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Receive Ye The Holy Spirit As A Warrior

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Participants: Joseph Warren, Karen Thomas


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00:29 Welcome to another edition of "Issues and Answers."
00:31 So glad you were able to join us today.
00:33 We know that your time is precious
00:35 and we're glad that you decided
00:37 to include us within your time schedule.
00:39 Today, we have as our guest
00:40 Dr. Joseph Warren of Andrews University.
00:43 He is a professor of English there
00:45 and has had the opportunity to mentor many young people
00:48 in the service of the Lord.
00:49 He's been married 28 years to the lovely Cynthia Warren
00:52 and has three almost grown children.
00:55 He is an avid supporter of men's ministries.
00:59 And that's what we're gonna talk about today.
01:01 I have his brochure, as a matter of fact with me
01:03 and it tells a little bit about
01:05 what type of ministries he offers.
01:08 Men's ministries, family ministries,
01:10 women's ministries, but I was most impressed
01:12 with the mission statement that was on the back
01:14 that describes why he has this ministry.
01:18 "God's son equal to God, now seated in heaven
01:21 and interceding for all mankind,
01:23 Savior of the world who came in the flesh to die
01:26 for all the sins of mankind,
01:28 Lord of the Sabbath
01:30 who continues to undo the works of Satan.
01:32 The son of man who lived
01:34 by indwelling power of the Holy Spirit
01:36 and perfect obedience to God's will,
01:38 coming King and Judge, who is returning to claim
01:41 all who confess Him as King of kings
01:43 and to destroy Satan's kingdom forever."
01:47 Don't we want to be a part of
01:49 destroying Satan's kingdom forever?
01:51 And be a part of God's new kingdom?
01:53 I know we all do and we're here
01:54 to talk about prayer and how to be--
01:57 how to receive the Holy Spirit as a warrior.
01:59 Thank you so much, Dr. Warren, for coming to our program.
02:01 Thank you, Karen. It's good to be here.
02:03 Let's welcome the Holy Spirit officially.
02:05 Holy Spirit, we invite you to be in this place
02:08 and no other presence but yours.
02:10 Amen. Amen.
02:12 We want to talk about receiving
02:13 the Holy Spirit for man as a warrior.
02:17 We're talking about offensive spiritual warfare now.
02:20 The word in the Old Testament
02:22 means "to tread on" or "to tramp over."
02:26 Means you got to go somewhere with this.
02:28 New Testament means to be in armed combat, hand to hand.
02:33 This is a pretty tough teaching now.
02:35 Lot of us want to believe that we can just be Christians
02:39 and everything is gonna be all right.
02:41 That's not true.
02:43 Satan is gonna come against you mightily,
02:46 at the moment you decide to obey.
02:49 That's just who he is. To rob, kill and destroy.
02:52 So here we want to talk about every man,
02:54 every person, women as well, but every man first,
02:58 being an offensive warrior going in to claim.
03:01 The Bible says in Matthew 16:18 about the gates of hell.
03:05 There is a reason the gates-- that hell has gates on it.
03:09 There are people captivated by Satan
03:11 and it is our job to go and get them.
03:14 And bring them back or to fight
03:16 as Paul said "The good fight of faith."
03:18 Amen. I don't wanna mislead anyone.
03:20 There is a fight in Christian warfare.
03:24 You are gonna have to fight.
03:26 As Ellen White said
03:27 "The last battle will be the battle over self."
03:30 So, here we're going to do today.
03:32 So read that text for us please, Karen,
03:34 Ephesians 6:10-20, where it talks about
03:37 going to war, to battle.
03:39 "Finally, my brethren be strong in the Lord
03:42 and in the power of His might.
03:44 Put on the whole armor of God,
03:45 that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
03:49 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
03:52 but against principalities, against powers,
03:54 against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
03:57 against spiritual wickedness in high places.
04:00 Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God,
04:03 that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
04:06 and having done all, to stand.
04:09 Stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth,
04:13 and having on the breastplate of righteousness.
04:15 And your feet shod
04:17 with the preparation of the gospel of peace.
