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00:29 Hello again and welcome to "Issues and Answers."
00:32 I'm C.A. Murray and my guest is
00:34 Pastor Clarence Schilt, I should say
00:36 Dr. Clarence Schilt. He is the Pastor
00:39 of the Rockwood Seventh-Day Adventist
00:41 Church in Portland, Oregon.
00:43 And we've been discussing and will be
00:45 discussing today word power, the transforming
00:49 power of scripture. Doctor, good to have
00:52 you here. Thank you. Glad to be here.
00:53 The power of the word, there is power
00:56 we know in the word of the God,
00:57 and there is power when we read the word of God,
01:01 but you came to this understanding with
01:03 some baggage, with some history.
01:05 Walk us through that experience if you will.
01:06 Well, in terms of personally,
01:09 I came from a very painful home where
01:12 there was two divorces and a
01:15 number of children and a home where fear
01:17 kind of ruled, we were terrified of my dad
01:19 and all that kind of thing. And I lived
01:25 even though I left home when I was
01:28 in my 20s to go to school and so on.
01:30 When I was 50, I was still waking up
01:33 every morning just terrified,
01:36 I mean that's a bit, maybe that's a
01:39 strong statement, but waking up just
01:40 wanting to hit the fetal position and
01:41 pull the covers over and face.
01:43 And now face the day even though
01:45 when I ticked through the day
01:46 there was nothing to be afraid of.
01:48 One of the lines I like to use is,
01:51 what gets the mind gets us and what
01:54 gets us is reported in our thoughts,
01:57 attitudes, words and actions, and
01:59 fear had so dominated my mind
02:05 and my emotions for 20 years that it just
02:08 was a monkey on my back, also anger
02:12 was something that I lived with a lot in
02:15 my home in terms of dad's anger.
02:17 And so I become very terrified of anger
02:20 and learned to relate it very poorly and
02:22 afraid of anger and consequently
02:25 I was afraid to get angry and afraid
02:27 of other people's angry. Well, people that don't
02:28 handle their anger, well they get depressed.
02:30 Yes, yes, yes, yes. So it is so, so
02:33 much of my life, why I struggled
02:36 with chronic levels of fear and chronic
02:39 levels of depression and when all these
02:42 had to do with word power.
02:44 Well, I have got to ask you a question
02:45 because I know word power is a solution
02:48 but I want to just mind the depth of
02:49 your experience just a little bit because
02:51 you were during this time a Christian,
02:54 were you not? I was a Christian,
02:55 I was a Pastor. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
02:57 And people will say okay, you're a Pastor.
02:58 Surely you got a handle on this thing, yeah.
03:00 No, not so. I had a prayer partner.
03:04 We talk about this, we pray about it together,
03:06 we labor and pray. We at times would say,
03:10 is this just your "Thorn in the flesh"
03:13 Paul had a thron in the flesh, sure, sure,
03:15 that God did remove, he said my powers
03:17 made perfect in weakness.
03:18 And we just finally said to each other
03:20 is God gonna just allow this somehow,
03:23 is this gonna be with you to keep
03:25 you dependent on Him. And you're not gonna
03:27 find healing for this until Jesus comes.
03:29 I've got to ask you then so did you feel
03:31 that you're incomplete, you were not quite
03:33 measuring up, you were not quite all
03:35 that you could be in the Lord because
03:37 I've heard preachers say the kind of thing
03:38 I would say that you're not functioning
03:40 sort of on all eight soon, as you're kind
03:42 of just function on forward,
03:43 you have ability to work on eight.
03:45 Did you feel that in yourself?
