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00:30 Welcome to another edition of "Issues and Answers."
00:33 What a pleasure it is to have you join us today.
00:36 We've a very special guest
00:38 who will be talking to us about talents.
00:41 What does that mean, talents?
00:44 Does it mean money? Does it mean prestige?
00:46 Does it mean power? Does it mean giftedness?
00:49 We'll learn more about talents
00:52 through Pastor Stanley Dixon's personal testimony,
00:54 but first little bit about him.
00:56 He's a graduate of the Los Angeles City College,
01:01 Radio Broadcasting and Journalism School
01:04 and also Oakwood College
01:05 and the Andrews University Theological Seminary.
01:09 He's also a former US navy ship serviceman and honor guard.
01:14 He's been involved in many youth ministries around the country,
01:18 has pastored many churches and has also been involved
01:21 in television and radio broadcast.
01:24 Welcome, Pastor Dixon, to our program.
01:25 It's a pleasure to be here.
01:27 Tell us about talents. Well, I--
01:31 talents is a very important subject to me because
01:35 a couple of years ago, the Lord showed me
01:40 what having talents really meant. Mm-hmm.
01:42 And I just like to go back to my childhood. Okay.
01:46 Well, I grew up in a home where there wasn't
01:50 a lot of laughter, not a lot of joy.
01:52 My mother had divorced when we were--
01:55 I had another brother at that time who was 5 years old.
02:00 And there were times, very dark times, a dismal period.
02:07 About 5 years after that, my mother remarried
02:10 and a stepfather came into the picture
02:12 and he was not happy about this arrangement.
02:16 You know-- You mean, with the children?
02:17 With the children involved and so life was kind of miserable,
02:22 you know, and I'm talking about,
02:25 you know, anger and accusing and just not--
02:29 How did that affect you and your brothers?
02:31 Well, it affected me in the sense of looking outside
02:36 of the home for peer group and peer support
02:39 which resulted in my going outside of the home
02:43 and getting involved in gangs and the wrong kind of crowd.
02:48 And where were you living?
02:49 I was living in Los Angeles,
02:51 the inner city of Los Angeles. Mm-hmm.
02:52 And fortunately I barely made it out of high school
02:58 because of the commitment towards education.
03:02 My father was a teacher. Mm-hmm.
03:05 And I thought, well, it must be somewhat important since,
03:08 you know, he had already obtained a masters degree.
03:12 But still for me I think
03:16 after that experience of leaving home,
03:20 it was a quest to find happiness and joy
03:23 and I found out that I couldn't find it,
03:25 didn't find it in the gangs, I didn't find it in the clubs,
03:28 I didn't find it in the party. And so--
03:31 How old were you when you left home?
03:33 Well, I was about 18 and I joined the United States Navy.
03:36 So after I got out of the navy, I was still looking
03:40 and I remember when I was young,
03:41 I used to watch a lot of television.
03:45 And I think for the first time I saw people, you know, laughing
03:48 and being happy at least superficially. Mm-hmm.
03:52 At that time I didn't know it.
03:54 And I decided after watching certain stand-up comics
03:58 that I would go into that field.
04:00 Because if these people had happiness,
04:02 you know, I wanted to be a part of it.
04:03 I wanted to give it to others and so I learned
04:06 how to do stand-up comedy. I learned the craft and--
04:11 How interesting for a person who was hurting so much inside
04:13 to choose comedy. Right.
04:15 To choose comedy. Yeah.
04:16 It was sort of a Band-Aid approach looking back on it.
04:19 But I remember in a speech class,
04:22 the teacher suggested and this is at a city college
04:25 that, "You know, why don't you try stand-up comedy,
04:28 you know, because you're pretty good
04:30 at arranging facts and ideas in a funny way."
04:32 And so I took him up on that and on December
04:37 I think it was the 25th 1977, I went up before a crowd
04:42 at the comedy store in West Hollywood.
04:44 Oh, that's a very famous spot.
04:45 Yeah. Right. And--
04:47 A lot of people who've gotten
04:48 there start as comedians at that place. Right.
04:50 And the first night was terrible.
04:53 It was awful, I mean, it was--
04:58 it was a bad experience.
05:00 I'll put it that way. Mm-hmm.
05:02 And I couldn't see anything.
05:04 The lights were in front of me and the timing was off.
05:08 People weren't laughing.