04:19 Above all, taking the shield of faith,
04:22 wherewith ye shall be able to quench
04:25 all the fiery darts of the wicked.
04:27 And take the helmet of salvation,
04:29 and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God
04:33 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
04:37 and watching thereunto with all perseverance
04:41 and supplication for all saints.
04:43 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me,
04:47 that I may open my mouth boldly,
04:49 to make known the mystery of the gospel,
04:52 for which I am an ambassador in bonds
04:55 that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak."
04:59 Amen.
05:00 Karen, I've read that text all my life,
05:02 but only recently, verses 18
05:06 or so talks about what all kinds of prayers.
05:09 The words helmet and breastplate,
05:11 those are metaphors.
05:13 I don't have a breastplate or helmet or gird up my loins.
05:16 Those are all metaphors of mental toughness.
05:19 But verse 18 talks about all kinds of prayers.
05:23 Today, we wanna talk about
05:25 give some examples of the kinds of prayers
05:27 we use as weapons to reclaim what Satan has stolen. Okay.
05:32 The blood of Jesus brought back everything
05:36 that Satan stole from Adam.
05:38 We as Christians live far below our inheritance.
05:43 Satan has our prosperity, he has our health,
05:46 he has our peace, he has our joy.
05:49 And we are to reclaim these things in spiritual warfare.
05:52 On the earth, it is the man's responsibility
05:56 to launch, to announce the offensive.
05:59 We're talking about offensive spiritual warfare.
06:02 All kinds of prayers.
06:04 The most powerful example is the one we find in Acts 1 and 2.
06:08 "On the day of Pentecost, they went in agreement."
06:11 That's called the prayer of agreement.
06:14 That is the most powerful prayer on the earth.
06:17 "If my people who are called by name
06:21 will humble themselves," and all the rest.
06:23 "Whenever two or three are gathered
06:25 and touch and agree I will do, not doubting."
06:28 So the first weapon to reclaim what Satan has stolen
06:32 is for any two people to come together and pray about it.
06:36 But I'd like to tell you more about this.
06:38 Christ is beside the Father ever interceding for us.
06:42 And this has really blessed my spirit. Yes.
06:45 If I can't find anybody to pray with me,
06:48 I can simply pray to Christ that He will agree with me
06:53 and I will agree with Him, concerning a certain issue.
06:56 That makes two. Amen.
06:57 The Holy Spirit bears, that makes three.
07:00 And I want to know as Ellen White tells us,
07:02 "Whatever God asked the Father,
07:05 whatever Christ asked the Father to do, God does."
07:09 The prayer of agreement.
07:10 We are so far beneath our power as Christian men and women
07:15 because we do not take up the Word of God,
07:18 pick it up and claim what's already there.
07:21 Spiritual warfares. On the day of Pentecost, what happened?
07:25 Hey, it was a powerful day. It was powerful.
07:27 It took to them ten days to come into agreement.
07:31 Ten days, but in ten minutes they baptized 3,000. Why?
07:36 That's the power of agreement.
07:39 What are the most--most famous function, dysfunction today?
07:43 Function of disagreement.
07:44 Yeah, the lack of ability to agree.
07:46 Couples getting married, I ask them one question.
07:48 Only one, what is the marriage to accomplish?
07:52 What have you agreed on,
07:54 that God's gonna do through your union?
07:56 You're okay by yourself, single male, single female.
07:59 Nobody's incomplete. You're both whole parts.
08:02 Why are you bringing these parts together?
08:04 What is it that God is gonna do,
08:06 through the two of you as one?
08:08 And they, they sit there befuddled.
08:10 They have not thought through the power of agreement.
08:13 And God loves the power of agreement.
08:15 So, for a child who's having all kinds of problems, this is--
08:19 the parents shouldn't talk about it.
08:20 They shouldn't fuss about it.
08:22 They shouldn't disagree. They should agree.
08:24 Lamentations 2:19, it says "Get up pour out their hearts
08:27 like water before the Lord in the morning
08:30 and say, 'Greater is He that is in us,
08:32 than he that's in the world.'"
08:34 Yes. "I will contain with those who contain with you."
08:37 Yes. "And I will save your children." Guess what?