03:46 I felt that very much, in fact,
03:48 my fear was quite paralyzing and
03:52 I sometimes, I sometimes say to
03:53 my wife, this sounds like, this is sort of
03:56 Pastor ego coming through but I say
03:57 you know I think I do more, and I think
03:59 maybe I be given more responsibility
04:02 if fear didn't paralysis me so much and just
04:05 keep yeah, I didn't lie, wait nights thinking
04:08 about it, but I did feel like my fear
04:10 or might be depression were
04:12 very much hindering and limiting what I
04:14 might do and also frankly I mean even
04:17 though I was a Pastor, I'll admit
04:18 that I had what my prayer partner called
04:21 marshmallow sins. I had marshmallow
04:23 addictions, I did a lot of escaping to
04:25 TV or to eating ice cream in the middle
04:27 of the night, I had, I had those things
04:29 that I do to try to escape the pain,
04:31 I mean addictions are really to escape
04:34 boredom or escape pain, so anesthetized
04:36 pain. Yes, yes, yes. And so I was
04:39 experiencing life negatively in terms
04:42 of those emotions but also there were
04:45 behavioral things, especially my addiction
04:47 to TV, which I felt very bad about it,
04:50 and wasn't getting victory over it.
04:52 Now a question then, did these insecurity
04:55 and I'll use that term, sure, manifest
04:57 themselves in your dealing with your
04:59 members, with other individuals.
05:01 I mean you had this escapist going
05:02 and actually going to television.
05:04 Which really, praise the Lord,
05:07 we can kind of save a little milk toast,
05:09 that wasn't you know you didn't take drugs,
05:10 you know put milk in hand, and praise
05:12 the Lord for that, sure, but did this
05:15 insecure mindset manifested itself
05:18 in your dealings with your members
05:19 or with other individuals? Yes, I think so in a
05:22 positive way strangely enough is
05:25 I could really identify with their emotional
05:27 pain and so all of my ministry why members
05:33 have valued in a sense the way
05:36 I could identify with them and they'd
05:37 often say you really preach in the real world,
05:40 you live in the real world and it's because well,
05:42 I was living some of those painful
05:44 negative stuff that they were living.
05:45 Oh! I see. You know and so just
05:48 couldn't stop there and then,
05:49 when I was about 50 years old
05:51 I was complaining to a friend of mine that
05:54 I was tired of being just the pop
05:56 psychologist as a Pastoral counselor. Yes.
05:58 I felt like I wasn't doing anybody any harm,
06:01 but I was really helping them, and
06:03 this friend said, you ought to go to a
06:06 seminar called Biblical Counseling Foundation,
06:08 and there they will teach you how to
06:11 use scripture to counsel people in
06:14 a way not as hammer but to just help them
06:18 with it, I said fine, I'm interested because
06:20 I felt like all I was doing was hand holding
06:23 people through their pain and not helping
06:24 them gain victory, and really gain power.
06:27 And so I went to this seminar and thought
06:31 I would be learning how to counsel all
06:32 those biblically. When I got there I found
06:36 out this was a seminar called Biblical
06:38 Self-Confrontation. This was the
06:40 prerequisite to another seminar
06:42 I was gonna have to go through on
06:43 how to help others. So this was going to
06:45 be just all on me dealing with myself.
06:46 I was self rose. I was kind of irritated
06:49 frankly. Yeah, yeah. Well, 'cause I thought
06:51 I was getting into a different kind of
06:52 program in here. It came along here,
06:54 go ahead. Well, you know something
06:55 that popped up in my mind, is it James 4:1,
06:58 where it says whence cometh wars,
07:00 whence cometh you know all of this
07:02 fighting and anything do they not come from.
07:04 Oh, yeah. The battles that's going on within
07:06 you, Yes, exactly. Yeah, so that if you
07:08 can't get along with yourself it's gonna
07:09 be very difficult for you to get, exactly.
07:12 Well, At that conference
07:14 after I realized I wasn't getting along with me
07:16 very well, yes, two dramatic things
07:19 happened for me that were totally
07:21 I've had four where there are dramatic
07:24 growth periods and this was one of them
07:26 and that is my attitude towards scripture
07:30 changed. I realized up until then this
07:34 book really the Bible was more a text book.
07:38 It was a text book to prove doctrines,
07:41 to prove behaviors; it was you know to
07:44 get information, It was more, it was a
07:46 text book personally as well as professionally
07:50 since I was a pastor to prepare Bible studies
07:52 and sermons and all of that.
07:53 But it was more of an objective information
07:58 place and there boy, I just realized that
08:02 this is not primarily an informational book.
08:05 It's a transformational book.
