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00:29 Hello welcome to Issues & Answers.
00:31 I'm C.A. Murray and I'm so very glad
00:33 that you joined us today.
00:35 My guest is Dr. Clarence Schilt of the Rockwood
00:39 Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portland,
00:41 Oregon. And we're so happy that he's here
00:43 today because the subject we're going
00:45 to be discussing is a very, very important
00:48 one for Christians and their Christian walk
00:51 with Jesus Christ. We want to talk about
00:53 resurrection power. Resurrection and power,
00:57 we're gonna combine those two and see
00:59 how they affect us and how we can grow in
01:01 Christ Jesus. Good doctor, good to have
01:03 you here again. Thank you, glad to be here.
01:04 Two words, resurrection and power. Yes.
01:08 Combine them, tell them what they're all about
01:10 and the benefit they have for the Christians.
01:12 Well it's interesting that Paul in Ephesians
01:16 when he was praying for the church he prayed
01:19 for a number of things in Ephesians 1 and in
01:21 Ephesians 1:19 he said, I pray that Christ
01:25 incomparable great power will come for us
01:28 who believe and he said that power is like
01:32 the working of his mighty strength
01:34 which he exerted in Christ when he raised
01:36 him from the dead. And so he said I want
01:38 you to have power and this specific kind of power
01:41 I want you to have is resurrection power.
01:44 Now the word he used there was the word that
01:48 we use for word dynamite comes from,
01:50 dealing this, which is, that was powerful then
01:52 why now, why dynamite kind of pales in
01:54 comparison to atomic power. Why in particular
01:58 resurrection power as apposed to some other
02:00 kinds of power? Because when we accept Christ
02:06 we say that we want to surrender ourselves,
02:09 in fact we use the term we die with Christ, yes.
02:14 And only way you can live after you've died is
02:21 to be resurrected. So, we're talking about life
02:25 after death aren't we? We're talking about life
02:27 after death. Sure. A story that I love to share,
02:30 there was a little 18 month old girl in
02:32 Northern Canada who somehow wandered
02:35 out of her house in the middle of the night
02:36 when it was 40 degrees below zero and as
02:40 you can imagine she froze to death rather
02:42 quickly and when her mother found her
02:44 several hours later she was hard as marble
02:46 and when they took her the hospital they
02:49 pronounced her dead but they began warming
02:52 her up and she came fully back to life,
02:56 didn't even lose any fingers or toes.
02:58 Incredibly. And people talked about Erika
03:01 being resurrected. Yes. I mean if someone
03:04 was on their death bed with cancer and was
03:09 miraculously healed without dying we
03:11 wouldn't say they got resurrected.
03:14 We'd say, we'd say hey, they were healed.
03:18 But resurrection power is needed when there
03:23 is death and it's needed only there.
03:25 Yeah. You think, I mean when did Lazarus
03:27 need resurrection power? When he dead,
03:31 after he died. Yeah. Sure, sure.
03:32 The widow's son it named after he died, yeah.
03:36 I mean even if a person is hours from death
03:38 on their death bed resurrection power
03:41 isn't needed till after they're death.
03:43 So resurrection power assumes that there
03:47 has been a death, a death sure.
03:48 And Paul says, I want you to have the
03:51 resurrection power that Jesus had which
03:53 means he assumes there is going to be a death.
03:55 Now for those who may not be quite following
03:58 your train of thought, yeah. That death is,
03:59 walk us through what that death is?
04:01 Alright, yeah. The Bible talks about dying to self.
04:04 Yes, Paul says I've been crucified with Christ.
04:08 Hey, let's look over Romans 6 for a minute,
04:12 because Romans 6 in a sense talks about this
04:15 fairly specifically. He says in verse 3 of
04:18 Romans 6, don't you know that all of us
04:21 who were baptized into Christ Jesus were
04:23 baptized into his death? We were therefore
04:27 buried with him through baptism into death,
04:30 it's we actually, it's like we go into a grave
04:33 only it's a watery grave, oh yes.
