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Participants: Jason McCracken, Dwain Esmond, Karen Thomas


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00:30 Welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:32 It's great to have you with us again for another program.
00:35 Guess what we're doing today.
00:37 We're gonna talk about some issues
00:39 that have to do with young people
00:41 and we have some wonderful guest
00:44 that are with us from Review and Herald.
00:45 Many of you have asked about books and publications
00:48 that will help, enhance your Christian walk
00:51 or your relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.
00:53 And we have two individuals who are gonna be here to talk
00:57 with us about how we can grow together with the Lord.
01:00 They're none another than, Dwain Esmond
01:03 who is the associate editor of the Message Magazine.
01:06 He started off with Review and Herald
01:08 as an editorial intern.
01:11 He worked in a Celebration Magazine,
01:13 Kids Ministry Idea and the Message Magazine.
01:16 Now he is the associate editor
01:18 for that magazine and that publication.
01:20 He graduated from Oakwood College
01:22 with the English literature major,
01:24 which is really interesting to me
01:25 because it just goes to show you,
01:27 you can use all of your talents for the Lord
01:29 not just ministers only.
01:31 And he went on and finished M.A. in English literature
01:35 from Pittsburg State University.
01:37 Joining him with us is Pastor Jason McCracken
01:40 who is an international speaker
01:41 well known fluent in multiple languages
01:44 and has been outstanding soul winner for Christ--
01:47 in Brazil, Canada allover Unites States.
01:51 He is here also as a columnist for Insight Magazine
01:55 and as a representative for the Review and Herald.
01:57 Welcome them into the program.
01:59 Thank you. It's a real pleasure--
02:00 Thank you, it's nice to be here.
02:01 To have you here with us today.
02:03 You know, many times when we're looking at a publication
02:06 you know you have the page you see the editorial section
02:09 and this is just a real treat to have people
02:11 who help to make those publications with us today.
02:14 So tell us, what's on your mind today?
02:16 What's on your heart?
02:17 I never going to be a lot of other the programs
02:19 and for those of you who are watching with us at home
02:21 you're gonna want to stay tuned when you see these gentlemen
02:24 because we're gonna cover all kinds of things.
02:26 Well, we just thought we would start our program
02:28 speaking informally with each other.
02:32 What's the latest out there right now
02:33 with young people or with--
02:35 what are the some of hot topics out there?
02:38 Well, Message Magazine is dealing
02:42 with a number of youth issues
02:44 and when you think of our culture in particular
02:48 and the kind of influences, the media influences
02:50 that young people have to deal with
02:53 that's some thing that we're really keen on right now.
02:56 Issues of violence relating to young people
02:58 especially in the schools setting.
03:01 Hopefully we'll be-- we'll have a chance to talk
03:03 about that in some of the programs upcoming
03:06 that's an issue today with us.
03:08 We're also talking about how to help kids
03:10 deal with their finances, good money skills for kids.
03:14 It's good for parents.
03:15 That's some thing that we are hoping
03:17 parents and guardians will pay attention to.
03:19 So those are the kind of issues that are on our play right now.
03:23 Now, I'm kind of interested in with your wonderful
03:28 educational, prestigious educational background.
03:31 Why would you decide to become
03:34 involved in Christian publication?
03:37 Actually, I really feel like the Lord has led me to this.
03:42 I mean, I know people-- you'd probably hear people say
03:45 "Yeah, I feel like I was called to that."
03:47 But in my situation I really feel like
03:49 the circumstances worked out
03:51 where the Lord just kind of brought me
03:53 to Review and Herald
03:54 and Message Magazine, I happen to be.
03:57 I was a senior in college at the time
03:59 and just kind of aimlessly wandering,
04:01 thinking of where I'm going go next,
04:03 not really sure what to do.
04:05 And the editor came through at that time
04:07 and was looking for an intern and I knew nothing about that
04:11 but one of my professors submitted my name and she--
04:14 I'd taken one course from her but she felt like
04:17 I was the person who could do the job.
