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00:30 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn,
00:31 and welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:33 Do you often contemplate
00:35 the science of the times;
00:36 you know we look around its amazing
00:38 what's going on in this world today.
00:40 Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24
00:43 that the end of the age could be known
00:45 by the science by wars and rumors of wars,
00:48 and nation rising against nation famines,
00:51 pestilences earthquakes,
00:53 and he told them to be so careful
00:55 that their not deceived.
00:56 And in Matthew 24 and verse 42
00:59 he said watch therefore for you do not know
01:02 what hour your Lord is coming,
01:04 But know this, that if the master
01:06 of the house had known
01:07 what hour the thief would come,
01:09 he would have watched and not allowed
01:11 his house to be broken into.
01:13 Therefore you also be ready,
01:16 for the Son of Man is coming
01:18 at an hour you do not expect.
01:20 We have a marvelous program to you,
01:23 for you today and we are going to discuss
01:26 some of the signs of the end of the times.
01:29 And our special guest is an expert
01:32 in theology it's a matter of fact
01:34 it's my joy to introduce you
01:36 to Dr. Herbert Douglas. And Dr. Douglas,
01:40 thank you so much,
01:41 may I call you Herbert.
01:42 My pleasure! And you have your
01:45 Doctorial degree is in theology
01:47 you've been professor at from coast to coast,
01:50 alright Pacific Union and
01:52 Atlantic Union Colleges.
01:53 Tell our audience a little bit
01:55 more about some of the career paths
01:58 that the Lord has led you on.
01:59 Well, working with young people
02:02 in my life it's been a joy and then they call me
02:05 to be associate editor of the Review and,
02:07 at with our church paper,
02:08 and that was new experience talking
02:12 to the world field. Yes.
02:13 And then I went to Pacific Union,
02:16 well Pacific Press Publishing Association
02:18 well they ask me to be vice-president
02:21 for Editorial Development
02:23 just getting books ready that people need.
02:25 Wonderful, and then my last seven years
02:28 about 45 year career was at Weimar Institute.
02:32 Well, that was a challenge because
02:35 I had not been really prepared for,
02:37 but everything God had asked me
02:38 to do up until then I needed there
02:41 in that wonderful place. Amen.
02:43 But let me ask you a question,
02:44 I have noticed when I was looking through
02:46 your book you have authored 20 books,
02:49 20 books. How did you find time to do that
02:51 with everything else you were doing?
02:53 That's the fun part,
02:54 I never wrote a book on somebody else's time
02:57 always did it my own time weekends
03:00 I would type it out do it royal you know
03:03 my wife would edit it and we work it over
03:06 then she had to retype what we just edited
03:09 two or three, four times.
03:10 If was the computers came out, you know,
03:12 right, and it's all being the last two years ago,
03:15 we have the computer.
03:16 But we always had time
03:18 and the one time in the year when
03:20 we really got away from the phone this one
03:23 we took at cruse, and then everyday
03:26 we just worked over the papers
03:28 and press proofs and all that and that
03:31 was our vacation.
03:32 Oh! Glory to God I am glad that you spend
03:35 this time because I understand
03:38 that you have many good books out there,
03:40 and you are well read a well read author.
03:44 Now, your latest book,
03:47 I love the title of this it's called
03:49 Never Been This Late Before,
03:52 what gave you that idea for that title.
03:55 Well, a few years ago,
03:56 I heard the story the young teenager
03:58 in Northern Vermont,
03:59 and his job was to clean up a clock store
04:02 and to make sure the clocks are timing
04:06 at the same time have you ever been in a house,
04:07 yes, with a more than one clock, mine.
04:10 Okay, and my grandmother had one,
04:12 and it's quite a chore.
04:14 Well, we did it very well everyday
04:17 until one day at noontime one clock
04:20 was hitting twelve and then thirteen
04:23 and fourteen and fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,
04:26 thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two,
04:28 and he ran out of the store
04:30 crying in the street
04:31 its never been this late before.
04:32 Okay, okay.
04:34 And this the way I feel when I read
04:36 my newspapers my news magazines
04:40 is never been this late before. Amen.
