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Balancing Career And Family-is There Such Thing?

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01:14 Now, speaking of issues, today,
01:16 we're gonna be talking about balance in career and family.
01:20 Is there such a balance? Is there such a thing?
01:22 Well, we're gonna talk about it.
01:24 Today, we have some special guests
01:25 that should look very familiar to you.
01:27 So, ladies, we are glad to have you,
01:30 Aunty Linda and we have Miss Cinda from Tiny Tots.
01:35 Now we were thinking,
01:37 who could talk about raising a family,
01:40 handling a career better than you two.
01:41 You have studio filled with children,
01:43 taping and so forth,
01:45 but we really want to just know
01:47 little bit more about your personal.
01:49 We're not trying to get into your business, but...
01:53 Why you're laughing?
01:54 But we know, it has to be a serious challenge,
01:57 just like every other person in the world,
01:59 I'm sure that's dealing with family.
02:01 So, you know, starting with you, career and family.
02:04 Now, honestly, Linda and I were talking earlier
02:07 and we got two sides of the spectrum.
02:09 That's right.
02:11 Your side, you're...
02:13 you know, a mother, you are a wife
02:16 and you were balancing that effectively.
02:19 So what is effectively, balancing the career?
02:23 I think you should always make your children feel like
02:28 they're the most important thing in your life.
02:31 They're more important than your career,
02:33 they're more important than social activities,
02:36 they're more...
02:38 They're just very important to you.
02:40 And a child needs to feel that.
02:43 They need to feel loved and they need to feel,
02:46 I mean, your love and they need to feel
02:48 that they're important in your life.
02:50 Okay, well,
02:52 another person to say, I don't have a child,
02:54 so I can't come from my personal point of view,
02:56 but the others, they say, I love my children,
02:58 that's why I have to work, and I come home late,
03:01 because I've got to make money.
03:03 You know, we got to provide for our children,
03:05 to show them that love to, so I mean,
03:07 how would you explain that?
03:10 I think by showing your children,
03:13 I think it's by spending time with them.
03:15 It's not like just providing for them
03:18 for their comfort,
03:20 though that is very important,
03:21 and both my husband and I have very busy careers.
03:26 He's a busy physician.
03:27 I mean, he can work, I mean sometimes, you know,
03:31 he would be gone for three days at a time,
03:32 when he is on call for the weekend
03:34 and but, when he is home,
03:37 he make sure that he spends time with the kids.
03:40 I make sure that I'm never taping
03:43 or I'm never out of town on,
03:45 you know, speaking engagement or doing seminars,
03:49 if my kids are home.
03:50 And even with the older like,
03:52 Catie is in academy and David is in college,
03:54 but even now, if she's on home leave,
03:59 I'm gonna be there.
04:01 Okay, so you do taping for 3ABN for Tiny Tots.
04:05 And what is that schedule? And cooking, yeah.
04:07 Okay, why and you also, yeah, you guys come here?
04:09 Us three girls cook together, our other sister is not here.
04:12 Honestly, when I got here,
04:13 I thought you guys were full time employees
04:15 working everyday, I'm serious.
04:17 You know, so I'm like, you know, how do you this?
04:20 Now, now for you.
04:25 How do you see your balance?
04:27 Because, I know immediately,
04:29 initially it was just gonna be the two of us,
04:31 but you were like, honestly,
04:32 I hope you don't mind me saying this,
04:33 but you were like, well, Melissa,
04:35 I think my sister Cinda
04:36 could give a better perspective on that perfect balance,
04:39 so where do you feel,
04:41 maybe you didn't have that balance?
04:44 I just...
04:45 I didn't work until my son was about four years old.
04:49 And then we moved to a youth camp in Michigan,
04:53 where my husband was the system manager there
04:56 and I was right away went into food service.
04:59 If you know anything about, anybody knows
05:01 anything about food service, it's all consuming.
05:04 It definitely is.
05:06 And I just poured my heart into that.