04:18 Wow.
04:19 So and that's kind of how it started
04:21 but as I look back now over the past six years,
04:24 it was so many things came together
04:27 that it was definitely the Lord
04:28 and I'm honored to be in His service, I'm honored.
04:31 Its not anything I'm doing for Him,
04:34 I think He's doing something for me.
04:35 So tell me have you always been a Christian?
04:37 Have you always been at a high level spiritually?
04:43 And its so praise the Lord
04:44 just I'm scared to know what's the background.
04:47 I would love to say that I've been,
04:49 I was born in South America. My father was--
04:51 What part of South America? Guyana.
04:53 So do you speak more than one language as well?
04:56 No. Guyana is actually formally a British colony.
04:59 So English was the standard language that I spoke.
05:02 My dad was a minister for many years
05:05 conference official as matter of fact.
05:07 So I grew up Adventist but I think when my parents
05:11 immigrated to the States I kind of lost some things,
05:14 and I remember having a real serious problem with anger
05:18 and my temperament was really in trouble.
05:21 I was in public school at the time
05:23 and my mother felt that I needed to get out of that,
05:25 so she pulled me out and put me in the Christian school
05:29 and because she saw some dangerous signals
05:31 I was beginning to get into some real trouble so.
05:35 And answer to your question, no.
05:36 I haven't always been at this plane
05:38 and I don't consider myself to be anywhere.
05:41 I think I'm struggling and challenged always.
05:44 But the Lord has done miraculous things for me.
05:48 He has just taken me out of bad situations
05:51 the temperament that was hurting me
05:53 and kind of delivered me.
05:55 And in fact, I write about that a little bit.
05:58 Really? Tell me more about that.
06:02 Recently, the Review and Herald published a young adult
06:05 devotional for 2001 called Beyond the In-A-Pinch God,
06:09 its out right now in ABC bookstores
06:11 and other bookstores.
06:13 Why would a person want to have a young adult devotional?
06:16 Basically, it's targeted to an age group
06:20 that's at a fringe in a lot of ways of their lives.
06:24 They're deciding on careers,
06:26 they're deciding on having a family on that.
06:29 They're deciding on relationships.
06:31 Its just a very crucial time between the ages of say 16
06:36 and maybe 25 to 30, that's a very--
06:39 it was a crucial-- it has been a crucial time for me
06:42 and fought with may pitfalls so I felt like I needed
06:46 to write not about something that I didn't know
06:51 I felt like I needed to speak to people
06:53 who were really struggling to make decisions
06:56 about that those big issues.
06:58 Are you married? Yes, I am.
07:00 And do you have children? No children yet.
07:03 Okay, but marriage these days-- Marriage--
07:05 Enough right there-- A book is coming about that.
07:09 But the Lord really is just, let me into that
07:11 and Beyond the In-A-Pinch God, basically talks about
07:14 moving from being a crisis oriented relationship
07:18 with the Lord to, to a relationship
07:21 where God teaches you consistently how to--
07:24 how to really bring Him into your life.
07:25 Can you give us just a little snippet there?
07:27 You know, I mean now you kind of introduce this book thing.
07:30 Can you tell us, what was on your heart?
07:33 What might be some of those issues there?
07:36 One of the big, well,
07:38 I can tell you kind of the experience that led to it.
07:41 My father was almost killed as he left
07:45 a satellite evangelist meeting at a local church.
07:50 And at that time, I remember my wife and I
07:53 it was a Friday night
07:54 and we were just get leaving our knees for worship
07:57 and I got a call from sister, she told me,
08:00 you know "daddy was almost killed."
08:02 You know he was held up at gunpoint,
08:04 he had no money at the time.
08:06 And the robbers you know basically let him go.
08:11 They saw his Bible.
08:12 He told them where he was coming from
08:14 and they let him go.
08:15 And just a few weeks before someone was killed
08:18 in the exact same kind of a situation.
