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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:30 and welcome again to another Issues and Answers.
00:32 We've got an exciting program for you today
00:35 and to start it off,
00:36 I want to share a story with you.
00:38 If you're familiar with the Old Testament
00:39 then the name Hezekiah may ring a bell.
00:42 King Hezekiah was a wonderful godly man,
00:45 and the Lord really blessed his life greatly.
00:48 When Hezekiah had an extension
00:51 to is life as an answer to prayer.
00:53 He had a son by the name of Manasseh
00:55 and the Manasseh eventually became King,
00:57 but he wasn't anything like his Father.
01:01 In fact, King Manasseh was the most wicked King
01:04 that had ever reigned over the Kingdom.
01:07 Let me read you a verse from
01:08 Second Kings 21 and verse 6,
01:10 The Bible said, he made his sons pass through
01:13 the fire and burned them as an offering to Molech,
01:16 that's a God that he... a false God
01:19 that he was worshiping. He practiced sorcery
01:22 and dealt with mediums and wizards.
01:24 He did much wickedness in the sight
01:27 of the Lord provoking him to anger.
01:29 In fact he became so wicked that the Lord
01:32 allowed him to be carried off into captivity.
01:34 And the way in which they took him,
01:36 if they put a hook in his nose
01:37 and it was just like they were leading him off
01:40 like they were reeling in a fish.
01:42 But if you want to see grace
01:44 in action in the Old Testament,
01:45 all we have do is look at Manasseh's story
01:48 because when he was there in captivity,
01:51 finally he cried out to the Lord
01:53 and God not only forgave Him
01:55 but he restored him to his Kingdom.
01:58 And you know what? We have with us today
02:01 someone that I'm very fond of.
02:03 He is our 3ABN Radio Production Manager.
02:07 He works here for 3ABN
02:09 and he does so many wonderful things.
02:12 I want to welcome Jay Christian.
02:14 Thank you. Jay, I'm so glad you could be here.
02:17 I'm thrilled to be here.
02:18 And I'll bet when we are talking about
02:21 King Manasseh and this story I know the Lord gave us
02:25 to be just as though we were beginning this program,
02:27 this is where we should start.
02:29 Doesn't it ring a bell? Yeah, it does.
02:30 I can identify with that perfectly,
02:32 because that's pretty much what happened to me.
02:34 I wasn't a King, but I should got off
02:36 on the wrong road, and when I found out
02:39 I was on the wrong road I repented
02:40 and look where I am now.
02:42 Well, we're gonna be talking
02:44 today about New Age involvement
02:47 and how that poor Jay got stuck
02:50 kind of in a quagmire there for a while,
02:52 but how the Lord led you out.
02:54 And lets begin, tell me how you grew up?
02:56 Did you grow up in a Christian home?
02:59 I did more or less, and I say more or less,
03:02 And my mom and dad were both Christians
03:05 and there were part of a Church on,
03:08 and I don't want to make it sound bad,
03:10 I'll say that they were members
03:12 of the Lutheran Church, I'm not saying anything bad
03:14 about the Lutheran Church. Or anything bad
03:16 about my parents, but their belief was,
03:19 if we go to church on Sunday
03:22 and we go for an hour and that's it,
03:24 except for Vacation Bible School.
03:26 Now, they would send me off during the summer,
03:28 any change they had to get me out
03:29 of the house for a while,
03:31 they would do that. But other than,
03:33 most Sundays we were in church for an hour.
03:35 And there was never any talk about God at home.
03:39 We never read the Bible,
03:40 never any blessings over the food,
03:42 anything like that. And so, I had some
03:44 curiosity about God, I would hear a little bit
03:47 in sermons now and then that peaked my interest,
03:50 but I just really didn't know that much about it.
03:53 Well, what was your growing up in this environment,
03:56 what did you learn to love the Lord
03:58 or what were you feeling toward God?
04:01 Well, I was curious, at that age before I went into,
04:06 now in the Lutheran Church they have catechism,
04:08 which is very similar to the Catholic Church.