05:09 In fact, people were shouting, you know,
05:10 "Get off the stage. Get a day job.
05:12 Go West, young man."
05:15 And I was kind of stubborn.
05:17 So I said, "Let me find out what I did wrong."
05:20 And so the next week I came back,
05:22 I did better and so that began a 3-year
05:27 circulating through the comedy circuit in Hollywood.
05:32 And by the end of 3 years, I had learned the craft.
05:36 I don't think I was naturally gifted to be funny,
05:39 but I had learnt how to do it
05:43 and I remember Arsenio Hall-- Mm-hmm.
05:45 You know, saying, "You know, you really
05:46 have some clever material.
05:48 And then you ought to keep doing."
05:49 So he gave me encouragement and Pablo Rodriguez--
05:51 Paul Rodriguez, actually asked me
05:54 to perform open for him, doing a college circuit.
05:58 And I remember at the improv
06:00 there were two producers
06:02 of television programs, gave me their card
06:05 and said that they were gonna look me up and at the same time
06:07 I was going through a real dreadful period in my life
06:11 being without God and live-- as a young man,
06:14 you know, living in sin
06:15 and at the same time trying to achieve something.
06:18 I was a little bit off balance and so my life got real bad
06:23 and it seemed that I had no future.
06:25 I had no purpose, even though I was pursuing a career,
06:30 learning how to make people laugh--Mm-hmm.
06:32 At the same time even though people were laughing,
06:34 I was still miserable. I was still unhappy.
06:37 I was still feeling this sense of emptiness.
06:41 And at the same time, the Lord was drawing me
06:43 away from the comedy circuit.
06:46 In fact, he drew me to the University
06:48 of Seventh-day Adventist Church in Los Angeles.
06:50 And I began to study and I began to read the Bible
06:54 and I remember one morning, one of the members at university
06:59 called me for prayer and at the end of that prayer,
07:04 I was impressed to turn to Matthew 25,
07:07 and I'll just read it.
07:10 Matthew 25, beginning with verse 14, and it says,
07:16 "The kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling
07:18 into a far country who called his own servants
07:21 and delivered unto them his goods.
07:23 And to one he gave five talents, and to another two,
07:26 and to another one, and to every man
07:29 according to his several ability,
07:30 and straight way took his journey.
07:33 And then he that received the five talents went and traded
07:36 with the same and made them other five talents.
07:38 And like wise he that had received two,
07:40 he also gained other two.
07:43 But he that received one went and digged in the earth,
07:48 and hid his Lord's money."
07:51 And when I saw that, it hit me like a ton of bricks
07:57 that I was the one who had hid his talent in the earth.
08:03 And when I was reading the scripture and I can't explain it
08:06 because there are no human words to describe
08:07 what happened in that room for the next 2 hours.
08:10 But it was like a presence came into that apartment
08:14 where I was staying at that time and the words
08:18 even though they were read and I was reading the words,
08:20 the words became alive.
08:23 That's the best I can describe it.
08:25 And it was like the Father, the Son,
08:28 and Jesus Christ was right there in the room
08:30 and His presence or His nearness toward me enlivened the word
08:35 and the word became living to me and I saw
08:40 where the word applied to me, to my own personal situation.
08:43 I was the one who had buried his talents in the earth.
08:47 I was in the world trying to make a name,
08:49 trying to be successful, using God's talent.
08:53 You know, 'cause the Bible says, "You are not your own.
08:55 You were bought with a price,"
08:57 you know, "honor God in your body."
08:59 I was burying what God gave me in the earth.
09:03 Well, Pastor Dixon, it also meant
09:05 that the fact that God came and allowed you to feel
09:08 His presence meant that you even--
09:10 that you also had talents. Yes.
09:12 That kind of affirmed to you that you had talent. Yeah.
09:16 It did, it was an affirmation of what I had
09:20 and then also suggested that there may have been
09:22 other talents that I hadn't even tapped in on yet. Mm-hmm.
09:25 See, comedy is just one slice of a talent
09:29 and it was never meant to be taken in on its own,
09:33 because you can't really laugh
09:35 or laugh without crying to be a whole person.
09:39 And what comedy was doing at least in the world
09:42 was exploiting this gift to be able to make people laugh.