08:22 So it was certain that the Lord, you know,
08:25 kind of brought him through and I was thinking
08:26 could I really survive the death of my father.
08:29 You know what about the things I never said to him
08:32 that I've the spiritual reserves
08:34 to go through a situation like that.
08:36 And I had to admit no, I don't because my relationship
08:40 with the Lord gets tight when there is a crisis.
08:44 You know, and crisis is good
08:46 but God want's to spend time with us
08:49 and teach us about Himself every day.
08:53 Every day, during the downtimes
08:55 He wants to be a part of our lives.
08:57 And so the book really deals with
08:59 how to bring Him into all the areas of your life.
09:01 The relationships and the work and the stresses
09:05 how to understand when He's trying to save you
09:09 or trying to lead you that's what it's about.
09:13 Well, thanks for sharing that with us.
09:15 And now we're gonna meet Pastor Jason McCracken.
09:19 So now tell me are you from overseas?
09:22 Are you from outside the United States?
09:23 No, I'm originally from New Jersey.
09:26 New Jersey? Yes.
09:27 Jersey? Yes, Jersey.
09:30 It's how they pronounce it.
09:31 I guess I lost my accent when I left.
09:35 And what languages do you speak?
09:36 Well, Portuguese, Portuguese
09:39 and Spanyol and of course English.
09:44 And so now tell me,
09:45 how did you get into this kind of international ministry
09:48 that you're here involved in now?
09:50 Well, it was very interesting
09:51 and after I received the call from God,
09:53 I went to Oakwood college prior to that
09:56 I was actually awarded a four year scholarship
10:00 to an engineer school in New Jersey.
10:02 Now, let's backup a little bit here now, okay.
10:05 Let's go to teenage, years. Okay.
10:08 Yeah, just give us the little bit more of the story here.
10:11 Well, I growing up in--
10:12 growing up in the Baptist church.
10:16 I enjoyed campaign and doing a lot of things like that,
10:20 but I enjoyed also art, designing
10:23 and drawing as a child.
10:25 And so my father say,
10:26 "why don't you, you know look at engineering?"
10:28 I said sure, that's good because he was a contractor.
10:31 And so I was in mechanical drawing in high school
10:35 and then they put me in some other classes
10:37 for engineering, pre engineering.
10:40 And then one of my professor's came and he said
10:42 "why don't you fill out this application
10:45 and why don't you just--
10:46 see if you want to go to engineering schools?"
10:48 So I said, "Well, I don't know."
10:50 I mean I was shy at that time, I said "Maybe, I don't know."
10:52 So I filled the application out.
10:54 And I-- and finally I got a letter
10:57 from an engineering school
10:59 and I was accepted for four years
11:01 and they were gonna pay for it
11:02 because they were looking for two individuals
11:04 in the state of New Jersey and two of us received
11:07 this scholarship for four years.
11:09 But at the same time God was actually
11:10 calling me to the ministry
11:12 and I did not want to come to the ministry at all.
11:15 And He called me and I said, "No not me, not me."
11:19 And finally--
11:20 Why do people say "No not me, not me?"
11:22 Well, I guess because we look at--
11:23 This is the main thing. Yes.
11:25 I was a teenager, I don't have any money
11:27 but I was-- I didn't look at money at that time.
11:30 I was looking at, I don't fit that caliber as a minister.
11:34 Okay. I mean here I'm young.
11:36 I like to go campaign, I like to do engineering.
11:39 What is the ministry have to do with engineering
11:41 or drawing or something like that?
11:42 At that time it was-- it was not ministry for me.
11:46 When He called me by His voice that's what chocked me,
11:50 it scared me because I did not want to go to the ministry.
11:54 Well, finally I was encouraged by my older sister
11:58 to not go to this engineering school and to go to Oakwood.
12:02 She knew nothing about Oakwood.
12:04 So I arrived at Oakwood College and my first year
12:08 I realized what the Lord wanted to do with me.