05:09 You know just day and night, I mean,
05:12 I was going to work like at 3:30 in the morning
05:15 and finishing at 10 at night.
05:17 Well, I had my son in the morning,
05:20 where I had a little playroom but obviously
05:22 what Cinda was talking about what she does with her kids,
05:25 it wasn't necessarily that quantity of time,
05:27 she was giving her kids quality.
05:30 You were concentrating on the quality.
05:33 I had him there, but I wasn't with him
05:36 and I didn't have the quality time with him,
05:39 but my husband picked up the slack on that.
05:42 I mean, my son didn't suffer
05:44 because my husband did everything with him.
05:46 He took him, if he was going to go,
05:48 take a group canoeing, he took our son with him.
05:52 If he was going to go, take him on a horse trailer,
05:56 if he was in the shop, he would take him with him,
05:57 and he show him and he explained him,
05:59 this is how I change the tire, you know, and he just.
06:02 He would, he actually involved him
06:04 in his work which I didn't do as much, so.
06:10 Now, how would you advice,
06:11 you know those having those issues, the mothers.
06:14 First of all explain the void that you may have felt,
06:17 you know seeing different,
06:18 you know aspects of the growth of the child
06:20 that you missed out on possibly.
06:23 How did that feel?
06:24 I didn't even really notice that void as much...
06:29 Well, I did while I was there, because I would come home
06:31 and he would be sleeping, and when I left in the morning,
06:34 he would be sleeping
06:35 and so that was little bit hard for me.
06:38 And this wasn't, you know, totally all the time,
06:40 this was during some of the busier times
06:42 like summer time when, you know,
06:43 I was cooking seven days a week
06:45 and I did have other days
06:47 that we did go camping
06:48 and we did a lot of things with our son,
06:51 but I just had this ache inside of me
06:55 to spend more time with him,
06:57 but yet at the other end of it I wanted to be
07:00 able to give my job what it needed to,
07:03 and my husband was able to balance both of them.
07:06 And when my, as my son got older,
07:08 I really, really missed.
07:11 you know that closeness and I mean we're close,
07:15 he was always respectful, you know,
07:18 my husband went out of his way,
07:21 you know to do a lot of things for him and as it was,
07:23 how it ended up and Cinda knows this is true
07:26 with our son Jimmy.
07:27 When he was gonna be married,
07:29 he wanted his dad to stand up with him
07:31 in the wedding and he said, "Mom,
07:33 I hope you won't mind that dad won't be beside you,
07:36 but I really want him beside me."
07:38 And I was like, Jimmy,
07:39 I'm so proud that you love your dad that much,
07:42 and so, they had that strong tight bond from that
07:46 and I'm close to him
07:47 but I don't have that tightness like they have.
07:52 So coming to, you ever fear,
07:54 feel remorseful about that?
07:57 I do but you know,
07:59 that is one thing that I had to give to God,
08:03 because you know God doesn't,
08:05 He wants us to be joyful happy Christians.
08:07 Right. Right.
08:08 And you know if I was doing this with my son,
08:11 you know, you can imagine what my time with God was like.
08:15 Perfect point, perfect point, so that was lacking.
08:19 Yes, that was lacking too.
08:20 Yes, I had my worships but they were,
08:23 I had to hurry up and have it.
08:24 Yes, I would pray while I was working,
08:26 but now that I've realized through this thing with my son,
08:32 that it's so important to take that time alone with God.
08:37 The things that I do with God, the things that I do for God
08:42 can never replace my time with him.
08:45 And so, I take time now, so that I don't have that void,
08:50 where I go off by myself in the quietness of the woods,
08:53 just me and God.
08:55 And sometimes, I don't have an agenda,
08:56 just maybe sitting there, listening
08:58 and this summer I was out there
09:01 and he sent this every time I go out there,
09:03 he sent this, little goldfinch.
