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What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life? Pt. 1

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00:30 Hello. I'm Shelley Queen and welcome to another
00:32 Issues and Answers.
00:34 Today we are going to talk about the most important issue
00:37 that faces mankind today.
00:39 We are going to be talking about what we can do to inherit,
00:42 notice the emphasis on inherit, eternal life.
00:46 I want to share a scripture with you because I think it is a
00:50 beautiful scripture that brings me much joy.
00:53 Isaiah wrote: 'I will greatly rejoice in my Lord.
00:57 My soul will exult in my God for He has clothed me with the
01:01 garments of salvation and He has covered me with the robe of
01:06 righteousness. '
01:07 That's Isaiah 61 and verse 10.
01:09 That reminds me of another of my favorite scriptures in Psalm
01:13 16:11.
01:14 The psalmist wrote: 'He has shown me the path of life.
01:18 I find joy in His presence forevermore. '
01:22 We are going to be talking today with Margaret Davis.
01:26 Let me just introduce her to you.
01:27 Margaret, welcome. We're so glad that you are here.
01:31 And you came all the way from Armstrong, British Columbia.
01:35 Um hum.
01:36 Pleasant trip?
01:37 So and so.
01:38 So so pleasant trip.
01:39 But you came to share some really good news
01:41 with us today. - Yes.
01:43 And I know just from talking with you briefly that God has
01:46 shown you the path of life and
01:49 you are finding joy in His presence.
01:51 So have compiled Bible scriptures and inspirational
01:58 writing in a wonderful little book called 'What Shall I Do
02:01 to Inherit Eternal Life'.
02:03 Where did you get this title for this book?
02:06 well in the Bible in Luke 18 a young ruler comes to Jesus
02:13 and he says: ' What shall I do to inherit eternal life?'
02:19 And Jesus answers: ' Keep the commandments. '
02:23 and he says:' Well I have done that from my youth up I've
02:27 kept the commandments. What lack I yet?'
02:31 And then Jesus explained to him what he lacked.
02:36 He was a very selfish young man.
02:39 He kept all his riches for himself.
02:42 He didn't know anything about the love of God.
02:45 Amen.
02:47 And love is the fulfilling of the Lord.
02:50 Amen.
02:51 He needed the love of God in his soul.
02:53 And he hadn't understood that.
02:56 And when Jesus explained it to him he walked away.
03:00 How would you explain to someone how they can experience or know
03:08 what the love of God is like?
03:10 Well we read in first Corinthians 13 what the love of
03:14 God is like.
03:15 First Corinthians 13: 4-7: 'Love is patient and kind'
03:24 Amen.
03:25 Even when your children are disobedient.
03:27 Amen.
03:28 Love is still patient and kind. One father told me 'Well how can
03:33 I be patient and kind?'
03:37 Well then you don't know Christ.
03:39 Because if you know Christ, God's love is controlling you.
03:44 And you can be patient and kind.
03:47 That's what I've discovered.
03:50 But I didn't know this either, my father didn't know this.
03:54 We were eleven children, we were brought up in the church.
03:59 And we were all taught obedience.
04:03 The obedience of the law.
04:06 And some of us had a hard time, some had an easy time.
04:11 I liked obedience so I didn't have a hard time.
04:16 And my father was so strong with us children.
04:21 If we disobeyed, he would get angry he would be impatient he
04:26 would be irritated and we would be blamed for his sin.
04:32 And you know that's what people do.
04:35 When parents get angry with their children they blame the
04:39 children.
04:40 Right.
04:41 And the poor children carry their own guilt of disobedience
04:46 and the father's guilt.
04:48 How sad.
04:49 How very sad.
04:51 And when we think the Bible tells us that God is love and
04:56 He tells us in Jeremiah 31 verse 'I have loved you with an
05:00 everlasting love and therefore I've drawn you with
05:03 loving-kindness. '
05:05 So it is the example of loving kindness that God sets for us
05:11 But it's God shedding his love abroad in our hearts
05:15 that helps us to love others and show that experience.
05:18 - Right!
05:19 But if children grow up in a home where the father is not
05:23 doing that they don't understand and so they only understand
05:27 the obedience of law not the obedience of faith.
05:31 And the obedience of faith is when I surrender my total being
05:36 to God and let Him control my spirit.
05:40 Amen.
05:41 And flow His love into my heart.
05:44 Amen.