04:10 Of course we all know the history of Lutherans,
04:12 Martin Luther broke away,
04:13 he started the Protestant movement.
04:15 And so, as he still had a lot close ties,
04:19 too many of the things that the Catholics did,
04:22 and one of the things that they did was catechism,
04:24 two years of studying the Bible.
04:26 And you go through that and then
04:28 you are brought into the church.
04:31 And so, and of course I was baptized as a baby,
04:34 I was sprinkled as baby.
04:35 So there is no baptism involved
04:36 or anything like that, it was just that okay,
04:39 you're finished, here is your piece of paper,
04:40 congratulations, you're a member of the church.
04:43 And so at 13 that's when it started
04:45 and up to that point I didn't know
04:46 that much about God. And I was curious.
04:48 What was your understanding as you grew older,
04:51 did you draw near to the Lord or did you...
04:54 what was your, I guess, like for me, I grew up,
04:59 I understood who Jesus Christ was
05:01 and I had a love affair with Him.
05:03 But I was taught that God was up in the heavens,
05:08 looking down, ready just to zap me anytime
05:11 that I made a mistake. So I feared the Father
05:15 and I really didn't know anything about
05:16 the Holy Spirit. So, I grow up kind of not understanding
05:19 much at all about God, how about you?
05:21 Well, I've heard that story from other people
05:23 and I was not taught that way,
05:26 it was just, he was there,
05:28 we went to church every Sunday and that was that.
05:31 So I was curious, so when we got into
05:35 the catechism classes, I wanted to learn questions.
05:37 Now one of the things that you may know
05:39 about me in the time we've had to work together
05:40 is I'm a question asker. Yes. If there is something
05:43 I want to know, I ask questions,
05:44 that's the only way that I learn.
05:46 And, so I should say that's the only way,
05:48 but that's a big way that I learned.
05:50 And so we start studying the Bible a little bit,
05:53 and so my hand goes up and I start asking questions.
05:56 I start asking questions about Adam and Eve.
05:58 I start asking questions about this and that.
06:01 And eventually the pastor just got
06:05 a little irritated with me,
06:07 I would see him roll his eyes a little bit,
06:10 my hand would go up and his eyes would roll,
06:12 oh no, not him again. And so eventually I became
06:16 discouraged and I didn't ask as many questions,
06:19 I learned what I needed to learn along the way.
06:22 But along the way I also learned the doctrine of hell.
06:25 Okay. And that is where, if you don't do exactly
06:28 what God says then you're going to
06:31 burn forever in hell.
06:32 You're going to be writhing in pain,
06:34 you won't have a moment's peace
06:35 and you're gonna be in agony for eternity.
06:37 So, we'll say that was a Lutheran doctrine,
06:39 not really a Bible doctrine. Yes, yes that's the way
06:42 we were studying the Bible.
06:43 And that's what they were saying.
06:45 And so I didn't like that and it made me mad.
06:48 And by the time I got out of catechism
06:51 and became an official member of the Lutheran church,
06:53 I was mad at God and didn't want
06:54 to have anything to do with him.
06:56 I felt that any God who would do
06:59 that was not a loving God, I wouldn't serve Him
07:03 and even if it meant that I was going to
07:05 burn forever in hell. And so, I just,
07:09 I really hated Him, but I didn't want to.
07:11 I wanted to love him, but I hated him.
07:14 Because, you know, if we look at something like
07:17 that on a personal level, in our lives.
07:20 If there is somebody that we work with
07:22 or somebody that's our neighbor or whatever,
07:24 and if they didn't like you,
07:26 if they took a disliking to you,
07:28 they'd come over immediately and beat you up,
07:30 how friendly do you want to be with that neighbor.
07:33 It was the same way with God.
07:34 And so I just ignored Him.
07:37 I had my own personal code that I tried to live by,
07:41 don't ever do that. But at least I thought
07:44 I can be a good person if I can't love God.
07:47 You know, we don't have time unfortunately
07:49 to go into this whole issue,
07:51 but I just want take a moment and say,
07:53 I had same experience that I thought
07:56 how could he be a God of love and then burn people forever.
