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00:30 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and welcome
00:32 to another Issues And Answers.
00:34 You know we have been having a wonderful
00:36 series with Nancy Van Pelt, who is a
00:38 certified family life educator and she is
00:41 the author of 28 books. We've been having a
00:44 great time talking about smart love for
00:46 singles but today we're gonna be talking
00:49 about marriage, taking that final step
00:51 and also how we can meet the emotional
00:54 needs of our spouse in marriage.
00:57 I wanted to share a scripture with you
00:59 and it comes from Ephesians chapter 5,
01:01 very, familiar but we're gonna look at it
01:03 with a different twist today. The Bible
01:06 says in beginning in Ephesians 5
01:08 and verse 21, it first starts off saying
01:11 be subject or submissive to one
01:14 and another out of reverence for Christ.
01:17 Wives be subject to your own husbands
01:20 as to the Lord, for the husband is head
01:22 of the wife as Christ is head of the Church.
01:27 And as the Church is subject to Christ so
01:29 let wives also be subject to everything
01:32 to their husbands. Husbands love your
01:35 wives as Christ loved the Church
01:38 and gave himself up for her.
01:40 You know what? Being subject to someone
01:42 doesn't mean that you become a doormat,
01:44 being a subject to someone means that
01:47 when the Bible says when God's counsel
01:49 is to be subject to your husband.
01:51 It means to support his vision, to support
01:53 his plan, to be the helpmate that
01:55 God intended you to do and it is really
01:57 easy to be subject to someone who is a
02:01 husband who loves you as Christ loved
02:03 the Church, because that means he is
02:05 going to be very supportive of you
02:07 in what everything that's best for you.
02:10 Isn't that right? Nancy Van
02:11 Pelt. That's right. Oh! Welcome so much,
02:14 we've had such a wonderful time filming
02:17 this series with you and today we're going
02:19 to get into marriage and we're gonna be
02:22 talking about how to meet the emotional
02:25 needs in marriage. It's very different
02:28 what a woman and a man need out of
02:30 marriage, let's talk about that.
02:32 It is different and that we have to
02:34 recognize that there are differences
02:36 or we can't meet those needs,
02:38 because if a wife thinks that her husband
02:40 has the same emotional needs, then she
02:42 will be giving to him what it is she wants
02:46 and because the needs are so different
02:48 that simply will not do. And even though
02:51 it's not, you can't cookie cut her and say,
02:53 all women are going to be this way or all
02:55 men are going to be this way. Women do
02:57 have some very specific needs for the
03:01 most part and what do you think is the
03:03 first thing that a woman is looking for
03:05 out of marriage. The, one of the main
03:07 things that a woman wants is to be loved
03:10 and adored and cherished and this is
03:14 true Shelley, you've mentioned that
03:16 I've been to 55 countries around the
03:19 world and it doesn't matter what culture
03:22 I go into, even in India where the women
03:25 will sit on one side and the men will sit
03:27 on the other and I can't tell if anybody
03:30 is married to anybody there, the women
03:32 still want to be loved by their husbands.
03:36 And that's arranged marriage
03:38 but what do they want, they want to feel
03:41 that enduring love over the years.
03:43 A woman has that need to feel cherished
03:46 by her husband as much after they
03:49 have been married 33 years as they did,
03:52 she did on her first day of marriage.
03:55 And any man who can understand that
03:57 need in a woman and supply those needs
04:01 day by day is going to have a wife who
04:04 will adore him. Okay, now if I am a man
04:11 that is sitting in the audience right now
04:13 and I'm saying okay she wants to feel loved.
04:16 How do I do that? I am clueless. That's right
04:19 and you're right, many men are clueless,
04:21 in fact it's Dr. Phil, who says that men have
04:24 to have bread crumbs dropped before them
04:27 and you better drop those bread crumbs
04:29 really close, he says. To make a path to
04:32 the way they should follow, right.
04:35 But how does a man let his wife know it can
04:38 be done through words but also through
04:41 caring acts. One of the things that Harry
04:44 does for me for example is put gas in my car.
04:47 Now that does not sound like a very big deal
04:50 but in America where we have mostly,
04:54 most families have two cars.
04:55 The fact that he will think about my needs,
04:59 try to make me happy, watch over my car
05:02 so that I don't have to do that.