05:45 Like it says in Romans.
05:47 But you see, we didn't understand that and so we grew
05:51 up and we were married and we were in the church, we were
05:56 working in the church, my husband is a minister.
05:59 And we had our little problems, they weren't big like my
06:08 father's.
06:09 But I had resentment towards my husband because he was selfish
06:13 with our son.
06:15 Umhum!
06:16 So I didn't realize I was sinning.
06:21 I thought it was just his selfishness and I blamed him.
06:24 And you know it is so easy to blame our heart's sins on
06:30 someone else.
06:31 Amen.
06:32 And I will be talking about heart sins as we go along.
06:36 But here it says in first Corinthians 13, 1 through 3:
06:41 'Even if I speak in the tongues of men and of the angels but
06:45 have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
06:50 And even if I have all faith to remove mountains and to give
06:56 my body to be burnt but have not love I gain nothing. '
07:00 That's true.
07:02 I didn't understand those things.
07:04 I was not a real student of the Bible.
07:08 I loved obedience and so I was obedient.
07:14 So am I understanding you to say that you had had knowledge.
07:20 Yes.
07:21 You understood what you'd been brought up in church what you
07:24 had heard in church so you looked at it as a bunch of rules
07:28 what to do and what not to do to be 'a Christian'.
07:32 Umhum!
07:33 But it was more of a religious culturethat you were living in
07:35 rather than having a one on one personal intimate relationship
07:39 with the Lord.
07:40 And then we were missionaries for ten years and then I came
07:47 home from the mission field, I visited my parents, my father
07:53 was seventy-eight at the time, he had a heart problem, he knew
07:59 he could drop dead any minute.
08:01 And here he was, he still had an eighteen year old boy at home
08:05 who was giving him more trouble than all the other ten children
08:10 put together.
08:11 And he realized something is wrong.
08:14 He knew only the over comer would be in heaven and he was
08:20 not over coming.
08:21 And he was running scared.
08:23 Your father.
08:24 My father, and he came to me and he said 'Margaret have I missed
08:30 something?'
08:31 'What do I need?'
08:34 Have I been deceived by my own spiritual conditions?
08:39 - Yes!
08:40 It was what he was asking.
08:41 ' Margaret help me!'
08:42 Were you able to help him then?
08:44 No.
08:45 I could have told him 'Try a little harder father. '
08:49 Because that's what we've been doing.
08:51 We were ignorant of the righteousness that comes from
08:55 God, seeking to establish our own righteousness, we did not
08:59 know how to submit to God's righteousness.
09:03 And I had no answers.
09:09 But I went home determined I would find the answers
09:14 for my father.
09:15 And I started to study and at first it was hard, I was a
09:21 surface reader, I had read my Bible many times.
09:24 But I had not stopped to study it.
09:27 Yes.
09:28 There's a big difference.
09:29 To meditate on it.
09:31 What does it mean?
09:32 Yes.
09:33 How can I apply it in my life?
09:34 Right.
09:35 And now I had to find answers but gradually as I kept
09:41 searching, gradually I began to understand and gradually
09:47 the Bible just became a living book to me.
09:53 Amen.
09:54 Living water and living bread.
09:55 Amen.
09:56 And then I couldn't leave it alone, I want to spend all my
10:01 time studying.
10:03 And I found the answers and then I prayed 'Now Lord send me back
10:07 to my father. '
10:08 And I just want to share some of the examples today,
10:15 I will go into the answers later, share some of the
10:21 examples today of how Jesus helped me to understand my lost
10:29 condition.
10:30 Let me ask you first,
10:33 your father was deceived about his condition.
10:37 He thought by being so strict and such a strict disciplinarian
10:40 and having a bunch of rules, he didn't realize you can't have
10:44 rules without relationship and be saved.
10:48 Were other people in the Bible that were like your father?
10:51 Were there people in the Bible' examples?
10:53 Yeah. Look at Nicodemus.
10:54 All right.
10:55 Ok.
10:56 Nicodemus was coming to find out if Jesus was the messiah.
11:00 Right.
11:02 Jesus looked into his heart and said 'Nicodemus you have a
11:05 problem.
11:06 You must be born again.
11:07 Nicodemus was startled at the thought of a kingdom too pure
11:13 for him to see in his present state.
11:16 And Jesus said ' Are you a ruler in Israel and you don't
11:21 understand this?'
11:22 Yes.