09:06 They would just sit there and sing,
09:07 just about as close as we're from right here
09:09 and I would just sit and watch that goldfinch
09:11 and I felt God's love and power.
09:15 He know, we can. And peace.
09:16 Yes, when we are in a rat race, we can't do that.
09:19 We have to say, God you're first.
09:23 You know, what I think about.
09:25 There was a study that I've seen
09:27 and you know it was saying,
09:28 what is the center of your life?
09:30 Is it God? Is it your family?
09:33 Your children? Your work?
09:34 Your husband, you know or your wife, your spouse?
09:37 And it had different little questions
09:40 and as you answer these questions,
09:42 it will show you and I was, it was so accurate,
09:46 and when you start realizing
09:47 that there is a void and what comes to my mind is
09:50 thou shall have no other gods before me.
09:52 Right.
09:54 And anything that we put before God including family.
09:56 I know we're talking about balance in career and family,
09:59 but if we have that sort to speak balance,
10:03 but we don't have God in it, we're still off.
10:05 He is the balance. Amen.
10:06 But it's knowing how to balance,
10:09 because I mean you can't,
10:12 while you can't miss your opportunity with God everyday,
10:18 you also can't miss your opportunity with your husband
10:20 and your children everyday too,
10:22 because if you're gonna have a relationship,
10:24 you have to nurture that relationship,
10:26 and if you let it go biased, you know, oh,
10:29 I'm so busy today,
10:31 you know I'll send the kids to the babysitter.
10:33 I'll deal with them tomorrow, you know.
10:35 Prop them in front of the TV,
10:38 you know, give them some food, okay, I can have my space now.
10:42 You know, since you bring that up,
10:44 where do you see or how do you see
10:46 the effects of letting TV baby sit our children?
10:49 Don't, I absolutely think that's wrong.
10:52 We didn't allow our children to watch TV
10:57 and when they got to be
10:59 even in elementary school and middle school,
11:03 they were only allowed to watch TV on weekends.
11:06 They could not watch the TV on school night.
11:09 Well, guess what?
11:10 On the weekends we would plan these activities.
11:14 We have this really neat Wyatts,
11:17 we happen to live in Knoxville
11:18 which is near the Smoky Mountains.
11:20 So we would always take them on picnics
11:22 and hiking and camping
11:25 and so they weren't used to watching TV,
11:28 so they didn't ask for it.
11:31 And my husband and I, we had one day a week,
11:36 that no matter, we, now it always changed,
11:38 but we always did it date night,
11:41 because I also think
11:42 it's important for the kids to see
11:45 that their parents have a strong relationship.
11:47 Right, right.
11:48 It's a best gift you can give
11:50 to your children is to love, you know.
11:52 Yeah, love one another.
11:53 You should let your children see you,
11:57 hugging your husband or kissing him goodbye,
11:59 I'm not talking about anything,
12:01 you know, intimate or you know.
12:03 I'm saying, just like goodbye, honey or let him hear you say.
12:08 You know, have a good day honey,
12:09 I love you, give him a kiss, let your kids see,
12:12 John and I always hold hands
12:14 when we're walking, always have.
12:16 Now doesn't that set a precedence for children
12:19 as they grow up to, you know, have families of their own,
12:24 and they saw mom and dad
12:26 relate to one another in this way,
12:27 so this must be the way.
12:29 Right.
12:30 But that says a lot, you know,
12:32 and that's a whole different program talking about,
12:35 you know, single parent family,
12:37 which believe it or not is the majority
12:39 at least in the United States,
12:41 but that's a whole different show, but.
12:43 But I was getting back to the date night,
12:45 we also made, so once a week, um, oh, goodness,
12:49 we've done this for 20 or more years.
12:51 We always went out on a date,
12:54 just Joel and I but we made that night
12:56 very special for the children.
12:59 We had a babysitter and you know,
13:00 God blesses this wonderful nursing student that,
13:03 you know, she was their babysitter.
13:04 And they still love her, and they still love Velvet.
