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When Your Heart Is Breaking...Where Is God?

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00:30 Welcome to Issues and Answers,
00:31 my name is C. A. Murray and thank you for
00:33 spending this time with us today.
00:35 Our topic today is "Grief Recovery."
00:40 Where is God when it hurts, where is
00:44 God when your heart is breaking.
00:47 That's a subject that we have to wrestle
00:49 with quite a bit in New York during
00:51 the post 9/11 time there were many,
00:54 many people who asked the question
00:56 where was God on 9/11, where was God
00:58 when my loved one was in that building
01:00 coming down, where was God when the
01:03 airplanes crashed into the building and
01:05 into the ground in Western Pennsylvania.
01:07 As a New Yorker we had to wrestle with
01:08 that time and time again and it maybe
01:11 an issue that you're wrestling with even
01:13 today. So, to help us sort of unpackage that
01:15 and solve that, that dilemma to talk about
01:18 a little bit is Jerry Thomas. Jerry, good
01:20 to have you here, thank you.
01:21 Jerry is the Communication Director
01:24 for the Southwestern Union, Headquartered
01:27 in Dallas Texas and he is also the Editor
01:30 of that Union Paper the Record.
01:32 But as important as that is I suspect
01:35 he is the fact that he is a prolific author
01:37 has written a number of children's books
01:41 that are very, very popular. He's also
01:44 the author of the Messiah which was
01:47 an is a modern day translation of the
01:49 classic work Desire of Ages and his latest
01:52 work is conversations with Jesus.
01:55 And it's in that context that we wanna talk
01:58 to him today, so Jerry it's good to have you
02:00 here. Where is God when it hurts,
02:04 where is God when my heart is breaking.
02:07 You have personal experience with that
02:10 as you had to deal with the death of
02:11 your father not too long ago.
02:13 Yes it was, it was during the
02:16 time I was working on that book Messiah
02:18 and my father had served as a pastor
02:22 for a number of years. But in his search for
02:25 truth one of the most strong, one of the
02:29 strongest influences in his life was the book
02:32 Desire of Ages. When he came in contact
02:34 with that and some Adventist neighbors,
02:38 our family came into this church.
02:40 Mostly because of the picture of Jesus
02:43 my parent saw on those pages, so the
02:45 book Desire of Ages was very special to him
02:47 and to me as well. But it was during the time
02:49 when I was working on that, that adaptation
02:52 into modern language you called Messiah.
02:55 That he developed a cancerous tumor
02:59 and he had to go in for surgery, I was
03:03 there the August that he went in,
03:07 we had anointing service we ask God
03:09 to heal him. When he have with the surgery
03:12 and thing seem to be going well for several
03:15 months, but then he start to get a little
03:17 weaker. On thanksgiving that year my family
03:21 and I were, I was in Idaho where I work
03:24 at that time. And he and my mother
03:27 and my brothers and sisters all celebrated
03:29 together there in Texas. They had a good day,
03:33 I talked to him on the phone, but it was the
03:36 next morning when my sister called me
03:39 and said things don't look good at all.
03:42 Dad took a sudden turm for the worse,
03:44 we've taken him to the hospital, and you
03:47 should probably get here if you can.
03:52 Well, I travel enough to know that,
03:54 that Thanksgiving weekend is the worse
03:56 travel weekend of the entire year.
03:58 And it didn't take me along to find out
04:01 that sure enough there was no where
04:03 I could get there that day.
04:04 There were no tickets available and so
04:08 I there I was stuck in Idaho when my
04:11 father passed away that same evening.
04:14 And I had some real questions for God,
04:19 I had some real issues there,
04:25 when you have that kind of loss you feel
04:27 that kind of pain you wanna know where
04:28 the God is. Yes, just as you mention
04:30 in the opening, where is God
04:32 when it hurts this much. Doesn't he care about
04:34 his people, doesn't he care about the promises
04:37 that he made, why doesn't he keep those
04:39 promises. Why doesn't he heal people
04:43 when we ask him to? Why doesn't he off
04:46 you protection and you know I've spend
04:50 years of my life as a pastor, teacher.
04:54 And I've written a lot of material talking
04:57 about the love of God, but you know when it,
04:59 when it strikes that close to your own heart,
05:01 yes, yes. These are questions that you ask,
05:03 these are things that you think and it was a
05:08 difficult time. Yeah, yeah, what occurs to
05:10 me Jerry one, I don't think it is a sin to ask,
05:15 I do not, I don't think God is above being
05:19 questioned. He says, come let us reason
05:22 together and that be speaks questioning,
05:24 I don't think God is, is so thin skinned that
05:27 we cannot question him. I think he invites
05:30 questions, I think sometimes he gives
05:32 us answers, sometimes he asks us to exercise
05:35 a measure of faith. But I don't think
05:37 he's offended when we question him.