08:42 As they pray that prayer Christ agrees automatically.
08:47 That's His nature. He can't disagree.
08:50 And God begins then to work in the life of that child,
08:54 to bring that child back to repentance.
08:56 It may take a while.
08:58 And Satan would do everything he can
09:00 to bring that praying couple out of agreement,
09:02 but as long as they are in agreement they shall win.
09:05 For this Holy Spirit is praying through them. Amen.
09:08 The second kind of prayer
09:10 is Thy will be done prayers, Matthew 6.
09:15 And here we have to simply
09:16 pick up the Bible and claim God's promises.
09:21 From Genesis to Revelation.
09:22 That's why you must have a concordance.
09:25 Every promise in God drives a stake through Satan's heart.
09:29 Now let's talk about a concordance.
09:30 What is a concordance? Tell them, our--
09:32 A concordance is a listing of Bible text alphabetically.
09:36 Okay. By title, by subject, all--
09:39 It's just a reference tool. Okay.
09:41 So look up the word child.
09:43 We have all the texts in the Bible
09:44 where the word child is listed.
09:46 Okay. So you pick up with word child and salvation.
09:50 You claim those texts. All right.
09:52 So the proper way to pray concerning this
09:54 "thy will be done" prayer is starting in Genesis,
09:58 whatever God said about your children,
10:00 "All of thy children should to be taught of the Lord
10:02 and great shall be thy peace."
10:03 And through the entire Bible, go into your closet.
10:07 And say, "Father, I hereby take this text
10:11 as my weapon against Satan, concerning my child."
10:15 Now, God doesn't always respond to our needs like that.
10:19 But He always responds to His word, you see.
10:23 Need doesn't move God that much.
10:24 Oh, Lord, I'm hungry.
10:26 Oh, Lord... Well, so what?
10:29 What He has to respond to is His word.
10:33 He says remind me of My word.
10:34 Put me in remembrance of My word.
10:37 Tell me how good I've been in the past.
10:39 Tell me what a great God I am.
10:41 Put My word before me.
10:43 In other words, every promise in the Bible
10:45 is a dimension of God's character.
10:48 That's who He is.
10:50 So you tell God again who He is
10:52 and He has no choice but to respond to His word.
10:55 Now-- I know that's absolutely true.
10:58 Before--many years ago, before I started college
11:00 someone introduced me to this idea.
11:02 That actually taking the Bible open,
11:05 I probably was about 17 or 18 years old then.
11:07 And put your finger on the promise
11:10 that's in God's word.
11:12 And my promise was
11:13 "The prayer of the righteous prevaileth much." That's it.
11:16 And to pray without ceasing. That's right.
11:18 So I asked God to please cover me
11:20 with Christ's righteousness.
11:21 And He blessed me with a job,
11:23 blessed me to go all the way
11:24 through college without extra support.
11:27 He blessed me. And I know that works.
11:30 Well, see that's what I'm learning now.
11:31 The Bible talks about praying amiss.
11:34 Okay, here is a prayer that goes amiss.
11:36 Oh, Lord, oh, my child is so sick.
11:40 Oh, Lord, I don't know how I'm gonna make it.
11:43 What can God do with negative affirmations?
11:48 Not much. He can do nothing.
11:50 We haven't really requested anything, have we?
11:52 We just say, "Father." We just kind of complained.
11:53 "I know your name is Jehovah Ropha.
11:56 You are the healer of my child because you cannot repent,
11:59 you cannot declare, you're not who you are.
12:02 I commit good to my credit. You will save my child.
12:05 For you are God Almighty and there is none like you.
12:08 From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same,
12:12 you are God Almighty.
12:14 And I stand on this word and I shall not be moved."
12:18 Now God gets excited about that.
12:20 Give you an example, my house was burning down,
12:22 couple of years ago.
12:23 Got home, the house was full of smoke.
12:25 That's right. There in Berrien Springs.
12:27 And every floor at the house.
12:29 I went in the living room.
12:31 And I knelt down, I said, " Father,
12:34 as this house burns down, let me just tell you
12:36 who You are and what You've promised.
