to remember
16:03 is that just because something is in New Age,
16:06 it doesn't mean it's not in the church.
16:08 because many of the concepts are in the church as well.
16:12 In New Age, there is focus on the love of God,
16:15 and if they believe in Jesus,
16:18 many New Agers don't believe that Jesus is God.
16:21 As a matter of fact most of them don't.
16:22 They just think he was a good man
16:23 or he was an advanced spiritual leader on the earth,
16:26 who came here to continue to help one of many leading
16:30 pointing people to the truth and so forth.
16:33 But they will focus on the love of God,
16:38 not salvation principles and requirements,
16:42 so everything is focused on love,
16:44 be tolerant, and so forth.
16:46 Well, that's same thing is happening
16:47 in many Christian churches,
16:49 and I've got to say that I know that their concept is
16:51 in the Seventh-day Adventist church.
16:53 Not talking about salvation,
16:56 not talking about the coming of Christ,
16:59 but just focusing on the love of God.
17:01 And you know this is what I think is the difficulty,
17:03 and maybe why some of these things creep in.
17:06 First of all, the Bible clearly tells us God is love,
17:10 and some people don't pay enough attention
17:12 to the love of God.
17:13 And it is such a huge topic,
17:15 we need to understand the love of God,
17:18 and we need to understand that He loved us
17:20 enough to send His son to die for us
17:22 while we were yet sinners.
17:25 But what you're saying is that
17:28 what's creeping into the church is
17:30 they're beginning to embrace this beautiful truth,
17:34 something that we need to spend
17:35 a lot of time understanding.
17:38 But they're doing it out of balance.
17:40 In other words, it's all about love
17:42 and not about the empowering of God.
17:45 That when God loves us and we accept Him
17:48 and yield ourselves to Him.
17:50 That He will empower us by transforming power
17:53 of His word, and of His Holy Spirit,
17:56 to walk in obedience to His practices.
17:58 So, what you're saying is when things get
17:59 out of balance even within,
18:01 yes, any church we can end up going toward,
18:05 sliding toward that slippery slope toward New Age.
18:07 Yes. Okay. And, or least staying away from,
18:11 these are similar concepts between the two,
18:13 so not necessarily if somebody for instance
18:16 in the church,
18:17 just focuses on the love of God.
18:18 Not necessarily they're going to New Age,
18:20 but they're making the same mistake as New Agers.
18:22 Okay. So, it's very similar and it does need to be
18:26 balanced and that's the challenge.
18:28 Because many times in our church,
18:30 we're very oriented toward prophecy.
18:34 Well sometimes pastors will spend all of their time,
18:36 week after week, Sabbath after Sabbath,
18:38 talking about prophecy and that just about
18:40 all they ever talked about from the pulpit
18:42 And the only time people get any relief from that
18:45 is if a guest speaker comes in sometimes,
18:47 if the pastor can't be there, he's on vacation or whatever.
18:50 A balanced message is the key.
18:52 Yes, the love of God is extremely important,
18:54 and we all need we need to learn and understand.
18:58 But if we focus just on that
18:59 and miss the keys we won't be ready for other things
19:01 as and we won't grow like we need to.
19:04 If we're focused on the other things,
19:05 we'll probably be deficient in understanding the love of God.
19:08 So, may I paraphrase what you are saying,
19:10 what you're saying is we can know
19:11 all the prophecies by heart,
19:13 but if we don't have intimate relationship with Jesus,
19:16 we won't be safe. Absolutely. Okay.
19:18 Very good, okay, something else that is similar.
19:21 The focus on emotional experiences rather than
19:25 studying scriptures.
19:27 And especially those scriptures pointing to Christ
19:29 return in the time and history where we are.
19:32 And so, how does that make you feel, is the question.
19:34 How do you feel about that,
19:36 it doesn't make me feel good,
19:37 I don't like that, well then get rid of it. Okay.
19:39 See and that's a part of New Age.
19:42 Whatever, one of things I ran across,
19:45 as I would talk to people in New Age.
19:47 I would learn things that they believe
19:50 that I thought who were really hogwash.