13:07 They still.
13:09 You hear that, hear that, they still love her,
13:11 taking some of mommy's love.
13:13 I mean, we made that the special night.
13:16 Whenever we had date night, they got to choose the video
13:21 and they got to have a treat.
13:23 They got to have, you know ice cream sundae or you know,
13:27 something that was a treat.
13:28 And her kids are like,
13:30 mommy isn't time for your date night?
13:31 They would.
13:32 We'll talk about teaching them about health
13:34 and that some day we'll go there.
13:36 But you know, if we could do like a chronological list for,
13:41 you know, families and I love the date night,
13:44 so we would say, you know, establishing a relation
13:46 before the children, planned activities.
13:48 Now what I want really loved is the activity
13:51 that you were saying.
13:52 These activities are our out in nature.
13:54 Where do you learn about God most?
13:57 But in nature, aside from of course the Bible,
14:00 and these are things that we need to teach our children.
14:02 I mean again, I don't have any children but am I right?
14:05 Yes. Oh, exactly.
14:06 And, you know, while I said that it's important to,
14:10 take care of their physical needs,
14:12 you know food, sleep, you know, that.
14:15 But you need to incorporate
14:17 where they know you're spending time with him.
14:19 By that, I mean
14:21 when I would talk to my children,
14:23 bend down and get at their level,
14:25 look them in the eye.
14:26 Don't just look down and go, okay, honey, mommy knows.
14:29 It's almost like yeah, yeah.
14:31 Mommy is busy or you know...
14:32 I'm on the phone, I'm on the phone.
14:34 Or I'm so tired, kids don't understand that.
14:38 They want what they want, when they want it.
14:40 Yes, they don't understand.
14:41 So get down on their level and that alone, by you just,
14:46 you know scrunching down and getting in their level,
14:49 that says you have my attention.
14:52 You know, go ahead, tell me, 'cause I'm listening.
14:55 Well, I know, I've seen you Cinda too,
14:57 like if she is on a phone call and her kid,
15:01 Catie want something or David wanted something,
15:03 she would say to the person on the phone,
15:05 excuse me just a moment.
15:07 Put the phone down
15:08 and get look into the yes and say,
15:09 mommy is on the phone right now
15:11 and I'll help you as soon as I'm on,
15:13 you know, I'm through and then she would say,
15:15 okay, you run along.
15:17 Okay now, we're ready now.
15:18 That's because that teaching them respect and patience.
15:23 And you know, I just go back to you know,
15:25 raising a child in the way he should go
15:27 and when he is old he will not depart from it.
15:30 So when we start establishing this character,
15:33 you know, or fruits of the spirit
15:35 so to speak as little children,
15:38 because they say children come out of the womb
15:40 wanting and demanding.
15:42 You know crying
15:43 when they want milk and so forth.
15:44 That's right.
15:46 You know, so, nurturing is
15:47 and teaching them this patience.
15:48 Right.
15:50 You know, also appointments that we have
15:52 and you know some people may not like to hear this
15:54 but I don't think there is an appointment that we have
15:58 that's more important than your child.
16:01 If your child needs you...
16:02 Except for our appointment with God,
16:03 I know what you're saying.
16:05 Right, but you know what I'm saying.
16:06 I mean, you know like, just what 2 months ago,
16:10 Catie and I had been traveling together.
16:15 So Catie is your daughter?
16:16 Catie is my daughter, and she's in the academy,
16:18 at Highland Academy in near Nashville.
16:20 And she is the one that does cooking on Kids' Time.
16:21 Okay, yeah, little Catie. Cooking on Kids' Time.
16:23 Yes.
16:24 And we had flown into Nashville
16:27 and driven an hour to the school
16:30 and then I dropped her off at the school
16:32 in Nashville, in Highland
16:34 and then I drove three hours to home.
16:37 And this was, I just got to the edge of Nash,
16:41 I mean Knoxville,
16:42 and it was like 10 o'clock at night.