12:39 And what your word says about no evil
12:41 coming nigh my dwelling."
12:43 And I knelt down and prayed ten or fifteen texts,
12:46 concerning who He is.
12:48 Yes. That's all.
12:50 When the firemen came, they searched our house
12:52 from top to bottom confining the fire,
12:55 but the smoke had a sweet smell,
12:58 a sweet smell. Oh, my--
13:00 And in my personal experience,
13:02 it's just my personal belief. No doctrine on this.
13:05 I think I've seen angels of evil
13:07 and angels of good had a fight in my house.
13:10 And the angels of God won because I didn't tell God--
13:13 Amen. My house is burning down.
13:15 I said, "Lord, as my house gets ready to burn,
13:18 I just want to declare to You, Your greatness and Your power."
13:22 And how did God answer your prayer?
13:24 God answered my prayer for me,
13:26 personally, with a miracle that I believe.
13:28 When the firemen came,
13:30 my house was full of smoke, no fire.
13:32 No fire. No fire.
13:34 And that was sort of a-- Praise the Lord.
13:36 A sort of a sweet smell about the fire.
13:38 And I'm led to think, if me personally there,
13:41 not for anyone else, just me personally.
13:42 There were some angels
13:44 fighting in my house good and evil. Certainly.
13:46 And God decided that He would not let the evil angels
13:49 set my house on fire.
13:50 I praise His name.
13:52 And anyway my faith has been greatly strengthened
13:55 in this personal experience for myself.
13:58 Now that will lead us to another kind of prayer
14:00 that I pray often called "praise prayers."
14:02 Turn your Bible to Psalm 103. Okay.
14:06 The 103rd division of the Psalms. Okay.
14:09 Just read some of that.
14:10 Psalms 103, "Bless the Lord, O my soul
14:13 and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
14:16 Bless the Lord, O my soul,
14:17 and forget not all his benefits.
14:19 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities,
14:21 who healeth all thy diseases.
14:23 Who redeemeth thy life from destruction,
14:25 who crowneth thee with loving
14:27 kindness and tender mercies."
14:28 That's good.
14:30 Now this is a favorite prayer of mine.
14:31 Favorite type of prayer.
14:33 And I always-- when you look at the Book of Psalms,
14:34 I almost start anyway in going to this kind of praying.
14:37 That text talks about He's my healer
14:40 and bless the Lord, oh, my soul.
14:42 Now in my own personal worship, I believe
14:45 that when I start telling God how good He is,
14:48 and how marvelous He is and how magnificent He is
14:51 and how joyful He is,
14:53 God just loves hearing good things about Himself.
14:57 Amen. I just believe that, okay?
14:59 So when I'm up against something
15:01 and I don't know how to pray
15:02 or don't know what to pray, or the--
15:04 The issue is so overwhelming
15:07 that I can't find a text to pray,
15:10 I just start praise prayers.
15:12 And, Karen, I confess, I make them up as I go.
15:16 I have great fun.
15:17 As you know, it is impossible to praise God too much.
15:21 Yes. It's impossible.
15:22 If this-- We've got to do more of that.
15:24 If the sea were, you know,
15:26 ink and the sky was scroll or whatever,
15:30 we could never pen it. So...
15:32 In my own personal worship,
15:33 never in corporate, only personally,
15:35 I say, "Father, bless the Lord,
15:37 oh, my soul and all that is within me.
15:41 You are one beautiful, lovely, kind, supernatural,
15:44 expialidocious Father to me and I bless your name
15:47 with everything that's within me."
15:49 And I go from there, make it up as I go.
15:52 It is a sincere, praise prayer from my heart
15:55 and sometimes-- I'll confess to you,
15:57 sometimes I kind of lose track of what I am doing
16:00 and it just gets fun.
16:01 I don't write them down. I don't record them.
16:03 But it's just my way of praying to Him in superlatives.
16:08 Every word, I can think that's wonderful and great.
16:11 One day, I took the dictionary and took the letter 'm'.
16:16 Every word on the 'm,' positive word, good word,
16:20 a word that sounds like God's character,
16:22 I prayed it back to him. That's called a 'praise prayer.'
