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00:32 Welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:34 We're very glad that you joined us today.
00:37 I got a question for you.
00:38 What do you think about Christian education?
00:41 What do you think about the cost of Christian education?
00:43 What do you think about the investment required
00:46 to put your children in any school
00:49 where they can learn about the Lord?
00:50 Sometimes you wonder what will be the result of that
00:53 with the money that it caused for private education.
00:57 Does Christian education cost or does it pay?
01:01 Today, we're gonna talk about this subject
01:03 with Dr. Delbert Baker and our topic today,
01:06 I don't want to tell everything about it right now.
01:08 So just follow along with us but the title is
01:11 "From Student to President", his story.
01:13 Welcome to the program, Dr. Baker Delbert.
01:15 Thank you, good to be here.
01:17 So tell me have you always been a Christian?
01:21 I've been a person who is raised in the church.
01:25 I've not always been a Christian admittedly.
01:29 Tell me something about your background from student
01:31 to becoming a president of Oakwood College.
01:34 Well, and I think here, the question you asked about
01:37 have I always been a Christian is key to who I am.
01:42 And I actually had three turning points in my experience
01:45 that finally gave me a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
01:50 I am one of six children.
01:53 My parents had a knowledge about the Adventist church,
01:56 they were baptized early before I was born.
02:00 And so we have the advantage of being
02:03 in a Seventh-day Adventist church
02:05 but I don't know of it had to do with my upbringing career
02:08 or maybe the time I was living in
02:11 but it was about the law, it really was,
02:13 it was about following the law, it was the Sabbath,
02:15 it was health reform, it was address,
02:19 it was no dancing and no drinking and no smoking.
02:23 That's a wonderful thing, I'm not knocking that
02:25 but Christ was not really central
02:29 as I can recall in my early childhood upbringing.
02:33 I went to school, I went to a church.
02:36 I had smatterings of Christian education
02:38 in my early years can often on
02:40 with six kids living in California.
02:43 I was born in Oakland
02:44 raised in San Marino, Los Angeles area.
02:46 We didn't have a lot of money and so--
02:48 we were somewhat limited in terms
02:49 of how much exposure we get in the early years.
02:52 But when I was 10 years of age,
02:54 that's my first encounter, that was my denominational turn
02:59 where as like many children in my group
03:01 I was baptized into the Adventist church,
03:04 didn't know much about Christ as a person savior again.
03:08 Knew a smattering of the doctrines,
03:10 pretty much had been raised that way,
03:11 so I did know about them.
03:13 And so that was my first encounter,
03:14 I was a member of the church,
03:16 my name was on the membership list,
03:19 the church roll.
03:21 Well, to me that was good and that it preserved me
03:26 probably from a lot of problems
03:28 I could have fallen into the community
03:30 and I did had that structure.
03:32 But from another sense it created some confusion
03:35 because I heard all these sermons
03:38 and I heard people giving testimonies about
03:40 what it meant to have a life of victory in the life of--
03:43 the life of freedom in Christ, the more abundant life
03:46 but I didn't know it personally.
03:48 And even at that point I was too young to even realize
03:50 that I didn't know at 10, 11, 12 and so forth
03:53 but as I grow older I wandered a bit
03:56 and I'm one who-- I don't mind sharing some of my detours,
04:03 but I'm a little careful about how much
04:06 we get into and saying, you know, well, I was this,
04:09 I did one, two, three, four, five
04:10 and people looking on.
04:12 I think sometimes the devil can rob our testimony
04:14 and he can try to do some strange things with that
04:17 as well as you don't want to put a bad word out there
04:19 and say well, if this person did that I mean,
04:21 maybe I could do it and come back in.
04:24 So I do think testimonies have a place
04:25 and I do think that we should, we can--
04:27 there is a proper place to share what we did,
04:31 but I think we just need to be careful.
04:32 So I'm giving that as a little caveat out there
04:35 and while I'm going to all the little,
04:37 trying little details.
04:38 I did wander for a period of 10 years.
04:41 I went to Jamaica, West Indies College
04:43 for part of my academy years.
04:46 Actually I was doing following this period,
04:48 I did some literature evangelism,
04:50 so I was working my way through school.
04:52 Again didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
04:55 probably the L.A work did more than anything I can think off
04:58 to kind of soften me up to my need of Christ,
05:01 you know how I needed to find him.
