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Participants: Karen Thomas, David Asscherick, Daniel Mesa III


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00:32 Welcome to another edition of "Issues and Answers."
00:35 We are so happy to be with you once again.
00:38 And we have a very special guest
00:39 that I like to introduce to you in just a moment.
00:41 You know, it's nothing like listening to a real testimony.
00:46 To actually see someone who is practicing their faith.
00:48 And today, our special guest is Pastor Daniel Mesa.
00:52 Pastor Daniel Mesa is a new pastor.
00:55 He is the pastor of the Revelation Promises Hope
00:58 SDA Church and Maranatha Bible fellowship,
01:01 SDA Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
01:03 Welcome to the program, Pastor Mesa.
01:05 Thank you very much, Karen.
01:06 And you are here to give us a word of knowledge
01:08 and a word of your testimony. Yes.
01:10 So tell me have you always been a Christian?
01:13 No, not always.
01:14 I have been a Christian for only about four and half years now.
01:16 Okay. And what's was your background?
01:18 Tell us about your background?
01:20 My background as a child was that I grew up
01:22 in what I just mentioned of my best friend, a halfway house.
01:26 My mother was a Christian, Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
01:28 My father was an alcoholic and he was a hard worker.
01:33 But he didn't live life according to the Bible.
01:35 So during the week we were Christians
01:37 and that's what I profess but during the weekend
01:40 it was very much a war in my home.
01:42 And so as a result of that going through my teenage years,
01:47 I chose to follow the path of my father
01:50 a little more than the path of my mother.
01:52 Influences of the world and those things
01:54 and I began drinking at a very young age,
01:57 started smoking at a very young age.
02:00 And actually started leaving the Lord,
02:04 leaving worship with my mother going to church
02:06 at a very young age, 7, 8, 9 years old
02:09 and I actually became a heavy metal drummer
02:12 at around that time.
02:14 And was a drummer for about nine years.
02:18 I was in a band that we would travel
02:20 just around the vicinity of where I was living.
02:23 I was in Southern California at that time.
02:26 And we were playing parties mainly, lots of drugs,
02:30 lots of drinking and different things,
02:32 you know what comes along with the bands
02:34 and that type of thing.
02:36 And during that time it was quite,
02:40 quite a strange period of my life.
02:41 I didn't know God.
02:43 I didn't care about God, didn't ever read my Bible,
02:45 I don't remember praying much.
02:47 Well, now you grew up in a home at least
02:49 where your mother was trying to be a Christian.
02:52 Did that have any type of influence
02:53 at that time in your life?
02:55 As a child it did.
02:57 I very much loved Christ, I know I did.
02:59 I had Bibles and I remember feeling
03:03 accepted by God and I loved Him.
03:04 I loved going to church, loved to talk to my mother about God.
03:08 And everything that revolved around religion
03:11 was beautiful to me.
03:12 But I'll mention this.
03:14 I started smoking at seven years old.
03:16 And from that point forward
03:18 is when I really started going down the hill.
03:20 So right around that time as I said
03:22 I stopped going to church and different things.
03:24 I just went headlong into the world,
03:26 started drinking at 9 years and doing drugs by 11.
03:30 And so the music was just another part of that.
03:34 In the time of my teenage years
03:36 I had very poor grades in high school
03:38 as most children do in the way of life that I was in.
03:43 And in fact my last grade point average,
03:47 I'm little ashamed to say was .83.
03:50 And I finally did finish high school, praise the Lord.
03:53 But I ended up in, around that time 16 years old I got a car,
04:00 around that time I got into about seven major accidents.
04:05 What was the cause of those accidents?
04:07 Well, basically just driving too fast with my friends,
04:10 being drunk in other occasions, just being a wild youth.
04:14 And there were five major car accidents,
04:16 two major motorcycle accidents.
04:19 And I came away from most of those without being hurt.
04:21 One was at 75 miles an hour. Oh, wow.
04:23 Into the side of a dirt bank. Two were at 65 miles an hour.
04:27 I was sideswiped once at 55, I rolled a red truck.
04:30 I went headfirst into a tree off a motorcycle.