16:44 And how many hours was that?
16:46 Well, I've already been driving four hours,
16:49 because it's a three hour trip to the school from Knoxville
16:53 and plus, I come from the airport,
16:55 so but a whole bunch were driving,
16:57 but anyways I got ride to fours hours a drive,
17:00 but I got to the edge of Knoxville,
17:03 my phone ring and it was the dean
17:07 and she says it's 10 or 10:30 at night
17:09 and she said Catie is just vomiting
17:13 and vomiting and she said,
17:15 she's already you know vomit around,
17:18 how many times and she's sick and I said,
17:22 well, does she have the fever?
17:23 Oh, no.
17:25 I mean I used to be a nurse, so it was like okay.
17:28 You still are. I'm still a nurse.
17:31 Because I don't it... Your momma finish that as well.
17:33 Okay, but I said, uh, food poisoning,
17:38 because she had eaten at a fast food place
17:41 in the airport had a sandwich,
17:42 which I had from, you know, a chain.
17:46 And lettuces
17:49 and she had mostly lettuce on the sandwich
17:51 and lettuce is very high in for food poisoning.
17:54 You have to be really careful,
17:55 so I knew she had food poisoning,
17:57 so you know, I thought, I said,
18:00 you know what, I didn't even hesitate,
18:02 I took the first exit and I drove three hours
18:06 all the way back to the school.
18:08 I said to the dean, I will be there,
18:10 1, 2, about 10, 11,12, 1 o'clock in the morning,
18:14 I said I'll be there by 1 o'clock in the morning
18:16 and I start, I turn the car around
18:20 and started the three hour trip all the way back to the school
18:23 because I didn't want Catie to be
18:26 there in the dorm room, that sick,
18:30 even though I knew that, you know it probably 24 hours,
18:34 she would be okay,
18:36 but I called my husband and I said,
18:39 can you call in a prescription to a pharmacy,
18:42 you know on the way.
18:43 And so, he found the pharmacy that was open at midnight
18:47 and I swung off the freeway and got her some medication.
18:51 Drove three hours all the way back,
18:53 so now I've been driving seven hours, then...
18:55 'Cause you brought her back with you.
18:57 'Cause I brought her back, yeah,
18:58 so then I turned around
18:59 and drove three hours back home.
19:02 So she could be in her own bed with mommy.
19:03 So she could be in her own bed with me,
19:06 helping take care of in her familiar surrounding.
19:09 You know so that, she could recover...
19:12 And, she's an independent child,
19:13 so it's not like she...
19:15 No, but she was so sick,
19:16 but it was like and you know afterwards,
19:18 Catie wrote me a letter and she said, mom,
19:20 she said, I cannot believe, you would drive all night,
19:24 just so I can spend 24 hours in my bed just to recuperate.
19:28 She said that meant the world to me.
19:30 And she will never forget that. That's right.
19:32 I mean, that's a sacrifice.
19:34 That says so much, you know when you...
19:37 Yeah, of course, we love our children but to sacrifice,
19:41 nothing else aside from God before our children.
19:43 That's what I'm saying.
19:45 You could, it's things like that that show,
19:47 it's spending your time, you know,
19:51 you could take your kids...
19:52 Your quality, you don't always have quantity.
19:55 If you don't have quantity, that's okay.
19:57 Just let your kids know that you're there for them.
20:00 If you know,
20:02 I wanted my kids to know that I would drop whatever.
20:05 I never even thought twice about turning that car around.
20:09 I never thought twice about not helping her.
20:13 Oh, she'll be, you know, I'm a nurse,
20:15 I know she'll be ready, she'll be okay in 24 hours,
20:19 but it was,
20:21 I wanted her to feel the comfort and the love.
20:24 Those are gifts of love
20:27 that you can't buy at a store.