19:54 And so, my response to them was, it all was not,
19:58 well that's hogwash, my response to them was.
20:00 Well, that's your reality and I can understand
20:03 if you believe that to be true.
20:04 If I would tell somebody something
20:06 and they'll be looking at me, like that,
20:09 their response to me was well that's your reality.
20:12 And that's fine, whatever is reality for you is okay,
20:16 and that's happening. Anything goes.
20:17 Yes, and that's happening in Christian church
20:22 and it's happening in Adventist church as well.
20:25 The ecumenical movement find something everyone can
20:29 agree on and ignore the things that cause problem.
20:34 Like Ten Commandments.
20:36 Doctrine beliefs, doctrine beliefs based on the Bible,
20:40 and I need to make sure that you understand,
20:41 that's what I am talking about.
20:42 Because there are doctrine beliefs that are not
20:45 based on the Bible.
20:47 Are the requirement for salvation and so forth.
20:50 And so, if you're focused on trying to get along
20:55 and we're not getting along
20:57 in this particular thing,
20:58 get rid of it. Why talk about it,
21:00 if it makes you mad, if it makes somebody else mad,
21:02 we just want to get along.
21:04 So basically most New Age practices
21:06 its all about peace, peace, love.
21:10 Age of Aquarius. An acceptance is what
21:12 you're saying, yes.
21:13 Now, I want to you said this twice,
21:16 so I want make sure I understand.
21:18 When you talked about the requirements of salvation.
21:21 You believe that, I think you believe exactly
21:23 as I do and what we teach is that
21:26 salvation is only by grace through faith, yes,
21:29 in the Lord Jesus Christ where there is no way
21:31 we can work our way to heaven. Yes.
21:33 There is nothing we can do to earn our salvation.
21:36 Yet once we are save by grace through faith
21:40 that as same grace empowers us to love God
21:46 in such way that we will walk in obedience
21:49 to its commitments.
21:50 And Jesus tell us in John 14:15,
21:53 if you love me, keep my commandments.
21:55 So, it also says Hebrews 5:9,
21:58 that he became the author of eternal salvation
22:00 to all who obey Him. So, we're saying,
22:03 Ephesians 2:8 says that we're saved by grace
22:06 through faith. And Ephesians 2:10 says
22:08 that we are his own handy work,
22:11 saved by grace through faith to do
22:13 the good works he prepared in advance for us do.
22:16 So the requirements of salvation are being submitted
22:20 and committed to God, trusting
22:23 that we're saved by grace through faith.
22:25 Yet yielding our lives to his leading,
22:28 being lead by His Spirit as Romans 8:14 says,
22:32 only those who are led by the Spirit
22:34 are the children of God, right.
22:35 That's right. And I'm glad you did that
22:37 because I didn't want to mislead anyone.
22:40 So I am glad you jumped in on that.
22:41 You know something else that's happening
22:43 is hate speech is being redefined,
22:47 it's being redefined by the New Age Movement
22:50 and by the Christian Movement as well. Yes.
22:53 And secularists as well.
22:55 So I mean, hate speech is being redefined.
22:58 What it used to be was, if I said something
23:01 that could cause you harm
23:03 then that was hate speech.
23:05 Where I said, this person is a bad person,
23:06 everybody beat her up.
23:08 You know that could cause you harm or worse,
23:10 and then people have done that.
23:12 Well now what's happening
23:14 is that if you say something that say,
23:18 you say something that hurts my feeling.
23:20 I can say hate speech, hate speech.
23:22 Okay, you just, you disagree with something,
23:24 one of my beliefs on in my church or whatever.
23:29 And so, you disagree with me
23:31 and the way that I can get you to shut up
23:32 and not tell people about that
23:34 is to accuse you of hate speech.
23:36 For example, the Bible speaks against homosexuality,
23:43 many people cannot preach against homosexuality now,
23:46 because it is considered hate speech.
23:48 Yes. God does not hate homosexuals,
23:51 he loves homosexuals.
23:53 But he disapproves of the practice, this sin.
23:57 And we all are sinners,
23:58 we all fall short of the sight of God
24:00 but is this what you're talking about is that.