04:33 And another one is just flew off a motorcycle about 45. So--
04:38 It's a miracle that you're walking
04:39 flying off from a motorcycle. It really is.
04:41 And I think the Lord was sparing me for one specific reason,
04:44 my mother was praying for me. Amen.
04:47 If it were not for my mother praying for me
04:48 I don't think I would be alive today as a result of, you know,
04:51 the different experiences I've had.
04:54 But I was very much committed to myself, making money.
04:59 In fact at age 18, I was making $25.57 an hour.
05:04 And that's a little over $1000 a week
05:06 for a young man that is 18 years old.
05:08 So I blew my money on clothes and women
05:10 and my car and beer and drugs and all the other things.
05:14 I lived life to its fullest as far as I knew
05:17 how as an 18-year-old.
05:19 And at 19 years old, after going through this experience of just,
05:24 you know, immoral lifestyle and all these different things,
05:28 I was impressed by the Spirit of God.
05:31 While sitting around a table not much bigger than this
05:33 with three of my friends.
05:35 And these friends were just talking about some of things
05:37 that would happen in the future.
05:39 They were asking--we were talking about you know,
05:40 what we had invented as far as computers,
05:43 we've been to the moon, we have, you know,
05:45 freeways and cars and all these other things.
05:46 I was thinking what are we going to come up with
05:48 when we are older.
05:50 You know, when I'm 55
05:51 what am I possibly going to invent?
05:53 And as soon as I said that I just got cold chills,
05:56 it was much like a bucket of cold water
05:58 was dumped on my head.
06:00 And I covered my eyes and my face and I just wept.
06:03 I saw for a split second just everything
06:05 that I've been thinking of totally destroyed.
06:07 There was flames and destruction and everything was darkened.
06:11 It just gave me the sense of evil.
06:15 And so that's what broke me down that night.
06:16 I cried and I couldn't speak.
06:17 I had to leave the presence of my friends
06:19 and that's all I remember 'cause we were drinking
06:21 and doing drugs very much that night.
06:24 But about two weeks after that God started calling me
06:27 with His Spirit just saying,
06:29 "Read your Bible, read your Bible."
06:31 He just kept saying, "Read your Bible."
06:34 And I hadn't thought of my Bible.
06:35 I hadn't read my Bible or done anything like that
06:37 for quite sometime.
06:39 So it was very strange to me.
06:41 My Bible was about two miles away from my home,
06:43 in a barn underneath a bunch of junk that was in a bin
06:47 like something you would tow behind a car or a truck.
06:50 And this Spirit was so strong, mentioning to me
06:53 that I needed to go get my Bible
06:54 that I actually jumped in my truck,
06:56 drove the two miles, broke into the barn,
06:58 emptied out the whole bin of stuff found my Bible
07:01 and was so excited.
07:02 When I picked up that Bible I knew that
07:04 that's what my soul was craving.
07:06 I put all the stuff back, closed up the garage,
07:08 drove back home, set it on my counter and I felt as though,
07:10 well, now I've got my Bible, you know, everything is okay.
07:14 But within two days the Spirit was starting to have the music
07:18 that I was listening to make sense.
07:20 I mean, it was--the lyrics were making more sense
07:23 than they were before, I just,
07:24 I would sing them in a different way.
07:26 And He was telling me, "Pick up your Bible, pick up your Bible."
07:28 I was seeing that the people-- they were making the music
07:31 were very unhappy, unfriendly, several of them had died
07:36 of drug overdoses and suicides and different things like this.
07:42 So I was starting to ask questions, you know,
07:43 what is my life going to be like in the future?
07:48 What's the outcome?
07:49 Am I going to, you know, fall away from society
07:51 like some of these guys and just go mad?
07:53 Am I going to end up killing myself
07:55 or am I going to overdose?
07:56 And the Holy Spirit was just continually saying
07:58 till this time, "Read your Bible, read your Bible,
08:00 don't--now that its here read it."
08:02 So I finally went to my room, it wasn't this Bible
08:04 but I picked it up and I just prayed for the first time,
08:09 "Lord, how do I get to heaven?"
08:13 And I popped open the Bible
08:14 and it fell open to the back like this
08:16 and right at the top in big bold black letters.