05:04 I hate putting gas, I wreck my nails,
05:06 I, you know and I, the machine will
05:09 eat my credit card, I don't get it back
05:11 and all this is just a, one of these little
05:14 time waste of things. And this says
05:17 a lot to me, little caring things
05:20 like that and the many other
05:22 things that he does. Let's we know on a
05:25 day to day basis that he does continue
05:28 to love me, he writes me notes.
05:30 You should see. Yes. The kind of attention
05:33 that I get after I've been gone on a trip,
05:36 when I come home, I know there's gonna be
05:39 a little card there for me, I know
05:42 that is gonna be message of love
05:44 he expresses that in many different ways
05:47 and this is what a woman wants.
05:49 You know there's so many ways
05:50 to show affection, for me I'm a very
05:53 practical person and if JD went out
05:55 and bought big bouquets of flowers
05:57 and paid a lot of money, I probably be
05:59 upset with him because I am,
06:02 you know I'm very fruga with our money
06:05 but he will bring me flowers from
06:07 the grocery store occasionally and that's
06:09 very precious, but what means
06:11 the most to me is especially like if he
06:13 is going on a trip and I'm staying behind
06:15 I will find little love notes that he's
06:17 tucked into my pillow or little love notes
06:21 here and there but it is some of the little
06:23 things that he does for me that mean
06:25 the very most to me. Yes,
06:26 and that's what I encourage men to keep
06:29 doing for their wives for a lifetime.
06:32 Amen. Now another thing that I think that
06:35 most woman seem to really have a need
06:37 of is emotional security. Yes,
06:40 now what does that mean?
06:42 It really means that she feels secure
06:45 in his affections that she is number one
06:49 in his life outside of God.
06:52 Most of the time or at least part of the time,
06:55 now most wives practically understand
06:58 that their husband's job is going to take
07:01 most of his time, but after that,
07:05 where does she fit in to all of this?
07:08 And so many men are coming home
07:11 and getting hooked into the computer
07:14 or maybe they're rebuilding a car in the
07:17 garage or they're so into sports
07:20 that they're not carving out time for
07:23 their wives and their families.
07:26 Well, an emotional security,
07:28 would you agree that sometimes what,
07:30 it can be emotional security is to feel
07:32 safe with someone, to have,
07:34 I think one problem that I hear most
07:37 frequently is that couples have a
07:39 hard time sometimes. Particularly
07:41 woman if she feels that her husband will not
07:44 listen to her and I heard the most.
07:47 I don't know did you hear this on TV
07:48 the other day, they said that they've done
07:51 scientific studies that prove that men when
07:56 they're listening passively only listen
07:59 with half their brain. And so a woman
08:02 though when she is listening passively
08:04 then she listens with both sides
08:06 of her brain, let me explain
08:09 what's passive listening?
08:10 Lets say that somebody is watching television.
08:12 Well, if someone Speaks to a woman
08:14 while she is watching television,
08:15 she still use both sides of her brain
08:17 but if someone speaks to a man
08:19 who is watching television,
08:21 he listens only with half of his brain.
08:23 So I always tell women what she need
08:25 to do is make sure if you're trying to talk
08:27 to your husband that honey,
08:28 could you turn the TV down for a moment,
08:30 because he isn't going to be listening
08:33 to you with both sides of his brain
08:35 till you get him actively involved.
08:38 But there are men who discount everything
08:41 that their wife says or they don't listen,
08:43 they don't respond, they don't acknowledge
08:46 and a women feels that what she says
08:47 to him is unimportant,
08:49 so her needs aren't being met.
08:50 Her needs are not being met,
08:53 actually they say that women are better
08:55 listeners than man and it has to do with a
08:57 very simple thing that women nod their
08:59 heads more when they're listening
09:01 and at least you know somebody is there.
09:02 And then they says aha more,
09:05 so I tell man at least nod your head and
09:07 says aha, but that's still only a form
09:12 of passive listening. And you don't
09:14 know that they're listening, what woman,
09:16 what women want in listening is to have
09:19 their feelings validated and this is
09:21 what men need to understand,
09:23 men can learn this, but it's a skill that
09:26 for them is a little more difficult.
09:29 Women already know how to validate feelings,
09:32 because they've been doing that
09:33 with their women friends for years
09:36 but men can learn it but they're gonna
09:38 have to work at it. Yeah.