08:06 Oh! Yes, yes, yes, yes. And I got from that
08:10 conference a primary thing I got was look
08:13 what food is to the body, I can't tell you
08:17 what happens when I eat and food keeps
08:21 me alive. I don't know what happens
08:24 when scripture, but I think what food is
08:26 to the body, scripture is to the mind,
08:28 it something, yeah, yeah, yeah, something
08:30 dynamic happens. I think one of the reasons
08:34 I would like to say this scripture is
08:35 twice inspired, because the Holy Spirit
08:39 hovered over the writing of it, yes,
08:41 but then where do we understand the
08:43 Holy Spirit lives now, he lives in us.
08:46 Yes, yes, surely, surely. So when
08:48 I'm saying these words to you I can't
08:50 go with my words into your brain and
08:52 affect how they, impact how they affect you.
08:55 I as the author I can't get in your head.
08:57 The author of these words lives inside me
09:02 so when I take these words the author
09:05 that inspired these words is there now to
09:09 empower them. Oh, yes, yeah, yeah.
09:11 So the scripture's inspired when it was
09:12 written. It's inspired when it's heard,
09:14 because the author lives inside our heads,
09:16 that's about as good as it can get.
09:18 That's like if you eat good, healthy food
09:21 whatever that has will be transferred to you.
09:24 Yes, hey, you did my line, I guess the mind
09:26 gets us, see all for most of my life,
09:29 all of that fear, that depression,
09:31 all of that unhealthy anger was filling me,
09:36 getting me and controlling me,
09:37 driving me to addiction, limiting
09:39 my productivity, well, I guess the mind
09:41 gets us and what gets us is reported
09:44 in our thoughts, attitudes,
09:46 which is feelings, our words what we say
09:48 and our behaviors, yes, and I realize hey,
09:52 scripture can change all of that. Praise God.
09:54 Scripture can change all of that. Praise God.
09:56 And at that seminar I went away with love
09:59 and a heart for these words.
10:03 I mean you know when you have dear friends
10:05 or people, mentors you really respect,
10:07 you just hang on their every word.
10:08 Oh, yes. Alright, well, I went away just
10:11 loving scripture like I never love scripture
10:15 before, that's the first thing that
10:16 happened at that seminar.
10:17 The other, that was an attitude change
10:20 and I noticed that real growth if I'm gonna
10:24 change I need two things, I need an
10:26 attitude shift and I need a behavioral shift.
10:29 Yes, yes. In fact, for too many years
10:31 I tried to get married couples when they
10:33 come to me for counseling to change
10:35 their behavior and they couldn't do it
10:37 because theirs hearts, their attitudes hadn't
10:39 changed, you know, on the other hand once
10:41 their attitudes changed then.
10:43 The behavior would follow, anyway.
10:44 And so the behavior that followed was this,
10:47 I learned that the seminar I'd have to
10:50 go to later was for actually role playing
10:55 and counseling other couples and
10:57 counseling situations they set up,
10:59 that they teaches how to use the Bible.
11:02 At lunch time I was talking to people
11:03 that were in some of the advanced seminars
11:05 in other parts of building where I was
11:06 going to the beginning seminar and I said,
11:08 what you doing and they said, well,
11:10 they're setting up role plays and we're
11:12 counseling people and I said, how you using
11:14 the Bible they said, well, we just have to know
11:16 it by memory. I said, you gotta be kidding,
11:18 Worth is involved. I said, really,
11:23 he says yes, I said you mean you just
11:24 need to know the references so you
11:26 can look up and read it.
11:27 No, no, no, you got to know it by memory,
11:29 you got to be able to quote it.
11:30 I thought oh, wow! So I thought okay,
11:34 they sent me home with a 400 page
11:36 manual with very short chapters
11:37 and a memory verse at the beginning
11:39 of each of these chapters, and so
11:42 I thought I didn't want to look bad.
11:44 I mean you know pastors, we don't
11:45 wanna look bad, our ego is at stake.
11:47 So I went home and I had 3 months
11:52 between that time and the next seminar.
11:54 And I said, I am going to memorize these
11:57 verses in this manner. Now how many verses
11:59 are we talking about? I have no idea but I
12:02 was memorizing many verses a week,
12:05 I mean I just needed to be and I was doing
12:07 it for all the wrong reasons.