08:18 It was the answer to my prayer.
08:19 "Who goes to heaven?"
08:23 And one of the--and few of the scriptures that were mentioned
08:27 were scriptures like Revelation 12:17.
08:29 "The dragon was wroth with the woman
08:30 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
08:32 which keep the commandments of God
08:34 and have the testimony of Jesus."
08:35 Another one's Revelation 14:12,
08:37 "Here is the patience of the saints,
08:39 here are they that keep the commandments
08:40 and have the faith of Jesus."
08:43 And another one I remember was Revelation 22:14,
08:46 "Blessed are they that keep the commandments of God
08:48 that they may have right
08:49 to enter in through the gates into the city
08:52 that they may have right to the tree of life."
08:54 And so I started focusing on the commandments.
08:55 If in Revelation the end time book this is important,
08:58 I need to understand it and be obedient
09:00 to the commandments by God's grace.
09:02 And so, that's what I started studying
09:03 and found out the truth about the Seventh-day Sabbath
09:06 almost immediately.
09:07 The first week after studying the Bible
09:09 I was in a Seventh-day Adventist Church
09:11 because I knew as a result of studying the Bible
09:14 that the seventh day was a Sabbath.
09:17 Within five weeks of just really pressuring the minister,
09:20 Pastor Mullin, I was baptized. Amen.
09:23 And I was just craving the Word of God.
09:25 I would spend six to eight hours a day studying.
09:28 And there was nothing more I could do.
09:30 My friends were telling me that I was going mad.
09:34 I was memorizing the Bible.
09:35 They were starting to kind of separate from me
09:37 and call me holy boy and, you know, these different names
09:39 and things and I was very much disinterested
09:42 in what they were saying, but more interested
09:43 in what the Bible was saying
09:45 because it was food to my soul.
09:46 I've had the music, I've had the money.
09:48 I've had the cars.
09:49 I've had other, the girlfriends and girls and the fame.
09:53 These different things but this was feeding my soul.
09:56 And that's all I could tell them,
09:57 is listen I found something that's powerful,
09:59 the Bible and Christ in my life.
10:03 And so as a result of studying for this long,
10:05 being baptized in five weeks I left two days
10:08 after that from Southern California
10:10 up to Northern California,
10:12 where I just had a burden to share the Bible with people.
10:15 I ended up going to the mission college
10:17 which is in the Black Hills of South Dakota
10:20 for a three week period
10:21 where there was just an intensive program
10:24 on how to witness, how to study the Bible,
10:26 how to share with others,
10:27 how to hold an evangelistic series.
10:31 I came back home to California.
10:32 I was a literature evangelist
10:34 which is selling books, spiritual books.
10:37 Some of the books were entitled like "Desire of Ages"
10:39 or "The Great Controversy", books on health
10:41 or recipes for vegetarian cooking.
10:45 And I wasn't very good at that, in fact
10:47 I made about $800 in three months.
10:49 And so I was praying God would give me some other thing to do.
10:52 I became a Bible worker
10:54 with Northern California Conference for Evangelist.
10:55 And what's the Bible worker? What do they do?
10:57 A Bible worker basically-- Let us about that.
10:59 Goes into a city with an evangelist,
11:02 I was with Brembo Seth,
11:03 the Northern California Conference Evangelist.
11:05 Mm-hmm. I know him.
11:06 Yes. Very good man. God bless him.
11:08 And we would go in with him to a city.
11:11 The first project that we had David Asscherick
11:13 and myself was Oakland, California,
11:17 Downtown right in the heart.
11:18 And we're in this huge city we don't know what to do,
11:21 and so we basically just started going from door to door,
11:23 knocking on people's doors, wondering if they were
11:25 interested in studying the Bible.
11:27 Well, in period of months David and I
11:29 both had about 125 interests a piece
11:32 that we were dropping off studies
11:33 doing a lot of these we were studying with personally.
11:36 And we had an evangelistic series.
11:38 I don't think the church was quite as ready for it
11:40 as it could have been because there--just wasn't the fruits
11:43 from our labors that we could have expected.
11:46 Now tell me how did you meet David?
