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What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life? Pt. 3

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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome to
00:32 another Issues and Answers.
00:34 We have another great program today with
00:37 Margaret Davis who is with us here from
00:42 Armstrong, British Columbia, but before I
00:45 introduce Margaret to you I want to read
00:47 a beautiful scripture to you. This is the words
00:50 of Jesus from John chapter 15 and I'm gonna
00:54 begin with verse 4. Jesus said:
00:57 "Abide in me, and I'll abide in you".
01:00 He is saying, live in me and I'll live in you.
01:03 Justice no branch can bear fruits of itself
01:06 without abiding in me or in the vine.
01:09 Neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in
01:12 me. And He goes on in the next verse to say
01:15 apart from me you can do nothing.
01:17 Well, we are here today to speak with Margaret
01:21 Davis. Margaret, thank you for coming again to
01:25 be with us and you know as I've got to know
01:28 you and to see you've been in ministry now for
01:30 30 years and the Lord has given you a beautiful
01:33 message about learning how to be totally
01:36 dependant upon God. And here is the scripture
01:40 that reminds me of Margaret. He's talking in
01:44 Psalms 93, talking about those the righteous
01:48 being planted in the house of the Lord,
01:50 Growing in grace they shall still bring forth
01:53 fruit in old age. They shall be full of sap,
01:56 and we've learned that sap is the power of
01:58 the Holy Spirit. The Spirit in us and in the
02:03 Amplified it says: They are living memorials to
02:05 show that the Lord is upright and faithful to
02:08 His promises. He is my Rock, and there is no
02:11 unrighteousness in Him. Margaret has written
02:14 a precious book called, "What Shall I Do To
02:17 Inherit Eternal Life?" And actually she says,
02:20 I'm not an author. She says this is a
02:21 compilation of Bible verses and inspired Christian
02:26 writing to teach us what we shall do to inherit
02:30 eternal life? And today we're gonna be talking
02:32 about abiding in Christ. Margaret, what does
02:36 it mean to abiding Christ? I didn't understand
02:40 it at first either. I had to learn, but we read
02:46 here in John 1:12: As many as received Him,
02:51 to them gave He power to become the sons of
02:55 God even to them in His name.
02:58 And as I learned how to abide in Him,
03:02 he could work in me the fruit of the Spirit.
03:09 Jesus says in John 15:7 and 8: If you abide
03:16 in me and my words abide in you,
03:20 ask whatever you will, and it shall be done
03:24 to you. By this my Father is gloried,
03:28 that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be
03:33 my disciples. Amen. And so, Jesus says prove,
03:37 prove whether you are a disciple.
03:40 So part of the abiding in Christ then is to abide
03:45 in His word and let that word abide in you,
03:48 it's putting it into practice. That's part of it,
03:51 but there is something that I learned that really
03:56 helped me. It's says, if you abide in me and
03:59 my words abide in you ask whatever you will
04:04 and it shall be done to you. Think of the
04:06 vine and the branch. Right! The branch needs
04:11 power to grow fruit. It needs the Holy Spirit,
04:16 the sap coming into it's little branch and so I
04:21 envision myself as a little branch and I said
04:25 Lord I need you. So anytime I'm attempted to
04:29 be impatient or to get up set with someone
04:33 or whatever, I say Lord I'm here I need you.
04:39 And He says ask whatever you will and I will
04:42 give it to you. And so then He works in me
04:45 patience, understating, love, caring so that
04:50 my heart doesn't have to get angry,
04:54 my heart doesn't have to sin. He is the source
04:59 of the fruit. He is the source. He is the root.
05:01 And we are the branch. Yes. And it's when His
05:03 life is flowing in us. That's how Jesus lived on
05:07 this earth. Absolutely! He was continually
05:09 dependent on the Father and the Holy Spirit.
05:12 Okay, once He has promised to abide in us
05:16 what's our part then? And He says abide in
05:21 me, stay in me. Stay! No matter what comes
05:25 stay in me, and then He is able to work in us.
05:31 The Bible says in Second Corinthians 13:5:
05:34 Examine yourselves to see whether you are
05:37 holding to your faith; test yourselves.
05:41 Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you,
05:46 unless indeed you fail to meet the test?
05:50 So how do we test ourselves?
05:52 Well, if anger is coming out whose Spirit is
05:57 working in me? Absolutely! You see,
05:59 it's the wrong Spirit and the Bible says to whom
06:02 you yield yourselves servants to obey,
06:05 His servants you are to whom you obey.