07:59 That would make Him worse than Hitler,
08:00 wouldn't it, to make us.
08:02 He would be then persecuting and punishing
08:06 and tormenting people for eternity.
08:09 And if that's what you've been taught
08:11 or if you're just inquiring and you don't know
08:13 what to believe. I encourage you to call 3ABN
08:16 ask for the Pastoral Department
08:18 or just call the 3ABN call center
08:20 and ask what they can send you about hell.
08:23 Because, what happened with me Jay
08:25 is even before I became an Adventist,
08:27 the Lord led me in a study in the Greek and in the Hebrew.
08:31 And as I studied these words about, you know,
08:35 eternal burning and found out
08:37 that when it says forever and ever,
08:39 that it just meant a specified time
08:41 and then I began studying the scriptures that said,
08:44 that they'd be burned to ashes
08:46 and we trample on their ashes.
08:47 Then I learned, as you now know,
08:50 that God does not punish people eternally
08:54 and in that there is never an end to it.
08:55 They're burned up. So, we'll go on from there.
08:59 Tell us how then, here you get this hatred toward God,
09:04 if you will, thinking you can't be
09:06 who you claim to be, a God of love,
09:08 if this is who you will do. Then what, how did you,
09:12 the devil kind of planted this thought in you mind,
09:14 it became his stronghold.
09:16 How did he lead you into the New Age?
09:18 Well, I will say that I wanted to find a loving God.
09:22 And even when all of this was happening
09:24 I didn't reject the fact that he existed.
09:26 Okay. I just shook my fist at him
09:28 and would have nothing to do with him,
09:29 if that's the way he was going to be.
09:31 Well, I was living outside
09:33 Los Angeles in Long Beach, California.
09:36 And the neighbor lady, the neighbor couple
09:38 came up to me, the lady was speaking.
09:40 And we talked for a little while
09:42 and they invited me to go to a meeting
09:47 they called it, in North Hollywood.
09:49 And learn about self hypnosis. Okay.
09:53 And so, I am saying, well, I wonder
09:55 what's the benefit of self hypnosis.
09:57 But I read an article in newspaper about
09:59 two weeks before, wasn't by accident
10:02 that there was this believe about reincarnation,
10:06 about having lived former lives.
10:08 And it's entirely different in Christianity,
10:11 but a lot of people believe it.
10:12 And so I said, does this meeting have anything
10:15 to do with talking about reincarnation.
10:17 And he said, well yes, actually it does,
10:20 and I said okay, I'll go. Because I was curious.
10:23 And so I went and a lot of things
10:26 happened during sessions. So I went through about
10:29 14, 16 weeks of lessons there.
10:32 And there were some things that happened
10:35 when I first walked through the door,
10:37 and some things that they made me a little bit nervous.
10:39 They were candles all over the place.
10:42 And nothing inherently wrong with candles,
10:44 but just the way that they were placed
10:45 and the way that they were used.
10:47 And the atmosphere in there, there was a little bit of
10:49 a warning in the back of my head that I ignored.
10:52 I also ignored another warning
10:54 as we got into it in Deuteronomy 18,
10:57 The Bible tells us to stay away from mediums,
11:02 soothsayers, people who speak with
11:04 the dead and all of that.
11:08 And that is the one thing,
11:10 when I got out of my catechism that
11:12 I could have told you that I learned.
11:14 Actually two things, you know number one,
11:16 I hated God because of what I believed
11:18 his doctrine in hell was.
11:19 But the second one was that,
11:23 we should stay away from people like that.
11:25 And so the text came right to my mind
11:28 when I went there and when I started learning
11:31 these things and I kept ignoring them.
11:33 So eventually the text went away.
11:35 So, now as a Lutheran were you taught
11:39 that man had an immortal soul?
11:41 Yes. So, you weren't aware of this scripture
11:43 in First Timothy 16:16 that says,
11:46 God alone has immortality and lives
11:50 in unapproachable light. Right.