11:47 Tell us who David is.
11:49 David Asscherick is today an evangelist.
11:53 Basically I met him in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
11:56 He was working at a little restaurant.
11:58 A vegan vegetarian Seventh-day Adventist restaurant
12:00 run by a beautiful Christian family called Veggies.
12:04 And he was working there.
12:05 He was just converted as a Christian
12:07 and him and I had just hit it off very quickly.
12:10 We prayed together that we would be able to
12:12 work together in the future.
12:13 And that's where we ended up in California.
12:16 Well, at about a year and eight months of being a Christian,
12:19 I was asked to hold my first series of meetings.
12:21 Well, that's, that's really moving in fast motion, isn't it?
12:24 Yeah. And so God was basically stretching me
12:26 as quickly as He could.
12:28 I stood up having spoken about six times
12:32 in front of a congregation
12:34 with audience of about 225 people opening night.
12:38 And I was just petrified with fear.
12:41 Well, God gave me grace I got through that and about two,
12:45 I'm sorry about a half year later,
12:46 I was asked to do another series.
12:49 And this was interesting because I had about a half a month
12:51 to prepare for it from beginning to end
12:54 and then another month to present the series and so,
12:56 the time frame was just intense
12:59 and I think God almost killed me, you know,
13:02 we were not for His grace but I held another series after that
13:06 in Honduras with Honduras 2000 with OCI.
13:10 That was a very much a blessing.
13:12 And what is OCI?
13:13 OCI is Outpost Centers Incorporated.
13:16 I don't understand completely everything they do.
13:18 I believe that they are missionary focused and--
13:20 That's true. And they actually
13:22 go out of United States
13:23 and they take groups of people with them.
13:25 That's exactly what they did and with me
13:27 which was a real blessing, I'm very thankful for that.
13:30 In between that time I was traveling around America,
13:33 South Dakota, Colorado, North Dakota, California,
13:37 Wyoming, Utah, Florida, all these different places
13:40 ended up in Michigan doing evangelistic series
13:43 with David Asscherick as the speaker.
13:46 And I was either the platform chairman
13:49 or the Bible worker in another place.
13:52 I was in somewhat responsibility
13:54 of a pastor with the youth church.
13:57 And as a result of the series,
13:58 the last one that David Asscherick held
14:00 that I was able to work with him in Michigan,
14:03 Grand Rapids, there was enough baptisms by God's grace
14:07 that they wanted to plant a church and so today,
14:12 they asked me to be the pastor of the Revelation Promises Hope
14:14 Seventh-day Adventist Church. Wonderful.
14:16 And so that's what I'm doing today
14:19 as a result of four and a half years of being a Christian.
14:23 And I was just told last week actually that
14:26 I was asked to be the pastor of the Maranatha Bible fellowship
14:30 in Grand Rapids, so now I'm a two church pastor
14:33 which is quite amazing to me.
14:35 I don't understand completely why God has chosen me,
14:39 but I'm willing.
14:41 And I think, you know, in fact, I'd thought about this Scripture
14:45 that was just shared to me, 1 Corinthians 4,
14:49 I'm sorry, 1 Chronicles 4.
14:53 The Scripture here was brought to my attention a while back
14:57 and it's really affected me.
14:59 And I've been able to preach on it actually.
15:02 The prayer of Jabez is what it's called in 1 Chronicles 4:10.
15:05 The Bible says, "And Jabez called on the God of Israel,
15:09 saying, 'Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed,
15:14 and enlarge my coast,
15:15 and that thine hand might be with me,
15:17 and that thou wouldest keep me from evil,
15:19 that it may not grieve me.'
15:21 And God granted him that which he requested."
15:25 And so before--
15:26 I think that was your question, wasn't it?
15:28 How do you get to heaven?
15:30 That's right. That's exactly right.
15:32 And even before I was told about this scripture,
15:36 mentioned-- somebody had mentioned it to me.
15:39 I believe that I was praying this type of prayer in my heart.
15:42 Really begging that God would take me
15:44 from the influence that I had and the influence that I was
15:48 and just convert me, make me the true Christian
15:51 dedicated to His service, kept from the evil,
15:55 delivered from the things of this world
15:56 and just as it said,
15:58 "God granted unto me that which I requested."