06:09 And so if I yield to the wrong Spirit,
06:16 I am not abiding in Christ. And then I had
06:22 to learn what to do when temptation comes?
06:27 How to stay in Christ? And the Bible says for
06:31 the Christian, it says: There has no temptation
06:36 taken you, but such as is common to man,
06:41 He will not let you be tempted beyond that you
06:45 are able to bear. Yes. That's a wonderful
06:50 promise. Well, and you know the Bible also
06:53 promise. Well, and you know the Bible also tells
06:54 us in Hebrews 4:15 that Jesus was tempted
06:57 and always as we are and yet was without sin.
07:02 We cannot do, we cannot face so same
07:05 temptations without Him. That's right.
07:07 I mean it has to be He was reliant upon the
07:10 power of the Holy Spirit, He was relying on the
07:12 power, and His Father's life in Him and that's
07:15 what we've got to do. Yeah, when He was
07:17 on this earth, He was a branch. Yes.
07:20 You see He was totally dependent.
07:22 Absolutely! And that's what we need to learn.
07:27 You will not be tempted beyond your strength,
07:30 God has promised. He provides the way out.
07:33 And He will provide a way of escape that we
07:37 can bear it. What is the way of escape?
07:42 It's very important to learn that.
07:44 I didn't know that at the beginning and so this
07:47 evening I had fully surrendered to God,
07:49 I knew He had accepted me, I knew He had
07:52 change my attitude towards my husband.
07:55 I knew He had given me a new heart.
08:01 And I believed that I would have victory because
08:05 He has promised in the Bible He is able to keep
08:08 you from falling, right? Amen. And so the next
08:11 day I went about my work and things and I
08:14 don't remember any temptation coming to me
08:17 until evening. In the evening we were having
08:21 family worship and I was reading from a book
08:24 on prayer. Now my husband is an editor,
08:30 and if we were reading something and he sensed
08:34 a sentence problem he would correct it.
08:36 Yeah. And this evening he sensed a sentence
08:41 problem in the book. Now, I didn't like him
08:44 to do it at worship time. Yes. Other times fine,
08:49 but at worship and when he did it at worship
08:54 I reacted and worship would be spoiled.
08:58 You know, it's so easy to spoil worship by a
09:01 wrong Spirit. Yes it is. But I always blamed
09:04 him before. This evening as we were having
09:11 worship and I was just learning how to walk with
09:16 the Lord, and I was reading and my husband
09:21 corrected a sentence problem.
09:23 Instantly I felt the prompting to react and I
09:28 reacted. So, that was flesh coming up in you.
09:31 Yeah, it was natural, that's what I had done.
09:35 The moment I reacted the Holy Spirit convicted
09:40 me, I had sinned. And instead of blaming him
09:45 I bloated out to the family, I've sinned.
09:50 My son told me years later he said,
09:54 mom how well I remember that night.
09:59 That was the first time I heard you take the
10:03 blame. You see, I had always blamed my
10:09 husband if I got upset with him.
10:11 I had blamed the children if I got upset with
10:13 them. It is so easy to blame others for our
10:17 heart sins. But you know, isn't that what your
10:20 father did? That's what my father did,
10:22 that's what I learned? So, we become who
10:24 we behold? And I even learned a text that he
10:27 quoted very often, offenses will come,
10:30 but woe to him through whom they come.
10:33 You see, so he was blaming others,
10:36 that's why he could not acknowledge his own
10:38 sins until he realized what was involved.
10:42 And until I realized what was involved.
10:45 And it's important for us to realize that when
10:51 we have that anger or offense that comes up,
10:55 we're short-tempered it that Spirit is not of God.
10:59 It's not of God. So, let me share with you
11:02 something I think you're gonna like this.
11:04 Once I was praying and I was asking the Lord,
11:08 Please Lord give me a definition for temptation,
11:11 so that I can explain to people because so many
11:13 times people don't really understand what
11:15 temptation is. Here's the definition that I felt
11:18 like the Lord gave me, that temptation is simply
11:21 an opportunity to do something in a way other
11:25 than God's way. That's right. And that's why
11:28 He says, He will always provide us the way out.
