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00:30 Welcome to another edition of "Issues and Answers."
00:32 And thank you, friends, for joining us today.
00:35 Can we talk about something that's a little touchy?
00:40 Here it is. Is God concerned about our health?
00:46 Good question, isn't it?
00:48 I mean, is God really concerned about our health?
00:51 We're gonna be talking about that today
00:53 with none other than Pastor Stanley Dixon.
00:55 Let me tell you little bit about him.
00:57 He's a graduate of Los Angeles City College, Oakwood College,
01:01 and the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
01:03 at Andrews University.
01:05 He's also a former military man,
01:08 US navy ship serviceman and honor guard.
01:11 He has been a former stand-up comedian,
01:15 has worked on youth task force around the country,
01:18 has won awards with writing
01:22 and other type of seminars that he's presented.
01:25 He's done evangelistic crusades.
01:28 He's done television and radio
01:30 and now he's here on our program to talk about health.
01:33 Welcome, Pastor Dixon, to the program.
01:35 Good to be with you again.
01:37 Is God really concerned about our health?
01:39 Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
01:41 And it's one of the myths,
01:43 I guess, in the Christian world today
01:45 that God is not concerned about health.
01:47 We tend to see God and health as--as separated,
01:51 that God is not concerned about that.
01:53 But ironically in Scriptures we find
01:56 Jesus doing more healing than teaching.
01:59 He's always laying hands on the afflicted
02:01 and healing the sick and the--
02:04 the dumb, the maim, the blind.
02:07 So he was concerned about health because it opened them--
02:10 opened their hearts to receive the gospel.
02:13 And I think if we follow that vision, that practice,
02:17 we would see more results in our ministry today.
02:22 And one reason why I think
02:24 that God is so concerned about our health
02:27 and this is the evidence that I see in Scripture,
02:29 at least one evidence in 3 John 2, it says,
02:35 "Beloved, I wish above all things
02:41 that thou mayest prosper and be in health,
02:45 even as thy soul prospers."
02:48 Tell us more about that.
02:50 So what John is saying that it is God's ideal
02:53 that as we progress spiritually,
02:58 we are progressing spiritually
03:01 with the state of the blessing of having health.
03:07 In other words, as you enjoy the blessing of health,
03:12 I desire and I'm praying that you grow spiritually. Okay.
03:16 Okay. So that's what John is praying for.
03:22 And I think there's a Greek concept
03:24 where the body and the soul are separate
03:27 and it sort of invaded Christian circles today.
03:29 But Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:22.
03:34 1 Thessalonians... 5:22.
03:36 New Testament Book. Okay.
03:41 It's great to be able to look into the Bible
03:43 and to get an understanding of what God wants to tell us.
03:46 That's right, and the Bible is always clear
03:51 and if we follow its guidelines we will be safe
03:54 in our understanding of how God is leading.
03:58 Do you have it, Karen? Sure do. 1 Thessalonians 5--
04:00 Can you read it for us?
04:02 Verse 2? Verse 22.
04:03 Verse 22, okay.
04:05 No, verse 23. Yeah, go to verse 23.
04:07 "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly,
04:11 and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body
04:16 be preserved blameless
04:18 unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
04:21 So again we find Paul agreeing with John
04:25 that the body is important.
04:30 And he's praying that our whole body,
04:32 the body, mind and the spirit be preserved
04:34 blameless unto the coming of the Lord.
04:36 And I submit that, that's God's original purpose for us
04:40 that we grow spiritually in the state of health.
04:43 It doesn't mean that we might not get sick,
04:45 but it's His will,
04:46 I mean, it's His purpose that we develop--
04:50 because when you're trying to be patient and you're sick,
04:55 I mean, it's more difficult.
04:57 If you're trying to watch and pray,
05:00 you know, as the Scripture tells us to do and we're tired,
05:04 you know, it's hard to do.
05:06 So Paul and John are saying,
05:09 you know, as you grow, as you operate in the spiritual realm,
05:13 I'm praying that you would do it
05:15 from the standpoint of having health because it's easy.
05:18 You're more effective if you have health.
05:22 Because, you see, God never created disease.
05:25 I mean, we've gotten so used to it.
05:26 So how we got disease in this world?
05:29 Well, it all started with Adam and Eve.
05:31 You know, with the fall of sin.
05:32 So it's a sin problem?