04:35 With him in order that just as Christ
04:39 was raised from the dead through the glory
04:41 of the Father, we too may live a new life.
04:45 Yes. Now when Erika got resurrected and
04:48 when Lazarus got resurrected. Yeah.
04:50 They just got back to physical life they
04:52 had before. The Bible says that when we get
04:56 resurrected spiritually from the death of sin
05:01 and I think it's fair to say the Bible called
05:04 Sin Death. Yes. When we get resurrected
05:07 from spiritual death we don't just go back
05:10 to the life we have. We have a different
05:12 life instead of having our sinful, selfish life
05:15 that's primarily ruling us, we have
05:18 resurrection life. Yeah and I think that's
05:21 an important point. If after we are resurrected
05:25 we have the same habits, the same tastes,
05:28 the same life as before, then we haven't
05:30 really progressed. We haven't really done
05:32 anything; we are pretty much the same.
05:35 We maybe buried alive. Yeah. Yes, very much so.
05:37 However, I was thinking this could be very
05:41 discouraging to our watchers. Yeah.
05:43 Because everybody that, when we become a Christian
05:47 and receive his new life there is that old self
05:51 life still clamors for recognition.
05:54 I mean it clamors for ruling, rule and so on.
05:57 So, the old self life can be there but it's not
06:02 our primary master anymore, oh yes.
06:05 I mean the Bible says sin no longer reigns.
06:08 Yes, yes. As the King of your life, now Jesus
06:10 is the King of your life. Yes. And you have
06:12 resurrection or power, but a line that
06:15 I would like to use a lot is resurrection power
06:18 comes only to those who are dead, dead
06:20 to self. Yeah. And when I don't die to self
06:23 I can't expect resurrection power
06:25 because it's not going to compete.
06:27 You see, so, so I need to constantly stay
06:30 dead to self, if I'm going to receive resurrection
06:35 power. Now that's a crucial point, in that
06:39 there maybe someone who is saying,
06:40 why don't I have that kind of power.
06:42 Why don't I have that kind of victory? Why?
06:45 She has it, he has it I see, others walking
06:48 in that power, why not me? May be you
06:50 haven't met the prerequisite which
06:52 is dying to self. I think, to me that's
06:54 really crucial. I puzzled for years over highly
07:00 religious people, devoted people,
07:02 people that had daily devotions studied their
07:05 scriptural lesson every week. Went to church,
07:08 paid debt, all of that and yet seem to have
07:11 so little power and spiritual joy and peace
07:16 and even victory over temptation.
07:18 And my conviction is this that those individuals
07:22 are trying to put on Christ and overly Christ
07:26 on self that steal all the life. Aha.
07:30 I mean Paul says, you know, you were
07:31 talking with him regarding your former
07:33 way of life to put off your old self and to
07:36 put on the new self. Now, I think a full
07:40 Christian experience needs devotion to
07:42 two journeys, one is putting on Christ
07:45 through all of the religious spiritual
07:47 activity but also putting off self. Yeah.
07:50 Because if I, if self stays alive, I've got
07:55 the form of religion, yes, but not the power,
07:58 yes, yes, as the Jews in Jesus day did,
08:00 you know we've talked about that before.
08:02 This is both crucial and exciting.
08:04 In that you are giving a recipe for true success,
08:09 it's not cosmetology; it's not just putting on
08:13 coat of pain, because then you're just a,
08:14 wearing a separate coat, that's exactly right.
08:16 You know you look good on the outside
08:18 but inside dead man's bones. Right.
08:19 So it's not going to the beauty shop and
08:21 getting a facial and a hairdo.
08:23 It's a change that begins from within,
08:26 absolutely. Because if you just put a coat of
08:29 pain on after a while the rust is gonna
08:30 show through, exactly. And you're not gonna
08:32 that kind of success that you have, exactly.
08:34 And certainly you can't tap into the
08:36 power base that you should because
08:38 you haven't cleaned out from inside.
08:40 Oh it was precisely, yeah in fact I mean
08:43 I think the reason we are so poor at
08:46 following through on resolutions.