16:00 And I believe He's continuing to grant it to me
16:03 and willing to grant it to anybody, really, so.
16:06 So now tell me, what has happened
16:09 with your mom and with your dad since those times?
16:12 Have you had any communication with them?
16:14 Yes.
16:15 What have they said about your new life?
16:17 Well, my mother actually before I was a Christian,
16:19 her and I-- we didn't get along.
16:21 She loved me, I did not love her.
16:23 I very much had animosity in my heart toward my parents
16:27 because of just who I was
16:29 and when I became willing to study the Bible
16:33 I immediately fell in love with my mother again.
16:35 It was just God just brought us together.
16:37 And in fact, after I had opened the Bible that one time
16:40 when it opened to the back and said who was going to heaven.
16:44 Just about two days later she came into my home,
16:46 I pulled her aside
16:48 and told her that I needed to know what's in this book.
16:50 And we just cried together and it was very much an experience.
16:53 My father, he continued in his ways
16:57 for probably four years.
17:00 I found out right before I went to Honduras
17:03 that he had liver cancer.
17:05 I ended up in Honduras,
17:07 wasn't able to talk to him even once
17:08 for the period of three weeks,
17:10 I thought that he would have been passed away by that time
17:11 when I got back, very hard situation at that time.
17:16 But I came back
17:18 and learned that my father wanted to be baptized.
17:20 Praise the Lord.
17:22 I then was going to fly out to California, I did so.
17:26 He was going to be baptized
17:27 on the 26th at 11:30 in the morning.
17:31 I was going to be able to baptize him
17:33 but before, actually the night before
17:37 he was baptized he passed away at 11:30.
17:40 So it was 12 hours before he was able to be baptized
17:43 but I do believe the Lord had his heart
17:45 and I believe that I'll see him in heaven.
17:47 That was a trying time,
17:49 but also very much a joyous time for me
17:51 and so I do have this hope.
17:54 Well, you know, it is remarkable that,
17:57 you know, children can make
17:58 an impact upon their parent's lives.
18:01 And even though
18:02 sometimes parents go through their own set of difficulties
18:05 and tensions and problems that,
18:09 here you've just shared it with your testimony
18:12 that perhaps what your dad saw happen in your life,
18:15 made a difference in his. Yes.
18:17 And that you actually encouraged him
18:19 to make some changes in his life
18:21 and make a decision for Christ for eternity. That's right.
18:23 You know, I've not seen my father cry many times
18:27 before I was a Christian, five or six times
18:30 but after I became a Christian
18:31 I would see him cry on very many occasions.
18:36 And I just believe that the Lord was using my influence
18:40 and also my mother's prayers
18:41 and just the whole package of Christianity
18:44 around the influence of my father to win his heart.
18:47 And just as the Bible says, you know, if you believe--
18:49 in Acts it says that you will be saved,
18:52 you and your house, you know.
18:53 And maybe not all of my house will be saved,
18:56 by God's grace they will if they are willing
18:58 but the Lord has promised that He will be merciful
19:01 like He was merciful to Noah with the other seven,
19:04 like He was merciful to Lot with the other three,
19:07 his daughters and his wife.
19:08 And so as I said we do have this hope
19:12 and we are told in the Bible
19:13 to comfort one another with these words.
19:14 That's right. Yeah.
19:16 And now since that time, it sounds like you've been--
19:18 once you made that decision to have a change in your life
19:21 it seems as if the Lord brought people into your life
19:24 to help and strengthen and to encourage you.
19:26 And you mentioned that you had gone
19:27 to the mission college in the Black Hills.
19:29 Tell us about that.
19:31 Okay, the mission college is a place where--
19:34 well, let me start over.
19:36 It's basically a call of Christ.
19:39 When Christ went to Peter and said, "Come and follow me."
19:42 That's what to me the Black Hills is, the mission college.
19:47 It's a place where there is
19:49 radical Christianity experienced.
19:51 You are willing to give up everything, your home,
19:54 your family for the present time, everything.