09:40 And I think it's important that we
09:42 understand even as women that men
09:45 and women do communicate differently
09:48 and I tell people sometimes I know
09:51 my husband likes me to get to the bottom
09:53 line things. So I learned that,
09:55 it was very difficult the first year,
09:57 you know when I would try to explain
09:58 something to him, I'd loose him
10:00 half way through. So I learned to get
10:03 to the bottom and then if he wanted
10:04 more details I'd give them to him,
10:07 but now when I talk to a female friend
10:09 I'll tell her all the details because
10:11 that's the way we communicate.
10:12 So it's kind of two way street here
10:14 that woman need to appreciate the
10:16 difference in there and how men listen to.
10:18 They do and you know with this emotional
10:22 security business making a woman feel
10:25 that she is number one in his life,
10:29 part of this is having a man restrict
10:32 his visual interest a little bit is very
10:36 difficult for some men, when they're with
10:39 their wives to keep their eyes focused
10:42 on the wife. They have the
10:45 inclination to let their eyes track
10:49 a pretty woman as she is walking by and this
10:52 weakens his position in her eyes,
10:57 it makes her feel that maybe she is
10:59 not number one. Now, I'm not asking
11:02 men to put blinders on her or anything
11:05 like that but a wife should never be
11:07 aware of what it is he is seeing or it's only
11:11 going to weaken his position.
11:13 You know that's interesting because
11:14 I have heard so many women who have
11:16 said that they feel almost like they are
11:21 obscure or they, I mean they don't
11:23 even feel present sometime when
11:24 they're out in public with her husband
11:26 because he is watching all the other women
11:28 and it makes them feel very insecure. Yes
11:30 Now on the other hand if you feel
11:31 secure like there are times when I'm
11:33 out with JD if I see a really beautiful woman,
11:37 you know because he isn't one to
11:38 watch other woman I can sometimes give
11:40 him a little nudge and say honey,
11:42 look at how beautiful that woman is?
11:44 And I can do that because I do feel
11:46 secure with him. And that's a safe thing
11:48 to do because the wife has brought it up,
11:50 yeah, and so there is safety within that
11:53 but when he is the one doing
11:55 the tracking and she's not involved
11:58 that's a dangerous thing.
11:59 That's what weakens her emotional security,
12:02 but every woman wants to feel secure
12:05 in her husband's affection.
12:07 She needs to feel that if he were looking
12:09 over the whole world all over again
12:12 that he would still pick her and any man
12:15 that will give that sense of security
12:17 to his wife is going to have a happy wife.
12:20 That's true, some days because I travel
12:23 almost every weekend and work full time,
12:25 there are sometimes when I have a Sunday
12:27 off that I may get up and feel not like
12:32 washing my face, this isn't a good
12:33 thing to even admit on television but
12:35 you know you're running around in a sweat
12:37 suit or something and I'll say to JD,
12:39 honey, I'm sorry I didn't even wash
12:41 my face today and he'll say,
12:43 oh honey you always look beautiful to me.
12:45 And whether or not he really
12:48 believes that, I mean he makes me
12:50 believe that he feels that way and it's a
12:52 nice thing to feel that you can just be
12:55 yourself around someone that you
12:57 don't have to perform for them
12:59 and the part of that is a emotional
13:00 security isn't it? I think so,
13:03 one of the most poignant things that I
13:04 ever heard a woman say, was a woman
13:07 who had been through Chemotherapy.
13:09 And she had lost all of her hair
13:12 and she was feeling so unfeminine
13:14 and just at her lowest ebb and her
13:17 husband came to her one day and took
13:20 her face in his hands and he said honey,
13:23 you have never looked more beautiful to me
13:26 then you do right now. Can you imagine
13:29 what that he did for that woman and that's
13:32 the kind of security that we can expect
13:34 in marriage and should have,
13:36 we should have that feeling at all
13:39 time not insecure. You know,
13:41 that's more than just meeting your
13:43 emotional needs, that's really
13:45 a romantic gesture, it is and that's
13:48 bring as to one of the last needs,
13:50 emotional needs that a woman has,
13:53 is to feel that her husband loves her
13:57 enough to romance her a little bit.