05:40 I think he invites you know inquiry.
05:44 Certainly the example of say Abraham or
05:48 Moses in the Bible, they continue to
05:51 question God when they didn't understand,
05:53 yeah and persuaded different answer then
05:55 the one he gave them first and, and I think
05:58 you're right God wasn't offended.
06:00 Yeah, and always explain, yes, yes but.
06:03 Yeah, I think sometimes we get to a point in our
06:06 lives where you say Lord, I just don't know
06:08 what you're doing. I'm not affronting you,
06:14 I'm not shaking my finger in your face,
06:16 I'm asking what's going on, show me what
06:20 you're doing. I will follow you wherever
06:22 you lead me, but right now I can't quite figure
06:25 out what's going on and I think sometimes
06:27 we have that, that wrestling with God
06:29 and it appears that that's what you kind
06:31 of went through at that point.
06:33 Yes and fortunately for me I was working
06:36 on the story of Jesus and about
06:39 that time I, I dealt with the story of Lazarus.
06:42 Now, you think of some people who, who had
06:46 questions for God, oh yeah and yet
06:48 maintained their faith. Do you think
06:49 the experience of Martha and Mary there?
06:51 You know they knew Jesus, they personally
06:55 walked with him, yes, ate lunch with him,
06:57 yes, he was a friend of theirs, he wasn't
06:59 just a distant Messiah type person.
07:01 Now this, this is the family that kind of
07:02 palled around with Jesus a little bit yeah,
07:03 that's what Jesus like to having yeah,
07:05 precisely when he had downtime,
07:07 he hang out at Mary, Martha, Lazarus house,
07:09 that's right. So, now they send a message
07:10 the one you love is sick and in their mind
07:13 they're thinking well he'll be here any
07:14 minute you know, 10 minutes from now he'll
07:16 be walk into the door. Because they knew
07:19 that he loved them, precisely and they
07:21 knew he had the power to heal, yeah those
07:22 were absolutely true, yeah.
07:24 We know he likes us, we know he got the stuff,
07:27 he can do it, so now all we have to do is
07:29 show up and of course he does not do that.
07:32 Yeah, so that can throw you into a tizzy,
07:36 that can really break your will.
07:39 And you think of the struggle they must
07:41 have had, it's hard for us when we lose
07:42 someone, yes. But you know we didn't just
07:46 have lunch with Jesus last week right,
07:48 we didn't just see him heal a bunch of
07:49 strangers. And maybe in our own house,
07:52 while he was there. Yeah, as I remember
07:56 and of course you, you and you're working
07:58 with the book Desire of Ages, the life of Christ,
08:00 I think he of course he delayed his,
08:02 once he got the message he didn't
08:03 start out right away to their house.
08:05 And as I recall, he may have done one
08:07 or two healings along the way, so
08:09 he stopped and healed some other people
08:10 and then of course by the time he gets
08:12 to Bethany, Lazarus has already been
08:15 death for several days. So, that, that
08:18 makes you question your relationship question
08:20 your faith, where is God indeed when it's hurt.
08:24 I'm looking in the notes, you feel betrayed,
08:27 did you feel betrayed like God sort of let you
08:29 down? I did, because and not only do we
08:31 have the promise of God's love and his
08:33 concern for our lives but and maybe
08:36 it's wrong but when you, when you've
08:39 dedicated your life to doing God's work when,
08:41 when the one you love, was a person
08:44 who did God's work, who was a minister
08:46 also. Shouldn't we expect God to especially
08:51 have a part in healing those who have done
08:54 all they could for him. I don't know,
08:57 and maybe it's just our human nature
08:59 that we wanna believe that God
09:01 keeps a special eye on the people who were,
09:04 who were giving their life for his service.
09:07 Yeah, yeah, so then did you wrestle with
09:11 and come up with some sort of answer
09:14 that will work for you as to why he does
09:16 not always heal, why does he not seem
09:19 to keep his promises. It's a difficult issue to
09:23 work through, because you know sometimes
09:28 in the times that would make sense
09:30 to us like we're saying a person who was,
09:33 who was actively working for God
09:34 shouldn't that person get first priority
09:37 where as a person who you know maybe a
09:40 peripheral Christian, okay well you know
09:42 I'm sorry but it's never easy it's
09:46 never clear yeah. I remember
09:50 clearly the story, friends
09:51 of ours told us that the.