19:57 You move out to South Dakota, you learn how to witness
20:00 and then God send you from there
20:02 wherever He would ask you to go.
20:03 And so I believe it's the call of Christ.
20:05 Not everybody goes where they are asked to go,
20:07 not everybody followed Christ,
20:09 you know, the rich young ruler for instance.
20:11 He said, "Come and follow me" and he turned away sorrowful.
20:14 But I went there because Christ called me
20:18 and He wanted to use me to do radical missionary Christianity.
20:23 And so from that point forward
20:28 I've been doing missionary work
20:29 but what it does is, they teach you how to study the Bible,
20:35 teaches you how to witness to people using your Bible,
20:39 hold an evangelistic series.
20:40 It gives you basic principles of missionary outreach.
20:45 And then they give you the practical opportunity to use
20:48 that missionary training while you are at school
20:51 and also they give several opportunities for those
20:53 that show themselves willing to be used
20:56 such as Bible workers, evangelists, pastors
20:59 and different positions like that.
21:01 As a result of being at the Black Hills Mission College,
21:03 I've done colporteur ministry
21:07 which is the literature evangelist selling the books.
21:09 I've done evangelism, I've done Bible work,
21:12 evangelisms public preaching
21:14 and now I am doing the pastoral ministry.
21:17 And so--
21:18 And how do you enjoying pastoring now?
21:20 I love it. I love it very much.
21:22 It's a real blessing.
21:23 It's trying and it helps me to know that God is in-charge
21:28 but that's what I like, you know.
21:29 Do you have a story maybe you can share with us
21:31 of someone that was looking and searching for Jesus
21:34 like you were and whom you met?
21:37 And help to change their life?
21:40 Well, I guess right off the back
21:42 there's a man that comes to mind his name is James
21:45 and he was a homeless man in Oakland.
21:50 He walked by with a bottle in his hand
21:53 and a bag around the bottle.
21:55 As he's walking by he stops and he looks at David and I
21:57 who were sitting out on the steps of the church,
22:01 you know, with our hook out
22:03 as we were trying to wait for some fish to come along so--
22:05 Fishers of men. Yeah.
22:07 So we're out there sitting hoping to witness to somebody.
22:09 He walks by looks at the Seventh-day Adventist sign
22:11 and looked at us and stops and says, "I've got a question."
22:14 I said, "Well, by God's grace I've got an answer."
22:17 He says, "Is the seventh day the Sabbath?"
22:19 And I said, "Well, yes, sir, it is.
22:21 That's what the Bible says."
22:22 And I said, "Well, how do you know that anyways?"
22:24 He says, "Well, my uncle's a Seventh-day Adventist."
22:27 And here this man is at that point
22:30 interested in studying the Bible a little bit.
22:32 David and I take him under wing, we shower him,
22:34 you know, give him some clothes, give him a backpack,
22:37 razor and comb and just the very necessities of life.
22:41 It ends up that he starts sleeping on our porch for months
22:47 and he wants to stay at our home and things
22:49 and David and I got a little bit,
22:51 you know, uneasy with him been around so much,
22:54 but we just kept praying for him
22:55 and studying with him and everything.
22:57 For quite sometime he left,
22:59 he came back after I think a month or two
23:02 and the last time I saw him he had on a pair of slacks,
23:06 he had a pair of matching shoes on,
23:09 he had a turtleneck, a sports coat,
23:11 his hair was cut and combed and he was clean shaven.
23:15 And he walked up to me and says,
23:16 "Daniel, I am going to get a job."
23:18 Praise the Lord.
23:19 And I just-- I remember that story
23:21 as a result of you asking just how God really moves
23:25 and uses just foolish people like me.
23:28 As I said, I didn't get quite the high school education
23:31 that most people get
23:33 because I was just caught up with other things.
23:35 I'd gone also to the pastoral training at the mission college.
23:38 It's a six-month intensive program
23:41 which was quite a blessing as well.
23:43 Another thing I wanted to mention
23:45 is now I am promised to a young lady.
23:50 Oh, how wonderful. Yes.
23:52 Congratulations to you. Thank you.
23:54 My fiancee's name is Julie Vines
23:56 and we've been working together up at Black Hill,
23:59 I'm sorry, up at Grand Rapids
24:03 ministering together, visiting together.
