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00:30 Welcome to Issues & Answers.
00:32 I'm C.A. Murray and on today's program
00:35 we're going to be discussing an issue
00:37 that I suspect is at the heart of the
00:39 Christian experience. It is indeed dying to self,
00:44 easily said not quite as easily done.
00:48 And to help walk us through that experience
00:50 and see how we can be successful in our
00:52 Christian growth, my guest is Dr. Clarence Schilt.
00:56 Doctor, good to have you here today.
00:57 Thank you, glad to be here. You are the pastor of
01:00 the Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist
01:02 Church in Portland, Oregon, so you're
01:03 a long way from home, yes, yeah.
01:05 It's good to have you here and looking at
01:09 your bio, you've spend sometime at Loma Linda
01:11 University on the pastoral staff there and then
01:14 you were out east back my way Potomac
01:17 Conference I understand, Pennsylvania Conference,
01:18 right, right. And now in Oregon, but you've got
01:21 a burden I see for helping Christians grow in grace
01:26 and die to self. Well, I've just notice in
01:30 my own life and in the life of so many Christians
01:33 it seems like we know a lot about religion and
01:36 scripture and all about, but there doesn't seem
01:37 to be a lot of power, and I've reflected a lot
01:41 on the fact that the leaders in Jewish
01:44 Jesus day, the Jewish leaders there.
01:47 They were nobody knew the Bible like they did
01:50 and they had spiritual disciplines, prayer and
01:53 fasting and all that, and yet they miss Jesus
01:55 when he showed up and I thought why and
01:59 as a religious leader as a pastor I thought boy
02:02 if they can miss Jesus, we could also easily
02:06 miss him. And what makes a difference
02:09 in terms of seeing him when he shows up
02:11 and not seeing him in the sense.
02:12 And I think it's an important discussion
02:15 because we're talking about death before life
02:18 and then in a sense life after death, that's true.
02:22 And growth after death, yeah that's true,
02:25 yeah and that's your burden. Exactly, when
02:28 Jesus or when in laying his ministry Jesus in
02:32 the period of six days told the disciples on
02:36 three different occasions in Mark 8 and 9,
02:39 he said very explicitly, I'm going to die and
02:43 be buried and be raised again and the disciples
02:48 heard that, Mark says it in Mark that he says
02:52 it very, he said it very clearly and yet they
02:55 didn't hear because when he died they were
02:57 absolutely crushed and unprepared and when
03:00 he rose from the grave, it took them a while
03:03 to believe it, yeah they really, they really didn't
03:05 believe it for a while yeah. And why, when
03:08 the spiritual truth is right there.
03:09 So, obviously then the doctor it's not just a
03:14 matter of a head knowledge because the Jewish
03:18 community, the disciples in particularly had that,
03:20 yes they had studied yeah, Christ had
03:22 explained it to them exactly, so they were,
03:24 they were armed with the book knowledge
03:25 if I can use that term, that's right.
03:27 So, it's more then just the knowledge of,
03:28 of in the head. Right, and hearing it and even
03:31 being able to talk about and in one place
03:33 when Jesus came down from the Mount of
03:35 Transfiguration in Mark 9, why Jesus gave them
03:40 orders in verse 9 not to tell anyone what they
03:43 had seen until the Son of Man had risen from
03:45 the dead. And they kept the matter to themselves,
03:48 discussing what rising from the dead meant.
03:50 So they even talked about religious things
03:53 I mean we've our religious meetings
03:55 and talk about them and yet they were
03:57 still ill-prepared, it's very disconcerting,
04:00 very unsettling. It is because you seem to
04:03 be saying I can spend my life involved in the
04:08 trappings of Christianity, the accoutrement of
04:10 Christianity, I can work for the church even,
04:12 right. Perhaps even be a denominational employee
04:14 or a pastor, right and be surrounded with the
04:17 stuff of the church, right, and yet not have the
04:20 relationship or the power within.