12:12 And it was very interesting and going overseas,
12:16 was that I saw last two missionaries gone overseas
12:18 and I said, "you know what, one day maybe I'll go."
12:21 And one day I had a dream
12:22 that I was in a foreign country preaching.
12:25 I woke up and told my roommate. He said "Oh, you are crazy?"
12:28 Well, it was that week when our former student missionary
12:31 approached me and said
12:33 "they have an opening in Brazil would you like to go?"
12:35 And I'm like me? I said, I don't have any money.
12:38 She said well, you have to raise it.
12:41 I said well, I'll do what I can.
12:42 So I wrote a 100 letters to my family and friends
12:46 who are not members of my church
12:48 and I received over thousand dollars.
12:50 Praise the Lord. And I was the first one to go.
12:54 And I was in a state called Rio Grande do Sul
12:58 in a city of called Porto Alegre
13:00 and I was the associate youth director there.
13:03 And they said do you preach?
13:05 Sure and so every week I was preaching
13:07 I was doing evangelism in English and I had a translator.
13:11 Many souls were won and I'm like what is this?
13:15 And-- The Lord is anointing.
13:16 And from there, the General Conference called me back
13:20 to work as a fulltime missionary.
13:21 And that's the General Conference
13:22 of Seventh-day Adventist?
13:23 Of Seventh-day Adventist.
13:24 The world head quarter called me back. Okay.
13:26 And I said "Okay, I guess I will go."
13:28 And I was there for ten years.
13:29 So now how was it with learning a language,
13:31 so is a gift of tongue still around.
13:34 Well, when I was in kindergarten I still remember
13:38 what my teacher wrote to my mother.
13:41 She wrote a note, she said, "Your son talks too much.
13:44 He worries me to death. He talks too much.
13:46 He worries me to death. He just talks, talks, talks too much."
13:50 And my mother said "You got the gift of gab."
13:53 And I said "no."
13:55 So prior to going to Brazil
13:57 I didn't have any language skills.
13:59 They said they speak Portuguese.
14:00 I said, "Oh, really I don't speak anything but English."
14:03 When I arrived in Brazil they said,
14:05 "Well, you've to learn a little bit of Portuguese."
14:08 I said "okay."
14:09 So they taught me this simple "hello, como voy.'"
14:12 And I was doing that but in six months
14:16 I was speaking the language.
14:18 That's incredible and I understand
14:19 that you speak with an accent.
14:21 We've some people around 3ABN
14:23 who are very fluent in Portuguese and they say,
14:26 "So it really is a gift of tongues."
14:29 I believe knowing you and hearing this,
14:32 so that's what about the Spanish?
14:33 How did you acquire the Spanish language?
14:35 Well, after going to Brazil as a full time missionary
14:38 I had to travel to Argentina and other countries
14:42 and Uruguay and Paraguay and--
14:44 See he even says them correctly. Yeah.
14:47 Peru and Santiago and some other places.
14:49 I'm sure people who are watching
14:50 from there really appreciate.
14:52 Yeah. Yes.
14:53 And of course it was-- I had to kind of either pick up
14:56 the language or learn the language so.
14:58 It's very interesting because in Latin America
15:00 you've so many different dialects in Spanish.
15:02 So a lot of people say I've-- I speak the Spanish,
15:06 of not Mexican Spanish but not Peruvian Spanish
15:10 but people from Argentina and also Santiago, Chile.
15:13 And I said, that's okay I like that.
15:16 Yeah. So it's very interesting.
15:19 I use more Portuguese than I do Spanish
15:21 but in America Spanish is the second most
15:24 a widely spoken language today.
15:28 So now, you also have gotten involved beyond languages
15:31 and evangelism into focus with youth.
15:35 Might that be from the fact that you became a Christian
15:39 or became more involved with Bible truths?
15:43 It may be you hadn't been familiar
15:45 within the past because of youth work.
15:46 Oh, when I became a student missionary,
15:48 I'm not gonna tell you the year but it was a few decades ago.