11:32 He will show us, but the way to do it in His
11:36 right way, so part of the overcoming temptation
11:42 is to know the word of God because that helps
11:45 to show us the way out, to rely on the power
11:48 of the Holy Spirit because that gives us the power
11:51 to chose the way out, and that's what God
11:54 was teaching you. But at this moment I didn't
11:56 know the way out, I didn't know the way of
11:58 escape. Oh! Okay. Okay! I hadn't leaned that
12:01 yet. And so I fell, I sinned, but immediately I
12:06 acknowledged because the Holy Spirit convicted
12:09 me, immediately I acknowledged.
12:11 Then I went to my room and I asked forgiveness
12:14 and the Lord cleansed me and then He gave
12:17 me another opportunity. And so I prayed Lord
12:22 show me the way of escape. I know you can
12:25 keep me from following, but how do you do it.
12:30 Well, He didn't answer me at that point.
12:32 I didn't find a text. But the next day as I went
12:35 about my work, I don't remember any temptation
12:40 until the evening. We were having worship.
12:46 You would get a test now, right? Yeah! And as
12:51 I was reading from the same book on prayer,
12:55 all of a sudden my husband corrected a
12:57 sentence problem. Instantly I felt the
13:02 temptation, instantly, because I had so prayed
13:06 to God show me the way out. Instantly,
13:09 He reminded me, you gave up your right to resent
13:12 your husband no matter what he does,
13:14 remember? And instantly in my mind I said,
13:17 yes Lord and I really meant it. Glory to God!
13:22 Immediately, the Holy Spirit so controlled my
13:25 Spirit, I didn't have to react, I didn't have to
13:29 say a word, nobody even knew I was tempted.
13:33 I said thank you Lord you've shown me the way
13:35 of escape, instantly submit to God.
13:40 And He has the right to control your Spirit.
13:45 Amen! He never forces us. Amen. He says ask
13:48 and it will be given, you see. So before,
13:52 now we have to explain. Your husband was an
13:54 editor for Review & Herald for many years,
13:56 so he has this propensity towards this type of
14:02 correction, and it's not wrong, but before when
14:05 worship was ruined because of this,
14:08 it was actually because of your reaction to it.
14:10 That's right. You were blaming him for ruining
14:11 the worship. That's right, that's right.
14:12 So this time when you did not exercise what
14:16 you felt was your right to get upset with him
14:19 for doing this, worship didn't get ruined, did it?
14:21 Right, no problem. So it wasn't your husband's
14:24 fault that worship was being ruined.
14:25 Right, it was my fault. Aha! Yeah, and I
14:29 realized that. And so, yes but at the moment
14:35 that I submitted to God and the Bible says:
14:38 If you want to have victory, submit yourselves
14:41 therefore to God then. Resist the devil,
14:45 and he will flee from you. Drawn nigh to God
14:48 and He will drawn nigh to you.
14:50 And when God draws nigh to you all the power
14:53 of heaven is available to keep your Spirit right.
14:56 Amen. It's amazing what God can do.
14:59 Now when you were doing all of this studying,
15:01 did you find that there was any,
15:04 I hate use to a word science,
15:05 but is there a science to temptation,
15:08 is there something how are we tempted?
15:10 We are tempted when we are drawn away by
15:13 our own desire, okay. And when you sense
15:20 the desire you have not yet sinned,
15:24 it's when you yield that you have sinned.
15:28 Yeah, the Bible says in James, in James,
15:31 yes, 1:13 to 15. So, there is a science there
15:37 to it, the last part. Each person is tempted
15:39 when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.
15:43 The Christian will feel the prompting to sin,
15:47 at that moment we need to remember,
15:50 I'm here Lord I need you, at that moment.
15:54 And that's not sin then as long as we're,
15:56 that's right, if we as is it goes on it says the
15:59 evil desire if it's conceived we will let it
16:04 stay, take hold of us, and take hold
16:06 it gives birth to sin and sin when fully material
16:09 brings forth death because the wages of sin
16:11 is death. You see temptation shows you what
16:13 your lower nature would do, what your flesh
16:16 would do? But as you sense the temptation,
16:22 if you remember to submit to God,
16:26 He has the right to control you. He never
16:29 forces us, He gives us freedom of choice,
16:33 and at the point of temptation you can choose
16:35 to submit to Him or submit to the enemy,
16:38 one or the other. And it's really that easy.
16:41 Yes! And it's whoever you're submitting to.
16:44 In faith if you are submitting to God,
16:47 if you've given your whole heart to God and
16:50 you want Him to control your Spirit,
16:52 He can do it. Amen! First Corinthians 15:57,
16:56 thanks be to God who give us the victory.
