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What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life? Pt. 2

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00:30 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn and welcome again
00:32 to Issues and Answers. We are going to be
00:34 talking once more with Margaret Davis from
00:37 Armstrong, British Columbia. And our topic
00:39 today is going to be how can we cooperate
00:42 with God for salvation? You know, one of my
00:45 favorite scriptures and probably yours
00:47 as well in the Bible is Ephesians 2:8 that
00:49 says: That we are saved by grace through
00:51 faith, not by works that any man should
00:54 boast, but it goes on in verse10 and
00:56 He says, Paul writes: For we are God's
01:00 own handy work, His workmanship, His
01:03 work of art recreated in Christ Jesus
01:07 once we're born anew, that we might
01:10 do those good works which God predestined
01:13 before Him for us to do. The salvation
01:16 is by grace and I thank God everyday,
01:18 I tell Him that I am so glad that I am
01:20 saved by grace because Lord, I know I can
01:22 never save myself, still I know as
01:25 Margaret does that He is asking me
01:28 to cooperate for Him. And Margaret,
01:29 thanks for coming back 'cause you are
01:31 going to teach us today how we can
01:34 cooperate with God to take part in this
01:39 wonderful gift of salvation. That's right.
01:42 And I would like in case our viewers
01:44 didn't see you when you were here before
01:46 I would like for you to just tell us a little
01:48 bit about yourself. I grew up in the Church
01:55 and I tried for many years to follow God,
01:59 to do His will, to work for Him. And it wasn't
02:03 until I was about 42 and my father cried
02:08 for help that I couldn't help him and his
02:13 problems and so I went to search, how to
02:16 help him? And through the search I
02:19 discovered my own lost condition and.
02:24 Your father's cry for help we learned last
02:26 time was that he was a man who had brought
02:29 his children up in the Church, very strict
02:32 disciplinarian, had a long list of don'ts
02:35 and never understood how to experience
02:38 that new birth, and the conversion, and
02:40 the power that God gives us because
02:42 of His love, the power to save.
02:44 Yeah, so we had the obedience of law,
02:49 we did not understand the obedience of faith.
02:53 And the obedience of faith you lift your
02:57 soul to God and receive His Holy Spirit to
03:00 empower you. Amen. To do what He
03:04 wants you to do. Amen, now you are a minister's
03:07 wife and you are a missionary, where
03:10 were your missionary? In the Philippines
03:12 and in India. So, you for many years 42 years
03:16 you had been serving, grew up in the Church,
03:18 serving in the Church, but you had not really
03:21 experience that new birth and conversion.
03:24 Didn't know how the Holy Spirit worked? Well,
03:26 so tell us now what is one of the first thing
03:29 that God does? Now, that you have studied
03:32 this out. What is one of the first things He does
03:34 to bring us into that saving relationship
03:37 with Him? Well, I would like to share a text,
03:41 Philippines 2:12 and 13. It says: Workout
03:46 your own salvation with fear and trembling.
03:51 Amen. And we knew that text. And so,
03:55 we were working our own salvation.
03:59 I didn't know the next part. Amen. And many
04:02 people don't think of the next part.
04:04 For it is God which worketh in you both to
04:10 will and to do of his good pleasure.
04:13 And when I learned that then I said okay
04:17 Lord, Show me how to cooperate with You,
04:21 so that You can work in me.
04:24 So, you know your experience and mine was,
04:27 was similar and I think for many I apart from
04:29 Philippines 2:12 for a long time: Workout
04:32 your own salvation with fear and trembling.
04:34 And I did tremble, I was fearful. Until one day
04:38 the Lord showed me that I cannot separate
04:41 Philippines 2:12 from Philippines 2:13. Right.
04:43 It's not in your own strength that you
04:46 workout your own salvation. That's right.
04:47 It's God working in you to willing to act
04:50 according to His good pleasure, and He
04:52 is asking us to workout what He puts in us,
04:55 right? So, what should our response
04:57 be to such a great God? And, and so then when
05:00 I wanted to share it with others I developed
05:03 a chart where I show that God has a part. Okay.
05:09 And we have a part. And God's part, all of God's
05:15 part has to do with working in us. All
05:19 of our part has to do with working out
05:22 what God has already worked in. Amen.
05:25 But He doesn't do everything at once,
05:27 He waits for our cooperation; you see
05:32 it's together working. And so, we look at
05:36 the first one, He will draw all. The Bible
05:41 says in John 12:32: I, if I be lifted up from
05:48 the earth will draw all men unto me. Amen.