08:48 New Year's resolutions or any kind of change,
08:51 it doesn't have to be New Year's anytime is,
08:53 we're trying to outwardly force a
08:57 change of behavior when there has not
09:00 been an inner change, yes. And so there is
09:04 this dissidence and tension between
09:07 who I'm inside and what I'm trying to
09:09 do outwardly. And where as when I
09:12 inwardly surrender self and die, yes,
09:17 so that another power can resurrect me
09:20 and give me a whole different life.
09:22 And not just the life I had but Christ's life
09:25 then when I go after resolutions or
09:29 behavior change or whatever, why,
09:31 then that new life is going to empower
09:35 new changes and there is going to be
09:37 behaviors that stick, rather than I try it,
09:40 but I can't stay with it because it's the old
09:42 self trying to do new behaviors and it
09:44 doesn't mix. It just doesn't make sense,
09:45 it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
09:46 It's a strange kind of thing Yeah, yeah.
09:48 Now I want you just stay and maybe believe
09:49 lead down a different path, this is what occurs
09:51 to me. There are those who will tell you
09:54 because you're saying that victorious
09:58 resurrection power comes on the heels
10:01 of the death to self. Correct.
10:03 But I want you to wrestle with just
10:05 for a moment that the idea, espoused by
10:08 some that when you give your life to Christ
10:11 everything becomes for want of a better
10:14 term Hunky-dory, alright. Everything
10:16 is fine, correct; there is no battle to fight
10:18 anymore. Yes. And I think you're not saying that.
10:21 No. You're saying something totally
10:22 different. Well yeah I mean there will be a
10:23 huge battle to fight. I mean Paul talks about
10:27 put off your old self, do not be confirmed,
10:29 but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
10:31 And Paul in Romans 7 talked about, he said
10:35 look something is going on, I don't do what
10:39 I wanna do, yes. And I do what I don't wanna do.
10:42 But interestingly enough he says it's no longer
10:46 I who do it, yeah, but sin living in me,
10:48 very strange words. I also, so maybe
10:51 I'm not responsible after all, I'm a victim
10:53 but you know the devil me do it or something,
10:56 but I think the reason he is saying that is
10:58 he is saying once I became a Christian,
11:00 my primary identity is Christ.
11:04 My primary authority my trained primary
11:07 master is Christ, however since living
11:11 in me sometimes I talk about a street orphan,
11:14 a kid who has no home, no name,
11:17 no base whatever and he is adopted, yes.
11:20 Given a home, given name, given a roof
11:22 over his head, given clothes, security, food.
11:24 A week after he is adopted will all of
11:28 his street life be gone? No. Probably not,
11:31 probably not, probably not, yeah,
11:33 but now that's secondary because
11:36 his primary identity is his new name,
11:39 his new family, his new security,
11:41 his new base, his new power in the sense,
11:43 but there is still street life and we
11:45 spend all of our lives trying to let the
11:49 new identity and resurrection power
11:51 in us just more and more lay aside and
11:54 just put to death, praise Lord sure,
11:55 our street life. But you know the battle with
11:58 self is the biggest battle's ever been fought,
12:01 very much so. I like your statement,
12:03 your primary identity, yes. You're playing for
12:06 a new team, you're playing for a new team,
12:08 if you're playing for a new team and it
12:09 doesn't mean that the old way doesn't prop up,
12:12 in fact that is your battle, keeping it from
12:13 doing that, that's right, but your primary,
12:16 it's a great life, your primary identity
12:18 now is Christ. Exactly, yes. And I think many
12:21 Christians feel because, I mean
12:23 I'll ask people sometime I'll say,
12:25 do you have a greater sense of who you are
12:27 in Christ or still have a greater sense of
12:30 how sin grips you and a lot of them will say,
12:33 yeah, I still feel more like a sinner.