04:22 How do I get beyond that, how I work my way
04:24 through that? Exactly yeah and maybe we had
04:28 just ask the question what keeps me from hearing
04:33 it, I mean later in just that same day when
04:37 they came down the mountain why the
04:39 disciples were asked to cast the demon out of
04:42 a boy and they weren't able to do it, yes.
04:45 And they ask Jesus why couldn't we cast it out,
04:48 Jesus said well this comes up by prayer
04:51 and fasting. I think often we, and so here the
04:55 disciples they had lost spiritual power to heal
04:59 somebody else. And I think the reason being
05:04 and the crux at the end of all of this in verse 33
05:08 of Mark 9 when they came to Capernaum,
05:11 and he was in the house, and he asked them,
05:13 what were you arguing about on the road?
05:15 And they kept quiet because on the way
05:17 they had argued about who was the greatest,
05:19 yes, yes. Now my sense is that what we're
05:22 learning from scripture here is that when the
05:26 person is wrapped up in self and primarily taking
05:30 care of me and they would, they argued a lot about
05:34 who was gonna sit next Christ and who was
05:36 gonna have what positions in the new government
05:38 and so on. That something happens that
05:41 blocks spiritual truth from sinking in,
05:44 because Jesus was there you know they heard
05:47 with their ear drums and saw with their eye balls,
05:51 yeah all these truths and yet it just went by them
05:55 and I think it's because they were so wrapped
05:57 up in themselves that nothing could get through.
06:01 Yeah, yeah, the word keeps coming up again,
06:05 again in your dialogue self, self, yes I know
06:08 yes, so it would appear that the blockage,
06:13 the fulcrum, the crux of the issue is dealing
06:16 with self, I think so, I mean Jesus said
06:19 in Luke 9, he said, "If anyone would come
06:23 after me, let him deny himself and take up his
06:28 cross daily and follow me. Now, crosses usually
06:34 what happen on crosses is people die, yeah.
06:36 So in some sense Jesus is its kind of a strange term
06:41 and probably grammatical but he wants to un-self us.
06:43 Yeah, I understand, he like to free us,
06:47 I mean Paul said in Galatians 2:20:
06:49 I have been crucified with Christ and
06:52 I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.
06:55 And the life that I live in the body,
06:58 I live by faith, so there is this strange almost
07:01 oxymoron of dying to self so that another
07:06 life can come alive in us. Now, you've orchestrated
07:11 for us the problem, the problem is itself is
07:15 crucifying self is, is keeping self dead
07:19 because self has this Lazarus like quality,
07:21 yes it's right, it pops up you know you've
07:23 got to work at it every day Paul says,
07:25 yes true yeah, how do we, how do we do that,
07:26 how do we even attempted to do that?
07:28 To die to self, yeah, yeah do you know
07:31 that's the thing because we use the cliche?
07:34 My wife has always said to me don't tell me
07:36 what to do, tell me how to do it.
07:37 And we've use the cliche, yeah and it seems to
07:40 me like center to this is understanding the
07:45 process of, of saying dead yourself and
07:49 that's the same process as when we come to Christ.
07:51 When we come to Christ and become a Christian,
07:55 what we're recognizing is how much we're loved.
07:58 We're recognizing how sinful we are and
08:01 we need to be forgiven and we're accepting
08:04 his forgiveness and his power. So, whenever
08:08 self rises a challenge I've had with self is
08:13 my attitude to other drivers on the road,
08:16 I mean they irritate me. Well having spend
08:21 30 years in your car, I understand and
08:22 I emphasis, that's true. And it's, it's a long term
08:26 habit and so whenever I find my self urged
08:29 because the lights turned green and
08:31 they're sitting there still not moving where I,
08:35 why then when I find irritation to me that's
08:40 self, yes, that's not love is patient,
08:43 love is kind, it's not easily angered.