12:08 I was doing just selfishly. Yeah.
12:10 I did not want to look bad and I
12:12 didn't want my colleagues to look
12:14 bad that I represented this conference.
12:16 So for all the wrong reason I had
12:18 memorized scriptures and I gotten stars for
12:20 it when I was in kindergarten.
12:21 Oh, my goodness. Earn your ribbons,
12:22 and so for all the wrong reasons just
12:24 so I wouldn't look back, I got into
12:25 scriptural memory and I put it on project
12:28 status you know, I mean when you're
12:29 painting your house or remodeling it,
12:31 all your timing and usually your thoughts
12:33 go into that except when you got to be
12:34 at work or sleeping or reading. Right.
12:36 I put, I had scripture on cards in my pocket,
12:40 on my dash in the car, at home,
12:43 in my office and I was compulsively anytime
12:47 I had spare time in a boring meeting, driving,
12:51 waiting in a line somewhere,
12:53 I was memorizing scripture just doing
12:57 nothing but memorizing scripture.
12:58 It's interesting that this epiphany
13:01 if I can use that term, didn't come
13:03 to you too well into your ministry.
13:05 Alright, and yeah I've been a pastor
13:06 for 25 years. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, and here
13:10 at camp and what's shocks me though,
13:12 you know, in the early days of it
13:15 I was just memorizing scripture
13:16 and preparing for this seminars
13:18 I was going to go to. Yes, yes.
13:19 And a month into the project of
13:22 memorizing I suddenly realized
13:24 I wasn't watching TV near as much
13:26 and I wasn't even working on it.
13:28 I suddenly realized that I was,
13:30 that I was getting up and eating ice cream
13:32 much in the middle of night, which sounds
13:34 like, but anyway I realized but I realized
13:38 I wasn't waking up scared in the morning.
13:40 Praise God, praise God. I mean I could
13:41 not believe it and without working on
13:46 that so that internally, emotionally
13:49 God was actually through the power of his word,
13:52 you know in First Thessalonians
13:54 I think he says, we also thank God
13:56 continually because when you receive
13:58 the word of God which you heard from us,
13:59 Paul said we were the agent,
14:01 you accept it not as the word of man,
14:03 but it actually is the word of God
14:05 which is at work. It works in us.
14:08 That is powerful. I said, I think scripture
14:10 does to the mind what food does to the body.
14:13 And He absolutely transforming me
14:17 in two ways, He was healing my
14:20 inner emotional baggage, my fear,
14:24 my depression, all that sort of stuff.
14:25 And externally, at the same time,
14:29 I was just sinning less, I mean to me
14:33 watching too much TV is sin, especially
14:36 watching junk. Where it gets the mind,
14:38 gets us. Yes. you know set your minds
14:40 on things above. I was setting my mind
14:42 on junk TV, you know, I mean all that
14:46 sort of stuff, so it was just, I mean we're in
14:50 Isaiah 55, I love Isaiah 55, it says,
14:55 why spend money on what is not bread,
14:56 and your labor on what does not satisfy?
14:58 Yes, yeah. Listen, listen to me and eat
15:01 what is good and your soul will delight
15:05 in the riches that are fair enough eight.
15:07 All of our, the hassle of life is our inner
15:10 souls are not at peace. We want something,
15:12 our soul will delight, give hearing,
15:15 come to me and hear me that your
15:17 soul may live. And later on he says,
15:20 As the heavens are higher than the earth,
15:23 so are my ways higher than your
15:25 ways and my thoughts then your ways
15:26 and then it goes on as the rain and
15:28 the snow come down from heaven,
15:29 and do not return to it without watering
15:31 the earth and making it bud and flourish.
15:33 I live in Portland, North West is loaded
15:35 with best wheat, we have great vegetation,
15:37 Alright, so is my word that goes out from
15:39 my mouth: it will not return to me empty,
15:43 but will accomplished what I desire and
15:44 achieve the purpose for which I said,
15:46 so this clearly says, look, this isn't just
15:50 information we're dealing with. Yeah.
15:52 This is Jesus said in John 6:63, the words
15:56 I've spoken to you are spirit, and they are life.