15:51 Okay.
15:52 I felt that my calling was in youth ministry.
15:56 And the first year in Brazil as a student missionary
16:01 because of the evangelism and because of working
16:04 with youth and pathfinders which is a scout organization
16:06 I felt that was my calling.
16:08 I went back to Oakwood and start implementing programs.
16:11 Now wait a minute, you said something about pathfinders.
16:13 Yes. Can you explain this for a minute?
16:14 Because I understand you also a master guy. Yes.
16:17 Okay, a master guy that's the guy
16:20 because I was in pathfinders.
16:22 That's the guy who has this big sash coming across here.
16:24 Yeah. Yeah, yes, yes.
16:25 With all these things of all these tedious things
16:28 he has done all this time.
16:29 So tell me about that one too.
16:30 About 80 honors I've on my sash
16:33 and it stands from wilderness survival and a stronger.
16:37 And there's a uniform you wear and everything.
16:39 Yes, it's the uniform.
16:40 It's green, looks some military but it's a scouting uniform
16:44 it has a scarf and its-- and right now I'm teaching
16:49 for the North American division which represents
16:52 Canada, United States, Panmure and also Hawaii.
16:56 And so I teach skills of how to become a master guy,
16:59 and that is the top level of it,
17:01 took me a while to get it but I'm okay.
17:03 But instinct enough when I was in Brazil
17:06 I was teaching these techniques
17:08 and he said we don't know anything about this.
17:09 I said well, it's just a part of path finding.
17:12 And path finding after going to Brazil
17:15 for ten years it grew where I was going,
17:18 where I was working in the city of Sao Paulo out of union that,
17:21 that comprises of a lot of different states.
17:24 And we had closed to 20,000 pathfinders.
17:28 When I left they had 35,000. Now they're like 55,000.
17:31 Wow.
17:32 And they're growing and they just growing and growing
17:34 because it's a co-ed organization girls and guys
17:39 and they work in same group
17:40 and they do a lot of community activities
17:43 and campaign activities and it's a great thing
17:46 and so I loved it, it's just a part of my life.
17:48 You know when you say camping.
17:49 I'm the first one to walk out the door.
17:52 I don't think my wife would do that but I mean she enjoys it.
17:55 You know can I sleep in a trailer?
17:56 Yes you may. Now sleep in the tent.
17:58 But that's basically a part of my growing up in New Jersey
18:03 camping in the woods with no tents,
18:05 underground in the bushes just enjoying it.
18:09 So now how did you make that commitment to 10 years
18:14 away from all that you knew here or from New Jersey
18:18 from your college friends and to--
18:21 what kinds of miracles did you see
18:23 God did for you while you were there?
18:25 Interesting enough Brazil is a very youthful country.
18:29 Out of the 155 million plus that live in Brazil
18:33 right now are over 75% are under the age of 30.
18:40 So working with youth every day is just a part of life.
18:44 When you walk into a church of a 1,000 people
18:46 800 are under the age of 30.
18:49 And so for me, that was basically
18:54 my, my, my, my life experience, my calling.
18:57 I felt that God, I was touching people
19:01 not knowing how effective I was.
19:04 Until, today you find people places in the United States
19:08 and they now say "I remember you're from Brazil."
19:10 You do I had hair then. But they still remember.
19:15 They used to remember the stories I used to tell them.
19:18 And I'm trying to write a book on that anyway.
19:20 But one day I'll get there.
19:21 It's called "Breaking point" has a lot of experiences
19:24 that young people go through and--
19:26 That sounds good.
19:28 The kids love it because when I tell stories
19:30 they're just like, can you tell us another one?
19:32 No, I've to go to preach now.
19:34 But I felt that the Lord was actually touching my life
19:37 through youth ministry.
19:38 And that's why I'm a part of youth evangelism right now.
19:42 Okay, now you got to tell us the story?
19:44 You want to tell me the story?
19:45 You're gonna can tell us a story.
19:46 You mean a children's story.