11:51 So, you were already then setup,
11:53 just because you'd not been taught the truth
11:57 about man being a mortal being,
11:59 unless he receives immortality from Jesus Christ
12:02 which First Corinthians 15 says,
12:04 We put on at the time of his second coming.
12:08 So you were already setup for this idea
12:10 that man had an immortal soul.
12:13 And now you're there, surrounded by the candles,
12:16 not really paying attention to this warning,
12:19 this red flag that comes up, what happened?
12:21 Well, see and what you say is a good question.
12:23 Because there are so many people that believe
12:26 the fact that we have an immortal soul.
12:31 And so the question automatically came
12:33 into my mind, one of the justifying questions that,
12:38 or one of the answers that justified
12:40 by getting involved in this,
12:41 was the fact that if I have an immortal soul,
12:43 why couldn't it go into another body.
12:45 Right. Why not. And so, when I went
12:50 through these sessions, when I went through
12:52 the meetings, my whole goal in doing
12:56 that was to experience a former life.
12:59 Yes. And I did, a couple of times during the meetings.
13:03 And yet when I walked away from there,
13:06 I still questioned, okay, that happened.
13:09 Was it real? What was that?
13:11 But it answered a few things in my mind,
13:13 but it opened up a whole bunch of more questions,
13:16 but I got involved with it.
13:18 And the more I got involved,
13:20 the less I thought about Deuteronomy 18,
13:22 stay away from this sort of thing.
13:24 And instead I thought I found a loving God.
13:27 See I wanted to find a loving God.
13:28 Yes. That was very important to me.
13:30 And all of a sudden, he was a God that wasn't going
13:32 to burn me forever in hell,
13:34 just because over my short length of life
13:37 on this earth that I wouldn't serve Him.
13:40 And so, a million years from now I be burning in hell,
13:43 20 million years from now, I be burning in hell for the,
13:45 however, many years I lived on this earth.
13:48 A 100 plus I was hoping,
13:50 but whatever it was going to be.
13:51 I just, I couldn't serve Him.
13:53 And now all of a sudden,
13:55 here's a God who gave me all of my chances.
13:56 Because with the belief in reincarnation.
13:59 It's where we have an immortal soul
14:02 and it goes into, when we die,
14:04 it goes into, just to make a,
14:07 it can be kind of complicated,
14:09 but just to make it simple.
14:10 It goes into another baby, where we're raised,
14:13 where we grow up and when we die,
14:15 it goes into another baby.
14:16 And the concept is called karma.
14:19 And that's where when we do bad things
14:21 we make up for them in other lives.
14:23 So, say in maybe in the past life,
14:27 I killed you, I was mad at you.
14:28 You and I were together, entirely different people
14:31 and I killed you in anger,
14:34 in this life time you may get to kill me.
14:36 Only you're not held accountable for that,
14:39 it's considered to be evening,
14:42 evening it out to where what you did,
14:46 got rid of my karma. And so, what is that works,
14:49 salvation by works. And here was a God who said,
14:52 I don't care how many life times
14:54 it takes for you to live, I just want you to live
14:56 with me forever in heaven.
14:58 And I thought, wow! That's a loving God,
15:00 it's not like that guy I read about,
15:03 where they told me that the Bible said that
15:05 this guy is going to burn me forever in hell.
15:07 I can get behind this guy.
15:09 And so I started learning more and more.
15:11 Reading about reincarnation and the different things
15:15 from Edgar Cayce. And briefly he was a man
15:19 who lived until 1945,
15:21 and he went into trances and so forth.
15:24 And his trances came, the information that taught
15:27 a lot of people about the occult.
15:30 He channeled spirits, and is essentially
15:33 what was going on, he was channeling demonic spirits,
15:36 But you know, as I'm sitting here,
15:37 you know, we work together now for 18 months.
15:40 And you work in a building at a different part
15:43 of the campus than I do,
15:45 so we really don't get to spend
15:46 that much time together. And at church,
15:48 we usually don't talking about your testimony,
15:50 if we, we're talking about your family.
15:52 And it just occurred to me though,
15:54 that when someone has the wrong picture of God.