16:00 Yes, yeah, yeah. And yet these words seem
16:04 to stay in an informational level
16:06 and one of the things I've struggled with
16:08 a lot is, how we can move scripture from
16:11 information to transformation.
16:14 Oh, praise God. You know, one thing pops
16:15 out at me, the inherent power in the word.
16:20 So that even when you may contact with
16:23 it for the wrong reason. The word is
16:27 so powerful it's going to convert
16:28 you anyway because your idea was to
16:31 not be embarrassed, and to do good on a
16:34 test on examination, I was memorizing
16:35 scripture just so I look good. Pour it in.
16:37 That's right, but It's like, it's like eating
16:39 ice cream. You eat it enough, you're
16:41 gonna put on, you know that's true.
16:43 You're right. That you intend to or not.
16:45 Yeah, the principles of the mind are there,
16:46 so your mind on things above, you set your
16:49 mind on things above now there can be
16:52 such a spirit that it could be only
16:54 mechanical but if your heart's right
16:57 you search again scripture.
16:58 And the things are going to change.
16:59 Yes, things are going to change.
17:01 Things are going to change. Yeah, yeah.
17:02 Now the inside I ran into that was huge
17:04 for me later because I thought look just
17:07 memorizing scripture that's a mechanical
17:10 experience, okay, and just for those that
17:13 want to get into scripture memorize
17:14 and say to you, if you really, if you'll
17:15 call and interested in this.
17:17 The pros have learned that if you want to read
17:19 and get a text down thoroughly once
17:20 you can repeat it from memory,
17:22 you should review it everyday for six weeks,
17:25 every day for six weeks, and then it
17:27 will really stick with you, you can lay it aside
17:29 but it can still just be information
17:31 and I went to a seminar where I
17:33 learned that when things come to us
17:36 just at word level about 10 percent sticks hey,
17:40 when we were going to school and we took
17:42 history tests, when did you want to take
17:45 the text? Right after you've done home work.
17:48 When you do your home work, I'll take
17:50 it next week because you know it'll all be
17:52 gone, most of it be gone, see when you
17:54 cut only words just data 10 percent sticks
17:58 on the other hand, if words are accompanied
18:01 with pictures whether we actually see it with
18:05 out eyeballs or visualize it in the minds eye.
18:08 So sensitizing your brain, yes, yes, yeah.
18:09 Fifty five percent of that will stick and
18:12 on the other hand if the words are accompanied
18:15 with not only pictures but with feelings,
18:18 emotions, a hundred percent sticks.
18:21 Now that's why children, why
18:23 everything impacts them so deeply.
18:25 Good things that happen to them
18:26 because they feel everything and they
18:28 experience everything. Well, once we become
18:32 adults in the church. Wouldn't you agree
18:36 with me that nearly all of our religious
18:39 activity is words. Yes, surely.
18:42 We go to Bible classes. You know, we go to
18:45 small groups, we discuss scripture,
18:47 we discuss it and hyphenate them.
18:49 Hyphenate item, but it's words and we
18:52 need to learn, frankly, what I described
18:54 words, pictures, feelings is what
18:57 meditation is all about. Thy words have
18:58 I hid in my heart, that I might not
19:00 say neither words of my mouth and the
19:02 mediation in my heart be pleasing
19:03 in your sight. And so I've learned that
19:06 what makes a huge difference is after
19:08 I know those scriptures and memorize them
19:11 to be able to then okay visualize them,
19:14 picture them I, one of my hey as you
19:17 know one of the monkeys on my back was fear.
19:20 Yes. Alright, I could just, let me walk this
19:23 through with you. I could wake up in the
19:24 morning and be afraid and say Lord help me
19:28 not to be afraid. Well, it's good that
19:30 I at least prayed about it.
19:31 And now this is actual problem of fear.
19:34 This is your afraid of what? Afraid of.
19:36 Just existential fear. When I spent the
19:39 first 20 years of my life so afraid of pushing
19:42 my dad's anger buttons and so
19:45 consumed with fear of him that it just
19:48 gripped me. It was my, even when there
19:51 was nothing to be afraid of I check
19:53 through my day. And yet I feel this anxiety
19:57 and fear. It's almost a culture of fear.