09:54 You know hard time conceiving one of the
09:58 children badly and you know they had a hard
09:59 time conceiving they'd lost the baby and now
10:03 they reached the point where she was approaching,
10:07 actually being able to deliver the baby and
10:09 another pregnancy when they were far from
10:12 hospital and medical help and the situation rose
10:15 were once again she lost her child. And of course
10:20 they just toward the month they were devastated
10:23 that God had listened to their, their cries for
10:26 help, they done nothing to help them.
10:28 The first time they went back to church,
10:31 they told me they were sitting on the back row
10:33 they were listening to a man at front saying
10:36 now he had lost his wallet but he had prayed
10:38 and God had told me there was it he is thanking
10:41 God for that miracle finding his wallet and
10:43 they looked at each other and said oh that's what
10:45 God was doing, when our baby, we lost our baby,
10:47 he was finding this guy's wallet. It was very
10:50 hard when you, when you hear that God healed
10:53 someone else and he didn't heal the one you
10:55 loved. Yes, yes, I can you see that sort of
10:58 discard, I remember someone telling a story
10:59 once that a lady was saying how she went
11:02 around and around try to find a parking place
11:05 at the mall and she was praising God because
11:09 just as she made her third trip around a person
11:11 pulled out right in front of the store,
11:14 you know, she said I only had to walk a few
11:15 feet and praise God. That you know this miracle
11:20 person pulled on just as I came in and the
11:22 person's father was dying of cancer and he
11:26 was saying to us, this was a union official,
11:28 he was saying in church. Well, listen Lord,
11:33 I got a miracle I need too you know,
11:36 you know when she's praise me for a car space,
11:37 how about a, I got a father dying of cancer
11:39 what about, what about that. So to wrestle with
11:42 that idea that God is still sovereign, he does not
11:45 always answer just as we, we want, is a tough
11:51 thing. Have you ever thought maybe it would
11:53 be easier on our faith if God never healed
11:57 anybody? He didn't do those kind of miracle,
12:01 yeah, wouldn't that be easier because it's tough
12:03 when he does a miracle for someone else
12:05 apparently yeah and your not miracle,
12:08 because I've to admit sometimes when I hear a
12:10 story of someone whose had cancer and
12:13 apparently miraculously healed, I wanna think
12:15 well you know maybe it wasn't as bad as they
12:17 thought, yeah and maybe, yeah you know.
12:20 Yeah and there is a tendency to do that,
12:23 I have a member, had a member when I was
12:25 pastoring in New York who went in had cancer,
12:28 I mean just doctor said cancer, cancer, cancer
12:31 and four months later went in doctor said it's
12:34 gone. And you know you look at that and you
12:37 scratch your head because there are hundreds
12:39 of thousands who die of cancer a year, yeah.
12:41 Why, why this one you know or a plane goes
12:45 down and everybody dies and one person walks
12:47 away. Why does that person walk away or was
12:51 somebody praying for them, who was not praying
12:52 for the others. There were a group praying,
12:56 instead of just one they had a whole group
12:58 praying, yes, it's a magic number here somewhere.
13:00 Right, what's critical math you know for prayer
13:03 that at what point do we, do we get his ear
13:05 and yet I guess our faith doesn't began till our
13:09 sight ends because some of these things you
13:11 just don't know. I've seen, I'd a story on
13:15 incidence once a young lady was very, very sick
13:18 and the mother said pastor, if you'd come and
13:19 pray she'll be fine. And fairly early in ministry
13:23 in fact my first church on my own I did not want
13:25 that responsibly, I said take her to the hospital,
13:27 mom said no, you pray she'll be fine.
13:31 So, what do you do, you go and pray because
13:33 she's not taking her to the hospital and I'm gonna
13:36 read, you pray, you scream, you beat the
13:38 floor, just it's like Lord please don't embarrass
13:40 yourself and don't embarrass me you know,
13:44 you're praying then I went back to church for
13:47 afternoon meeting. And the mother came in
13:50 two hours later daughter in tow and she said
13:54 she's fine, daughter came in and she was fine
13:58 and she was healthy and mother said she brought
14:01 up all of these stuff just after you left and the
14:03 daughter was fine. Well, it, it happened
14:05 you know and you praise God for it,
14:10 but you don't have the iron clad guarantee that's
14:12 going to happen and many, many times it
14:14 doesn't happen my, my dad, you know I had
14:17 the same experience, he passed also of course
14:20 ours was a little different, I had baptized
14:21 him a month before. And we were so happy that we
14:24 got him in after 70 plus years of serving Satan,
14:27 he only got to serve the Lord one month.