11:23 My husband was a minister, he hadn't understood it either.
11:26 And that's why he couldn't share it with me.
11:29 And so Jesus explained to Nicodemus, 'You must be born of
11:35 water and of the spirit. '
11:38 And there are many, many of us who don't understand, you must
11:43 be born again.
11:44 How do you experience that new birth?
11:47 In order to be born again you must first yield yourself
11:52 completely to Christ.
11:54 Because how can God create a new heart and a new mind if you
11:59 don't yield the old one?
12:01 Amen.
12:02 And that's hard for people.
12:05 Yes it is.
12:06 To give up all for God and let Him work in us, His love, his
12:15 way.
12:16 Because by nature the heart is evil, we are told in the Bible.
12:21 We must be born again.
12:24 It's hard for some of us, we don't realize that, I remember
12:29 when I had returned to college at the age of thirty, how I
12:33 thought I was reading where Jesus said: 'Why do you call me
12:38 good? No one is good except God. '
12:40 And I thought ' Wait a minute, you are God,
12:42 why would you say that?'
12:43 He was testing the heart to see if this man was merely
12:47 buttering him up if you will, or if he really saw him
12:50 as the messiah.
12:51 Now the Lord did show me that night, I prayed and said 'Father
12:54 You've got to show me, everyone's always told me what
12:57 a good person I am and if I'm not good show me.
13:00 And you know something?
13:01 For eight hours, from ten o'clock at night till six
13:06 in the morning, God gave me a review of my life.
13:10 It was amazing and He showed me the wrong motivations,
13:15 the selfish motivations, just seeking approval from men
13:19 if you will and in many instances trying to look good.
13:24 We don't see ourselves as not being 'good' but there is no
13:29 goodness except from God.
13:31 Right.
13:32 But aren't we... the part of this
13:35 surrender that you're talking
13:36 about, this yielding, when we go to the Lord, it's not just
13:41 saying, just simply saying 'Lord help me' but I need to be
13:46 filled with Your power.
13:49 Yes we need to be born again.
13:50 To be born again and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
13:54 That's right, the Bible puts it this way in Ephesians 4:22
13:58 ' Put off your old nature which belongs to your former manner
14:03 of life and is corrupt through deceitful lust and be renewed
14:08 in the spirit of your mind and put on the new nature created
14:13 after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.
14:18 Amen.
14:19 And so it is a new creation, it is supernatural.
14:25 You cannot do it by yourself.
14:29 But you can come to God with all that you have, surrender
14:33 it all and we will talk about that as we go through the steps.
14:37 But I want to share another example Jesus gave of people
14:44 thinking they were ready and they were not.
14:47 Right.
14:48 Think of the foolish virgins.
14:51 Matthew 25.
14:54 I never understood the foolish virgins, I never understood
14:59 about the Holy Spirit.
15:01 And, you know, so they didn't have oil, they didn't have
15:06 enough oil, but what does it really mean?
15:09 Let's for our viewers who may not be familiar with that story
15:12 just kind of recap that story.
15:17 It says: 'Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto
15:22 ten virgins which took their lamps and went forth to meet the
15:25 bridegroom.
15:26 Five were wise, and five were foolish.
15:30 They that were foolish took their lamps,
15:33 and took no oil with them.
15:35 But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. '
15:42 Umhum!
15:43 This is the area that helped me to understand.
15:46 You see, the lamp is the word of God.
15:51 My word is a lamp unto your feet,
15:53 and a light unto your path.
15:54 That's right.
15:55 And they were inviting the Holy Spirit to help them understand
15:58 the word of God.
15:59 We always did that.
16:00 Yes.
16:02 Ok, but they were also to take oil in their little vessels.
16:07 Right.
16:08 In the Bible what does the vessel represent?
16:11 The vessel is us.
16:13 That's right.
16:14 It's us and the five foolish virgins had neglected to invite
16:20 the Holy Spirit into their life.
16:23 So the oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the five wise
16:28 virgins invited, they went out with their lamp and with the
16:33 extra oil in their vessels so it was asking the Holy Spirit
16:38 'Come into my life, let me be led by Your spirit Father.
16:41 God fill me with Your spirit continually. '
16:43 Yes.
16:44 But those five foolish virgins who thought they were, I'm sure
16:50 they thought that they were like your father, like your husband
16:56 they thought they were ready, but they went out, they had
16:59 a lamp with them but they had no oil in their lamps.