05:53 Then we have to respond. And so, this is how
05:57 I am going to share. And so, as we sense
06:05 God drawing us then what must we do?
06:15 I thought I had responded all my life and
06:22 God knew I was a foolish virgin, He knew it.
06:25 Now, explain what you mean by a foolish virgin
06:28 'cause some people may not understand that?
06:30 Right, I share that last time and a foolish
06:33 virgin has, has been reading the Bible,
06:37 but has not understood how to invite
06:39 the Holy Spirit into the life. And this comes
06:42 from Mathew 25 where the Lord is talking about
06:44 the ten virgins. Right. Five wise, five foolish
06:47 and we determined last time that the wise
06:50 ones when the Bible says that they went out
06:52 with their lamp and with extra oil in their
06:55 vessel, that the lamp is the word of God
06:59 and that the oil in the vessel in us is the
07:03 Holy Spirit. Right. But you are one of those
07:06 foolish ones, you had a lamp, but you did
07:09 not we are not relying on the Holy Spirit
07:11 or the power of the Holy Spirit, okay. And,
07:15 and God knew I was sincere and so He kept
07:21 knocking at my door, you know and He says,
07:23 behold I stand at the door and knock.
07:26 I didn't know what the knock was for? But I,
07:30 but the impression was study, study.
07:34 Year-after-year He knocked study.
07:38 And it wasn't until my father cried for help
07:41 that I knew what I have to study. Right.
07:46 As I studied the plan of salvation I
07:50 discovered many things. The very first and
07:55 most important thing is to melt the soul by
07:58 the love of God. Amen. We have to know
08:01 that God loves us. Amen. Our son didn't
08:03 feel that God loved Him because he had
08:05 dyslexia and the teachers rejected him,
08:09 they didn't understand what he had and so
08:11 forth. He didn't feel savable and it wasn't
08:14 until we discovered his problem and he realized
08:18 how much God loved him. Amen. That he could
08:20 relate to God. And so, we need to
08:23 understand God loves us with an everlasting
08:27 love and with loving kindness He draws us.
08:30 Amen. And I think of all the years that I was
08:33 the foolish virgin and didn't know the way,
08:35 but He was continually trying to get my
08:39 attention and helping me and drawing me
08:42 to Himself, if we do not resists we
08:47 shall be drawn to the foot of the Cross.
08:50 We are not as we stop resisting what
08:54 can He do? Well, Jesus came to save us from
09:00 sin. The Bible says: That He Himself bore
09:04 our sins in his body on the tree, that we
09:08 might die to sin and live to righteousness.
09:11 And so, He has to bring us to the place
09:14 where He can convict us of our sinful state
09:21 and then cleanse us from all unrighteousness
09:25 and since I had been a good girl all through
09:29 my life and tried my very best to do what was
09:32 right and my only sins were a little impatience
09:36 and irritation with the children and a little
09:38 resentment toward my husband. You know,
09:42 those sins I didn't feel so lost, but now I
09:47 realized that's the very character of the person
09:52 as a man thinketh in his heart, so
09:55 is He. And so, I began to realize that I
09:59 had no righteousness. Because the Bible
10:03 tells us in Isaiah 64:6 that: All our
10:06 righteousness is filthy rags? Filthy rags,
10:08 right? So, you weren't looking to Jesus for
10:10 salvation, you were trying to save yourself.
10:13 I was trying to be good right. And now,
10:15 I was convicted I had no righteousness,
10:18 I was not ready for the judgment like the Bible
10:22 says: He will come and reprove us and help us
10:25 to understand our condition. And as I
10:28 understood my condition what did
10:31 I have to do? Acknowledge my guilt.
10:36 The Bible says, return faithful, faithless
10:42 Israel, says the Lord. I will not look on you
10:45 in anger, for I am merciful, says the Lord.
10:49 Only acknowledge your guilt, but you rebelled
10:54 against the Lord your God. That's in
10:56 Jeremiah 3, isn't it? Yes, Jeremiah 3:13.