20:29 You know it's easy when,
20:31 you know, we think what can we get our kids,
20:32 you know and we try to find this perfect gift to give him,
20:36 which you know probably ends up on the shelf for
20:38 they don't even hardly look at.
20:40 But when you wrap up gifts of love like this
20:43 and give them to a child,
20:45 that's just and I had a lot of...
20:48 God's so gracious.
20:50 I've had chances now that when as my son gotten,
20:53 you know older in an academy.
20:54 But I had chances to come back
20:57 and give him some of those gifts of love.
20:59 So God does open up those stores for us,
21:02 if there are parents out there saying,
21:03 I know what you mean,
21:05 I haven't spent time with my kids
21:06 or whatever, you know what?
21:08 It's now with Christ that counts.
21:09 We can still do things for our kids right now
21:11 even if they're older.
21:13 And you know, and just, you know,
21:14 some of the reading that I've done in the counsel
21:16 that we have of course, you know and the Bible
21:18 and you know other writers,
21:20 I know there's a writer called Ellen G.
21:22 White who is truly my favorite.
21:24 And she has a book called child guidance.
21:27 And absolutely incredible book
21:28 and it says how we have to put our families first,
21:31 I mean what I think about is Mary,
21:35 she had to devote her time to raise
21:37 the most important being of the universe which is Jesus,
21:42 and she had to make time
21:43 because that was where he got his first vision of heaven
21:47 and what God was like and the character.
21:50 It was through, you know,
21:51 the need of his mother and of course,
21:53 God's word and nature.
21:55 So to hear this and of course, I always go back,
21:57 I go back to your planned activities
21:59 and being out there.
22:01 And like you said, Linda, when we see...
22:05 you know, where we've fallen short
22:06 with giving our children
22:08 and raising them and given them that time.
22:10 It's never too late, even as adults.
22:12 No, my daughter-in-law is expecting another child.
22:18 I have one grandson.
22:19 You're a grandmother. I wouldn't say granny.
22:23 Okay. Oh, my goodness.
22:24 And he's like 18 months
22:26 and their other it's due the end of September,
22:28 maybe the first of October.
22:30 Well, my son called up and he said,
22:32 mom do you think you and dad could come,
22:34 they live in Ohio,
22:36 where my son's a nuclear technologist there
22:38 and he is very busy.
22:39 Wait a minute, you sounds like who and a what?
22:42 He's a nuclear technologist.
22:44 He works at Kettering Adventist Hospital there.
22:46 Okay. Okay.
22:48 So, I mean, he has...
22:49 God's really blessed him with a good job
22:51 and a wonderful family and he is a wonderful daddy,
22:54 I have, I mean, I can't tell you,
22:56 it's just so exciting to watch him
22:58 do things for his own son now,
23:02 modeling what his daddy has done for him
23:05 and things I've done, you know,
23:07 God's allowed me to do things with him, you know too.
23:10 But the incredible thing is that he called up
23:12 and he said, will you come and watch Jack,
23:15 while you know, she goes into labor
23:18 and we said yes, we will take a week off
23:21 and do that, and he said, you would do that for me?
23:23 He said that means so much
23:24 and so we had to cancel some things
23:27 and you know I like they were important to let
23:30 and re-juggle commitments to say yes,
23:33 we will be here to go for you
23:36 and that was exciting to be able to do that
23:38 'cause it meant a lot to him.
23:40 And it had meant a lot for you. Right.
23:42 Because, you know,
23:44 I just really want to encourage,
23:45 you know those that are watching
23:47 and or listening to us,
23:49 because it's never to late to fill in the void,
23:52 they just felt you may have had.
23:54 But you know what, I also want to stress is,
23:57 you know right now we're taking about
23:58 our kids being older but, when my kids were littler,
24:02 it's like you have meals to get out
24:06 or you're so busy, involve the kids.
24:10 I would set them on the counter,
24:13 exactly and you know kids learned from you,
24:16 so how you talk to your kids,
24:18 you hear them talking to other people like that.