16:25 That's like my private worship at home.
16:27 I wouldn't do it in church.
16:28 But let me tell you something.
16:29 When I was facing prostate cancer
16:31 and I prayed like this,
16:33 I began to feel a moving in my body.
16:35 A pain, a twisting.
16:37 I have prostate cancer no more.
16:39 The signs all gone. Praise the Lord.
16:40 That's my personal wish, you see.
16:42 I was at church one Sabbath
16:44 and they were praying for someone else's cancer.
16:47 I lay down on the floor,
16:49 prostate, because I wanted
16:51 a healing from God so desperately. Yes.
16:54 That I didn't care who was watching,
16:56 I've been healed and my PSA is down below 4 now, see.
17:00 So praise prayer or one of my favorite kinds of prayer,
17:03 but I don't do it in public much.
17:05 It's kind of a personal thing
17:06 because folks may not understand.
17:09 Another kind of praying I do, as spiritual warfare.
17:11 Can I have your Bible, Karen?
17:13 It's Psalms 7. Okay. There you go.
17:16 And sometimes I get mad at the devil,
17:19 but you never address the devil ever.
17:21 You never speak to evil spirits.
17:23 The Bible says that Christ-- Satan the Lord rebukes thee.
17:26 Right. That's all He said, okay.
17:28 So you never wanna talk to the devil
17:30 or address the devil.
17:32 And you never wanna talk back to people,
17:34 who's speaking for the devil. Mm-hmm.
17:36 Now my wife has caught me couple of times,
17:38 when I was tired and weary
17:40 and frustrated and evil.
17:41 And she said, "Joseph, you're speaking for Satan.
17:44 Please be quiet." She was right.
17:46 She corrected me.
17:48 But sometimes I pick up the Bible
17:50 and I just want to let-- Satan knows my past,
17:54 but I know his future. Amen.
17:56 So I read this text out loud to strengthen my faith.
17:59 Okay. This is Psalms.
18:01 And I change a few words to make it work for me,
18:04 'cause God cannot disagree with His word.
18:07 "Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end."
18:10 I'll change it couple of words.
18:12 "Oh, let the wickedness of Satan come to an end.
18:15 But establish the just,
18:17 for the righteous God tries the heart and reigns.
18:20 My defense is of God will save the upright in heart.
18:23 God judges the righteous
18:25 and God is angry with the devil every day.
18:28 If he turn not, he will whet his bow,
18:31 God will and bend his bow and make it ready.
18:35 He has also prepared for him that ordaineth death of Satan.
18:38 He ordained his arrows against his persecutors.
18:41 Behold, he travaileth with iniquity
18:43 and hath conceived mischief
18:44 and brought forth falsehood for satan.
18:46 Satan has made a pit and digged it
18:51 and is fallen into the ditch which he made himself.
18:54 Satan's mischief shall return upon his own head,
18:57 his violent dealings shall come down upon his own pate.
19:02 I will praise the Lord
19:03 according to his righteousness of his own."
19:05 Now, I will never talk to the devil.
19:07 But I sure talk bad about him.
19:09 I see you got your portable Bible. Yeah.
19:11 That you carry around with you.
19:12 And sometimes I just want to say, you know, wickedness.
19:15 You know, I punch in 'wicked', okay.
19:18 And I get 50 texts on wicked.
19:20 And I say, "Father, you said this about the devil.
19:23 Now I'm talking to you about him,
19:25 'cause I never address the devil,
19:26 I only address God."
19:28 But my faith gets so strong as I let the Lord know that
19:31 I agree with Him. Yes.
19:34 I agree with God that Satan is already defeated
19:38 and has no authority and no power in my life.
19:41 Praise the Lord. That's my personal prayer again.
19:45 Not in public, but private, you know.
19:47 Public prayers and private prayers
19:48 are totally different things.
19:50 And we should keep that in mind.
19:51 And my personal worship is vastly unlike my public worship.
19:56 Quite frankly, sometimes in my private worship,
19:59 I need to have movement.
20:01 I play certain kind of songs
20:02 to help me to lift some spirits off of me.
20:05 I kind of exercise a little bit and put it nicely.