08:45 So, at that point I let the Holy Spirit
08:48 convicted me, Clarence, self is rising
08:52 here, yes, yes. And so I think the first step
08:55 in how to overcome and die to self is letting the
08:58 spirit actually show me and convict me that
09:02 in fact self is about to arise or has risen
09:06 and when I see sin my understanding is
09:10 that the first thing I want to admit is,
09:12 is to confess it, yes. And to basically give
09:16 it to God, so it's letting the Spirit show it to
09:18 me which we call the first step seeing it,
09:21 and then I wanna confess it, I want to
09:24 say back to him, this I realize Lord is sin,
09:30 it's selfishness, it's my sinful nature,
09:31 I don't wanna be this way, I want to stay dead,
09:34 so that your life can live through me.
09:36 And then I, we use four yeses, let the Holy Spirit
09:41 convict us by seeing it, seeing it, we confess it
09:45 by saying it and then we give it to him,
09:48 surrender, give it away to him and finally
09:52 and most importantly we change our thought
09:55 life by substituting his words for our words.
09:58 Now, I wanna walk through each of those
09:59 because those are four important yeses.
10:02 What is if a person does not see it?
10:05 You obviously have turned the light inward
10:09 and asking God to show you when self arises,
10:13 yes, right. But what if a person is a bit self
10:15 deceived, is it there any sort of objective
10:18 criteria they can use to say if this is wrong
10:20 then I must have a problem with self.
10:22 Well, I think the word is crucial here,
10:25 but if a person doesn't see it what,
10:30 I mean if they don't see it they may not see it.
10:33 The disciples just didn't see self, they kept
10:38 arguing, they didn't see self until Jesus died
10:42 and he rose from the grave and then they
10:44 were just oh my yeah, then they got it
10:46 I mean Peter went from betraying Christ
10:49 fearfully there around that fire yeah,
10:52 to all of a sudden he didn't care about his
10:54 life at all and proclaiming Christ later.
10:56 So, it seems that the life of Jesus,
10:59 the love of Jesus, it seems that staying around
11:03 the cross a lot where the cross shows his hay,
11:06 you're a sinner but you're also love,
11:08 you're right what I was thinking yes because
11:09 we began by saying that though the disciples
11:13 were in Christ constant company yes, they didn't
11:16 see it right, exactly. So, I think and I think
11:18 you'll agree with me one of the things
11:19 we have to do is ask the Lord show me myself,
11:21 yeah and spend time in the mirror here to
11:24 make sure that you can, you can see the word,
11:26 where the word really shows it.
11:27 My wife is into this in a really deep way
11:30 and wonderful way and everyday she has a
11:33 prayer and part of that prayer is Lord,
11:35 show me self today, yes, yes, yes.
11:37 So, you have to be eager and open and willing
11:40 but the word is it primary you know search me
11:45 and try my heart, yes you know thy word is a
11:47 lamp under my feet, so I think the key way
11:49 to see self and if we're not seeing it and
11:53 the key way to that will change is life in the word.
11:56 Okay, praise the Lord yeah one down,
11:58 now the second S is. Is confessing, saying it,
12:02 saying it, saying it and I'm fascinated with
12:05 First John 1:9: that he says: If we confess our
12:08 sins, he is faithful and just to do things
12:11 we don't separate those much but I think there
12:13 are two messages, to forgive us, yes
12:16 and to cleanse us, so I think in confessing sin
12:20 and apologizing and asking for forgiveness.
12:23 There is not just forgiveness at that time,
12:26 I think there is healing that goes on inwardly,
12:29 I mean if I'm hurting my wife and I confess
12:32 and apologize, I think that process is gonna
12:35 keep me from hurting her as often, yes.
12:37 So, there is not just he will forgive us
12:39 but he will also cleanse us, and so I need to
12:42 just openly admit, yeah and say Lord
12:45 I'm sinning here, I'm not trusting you,
12:47 I'm disobeying your command, I'm and I think
12:49 we need to be much more sin sensitive.