19:48 Yeah, give us a little sample for those
19:49 who are watching the program.
19:52 Johnny enjoyed going out to the parks,
19:54 so one day his father took him out to the park.
19:57 And then he said "I'm gonna sit by a tree and go to sleep."
20:00 So Johnny's father went to sleep.
20:02 Johnny decided to climb this wooden long white fence
20:05 and he started chasing a butterfly.
20:07 When he chased the butterfly he didn't noticed
20:09 that there is a buffalo on top of the hill
20:11 and the buffalo charged down the hill towards Johnny.
20:15 In the meanwhile Johnny's father woke up and said
20:17 "Johnny, where are you? Where are you, Johnny?"
20:19 Johnny was still chasing that butterfly
20:21 and the buffalo was crashing down the hill after Johnny.
20:25 And Johnny didn't know anything was happening,
20:27 until his father ran to the fence and said "Johnny."
20:29 Well, I count to three,
20:30 I want you to return to me run, Johnny run."
20:34 And then his father said "three."
20:36 And Johnny's started running, he turned and started running
20:38 and running and running and when he approach the fence
20:42 there was a rock hidden under the grass and Johnny tripped
20:46 and his father reached out over the fence
20:48 and grabbed Johnny to save him
20:52 and the buffalo stopped two inches from killing Johnny.
20:56 Well, the Bible said,
20:58 "God's arm is not too short that He cannot save."
21:01 Amen. That's good.
21:03 I like that Word. Not bad.
21:05 That was a good one.
21:07 Well that let me ask you something,
21:08 you gentlemen represents some really effective publications
21:14 that are doing a wonderful work
21:16 beyond what you're doing personally
21:18 and I really appreciate the fact that you shared
21:20 something about yourself with those are watching the program.
21:24 Tell us about the Message Magazine.
21:28 What is the Message Magazine?
21:30 Well, Message Magazine is a missionary publication
21:34 that is it's focused to folks who are un-churched
21:39 or churched for that matter but it's,
21:42 it goes beyond the bounds of our Seventh-day Adventism.
21:47 And Message Magazine-- So it's not denominational?
21:50 No. Okay.
21:51 It actually, is really based on the Word of God.
21:55 I mean, we teach the Word of God
21:58 and make it applicable to issues of today.
22:02 And I think that's very unique.
22:04 And spend around for us some time.
22:05 Spend around a long time.
22:07 And we consider ourselves to continue
22:09 in the line of the work done by Edson White
22:12 who was a pioneer worker in the late 1800s
22:16 among people of color in the south
22:19 with a tract called the Gospel Herald.
22:22 And Message Magazine, kind of follows in that work,
22:25 the name Message actually began around, began around the 1930s.
22:31 Message continues today to just proclaim
22:35 the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our goal is
22:37 to do really two things, to encourage passionate,
22:42 virtuous living for today and eternity
22:46 and to present in all forms and to whatever
22:51 groups out there the Bible based Gospel of Jesus Christ
22:56 we just believe that He is the centre of everything
22:58 and everything flows from Him.
23:00 So if you read Message Magazine I think you'll see
23:03 a heavy focus on Jesus and how He blesses today.
23:05 And I strongly, yeah, recommend that one.
23:08 That's a good one.
23:09 Anything that's gonna encourage the Christian walk
23:12 it's something that we need to be interested in.
23:15 And you know, sometimes we need different approaches
23:18 for reaching different types of people.
23:20 Just like if you decided a stretch beyond yourself Jason
23:23 and learned two different languages
23:25 that were not your native tongue.
23:27 If you were not willing to do that
23:28 you'd have limited yourself in the 1000s of people
23:31 that you wouldn't able to teach
23:33 a pathfinder, a master guy, evangelism
23:37 it just would not have been as a great impact.
23:39 So this is another way may be for people
23:42 who watching the program who say, you know oh,
23:45 I've a good friend who's over a different culture than I am.
23:48 And they might be interested in something
23:50 that is targeted toward, toward individuals of color.