11:00 And you see this was where my father was
11:05 stuck. He could, now I think knowledge
11:09 is guilt. I think the scripture right before
11:12 that the Lord says, I thought you would
11:14 call me Father and not turn away from
11:17 following me. And that's what He wants
11:21 us to have that intimate one-on-one personal
11:24 relationship with Him as a child and a Father
11:27 trusting. But we think we have it, we think
11:30 we have it, see but if we excuse our heart
11:34 sins we are actually working out our own
11:37 salvation because we are not allowing God
11:41 to work in the heart. We are not allowing the
11:44 Holy Spirit to give us His righteousness
11:49 and that's what our problem was. And my
11:55 father could not acknowledge that he
11:58 was wrong. And when I went to visit and
12:03 we were talking about what is righteousness,
12:07 how do we find it? And he, some of my
12:13 brothers and sisters said, let's pray, and
12:15 let's make sure there is nothing between
12:17 the Lord and our souls. And my sister looked
12:23 up at the father hoping he could
12:25 acknowledge how deeply he had wronged her?
12:27 He couldn't do it. And he jumped up and ran
12:30 outside and I jumped up and ran after him
12:34 to protect him from himself. What do
12:38 you mean to protect him? Well, I remembered
12:41 as a child, if my father had to take the blame
12:45 for getting angry or whatever he did,
12:49 he could threaten to kill himself. And so,
12:52 I put my arms around his neck and I held
12:55 him tight. And then, I said Lord what shall I
12:59 say to my father? And the Lord gave me strong
13:03 words I said, dad you have so deeply wronged
13:09 your children, the only one you have not
13:13 wronged is me. He thought for a moment
13:18 he said, Margaret I have wronged you too.
13:22 What was he doing? For the first time
13:26 acknowledging his guilt and then he took me into
13:31 the house and the guilt just poured out.
13:35 The guilt of his youth, the guilt of his
13:37 fatherhood and he said Margaret help me.
13:41 Bless his heart. And I couldn't help him.
13:45 And so, that's why I went home and studied,
13:48 and that's why the Bible says, only acknowledge
13:52 your guilt. Yes. That you rebelled against
13:56 the Lord your God. Don't blame anyone
13:58 else for anything that you do wrong,
14:02 go to God and say, Lord I have sinned,
14:08 if I get impatient whose sin is it? It's mine,
14:13 it's not my husband's, it's not my children's,
14:17 it's mine. So, your father was at that point
14:21 where he took the first step toward salvation
14:24 and that is acknowledging your guilt.
14:26 Acknowledging his guilt. Now, what's next?
14:28 Because how can God cleanse me, if
14:31 I don't give Him my sins. Right. If I don't
14:34 acknowledge. The Bible says in Jeremiah 3:13:
14:38 Only acknowledge your guilt that you rebelled
14:44 against the Lord your God. Right. And I began
14:48 to realize, if I get impatient with
14:53 my children or irritated or have resentment
14:56 towards my husband, I am sinning. Right!
15:01 And I was convicted and I needed to go to
15:04 God and say: Lord, I have sinned, forgive me.
15:10 And if we confess our sins what will He do?
15:13 He is faithful and just to not only forgives
15:15 our sins, but cleanse us from all
15:18 unrighteousness. Next verse John 1:9,
15:22 and what if we excuse our unrighteousness?
15:25 Right! See I would never excuse cheating or
15:28 lying or stealing! People don't excuse those sins.
15:33 They just excuse their heart sins! The anger,
15:37 yes, the bitterness, because they feel
15:39 someone else had done something and they have
15:41 a right, okay, to feel that way. And yet this
15:45 is the very heart of the matter. Right!
15:48 How can Jesus cleanse my heart if I don't
15:52 give him my heart sins? Amen. So, I went
15:56 to God and I said: Lord, here I give you my right
16:00 to have resentment toward my husband
16:02 no matter what he does. I give you my right
16:06 to get irritated with the children no matter
16:09 what they do. I want you to work in me your
16:14 spirit, your love, so that I can be loving and
16:19 understanding, and I can deal with my family
16:23 in love. What is the greatest problem in
16:26 families? These little problems, yes, that
16:30 irritate and that bring about quarreling and
16:33 resentment, and I began to understand
16:36 what real religion was! So, when you pray
16:39 this Margaret, I'm interested when
16:40 you went to the Lord and said: Okay! I'm
16:43 giving up rights to self, rights to being offended
16:47 because once the Lord told me, and you know
16:50 what I'm saying when I say that the still
16:51 small voice of the Lord came, impressed
16:53 upon my mind, that the spirit of offense is
16:55 a spirit of pride, which is a Spirit of
16:58 Antichrist. And when we think about that
17:00 you really cannot be offended unless your
17:02 pride does get in the way. So, when
17:04 you go before the Lord and say, I give
17:06 up my right to be offended, I give up my
17:08 right to be resentful. What did He do in you?