12:51 We have juicy category of sins,
12:54 you know sex, and drugs and sure,
12:56 the word sin in the Bible just means to
12:58 miss the mark of being like Jesus, yes, yes.
13:00 So, if I'm violating any of the aspects of
13:03 First Corinthians 13 love, is patient and kind
13:06 and doesn't envy, doesn't boast,
13:08 is not rude, not self seeking, not easily
13:12 angered, keeps no record of wrong,
13:13 yeah any violation of that is really sin
13:17 and so in small ways I need to admit little sin
13:21 it's not just big ones. Now, I wanna put a pin
13:23 in one of your remarks because you said
13:25 something that, that sort of turned the light
13:27 on for me you said that when I confess it sort
13:33 of sensitizes me not to do it again,
13:35 because when we confess our sin,
13:37 we certainly are not informing God of anything,
13:39 he is aware, right. But for your benefit
13:42 you are saying to your wife I've made this
13:44 mistake against you, and that sort of helps not
13:46 to do that again, is it the same way with
13:48 the Lord when we confess. I think so,
13:50 now of course first I want to reconcile
13:53 the hurt I may have caused, yes,
13:55 but also see I'm intrigued the verse
13:59 before First John 1:9 says: If anyone
14:02 claims to be without sin, he is a liar,
14:04 yes he is a liar. For years I thought hey
14:07 who claims to be without sin, I mean what a
14:09 odd thing and then I read an author that suggested
14:13 when I don't confess sin, I'm in a sense by
14:18 default claiming to be without sin.
14:19 Yes, that occurred to me, you sort of
14:21 de-facto of saying I'm sinless;
14:22 I've got nothing to confess.
14:23 Otherwise I'd be confessing it,
14:25 yeah surely. You know, so but I do to think
14:28 yeah, hey it is so humbling to say hey CA,
14:31 I said this to you I'm sorry, will you forgive
14:34 me, I mean that is so, it keeps me I think
14:38 when I confess and apologize and ask
14:41 forgiveness and parenthetically
14:42 I think we're very sloppy with our apologies.
14:45 Oh yes, and very nonspecific, very
14:48 nonspecific, oh I'm sorry I think,
14:50 I think I need to do three things specifically
14:52 name my sin, yes agree, I'm sorry number 2,
14:55 thirdly, will you forgive me I don't say
14:58 I wanna ask you forgiveness because
15:00 that's a statement and you can but here will
15:02 you forgive me, yes and then your response
15:03 I forgive you, yeah. I think that experience in
15:07 itself is an experience of dying to self, indeed,
15:11 indeed, yeah. I mean I'm dying to my pride,
15:14 to my sin, to what I've done to you, yeah.
15:16 And that keeps me humble and there by more
15:20 open to hearing spiritual truth, yeah, when it
15:23 comes to scripture. That is an exciting
15:24 point particularly in light of Hebrews statement
15:27 that we crucified Christ afresh and put him
15:29 to open shame, so our sin, open shame rather,
15:32 our sin actually do wound him, right.
15:35 And he deserves an apology from us,
15:37 yeah exactly and if we, we confess him is
15:40 faithful and just to forgive that.
15:42 In fact he is wounded first yes.
15:44 I've always been a little perplex at Psalms 51
15:49 which is the Psalm where David confessed
15:51 after his sin with Bathsheba. He said
15:53 against you and you only yes and how about
15:56 Bathsheba and you're right then he got killed
15:59 and all that, right, right. And yet our sin against
16:02 God and Christ is, is so overwhelming yes.
16:06 That put Jesus on the cross compared to
16:09 I've hurt you and I need to come to you
16:12 if I heard you also but first of all primarily
16:16 I've hurt Christ, you hurt Christ, yeah,
16:17 and crucified him afresh in a sense, so.