23:54 There are some secular publications
23:57 that are doing quite well focusing on that.
24:00 But their emphasis is the entertain the world
24:03 and looking at the peoples lives
24:05 and what they have and what's in there home
24:08 and gossip and who's got the latest
24:11 and they highlight the rap artists and that kind of thing.
24:16 But this is a way of pointing people like you said to Christ.
24:20 And then there's another publication that you involved
24:23 with which is a part of your burden for youth
24:25 and that is Insight.
24:26 Yeah, it's Insight Magazine.
24:28 So tell me about Insight Magazine.
24:30 Well, the Insight Magazine is a teen's magazine.
24:34 It's strictly for teenagers so we can't read
24:36 because we are not teenagers any longer.
24:37 We might look like but we're not teenagers but it is,
24:40 it is exclusively designed for teenagers of the church.
24:44 It has articles that they write about their experiences.
24:49 It also features mission trips.
24:52 It also features a Bible lessons.
24:55 It features sometimes areas of CDs.
25:00 We talk about music. We've a music column
25:02 or where we talk about different gospel artist.
25:05 And so this particular magazine is designed for teenagers only.
25:10 I write a lot of editorials about a ten times a year
25:14 and I try to be more focused.
25:17 The last article was called--
25:20 let's see, what was the name of that article?
25:22 Oh, yes "Where they are" and "Violence signs"
25:29 talking about the signs of the times.
25:30 And so these editorials help young people
25:33 give them a glimpse of what's happening today.
25:35 Well, I tell you I just took a very long trip
25:38 with my niece who is 19 who just got a new truck
25:41 and we spend most of the time listening.
25:44 She is a Christian and she had Gospel music
25:47 and different music that she likes,
25:49 where you get a whole new world out there.
25:51 That's right. That's right.
25:52 May be you're a customer she will be a teenager.
25:54 I don't have teenagers, you know.
25:57 But to understand how they think
25:59 and what their viewpoints are that's good.
26:01 And I like the fact that you said
26:02 that it is written and you know that.
26:04 Yes, teenagers only and they're featured on the cover.
26:07 Okay.
26:08 Well, I understand that you guys have an up--
26:11 a website that is up and coming and has things on there,
26:15 that's really interesting.
26:16 Let's take a look at that website right now.
26:18 Tell us the website.
26:21 Well, its
26:25 and you can actually contact us through that website.
26:29 Okay, and
26:33 or
26:37 So if you've some one that you like to witness
26:39 to in a very special way contact, let them know.
26:44 And you can also get hold of you by email.
26:46 Definitely.
26:47 I also want to say for those of you who are watching
26:49 if you've publications that you would like to get a hold off
26:52 may be Bible lessons dial 800 number on your screen
26:55 and 3ABN will be happy to send you a copy of,
26:58 a free complimentary copy of Bible lessons.
27:02 Well, our time is just about up and we'll always likes to do
27:05 is to offer word to prayer
27:07 for those who're watching the program.
27:09 And Pastor McCracken, would you do that for us please?
27:13 Yes. Father in Heaven, we're so thankful
27:15 that You've given us the spirit
27:18 and the power to proclaim the everlasting gospel.
27:23 And we're thankful Lord, that You've brought us
27:25 here together to tell everyone about the love of Jesus.
27:30 We pray that You would continue
27:32 to guide each and every one of us
27:34 and those who are hearing this good news about Jesus.
27:38 For we ask these blessing's in Christ name we pray, amen.
27:41 Amen.
27:43 Well, we thank you, so much for coming to the program.
27:45 Thank you. Thank you.
27:46 God bless you both the ministry that you're doing for Him
27:48 and for those of you-- thank you hey praise the Lord,
27:51 God gets the glory for everything. Amen.
27:53 And I just to want to say for those of you watching today
27:57 it's been a pleasure to be with you
27:58 and we'll see in on another edition of Issues and Answers.
28:00 God bless you.


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