04:44 Well, I noticed in your book Herbert
04:46 you have got a lot of statistics
04:49 about earthquakes, and pestilences
04:53 and famines and you know it occur to me
04:55 I mean the hurricanes many,
04:57 many things that your talking about here
04:59 it occur to me people are getting
05:01 rather use to people talking about
05:05 these kind of statistics,
05:07 what's different what so new about this
05:10 haven't we always had this kind of problems.
05:13 That's the issue Shelley,
05:14 pickup any book right now written
05:18 by an Adventist or Baptist or Methodist
05:20 whatever and they are using the same old generic
05:23 time that you have just read Matthew 24.
05:27 For the last 2000 years give me
05:32 any ten years in the last 2000
05:34 is not show you somebody,
05:35 somebody is read on Matthew 2
05:38 or Matthew 24 or Daniel 2.
05:40 The same text now we've been boring
05:43 people with in a way because
05:45 that's all they hear and finally
05:48 when we get bored you lose interest
05:50 and you will go into a kind of a spiritual Holiday
05:54 and so what's new that's not the way
05:57 we should go out my book is going to tackle
05:59 those signs in a different way.
06:01 And how, what is the different way
06:03 that you are tackling this?
06:04 I know that you really you dedicate
06:07 a whole chapter to economic troubles,
06:10 and what is this you know we have had the depression
06:14 before we've had stock market crashes,
06:17 but your convinced that the economic troubles
06:20 are really going to be a sign for us.
06:22 Do you remember back about 1991
06:26 of that perfect storm, yes,
06:28 on the East Coast and there were film on TV
06:31 about it, yes, I have good book about it,
06:33 and two monster storms come in up from Canada,
06:37 one come in up to East Coast colliding
06:40 that very often does its happen
06:42 in such a furious manner
06:44 and the ships have to come in of course,
06:46 and one ship was out too far trying to make
06:49 that last catch was in October
06:52 of the season Andrea Gail
06:53 and they didn't make.
06:56 Well, this world is not facing a perfect storm
07:01 of two colliding storms is seven
07:05 that you read in the book seven storms
07:07 converging at this time.
07:09 It's the monstrous mother of all perfect storms.
07:12 And what were those seven be if you can
07:14 site those? Well you already mentioned one,
07:17 but I am going to look at why there is enormous
07:20 of earthquakes in my first chapter?
07:22 And then you discover I will go for more later,
07:25 how there has been a great increase
07:29 of frequency of this storms?
07:31 I am just taking this from 1900 absolutely
07:33 and not only frequency,
07:35 but the terrifying increased storms
07:41 we have it just been for our own
07:43 and then war the same way and earthquakes
07:48 and tornadoes its statistics are telling us
07:51 something that we haven't seen before
07:54 its really a storm that we haven't seen.
07:56 And next one is economic crisis the stress not
08:01 just in this country every country in the world
08:04 is facing the same global kind of interconnection
08:08 of economic trouble that we never seen before.
08:12 I guess when you consider the fact
08:14 if you want to think about international
08:17 financial collapse, when we consider
08:20 the fact that the United States
08:21 has barrowed so much money that we even
08:24 barrowing money to pay the interest
08:26 on what we owe is my understanding
08:28 we can't pay the interest on the depth that owe.
08:32 If somebody, If somebody were together,
08:35 if we collapse everybody else is gonna collapse
08:39 and if one of them collapses and calls us,
08:41 we are all gonna collapse.
08:42 Hey you get to be an expert that's the way
08:45 it is it's a domino effect isn't it?
08:47 Japan and China own more of our treasury bucks
08:54 by far this 70, 75 percent that we hold them right,
09:00 if ever start have a little trouble over there
09:02 they want to take out some of that money
09:04 somebody is got to pay them,
09:06 anyway we will get into that.
09:08 But when we talk about the signs in Matthew 24
09:13 there is something interesting that Jesus
09:14 give us to clue on. He said after you see
09:17 the signs of the war and violence
09:19 be not alarmed he said this is not the big end
09:23 of anything just the beginning.