20:08 But I would never do that publicly.
20:10 Some time ago, I was with Dwight Nelson
20:11 down in Ohio and we talked about
20:14 Satanic attacks in his sermon.
20:16 I took some notes and we should know this.
20:18 As a man of God, Satan is gonna come after you.
20:21 As a woman of God, just count on him.
20:24 And the Bible says that we are not ignorant of his devices.
20:27 He is gonna come after you and your husband
20:29 and your family and this ministry.
20:31 That's all Satan can do.
20:33 So point one, Satan will attack you,
20:35 after you made a public confession of God, okay.
20:39 I can expect it, when I get back home from this taping,
20:43 I will have an attack.
20:44 I can just about count on it.
20:46 Number two, he attacks upon our stress,
20:48 carelessness, distraction, achievement, disappointment,
20:51 celebration, tiredness, disobedience
20:55 and his greatest attack will come
20:57 just before God does His most mighty work in your life.
21:01 I don't know why it's like that.
21:03 It's like climbing a mountain.
21:04 Just before you go across the summit of the mountain.
21:08 There's-- you could fall off.
21:09 You're the most tired. Satan comes like that.
21:12 And therefore, we have to resist him
21:14 constantly in the mind.
21:16 So I can expect. I was in another place
21:19 doing ministry and my wife didn't tell me
21:21 she had crashed a van.
21:23 She told me later the van is now fixed,
21:25 but there are always distractions.
21:27 And then a true Satan will attack
21:29 via significant individuals and unexpected circumstances.
21:33 People you've counted on. You've relied upon.
21:36 Folks that have made you promises,
21:38 they're gonna disappoint you.
21:39 So true. Expect it.
21:41 Be ready for the battle.
21:43 Now the battle is always for the mind.
21:46 Always for the mind because the sin
21:49 that God cannot put up with, is the sin of disbelief.
21:53 That's my current devotion booked
21:54 called "Triumph in Christ."
21:56 Okay. He cannot deal with disbelief.
21:59 When Satan was in heaven known as Lucifer,
22:01 he said that God is not good.
22:04 God can hang with that.
22:06 That's-- that won't work.
22:07 We cannot approach Him without faith.
22:09 So I've learned now,
22:11 here are my weapons these prayers.
22:14 Speak the word, as the word is going forth,
22:18 Satan's got to stand back. The word itself is power.
22:21 Obedience to the word. All that you know to do, obey. God--
22:25 See, obedience is God's parameters for your safety.
22:31 If I'm driving down the road at 65 miles per hour
22:34 and the police pulls up behind me,
22:36 my heart doesn't skip a beat.
22:38 I am in the parameters of obedience, see.
22:42 Okay, good point. Right.
22:44 If they have a checkpoint for drugs in the car,
22:47 I couldn't care less. Right.
22:49 If there's some thing for drunk drivers, it's irrelevant
22:52 because I am in the parameters of obedience.
22:55 Now some folks call obedience a jail
22:57 or limiting, not for me.
22:59 Obedience means I am at the place
23:01 where God has provided
23:03 all my blessings and my protection.
23:05 As long as I am obedient, Satan can only roar at me.
23:11 He can only scream at me.
23:12 But he cannot touch me. See?
23:15 So with Christ we're always in the safety zone.
23:17 That's right. See?
23:18 And that's what heaven is all about.
23:20 One day you could be with him.
23:22 Praise is based on the word.
23:23 We talked about that. Pray in the word.
23:25 Just take the Bible and say,
23:27 "Lord I am just going to pray these texts back to you."
23:29 Just assault the kingdom with violence.
23:31 Lord I'm going to pray one of your texts, back to you.
23:34 And if you don't like Your word, well,
23:36 God is all over you, but I am through with this.
23:38 Then God says His word does not return void.
23:40 Say what? So you know he's gonna act.
23:42 Say, listen to Karen. There it is, there you go.
23:44 Another thing about warfare is silence. Tough one.
23:49 Sometime God says,"Be still and know that I am God.
23:56 Sometimes I have talked myself out of protection.
24:00 Don't say a word. How so?
24:02 Doubt, fear, what could happen?