16:00 If just through the teaching,
16:03 an erroneous teaching about hell.
16:06 Someone can be setup through any error of teaching.
16:10 They can be setup to be sucked into New Age
16:13 or the occult practices. Yes. So here, you had the wrong
16:18 picture of God that you didn't like,
16:21 now you've got the wrong picture of God that
16:23 you do like and to me and I am sure to you now
16:26 it sounds terrifying to me to think that
16:28 you have to keep coming back over and over and over.
16:31 Trying to workout your own salvation.
16:34 But that sounded better than burning in hell for eternity.
16:37 So, how long did you, as you started
16:40 getting involved in this,
16:41 you became more and more involved,
16:43 what effect was it having on your life?
16:46 Well, an interesting question, because there were
16:50 some good things and some bad things
16:51 that were happening. I, over 20 years
16:55 I was in New Age and I was married three times.
16:58 So, when you go into a marriage,
17:00 thinking boy, I really love this person
17:02 and I hope that I'm going to spend
17:03 the rest of my life with her.
17:05 But, if it doesn't workout,
17:07 well, we can always get divorced.
17:09 And it was that. There is no commitment to that.
17:11 And it's not fun going through a divorce,
17:15 but you think that well and I believe,
17:17 at least if it doesn't workout we can do that.
17:18 And I am sure that they were thinking
17:20 the same thing as well.
17:21 And so, when I got married and things didn't workout,
17:27 got divorced three times. I in my first marriage.
17:31 Was there karma involved if you did something bad
17:33 in one marriage that said you had to do your.
17:35 Well, sometimes, sometimes karma stays
17:37 in the same life and sometime
17:38 it moves to different life. Yeah.
17:39 But you when, when something bad
17:42 happens to you, it's very easy to say,
17:44 oh! that was just karma.
17:47 And so my divorce, see sometimes you never know.
17:52 Am I creating karma for the future
17:54 or am I paying karma for the past?
17:56 So you just always try to do something that's good.
18:00 But I do have a wonderful daughter, Jody.
18:03 And she now lives in South Carolina
18:06 and from my first marriage.
18:07 And so that was a true blessing from that.
18:10 I was married two other times at the same time
18:13 I was building my career in Broadcast Radio,
18:17 in Secular Radio not Christian Radio by any means,
18:20 rock n roll and country and all of that.
18:24 And my career was moving up, but at the same time
18:30 my personal life was moving down.
18:33 And so, you know I guess it be kind of a pain,
18:36 after a while, when you can't workout
18:38 relationships with people. And I was married
18:40 three times and I've dated numerous times
18:42 throughout my life as well.
18:43 And for one reason or another relationships
18:45 just weren't working. And I asked myself
18:49 whether I am doing something wrong,
18:50 am I just selecting the wrong people,
18:51 is something wrong with me.
18:52 All the questions that most people ask.
18:55 But my Radio career was really starting
18:57 to blossom in many ways.
19:00 But, it sounds kind of funny,
19:02 I am saying my career was blossoming,
19:04 but I got fired several times.
19:06 And for anybody in the audience
19:08 who knows anything about Radio,
19:10 especially Secular Radio, they understand
19:12 that's part of the process
19:13 and you do get fired quite often.
19:16 But it still doesn't make you feel good,
19:18 you don't like that. And so, I was moving up
19:20 in my career and I was doing
19:23 better and better there, I was finally.
19:26 So, you were gaining more popularity,
19:27 you just get fired and have to go another station.
19:30 Yeah, I would go to another station,
19:31 and whenever I got fired,
19:32 I always ended up going to a better station.
19:34 It was like I got kicked upstairs.
19:35 Okay. And so I like that,
19:37 so I would go to a bigger station,
19:38 a better station, I'd earn more money.
19:40 And in my Secular Radio career
19:44 and I say this humbly,
19:45 but I was very fortunate to have programmed,
19:47 I was Program Director, Operations Manager
19:49 of a lot of stations. And one of the stations
19:52 that I programmed was the highest rated
19:54 Radio Station in the entire of United States.