24:02 It's getting to the point that hate speech is being
24:06 redefined that anytime you correct someone,
24:10 even using scripture. It can now be qualified
24:13 as hate speech, because there is this movement.
24:16 This ecumenical movement that lets don't say
24:19 that what you're doing is bad,
24:21 lets don't say what they're doing is bad.
24:23 But rather lets all just love one and another
24:26 and see what we can agree on, yes, that's...
24:28 And that's it exactly.
24:30 And so that's what they focus on,
24:32 that's what they want to focus on,
24:34 is all the things that we can have common
24:36 and love each other on.
24:37 And why do you wanna hurt anyone's feelings.
24:39 Okay, well people can hurt my feelings all they want.
24:42 If I am wrong, I want them pointed out.
24:44 But so many people don't.
24:45 Now this is a story I've heard
24:47 and I have to got tell you that I am other
24:49 than reading on the Internet I can't verify it.
24:51 But I've heard other stories similar to this,
24:54 and that's in Canada.
24:56 A judge has said that if anyone
24:59 from the pulpit preaches,
25:01 even reads the Bible verses
25:03 that speak against homosexuality,
25:06 that person will be arrested
25:07 and charged with the hate crime.
25:09 I've heard the same.
25:10 Okay, we know that it's like that in Europe.
25:13 We know it's like that in Scandinavia,
25:15 it has moved to Canada.
25:17 And people are pushing for that in America as well.
25:21 And so when it comes, I can take it.
25:23 If somebody looks at me and says,
25:25 you know I don't like your church and I don't like
25:26 would you guys believe in.
25:28 And go right down the line
25:29 and say that's all a bunch of boloney.
25:31 And I am just not going to pay any attention to it at all,
25:33 you're stupid and go right down the line,
25:35 okay, fine. And I just, I let it go, it doesn't me.
25:40 I don't want to stop that person from talking.
25:42 Let him say whatever they want,
25:44 they have the right to say their beliefs,
25:45 like I should had the right to say my beliefs.
25:47 Amen, Amen.
25:50 We only have a couple of minutes left.
25:51 Okay. Let me ask you a question,
25:53 why did you write this book, Falling for a Lie?
25:56 Well there were two reasons actually.
26:00 And the people who published the book,
26:02 told me they wanted to have one reason,
26:04 I kept telling them they are two reasons.
26:06 And so finally they said, okay, all right,
26:08 because I can understand,
26:09 you wanna focused the book.
26:10 But there were two audiences
26:12 that I wanted to read this book.
26:14 Number one, people who are in New Age
26:17 or share some of their beliefs.
26:20 I want to point out the errors in New Age.
26:23 The errors in some of the beliefs that people
26:26 have about the Christian church.
26:28 The second audience is Seventh-day Adventist
26:32 and there are so many people that don't understand
26:34 what's going on, that I though this might help them
26:37 to understand some of the things happening in New Age.
26:40 And it also provides a vehicle for them to hand
26:43 to someone else and say,
26:46 here's a book you may want to read
26:48 and you might find it to be interesting.
26:51 And so, it was just very important to reach
26:53 both of those segments of audience.
26:55 I do have to say it's a sad thing,
26:56 but right now the book is out of print.
26:59 There have been different times we've looked
27:00 at bringing back into print again one day.
27:02 And maybe we will. But you know I just,
27:05 it was a blessing for my family and me,
27:07 to get that book out there.
27:09 And we've reached so many people with it.
27:11 You know it occurs to be that Jesus says that
27:15 there is going be many false prophets
27:17 who will raise up and that they will deceive
27:20 the very elect if possible.
27:23 And so I know that one of your things
27:25 as you want people to know, know the truth,
27:27 not be deceived.
27:28 So, thank you so much, Jay, for coming.
27:30 You're welcome. You know it is just it's sad
27:33 how fast the time passes when we really on
27:36 an interesting topic. But I just want you to know
27:39 that God loves you so much
27:41 and he does not want you to be deceived.
27:44 And so He has give us his word,
27:46 I wanna encourage you, get into the word.
27:49 Find out the truth, so that you cannot be deceived.
27:53 May God bless you richly.


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