05:03 I had to read the Spirit of Prophecy books.
05:05 I was selling these books
05:07 and I really have to come to grips with
05:09 what does it mean to depend on Jesus.
05:11 Now how old were you about this time?
05:12 15, 16. Okay.
05:14 Here in this area and that's why I went to Jamaica,
05:16 I went to West Indies College for about a year
05:18 and I was struggling again
05:21 with the standards of the church.
05:22 I came back to the U.S. went to Oakwood College Academy
05:26 and stayed there for a good period,
05:28 really about a year and a half
05:29 and I was in my senior year that had my second turn.
05:34 I actually was reading,
05:35 this is where I would call my knowledge,
05:37 the first one was the denominational turn
05:41 when I realized I was baptized into the church.
05:43 This one was one that was more of a knowledge call or turn.
05:49 Book of Proverbs 1:20 says, "Wisdom crieth without,
05:52 she uttereth her voice in the streets.
05:54 She crieth in the chief place of concourse,
05:57 in the openings of the gates, in the city
05:59 she uttereth her words, saying,
06:01 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity?
06:04 And the scorners delight in their scorning,
06:06 and fools hate knowledge?
06:08 Turn you at my reproof, behold,
06:09 I will pour out my spirit unto you,
06:11 I will make known my words unto you.
06:15 I remember doing my senior year at Oakwood College Academy.
06:19 I was in my room struggling with some issues
06:23 and these words came to mind.
06:25 And I took my Bible and I turned to Proverbs
06:27 and I read those verses and I said, Lord,
06:30 if you can visit him out there somewhere for me,
06:33 if she's crying out in the marketplace,
06:36 why can't I meet her, why can't I come with grips
06:38 what it means to know wisdom?
06:41 And I knew that was about Jesus and I knew that He was the one
06:43 that was the source of wisdom.
06:46 And I was on my knees in my room then I said
06:48 that I wanted Jesus to come and live in my heart
06:51 and I wanted Him to be my Savior, my Lord.
06:53 And it really did answered many of my questions
06:56 and I think that He began to open me
06:58 up to the treasures of wisdom
07:00 that the Bible speaks about
07:01 and having a personal understanding
07:03 of what it means to be a Christian?
07:05 What it means to know Christ as your friend
07:08 and your elder brother and one who is very close to you?
07:12 And I remember very clearly, I took all my records,
07:15 all my music, that wasn't acceptable
07:17 and I broke them off, I broke all the albums
07:20 I had in the little 45s and so forth,
07:23 Back in those days.
07:24 Back in those days, like I mentioned, you know.
07:25 Lot of them don't even know
07:26 what a album was 45 in these days.
07:28 Yeah I know, I know but that was the thing back then.
07:31 And I remember some of my wing mates.
07:35 I told them I've given my heart to Christ
07:37 and they said, man, don't give away your stuff man,
07:38 I had something little cool to minister
07:40 we had in those days that weren't Christian.
07:42 They said give it to me.
07:44 And I said I would never give it away,
07:46 I would just destroy it
07:47 rather than pass it on to somebody else,
07:48 so they would have to carry my weight what I dealt with.
07:52 So that was my second turning point.
07:55 But still I don't think I had it all altogether
07:58 and I was missing an element, I was missing an element
08:01 that was so vital to my experience.
08:03 I had the baptism the denominational side
08:05 I had the idea of one in Christ
08:08 in the knowledge of His word in my life
08:10 and what that meant.
08:12 But I think the turning point came about a year,
08:17 about year and a half later
08:19 when I was attending some meetings in California
08:21 and Morris Venden was the speaker
08:24 and I told Morris this some years ago,
08:26 I don't think he knew it for long time
08:27 and I know him personally and he was speaking in
08:30 and he was talking about righteous by faith
08:34 and he was talking about how, you know,
08:36 we can come to Christ, we can know Him,
08:37 we can know about Him,
08:39 but until we give Him the burden of our experience,
08:41 until we give the battle to Him
08:44 and understand that He accepts us
08:46 regardless of what we do and what we don't do
08:48 and that our acceptance with Christ
08:50 is not based upon how good we are.
08:53 I mean, I can't tell you
08:54 what that meant to me as a young man.
08:57 I mean that was-- I was about 20 years of age.