19:57 And I did a program in the afternoons,
19:59 we call Afternoon Drive. And that was also
20:01 the highest rated Radio Station,
20:03 the highest rated disc jockey show
20:05 in afternoons in the nation as well.
20:08 So, I was... I was blessed by the Lord,
20:11 even though, and I do say that,
20:13 even though I was in New Age,
20:14 God didn't forget who I was or where I was.
20:18 And I can look back over my life
20:20 and I can see where God helped me,
20:23 even in the times when I was a 180 degrees
20:26 probably away from where he wanted me to be.
20:28 He was still with me.
20:30 And so I was doing well there.
20:33 I got married again, someone that I felt that,
20:36 we've both have felt that we've been together
20:38 in former lives and had shared different
20:39 memories of those former lives.
20:41 And she would say something,
20:43 as to all, you know, that's the dream I had.
20:45 That's the thought I had,
20:46 that's exactly the way I saw it and vice versa.
20:49 And a good woman, but we just couldn't...
20:52 and so was my first wife, all of them were nice people,
20:55 I can't say a bad thing about them.
20:56 We just didn't get along.
20:59 And so, got divorced the second time.
21:02 And I meet a young woman that was a listener of mine
21:08 and we seemed to hit it off pretty well.
21:11 And so, I decided, well I'm going to do
21:14 it again for the third time, because I'm sure
21:15 this is the right one. And it wasn't.
21:20 And just as we were getting married,
21:24 and my career was moving real,
21:27 moving real well, I got fired.
21:31 And I thought, I told her,
21:34 I said you know this might be something
21:35 you might be wanna be aware of,
21:37 this can happen. So I don't care where ever you go,
21:38 I don't care what happens.
21:40 And so, we got married, I got another job,
21:42 kicked upstairs again. Got another job.
21:46 And after about a year and half,
21:47 two years I got fired from that.
21:48 And I shouldn't have, because the ratings
21:51 were very well, we were very well received in town,
21:54 we were doing, we were getting national attention on
21:57 what were doing and everything.
21:59 And also, and just out of the blue I was fired.
22:02 So, I went to, and that was,
22:04 I was in Cleveland, Ohio at the time.
22:06 I went to San Francisco, a major jump up.
22:08 And doing very well there and just all of a sudden,
22:11 I got fired there as well.
22:12 And after that, my wife decided,
22:15 enough of this, enough of him,
22:17 I am gone. And so, she divorced me.
22:20 Okay, so now Jay, we've only got
22:22 about five minutes left. Okay. I want to pull this in.
22:25 And here you're at the end of your third marriage,
22:27 you're still practicing New Age beliefs.
22:32 You have a beautiful young woman
22:35 who comes to work for you and I say that,
22:38 because I know her personally,
22:39 and this is current wife Annette.
22:42 And there was something very different
22:45 about this woman, you're not looking for anyone,
22:47 she's not looking for anyone.
22:49 Tell us how the Lord brought Annette into your life
22:52 and how he used her to reach you?
22:55 Well, after that last divorce,
22:57 I went into a major depression
23:00 and I just gave up entirely,
23:02 relationships, marriages and everything else.
23:04 I ended up working at a small station in Tennessee,
23:07 and a woman went to work for me.
23:09 And interesting, but we didn't talk all that much.
23:14 We eventually started talking about the Bible.
23:17 And I didn't have that good of an opinion of the Bible,
23:20 you know its okay for people who can't understand.
23:22 We started discussing certain things,
23:24 I thought that she was really kind of interesting
23:27 and so we would talk some more.
23:28 She recommended a couple of books to me,
23:30 one of them was Desire of Ages and I loved that.
23:33 And the last part of the Great Controversy
23:37 and I read that. And she invited me
23:40 to come to church. Well, I wanted to do that
23:42 because I wanted bring her into New Age.
23:44 And I figured if I could discredit her preacher,
23:46 which I was pretty good at doing that.
23:48 Then she would see how wrong her religion was
23:52 and she needed to be in New Age.