05:34 First it was health and then there was disease.
05:37 First it was life, eternal life and then it was death.
05:40 And so we are products of what our fore-parents did
05:45 and sin and death are intruders.
05:50 You know, it's not something that originates with God.
05:52 God never intended that we be sick.
05:55 But because of sin
05:56 that's why we have illnesses and infirmities.
06:00 And so when Jesus came to the earth,
06:01 He sought to show the heart of God,
06:04 that God was not pleased.
06:06 You know, God is compassion.
06:07 He doesn't enjoy us being sick.
06:09 In fact, He would prefer that you were in health.
06:12 And so he would literally lay His hands on people
06:15 and heal them physically before--
06:17 I mean, not over a period of time,
06:19 but right then and there.
06:20 If a person was lame for 38 years,
06:22 couldn't and hadn't used his limbs,
06:23 He would say "get up and walk,"
06:25 you know, "according to your faith."
06:26 So we see the heart of God,
06:28 you know, as manifested in Jesus Christ
06:30 and His ability to perform healing
06:32 and His compassion on those who are afflicted,
06:36 we find the very heart of God.
06:39 And let me say a few things about disease.
06:42 Disease--when we're disease our body functions,
06:47 at least, our basic body functions are impaired.
06:50 And the two functions that we need to be concerned
06:53 about is our circulation, you see.
06:56 Because when there's a little bad circulation,
06:58 you're gonna naturally have disease.
07:00 And then the other basic function is our respiration,
07:04 the ability to breathe.
07:06 And if you cut out circulation, you cut off respiration.
07:11 You have death. So those are the two most important things.
07:14 Well, I was fully surprised to learn that.
07:16 As you're sharing that,
07:18 I thought surely would have been our heart or some other part.
07:21 But you're saying no, just the basic circulation
07:24 and then the ability to breathe well--
07:26 Right, right. Is impaired.
07:27 Right. And God has given us a plan to aid those functions,
07:33 to work at its optimum level. And God has certain laws.
07:38 Not only does he have the Ten Commandments,
07:40 he has-- but he has health laws,
07:43 you see, laws that govern our being.
07:45 And if those laws are violated,
07:47 then we will have impaired circulation,
07:50 impaired respiratory process.
07:54 But also above the-- the body functions
07:57 or the basic functions there are higher functions
08:00 that are also impaired when we violate God's laws.
08:04 Higher functions? Higher functions.
08:05 Higher functions such as discrimination, you know?
08:09 Discriminating between this and that
08:11 or one thing and another thing.
08:14 Memory is also impaired by violation of God's law.
08:18 If you don't get enough sleep you're gonna have,
08:22 you know, poor memory.
08:23 So it's more than drinking.
08:25 You know, drinking can impair your memory
08:26 but there's also other thing.
08:28 Not getting enough rest, you see. Okay.
08:31 Because when, in fact, someone has suggested
08:33 that if we go to bed 2 hours before midnight,
08:37 it helps to promote some of the natural body chemicals
08:42 that help the filing system of the brain--
08:44 Yes, melatonin. Yeah.
08:45 So that we can have a better memory.
08:49 Another function is judgment.
08:52 And you mentioned the alcohol.
08:54 Alcohol will affect your judgment.
08:56 And we live in a time
08:58 where you've got to have good judgment.
09:00 Because if you don't, you know, it may be,
09:03 you know, a disastrous experience.
09:05 And self control.
09:07 You know, someone has said that appetite and passion
09:11 are the common means of man's downfall.
09:15 Even entire cities have gone down because of intemperance,
09:19 because of passions out of control.
09:21 You know, I think of Rome.
09:22 You know, the fall of Rome--
09:24 Yes. It's a result of that. Yes.
09:26 But with these higher functions,
09:30 they become important when we think
09:32 about the ability to discern right from wrong, you see.
09:39 And it's not that having good health will save you,
09:43 but having good health
09:44 will at least age you in thinking more clearly
09:48 about the issues of salvation and the choices that we make.
09:52 So that, you know, while we may not obey,
09:56 at least, we'll be clear about some of those issues.
09:59 You know, the Bible says in the last days
10:00 in Matthew 24 that the deceptions,
10:03 the deceptive power of Satan will be so--so intense
10:08 that even the elect would be in danger of being deceived.