09:00 It was so profoundly moving to me
09:03 when I realize that what I was--
09:05 what I was struggling with even after my little experience
09:08 when I was a senior then what I would do
09:09 is I'd go a day or two and if I could do right
09:12 and not do anything wrong
09:13 or not struggle with this or not struggle with that.
09:15 I felt I was okay with Christ.
09:17 Things were okay, I was on the path
09:18 and I was doing okay,
09:20 but when I messed up, I went down in that pit.
09:23 You know, that Bunyan talks about in Pilgrim's Progress
09:26 that pit of despair and I go there,
09:29 and then for day or a two I struggle again,
09:30 I wouldn't want to pray and I won't read the Bible
09:32 because I felt like what you know,
09:33 I've blown it again and this Christ will live with me in,
09:36 and what is it mean to really have a relationship
09:38 when I can't live this perfect life
09:40 that I want to live.
09:41 And the text that Morris was referring to
09:45 and he was part of his message was 1 John 5:11-14
09:51 you know it well.
09:53 "This is the record that God had given to us eternal life
09:56 and His life is in His son,
09:58 He that have the son have the life
09:59 and He that have not the son of God have not life.
10:02 These things have written unto you that
10:04 believe in the name of the son of God
10:06 and you may know
10:07 that you have eternal life that you may know it.
10:09 It doesn't say anything about works in there.
10:11 And I kept saying, where's the Sabbath
10:12 and where's the State of the Dead
10:14 and where is what we do and what we don't do.
10:17 It didn't say it, is if you have Christ,
10:19 you have eternal life and that yee may believe
10:22 in the name of the son of the God
10:23 and this is the confidence that we have in Him.
10:28 I heard that and I had this mixture of joy and disbelief.
10:33 So do you mean it is passport
10:35 that if I give my life fully to Christ
10:38 and I accept Him as my personal savior like I did
10:40 and I allowed His righteousness to cover me
10:42 that I have eternal life
10:44 because of my relationship with Christ.
10:46 And He planted this point in
10:49 and He made it repeatedly as only He can do
10:51 and in His very quiet insisted powerful way
10:54 that's more inventive.
10:56 When it was finished I went up to Him
10:57 and I said but, you know, I said yeah,
11:00 you say that you can have Christ
11:02 and you know you cover with His righteousness
11:05 but if you're not living a good life.
11:07 You know how can you say,
11:08 how can you say you got it together?
11:11 And he said to me is that you're not earning
11:13 your salvation by your good life anyway.
11:15 He said at best, he said at best
11:18 your righteousness is as filthy rag.
11:19 I said, yeah, but I mean we're talking about perfection
11:22 and getting into the point where you can set these things.
11:23 He says, yeah.
11:24 There's a part with it, surely there is he said
11:27 and the more you know Christ
11:28 and the more you are in step with Him
11:30 and the longer you walk with Him
11:32 you'll become more and more like Him he said
11:33 but that's not your salvation
11:35 and it doesn't determine your salvation
11:37 and you can have that peace before you get to that point
11:39 that you want to reach.
11:43 And I started to argue with him,
11:45 I argued with him, I said, no, but I said
11:48 but what if a man goes out and he has a problem
11:49 when he breaks the Sabbath
11:50 or he doesn't have this straight path to going up.
11:54 And Morris said but the Christian
11:55 walketh like this, like up and down.
11:57 He says you're not going straight path
11:59 going all the way up
12:00 or going straight to the top like you want to.
12:02 He said this is the walk with Christ
12:04 and He sticks with you all the way.
12:07 Karen I don't think I've ever, I don't think
12:09 I've ever shared this experience publicly,
12:13 but I remember it hit me as something that was true
12:17 but almost too good to be true.
12:20 And I went from that meeting and I cried
12:23 I just swept like a baby and I--
12:28 I through my tears, I said, Lord,
12:32 if this is the way you wanted to do it,
12:34 it means that you're trusting me
12:36 enough to be a part of your family
12:38 even before I show all of my good things
12:43 and all of my good merits
12:44 and how good I think I should be for you.
12:49 When the truth of the Lord our righteousness hit me
12:52 that He covers me when I come to Him
12:54 and when I accept Him as my personal savior
12:57 and He's gonna work with me,
12:58 He's the author and finisher of my faith.
13:01 He's going to stick with me all the way through.