12:35 And in fact I have a friend who for years
12:39 has fought anger and being hard on people
12:42 at home or whatever and he just has not
12:45 been able to look at this and he said
12:46 he just gets up wrapped up
12:47 in his sense of failure, his sense
12:49 of just getting irritable or losing his temper
12:52 or being controlling or whatever.
12:54 And he suddenly got it and decided,
12:57 I'm gonna wake up every morning and
12:58 say Lord I thank you that you are my primary
13:01 master that you're healing the anger in me
13:05 and the attitude in me you're changing me,
13:07 that I have a new life that I can count
13:09 myself dead to sin as Paul said in Romans 6,
13:12 yeah. And his wife told me months afterwards
13:16 she said, he has become a different person
13:18 because he is more identified and he is
13:21 more aware of his identity in Christ then
13:24 the street life, the sinful nature that's
13:27 still in him even though that still crops up.
13:29 Yes, yes that's a fabulous thing.
13:30 And I think it is a question that each
13:32 of us needs to ask ourselves.
13:34 Paul talked about humility but he also
13:37 says I know him in whom I have believed,
13:41 I know. Right. You know we're not shadow boxes;
13:44 we're not beating the air. We are fighting in
13:48 strength, fighting in power. Yes. We're
13:50 fighting with resurrection power, precisely,
13:52 but before that I need to be just overwhelmingly
13:56 committed, yes, to dying to self no matter what,
14:01 and sometimes it's just excruciating painful
14:05 to die to self. When I, when I don't and
14:08 I don't think that some people get in
14:11 this crazy thing of every time I sin is
14:14 Christ left my life. I mean I'll say to a
14:17 married couple, I say you know when you have
14:18 a fight, do you lie awake nights wondering
14:20 if you're still married. Yeah. They don't.
14:23 Right. You know. Hey Christ is in us,
14:25 and in fact I picture Jesus life in us this
14:30 way as a huge body of water, an ocean
14:34 that goes on and on. And he is in us and when I,
14:38 when self rises he doesn't suddenly leave,
14:40 he's still there but I picture this dam
14:43 with gates that control the flow of the water.
14:45 Yes. And he is in me but when self rises and
14:49 sin rises in me the gates are shutting and
14:53 now I'm living out of self, and when
14:56 I die to self and let him control me,
15:00 the gates are opening and his life
15:02 is flowing in me and through me and
15:05 out of me to others, yeah, yeah.
15:06 But his life is in me when I become a Christian,
15:09 we're identified with Christ. Yeah, so.
15:12 Yes, and I think our life was not defined
15:15 by the occasional mistake or occasional slip,
15:18 right. It's more defined by the direction
15:20 as you said it before; it's our primary
15:22 identification, our primary master.
15:23 Yeah. That's right. And that is Jesus.
15:25 Yes. Do I not have times when I make mistakes,
15:28 when I am less than perfect as a Christian,
15:31 oh yeah. There are, yeah, but my primary focus,
15:34 my primary identification, my primary principle
15:37 master is Jesus Christ. It's absolutely Christ.
15:39 Now the time I find it hardest to let keep
15:43 those gates open. Is when I'm being treated
15:48 unfairly and I know I'm right.
15:50 I mean when I know I'm right, I'll never
15:56 forget the couple coming to me a while back
16:00 and she was ticking through his sins and
16:03 he was sinning, they're agreeing with her
16:05 that he wasn't caring, he didn't help with
16:07 the kids, he was ignoring her in this and that
16:09 and the other. But she said it so bitterly with
16:12 such sarcasm, with such anger, with such
16:15 resentment. And even though she was
16:17 absolutely right, I felt very nervous about
16:20 the way she was right. Yeah.
16:21 And later I began to reflect on this and now,
16:25 now I some times say this, that we do a lot
16:28 if not most of our sinning when we're right,
16:30 when we're right, yeah, yeah.
16:31 And I think it's hardest to die to self
16:35 when I am right. And I'm not talking
16:37 when I think I'm right. Sometimes I think
16:40 I'm right I'm not. Yes. I'm talking about
16:42 what I'm already am. I mean God wants us
16:44 to have a happy marriage. He doesn't
16:47 want me to be dying with cancer,
16:48 you know he, it's not his will that the boss
16:52 be treating me badly or all those sorts of things.