09:24 And then he talks about the sorrow these
09:29 are just a beginning of sorrows of birth pains,
09:34 birth pains are you know something about that?
09:36 No. Unfortunately I have not had children,
09:39 but I know a lot of people who are been
09:42 through with them anyway.
09:43 Well, any, any woman who has given the birth
09:45 understands immediately what that word says
09:49 but it is not translated in a way that
09:51 you can understand it better its gonna be like
09:53 birth pains and you know after nine months
09:56 go by there is some indications
09:58 there is something is about to happen
10:00 and some times labor begins
10:02 two weeks in advance we get a little clue
10:05 there and then about 20 minutes
10:08 you gonna have the crib ready
10:09 and the carburetor gassed up,
10:11 10 minutes you will becoming more frequent,
10:14 becoming more obvious and something is about
10:19 to happen and in 5 minutes
10:20 she might be in the hospital, yeah.
10:22 That's where we are today the birth pains
10:25 of this world have become so frequent
10:27 and so much more powerful,
10:29 it just like the dam is about to break,
10:32 that's true, just like woman's water breaks
10:34 she know, exactly what were above begins.
10:37 We are not talking theory you know
10:39 we are talking about the evidence
10:41 we can look at in this book.
10:42 And we certainly know that at least today,
10:45 you know, we've talked you go anywhere
10:47 and you talk with anybody
10:48 and I think one of the primary topics
10:50 is the price of oil, and people see that
10:54 it wouldn't take much to really create an economic
10:58 disaster in United States.
11:00 Chapter 2 goes into that,
11:01 the very fact you have mentioned
11:02 in this chock points and it processing of oil
11:06 around this world.
11:07 Well I just yesterday one of the biggest
11:10 oil producers in Alaska shutdown,
11:13 yes, and it will be for weeks to come
11:15 they have raised the price
11:17 of gas maybe $4, $5.
11:19 Well, you know, I shouldn't say $4, $5,
11:21 but 2, 4 price of oil would be $4, $5
11:24 and maybe raise at $0.25 per more on the gas.
11:27 We've been seeing anything else.
11:29 You know when you think about
11:30 I often heard, heard that you know
11:33 people will say I can't believe that
11:35 the United States whatever change from the democracy
11:39 that we are in, but we saw during 9/11
11:41 when people were willing to give up
11:43 there freedoms to, to have more security
11:48 and right now I have people talking
11:50 I am just while here,
11:51 I can go to the gas service station
11:54 and you get people talking they are ready
11:56 for the government to come in and put a cap
11:58 on this or takeover the oil industry
12:00 or there is many things that are already
12:03 been setup. How do you see the United States
12:07 fitting into the Bible scenario in time events?
12:12 You know 100 years ago,
12:14 when Adventists were talking about
12:16 the United States of prophecy.
12:17 For many people it sound delusionary,
12:21 100 years ago, but right about then
12:24 Teddy Roosevelt our president
12:26 sent the American fleet pin
12:29 of the all light and sent them all around
12:31 the world to every nation really
12:34 they had a port, emphasizing that hey
12:39 we are here we are world power,
12:40 and then the first world war they needed us
12:43 to stop the first world war in France,
12:46 we never have to emphasize what we had
12:50 to do in the second world war it's there,
12:52 we had to do something about it
12:54 and then with the go for came no body questioned
12:59 after that who was the world's super power
13:01 no body questioned that.
13:02 No, what is that's all mean in Bible prophecy
13:06 we understand and we could work that else
13:08 every time that you don't have to use
13:11 imagination to see how this world this country
13:16 influences how the world things about
13:18 and then relief who do they turn to when
13:21 they want famine relief for example
13:23 well they want us to help out in some military
13:29 problem they always want something from us
13:32 because we have the technique
13:33 and the ability and confidence and so forth.
13:35 We spend far our more money on our military,
13:39 far more than many, many,
13:42 countries put together,
13:43 and so we are that will super power.
13:46 So, what does that happen during
13:48 the end time events?