16:59 Yeah it's from him, in Christ Jesus,
17:01 it's from him. You are not now just working
17:04 out your own salvation; you're expecting Him
17:07 to control your Spirit. Right! And allowing Him
17:11 to work in you. And that's righteousness by
17:13 faith. Amen. That's the obedience of faith.
17:18 Exactly, what you call obedience by faith I
17:20 teach as obedience by grace and it is Second
17:23 Corinthians 12:9 personified it is His grace
17:28 of sufficient for us, for it is His power that
17:31 is may perfect in our weakness. Right.
17:33 That's why we're striving to get. That's right,
17:36 that's right. And there is a text here in
17:38 Galatians 5:16: But I say walk by the Spirit,
17:44 do not gratify the desires of the flesh.
17:49 And so as we sense the desire of the flesh,
17:52 if we remember to walk by the Spirit he is
17:55 able to keep us from following. Jesus was
18:01 tempted like we are tempted. It says He was
18:03 tempted in all points like we are.
18:06 He was also tempted to walk by the fleshly
18:09 nature, but constantly He submitted to God.
18:14 And He was without sin so that gives us hope
18:17 if we learned the submission part,
18:19 it's total surrender to God, we can count on
18:22 Him to do a working us that like He did in
18:26 Jesus. Like God did in Jesus. Yes. Yes,
18:29 the Holy Spirit can be with us? It says we can
18:33 have the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
18:38 And another text helps us to understand how
18:41 Jesus did it? In Romans 8:12 and 17: So then,
18:47 brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh,
18:51 to live according to the flesh, for if you live
18:54 according to the flesh you will die.
18:57 But if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds
19:02 of the body, you will live. You know something,
19:06 by the Spirit, yeah Margaret and that's where
19:08 most of us, I tried so hard to modify or put
19:11 to death for misdeeds of my flesh,
19:14 but I tried to do it by myself.
19:15 Yeah, I did too. And you cannot,
19:18 it has to be you cooperating with God and
19:20 His, only by the power of His Holy Spirit.
19:23 Oh yeah, by His power; that we can put to
19:25 death the misdeeds of our flesh. Yeah,
19:28 and we must learn to do that. Amen.
19:32 It takes a little practice to learn how to submit
19:36 up instead of to submit down. That's good.
19:40 Because when we are tempted we naturally
19:43 would submit to the temptation,
19:46 to get upset. I'm talking about heart sins.
19:50 You know, we don't have that much trouble
19:53 with the sins of the world. Most Christians don't
19:56 but there are some do, there is some, yeah.
19:59 But it's the flesh, it's the lower nature that
20:03 tempts us. And as we are tempted by the lower
20:06 nature submit up and by the Spirit you can have
20:12 victory. Amen. He is able to keep you from
20:15 falling. For all who are led by the Spirit of God
20:19 are sons of God. And that's what it means
20:22 to be led by the Spirit, to allow the Holy Spirit
20:26 to control your Spirit. What if I fall?
20:33 What is by condition? The Bible says in First
20:38 John 2:1: My little children, these things
20:42 write onto you, that you sin not. Amen.
20:46 God doesn't want us to sin. He doesn't want
20:48 us to misrepresent His love to others.
20:51 Well, and He also knows the consequences of
20:54 sin and that's very painful. Yes, yes.
20:56 They are very painful. But He says:
20:59 And if any man sinned, we have an advocate
21:04 with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.
21:07 Hallelujah. The moment Adam and Eve sinned
21:11 what did Jesus do? He made a covering for
21:15 them. He stood between the living and the dead
21:18 and He took their place. He died in theirs dead,
21:23 and he has done it for us, He has already done
21:26 it and He will give us another chance.
21:30 He says child let me lift you up again,
21:33 I love you still, I care about you.
21:36 I cannot safe you in sin, but let me pick you up
21:40 and cleanse you and safe you from sin.
21:43 Amen. And He is always there He sends the
21:47 angles to protect us from death,
21:49 if we fall, so we can have a chance to turn
21:53 back to Him. Amen. The Bible says:
22:01 The Longsuffering to us-ward,
22:05 not willing that any should perish,
22:08 but that all should come to repentance.
22:13 Like as a father pities His children,
22:16 you know, many fathers don't pity their children
22:18 that way, many fathers when the children
22:21 fail the father gets angry and pushes them
22:24 further down. I know my father did that
22:28 many times, but God isn't like that.