16:55 And when things are not going my way then
16:58 I know even God probably wishes was different.
17:01 Yeah. Why it's terribly hard for bitterness
17:04 and for resentment and for hurt and impatience,
17:07 to rise up and I'll be sinning all over the
17:12 place even though I'm right and that blocks
17:15 resurrection power. You know, you would think
17:20 and perhaps it's the way the human mind
17:22 works that, right is almost the substitute
17:24 for being redemptive, it is not.
17:28 I think we have a, as a greater responsibility
17:31 when we are in the right to be redemptive,
17:34 to be redemptive that's right.
17:35 Yeah, yeah. See Joseph, you look at,
17:37 hey Joseph's brothers were right,
17:40 he was kind of a spoiled kid, he was yeah, yeah.
17:42 And his father's treating didn't help,
17:44 that's right, yeah. And, but in their rightness
17:48 look what it let them to do. Yes, yes, yeah.
17:51 I mean it's awful I mean hearing it, they threw
17:54 Joseph in this pit, then sold him as a slave
17:56 and all that, the contrast is that Joseph had
18:00 the right to be bitter and angry, I mean for
18:04 13 years he was in Egypt as a slave and in prison
18:07 and all of that. And here I mean boy if anybody
18:11 was justified in having a sinful you might
18:14 say bitter, critical, angry, revengeful spirit
18:19 it be Joseph and he didn't. He never
18:22 manifested. I mean so, so he didn't sin when
18:25 he was right and it's, but it's, but when we
18:29 can surrender, I'll say sometimes,
18:33 I'll say sometimes what happens to us
18:35 is relatively inconsequential,
18:37 but what happens in and through us
18:40 has huge consequences. Oh yes, yes, yes I can
18:43 agree with that. It's kind of, when we, and
18:46 we are so eager that things go our way that
18:51 without knowing it, we just, the gates of those
18:55 then shut down and we're so invested in
18:58 things turning out our way, that God's
19:01 resurrection power is just blocked from
19:04 flowing through us. It might just doesn't
19:07 happen like it ought to. So, then your thesis is
19:10 we are most in danger of having that old man
19:14 to rise again when we're in the right.
19:17 It's seems so because it's so hard not to fight
19:23 for our rights, yes, yes. And we're in a world
19:27 that says take care of number one, take care
19:30 of number one, nobody else is gonna look after
19:32 you, oh yeah. And my belief is that I should
19:37 have abandoned myself protectiveness to Christ.
19:40 And this is very tricky I know but I ought to
19:47 be more concerned about the reputation
19:49 of Jesus through me. Then I am concerned
19:52 about getting my way. Because if I get my way
19:56 and I'm contradicting the spirit of Christ,
20:00 his reputation is being hurt, is being hurt,
20:03 sure, yeah. I mean the reputation of Jesus,
20:05 I mean in Isaiah we read, your name and your
20:08 renown are desire of my heart.
20:09 So am I absolutely more invested in how Jesus
20:15 looks through me, I understand.
20:17 Then I am being right or getting my right,
20:21 yes, yes, yes. And it's so easy the last
20:25 church that our pastor to had over 2000 members
20:27 and I recall there was some disturbance
20:32 between two women in the church, I went,
20:34 you know doing the settle diplomacy back
20:36 and forth, that's right. And when I went to
20:39 visit one member she said to me, pastor,
20:41 not now, you know I don't talk about that
20:44 forgiveness stuff, I wanna be mad,
20:46 you know let me enjoy this, I wanna be mad.
20:47 I want to like my pity party. Yeah, I want to
20:49 stay here and I want to be mad, talk with me
20:51 tomorrow. But I don't want to, I don't want
20:52 you to discuss this now, you're kind of
20:53 enjoying that anger, you know that kind
20:55 of thing and reveling in that anger.