17:02 So it was a head knowledge, we would compare that to a head
17:05 knowledge of the scripture but not relying on the power of the
17:08 Holy Spirit.
17:09 That's right.
17:10 And so I learnt this lesson from this parable.
17:16 And what a difference it made in my life, finally understanding
17:21 what I needed.
17:23 Praise God.
17:24 And then there was another person that Jesus talked about.
17:28 The man who came to the wedding feast without the wedding
17:31 garment.
17:32 Umhum!
17:33 So now explain that.
17:35 And he was left out.
17:37 He couldn't enter and the wedding garment we read in
17:44 Revelations 19: 7, 8: " Let us be glad and rejoice and give
17:50 honor to Him for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His wife
17:56 has made herself ready. '
17:58 'And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine
18:04 linen, clean and white for the fine linen is the righteousness
18:10 of saints. '
18:12 The fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
18:16 Amen.
18:17 When we surrender ourselves to Christ, He works in us His
18:22 character.
18:23 And that is the fine linen that He wants the church to have.
18:30 Because we also read in Ephesians 5:25: ' And to her was
18:37 granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen'
18:42 Amen.
18:44 No, I've already read that.
18:46 'Christ loved the church and gave Himself for the church
18:52 that He might sanctify and cleanse it.
18:56 That He might present it to Himself a glorious church,
19:01 not having spot or wrinkle' or any such thing.
19:06 But now let's stop here for just a second Margaret because
19:10 I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression.
19:12 What you are saying here when you're talking about the robe
19:17 of righteousness, whose righteousness is this?
19:19 It's Christ.
19:21 It's Christ making up for all your past sins and then Christ
19:27 working in you his character.
19:30 It's all of Christ.
19:31 It's all of Christ and that's the point that we want to make
19:35 sure that we get across is that righteousness by faith is the
19:39 only kind of righteousness.
19:41 I knew Christ could forgive my sins.
19:43 I knew that.
19:44 And if I did a little sin I would immediately make it right.
19:49 But my heart sins I blamed on others.
19:55 If I got irritated, impatient, I excused them.
20:01 This is where the problem lies.
20:02 Yes.
20:04 I didn't have Christ's righteousness in me.
20:07 So you were accepting the fact that you had been justified
20:11 that your sins had been covered but you weren't letting Him do
20:15 that sanctifying work in you where He set you apart from evil
20:19 day by day.
20:20 Yeah, from the heart sins.
20:23 I never went out in the world but here, you see?
20:29 And that's the problem of the lukewarm.
20:32 I mean you think of the lukewarm.
20:34 Jesus says in Revelations: ' I would that you were hot or cold
20:39 but because you are lukewarm I must spew you out of my mouth. '
20:44 Same problem.
20:46 they didn't understand how to open their hearts to receive
20:50 Christ.
20:51 I know you brought a diagram today to talk about that,
20:56 explain to us from Revelations 3:16 where He is talking about
21:02 the hot and the cold and the lukewarm.
21:05 What is that cold condition all about?
21:08 Well the cold know they are lost.
21:12 All of self is on the throne.
21:15 The hot know they have found a living connection, they have
21:20 come to the foot of the cross, they have given their lives to
21:24 Christ.
21:25 And they allow Christ to live in them, they are connected with
21:30 the vine, the branch and Jesus is able to work in them the
21:36 fruit of the spirit.
21:37 That's the hot.
21:39 The lukewarm think they are rich and increased with goods
21:44 and have need of nothing.
21:46 I didn't know I was lukewarm.
21:49 I was a hard worker for God.
21:52 And when my father cried for help and I went to study I
21:56 recognized I didn't have the inner experience.
22:00 And that's what this is all about.
22:03 How do we get the oil in our lives like the virgins, how do
22:08 we become hot Christians where we're really ready to say
22:13 'It's all You Lord, it's not about me it's about You. '
22:18 As we get to know God and we have to get to know Him, we
22:24 cannot give our lives to Him fully, openly until we know Him.
22:29 Amen.
22:31 And so as I got to know God personally, I could open my
22:37 heart to Him and I could say 'Lord here I am. '
22:40 Tell me about this trip, this journey as you were coming from
22:45 this place where so many people are and so many denominations
22:49 where they may know the word but they don't know the love of God.
22:54 What was the most surprising thing to you, as you got into
22:57 the word, not just to read it, but to study it,
23:00 to meditate on it?