10:12 So we as the people of God I believe need discernment.
10:17 That ability to discern what's right and what's wrong
10:19 and that's why we have so many interpretations of the Bible.
10:22 Because the gift of discernment is not operating.
10:28 And so these are functions that God is concerned about.
10:33 And, yes, God is concerned about our health
10:38 because of these reasons.
10:39 He wants us to be able to think clearly.
10:41 He wants us to be able to make a right decision
10:43 on who to marry, for example.
10:46 About a Bible topic.
10:51 I think of Daniel who was asked
10:58 to eat a certain diet
10:59 that was against and violated the principles of God's law.
11:03 And Daniel said, "No, we can't.
11:06 Give us time to pray about it."
11:07 So they prayed about it and of course,
11:09 you know, the Bible says that,
11:10 that Daniel because he stayed on God's plan
11:14 that him and his companions were 10 times wiser.
11:18 And I believe God wants to do that today.
11:20 He wants to make us 10 times wiser,
11:22 not to show the world
11:24 that we're anymore important than anyone else,
11:26 but to show the world how God loves us.
11:28 Well, I'm glad you raised up the issue of diet.
11:32 You know, there's a lot to be said about what we eat
11:38 and there's a lot of debate about what we eat.
11:41 And when you add the fact
11:42 that from what you've shared with us
11:44 that God is very concerned about our health-- Yes.
11:50 And then also our health--
11:53 the higher abilities are affected by our health-- Yes.
11:58 Is it okay maybe to bless the food?
12:01 I mean, doesn't the blessing kind of cover these issues
12:04 as far as what we eat?
12:05 Is it so important what we eat
12:07 or is it most important
12:09 that we have God's blessing in our lives?
12:12 Yeah, and that's another misconception.
12:15 And that's where I'm going with this topic.
12:20 When Jesus was in the wilderness
12:21 the first temptation that was aimed at Christ
12:26 had to do with getting Christ to bow down to pressure,
12:31 because His, maybe appetite was,
12:34 you know, in conflict with health, you know.
12:38 And so he pressured him to give up His commitment to God
12:43 or to violate God's will
12:44 in order to feed His physical appetite. Okay.
12:49 And the devil still brings pressures like that.
12:52 And in the last days we may see more of that
12:54 where the devil will say,
12:56 "Okay, if you like, if you do this,
12:58 you know, I'll let you eat or if you sacrifice,
13:01 you know, God's principles I'll give you this job."
13:04 So he works in that way.
13:06 But the second commandment speaks to the issue
13:08 that we're dealing with--
13:10 the second temptation speaks to the issue
13:12 where the devil comes at Christ,
13:15 not this time putting pressure on physical needs,
13:18 but giving a religious excuse
13:21 to disobey and violate God's commandments, you see.
13:25 And a religious excuse is even more powerful
13:28 if you can back it up with Scripture.
13:30 So Satan says, "Look, I want you to violate God's will.
13:35 You know, cast yourself down, for it is written,"
13:39 you know, 'God will give his angels charge over you.'"
13:43 And so he misinterprets Scripture
13:45 to give Jesus an excuse to violate God's will for His life.
13:51 And I believe in the Christian world
13:52 we're seeing much of that today
13:55 where the devil twists the Scriptures
13:59 so that we now can say according to Romans 14:5,
14:04 you know, it doesn't matter what day you worship.
14:10 Let no man judge you in food or drink
14:12 or respect of the Sabbath days.
14:14 But when you analyze the text,
14:16 Paul is not discussing Sabbath days or the fourth commandment.
14:21 He's talking about those ceremonial Sabbaths, you see.
14:25 So the Sabbath day is not up for grasp,
14:27 but the devil has twisted the text
14:29 to pervert our understanding
14:31 so that we will violate His laws.
14:34 Another misconception is found in Matthew 15:11
14:39 where the Bible says,
14:40 "It's not that which goeth out of the mouth
14:43 that defileth the man,
14:45 but that which cometh out of the mouth,
14:49 this defileth the man."
14:50 So it's not so important what goes in-- Right.
14:53 Okay, that defiles, but what comes out. Right.
14:58 As far as in what we're saying with our speeches.
15:00 Right, well, actually, you know, the subject of health laws
15:05 or the ceremonial health laws
15:07 are not the subject of discussion here
15:10 but the tradition of the elders
15:13 and that was the ceremonial washing of hands.