13:49 Well, according to Revelation 11 and 14
13:56 and 13 you have this young nation arising
14:03 become a super power that will be used
14:07 by evil forces I hate to put it that way
14:12 the land of the free the home of the brave
14:14 makes you feel talking like this.
14:17 But they won't recognize that is used by
14:20 evil forces, I mean maybe
14:21 the evil force behind it,
14:23 but would you agree that it doesn't their
14:26 not gonna recognized that it is an evil force
14:29 I know that. Any time you started thinking about
14:31 conversing somebody else's
14:33 fundamental believes, you got a problem
14:36 with evil. Yeah. But you already
14:38 mentioned that earlier that when this nation
14:40 is concerned more about security
14:42 than about freedom the time comes
14:44 when it is more important to get together,
14:46 stay together and not have device element
14:50 such as somebody's theology separating us,
14:52 I say doesn't like the theology
14:54 its time to get together like brothers
14:57 and sisters of the Lord,
14:59 God blesses a righteous nation
15:00 that show God that we indeed
15:03 are going to find the America that once was,
15:05 and we are going to have him prominently
15:13 not only abide in a way,
15:15 but we are gonna show him one day
15:16 a week that we are United nation in this country
15:20 and that makes that world empire
15:25 will show the whole world how to bring
15:27 people together.
15:28 It's not the time for device theology,
15:30 it's not the time for any of distraction,
15:34 but dialogue and diversity,
15:36 understanding everybody
15:38 had the right to their own opinion
15:39 let's just worry about how to get together
15:42 can we all get along.
15:43 And you know we have seen this setup,
15:46 I was I mean in so many ways,
15:49 but particularly I recently heard that
15:52 they were talking about oh in England trying
15:56 to pass a law about hate crimes
16:00 that if you say anything against another religion,
16:03 or gender, or gender its consider the hate crime.
16:06 So, we see that if that passes in England
16:12 or past year. Its already past in Canada,
16:14 and we're seeing it that all of the sudden
16:16 is going to be where we have no freedom of speech
16:20 that we know that somebody could be
16:21 publishing heresy about this Bible about our God,
16:27 and according to our religious tenants
16:33 and our foundation and our believe
16:35 if we speak out and say some ones wrong
16:39 that we get into prison,
16:41 and we see people who are ready to pass
16:44 this law just, in the United States,
16:47 in the United States just because someone
16:49 has said well we will get rid of hate crimes.
16:52 Absolutely. So, here we see then the United States
16:56 is according to Bible prophecy this nation,
17:00 this nation with the land like horns they raised up
17:05 out of the earth and it's gonna speak
17:08 or look like lamb speak like a dragon eventually.
17:11 We see that we are getting into this place
17:14 where we are super powering now
17:16 we could exercise that authority
17:19 and have exercise the authority to sanction.
17:21 How can that all happen you see
17:22 there are politicians of course
17:24 one of be constitutionally correct,
17:28 Yeah. But we live in a world
17:30 where political corruption,
17:31 where all kinds of pressures
17:34 are put on politicians,
17:35 and in this country we have done a number
17:38 of things against jogs,
17:39 what this is for example for suing the flag,
17:41 yes and be thrown in jail.
17:43 We have done a number of the Japanese
17:48 into concentration camps,
17:49 violated our constitution.
17:51 So, appealing to the constitution is not
17:55 always the last refugee,
17:56 we are going to have a day
17:58 day while it seems better
18:00 to vote for the majority and the minority
18:04 will have to come along or else.
18:06 I don't if your here but down in Missouri
18:08 they tried to pass a law that was gonna
18:10 make Christian, Christianity
18:12 the majority religion. Amazing!
18:15 And you know its hard I know
18:17 I can understand is a difficult thing to say
18:20 that I want to pass laws to protect a Muslim
18:23 or Hindu's freedom,
18:24 but if I want to protect my freedom
18:27 even though I may totally disagree with them,
18:29 but we've got to protect their freedom as well,
18:31 but that is all being thrown,
18:33 but you becoming intolerant by pursing,
18:34 the Christian emphasis, you are intolerant.
18:37 And you know it's just interesting
18:39 that it's kind of a sea-saw back and forth,
18:43 you not gonna win?