14:00 Now what romance means to a woman
14:02 and what romance means to a man can
14:04 be different? Now most men have a little
14:07 bit of romance in them or they never
14:09 would have gotten married in the
14:10 first place, either that or she
14:12 was translating everything that he was
14:15 doing for into a romantic gesture
14:17 but what does romance mean to a women?
14:20 It's all the little things that he does
14:24 and I have in my book, Highly Effective
14:27 Marriage, 21 ways to
14:29 romance your wife, but, share a few.
14:32 Alright, one is to smile at her
14:36 over a meal, to give her a
14:38 compliment and I tell a man if you give
14:41 her a compliment at home I'll give you a
14:45 hundred points, but if you give her a
14:47 compliment in front of friends,
14:50 I will give you a thousand points,
14:52 if you send her flowers at home,
14:55 I'll give you a hundred points but
14:58 if you send her flowers to her place of work.
15:01 I will give you a thousand,
15:03 because then she gets to enjoy the
15:06 experience with all the women and
15:08 they'll say oh, what a
15:09 wonderful husband, I wish my husband
15:12 did that, can we clone him
15:14 and all kinds of things like that she gets
15:17 to relive and enjoy the experience
15:20 in front of others,
15:21 so it's these little things.
15:25 A dinner out with no children please,
15:29 no children, you cannot be
15:31 romantic with babies crawling all over
15:35 you or a preteen surprising you, no,
15:39 romance and children just do not mix,
15:42 so it has to be the two of you out together
15:46 for an evening away from home.
15:48 It is very difficult for a woman to be romantic
15:52 and at home, because you cannot
15:55 set the same environment,
15:56 because there is something at home
15:58 that is screaming at her, pick me up,
16:00 clean me or put me up away, yeah.
16:02 So you need to get her away from home
16:04 every once in a while, where she can
16:07 get back into a romantic mode again,
16:11 or flowers, and again I don't like the big
16:14 expensive things either,
16:15 but that bouquet from the grocery
16:18 store that I can put in a vase
16:20 and arrange myself, that my husband got
16:23 for me not a florist, my husband
16:26 selected this for me, some of these
16:29 things mean even more. And you know,
16:32 sometimes just a call in the middle of the
16:34 afternoon yes, or JD will e-mail
16:37 me every now and then, just for a little
16:39 I love you or gazing into your spouse's
16:42 eyes sometimes people forget after
16:44 they've been married a long time,
16:46 they forget what that's like to look over
16:48 the dinner table and really look longingly
16:51 and gazingly into each other eyes
16:52 and there is something very romantic
16:54 about that, there is a very romantic,
16:56 that's one of the assignments that I
16:57 give married couples to do after class
17:01 is there to sit for two minutes and look
17:04 into one and others eyes,
17:06 not saying anything. Couples who are
17:08 in love spend more time looking into
17:11 one and others eyes and what's happening
17:13 now in our busy, very busy
17:15 lifestyle we are seeing shadows moving
17:18 out to the side in our peripheral vision
17:21 because our eyes are more fixated on
17:23 television or computers or children
17:26 or whatever other thing is taking our time,
17:29 and couples need to look into one
17:31 and others eyes. But you know
17:33 Nancy I can just hear someone woman in
17:35 our listening audience who is at home
17:39 with three children all under the age of 6
17:43 and her husband is gonna come home
17:44 tonight and if he was to watch to this,
17:46 this program she would want us to say
17:50 to him that sometimes a romantic gesture
17:53 is helping with the dinner dishes,
17:55 maybe putting the babies to bed
17:57 and let her to go take a nice relaxing
17:59 bubble bath, he could draw her a bath,
18:01 let her just have a few minutes away
18:03 from the children, take over a
18:05 couple of her duties and that's a symbol
18:07 that is more romantic than all the flowers
18:10 that he could ever buy. Yes,
18:12 those are the, and look at,
18:14 some of these things are free,
18:16 a man does not have to spend a lot of money
18:18 to romance his wife because some women
18:21 would rather have that, that compliment
18:24 and just some caring gestures and if a man
18:28 would fill this, will fill his days
18:30 with these little things starting early
18:32 in the morning wrapping his arm around her
18:35 and whispering sweet nothings into her ear,
18:38 calling her during the day,
18:39 complimenting her on a meal,
18:41 being a gentleman, seeding her,
18:44 opening a car door, these little things
18:46 would mean more and could do more.