16:19 It's a very challenging I mean Peter, Peter
16:23 was heart broken when he betrayed Jesus,
16:25 and I think maybe another reason that we sin
16:28 and self rises so much and so frequently and
16:30 we sin so easily is we feel bad because
16:36 we made a mistake, I feel miserable about,
16:40 about failing but I don't miserable
16:42 about hurting you, yes. I feel bad about looking,
16:45 I look bad but I'm not as repentance
16:49 I ought to be for what I've done to you yeah
16:50 and to Jesus, understood. And I think that, that act
16:55 of confession is in itself a humbling thing,
16:58 it tends to stabilize you know you don't
17:01 rise your head up too much or too hardy,
17:03 because you realize you've made some mistakes
17:04 and your mistakes have wounded and hurt
17:06 someone else. I be interested if we
17:08 want to return to Philippians 2 because
17:12 I'm fascinated with the model of Jesus
17:15 and when Jesus in Mark 1 said to the disciple
17:18 I'm gonna die and be resurrected why Peter
17:20 rebuked him and said no this is not gonna happen
17:22 to you and it's fascinating that Jesus
17:24 said to Peter, Get behind me, Satan,
17:27 which is a really strong term, yes.
17:29 He said, then he said you don't have in mind
17:32 the things of God, but the things of men.
17:34 Now, Philippians 2 and verse 5 says:
17:37 You should have the same mind that Jesus
17:40 had, yes. Have this mind in you there was in
17:42 Christ Jesus and then notice this flow,
17:45 who being Jesus in very nature God,
17:48 did not consider equality with God something
17:51 to be grasped, yes or to clung to, cling to,
17:53 but made himself nothing, or emptied
17:55 himself taking the very nature of a servant,
17:58 being made in human likeness.
17:59 Now, here notice this flow, Jesus is first
18:03 saying look to the scripture I want you to have
18:05 the same mind as I have, what I did is I,
18:09 my DNA was divine, my nature, DNA spiritual
18:13 nature was divine, and it was perfect.
18:15 I didn't cling to that I let go over it and
18:18 I took on human nature, another nature, yes,
18:21 yes, alright. If we're supposed to have the
18:23 mind of Jesus, Jesus gave up who he really
18:26 was and became someone else in the sense,
18:28 yes, alright. If we're to talk about who we are,
18:32 what's our DNA, it's sinful, sinful,
18:35 it's sinful right it's call carnal, fleshly,
18:38 whatever, surely. So, Jesus gave up his
18:42 divine DNA to take on human DNA,
18:45 we give up sinful, selfish DNA, yeah so that
18:50 Jesus can come in us yeah and so I think,
18:53 I think every time I confess sin,
18:56 I let the Holy Spirit show to see it and I confess
19:00 it at that point I'm dying to self,
19:03 I'm relinquishing my selfish nature,
19:06 so that Christ nature can take over, yes, yes.
19:08 I see the parallel and I like it, because Christ
19:11 gave up who he was and became who he
19:14 needed to be, true, we can say, that's right.
19:16 So, then we need to give up who we are,
19:18 right and become what we need to be in Christ.
19:21 Yeah I think I mean Galatians 2:20 again,
19:24 yes, I've been crucified with Christ, yes, and
19:26 I no longer live, but Christ lives in, it's
19:29 kind of an exchange, it's kind of trading places,
19:31 indeed, indeed. And what's amazing is,
19:34 we settled for the weakness and the
19:37 limitations of our own nature when God is
19:40 just so eager to give us. Peter we read to
19:44 participate in the divine nature and the confessing
19:47 process that we've talked about I think is
19:50 absolutely huge in keeping us dead to self,
19:52 yes, yes. And is in it then interesting that the
19:55 secret to mastering if I can use that term,
19:59 the Christian experience yes, is surrendering
20:02 to it, right, yeah. I mean, there was another S.
20:04 Yeah that takes us to another chapter;
20:06 yeah that's right, yes, yes. That is not, is not
20:08 fighting per say it's surrendering, is
20:12 surrendering to Jesus, exactly.