09:48 And I cried in my room for about an hour
09:53 and I surrendered my life to the Lord and that was
09:56 the beginning of my conversion experience
09:59 and also the beginning of giving the Lord my talent,
10:03 so I stopped doing the stand-up comedy in the night clubs
10:06 and using the language and--
10:09 So what did you do for money?
10:11 'Cause that was your job.
10:12 Well, actually I wasn't getting paid that much for it.
10:14 So, you know, I was a full-time student
10:16 at that time. Okay.
10:20 But I see it as the Lord redirecting me away from
10:26 using talents in Satan's venue.
10:32 And eventually I began to do other things in the church.
10:38 And the Lord showed me that I had other gifts.
10:39 I had a gift for writing.
10:41 I had a gift for counseling people.
10:42 I had other, you know, gifts of speaking,
10:44 not necessarily just making people laugh,
10:47 but using whatever I had learned in the comedy circuit
10:51 to use it for the glory and honor of God.
10:53 So what happened next?
10:55 Well, the next thing happened is,
10:56 I enrolled at Oakwood College with a lot of encouragement
10:58 from the university church members.
11:01 So church members can make a difference
11:02 in the lives of young people?
11:04 Oh, yes, oh,yes, oh, yes.
11:05 It was a lot of encouragement
11:06 and also they utilized what gifts I had.
11:08 If they had something going on in an AY program,
11:11 they would say, "Hey, Stan, can you do this?
11:13 We need you to memorize a speech. Can you do this?
11:15 Do Martin Luther King. Do this, do that."
11:17 And so I felt a sense of being needed and I felt
11:21 that my gifts were nurtured and developed,
11:24 you know, at the church.
11:25 And then they sent me away to Oakwood College and there
11:28 I was impressed to follow or pursue ministry as a career.
11:35 But God had called me before that and He told me
11:38 "to take your talents out of the world and give them to Me
11:42 and watch Me multiply them." Amen.
11:44 So that's been my quest since then is to continue
11:49 to study Matthew 25, because there are a lot of lessons
11:52 as it relates to, you know, the use of your gifts
11:57 and the development of the gifts and also the increasing
12:02 or the multiplication of those gifts.
12:04 So I've been very fortunate,
12:07 you know, and the Bible says in Proverbs 17:22,
12:10 "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Yes.
12:14 And I think sometimes even in the church we can be so serious.
12:18 And, in fact, I'm serious and often accused of that.
12:22 And people will say, "How could you used to be a--
12:24 how did you-- how were you a comedian?"
12:26 How were you a comedian?
12:27 Because, you know, you seem so serious and I think
12:29 it's a reaction to, you know, the world on my association
12:35 with comedy with the world. Mm-hmm.
12:37 But over the years I've learned that,
12:41 that it's still useful as long as it's sanctified by God
12:45 and it's not divorce from life in general,
12:48 in other words, not exploited.
12:50 Okay. You see. So you still make people laugh?
12:53 Sometimes it comes out, but naturally now.
12:55 You know, it may be in a sermon.
12:57 It may be for example to ease tension.
13:01 We had a situation where if someone stood up to sing
13:06 and the tape player wouldn't come on
13:09 and so there's this paralyzing silence. Yes.
13:12 And all that is needed at that time is for someone
13:15 to say something that will ease people.
13:18 And sometimes, you know, what happens where you might
13:21 say something that "Well, the tape is not
13:24 functioning and the devil is on,"
13:25 and people will be laughing and it eases the situation.
13:28 So there's a use, there's a purpose for laughter.
13:32 And there's a doctor out at Loma Linda who did a study--
13:36 A controlled study and he showed that laughter
13:40 actually improved a person's immune system.
13:43 Oh, absolutely. Yeah.
13:45 "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."
13:47 Doeth good like a medicine, yeah.
13:48 "And a broken spirit dries up the bones."
13:50 Yes, yes. So it's not a sin to laugh.
13:53 But it is a sin to exploit laugher
13:56 outside of the context of life and truth.
14:01 So I've learned that in the church
14:03 that even in a sermon it may come out,
14:05 but it's not a joke.
14:08 And some of your preachers even preachers
14:10 that have been here on 3ABN, you know, I've watched them.
14:13 They will say something so true that it makes you laugh.
14:16 But it's not-- the laughter is not the end.
14:20 It's not the purpose of what is being said.
14:23 But it's a byproduct of what has been said because it's so true.
14:26 It sounds so true, so you laugh.