13:04 My Lord, I remember I was so overwhelmed
13:07 and that was the turning point, that was the turning point
13:11 the once before that the denominational baptism
13:14 and the knowledge part was
13:16 probably preparing the way for that,
13:19 but it was when I saw Christ as the loving savior
13:22 who accepted me as I am as I was
13:26 and He was willing to work with me
13:27 and stick with me all the way
13:28 through as I wish, that's the case.
13:32 And then I've got the chance, I've got some hope here,
13:34 you know, and it was that infusion
13:37 that knowledge of Christ as my personal savior
13:39 and my righteousness
13:41 that launched me on my Christian experience.
13:44 It was the next year after that
13:46 when I was attending Oakwood College
13:49 that I thought to call the ministry
13:51 and I felt that God was calling me
13:53 from my pre law area, I wanted to be attorney,
13:56 I want to go argue cases and God said
14:00 that He wanted me to argue His case
14:03 and I won't go through all the details,
14:04 but I remember on the Oakwood campus
14:06 that was surrounded by a lot of wonderful friends
14:10 and great spiritual models, spiritual giants
14:13 that I came to grips with this call to ministry,
14:16 this call to special service
14:19 and I must confess to you even at that time
14:22 even though I received following my senior year,
14:25 I received a call into ministry,
14:26 I went to the Allegheny West Conference.
14:29 I never had the opinion
14:30 that I would only be in pastoral ministry.
14:33 I never thought that was the only thing God had for me.
14:36 I see ministry in a broader scope
14:38 not simply the pastor in the church or the one
14:41 who is preaching the word of God.
14:42 I did it for 10 years.
14:43 I did ministry in the pulpit for 10 years as the pastorate.
14:47 I also did 7 years as an editor,
14:50 the editor of Message magazine.
14:52 And now I've been 10, almost 11 years
14:55 in the education ministry, each part was in the ministry
14:58 but not specifically ministry necessarily in the church.
15:01 Well, coming back to that, it was at Oakwood
15:03 that I received my call in ministry
15:05 and some marvelous signs that God gave me
15:07 to substantiate the fact that He was calling me
15:09 and that He had a special work for me to do
15:12 and that was the beginning
15:13 of my professional walk with Jesus Christ
15:16 and it was a wonderful experience
15:18 and it was really at Oakwood College
15:21 and with the wonderful guidance out there.
15:25 I had the privilege of working
15:27 with great people like C. T. Richards, Eric Ward,
15:30 E.E. Cleveland was a dear friend
15:32 and mentor of mine, Charles Brookes,
15:35 I worked with him doing a summary
15:37 in his great meeting in Chicago, Illinois.
15:39 I worked with E.E. Cleveland in a meeting in Houston, Texas
15:43 but problem with the ongoing point was the time
15:46 that I worked with Calvin Moseley as his reader,
15:48 just working on the regular basis,
15:49 these were wonderful things, and Oakwood means a lot to me
15:53 and so lot of my warm memories tie in with that place as well.
15:56 Well, you know, we have a little surprise.
15:58 We have a clip of Oakwood College
16:01 and we like to show that right know.
16:02 I love to see it.
16:08 In the early 1800s,
16:11 these fields were part of a slave plantation.
16:15 The famous slave, Dred Scott,
16:17 whose petition for personal freedom
16:19 captured the attention of the Supreme Court.
16:22 Lived and labored here.
16:25 His wife is believed buried here
16:27 in this slave's cemetery.
16:30 Selected as a score for African-American's in 1895,
16:35 this is state consisted of land,
16:38 slave cabins and a dilapidated manor house.
16:42 From this humble beginning, God has used the consecrated
16:46 ministry of Oakwood College to educate, train
16:49 and inspire young men and women for more than 100 years.
17:03 Three decades after emancipation,
17:06 African-Americans in the south were still deprived
17:08 of equal participation in the economic,
17:11 social and political life of their communities.
17:16 For more than two decades,
17:18 God had impressed Ellen White with the great need
17:20 and potential of people of color in the south.
17:23 Ellen was convinced that the church
17:25 had an obligation to preach the gospel
17:28 and to provide educational opportunities for them.
17:31 There are many, many places in the south
17:33 in which no earnest Christian effort
17:36 has been made for the colored people.
17:39 These unentered fields, in their unsightly barrenness,
17:43 stand before heaven against the unfaithfulness of those
17:47 who have had great light.
17:51 In 1893, Ellen White supported her son Edson
17:55 in building the Morning Star steamer
17:57 that sailed 1, 500 miles down the Mississippi River
18:00 to Vicksburg, Mississippi.