24:21 And don't children act things out
24:23 with each other as well?
24:24 Yes.
24:26 So, you know, you need to be careful,
24:27 how you talk to your kids,
24:29 how you relate your kids
24:30 and how you relate to other people.
24:32 Okay, ladies. Okay.
24:34 I'm looking at a time,
24:36 we have like three minutes and nineteen seconds.
24:38 I don't have a child and if the Lord blesses
24:40 that I remarry and that possibly
24:42 I have a child, what advice would you give to me
24:45 on both sides of the spectrum as,
24:47 you know, a career woman and finding that balance?
24:50 Both of you.
24:52 Spend as much time with your children as possible.
24:54 Read to them and we...
24:58 I would always have worship
25:00 every morning with the children
25:02 and I stress to them, family worship.
25:05 My husband was not always there
25:06 because he leaves the house at 5 o'clock every morning.
25:09 But sometimes, you didn't have time to have it right there,
25:11 you would have it on the way to school
25:14 and as they got older,
25:16 have one of them read the worship verse.
25:17 So they would take turns reading.
25:18 One would read the worship, one would have the prayer.
25:21 She'd go dada, my turn for prayer.
25:23 Oh, how older she'd been?
25:24 I mean, oh, yeah, little, she called him dada or bubba
25:28 and she'd say, I can't read bubba,
25:31 you read, I'll pray.
25:32 She would tell her grandmother.
25:35 But do you think still that at the age
25:38 where they can barely taught.
25:39 Right. Wow.
25:41 And so they knew, that I mean they helped,
25:43 they helped with the worship but we always had worship
25:46 and then in the morning and I told them
25:48 that you always have to ask Jesus
25:51 into your heart everyday,
25:53 because Jesus doesn't just come in your heart.
25:56 So you have to ask him in every morning.
25:59 So that was important, we started the day
26:01 and even if we were in a hurry, like Linda said, I forgot that,
26:05 we would have it in the car.
26:07 And I remember Catie would go, mama don't close your eyes,
26:11 I can't drive it.
26:12 That's a wise child.
26:14 And then she go, she goes like this, she go,
26:16 bubba are your eyes closed?
26:21 We can tell that you're used to doing Tiny Tots.
26:24 And what about you, Linda?
26:25 I would say that the very most important thing
26:29 is to start your day out first with God yourself,
26:32 because we cannot give our kids what we do not have ourselves
26:35 and so we need to ask him to fill us,
26:38 so full of His Holy Spirit 'cause we need the wisdom,
26:41 we need the strength to get through the day,
26:43 we need courage to face the things
26:45 that everyday families have to face in this world
26:48 and there is a lot of unhappiness,
26:49 unpleasant things, but we can have the joy,
26:51 even though we may have tears because of our humanness.
26:54 If we have started our day out with God,
26:56 we know he's first,
26:58 He is the one we are gonna run to.
26:59 Okay, Lord, this kids having a problem,
27:01 what do you want me to do?
27:02 How do you want me to handle this, Lord?
27:04 The kids will see that, that's important
27:07 that you've made God first in your life
27:09 and that will have an effect on them too.
27:11 Well, the kids don't always, I mean...
27:13 We saw our mother praying and reading her Bible,
27:17 and even though we didn't understand it,
27:19 we saw there was some connection there.
27:21 But I'm saying even if the kids don't see
27:23 you having your worship, make sure that you have worship
27:26 every morning with your children.
27:27 Yes, Miss Cinda and Aunty Linda.
27:31 Thank you so much for being with us,
27:33 and thank you so much for joining us.
27:35 We pray that the Lord has sent
27:37 a special message just for you.
27:39 And remember, balance in career and family,
27:42 there is a balance.
27:43 That balance is none other than the heavenly Father
27:46 and He will show you where it is.
27:48 Okay, and until next time, be eternally bless
27:51 we're praying with and for you.
27:53 Talk to you then. Okay, next time, love you, bye.


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