20:13 Which may be I think you'll agree the toughest
20:17 of all things to do. The toughest thing exactly
20:19 and it's more subjective, I mean it's one thing
20:21 for me to see my sin where the Holy Spirit
20:24 shows me and to admit it but then to walk,
20:28 to give it away, and it's tricky I've read an
20:34 author that suggest that some people actually
20:36 will write out and burn the piece of paper or
20:41 flush it down to toilet or something, almost
20:42 as a physical, it sounds a little kind of crazy
20:45 in a way, but somehow where I really walk
20:49 from in it and say Lord this is yours and
20:53 I'm just wanting to give this to you, yes.
20:55 And relinquish it to you, yes, just relinquish it
20:58 to you, surrender it to you, surrender.
21:00 In your experience having pastored in a
21:02 number of places East Coast-West Coast,
21:04 middle of the country, give us some tips
21:08 if I can use that term about surrender,
21:12 it's a tough thing to do. And the old man rises
21:15 up so quickly and so frequently, yes.
21:17 How do we stay yielded because that seems
21:20 to bedrock to our growth in Christ, absolutely
21:23 yeah, yeah. The one suggestion I make is
21:27 that you start with the little things,
21:30 I mean for me, we kind of laugh but cars that
21:35 irritate me on the highway are easier
21:38 to die to then when a family member just
21:42 does something or says something that hurts
21:44 me deeply, it's harder to let go off so I would,
21:49 I would say start by staying very sensitive
21:52 to the little ways in which self rises that
21:55 are in a sense easier to turn over and then
21:59 when those little things come up you're just
22:01 irritated about something. My wife says before God
22:05 showed her all these, she use to get irritated
22:07 with oh she forget something in a home,
22:09 I've to go back and get it or drop something
22:11 and break it. But, the little things that are
22:16 easier to let go off and when those happened,
22:18 yes see it let the Holy Spirit stop me and
22:21 convict me say Lord even though this is small,
22:24 this is sin, this is falling short of being
22:26 like Christ. I wanna give this to you Lord
22:29 and most crucial and we might talk about this
22:32 in another session but substituting
22:34 with the word is where I will replace his words.
22:39 If I've gotten impatient I find a word that
22:42 comes in, love is patient is not easily angered,
22:45 keeps no record of wrong so starting out with
22:48 small things I think is absolutely crucial to
22:54 learning to do this and when you began to
22:56 experience the reward and all of a sudden
22:59 I mean you go through these steps and its
23:02 just amazing how rather quickly self will
23:05 be surrendered again and you'll just feel peace.
23:07 Praise God, and I mean yeah, peace compared
23:10 to irritation, it's not a contest you know
23:13 how very true you know and when you begin
23:17 to experience the rewards of his life
23:20 and him taking over and controlling your inner
23:22 spirit in little things you begin to say alright,
23:25 hey I'm taking this to the bigger stuff.
23:26 Praise God, yeah now to recap we see it right,
23:31 we say it, we surrender it, and then we
23:34 substitute, then we substitute, yeah,
23:37 praise God. And we're finding and I would
23:41 just say to those of you that are watching
23:43 this is really crucial because we're finding
23:46 that over and over people skip these four steps,
23:50 substituting, yes, because I can anywhere
23:53 anytime see it, confess it, say it and
23:57 surrender it. But then I need scripture to
23:59 replace my thoughts, I mean you notice Jesus,
24:02 Jesus didn't need the first three steps
24:03 he was perfect, whenever he was
24:04 tempted he just jumped to step forward,
24:06 it is written, yes, it is written, it is written.
24:09 And we're finding as we experiment in our
24:12 church family and with friends and so on,
24:14 when people say look this isn't working very well,
24:16 we're saying did you do the fourth step yes.
24:19 Did you turn your mind to his thoughts and
24:21 his ways? You see in Isaiah, my thoughts
24:24 and my ways are as vastly different as
24:27 the heavens are above the earth, yeah and
24:29 he says my word won't go return to be empty,
24:32 it will accomplished what I desire.