18:44 No but now here is the United States
18:46 is we see in prophecy and representing
18:50 Protestantism. How do you see
18:54 the Vatican and the Catholic system
18:59 fitting into? Anybody
19:00 who has been looking at anything
19:03 the last 50 years has to be simply amaze
19:06 at the rise of people influence in this world.
19:10 And Pope John II was a poster boy
19:13 of the best side of Catholics
19:17 he was a neat guy. Yes.
19:19 I mean he was everybody love the guy,
19:21 when he died look how many people
19:23 look how many people that who they were
19:25 they came to his funeral nothing like in the world
19:27 of course with the grad design of the Vatican
19:30 if you read about in their own books
19:33 that's where I get my information.
19:36 They understand themselves
19:40 to be the more continuous of the world,
19:42 and we have many,
19:44 many incidences in this country
19:46 where we even had a medal produced
19:50 authorized by the Congress recognizing
19:53 them as a moral influence in this world
19:56 its amazing oh this is happened
19:58 in the last you know give it 50 years,
20:01 and United States is handing globe
20:05 of course on common interest
20:08 common causes you will not be religious at first
20:11 you will be the, we are interested
20:13 in the common concerns with poverty
20:16 and lack of education in many countries
20:19 and bringing people up to speed
20:21 so that they can participate in the rest
20:24 of the world that. Where moving aid
20:28 is a problem all of these are common causes
20:30 that and very good causes,
20:32 abortion for example to join this
20:34 no more murdering of the infants
20:36 it's a slam dunk as the how the leaders
20:42 of this country the leaders of the papacy
20:44 come together on common causes
20:45 and of these just one of those simple things
20:49 not that the Catholic Church
20:51 is telling in United States which day
20:52 to worship on we will tell the Catholic Church
20:55 that we're gonna worship
20:56 on that day which of course its.
20:57 And Dr. Douglas, I think if somebody is you
21:00 and I really understand what we are talking about
21:02 because our Church has been very is noted
21:07 for its studies on prophecy,
21:09 but how would you for some one
21:11 who is out there watching who is saying
21:13 so what if the United States
21:15 and the Catholic Church the papal system.
21:18 So what if they come together
21:20 on all these issues.
21:21 So, what if the ecumenical
21:24 societies win out,
21:25 and we all become one happy religion
21:28 why should we be concerned about
21:29 those things? Well, it will be wonderful
21:33 if he didn't matter to the Lord.
21:35 Truths Does Matter that was the title
21:37 the last book I wrote.
21:38 Truth Does Matter is not how
21:40 I feel about it anything that matters really
21:43 and God isn't going to redeem rebels,
21:48 rebels will not live forever is not going
21:51 have sin just keep ongoing
21:53 and there are many, many people out there
21:58 in the Buddhist and Hindu religions
22:01 in the Catholic Church, in the Baptist Church,
22:03 Methodist Church, Adventist Church
22:05 who will see more clearly as time goes on
22:08 that there are going to be two groups of people
22:11 in this world before law its shaping up
22:14 those who are willingly obedient what God
22:17 has asked to do they will be part of Matthew
22:22 or Revelation 14 were God's sources loudly
22:25 says that when I hear those willingly obedient,
22:28 just obedient and those over here who keep my
22:32 commandments in the faith of Jesus
22:34 there is only two groups in the end you can judge
22:37 a minister in any church but what do you think
22:41 about the end of the world in theology.
22:43 So, let me see if I understand what you saying
22:48 if I can summarize this.
22:49 There are many well meaning good Christians,
22:55 Amen. And we believe that God's children
22:57 are in every denomination, amen amen.
22:59 But the Bible clearly tell us in Revelation 18
23:03 it tell us the he is calling
23:05 he says come out of her Babylon
23:08 which is a false worship system in worship
23:10 come out of her my people
23:12 and at the end of the times the Lord
23:15 is gonna stand up with the Three Angels Messages
23:18 of Revelation 14 saying worship the creator God,
23:23 God you know do not take the mark
23:25 on your forehead and we as church believe
23:29 and I believe that this was proven to me
23:32 before I became an Adventist
23:33 just a few years ago when I first heard
23:36 the Adventist are interpretation
23:40 of prophecy it was like unlike anything
23:43 I never heard, so I would study
23:45 and study and study against the scriptures
23:48 and I though this is the answer all of the answers
23:51 were found in scripture rather than
23:53 supplying it from the outside.