20:58 And of course it's an expression of self,
21:00 I want to be mad, I don't want data,
21:02 I don't want rapprochement,
21:03 I don't wanna to be forgiven or
21:06 offer forgiveness, I want to be mad,
21:08 I'm man and I want to be mad.
21:09 And we enjoy our mad, yes, yes.
21:10 I heard someone did that, out of the
21:11 seven deadly sins, the anger is the most fun.
21:13 I mean to just enjoy and muse over
21:19 what's been done to me and muse over
21:21 what I'm gonna do back, yeah, yeah,
21:23 and really anger is, oh my, I mean it's
21:27 I call it the most dangerous emotion
21:28 because in Ephesians it says do not
21:31 be angry, do not let the sun go down on
21:33 you're anger and do not give the devil
21:36 a foothold. Now, I don't think it means
21:39 if one second before the sun goes down
21:41 you get angry, and you better get over
21:42 in the next half second. I think it means don't
21:45 hold on to it, surely, surely, surely.
21:47 And later it says do not grieve the
21:48 Holy Spirit of God and get rid of all bitterness,
21:50 rage, anger. And in that passage in
21:53 Ephesians 4, I think it's saying that when
21:55 I hold on to anger and get angry and handle
21:59 it poorly, I'm giving the devil a foothold,
22:02 I'm opening the door to Satan and
22:04 I'm slamming the door on the Holy Spirit.
22:05 Yeah. Do not grieve that. That's about as
22:07 frightening as it can get. To open the door to
22:09 Satan and slam the door on the Holy Spirit.
22:11 Surely, surely and of course it's at those
22:14 times when you are holding on to that,
22:17 that the devil brings something along to
22:19 show you how far from Lord you actually are,
22:21 'cause you sort of cut off, you sort of divorced
22:23 out from your power source, yes.
22:25 And certainly resurrection power
22:26 is not flowing through that time.
22:27 That's true. The reason we get angry
22:30 incidentally is we don't like to feel weak
22:33 and helpless and hurt and frustrated
22:34 and scared, you probably heard that
22:36 anger is the secondary emotion that always,
22:39 it was preceded by either fear, hurt or
22:42 frustration. Yeah. And we don't like those
22:44 feelings where as it's, it feels power,
22:47 anger's power, anger's power, yeah, yeah.
22:49 And so I feel, so I go to anger to feel more
22:52 powerful 'cause I don't wanna feel weak,
22:53 hurt or frustration, precisely, yeah.
22:55 So I, get anger, but when I do self is all
22:59 alive and it just absolutely slams the
23:04 door to resurrection power.
23:05 It just slam, because self is, when self is
23:08 alive it doesn't need to be resurrected,
23:10 it's already alive. When self is dead
23:13 that's when I need a new life,
23:14 I need resurrection power. Would you
23:16 agree, do you agree that this is something
23:18 that we have to, and I use the term work
23:21 at everyday it's not like you turn the button
23:23 on and the motor runs, and it just runs on
23:25 eternally, yeah right, but it's something that
23:27 we have to reaffirm everyday?
23:28 And I think you have to reaffirm it numerous
23:30 times a day. I mean numerous times a
23:34 day things happen that are just inconvenient,
23:39 they're irritating, they're scary, you know
23:44 whatever and, numerous times a day
23:47 we can practice, you know there's a lots of
23:50 duty practice dying to self or really it.
23:52 Yeah. I love definition Dallas Willard,
23:56 some people like to read Dallas Willard he says,
23:58 "a person who is dead to self is not offended
24:01 when things don't go their way, they're not
24:04 surprised when things don't go their way
24:06 and they're not controlled by the things
24:08 that don't go their way. Oh it's beautiful.
24:10 Now that's resurrection power. Yes, yes.
24:14 So not be surprised when things don't go
24:15 in my way, not offended when things,
24:17 and not controlled by the things that don't
24:19 go my way. Ellen White, an author that we love
24:23 a lot says it's the love of self that destroys
24:26 our peace. When self is all alive when we
24:28 stand ready continually to guard it, oh yeah,
24:31 for modification an insult. Yeah, yeah.