14:29 And, so it's been a help in my ministry.
14:33 The past has been a help, but not until that talent
14:37 was surrendered to God and now God gives it back to me
14:42 to be used for His glory.
14:43 Not just making people laugh, but making people whole,
14:47 giving people hope and encouragement.
14:50 And how about that pursuit for happiness?
14:52 I found it. Praise the Lord.
14:54 I found it and I'm watching other people get the real thing.
14:58 So now you went to Oakwood College and-- Yes.
15:01 Tell us about your experience there.
15:03 When did you know that the Lord was calling you to ministry?
15:06 Actually I knew that before Oakwood College
15:09 because I was just attracted to the church.
15:11 I was attracted to the word so much that I would spend
15:15 days and nights just searching the word of God.
15:18 And I remember C. D. Brooks did a revival.
15:21 I think it was a tent effort in Los Angeles and I was there
15:25 every night and as long as the doors were open,
15:28 you know, I was at that church and I was usually
15:30 the last one to leave, you know, and I'm a new convert
15:34 no longer than three months in the church,
15:36 but I had an insatiable desire
15:38 for a hunger for spiritual things.
15:41 And I guess the other ministers saw that and they encouraged me.
15:44 The church members, the elders,
15:46 they saw that and then they encouraged me on.
15:49 And Oakwood College was like heaven.
15:51 Because that same environment reminded me
15:57 of what heaven would be like.
15:58 I would sit in classrooms
16:00 and I would hate for the bell to ring.
16:02 You know, I was like, "Oh, no,
16:04 we got to go back in the world again."
16:06 And E. E. Cleveland was one of the instructors.
16:12 E. C. Ward and, you know, some of the old timers.
16:15 So it was a rich experience that 2 years that I was there.
16:18 I was a transfer student, transferred from UCLA,
16:20 but the 2 years was very rewarding
16:24 and it gave me a foundation,
16:27 so that whatever would happen, you know, in the future,
16:30 I was prepared because they really gave me
16:32 some solid roots and solid foundation.
16:35 Now did you go straight way to the seminary
16:37 after Oakwood College? No.
16:38 I went back into the wilderness
16:40 and it was about 2 years, 2 or 3 years
16:43 before I went back to-- well,
16:45 I went to Andrews. And at that time--
16:48 Were you in the ministry pastoring at that time?
16:49 I wasn't pastoring, but I was ministering,
16:52 but I wasn't officially a minister.
16:54 I was, you know, working as a substitute teacher--
16:58 So you really had to exert a lot of faith
17:00 to having spent-- graduated in theology? Yeah.
17:04 And then not to have received a call as they say
17:08 which is full-time employment in ministry.
17:11 But you decided instead to go ahead and pursue ministry
17:15 because you knew the Lord wanted you to do that.
17:17 Yes, and I remember I would be asked to speak
17:20 and I would help and I would run Revelation seminars.
17:23 But eventually after 3 years, I got a little frustrated.
17:24 I said, "Lord, do you really want me to do this.
17:27 I think I'm gonna change my major
17:28 and I'm gonna go into psychology,
17:30 because I don't feel that these sacrifices
17:33 that are being made are paying off," you know.
17:37 And I remember just being in a park one night
17:41 and just almost at a point of just giving up
17:44 and that following Friday night, Elder, um,
17:50 what's his name, Elder Winston--
17:53 Elder Taylor has said to me
17:55 "We voted you in. We voted you in."
17:57 Just when I was about to give up,
17:59 the Lord moved upon this committee to say,
18:02 you know, that, you know-- The time is right.
18:04 Now you're a part of the ministry,
18:06 but the Lord had to teach me some things
18:08 during that 3-year time. What did He teach you?
18:10 He taught me faith, you know, trusting in God,
18:14 not to make sacrifices, not to compromise principles--
18:20 Because if you were back in Los Angeles again
18:22 it would've been just as easy for you
18:23 to get right back into that.
18:24 It was. There were a lot of temptations.
18:29 A lot of inducements, and the comedy field
18:31 was right there, right in the center.
18:33 So the Lord said, "Go back where I found you and"
18:37 you know, "and do the work of ministry."
18:40 And just when I got tired that's when He came through.
18:44 He knows how much we could bear.
18:45 Now were you married at that time?
18:47 Was not married, which made it worse.