18:49 These little courtesies could do more
18:51 to make their marriage special then
18:53 almost anything else. Okay,
18:54 so lets recap where we're at right now,
18:56 we've talked about love and affection
18:58 is very important, emotional security
19:01 is very important in romantic attention
19:03 and once again this is a man who is now
19:06 loving the woman as Christ loves
19:09 the church, you know and I
19:10 tell people everywhere it's very
19:11 easy for me to be submissive to my
19:13 husband because he does love me as Christ
19:15 loves the church. And that means,
19:17 he supports my growth, he supports me
19:22 in so many ways Nancy that it's a
19:24 beautiful thing, I believe that a truly
19:28 loving man is not a controlling person
19:31 any more than Christ is forcing or
19:33 controlling the church in what to do.
19:36 But now, let's look at, because it's
19:39 equally important to meet the emotional
19:41 needs of the man in the marriage,
19:43 so how can, what are some of the
19:45 mysterious ways or the secrets of how
19:48 a woman can meet a man's emotional needs?
19:52 It is so important for a woman to meet her
19:55 husband's emotional needs and many
19:57 women don't think that a man has
19:59 emotional needs, but his primary
20:02 and most important need is for admiration
20:05 and appreciation, he needs to know
20:09 that he is admired, that his wife thinks he
20:13 is wonderful and the interesting thing
20:15 here is if a wife thinks her husband is
20:19 wonderful, the children will
20:21 think that their daddy is wonderful.
20:24 So it's the mother in the house
20:26 who sets the tone for the entire family
20:29 and especially for the children. But now,
20:32 what do you admire in a man,
20:35 well one thing and only one is his
20:37 physical appearance, you know,
20:41 and you know after a few years men
20:44 might begin to lose it a little bit,
20:46 their hair line reseeds a little bit
20:49 and maybe they're getting a little
20:51 pouch around the middle,
20:53 but just watch him if he is looking at
20:55 himself in the mirror, you just might
20:57 find him squaring his shoulders
21:00 and sucking it in a little bit and saying,
21:02 you tiger you. And that's what a wife
21:06 should be doing for her husband is giving
21:09 him that feeling and when he feels
21:11 that way he is going to be more
21:13 responsive to her needs,
21:16 for love and affection. Absolutely,
21:19 one thing that I used to share
21:20 with my sister, that I would do
21:23 with JD when I wasn't working you know,
21:26 early in our marriage when he would come
21:28 home I would always thank him,
21:30 I admire him and appreciate the fact
21:31 that he was the wed winner,
21:34 that he was supporting us and I always
21:36 thanked him for how hard he worked.
21:37 And you know, there's many different
21:39 ways but it's interesting I recently
21:41 read research where they had polled many
21:45 thousands of audiences of men,
21:47 asking the men if you had the opportunity
21:51 to either know that you were loved,
21:54 to have absolutely assurance that
21:55 someone loved you or opposed to that
21:59 not to know that you were loved but
22:00 to know that you were admired
22:02 and respected, which one
22:03 did you choose and Nancy,
22:06 80 to 90, I think it was 80 something
22:08 percent of the time, close to 90,
22:10 the men were choosing to be admired
22:13 and respected. That's
22:16 amazing, this is not surprising,
22:17 surprising to me because it is their
22:19 number one need, so yes,
22:21 they need to have their physical
22:23 appearance admired but that isn't
22:25 where we stop, because look
22:28 at his skills and his abilities what,
22:31 what can he do, perhaps skills
22:34 connected with his work and the other
22:37 day Harry said, honey, I fixed the car
22:42 and probably saved us some money,
22:44 well now that's the time to appreciate him.
22:46 So I patted him on the back and told
22:48 him how pride, proud I was at him,
22:51 5 minutes later he was back telling me
22:53 all about it all over again and I thought,
22:56 oh we're through with this yet,
22:58 so I appreciate it again,
23:00 then he came back a third time,
23:02 this time he takes me out of car and has
23:05 to lift up the hood and show me
23:07 what he was doing. Now, why was he
23:10 going through all of this?