24:33 But when we are dead and our life is
24:35 hidden with Christ the God, we'll not
24:37 take neglects or slights to heart,
24:39 will be death to reproach applying
24:40 to score an insult now. And that's beautiful
24:43 stuff, oh that's beautiful.
24:44 And it shows a life of total surrender to Christ.
24:46 Because you're not offended, you're not
24:49 surprised and you're not controlled by it,
24:52 and all of us can sort of roll with things
24:54 when they're going as we wish.
24:56 That's right, yeah. The tests of our,
24:57 our walk with Christ is when things go
24:59 contrary to what we want. But what's
25:01 remarkable and exception and a miracle is
25:04 when you see people rolling with things
25:06 when they're not going their way.
25:08 Yes, yes. And there something,
25:10 I mean to have that kind of peace and
25:12 that kind of power, you know I some
25:15 times say that it's hard to beat peace,
25:19 and power to cope with whatever life
25:21 serves up. Having peace and power to cope
25:24 with whatever life serves up and you see
25:26 people with, that just relate in powerful
25:31 and peaceful and joyful ways, when life's just
25:34 slamming him in the teeth all the time.
25:36 Surely. Who? Yeah. That's an impressive
25:37 testimony for Christ. Oh it is. It is and what
25:40 must it have been like to have been
25:41 Jesus never get any peace, never get any rest,
25:44 never get a break from Satan, to have Pharisees,
25:46 Sadducees, nipping at your heel all the time
25:49 and a group of disciples in your inner circle
25:52 whose for the most part really didn't understand
25:54 your mission and yet maintained that peace,
25:56 maintain that calm, maintain that focus,
25:59 maintain that connection, that's the kind of power
26:02 that we can have here growing up, that's true.
26:03 Yeah. Now saying all these I mean it sounds,
26:06 I'm thinking it sounds awfully negative,
26:07 hated guy to right, so you can get up your
26:09 all those sorts of thing. You've got a have a
26:11 couple things going for you, one is you've got
26:13 to be just overwhelmed with the love of Christ,
26:15 yes. You got to be just absolutely overwhelmed
26:18 and say hey his love and his reputation are
26:20 absolutely so wonderful, hey I'm abandoning
26:22 self defending us and self protecting us
26:24 and fighting for my rights. The other
26:27 thing that it seems life you have to be just
26:29 really overwhelmed with is look being at peace
26:34 and trusting Christ, yes. Has guarded all over
26:39 fighting for my rights even, even when
26:43 occasionally I win. Yes. And it's so awful when
26:46 I fight for my rights, it doesn't even work.
26:48 Yeah. So why do it when it's not even
26:52 worth it. And be losing the opportunity sometimes
26:54 to represent Christ. You know because you're
26:56 fighting, you're in that fighting mode, yeah.
26:57 And you have to say look John the Baptist
27:00 he must increase and I decrease you have to
27:03 be terribly invested in him looking great and
27:07 his reputation is far more important than
27:09 how my life is going, oh yes.
27:10 How my life is going is relatively unimportant
27:13 compared to how he's looking and how he's
27:16 living through me, oh yes. Yes, yes.
27:19 This has been a wonderful study and
27:21 I thank you so very much we've really
27:23 just sort of looked at the tip of the eyes
27:25 because the power of resurrection,
27:28 power of the ideal resurrection power
27:30 such a wonderful thing and it is dead rock
27:32 foundational to our growth in Christ.
27:34 Die to self, come alive to life in Jesus Christ,
27:37 right, and experience a growth, a power
27:39 that we've never had before, right.
27:41 A whole different. And when I didn't,
27:43 until I got this I didn't get it.
27:44 Until I got it I didn't get it, right.
27:47 Praise God. Thank you so very, very
27:49 much for being with us. Yeah, thank you.
27:51 Again Resurrection power, experience it,
27:53 pray for it, live in it and your life will
27:56 be blessed, that's all for now,
27:57 God bless you, we'll see you again.


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