23:01 What surprised you most about the Lord?
23:05 That He loved me.
23:07 Now I had love for my parents because I was so obedient.
23:12 So I did not fear God ever that way.
23:18 But the understanding of what He needed to do, to work in my
23:25 heart, how I needed to open myself to Him.
23:29 The understanding of the Holy Spirit, I didn't know anything
23:33 about the Holy Spirit, I didn't know
23:36 the work of the Holy Spirit.
23:37 So you didn't know He was to be your helper?
23:39 Well yes, but no.
23:42 You see.
23:43 You knew the scripture, you just didn't experience it.
23:45 That's right.
23:47 There's a vast difference between knowing theology and
23:51 knowing a living connection with the vine, Jesus Christ.
23:56 So that He through the Holy Spirit representing the sap
24:01 comes into the little branch and works the fruit of the
24:05 spirit in the life.
24:06 Amen.
24:08 That I didn't understand and so this is why I want to share
24:11 all the steps of how to come to that place.
24:15 In our next Issues program.
24:17 Wonderful.
24:19 Let me ask you as you were studying this and it's
24:22 interesting that the Lord used your father, your seventy-eight
24:25 years old father to be, and how old were you at the time?
24:28 Forty-two.
24:30 You were forty-two years old, been in the church all your life
24:34 married to a minister, and now you began searching to answer
24:38 the questions for your father.
24:40 God really, I mean you opened your heart to the Lord and you
24:45 began to experience that true conversion, being the new birth.
24:50 what did your husband think of all of this?
24:53 He's a pastor.
24:54 Right.
24:56 And I came to him from time to time and I would say 'Tom have
25:00 you ever understood this?'
25:02 Because he hadn't shared it with me and so I wondered.
25:06 Did he understand?
25:08 And at first he was 'I'm the minister. '
25:12 I'm the author, I'm the minister.
25:14 Right.
25:15 But after a while he began to realize 'she's finding something
25:21 real. '
25:24 And so then he too started studying for life, for his soul.
25:28 That pearl of great value that you are ready to sell everything
25:31 just to attain this.
25:33 Right.
25:34 Amen.
25:35 Now what about your father?
25:36 Well after I discovered how to put it all together then I
25:42 prayed 'Now Lord send me back to my father. '
25:44 And we don't have time to go into all the ways the Lord
25:49 worked, it was a miraculous way that he worked.
25:53 And the Lord sent me back and I shared and my father during
26:02 the four years when I was studying
26:04 he too was deeply searching.
26:06 And so when I shared with him what I had found he caught on
26:10 very quickly.
26:11 Praise the Lord.
26:12 Yeah and the Lord had kept him alive during those four years.
26:15 So he experienced the new birth?
26:17 Yeah, he found a new way to be saved.
26:20 And did that heart change come as the Lord poured the Holy
26:25 Spirit into him, in his love?
26:27 You finally had the father that God intended him to be.
26:31 Right.
26:32 Praise the Lord.
26:33 But three weeks later he died.
26:35 Oh.
26:36 Yeah.
26:37 Isn't God so gracious?
26:38 God is good.
26:39 God wants us to be saved.
26:41 Absolutely.
26:42 He doesn't want us to be lost.
26:43 And he tries in every way to get our attention.
26:47 Praise the Lord.
26:48 So you know that you'll have eternity to
26:51 spend with your father.
26:52 I cannot say if my father will be in eternity because, you know
26:57 we don't know.
26:58 I just know what God did to open up the door for all of our
27:03 family to understand the way of salvation.
27:06 Praise the Lord.
27:08 Well Margaret it has been such a joy having you here today.
27:12 I want to thank you so much and I am thankful that you're
27:15 going to be coming back to do another 'Issues and Answers',
27:19 actually a couple more, so I just praise the Lord for the way
27:22 He's leading you and there's a lot I want to get to know about
27:25 you and share it with our viewers.
27:28 But now I just want to encourage you, the Bible says in Luke 11
27:33 verses 9-13, Jesus said this.
27:35 He said 'Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock
27:39 and keep on knocking. And it shall be given to you. '
27:42 He said ' How much more will the Heavenly Father give the
27:45 Holy Spirit to those who ask and keep on asking. '
27:49 God loves you and we're thankful that you joined us today.
27:53 Hope you were encouraged.
27:55 Good bye.


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