14:29 So, that funeral was kind of joyous and it was
14:32 sudden, we baptized him in October.
14:34 He had a heart attack in November and passed
14:37 very quickly. So, I didn't know if it's any better
14:40 if you can see coming down a road, it's very
14:41 sudden I don't know if that makes it any better.
14:44 You still tend to question God but were so
14:46 happy. Folk asked us why we were so joyous
14:47 at the funeral, because we got him in,
14:49 you know it's totally different and he had not
14:51 served the Lord, save that last month and he
14:54 was kind of ill during that last month of time.
14:58 But, it's, it's a different thing.
14:59 Well, when someone else is healed and our
15:01 loved one isn't, we always wanna think okay did
15:03 God love them more, you know are they just a
15:07 better person and someone there we have to
15:09 question, and I think that's where Mary and
15:11 Martha must have been yes. I mean they knew
15:13 Jesus could heal, they saw him healing strangers.
15:17 So why not heal their loved one, yeah.
15:19 And does he just really not care, you know I
15:22 must have been a heart -wrenching. Yeah, I well
15:25 think though particularly the fact that they knew
15:27 him intimately, they were as we said earlier,
15:30 they were friends, buddies if we can use that
15:33 term. And yet he is your, your best friend if
15:36 I recall in that book Desire of Ages your
15:38 translation called the Messiah. Lazarus is one of
15:43 Christ closest and I think the term which she
15:44 uses disciple although he was not numbered
15:47 among 12. Obviously he and Jesus were very,
15:49 very close, well now you think, well you're gonna,
15:51 surely you're gonna come and hear your buddy.
15:53 Yeah, I know. It's like I was thinking with Lazarus,
15:57 he's Jesus best friend outside of work, yeah,
15:59 yeah. He's got the guys who travels with,
16:01 then Lazarus, yeah, yeah, yeah. And but
16:04 you think that the faith with Mary and Martha
16:06 because in spite of that they still believed
16:10 in Jesus, they still believed that God was
16:13 gonna resurrect their, their brother someday,
16:16 it's just a staggering story of faith.
16:18 It is, it is, knowing all of that and experiencing
16:20 all of that they still believe, they had
16:22 questions. They, you know were crying their
16:25 eyes out, but they still believe. Was that the
16:29 way it was for you, because obviously you had
16:31 to work through it, wrestle through it,
16:33 hold on to your faith, finish your project.
16:36 You're still standing so you might have,
16:38 you must have wrestled with it and done so
16:40 successful. Well, I think I particularly and
16:44 working through this story of Lazarus I mean
16:46 you don't come up with an answer there is not
16:48 a reason why. But what you seen in the story
16:51 of Lazarus is that it's not a matter that Jesus
16:55 didn't care, it's not, it wasn't important to him.
17:01 You can see in that story how much it mattered
17:05 to them. When Jesus gets back to Bethany
17:10 and he calls Martha to come out of the house
17:13 and come down and she sneaks away,
17:14 so no one else is there but her and the Jesus and
17:18 first thing she says is Lord, if you've been here,
17:21 yes, my brother wouldn't have died.
17:24 And Jesus, I could just picture him,
17:28 taking her hands in his and saying you see your
17:31 brother again you know you will. And Martha
17:34 through the tears in her eyes says I know I
17:36 was see him again in the resurrection,
17:38 the last day. And that's when Jesus says those
17:43 words that we repeated in funerals at that time,
17:45 yeah, yeah. But he is not preaching, he's talking
17:49 to someone who was balling her eyes out right
17:51 in front of him, yeah, yeah. He says I'm the
17:53 resurrection and I'm the life, yeah.
17:56 And it's a powerful, a powerful reality Jerry
17:58 to to hold on to, I know I'll see him in a
18:02 resurrection, I am the resurrected,
18:07 resurrected it's standing some, is not some
18:09 distant place or time, right, yeah, yeah, yeah.
18:11 It's a guarantee, it's a guarantee you have to
18:13 reach out and grab on to that guarantee for
18:15 yourself didn't you? That's right, yeah.