24:06 What might happen? I might lose.
24:08 I might not. Huh, no, no, no.
24:11 Father, I don't see it right now.
24:14 But I shall have a home.
24:15 Father, I don't see this, but we shall be reconciled.
24:18 I will not speak against myself.
24:21 This past week, Karen,
24:22 the Holy Spirit slam-bammed me, real tough.
24:25 I was doing my devotion book.
24:27 And the Holy Spirit said through the word,
24:29 I was reading, I have to never speak
24:32 against another Christian ministry.
24:35 No matter how much I disagree with it.
24:38 My job is to pray for every ministry in my own church.
24:41 See, this ministry, other ministry.
24:43 I am not to use my mouth
24:45 as a habitation of Satan, demon spirits.
24:47 Of course, Satan can only lie.
24:49 All right, so when I speak to him I'm lying.
24:51 I'm saying what God cannot do and I stopped doing that.
24:55 Agreeing with others and here is something
24:57 very interesting. Service based on the word.
25:02 Lot of time, God wants us to take spiritual authority,
25:05 spiritual warfare by giving up
25:08 and doing something good for somebody else.
25:10 Amen. Yeah.
25:12 Yeah, I've seen that works. Yeah.
25:14 Get self out the way and think of someone else
25:16 and let God solve the problem.
25:17 Yeah, and see, while you--I love this, it's
25:19 my favorite phrase I use it in a lot of churches I go.
25:21 If I would do one thing for Karen,
25:25 God would do everything for me.
25:28 Yeah, if I'll do one thing for my enemy,
25:31 God will do everything for me.
25:33 So part of spiritual warfare is being in service.
25:37 You know, by the way, depression one of Satan's main devices
25:40 which is a sin according to Ellen White?
25:43 Depression often times is result of not serving others.
25:47 Get up, Job. Gird up yourself, Job.
25:50 Stop sitting there whining and complaining.
25:52 Job began to pray for other people
25:55 and God reversed his captivity.
25:58 All temptation comes within my zone to resist,
26:03 Dwight Nelson said that.
26:04 All temptation comes within my zone of ability to resist.
26:09 Satan cannot have me,
26:11 if I stay on the defensive and also on the offensive.
26:16 I made up my mind.
26:17 He shall not, he will not give--
26:20 take place in my life for I am Christ's.
26:23 He is mine and I am His.
26:25 And we're connected together so tightly,
26:27 there is no way in between.
26:28 Oh, by the way that also talks about marriage.
26:32 That two shall become one and Satan has no place.
26:36 After all, marriage is very important.
26:38 Absolutely, 1 Corinthians 10:13 says
26:40 "God always gives us a way of escape." That's it.
26:42 In the few minutes remaining for our program,
26:44 we're gonna ask that you pray for us now. Amen.
26:47 Father, we come before you as reluctant warriors.
26:51 We have seen evil around and we have not done a thing
26:53 besides mourn and murmur and bicker and lament.
26:57 We repent of not being a warrior for you.
27:01 Satan can take no authority unless we give it to him.
27:04 And hereby today as men and as women,
27:07 as Christians worldwide, we stand against evil
27:11 in the name of Jesus,
27:13 for Satan cannot cross the blood of Jesus.
27:15 Amen. Amen.
27:17 Well, thank you so much for joining us on our program today.
27:20 It has been a blessing to have you,
27:21 we have learned about how to be--
27:24 How the Holy Spirit can make us powerful Christian warriors.
27:27 That's it. And that's what it's all about.
27:29 God is so faithful. His promises are true.
27:32 He's never lost a case yet, has he?
27:33 Amen. God is so good.
27:36 And for those of you at home,
27:37 if you have never been a lover of the Bible,
27:40 this is a great reason.
27:41 Because if you wanna become strong spiritually,
27:44 if you wanna become a powerful warrior for the Lord.
27:47 Get into the Bible. Let the Holy Spirit equip you.
27:50 You know who the Lord calls, he enables and he equips.
27:53 Let's allow God to do that.
27:55 And until the next time, may God bless you,
27:57 as we see you in another edition of "Issues and Answers."


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