19:59 It almost is a climate of fear.
20:01 A climate of fear. That's really true,
20:02 yeah, and so I could just say Lord,
20:05 help me not be afraid. I could go
20:07 to First John 4:18 and say, there is no
20:10 fear in love but perfect love drives out fear,
20:12 sure. And say Lord, help me to help these
20:15 words to means to be my message about
20:17 my experience. But then I could, those
20:20 are words but what if I took First John 4:18,
20:23 there is no fear in love but perfect love
20:24 drives out fear, and I just Jesus is love,
20:28 so what if I became a mini movie producer,
20:31 and in my mind I just picture Jesus
20:34 approaching me, holding his arms out and saying,
20:37 hey Clarence, I want to give you a hug.
20:38 I like hugs from men and women, and so
20:41 I in my mind's eye, a lot of my imagination
20:45 controlled by scripture to just be embraced
20:49 by Him and more then that what is so,
20:52 here is my, the words are, there is no fear
20:54 in love, perfect love drives out fear.
20:56 The picture is Jesus is with me, embracing me,
20:59 now I go to the emotions and I hear
21:02 Jesus saying Clarence, you don't have to afraid.
21:04 Yeah. Nothing can separate you for
21:05 my love for Romans. I won't never leave you,
21:09 nor forsake you and I stay in that embrace
21:11 and I feel those feelings until, until
21:15 just all that fear just washes out me,
21:19 based on His word and meditating on His word.
21:22 Praise God, yeah. And He just absolutely
21:25 transformed and healed me through
21:28 the process of filling my mind with scripture
21:31 and then learning to take a way be onwards
21:35 to making, to meditating on it,
21:37 to picturing it, to experiencing the
21:40 emotions there, so. Praise God.
21:42 Yeah, a very, very special experience.
21:44 And then slowly imperceptibly but
21:46 definitely changes are taking place
21:48 in your life and in your attitude,
21:49 in your mindset, your relationship with Christ.
21:51 It really is. And I think now the name
21:54 of the game is where we just get
21:57 preoccupied with scripture, and we are
22:02 what we think, see we are what we think.
22:06 And you think and we're always thinking,
22:09 and that's what sleeping and then we're dreaming.
22:13 Yeah, yeah, the brain never really shuts down.
22:14 But where are we sleeping and are
22:16 always thinking, not only sleeping and
22:19 when you think about it, we're always mediating,
22:23 we're picturing things. I picture what we would
22:26 like to be with you even though I didn't
22:28 know what it would be like. Surely.
22:29 You know I pictured it and we're either
22:32 replaying things that happened in the past
22:34 or we're picturing things are gonna happen.
22:37 We're always how much are our preoccupations
22:43 with His words. Oh, that's a important point,
22:46 yeah, yeah. So that His words and we
22:51 talk sometimes about dying to self
22:52 and the theme of dying to self from
22:54 resurrection power that's why I think
22:56 one of the best ways to die to self is to
22:59 actually think about scripture so that
23:03 His thoughts are controlling me, not
23:06 my own thoughts. His thoughts you know
23:08 say you're. Paul said in Second Corinthians 4,
23:11 are lighten to momentary troubles and that's
23:17 make me a little mad because I got troubles
23:20 but I don't think our like momentary.
23:22 But our lighter momentary troubles
23:24 are achieving for us and eternal glory
23:26 that far away them all. So we fix our eyes
23:31 not on what is seen which are troubles,
23:34 light or heavy, but I want it unseen for
23:37 what is seen is temporary. Yes.
23:38 but what is unseen is eternal.
23:40 Is eternal, surely, surely, so that where
23:42 I have hidden my heart that I might
23:43 not sin against the, and of course
23:45 we realize that Christ's weapon of choice
23:48 was the word. Exactly. Yeah, was the word.
23:51 Exactly, that was it. The word I mean
23:55 He just kept out the word, the word,
23:58 the word you know the word is a living
23:59 and active, sharper then any double-edged sword,
24:02 it penetrates. I mean there is a so many
24:04 scriptures on the power of scripture
24:07 and I mean the longest chapter
24:09 in the Bible Psalm 119, whoever wrote
24:12 Psalm 119, we're not sure who wrote it
24:14 but whoever wrote it, it was totally wrapped up,
24:17 I mean he uses decrees and commands
24:19 and statutes and laws and words and he says,
24:22 sweeter than honey and all that whole chapter,
24:26 the obsession of the writer there was
24:29 word of God. Yes, praise God.