23:54 And instead, the pastor, his name is John Riggs.
23:59 He talked me through the Bible
24:01 from one end to the other.
24:03 And irrefutable, everything that I had believed
24:06 that was an error was wrong
24:08 and he could show me clearly from the Bible.
24:11 And even having gone through so called
24:13 past life experiences I know that,
24:15 that was a trick of Satan.
24:17 A dilution by Satan. And so everything
24:20 from beginning to end, I could see from the Bible
24:24 and so I decided to get baptized.
24:27 Praise the Lord. And I was baptized
24:30 and welcomed into the
24:32 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
24:33 And shortly after that, I asked Annette
24:36 to marry me and she said no.
24:39 And a couple of days later, she thought about it
24:41 and called back and said, is that offer still open?
24:43 And I said, you better believe it.
24:45 So, we've been married all of this time
24:47 and a number of years now working at 3ABN.
24:50 And tell us, you were baptized in 1992,
24:54 yes, and when did you and Annette marry?
24:56 I was baptized in August,
24:58 we were married in December of 1992,
25:00 of '92. Yeah. And I know the Lord has really blessed.
25:04 Tell us, I mean here you come out
25:07 of this New Age belief. And it's hard now for
25:10 anyone to know Jay and to know of course
25:13 his wife Annette is so well anchored,
25:14 but to see this precious Christian family,
25:17 it's hard to believe that you know,
25:19 we forget that we all have a history.
25:21 And it's hard to believe you were ever
25:23 caught up in that, because you know a lot about
25:25 the Bible now and you're so solid.
25:27 Tell us a little bit; we got about two minutes left.
25:30 How you came to 3ABN?
25:32 Well, my wife and my daughter Carrie
25:36 and a lot of the people who watch 3ABN TV
25:39 see here on the news breaks occasionally
25:40 and some other things. And I, just really wanted
25:44 to work in ministry, I was working in ministry
25:48 for a while, my wife decided she wanted
25:50 to work in it. And so did my daughter Carrie.
25:52 I was working out in the of Walla Walla Valley,
25:55 I worked at KGTS for a short while,
25:57 the Radio Station and in the
25:59 Blue Mountain Television for a couple of years as manager.
26:03 And they wanted to join ministry as well.
26:05 And I met the people here, I met Danny at 3ABN.
26:09 And when they decided to start the Radio Network,
26:11 I was one of the people that they thought
26:12 of first to come here and they said,
26:15 well you know, we really like to have your
26:17 whole family come. And we prayed about it
26:19 and just felt that this is where God wanted us to be.
26:23 Well, we're excited that you are here,
26:25 because you all three of you been involved
26:27 in the ministry of 3ABN and you do such great work.
26:31 And I know, what would you say would be
26:33 the greatest caution you could give someone
26:36 in the minute that we got left.
26:38 What could you tell them to avoid,
26:40 not to get into the New Age practiced?
26:43 Boy, in one minute, the base, the best thing
26:48 that I could say is for the,
26:50 anybody that has any curiosity about
26:53 God to read the Bible. Amen. Read the Bible
26:56 and study it. And when you're ready,
26:58 ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.
26:59 Always pray before you start.
27:02 And question everything, because when you question
27:05 everything you'll learn a lot as well.
27:08 There is so many in New Age,
27:09 as well as so many different
27:11 Christian religions sound good,
27:13 they sound loving. But they're in error. Amen.
27:16 So just pray and study.
27:18 So before you take anything
27:20 and for that someone else is trying to teach you,
27:22 check it out against the Bible.
27:24 He says in Psalm 119:105,
27:26 your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
27:30 Jay, thank you so much for being here.
27:32 You're welcome. And I am so glad,
27:34 I know you've authored a book,
27:35 and we want you to come back
27:36 and talk to us about your book that has to do
27:40 with the New Age. Okay.
27:41 And now for those of who at home,
27:42 thank you for being with us and we ask that
27:45 you will tune in again next time.
27:47 And we want to thank you for your continued
27:51 prayerful support of 3ABN. Bye-Bye.


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