23:55 So, well we see going on is the fulfillment of Bible
24:01 prophecy and going toward a forced
24:06 Sunday keeping religion which is part of the
24:09 system of Babylon.
24:11 We are leaving out one element
24:13 and that is uniting protestants and Catholics
24:17 and all kinds of even religions is spiritualism,
24:23 yes, you see that's one thing that they
24:26 are together on without really be in cautious
24:29 about it the immortal soul we all believe
24:32 in someway people don't well they don't
24:36 rest in grave they either go to eternal hell
24:39 or eternal heaven and or you just never die
24:45 anyway just keep on going but when you have
24:47 that is a common thread that pulls them together
24:50 you have something ó awesome
24:52 who is gonna deny, if your father
24:56 and mother or some love one or a close friend
25:00 comes to you after they are that
25:02 and talk to you just as you and talk
25:05 about things only you and they understand,
25:07 its happening right now its happening, yeah,
25:10 we have a TV network Psychic network
25:13 that's what they do, yeah, a whole TV network
25:17 on this that's all we see everyday.
25:18 You know I have to quickly inject my sister
25:22 I thought when I was sharing
25:24 with my sister from Matthew 5: 28, 29
25:26 how Jesus at his return will speak to all
25:29 who were in their graves and some would come
25:31 forth to everlasting life and some to everlasting
25:33 destruction she was going wait a minute
25:35 what do mean in the graves and see even though
25:39 she was a Sabbath Keeper
25:40 she is not an Adventist
25:42 and she didn't know the truth about the
25:44 state of the dead they were resting
25:45 in their graves. She was so mad
25:47 at me to think that our mother
25:49 was in heaven that she was screening at me
25:52 and then she went and did I said go get
25:54 your concordance out and do this Bible study
25:56 and she became convinced that were
25:59 she had been about spiritualism.
26:02 So, how does all of theses thing,
26:03 everything that we discussing today
26:05 how does this is come together to make
26:06 the perfect storm? What we have then is,
26:11 people who unit together on such common
26:14 bonds as a mortality disorder, alright.
26:18 Common bonds and God must be within you
26:23 because your part of his creation
26:26 that you're not just his handy work,
26:28 but that God is within you that's new
26:30 spirituality by the way that's sweeping
26:32 this country, sure, for the last 20-25 years,
26:35 you never heard anything like this we use to call
26:37 it new age. Well, that went underground
26:39 as come up as new spirituality
26:41 I take you into any books store
26:42 any book stores, especially Christian
26:45 books stores and most of the books
26:48 are written by new spirituality,
26:49 Wayne Dyer or Alistair Grab,
26:52 or Dallas Willard or Richard Foster
26:56 this are gracious wonderful people,
26:58 but they believe that they good within you
27:01 just bring in out becoming then you wanted
27:03 to do as long as you concentrate on the good
27:05 within I am gonna argue with that where
27:08 their everybody is simple out,
27:09 I agree you good too.
27:10 And they use the scripture the Kingdom of God
27:13 is with them and they'll take out context
27:15 and not apply the rest of the Bible.
27:17 We are almost already out of time,
27:19 I want you to come back
27:21 and let's talk about new spirituality
27:24 so that people really understand
27:26 what's going on. I understand.
27:27 I would like to understand more too
27:29 you know and what. I understand.
27:30 I want to invite you to contact Amazing Facts
27:34 at amazing and get this wonderful book
27:37 Never Been this Late Before by
27:39 Dr. Herbert Edgar Douglass,
27:42 and please you know Jesus said that
27:45 we could be deceived and we can be deceived
27:48 if we don't know the word of God. Amen.
27:51 You must get into the Bible
27:53 and get to know the word.


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