24:06 She's living with one of the local Bible workers right now
24:09 and so it's been a real blessing to get to know her
24:12 and she's just been a real support to me in the ministry
24:14 and, you know, it's been a real blessing.
24:17 God has led us together and it's very evident to us.
24:19 So God gave you a bonus. Yes.
24:22 I met her back in Colorado about a year and a month ago.
24:27 So we've been to Honduras together.
24:29 We've been to South Dakota together, Colorado, Michigan
24:33 and it's been quite an experience.
24:35 Well, Daniel, I want to ask you,
24:37 why do you want to do all of this?
24:40 For a young person that's listening to this program
24:42 that says, "Man, I can't believe this guy.
24:44 He's totally changed his life in 4 1/2 years."
24:48 What is your real reason for wanting to go out
24:50 and work and just labor for the Lord like this?
24:54 Well, I think one of the major reasons I want to do this
24:57 is because as the Bible says, I am dead.
25:01 The person that used to live is gone.
25:03 Daniel that used to drink and smoke and be angry
25:05 and frustrated, he is no more.
25:07 Christ now lives in me, that's what the Bible says.
25:11 And so I believe that by God's grace
25:13 and just spending time in devotions with Christ
25:15 I've been converted and it's Christ that's in me.
25:18 And He is still working out His ministry on this earth
25:22 through me that He started back 2000 years ago.
25:25 And so really it's Christ, it's no longer Daniel.
25:28 So basically it's my will because Christ is in me.
25:33 I want to do it for that reason.
25:36 That's beautiful. I really appreciate
25:37 you're coming and sharing your testimony.
25:39 And I like at this time to invite our viewers at this time.
25:45 You may have said,
25:47 "Well, he has really made some drastic changes in his life
25:51 but I am not sure that I can do all of these things,
25:53 but I really would like to have prayer
25:55 for the Holy Spirit to touch my heart
25:57 and to make these changes."
25:59 Pastor Mesa, would you make prayer time for us now?
26:01 I would love to. Thank you.
26:05 Father, it is such a pleasure to know
26:08 that you are the God that sits upon the throne of the universe,
26:11 ordering all things according to the divine will.
26:15 And I just ask that you would continue to bless us,
26:18 the viewers all around the world
26:20 that maybe are looking for a change in their life
26:23 like you've given to your servant.
26:25 And I just want to pray
26:26 that you would please glorify your name in all things,
26:29 may it be that that one person,
26:30 that two people or the thousands
26:33 whoever it is that are desirous of a change
26:36 that you would reach down to them,
26:37 touch them and answer the prayer that they may have.
26:40 Lord, how do I get to heaven?
26:43 I ask that you would be merciful unto them.
26:45 Show them the way of righteousness
26:46 and give them the desire as you gave me to study the Bible
26:50 that they may show themselves approved workman
26:52 that need not be ashamed.
26:54 And so we just thank you for all
26:56 and we just pray a blessing on every single soul
26:59 that maybe hungering and thirsting after you
27:02 and we give ourselves to you in the name of Jesus Christ.
27:05 Amen. Amen.
27:07 Well, thank you so much for coming to our program today.
27:09 It's been a real pleasure meeting you
27:11 and we certainly wish you the best
27:13 in all of your endeavors for the Lord.
27:17 Tell us real quick, what is your next project coming up?
27:20 We are doing evangelism in Downtown Grand Rapids.
27:23 And we are getting
27:25 one of the downtown open air amphitheaters.
27:28 We're going to be holding a tent series
27:30 and hopefully the Lord will bless with sheep's
27:35 that we can bring in the sheep's.
27:36 Well, praise the Lord.
27:37 And when is that going to be?
27:39 That will be hopefully in July this summer.
27:41 Okay, so for those of you who are living in Grand Rapids
27:44 and you'd like to have the opportunity
27:45 of meeting Pastor Daniel Mesa in person
27:48 come on down to the evangelistic series
27:50 that he will be holding there this summer.
27:52 And until next time may God richly bless you
27:55 in all that you do for Him.
27:56 Have a great day.


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