15:16 And so what Jesus is contrasting is,
15:18 you know, the tradition of men with,
15:21 you know, the inner workings of the heart.
15:23 It says, it's no use in you,
15:24 you know, washing, having all these man-made traditions,
15:27 the ceremonial washings with which,
15:29 you know, may be good in and of themselves.
15:32 But the most important thing is what comes out of the heart,
15:36 like blasphemies, murders, thefts, adulteries.
15:39 So health laws are not the object of discussion here.
15:43 Well, let me ask you, Pastor Dixon,
15:45 what can a person take into their body
15:49 that can actually be harmful to them?
15:51 Oh, well, there are many things. And in fact--
15:54 As far as foods and other things?
15:55 What type of things specifically can we take in,
15:58 going with the principle
16:00 that God is concerned about our health?
16:02 Well, Leviticus 11, list a number of foods
16:08 that are prohibited
16:10 and also you'll find it in Deuteronomy 14
16:14 where it talks about, you know, pigs and certain types of fish
16:20 like catfish and the fish that have scales are to be eaten
16:25 and fish that don't are not to be eaten.
16:28 And then it lists certain animals.
16:30 Well, I know, some people would ask
16:33 even if they're cleaned,
16:34 I mean, if they're thoroughly cleaned
16:36 and the blood is drained from some of these animals--
16:39 Is there still certain things about them
16:41 that could be harmful to humans?
16:44 It could be because,
16:45 you know, the animal kingdom is more and more diseased.
16:49 And, I mean, that animal that died that we're eating,
16:55 you know, is carrying also what its mother and grandmother
16:59 and whatever generations before, it is carrying also.
17:02 So--so I think in today's climate,
17:07 today's time, you know, there would be a question
17:10 about whether it really is clean.
17:12 Now there are certain animals
17:14 that are listed in Leviticus. I am familiar
17:16 with Leviticus Chapter 11-- Yes.
17:18 That are listed as clean animals and then you hear some others
17:20 that are listed as unclean animals, clean and unclean.
17:25 I'm just wanting to know
17:29 if they're both prepared the same way.
17:32 Does that make a difference or is there--
17:34 what is it about the system of the clean animals
17:37 that makes them better to eat than say the unclean animals?
17:41 Well, the unclean animals were scavengers. Okay.
17:44 God had a purpose for the unclean animals
17:47 and that takes me to my next text
17:49 which is another misconception of--
17:52 that we find in the Christian world
17:54 that if we pray over something or bless it,
17:56 that makes it okay.
17:58 And turn with me to 1 Timothy 4:4. Okay.
18:03 1 Timothy 4:4. All right. It's okay if I read?
18:10 You're pretty quick. Okay.
18:12 I don't have those--I have this new Bible and the pages stick.
18:13 This Bible, yeah-- you guys see at home
18:17 how thick this--okay, this is like--this is my--my Bible.
18:19 Yeah, that's a broken in Bible.
18:20 I had this Bible for, I don't know how many years now.
18:22 This is my wife's Bible. She hasn't used much.
18:23 Okay. You're got to have your own sword, right? Yeah.
18:25 But I appreciate you--
18:27 willingness to even use this sword.
18:29 Yes, yes. Okay. 1 Timothy Chapter 4.
18:33 Yes, verse 4. Verse 4?
18:35 Okay "For every creature of God is good
18:39 and nothing to be refused,
18:41 if it be received with thanksgiving."
18:43 Yes, and so the idea is that all--
18:46 any food is good as long as it's--
18:48 So we're not to refuse it if we ask thanks for it, right?
18:50 If you ask thanks over--
18:52 but would you ask thanks over a rat's liver?
18:54 I mean that-- I mean that's created
18:58 and you could actually eat it if every creature is good.
19:01 Yeah, but in some places people eat rat's liver.
19:05 So, I mean, it's considered a delicacy in some places.
19:09 But, I mean, how can we really--
19:11 do we go by taste or do we go by principle?
19:13 Well, the principle is that the Bible is not talking
19:17 about every creature is good for eating. Okay.
19:19 But every creature is good for its own purpose.
19:23 Now the scavengers, those list of animals
19:27 that are listed in Leviticus 11, were created for a purpose.
19:32 So that creature is good for its own purpose.
19:34 I mean a pig will eat anything.