18:03 Edson and his assistants preached the gospel
18:06 and started school for people of color.
18:09 Their mission was dangerous.
18:12 Each day brought fresh challenges and difficulties.
18:16 Yet the seed sown was blessed of God
18:20 and bore abundant fruit.
18:22 In 1895, Edson White also established
18:26 the Southern Missionary Society to foster the work
18:29 among African-Americans in the south.
18:31 It later became the framework
18:33 for the three regional conferences
18:34 in the Southern Union.
18:36 "The Gospel Herald,"
18:38 first published on board at the "Morning Star"
18:40 was a forerunner of the Message Magazine.
18:46 Ellen White's vision of an educational training center
18:49 for African-American young people
18:51 was finally realized in 1895.
18:55 General conference leaders G.A. Irwin, O.A. Olsen
18:59 and Harmon Lindsay purchased the former Beasley Estate,
19:03 just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.
19:06 Named for its beautiful oak trees,
19:09 Oakwood industrial school opened,
19:11 November 16th, 1896
19:13 with four teachers and 16 students.
19:18 In regard to the school at Huntsville,
19:20 I wish to say that for the past two or three years,
19:23 I have been receiving instruction regarding it,
19:27 what it should be and what those
19:29 who come here as students are to become.
19:33 This new school soon played a key role in the growth
19:36 of the African-American constituency
19:38 in the Southern Union and throughout the country.
19:41 One of the strengths of Oakwood College
19:44 was a godly faculty.
19:47 Men who lived what they were trying to teach us.
19:52 The curriculum for the training of ministers,
19:56 we actually left here prepared.
19:59 Doctrinally in terms of substance,
20:04 we were told how to be persuasive,
20:08 we were taught the importance of visitation
20:13 and dealing with people
20:15 where they were rather than confining ourselves to pulpit
20:20 and preaching at the people that we did not understand.
20:24 A wave of student merger evangelist
20:26 from Oakwood College witnessed,
20:28 gave Bible studies and flooded to south
20:30 with tracks, magazines and books.
20:33 Many became ministers,
20:35 Bible workers and church school teachers.
20:38 More than 90% of Seventh-day Adventist
20:40 African-American workers received all
20:42 or part of their training at Oakwood College.
20:45 No one could dream unless it was the prophet
20:48 who sit on these grounds.
20:50 And indicated that this school should be put here
20:54 and she didn't go any further.
20:56 So there is no evidence that anybody dreamed
20:59 that it would become influential world wide
21:03 with a multiracial, multinational faculty
21:07 with students from 17 or 18 countries coming here.
21:15 The city fathers are amazed at
21:19 what is happening on this campus.
21:21 And Oakwood has real positive influence out there.
21:25 As Oakwood graduated from a junior college
21:28 to a senior college.
21:29 Its influence on the churches African-American constituency
21:33 was increasingly felt in administration,
21:35 evangelism, education, medicine, public service
21:39 and even the arm forces.
21:41 Oakwood College as do so many of the schools of the prophets,
21:47 makes a number of significant contributions
21:51 to society to the world.
21:53 And now I'm paraphrasing the book
21:55 Education by Ellen White.
21:57 Oakwood first of all contributes by serving
22:00 as a barrier against wide spreading corruption.
22:04 When you think of the backgrounds
22:06 of so many of the African-Americans students
22:09 coming out of inner city surroundings.
22:12 Oakwood is an oasis in the desert.
22:16 I know it was for me.
22:17 Secondly, Oakwood promotes the mental, physical
22:22 and spiritual welfare of young people
22:25 and by spiritual welfare,
22:27 it prepares you not only for this earth
22:30 but for life in the world to come.
22:32 Third, Oakwood provides prosperity to the nation
22:36 and to the world by furnishing it with people
22:40 who are qualified to act with the fear of God
22:44 as leaders and counselors.
22:46 And my responsibility as Navy Chief of Chaplains,
22:49 I advice to secretary of the navy,
22:51 the chief of naval operations,
22:54 the Commandants of the Marine Corps
22:56 and the Coast Guard.
22:57 Oakwood prepared me to do that with competence.
23:03 Oakwood College has entered
23:04 its second century of existence.
23:07 Today's beautiful and spacious campus
23:09 features carefully maintained historical structures
23:12 and modern buildings including the recently
23:15 constructed business and technology complex.