17:11 Well as soon as I surrendered all, right?
17:16 Now I was not just surrendering other sins,
17:19 which I had not done, but the heart sins.
17:22 Then He could change my heart! Then
17:25 He could create a new heart and a new mind
17:28 and a new attitude, a new way of understanding
17:32 what it meant to be a Christian! And I
17:34 knew immediately He had changed my attitude
17:37 toward my husband. And I said thank You Lord,
17:40 I believed He could cleanse me from all
17:44 unrighteousness when I went all the way with
17:47 Him. So, God's part is: we come to Him,
17:50 I mean first He's drawing us to Him Yes!
17:54 And He is the one who's gonna give us, grant
17:58 us forgiveness and repentance, turn us
18:01 away from those sins. Yes! He is going to
18:03 empower us what's our part? What is the
18:06 obedience by faith? Well up until this point
18:10 He's not even asking us to be obedient, okay.
18:13 He's asking us to acknowledge our guilt
18:17 and then He works in us repentance, true heart
18:21 surrender, right. And then as we surrender to
18:25 Him then He cleanses us, right from all
18:30 unrighteousness and gives us a new heart, and
18:34 a new mind, and then He asks us follow me,
18:38 right. And I just want to read a few quotes
18:45 here on His part of forgiving and cleansing
18:50 and regenerating. "If we confess our sins He
18:53 is faithful and just forgive us our sins and
18:57 to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
18:59 You see 1 John 1:9 for those, yes, forgiveness
19:03 has two parts, amen, forgiving and cleansing
19:07 and regenerating, amen That's why Jesus said
19:11 except you're born again, you cannot see the
19:14 Kingdom of Heaven. And it said this point
19:16 of total surrender, where Jesus can create a
19:20 new heart and a new mind, exactly, because
19:24 He can cleanse us from all of the old ways
19:27 of thinking. And that's when 2 Corinthians 5:17
19:31 says "We can become new creations in Christ
19:34 because the oldest fall, the newest come".
19:36 The resentment, the bitterness,
19:37 the anything was there God takes away. How
19:43 many of us could knock at the door of heaven
19:45 and say Lord, let me in if we have bitterness
19:49 toward someone, toward parents or anyone.
19:54 How could He let us in? He can't, He cannot
19:57 take sin into heaven. He must take it away
20:00 from us, and so it's very important to
20:03 understand the heart sins. That would
20:07 be even like when Jesus was talking about
20:10 in Matthew 5 that, you know, we know it's evil
20:14 to commit murder, but He said: If you hate
20:17 someone that's part murder. It's evil and
20:20 it's against the law of God to commit adultery,
20:23 but He's saying if you lust after someone,
20:25 so it's that heart sin that you're talking
20:28 about that. When we are born again Colossians
20:32 1:27 says that Christ in us is our hope of glory,
20:35 the hope of being changed. So,
20:37 this is what you are talking about, yeah.
20:39 Gods gonna do it all for us. He works in
20:41 us to line our will up to His will. Then when
20:45 we say okay, Lord and we're ready to step
20:48 forth. Now He's gonna work in us to act
20:51 to obey. We're ready to give our hearts and let
20:53 them be cleansed from all corruption. Then
20:58 He says: I will live in you, amen. But, now,
21:01 there is a very important part for us to do
21:05 when He has promised to forgive and cleanse,
21:08 what do you think is our part? After total
21:12 surrender? To believe, to believe amen, to
21:15 believe He can cleanse you, to believe
21:18 He can change you, okay, without faith
21:21 it is impossible to please God, amen. And if
21:26 we don't believe He can do it, He can't do it.
21:32 I agree, you see, I agree. And so it's
21:34 a very important step for us to cooperate
21:38 with God and believe what He can do.
21:42 You know, when the Bible says in Hebrews 11:6
21:44 "Without faith it's impossible to please
21:46 Him." One time I was praying Margaret and
21:48 I asked the Lord why is that impossible?
21:51 You walked this Earth, you know how the
21:53 challenges, and He took me to 1 John 5:10
21:56 and it says there that: "If we disregard
21:59 the testimony of God we're regarding God
22:01 as a liar" no wonder it's impossible.