18:17 But the most precious scene in scripture I
18:19 believe and the story comes up next,
18:22 where they go to the garden and to visit
18:25 Lazarus's tomb and you know the verse that all
18:31 young memory verse, memorizers love,
18:36 oh yes Jesus wept, 35 sure. When you look
18:38 that story Jesus, Jesus cried you know,
18:43 I wouldn't even bother. He wasn't sorry that
18:46 Lazarus was dead he was about to bring Lazarus
18:48 back to live. He could change that surely,
18:50 yeah, that wasn't a problem for him,
18:51 why was he crying about. He knew what was
18:53 gonna happen next, right the only reason he
18:57 would be crying is that he knew how much
18:59 it had hurt them, yes. He knew how much
19:01 Mary and Martha will suffer and I look at that
19:04 I think you know if it, if he could feel their pain
19:09 on the verge of the triumphant moment that
19:11 was coming so quickly I have to know that
19:14 he could feel my pain too. Yeah, yeah, yeah
19:17 that gives me hope and this thought much
19:21 of the suffering was occasioned by a
19:23 misunderstand of who he was and what his
19:26 mission was. And I think the same can beside
19:29 of us today. That when a loved one dies,
19:35 I think a lot of our suffering is occasioned by
19:37 a number of things. One, separation of course,
19:42 but perhaps a misunderstanding of
19:43 what's, what's in store for us when I was
19:46 pastoring my last church, Ephesus Church I did
19:49 117 funerals, 117 at everyone of those funerals
19:54 I made this statement. Death in Christ is not
19:58 such a bad thing, better to die in Jesus then
20:02 live without him and I think sometimes it may
20:05 sound cruel but I believes it's my heart that
20:08 we want to hold on to the person for us.
20:13 Not necessarily for them, I've been at the bed
20:17 side of individuals who've been reduce to 98
20:20 pounds and 97 pounds because of cancer.
20:23 And the families still holding on for them I
20:26 think a bit because they don't want the
20:28 separation but my, my point is if you die in
20:34 Jesus you won. Because he says I'm the
20:38 resurrection and the life, that's right so death
20:41 in Christ is better then life without him.
20:44 That's why the Bible says First Thessalonians
20:48 4:16 at the end of that we should ask,
20:51 not also we shall we changed, it end with
20:53 the saying wherefore comfort one and another
20:57 with these words. Well, why should those words
20:59 be comfort, because if we believe in Jesus died
21:02 and rose again the Bible says then those who
21:04 sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.
21:08 You know, so we have the promise that those
21:11 who sleep in Jesus will one day rain with Jesus
21:14 and that's the comforting thought did you
21:16 process that you know during your time
21:18 particularly as you're writing this monumental
21:20 of work on the life of Christ. Well, I did and
21:23 and it's like you say you don't wanna let
21:27 people go, but at the same time you know
21:33 that the human condition is that's we're all
21:35 gonna end up. Yes, yeah and if Jesus doesn't
21:37 return you and I all of us those who love
21:39 will eventually passed around own death.
21:43 As long as we can assure ourselves that it
21:46 doesn't happen because God doesn't care
21:48 about us or that it doesn't matter to God
21:51 then I think it's okay I think we can deal with
21:53 that, we not understand why, particularly
21:55 when it happens suddenly and unexpectedly.
21:58 There may not be an answer why that we can,
22:00 yes, that we can live with. But if we know
22:03 it's not because God doesn't care yes, yes,
22:06 but he feels our pain. He knows what we're
22:09 going through like Jesus did with Mary and
22:10 Martha and I think we can, we can leave the
22:13 rest of it in his hands. Yeah, there is great
22:16 comforting in knowing that the God in heaven is
22:19 touched with our, with our grief.
22:22 Sometimes we just want somebody to, to cry
22:24 with you, you know I heard this cute little
22:26 story I got to tell it I know our time is
22:28 slipping away. This fellow down the street
22:31 from family his wife passed and at the funeral
22:33 came, was over and he came out and he sat
22:36 on the, on the porch and a little boy got
22:41 off his mother's lap and went down the street
22:42 and just sat on the man's lap for about an hour
22:45 and then he came home and the mother said
22:48 well son, what did you talk with him about for,
22:51 for a whole hour. And the little boy said I
22:53 didn't, I didn't say anything I just helped him
22:55 cry a little and you know I heard the story
22:58 it touch me. Sometimes does need somebody
23:00 to help you cry and, and to know that in your
23:03 grief Christ is touched, yeah. He is crying by
23:06 along stand you and that could be,
23:08 just can he did with Mary and Martha, precisely.