19:36 A pig is like a garbage can.
19:37 It would be good if you had some,
19:39 you know, if we didn't have the waste companies
19:41 that we have today.
19:43 And there are other animals, scavengers.
19:46 Animals that will eat anything and clean anything.
19:50 So you don't want to eat that.
19:52 And the Bible said, as long as it is sanctified by God,
19:57 then you can pray over it.
19:59 That's what it's saying.
20:00 It's not in conflict with the Levitical health laws.
20:03 Wasn't there this big controversy
20:04 in the New Testament church between those meats
20:09 that were offered to Diana
20:10 who was the popular goddess at the time? Right.
20:13 And apparently they would dedicate these meats
20:17 and then they would go into the market place and sell them.
20:19 And there was a big debate between believers
20:22 whether or not they should actually buy
20:24 this meat and then serve it.
20:27 Yeah, but even this passage is not in conflict
20:30 with Levitical health laws
20:32 and what Paul is simply saying is
20:34 as long as the food is good for food,
20:38 even if it has been sold
20:41 that if it does not violate your conscience,
20:43 if it doesn't bother you
20:44 because you know where it comes from.
20:45 You know, that food is food.
20:47 They he says that, you know, be persuaded by your own mind.
20:50 But by the same token, if you're eating foods
20:53 that others may be aware,
20:55 foods that have might have been offered to idols as he said,
20:57 if that causes a brother to stumble
20:59 then it's better to refrain from,
21:02 you know, buying foods that are offered to idols
21:06 or even eating in front of someone.
21:08 That's a brother who doesn't have as much faith.
21:12 Yes, that reminds me when you said eating in front of someone.
21:15 If you know someone in your-- a friend or a guest,
21:18 a dinner guest for example, is diabetic.
21:21 I'm wondering if that would be a good idea to come
21:24 and serve cake and all these sugar pies and other things,
21:27 when you know, your guest is a diabetic.
21:30 That would be offensive I would think.
21:31 If I was a diabetic going to someone else's house,
21:33 I would feel very left out.
21:35 Yeah, absolutely.
21:36 And I think what Christ calls us to do
21:39 is to be sensitive to where people are.
21:42 And health ought not be a kind of a point of conflict,
21:47 but it's an opportunity,
21:49 you know, through the grace of God
21:50 to exhibit these kinds of graces.
21:51 I know that in our churches, the churches where I've been,
21:55 we eat differently, you know.
21:58 I'm a total vegan, don't eat any animal products
22:01 and that's been our way of life because the Lord has showed us
22:04 and we have strong convictions.
22:06 And so my church tries to,
22:09 you know, if they invite us over,
22:11 we don't make a big fuss over it.
22:12 Of course we will eat around anything.
22:14 We don't make any special demands.
22:16 But over a period of time just educating
22:19 I've watched people even change themselves, you know.
22:23 So it's very important how you handle,
22:26 you know, these subjects and teach,
22:28 you know, these health laws
22:29 because habits that have been formed for years
22:33 are very difficult to break.
22:35 Now tell me-- I see that you're slim and trim.
22:38 Do you exercise? I exercise.
22:40 Yes, I try to and I-- and at this point
22:43 I think I should give a testimony. Okay.
22:47 When I first became aware of that God had foods
22:53 that are good for life, you know, and first--
22:56 in fact God said in the Old Testament,
22:58 "Don't eat the fat. Don't eat the blood."
23:01 And much of the degenerative diseases
23:03 have resulted from blood and fat.
23:07 And that's why even the government today
23:08 has changed its stance by saying,
23:11 you know, it's safer and it's recommended
23:12 that you lower your fat and lower meats and so forth.
23:17 Because in Bible they really didn't--
23:18 they trimmed the fat and they didn't drink the blood.
23:21 And good reason.
23:23 Scientifically it's proven now
23:25 that when we partake of fat and blood,
23:28 you know, blood is a way to transmit diseases.
23:31 That's why people with AIDS can transmit that disease,
23:36 you know, through the use of hypodermic needle
23:38 or thorough sexual contact.
23:40 Because disease is transferred or carried through blood.
23:43 And God knew all of this, you know, years ago.
23:45 And so when I got to Oakwood college,
23:47 when I first became a Christian,
23:49 came out of the night life and the comedy world,
23:52 the first thing that happens, I changed my diet.