23:18 The Ellen G. White Estate Oakwood branch office
23:21 provides a research facility for the Adventist constituency
23:25 of the Southern Union.
23:26 The leadership education
23:28 for the adult professional degree program
23:30 serves as an innovative opportunity
23:32 for working adults over the age of 25
23:35 to receive a college degree.
23:37 Oakwood College today is technologically driven
23:40 and is included in the U.S. news
23:42 and world reports list of America's best colleges.
23:45 Computer labs and equipment provide training
23:48 and the infrastructure necessary
23:50 to ensure state of the art technology
23:52 in the classroom and throughout the campus.
23:55 Students are engaged in areas of research,
23:58 internships, work opportunities and exchange programs
24:01 partnering with corporations and agencies
24:04 such as NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.
24:08 New generations of Oakwood College online
24:11 continue to serve their communities
24:13 and churches to the glory of God.
24:16 Our students, whatever field they go into,
24:22 they seem to do well.
24:23 When they go to advance levels of education
24:27 and when it comes to the job market,
24:31 our graduates are very, very popular
24:33 because you know around here we teach Ten Commandments
24:36 and a businessman certainly want somebody
24:38 who is handling his case to be honest
24:40 or at least been trained to do it honestly.
24:42 But it is a fact of record
24:45 that Oakwood College students fare well
24:48 in the secular society and are less likely
24:53 to encounter certain difficulties
24:56 that some of the people with some of the habits have
25:00 because we teach them temperance,
25:02 we teach them not to smoke, we teach them not to drink,
25:06 we teach them individual responsibility
25:08 and all that is at a premium now in today's world.
25:13 There has been laid a foundation
25:15 that will be as enduring as eternity
25:19 and yet all the work that has been done
25:23 is only a beginning.
25:27 To its ongoing pursuit of the vision of its founders,
25:30 Oakwood College remains a brilliant gem of service
25:34 in the institutional mosaic
25:35 of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
25:39 The Morning Star steamer has long vanished.
25:42 However, the bell that announced
25:43 its arrival on the Mississippi river
25:44 many years ago is preserved to this day
25:47 on the campus of Oakwood College.
25:49 This bell symbolizes
25:51 the mission of this great institution
25:53 education, excellence, eternity.
25:58 Oakwood College is a testament
25:59 to the dedication of black and white pioneers
26:01 throughout the world
26:02 and of the explosive transforming power
26:04 of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
26:09 So now we've seen
26:10 the institution, Oakwood College
26:13 and we've learned how you were student.
26:15 Now tell us about it, how it is to be president?
26:18 That's a great honor and a privilege, Karen
26:20 when I was a student back in the 70s.
26:22 Now I'm president starting with 1996 to today
26:27 it's a real honor that God has given me
26:29 the opportunity to go back to Oakwood
26:32 and to allow students to receive the privilege
26:34 of Christian education like I did.
26:37 It's a great gift God has given to
26:40 this church, the Adventist church
26:41 and to the nation at large and to the world.
26:44 The chance for young people to come
26:46 and to meet Christ as a personal savior.
26:49 So you don't have just academics
26:50 but you have a chance to meet the maker of the universe
26:54 and to really infuse in your curriculum
26:57 that service component working for others
26:59 making a difference in the world.
27:01 And not simply preparing for the temporal rewards
27:05 that we get in this life
27:06 that a good education will bring you,
27:08 but also for eternity
27:09 and that's really what it's all about.
27:11 I mean, I found my wife at Oakwood.
27:12 I found my calling to ministry,
27:15 my profession as well as Christ as my personal savior
27:20 and students can receive that.
27:22 Any student who feels blessed of God
27:25 enough to take advantage of the opportunity to go
27:29 to one of our Christian schools as they do it,
27:31 they will never go wrong what they do,
27:33 that is the most wonderful thing
27:35 that they could ever do.
27:36 So I'm a believer in Christian education
27:38 because I know what it did for me
27:39 and I know what it can do for others.
27:41 I was a student, now I'm president.
27:44 They can be a student and God can do
27:46 marvelous things with their life
27:47 whatever that maybe.
27:49 Delbert, thank you so much for coming on the program
27:52 and sharing your testimony from student to president
27:55 and I want to say to our viewers,
27:56 God can do anything in your life,
27:59 just allow Him to.


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