18:50 Because like I said, but the Lord was developing,
18:55 you know, the character traits that I would need later on.
18:59 And the only way He could've done that was to remove
19:02 all of the protection and He'd set me in just like
19:05 Jesus going into the wilderness.
19:07 Just going in and depending upon God, trusting in Him.
19:12 So you left from there and you went
19:13 to Michigan-- Went to Michigan.
19:15 To the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. Yes, yes.
19:17 A very different place from Los Angeles in temperature.
19:20 Yes, yes.
19:22 But it was there that I learned the tools of ministry.
19:28 I've already had the basis for faith.
19:31 I've learned that in my own personal study
19:33 and also Oakwood College facilitated that.
19:37 But at Andrews, I learned the discipline of study
19:43 and of writing and I'm really putting those gifts into use.
19:47 So these are more talents the Lord was placing--Yes.
19:50 In your lap and developing.
19:52 And incidentally, when I was looking to find out who I was
19:59 in ministering and to define that "Lord what are my gifts,
20:02 I know," you know, "I can speak and there's,
20:07 you know, I know I have the gift of understanding the word,
20:09 I know I have that,"
20:11 but I went back to my grade school,
20:19 I think it's the office where they have all
20:20 the cume reports. Mm-hmm.
20:22 And I read some of those cume reports
20:25 and it indicated by one of the teachers
20:28 that I had been an excellent person in writing. Okay.
20:36 Especially creative writing. Mm-hmm.
20:38 No one ever told me that.
20:39 It's very interesting. I didn't know that.
20:41 So you never got that teacher comment way back where--
20:43 Never got it, never got it from my parents or anything.
20:45 And so I said, "Okay, well, that is true."
20:48 Because I remember when I was at LACC, you know,
20:51 I was on the student newspaper and I didn't think any of it.
20:54 I just wrote an article and it won an award,
20:57 you know, it won an award.
20:58 So it verified that, that God had given me
21:01 that gift from an early age.
21:04 And so those are some areas that I'm still exploring
21:07 the gift of writing.
21:09 But the most important thing about Andrews University,
21:11 I guess, is I met my wife there. Well, praise the Lord.
21:15 Yeah, that's the most important.
21:17 And so it's been a blessing.
21:20 But I wanted to say maybe a couple of things about talents.
21:24 The Bible says in Matthew 25 that,
21:30 that this man who had been given one talent
21:33 hid that talent in the earth.
21:35 Now a talent was something very precious.
21:38 A talent was worth 15 years' wages.
21:42 That's a lot of money.
21:44 Yeah, so if you make $30,000 a year,
21:46 one talent would've been
21:49 something equivalent to $330,000.
21:52 Wow. Just one talent.
21:55 And you're thinking the person with five talents who in--
21:59 by increase-- and by faithfulness increased
22:02 his talents to 10, would have all over
22:05 three million three hundred dollars in today's economy.
22:09 So a talent was something very precious
22:11 and it symbolized those internal gifts that God has given us.
22:16 To say that if we use those gifts for God,
22:19 God will increase those gifts and they are not to be
22:22 used for the world but to be used for Him
22:26 in helping to win souls for Him.
22:29 And I think it's been a blessing
22:33 to have learned that. Amen.
22:37 So how about the guy who then buried
22:39 all this money in the ground? It's unexplainable.
22:43 I don't why someone would do that?
22:45 It's a lot of money. I had no idea it was $300,000. Yes.
22:49 No wonder why the master was so angry with that servant
22:53 who buried that money. That's right, that's right.
22:54 It might have even rotted beneath there. Yeah.
22:57 Why would a person want to bury that much money
23:00 that's something so precious?
23:02 Well, the Bible says that when he was asked to render
23:05 an account, you know, for his stewardship, he replied,
23:09 "Well, I thought you were a hard task master"
23:13 and the condemnation was not so much that he buried it,
23:17 but the fact that he didn't do anything with it, you know.
23:21 And, you know, Jesus said to him, "Well, you know,
23:26 I could've put my money in the bank and made more money
23:28 if I knew you weren't going to-- " Then he's accused of being
23:31 a "wicked and slothful servant."
23:33 So he just didn't want any responsibility, you know.
23:36 He didn't want to manage. He didn't want to do anything.
23:38 So he was not given that benediction.
23:41 You know, you've been a faithful and good servant.