22:04 And so He can't do a work in us if we are
22:08 not gonna trust in Him, that's right,
22:10 believing that His promises are ours
22:12 in Christ Jesus. But, how do you get that kind
22:15 of faith? The Bible said faith comes by hearing
22:20 what? The words of God. And as I
22:25 searched the word of God I began to have
22:28 that kind of faith, amen. I realized what
22:32 God expected of me, how to cooperate
22:35 with Him and then how to come in to
22:37 that living faith, that accepts what God can
22:42 do in a heart, amen. You know the Israelites,
22:49 as they were traveling in the wilderness,
22:51 they started murmurings and grumbling.
22:55 And God gave them a freedom, He withdrew
23:00 Himself a bit and said okay, if you're
23:03 grumbling all the time I'll withdraw a little
23:06 bit let you do what you want. And
23:07 the snakes came out and bit them. They
23:10 were always there but God had protected them.
23:13 Then they cried to God because they were dying.
23:18 And then they put up this pole in the
23:20 wilderness and if they were to look at that
23:24 brazen serpent and believed that God could
23:26 heal them, He could do it. Many looked
23:31 they were instantly healed, but others
23:35 didn't look and they died in their sins,
23:38 in their grumbling. That's amazing.
23:41 We must believe what God can do
23:45 through Jesus, amen. So, that's our first part,
23:47 I mean that's after we've surrendered
23:50 our part in cooperating with God is to trust
23:52 Him, trust Him and lean not on own
23:54 understanding, but lean on what His word says.
23:57 And in the next session we will talk about
23:59 How to have victory day by day? What
24:02 to do if you fall? Wonderful, yeah it's
24:06 very-very important to understand
24:08 how to cooperate with God and it works.
24:12 Amen, now you've mentioned the obedience
24:14 by faith, we only got a few minutes
24:17 left. Explain to me what you mean,
24:19 and explain to our viewers what you
24:20 mean by obedience by faith.
24:22 I will explain in the next session, but
24:24 I'll do it a little bit. When temptation comes
24:28 to me if I lift my soul to God, I receive
24:35 the power to do whatever I need to do
24:39 to resist, amen. If God tells me to do
24:43 something and I lift my soul to God to receive
24:46 the power, He empowers me to do what He wants
24:49 me to do, amen. You know, it's not hard to
24:53 be a Christian when you understand
24:55 how to cooperate with God. Moment by
24:59 moment He is there to empower you with
25:02 His love, His forgiveness, His caring
25:06 for others. So, that you can live His love
25:09 and love is the fulfilling of the law,
25:11 amen. And that reminds me of a scripture
25:15 in Hebrews 13 and verse 20 it says
25:20 "Now made a God of peace who brought again
25:23 from among the dead Lord Jesus Christ
25:25 that great Shepard of the sheep. By the blood
25:29 of the everlasting covenant may this God
25:32 strengthen, complete perfect and make you
25:35 what you want to be and equip you with
25:37 everything good for doing His will."
25:40 And he will do that. And it's so sad when
25:43 we try to do Gods will without His power
25:46 because we can't. It doesn't work, it
25:49 doesn't. You might be able to do the outward
25:52 things but the heart, amen the heart can
25:56 be full of pride and envy and jealousy.
25:59 You know Margaret; you wrote a book called
26:01 "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?"
26:05 And actually it's a compilation of
26:06 scriptures and inspired Bible writing.
26:10 And this little book can be gotten, I mean
26:16 first of all the Lord is using it in a mighty
26:20 way. You told me you've had Muslims
26:22 who've joined the church. You've had Jehovah's
26:28 witnesses who've come into greater truths.
26:31 And you said that this is available on your
26:35 website and that's:,
26:41 right. And this is a result after you learned
26:47 this things God gave you a ministry to go
26:50 out and do seminars, right, to teach people
26:53 how to learn to surrender to God and
26:56 live totally dependent upon Him.
26:58 When I went and shared with my family and
27:01 my father then they said Margaret, you
27:04 can't keep this to yourself. This will
27:06 change our whole lives and that's how my
27:09 ministry started, because then people started
27:13 to ask me, to come and share and so for
27:15 30 years I've been on the road anywhere
27:19 in the world, whatever the Lord calls,
27:21 praise the Lord I've been doing my seminars.
27:23 Well Margaret I am so glad that you have
27:25 joined us today, and I know you're gonna be
27:28 back we're going to learn some more from
27:30 Margaret Davis. And I want to encourage you
27:32 if you are looking for the answer to what shall
27:35 you do to inherit eternal life? You can go
27:39 to her website at
27:44 and order this precious book. Now may the grace
27:48 of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the Father
27:50 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be
27:52 with you today and always. Thank you.


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