24:33 There is huge power in scripture and
24:36 this is the most important step is going to word
24:39 and that mean some discipline yes.
24:42 It means actually having cards on scripture
24:47 or your scripture on cards, what I'm saying,
24:50 yeah, or memorized or something where my
24:55 wife carries the promises book.
24:57 The Bible promises book yes, yes, yes
24:59 where it has all these different topics and
25:01 you can just look up a topic, and, and, and,
25:05 and, and, and, and find some scripture and
25:07 then dwell on those scripture instead of
25:10 these thoughts of worry or anxiety or
25:13 irritation or hurts or resentment, yeah you
25:16 just say Lord I'm gonna set my mind
25:18 on things above. That is a sublime thought
25:21 and I'll tell you why, because if you don't
25:24 replace, you are reduced to avoidance theory okay.
25:29 Say I've got a problem with alcohol yeah,
25:32 I can stay away from that but that's avoidance,
25:37 that's not victory true. Victory is to replace
25:39 that love for alcohol with the love for Christ,
25:41 so that it doesn't even tempt me so that
25:43 if someone puts a drink in front of me
25:44 it doesn't move me anymore yes because
25:46 you're not gonna be able to spend your life
25:48 avoiding negative situation.
25:50 Exactly sooner or later I'm gonna catch up
25:51 with you, yeah and then you're lost but
25:53 if you replace that desire with the new desire
25:56 for Christ then even on those odd occasions
25:58 when temptation comes to your face, right
26:00 you can say get thee behind me, because it
26:02 doesn't move. Christ said Satan sin has nothing in
26:06 me there is nothing to reach in and grab on
26:08 to it right, so your, your recipe if I can
26:13 use that term yes. Is the recipe for healthy
26:15 Christian living and growth. That's very true.
26:17 By not just avoiding sin, no, no, replacing it
26:19 with the love for Jesus Christ, yeah.
26:21 We tend to either gunny sac or vent or try
26:25 with whatever, yes, yes, yes.
26:26 This is surrendering and this is emptying self
26:29 and filling and filling yes, yes. Jesus said
26:32 in Matthew 12: Out of the overflow of the
26:34 heart the mouth speaks, yes, yes the good
26:36 person brings good things out of the good
26:37 stored up in them. So, what's in me is coming
26:40 out, yeah you don't make me mad I chose
26:42 to get mad, you don't make me loving,
26:44 I've chose to love you, yes, yes, yes, yes.
26:47 And so, you're absolutely right,
26:48 yeah, yeah Jesus said: Since, then, we've
26:50 been raised by Christ, set your hearts on
26:53 things above, set your minds on things above,
26:56 not on earthly things. And I don't know a more
26:58 effective way of, of setting the mind on a
27:01 different place then setting on scripture.
27:03 This is fabulous it speaks of Romans 12:1
27:05 where we are a living sacrifice, that's right,
27:07 a walking, talking epistle for Jesus Christ,
27:09 that's true. Wrap it up for us in just a few
27:11 seconds we've got, go through the four steps
27:13 again, okay and gives a quick summary.
27:14 Alright, we stay sensitive to the
27:16 Holy Spirit so he could, we're ready to be
27:19 convicted. As soon as we're convicted
27:21 if we give anytime at all and self rises
27:23 we're gonna be in trouble, as soon as
27:25 we're convicted we confess it as sin,
27:27 we give it to him and we turn our thoughts
27:29 to his words, so his word becomes the
27:32 controlling factor in our mind, not our own words.
27:34 Praise God, good stuff and an excellent recipe
27:39 for successful Christian growth.
27:41 Try it, more then that apply it,
27:44 dedicate yourself to it, see it, surrender,
27:47 say it and then walk into newness of life
27:49 and you will be growing strong in Christ Jesus.
27:51 Until next time may God bless you we'll
27:54 see you again on Issues & Answers bye, bye.


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