24:31 Just read word of God. So it's beginning to
24:34 revolutionized your ministry.
24:35 It sounds like they made some profound
24:37 and dramatic changes in your life.
24:39 What about your wife's life, if I can use that
24:41 right here. Yeah, hey listen, as she began to,
24:44 she got into it a little later then I did
24:48 but now while she carries Bible promises
24:52 book with her so as the things come up,
24:54 she carries, has a pack of cards that
24:56 she's laminated that in a little cubby
24:58 hole in the car, I see those.
25:00 She actually has the Bible on Tate now.
25:03 And when she's running errands.
25:04 So she's listening to the word a lot,
25:06 and it's made a huge I mean sometimes
25:09 she's had difficult situation where a
25:12 verse of scripture just slashing to our mind.
25:15 Yes. And just like that the inner attitudes
25:19 change and she was at peace,
25:20 it was wonderful. Let me ask this question,
25:22 if I can and that is where in your
25:25 ministerial experience, did you see this having
25:27 it's most profound impact?
25:29 It had a profound impact in my own
25:33 personal preaching and counseling,
25:35 because it's wonderful to just
25:38 have scriptures bring to mind and be
25:40 able to quote it. Yes, yes, yes, it occurs to me.
25:42 So there he did, plus I was doing enough
25:47 that people began saying teach us
25:49 how to memorize, and of course,
25:51 I mean whether they like it or not.
25:54 The members of my church, they kind of
25:56 probably get tired of hearing me talk about
25:58 word power, but about the importance
26:00 of one way or another getting very wrapped
26:03 up in his word. Yes. So that, so that whatever
26:07 life served up to us like Jesus said,
26:09 it is written, Our impulse more and
26:11 more is to respond with his words.
26:13 Instead responding with self, yeah, and
26:15 just our own selfishness, our own anger,
26:17 irritation, worry whatever we respond
26:20 with his words and we let him controls us.
26:21 Yeah, and if the Holy Spirit is on line
26:24 or it has to sort of bring youth things
26:26 that you have not studied you know,
26:28 he can but I don't think he is behold
26:31 to do so if we don't put it in,
26:33 it's not going to come out, and we
26:35 just spend that time with the Lord.
26:36 Yes, I find that most of what comes to
26:39 mind for me, are texts that I've looked at
26:42 a lot that I memorized a lot that I thought about,
26:44 and it is I cannot tell you how rewarding
26:48 it is personally, just my own life as well as
26:51 my profession Pastoral life to just
26:54 over and over again whatever happens,
26:58 words of scripture pop into mind. Praise God.
27:01 And they can control me or I can share them
27:04 with others sensitively, you have to be very
27:06 careful not to get just, it's called be
27:08 all you doing as Bible bashing and
27:09 hammering away, but it is really winsome
27:13 and healing and powerful for my own
27:15 life and my ministry to be able to share
27:17 words that come to mind. Praise God.
27:19 I suspect you would commend this to anyone,
27:21 sort of jump start for the Christian experience.
27:24 It's hard for me not to push scripture memory
27:26 on everybody, I confess, and I cautious
27:30 because there are various ways to get
27:31 wrapped up in scripture besides memory,
27:33 but getting preoccupied with His word is one
27:36 very special experience. Praise God.
27:38 And suspect it to takes some amount
27:39 of discipline to do so. Yes, it does.
27:41 Yes, yes. Yes, it does. 'Cause the Christian
27:43 word is good for us. But that is christian
27:44 top is good for us, experience.
27:45 Okay, doctor thank you so very much.
27:46 Thanks for having me. Praise the Lord,
27:47 your church must be very, very, very blessed.
27:49 Well, we're having a good time.
27:50 Again may I comment you to scripture
27:52 reading as a solution spiritual world
27:54 and a spiritual jump start for a life,
27:56 until next time God bless you.
27:58 We'll see you again soon.


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