23:47 And so, but he receives the condemnation and those
23:53 who improve their talents, you know, Jesus said, you know,
23:57 you've been faithful over a few things.
24:00 I mean, a person here, a person with 10 talents,
24:02 he's been faithful over few things.
24:04 Just think, what it's gonna be like in heaven,
24:06 if we're faithful in the use of our talents now?
24:08 Amen. So what can we do? Yeah.
24:10 Let's say someone who's watching the program
24:12 or myself, I want to know, too.
24:15 What can we do to develop what God has given?
24:17 What's the first step?
24:19 Well, the first step is pray,
24:21 the second step is pray, and the third step is pray
24:26 because spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
24:29 It's okay to take a spiritual gifts inventory
24:31 and those kinds of tests, but the bottom line
24:34 is that God can reveal it to us if we pray.
24:37 And the second step is to explore,
24:38 to read about the subject, find out as much as we can
24:41 about what the Bible has to say about spiritual gifts.
24:45 And the third step is to experiment,
24:47 be open to God's leading and His providence.
24:49 God may place someone in your path who has the gift
24:53 of the sermon and will direct you and say to you,
24:55 "Hey, you've got a spiritual gift for singing."
24:58 "No, I never thought I could sing."
24:59 "But I heard you, you know, before,
25:00 you know, just humming around."
25:02 So we have to trust God's leading and if we pray,
25:04 God will move us into the path of discovery.
25:09 Well, I'm glad you said that.
25:10 Because I think that's what we should do.
25:12 Pray, right now. Join us at home.
25:14 Heavenly Father, I thank you O God,
25:16 for the precious gifts you've given us
25:17 that you've taught us not only worthy to say,
25:20 but also to give us a gift while we're here to enjoy
25:24 witnessing and to join service for you.
25:27 I thank you O God that you've given gifts
25:29 to the church, to the body of Christ
25:31 for its up building and edification.
25:34 Please bless any individual who's listening with--
25:36 any viewer who's listening that they will have discernment
25:40 to find out and to discover what those gifts are.
25:42 In Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
25:44 Well, thank you so much, Pastor Dixon, for--
25:46 It's been a pleasure. Yes. Coming to our program.
25:47 It's been a real blessing to have you here
25:49 and to learn about talents-- Yes.
25:51 That we can pray, we can ask the Lord's leading--Yes.
25:55 We can listen to individuals who have discernment
25:57 and we can ask God to continue to develop us
26:02 through experimenting with what He is wanting
26:05 to do in our lives. Amen.
26:06 At this time, I'd like to share with our viewers
26:08 your address how to contact you.
26:10 That's fine. That's okay?
26:11 You may contact Pastor Stanley K. Dixon
26:14 at 5133 West Condor Drive
26:18 Tucson, Arizona 85742
26:23 That's 5133 West Condor Drive Tucson, Arizona 85742
26:30 If you're in the area, stop by
26:32 the Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Tucson
26:35 and you can hear Pastor Dixon.
26:37 Their church service is on Saturdays?
26:39 Yes. At 11 o'clock? Yes. Okay.
26:42 Also if you wish to phone Pastor Dixon,
26:45 you may call him at (520) 622-2218.
26:51 Email is 3angels number 3,
26:59 You know, it's always a blessing
27:00 that when you're trying to make a decision for the Lord,
27:03 to be able to form and to come into agreement
27:06 with individuals through prayer, through sharing God's Word
27:10 and we invite you at this time to take
27:13 that opportunity to call the 800 number that you see
27:16 on your screen or on your computer screen.
27:19 Dial that 800 number.
27:20 There are individuals who are willing to pray with you,
27:23 to answer questions that you might be having
27:26 regarding the talents,
27:27 regarding God's purposes for your life.
27:30 We encourage you please to dial the 800 number.
27:33 Do not hesitate. Do not wait.
27:35 It is never too late to serve the Lord.
27:37 Isn't that right, Pastor Dixon? It's never too late.
27:39 He always makes a difference in our lives,
27:40 doesn't He? Yes.
27:42 And He's always on time.
27:43 Well, praise the Lord for that and until next time
27:45 we certainly wish the greatest blessings that God has
27:48 to abundantly pour out upon your life
27:51 and until the very next time, may God bless you.
27:53 And we look forward to seeing you
27:55 in another edition of "Issues and answers."


Revised 2014-12-17