22:32 God is a loving Father, a caring Father.
22:36 He knows how weak we are?
22:39 And so He pities us and He wants to lift us up
22:44 not push us further down. You know, to me
22:48 I think the scripture that helps me understand
22:52 the most is Romans 5:8 that says that God
22:56 manifested, demonstrated His love, yeah,
22:59 and this way for us that while we were still
23:01 sinners He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for
23:05 us. Yeah. That's why we were sinners.
23:08 Now, that we've received Him, yes,
23:10 as our Savior, how much more,
23:11 now that we've been adopted by Him as His
23:14 child, how much more He'll do all things for us?
23:17 And He doesn't want the evil Spirit to control
23:20 our Spirit. No. He wants, not whatsoever,
23:23 to be in control. Absolutely! And another
23:28 text Second Corinthians 39: For the Lord your
23:32 God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn
23:37 away his face from you, if you return to him.
23:40 Amen. You see, He cannot force us to return.
23:44 When we sinned we're on Satan's ground,
23:46 but the Lord is reaching out His hand,
23:48 He is saying come child comeback to me,
23:51 He gives us free choice. Drawing us with
23:53 that everlasting love. Drawing with everlasting
23:56 love. So, what shall we do?
23:59 We've been talking about what shall we do
24:01 to inherit eternal life? What shall we do?
24:05 Cooperate with God. It's that something?
24:07 Find what the Bible says and then cooperate
24:11 with God, moment by moment in all of these
24:14 areas. You know we have just a couple of
24:18 minutes left, how about if we put your diagram
24:22 backup? Okay. And let's just kind of
24:23 quickly recap. Okay. These steps
24:26 that we have shown here.
24:32 You see number one, He will draw you,
24:36 do not resist. He will convict you of sin of
24:41 righteousness; acknowledge your guilt
24:44 that you sinned against the Lord Your God.
24:48 He will give you repentance, confess and
24:52 forsake your sins. He will forgive and cleanse,
24:56 believe He will do it, and then His promise to
25:01 live in you in the cleansed heart, and you
25:05 will bear much fruit then He will help you when
25:08 you're tempted, take His way of escape.
25:12 The moment you sense His temptation submit
25:15 to Him? And if you fall, He will lift the fallen.
25:22 You see, we have come to the food of the cross,
25:24 we've given our whole hearts to Him and now
25:28 He can empower us to live the Christian life.
25:33 And it is Christ in us our hope of glory.
25:36 Christ in us the hope glory. The Holy Spirit
25:39 living in us. Yes. And the power of the
25:42 transforming power of the word of God that
25:45 makes, it that empowers us makes it able or
25:49 makes us able to walk in His footsteps.
25:53 And our cooperation makes Him able to do
25:58 what He needs to do? Amen. Yeah.
26:00 You know, it has been such a joy getting to
26:03 know you and I'm just excited to see that
26:08 you're still traveling all over and.
26:11 Yeah, I get calls from all over the world and
26:13 I just go wherever door opens.
26:16 Praise the Lord. And share. And I know that
26:20 God must have really raised up a lot of
26:23 wonderful testimonies from those who have
26:26 heard your seminars and who've read your
26:29 book, and have learned His better plan
26:32 coming out of the religious trappings of
26:34 trying to safe our self and into the understanding
26:37 that this gift of salvation is more than just
26:41 something He does for us once it's something
26:44 that He works in us everyday to empower us,
26:48 to obey by faith. Praise the Lord.
26:50 Well, thank you so much for being with us
26:53 again today. Now you're still traveling all over,
26:56 is your husband traveling with you?
26:58 Not so much. No? He is 86. He is 86,
27:01 and may I ask how old are you? Eighty.
27:03 Eighty years old. Eighty years young I should
27:05 say. Yeah right. This ought to inspire those of
27:07 you at home to know that you can still be
27:10 active for the Lord. And if you're interested
27:13 in getting Margaret's book which is
27:15 "What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?"
27:18 Or perhaps you would like her tapes
27:20 that these are her seminar tapes by the same
27:22 title "What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?"
27:25 You can go to her website at
27:27, that's
27:33 I hope that you have
27:40 enjoyed this program today.
27:41 I hope that the Lord has really increased your
27:45 light on this topic and now our prayer is that
27:48 the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love
27:50 of the Father and the fellowship of the
27:52 Holy Spirit will be with you, thank you.


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