23:54 And I went to Oakwood College
23:57 and, man, it's like everything got worse
24:00 because of the allergies.
24:02 And I had asthma.
24:03 It was like, you know, going outside
24:05 seemed like walking around with a closed pin on your nose.
24:07 I couldn't breathe.
24:09 I had allergies, asthma and all of these things.
24:13 And so later on I learned about the dairy products.
24:18 And actually at Oakwood College it even got better
24:20 after a period of time because,
24:21 you know, I used to eat meats like steak
24:24 and, you know, three times a day
24:26 and so I was a very strong meat eater.
24:29 But after a while
24:31 and progressing in my knowledge of health,
24:34 I began to see these things disappear.
24:36 My wife had allergies and asthma, you know.
24:39 But she cut out milk and her asthma disappeared. Wow.
24:42 She threw away the inhaler
24:44 and saved me a lot of medical bills.
24:46 Let me tell you.
24:48 And so the Lord is good
24:52 and if we're open to His leading He will lead us.
24:56 And the Bible talks about the evil diseases.
24:59 It said if you eat none of these things
25:00 according to Exodus 15 and 26,
25:02 "I will place none of these diseases
25:04 that I placed on the Egyptians."
25:06 Well, what were the diseases of the Egyptians?
25:08 They did an autopsy on the Egyptian mummies recently
25:11 and it was found that these Egyptians had died
25:17 of the same diseases we're dying of today.
25:20 The four leading killers.
25:22 Heart disease, cancer and stroke and high blood pressure.
25:29 And God says if you follow My laws,
25:31 My health principles, I'll put none of these diseases on you.
25:36 And, you know, God's original diet was a vegan diet.
25:39 Actually in Genesis 1:29, it talks about eating the fruits
25:43 and the grains and the nuts
25:46 and of course vegetables were added after the fall.
25:50 But the reason why vegetables were permitted was
25:52 because, you know, there weren't many--I mean, animals
25:57 were permitted at least,
25:59 because the vegetation the very scarce after the flood.
26:02 Well, I tell you, Pastor Dixon, you have certainly given us
26:04 a lot to think about in terms of our health.
26:08 You've definitely let us know
26:09 that God is very, very concerned about our health.
26:12 But if we're gonna make changes we really do need
26:14 the power of the Lord to help us do that.
26:16 And I know at home, some of these concepts
26:18 that you may have heard have really been earth shattering.
26:21 And I know everyday I'm tempted,
26:23 maybe to eat something that I know is not helpful for me.
26:27 But we must pray and ask God to help us
26:30 to be able to make those type of choices.
26:32 Don't we, Pastor Dixon?
26:33 Yes. Can I say one thing? Sure.
26:35 Yeah, I'm 44 now and I can do 44 pushups.
26:39 If I had time, I would demonstrate it.
26:41 But when I was 18, I could only do 25
26:44 and this is fresh out of boot camp.
26:47 So they've been, you know, it does away with the myth
26:50 that if you become a vegetarian,
26:52 if you eat the way they ate in the Garden of Eden
26:54 that you're gonna be weak.
26:56 It's absolutely false. I feel better.
26:57 I'm more healthier.
26:59 And I could just go on and on, but--yes.
27:01 Well, praise the Lord for that. Pray for those of us.
27:04 And we all need to constantly--
27:06 I mean, I'm sure that's how-- Me too.
27:07 You were able to make that commitment.
27:09 It was your spiritual connection with the Lord Jesus. Yes. Yes.
27:11 Let's pray for those at home
27:12 who'd like to make those changes in their lives.
27:15 Heavenly Father, Lord, you've given us
27:19 many blessings in Scripture.
27:20 And I pray oh, God, that you would help us to progress.
27:24 As we progress spiritually, to also progress physically.
27:31 We pray, oh, God, that you would bless each viewer today
27:35 that they will incorporate the light that You've given them
27:39 and also aid to accept the fact
27:42 that not only are You trying to save us,
27:44 but You're trying to make life better for us down here.
27:47 And You love us so much.
27:49 I thank you, oh, God, for hearing our prayers.
27:51 In Jesus' name, amen. Amen.
27:54 Pastor Dixon, thank you for coming
27:55 and thank you for watching
27:57 another edition of "Issues and Answers."


Revised 2014-12-17