23:09 He just there to cry with him, yeah just
23:11 there to cry with him, yeah, yeah. If someone
23:16 were to say to you and I'm putting you the
23:18 spot again. What are the steps to heal and
23:23 what were the steps that you used to healing?
23:26 What were the realizations that helped you
23:28 get through that experience, if you could
23:29 give me 1 to 4 or 1 to 5. Could you do that,
23:33 could you even look at to that way?
23:38 I think you have to start with the reality
23:42 that nothing, that anyone can say or due is
23:46 gonna make the pain stop right away;
23:48 it's just not gonna happen. No, magic bullet,
23:50 no Pat dancer that will do that, you can read
23:53 the promises of God, you can believe the
23:55 promises of God sincerely, but the pain doesn't
23:58 go away quickly. It's gonna take time to deal
24:01 with the pain that's all that is to that.
24:04 But you can do and what I have have always
24:07 recommended people do, when they suffer
24:09 loss is to spend time in the story of Jesus,
24:13 reading your Bible. Remembering the promises
24:17 that he gave and that, that he does promise
24:21 to return and put an end to this. The one
24:23 thing the story of Jesus tells us strongly that
24:26 anything else because the story ends and Jesus
24:30 own sacrifice as it there is nothing God won't
24:34 do it to stop sin and pain forever, nothing,
24:37 including letting his own best friend die the
24:41 Lazarus. Including Jesus himself suffering and
24:43 dying, yes, because that was the only way he
24:45 could put an end this kind of pain and suffering
24:47 forever. So, there is nothing God won't do to
24:50 put an end to it. You know God loves you,
24:53 you know he understand your pain. You know,
24:55 he is working to make it stop forever,
24:58 praise God. Then the rest is just time,
25:01 and I think adding to that, to that mix,
25:04 the recipe the idea that is not a sin to
25:07 question God. No, as long as you don't give up
25:10 on him, you can, he take the questions,
25:12 he can take, I dare say a little finger shaking
25:15 as long as you don't turn your back to him.
25:19 You can shake you finger and you can,
25:20 you can cry and you can question.
25:22 Do a little shouting if that's necessary,
25:23 yeah you got to scare him, you can scare him,
25:25 yeah. That's very good and with that comes your,
25:30 comes your healing, yeah comes your healing.
25:34 Given that and it's been, it's been five years
25:38 you've wrestled with it and come through it
25:39 successfully, praise God, praise the Lord.
25:44 Yeah, yeah that's, that's a good thing,
25:46 there is one other point I want, I want to touch
25:48 on, this idea that, that Christ is ever present in,
25:55 in our grief, that he never leaves us.
26:01 At what point did that sort of kick in for you,
26:04 that you're not you know because there is
26:06 this, there's this loneliness when there's a
26:07 loss and then there is a point that I'm not
26:09 in, at what point in that healing process did
26:11 that, did that kick in? Well, you know there is
26:15 a terrible amount of loneliness and loss
26:18 fortunately in my case, my mother's still alive,
26:21 she was there, so we comfort each other,
26:24 my brothers and sisters were there and
26:27 even when we're talking with people who have
26:29 the same questions and are feeling the same
26:31 pain. There is comfort in each other that you,
26:35 that you can't, can't do without in those times
26:39 but when all that's behinds you.
26:40 You know when the funeral has come and
26:42 gone and you've got to get back to your real
26:44 life, to the every day struggles that's when,
26:48 that's when you have to come to peace with
26:49 God. Yes, because there is no one left around
26:52 to, to hold your hand now you got pertained
26:54 like nothing matters and you go back to your
26:56 business just like you'd before. Yeah, it's hard
26:59 to do but that's when if you, if you believe that
27:04 Jesus is with you, if you take his promise to,
27:12 to bring your loved one back in the resurrection,
27:15 it's hard yeah. You can feel his presents and
27:19 sometimes that's all that keeps you going yeah,
27:22 yeah. It takes time and the presence of Jesus
27:25 is something that you can feel especially
27:28 when you're in pain. Praise God, praise God.
27:30 It occurs to me Jerry, that healing is not a
27:34 communal experience, it's one on one,
27:36 it's just you and the Lord. But even in your,
27:39 your darkest moments, your saddest moments
27:41 Jesus has promised to be there, to be there
27:44 with us. And that's a, that's a good thing, yes.
27:46 Thank you so very; very much. Where is God
27:49 when it hurts? He is right by your side you
27:52 may not see him, but I guarantee you he is
27:54 right there. Pray to him and talk with him,
27:57 he'll be with you, God bless you,
27:59 we'll see you next time.


Revised 2014-12-17