23:11 Because he had a need that only I could fill,
23:15 he needed me to give him a pad on the back
23:18 and tell him how well he could he do amen,
23:21 amen. And that's what Jesus was saying
23:24 when the Holy Spirit actually inspired
23:27 Paul to write, wives be
23:30 submissive to your husbands,
23:31 it means to be supportive of his
23:33 vision and his plans support him and the
23:35 things that he does is showing that respect
23:38 for him as the head of the household.
23:40 If I can pick up on what you're saying
23:42 right there, one of the things that
23:44 you started out with those verses from
23:46 Ephesians 5, right and actually
23:48 women are told to respect and to be
23:52 submissive to their husbands only one time,
23:55 but men are told four different times
23:59 to love their wives, it's almost that Paul
24:04 through inspiration knew that men
24:06 were gonna have a little trouble
24:08 with this, so we told them once
24:10 and then he said again, but men just in case
24:12 you didn't get it the first time I said,
24:14 love your wives. Okay, so a man
24:18 needs admiration, appreciation, respect,
24:21 and that means respecting his
24:23 decisions too, respecting his
24:25 decisions but also an attitude of respect
24:28 when you're speaking to him and I think
24:32 so many wives well they say,
24:34 well I respect my husband,
24:36 but somehow I think if you could be a
24:38 little fly on the wall and a silent observer
24:41 in the home you might not find such a
24:44 respectful attitude. Wives get so,
24:47 mothers get so used to ordering their
24:50 children around, how many times
24:53 do I have to tell you that they begun
24:55 treating their husbands and speaking to
24:57 their husbands, as if they were a child.
25:01 And so then we have mother-son
25:03 relationship, which men do not
25:06 tolerate well at all, he already had one
25:09 mother and he doesn't need a second one.
25:13 And women will roll their eyes and go
25:17 through all kinds of non-verbal as well as
25:20 verbal behaviors, which show
25:23 not only him but the children again that
25:26 there is not much respect in this
25:28 household and you know there is one,
25:29 there's no one way that's kind of a
25:32 manipulative way, and I think that is,
25:35 we've counseled with a couple for a while who,
25:38 when they we are having a lot of
25:41 problems but they were,
25:43 the wife was very fearful of the
25:45 husband's temper. So what she would
25:47 do is she would wait till she had him
25:49 in public in front of other couples
25:52 and then she would make this cutting joke,
25:54 it was. There you know they
25:56 would laugh at it, but you knew
25:58 there was enough truth in it,
25:59 there was a lot of pain in it,
26:01 and so she kind of degraded him in public
26:04 and I mean they had some serious problems,
26:06 but that's also a very disrespectful
26:09 thing to do. It is one thing
26:10 to cut your husband down at home,
26:12 but it is an entirely another subject to
26:16 cut him down in public. Dr. Dobson calls it,
26:19 assassinate the spouse, yeah. Whenever we
26:22 are criticized it hurts, it's a love killer,
26:27 yeah. We do not want to be in the presence
26:30 of anybody who criticizes us.
26:32 It's deadly to a relation. Well,
26:35 you know what, our time is nearly
26:36 gone and we got to hit this third one
26:37 in a hurry, you've got 45 seconds.
26:40 Tell us about the third one and that
26:42 is sexual fulfillment? Yes, it is so
26:44 important to a man, because he
26:47 identifies it with his masculinity,
26:49 women do not, so it's a specific need,
26:53 every time a male performs sexually,
26:56 it's like he is almost giving himself
26:58 a pat on the back, that says you're
27:00 okay boy, you're okay. It's another way that
27:03 he can release his love for his wife,
27:06 another way of saying I really love you.
27:09 They don't know how to communicate
27:11 verbally sometimes their emotions,
27:13 but they can do it through sex.
27:15 Well, lets recap what we have gone
27:16 over today, to meet the
27:17 emotional identity, needs for a wife in a
27:21 marriage. Men, it's love and affection,
27:24 emotional security and romantic attention.
27:27 And women for your man,
27:29 it is to meet his needs,
27:30 it's admiration and appreciation,
27:32 respect and sexual fulfillment.
27:36 Once again, thank you so
27:37 much Nancy Van Pelt we have
27:39 enjoyed having you here,
27:40 it's been my privilege, a real joy.
27:42 Thank you, and for those who at home,
27:44 thank you again for joining with us,
27:46 remember what Jesus said,
27:48 for us to follow this counsel.
27:50 "Wives be submissive to your husbands.
27:52 Husbands, love your wives."


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